The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 21, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 21, 1937
Page 5
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 21, 1937 BLWHBVILIJi. (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Revolt, Led By Ousted General, No More Than Year Away The curtain nf trkl censorship lias siirrrssfnlly liirtrtcn from the \vurlil (he pk'lurrr of what lias luiriiuiifd in Brazil, since President (ielulio Vargas established himself as dictiitor. Jfroinc Davis, V:>le University profetsor, explorer, editor and author, decided to RO behind the curtain of censorship, sec for himself what li;!ri>«]fil. HO wenl ta Hrazil. He talked with leading officials, with friends and foes uf the new rc- elmr-. He inspection the functioning,- of tlic government, cur- rii'rt III." wtarchps into Argentine and t'liile, interviewing those ulio h;»d fled from Vargas' dis- *""ttr. Thru ho snccded back to America uy alrpiane and ftfc- s-i'tfil NRA Service and the Courier News with lliis iirst un- eeiisored story of what is h:ip- 1 "nirg in America's largest country. * 4 *= BY JEKOMI'. DAVIS (Copyil.tfit, tn.'iV, NKA Service, Inc.) The present regime in Brazil is net Fascist in the sense Hint it is slavishly [cllowlng Uie Ilitlcr- Mussolini i:-attern. It Is shirk, unabashed personal dictatorship by Getulio Vargas, the president. The secret of his power is in his m.inipulnlion of army officers and business lenders .so that ho maintains at all times a majority behind him. Opposing generals arc cither retired, banished lo dis- ,, tricls where they can do no harm, or promoted in exchange for support. The neiv constitution, promulgated by decree on November 10. is mere window dressing for the dictatorship. Under Its provisions there is neither freedom nor democracy. Incident Vurgas becomes a dictator who can abolish or change the Constitution at will, for the President has the right, nt any lime, to declare n slato of war. Once this has been done he can invalidate any or all parts of Ihe Constitution, tie can then arrest any member of Parliament or nnv- onc else. He can censor or prohibit ail written or oral communications and all meetings. V.ttjas Musi 'Approve All l.tlivs Even \\jtliout a declaration ol war the President' is still a dictator of Ihc most extreme sort, lie mime? one-third of Ihc Federal Coiin-il. cci responding to our Senate. There :uc :niy. twenty others elected by the various .staler, in their Legislative Assctnhliei;. It is inconveiv.v (ble that Iho president could no'. control at least one of these. Sine 1 la\vs din be passed over his vet' cnly by a two-thirds majority, ii effect, this' means the passage o no law of which he -Jisprovcs. A' any time he can issue laws by de" crecs. 'Die President can proclaim llic Vudset, even independently o Parliament, lie has the right ,U nominate his successor, althougl theoretically the people arc sup- ucsed to have the right to vote'on Ills nomination. I found out from no less an authority than Mr. Campos. UK new Minister (if Justice, that the pves^nt coup d'etat was planned last May. The Minister of Justice sai:l he then spent two weeks in wril'n^ the first draft cf this Con- .'•tiluicn. This concentrates such dictatorial cowers in the. hands of HID President Ibat lie knew It could not secure (he necessary votes in Ihc Parliament. Consequently Parliament war> dissolved ami the new .' Constitution issued by decree, At present Iherc is no liberty of (lie press in Brazil. Even (lie cor- rcspcii'jeiits of the American press told me they could not write what they wished but only wlmt would yel liy Ihc censors. Several have been asked to leave Ihe country. .Rockwell Kent, Ihc famous United Sla(«s artist, who was in Ihif month, was awakened from a sound sleep at midnight nnd taken lo thr jail whcr c nil his pa|>crs were confiscated. In my own case, although I \ya.« net taken (o jail, my papers were rflzcd by Ihc police and were only returned aflcr 24 hours at the re- q«"sl of the United Stales Ambassador. Jails Congcslcil • i visited Hie prison in Ilii dc Jiiuciro and the jails and prisons ,"• in L'f. Paulo. In'Rio there, are over ' HOC prisoners in ancient room: which verc built, .to accommodate •ICO. 'fi'c resulting congestion is unbelievably hatt. Political prisoners—(hat Is, anyone \vliom some one in power mny Ihink IB opposed to the present vrsimf -- are r.cpt. in complete kllcncro, jamined Into small rooms. The elbfiw cf one man touches Ihc elbow of Ihe next and they sleep on the Iloor. There Is no protection for nnvnnc who happens to fall under the displeasure of the authorities in • Brazil, limy can be arrested any hour of the day or nisht. They may then be held incommunicado for any period of lime im to three years or more. A Brazilian official told me the aver- [ii:c lime before trial waS approximately two years. The jails arc full of vermin, rnls. jinn- and insects. Prisoners may he mil. through the most brutal third desvcc. I have absolute prooi l! during the year several were tortured Victim of Bluebeard Gang REPAIR AND RE-/UCDCL For Comfortable Living 'My magnificent cyos, hypnotfecd her," boasted Qcor^c Wcidummi (o Paris police in cxplalnint; ! 