San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California on February 1, 1919 · Page 4
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San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California · Page 4

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 1, 1919
Page 4
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m krfT m V t 1 J S V Jf - SAJT FRANCISCO CHRONICLE V t - WTN J - jf 1 V1 iSATUHDAY FEBKUAKT 1 1010 a w I 1 At 0 fN BRUGKETT HELD m ui on GIRLS CHARGES Eternal Triangles Other Angle in Film Dont Change Your Husband Imperial i Former S F Jail Physician Released Under Bond After Arrest ATTORNEYS HINT PLOT Attempt to1 Ruin Profession Is Said to Be Back 1 of Action Dr deoreje T Braekott County Jail i phvslcian and surgeon who tii also teen employed In a professional capacity In local Department of Justice Investigations was arrested yesterday aa ho arrived from Vb East on a warrant laauod tinder tho juvenile a eort act Tho charge waa preferred 1v nineteen - year - old Mary Dlckow a student nurso recently employed set tho Franklin Hospital and oauajnier it Mrs Mary Dlckow 417 Twenty - alxth avenue Miss Dlckow accosts the physician of misconduct fn their professional associations at the hospital and with auerclstnar undue Influence over her lcoxsriRcr i charcbd At the Hall of Justice Dr Brackett famished 1101 ball and Immediately wtrtt t the officer of Ms attorney Teon Samuels v ho Issued this statement The whole thing - tsa conspiracy latched by persons Dr Brackett antagonised In hr official duty whllo xamlnlna physician for tho Department of Justices The bharra la wholly without foundation end la n attempt to ruin him profession ally In San Francisco The warrant against Dr Brackett waa Issued Tuesday followtns a second visit to th police by Ssss Dtckdw and her daughter Miss Dlckow who is now employed at 8t Marys Hospital declined to make any statement asterday but her mother denied the tensplraey charge DENIES OTHERS COXCH1WED There Is rjo one else concerned In tho filing ot the charge except my daughter and me she said I prevailed upon her to swear to the com - ylatnt after she had told me her Story - Drv Brackett baa been physician at the County Jail for several years fevers months ago he waa the Governments star witness In bringing about the arrest of a number of persons whom ho charged with trying to brlba him to make false reports concerning the physical condition o women beW by the Federal authorities e i Anti - Mask League Mass Meeting Ends In Battle Royal Session Comes to Sudden Termination After Row Over Chair I rented thla hall and now Im golnjr to turn out the llghta With thlH deele ration from William Foott the AMI - Flu Mask Association mass meetlnar came to a sudden termination In the assembly room of the Pacific building last night after a battle royal between the faction that wanted to recall Dr Hauler and their opponents who favored frightening the Mayor with a petition alened by votera Mrs K C Harrington recent can - i slldiite for Justice - of tire Peace held tho chair and decided that the petition faction motion had won More than that she refused to order a rising vote to prove It Then the trouble began Miss Charlotte Jones recent as Tilraiit to the riuperlor bench took the floor and called for a voce to dispossess Mrs Harrington from the chair Without calling for negatltei Votes Miss Jones declared hr motion j carried and proceeded1 to taks chargei i Mrs Harnjngtons husband from the rear of the hall raoytd to adjourn and aosit on - i declared that carried too C E Grossjeaft said he and Mme Crossjean would