1OW :ic had lured .lean de Koven, pictured ntovc ill one of her last studio portrait.';, to the lair where : lie atlaeked and strangled Hie pretty Brooklyn tlmic?r. Wcidmaiui adiniltcd Dial lie and tivo iic-compliccs also had murderer! four other persons to ect "money to eat.'' ffc ylilaincd about -,yf, from Miss rie Koven. The lower signature show.5 the crude forgerv a fhcr name itop) used by the slayer sto cash her traveller's checks. 'o dcall). The facts aljout, these ases ars indisputable. For' obvisus easons, (he names of Ihe infor- nanls cannot be given. Rubber lose «as used and the beating con- itinc;! imtil the victims eventually lied. Deposed 19 Governors While I was in Rio de Janeiro, here was a pnblk celebration at ehich Vargas spake and at which 'he nags of the 20 states of Brazil vcra publicly burned to signify 'hat, ijoivor rested exclusively in the lands of tlic national government. Although Vnrgas still has permitted the popular Governor of Minas, Bencdiclo Valladores. to remain, in office, he has thrown out the Gov- rnors of all the other nineteen ".tales, replacing them with Federal Intcrvctitors. President Varga.-, has not hcsi- 'atcti (o play fast and loose with 'lis best friends. He ruthlessly scraps anycne who lias ceased to •>e useful to his purpose. Governor ?lore--; Da Cnnha. cf Rio Grande »lo Snl. was primarily responsible •or giving him the presidency in 1(530. Todn* he lias had to flee the •Ountry. Vargas charges him with having ordered n million dollars worth of munitions from Germany •"o b« used against the national Brazilian sovernmciU Florcs F>i ;unha. on Ihe other hand, main- 'ains that he Is aoting patriotically In the' Interest of the Brazilian jeople against a tyrant and a dictator. '• Polilical Tarlics Disbanded All iwlilical parties in '•wvc now been disbanded by Prcs- dcnl Vargas, lip offered the Minis- ry ol ftlilcntlnn to pllnio Salgado. leurl of tire Brazilian fniclst party (tn(cp.niHsts) ou condition that lie woiihi disband his followers. Tliij offer was refused. No one is now •illowcd to have any kind of a public, meeting without a psrmit. Even the animal meeting of the Young Women's Christian Association requires long advance notice atid permission. Vargas does not typify European fascism but rather an extreme psr- oonal dictatorship. As long as he "an control a majority of the army he Is safe. He also tries to secun 'ho backing of business and has iK'x the sirpporl of the majority, who are willing to lolcrnlc almost Anyone provided profits continue and civil war Is avolricd. All the evidence I stcurrd In Brazil and outside seemed lo indicate that a revolt will occur against Vargas Inside of cne year aiui prob- ably much sooner. This revolt will be led by Genera) Flores Da Cnnha and will have Ihe backing of some of Ihe business Interests in St. Paulo and Minas. Whether or not it will be successful depends on which way the mass of Ihe army goes. Able Politician ft must not be supposed from what has bren snid that Mr. Vargas personally is not attractive and a man of extraordinary political ability. Ill 1930 he became a candidate for the presidency of Brazil. He had behind him a coalition of the leaders of the Ria Grande do Snl. IWinas Gcrars. and Rio de Janeiro. Congress declared his opponent elected. Vargas insisted the election wa. fraudulent and seized the power. During his term of office, ho fixed minimum wages, rcgnlalcd hours, initiated a regime of economy in the national finances, reorganized the fcdreal administration, created a neiv ministry of labor and education, revised Ihc tariff, arranged some reciprocal treaties, reorganized the judiciary, codified the Jaws, and enlarged the electorate from a million to three million voters. Fawn Survives Surgery CANON CITY. Colo. (UP) — A :mall fawn is recovering at the KtjUe Bird Farm here from an operation in which one foot was amputated. • The foot was badly r,liatlere:l in mi accident anil It was imporsfttc lo set the bone. T!ic amputation \vns made above Ihc (inkle. Magellan, who is credited with (he first circumnavigation of the globe, was killed in the Philippine Islands before the journey wa.i completed. Iteby SwiUlown Key Kin* BUITE, Mont. tUP)-Wlille fish hnvo b«n known to'swallow hook, tine, sinker and all, Baby Nicky Shraugcr Is (lie only local baby known to Imvc swallowed a Xey and Uie key ring along with It. S'Udlun, (o g«at 4«S,«00 BERLIN (UP)-WHhli)' flvo years Oennitiiy probably will have Ihc lurstst stadium In the world, with 8 cntinclty of 405,000 people. It will be the Deutsches Stadium at Nuremberg, lor which Hitler laid the cornerstone during the recent Nazi conference, ; • ' , Bcavtrn in MlfWwl KEYTE8VILLE, Mo.