donate the use of i a room at K7 Montgomery street for another meeting Monday nlsrht Apd next time we wont hate a chairman who cheats declared MUs Jones I We have you next time Jones j retorted Mrs Harrington 1 leave you and I love you all f aI TI L IIll i i cxiue rv otkvts vv nt g Establish 8Hour Day I NEW TOI5K January 31 Order directing 704000 members of the United Textile Workers of America to establish an eight - hour day Monday regardless of Objections ot em - i loyers were Issued today by the unions executive committee accord - j tag to an announcement hart to - 1 tight John Golden general president of the union said the order had been telegraphed to 111 local union throughout the country and that responsibility for the next step was up to the manufacturers We are putting the eight hour work day Into effect he said and It i the manufacturers don t llks It It la their noit move fine Killed 13 Hurt In Dye Plant Blast NTACK N y January 31 Dur - Ins explosions and fire which today wrecked the Nyatk plant of the Amerv lean Aniline Products Company one Stan waa killed and thirteen other i employ Injured Haveral have not j been accounted for The property lose la estimated at 11000000 Tho victims were employed at the plant Which la owned by a corpora - lion in New York city Several children in the Njack High ftchool near by were cut by gluas syom - uie winaons There were two sxploslons The first was so heavy maffy buddings In the neighborhood were damaged 1 e Telephone Operators To - Take Strike Vote sflss Nell lormson vice - president af the Internsitlonal Cnlon or Tele - i Ii S3 r vptwr win arrive ipaay anil preside at atneetlng Tuesday nlht of iWi tne local Teiepoons oprators - Lnlon rait which ttmrth question of taking Jm strike vote to enforce the narment iffOt a minimum - wag et M a day for fator and ft a day fs girls et ra yaara xpfrtenc wljt taktn A Vmii nm is Be kaaasMst kae retaraed fma rko Atmr mUVSStir - 11 wflHH - n - i IBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBaaBBBBanWl aBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBaVDCM V bV i tf i 3r - ffr fralgaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHaaaaaaaaaaaaaBl jlHsSiW3EBlaaaaK 1 yTr JtjKffiM BaBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBaV KiB ATi jU ti i aBaBaBBBB3aBBHt BHbL t J Jfw Br iffiTaaaaaaaaaaMri BaBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBaBBBBBBBal liB t 8 H 4s EBLk Jji jftiw - MURlaflBBBBBBBBi BBsaaV H sli ElvSlBflyVH waaBBaaiBBBBKj BHLaklaLaaa - aBBBjaVviLft SaT BBBBBBBan KlttiVYaaffrr Bl JsbHrSaUOaBBBBBBBa R sh KpQnK iw 3B v RSBHarSBSBwFaiSBYsai 1 faw - atfraai IK I Gloria Swanson and Elliott Dexter in a scene from Dont Change Your Husband which cones to the Imperial tomorrow - i Elliott Dexfer and Gloria Swanson Play in New Picture Drama by De Mille DOMKJ for a gla OMKST1C problem that have a center the eternal trian gle are exploited in Jeanla MacPhersons latest screen story Dont Change Tour Husband which comes to the Imperial for a weeks sensa - llonal stay beginning tomor row Dont Change Tour Husband la a dramatic reply to the proposition adanced by Cecil de MU1 Old Wives for New which will remembered by Imperial patrons as one ot the most successful film drsiras ever shown at that popular theaterr In the lie Mille plav It will he recalled that the man of the houao waa the one on whose shonlders victory rested when the final gvene faded out In Dont Change Tour Husband It Is tho with who wins In the struggle but only after a series of events that are amusing tragic Ingenious and thrilling by turns The role of the husband In the esse Is assumed by Elliott Dexter aiorla Swanson protrays the role of the wife Julia Fays Is the other woman and av Cody Is the other man for this triangle has really four aides Tho supporting cast is practically the same as that which appeared In Old Wives for New and Includes Theodore Roberts Raymond HattSn Slyvht Ashton James Neill and others This also Is a Cecil B de Mille production and Is unusually lavish and elegant OLDEST UN IN WORLD DIES AT IfllEZ BIRTHS - - MARRIAGES - DEATHS - - CARDSOFTHANKSj T Indian Maria Believed to Have Been 134 Years of Age at Death n MART1NKZ January SI Indian Maria believed to be the oldest hu - tnun being In the world and for many years an object of wonder to scientists all over the United States died here today at the age of lS yease Maria was born 4t a small mlulon settlement somewhere near the southern end of Alsmeda county In the year 1 T i The American colonies were still in their swaddling clothes and the war of 1113 had not yet been fought When she was 13 years old she recalls being taken by her father a member nf the tribe of early California Indiana - to witness the founding of the Mission Kan Jos In Ala meda county which according to tho records of the old padres occurred In KIT When America fought Its second battle with England Maria was 34 years of age and th mother of several children She was 13 years of age when the Civil War started and had attained the ripe old age of iS9 years when the great world war started For twenty - two years sho has been an Inmate of the county hospital where college professors and scientists of high and low degree havo visited her as the wonder woman - flf the nge Maria was remarkably well preserved She had a third set of teeth and of lata years her eyesight wblch had nearly departed returned with new vigor lhyslclana who hava studied her assert that she was beginning a new generation over again with every evldenceol - belng able to round out another century of existence Her death occurred from a complication of ailments Nina years ago an aged resident ot Contra Costa county who claimed to he 0 years ot age called on Maria at tho county hospital This man corroborated stories of the womans great ago by telling Superintendent J H Hough that Maria had been his mothers nurse when he was born and was of middle ago at that time Since then other verifications of the womans ags have been presented Maria Is said to have been the - mother 9f twenty - seven children all of whom aro thought to be dead Kerns Kmoleye Dies mi lajurleii Wnlror Mlly t 11 JWon rtreot ilie t St MurrH HoRprlid itenlar from Id June ne wiwfl wiprii nij bo wirni D Ml from Die riuvslns boirri of sir utitomohUs whirh ho wa waKlilns He wan cmplorea la tb fras f lite AMtirtatod OH Owpinv BIRTBf BHION - pyhi this city Jsnoary tte - tat wire r ium reaaa a assist DALNK1K Is ele rity - January IS to tan wife et X F Paliale a aaefktw Aaaa Ftaaces BAMOYTE Is tMs city Itssary SS te tke wife ef E Deumte adsasBtr Helaa PEL C4EUJ la tbli city Jaaniry 3 te tke wife of a Pel Carls a datifhter ULLlANln talt cltr Jmosrr gTw tn the wif - r X Dillan a soitr MlWreit fLLMlAM Is tilt Hty Jtssary t the vlfs ef 1 B reldhtn a daugSiar tta Sertnide SEN In rhla elty January 33 t the wife r Haaaea a Sanikter Oltca Ul - HKMPUIIX I this city Janoary 2a te tke lf 5 w BemsbOl a aoe Alfred William ncvriKN In thla rtty Jamilay M te the wife of John Jenaes asmr John Valflermaa LOMBARD1 In tkla rtrv Jasnary 10 Is the wire ef James Lenbartfl a daughter Cor - melina McCARrnr In this pity Jtssary is te tke wlrr of 3 llrrarthr a aoa Harold MBE la this dty Janoary te the wife