^ (UP) — A colony of what is believed to be the only native-'beam In Missouri haj be*« found In CJurltbn coun-. ty near Sumner. La»t jummer a, temporary colony wss located in Atchl&oit county, ,' This house was built for a small family and provMt.i iirlcquile space for t«th member. A small library adjoins a large living fooni anil Iheri! is a breakfast nook as well an it dining room of good size. The large master bedroom lias an adjoinins bath nnd dressing room, and the oilier two be<l- loums share a bathroom. .The second floor plan also Includes mald'n n.uartcni and a sun dccli. There is generous closet space on irolh floors. TIio Federal Housing Administration has issued a commlt- mtiil lo insure a $10,000 mortgage on Hie property, which is located tn Minneapolis, Minn. Arrangements of Furnishings Can Express Interests of Owner scheme, but to leave Iho |»or hobby illone In <i dim corner, riding Itself, so to speak, Knrcly don; the diworalor m.ikc that mistake. On the other hand —a determined attempt is usually marie lo have roams reflect tnelr owners' interests. 1 mined dccsraiorc arc nlwnys more interested jn planning homes Intit express .their ouners th'in homes dial live up to set tehejiies; they eagerly ticzc upon a worthwhile liccby and let it mt Uic clitn actor cf (lie rocm, wherever OJIG of the easiest and safest ix.eifclc. When Itat is inadvis- nKthqds of creating an inteieslins atlc., the hobby i:> given sympa- sclicme is lo take slock of one's tin lie. handling, so m,iy peiscffhiis and determine which appear (o nest advantage and glvo have Ilic mcst character and in- i individuality (o the room. , dividirality . . . u-;ial j s of most I There Is an inli.resliiiij story III importance to those'who live in li>J H.trary which one decorator that room. j planned lor a man whoic horjfty If It Is -ionic article that is '5 birds and s;s;;ie. To givu the l.-vcly>in color nnd design—n fine collcctlcn a decorative background Oriental, a Queen Anne desk w she built cutlncts of bleached cltnir In walnut with a seat of nut around the cclorltil birds; I'ccdlcpcinl, or n piece of rare fab-j inciinlcd slulTtrl heads nnd guns ric tliiit is fortunate.' It is easy' 0 " r.aiicln of (lie beautifully eratn- !o ii^e such ;m object as the id wcocl nnd. out of this Jumble! high point of Interest and [o build of miscellaneous objects which had the room scheme around if. I i-ren the dc?patr ol Ihc man's] But suppose the Ircasurcd pos-] wife, crralcd a rcom of rare in- scsslcns happen to tc the liobby lercst and dlsllncllon. of somcciic—say a collection of. A womiin's hotby I-, usnnlly very prints cr bronzes or a cabinet easy to lit Into the decorative filled with old porcelains? The ten-' ... a collection of Blas3,| ctency Is to do nothing construct-j ceramics ,old r.ilver, prints or old, ive about this iti tnc clecorallve' miniatures. The principle.-, for Its' handliii); are about the same. Cilvc It n dominant plnco in the scheme cf decoration, nnd, us Hourly j\: po.vlLIt?, select colors and fnbrlc.s (urnilnrc and ncccssmlcs thnl wll! HiiplmsiK:: or cnlwncc 11. jMKTUOHil IIUVBGVI. The I'cderal lluusin'! Adinliiis- tration has found Unit In every state ill whie.'i In :iil'ni:n:m construction raiulremeuis havo been npplieil there has been an liiiinn- di:ite nn.i ilctlnlte improvement In conslruc'iMi methouf, pdrtlculnrlv In the ror,.itructlon 1,1 small, Inw pensive li^.r:o>. The United .states Department of Agriculture estimates the yearly damage dona by ln.scct» at nhmit $2,OOD,I)00,(X)0. , WHAT DOES YOUR FUTURE HOLD? None of UH curt tell what the years will hrinj?, hut often the r«ault of today's actions have » bis? influence on our tomorrows. • Are you steadily employed? Do you rent the house _ you live In? "If so, then you can wisely provide now for it permanent home of your own ... a home (hill will meiin much to your family in future yewrs. Call on us and we will gladly explain how a KHA loan will m«k«.it possible for you to pay for n new home with your rent money. THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. PHONE 40 TESTED»o APPROVED Strict laboratory, ^«t», repeated at , regular, intcrvnls, determine the abso-, hilc purity of our wulcr supply before It rcnchDs your home. Modern purification methods a»«»rc thai this wulcr. to he oaed in your home will stand the critical approval of the liiliorutory. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. Ccnrleoiis, Personal Attention t» Every Customer I'ficne M 113 S«.. Bromdway We Kecowunettd. OlTBYCOAl J. C. EVANS Box C01 BlyUicviHc. Ark. District Manager HAMILTON- TRUST FUND Sponsored By Hamilton Depositor* Corp. Pecans Wanted Highest Market Prkcs Goldstein Hide & Fur Co. Rear Joe Isaacs'. Store FOR CHRISTMAS He will appreciate a qnnllly Rift from our wliiskcy shop Whiskeys, Wines, Gins and Cordials CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main ami Division As Modem is the Plant in KMch it is prepared Per Ton *7.00 E. C. Robinson Lumber Co, Phone 100 FORA Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year E, C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO.

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