ef T I Mot a daughter UBKRITT In this elty January So ts - tke wir or v mottiit a aoa MLIMNX lo thin elty January torha - oc av - jnl imiorea daoihtar Jeaa rALMJOB la thla city Janoarr as te the wife it K I ralmrr a eagihter Jnaalta Mary SIIVA In thU elty Jasnary te the wife of A Ultra a Saofhtor Marjarer SOKEMON la this rity Janoary ST t tht wife of C H ereason s son Kaaael CsrU strTKI In thla city Janoary 21 to tke wife or J K naffel a daasbter rraitree SWArtTr In tkla city Janoary te the wife of I Swarta a boo WAUK In tkla city Janoary 2S t the wlfts of R A Wadjja son MARR1AOB MCESSES Vtit follewltij marrlat licenses wers Isaned to Haa rranelate yaalertay James B Tkurber aied it Berenlea Cau aM Blnor G Harataa ased 2t Los Angeles Walter t Itnnry II and Still gersard SZ both ef 23 Ilooard street Henry f Ooheen 4S and UrSk Wells botb of SaaJoao Csl Harold B Roaenher 33 FieaMahurf Cal and Ulllon T OolJberj X3 Jackson treet Ixwla Molina Its and Anft1na Iwones 7 both ef S90 MiMtsomery atreet TsMoo B Ilawea ft 8S1 I - 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ANP January M The foilowlni mar - rlane lleenaea were faaned here today Mleeen Ii weicn ag - u i - - iroa ageci 21 ltn or sereeiey Bdwln O Hmlth 41 LIT Oak Hotter eoon - ly and Bertliu piwrtx 82 can rraoeaeo Peter rieqtilimt and Louisa Barelllo 8 both of Aiamriln H George t aim TI ChltasO and florenre V Plitlllna 3 - H Oakland llanii Kil William K Bartsra 2 sad Mjrti A eon 21 imin or weraeirr wii Ej - ti 3 - H - - Ik piiinnd and Urlfh M Hyde S4 San Antonio nosey J Caela 81 and Leila Nssoa ST both of Haeramento Manrla Hewe 21 Hoeeton aad Olga A Uaasea is Oakland BAN JMC January It Tke tellewtag sur - rlafe lleenaea wor leaned kere today Albino Copra 91 San rraselson and Vary L Skrlly 40 Sao Mateo Boacoe TV Beldioi SI rertlaad aad Jessica Ranna 28 8an Franelsee John K Written 20 and Osrtnde P Ferry IS both of Lus Anieles AI RAKArI janoary gt Tbe following narrlas licenees were lamed hero today Ktanley Sweet 21 Oakland and Florence Berk Fetters Sprlnes Ralph flee art 40 ssd Maris Mays 33 both ef Oolrtoeld Nee Herman J HchnnteY 21 aad Helen O Trice II botb of San rranolera Wedding Rings JbntdetiGx bvtatekaaaken Jewelers Optletaaa Til Market St near This MARRIAflBS ABrESMCBPBT to this rtty January So hy Judio T T prendoesaat H L Abloa osed 44 sod Retells Morhe sed 14 BKVEKS BKROEB la tkla erir January 28 by Bee A Ikenherd B A BoysrsU and Dora Betser so OlItP - niDUAN Is tkU etty January 2 by Judfo x B Watt R T Bird 10 aad rlluhetk Hudman 21 DOBJ UAcrUERSON Is this elty Jasaary HO by Jndia T r Prendarsast J A Perj 24 and Mary Maepberaoo lo FAIJv WOIA la tkla clt January So by Justlee of tke Peace A II Barastt William Falk S7 aad Ida Wolf S3 GRANT MlLBs - la this city Janoary 21 kv Judge J It Troott 8 H Urant 17 and Ida Mllea IS HATCH - WAU IB la thla city January 28 by Prendersaat C B Hatck 13 Mary wallla in taia elty January xw ay Bans jacoa Miua u c ueesroa aa and Stella Levy 2S MAI sn n MacdonaM 81 and Karrlette Ckaley it Jndse and Mary RKDBBUrf - MSVy nd Stella Leer 28 iUOALD - fHALsir In this rtty Janoary 0 hy Jnatli a of the Peace J Q Oonlas 1 HAVNINO - LISICK In thla clly January 2 hy Justlcs ot the resea A i saraeit m Mnnln 80 ail Ellsahatk Ounlrk 21 MUNuZ - ZAJtBIU la this cltyn Janoary 21 y Jostles of the Peace A H Bamett T I Munoa 21 sad Adela Zarrllls IS PACBKLO - AMUTA In thla city Jaanarr 28 hy Justice ef tke Peace A H Barsett A Iachero Hfl and Mary Amiya SS PltOOIIAZKAR UOVORKA la tkla otty Jaa - aury so by Judge T F Preaderfaac V J PrnrhaskaT 30 and Clara Bovotka 21 TKMPLhi VOGIL in tkls city January U0 by Rev J A lain IV W Temple 42 aad lulne Voiei BI WkJOHTTOKTUCR tn this clly January 2S by Rev c W riwthropJl L TTrlght 4J and Mlnals Tinier 33 Limousine for Funerals VrCBIOB OAR lAJTITABT gZaVflCl 0TTB CABS AXl BIBIXJKOTIP UTVBXAL TIKES BAI1I SUTTER 400 4 tits TixJctb tnd Ait Service Ce OBITUARY - I - Will Labors Mighty Forces Party Form a Ne w Third Parties in this country have generally come to grief but the scope of the new movement to organize hand and brain workers into a political unit and its appearance in a winter of unrest and discontent convince observers that history is likely to forget to repeat herself in this instance Samuel Gompers a consistent opponent of the Labor - party idea pleaded with New York leaders on the eve of his departurejfor Europe not to join the new movement but within a - week as The Evening Post New YorkJ notes a New York Central Federated Unibn the Brooklyn Central Labor Union and the Womans Trade Union League had met in convention and createH the most formidable of the loca party organizations i In an enlightening article in this weeks LITERARY DIGEST February 1 st all the particulars of this new political movement are shown The platform adopted in New York is also presented A new political labor party directly affects millions of men and women in this country Dont fail to read about this latest development in our industrial life Other Mticles of great interest in this number are Why the Farmer Opposes Daylight - Saying The Result of an Investigation Made by The Literary Digest Among the Spokesmen for the Farmers The Editors of Agricultural Papers Throughout the Country TheProbable Effect of Nation - Wide Prohibition The Railroads Own Remedy Germany Votes for Order t Does Finland Deserve Help Lichnowskys Peace Suggestions To Stop Germany at the Rhine A Tree Census Germanys Economic Crisis Rescuing Stranded Fish The Diminishing Mayflowerites Teaching Americanism in the Factory Rostands Satire of William A Poets Horror of War French and American Praise for the Y The Trenches Against the Church Slackers in War Prove Slackers in Marriage Jugo - Slavia The Best of the Current Poetrys News of Finance and Commerce Personal Glimpses of Men and Events Dr Rdwaral T Pierce Ealaeater HIKBRA MAPBE January 1 Dr EswarJ T Ilerre noted eilurator died at bis home hers yealerday after a Ions lllnesa He waa iS yesra old Dr Pierre waa prealoent of the Plate Nornmt school al rblce from 188 to lH1 anil held the nrraldenry of tho Stats Nurnst Stbool st Los Anfilea from ISOa to HHM Ir rieict vsa born Is Meredith I Y and a graduate of the New York State Normal Sehool Plecoo Is surrlTan hf a widow Mr lashel Pierre ssd S daushtar Mra rjora Fleree Meult both living hero a elater Ura Kaiberlne Pierue Wheat and sis UTolbera Herbert I tisrlea vrilllsm Mareua Kred ssd Clsresco Ilotee residing la Us As Seles DEATHS 1 HAN KRANrlKCr Slvro John 3T Biker t harlea R 42 Heminott Krederlcb rrowlee Mlohsot lUritow Boreas To Oiirran Anthoar Cuelrk James A Hawaelt Marr 71 klugan ITiomaii 40i F amine - Marr A U antler Kudoale V7ti HarelHon Otho W1 Hollman HarrJ J 28 Jolinron Tina HI kroeuer John II 75 La eon Blanclie O 30 IewlAntnon7 oi MiDonald Aagua MtKendrlrk taihsrlna MalsntbCarl - - lv Marlln Bderard Ulller Frank t Penhlman Mary so Roehe Ware US Of Itoeentha Mark 5S Kuaaell Aaron - 40 Itean Thoroaa 3J Snherr Jnala IS Hcnmlitl Petr 15 Krttrtn Henrr n Htereneon A J Vt Iblea llernmn 02 hieker Pranrla A 4ft William Lottie K Vt Noting Joha TV 3 VciAkUNlitBklillBV - AiAmpA T 1 Harnett Ufnalla P rtuatman raj Kleanor ll 6H1llriB tA lTHAN - tBC6 I Rllleaback rastillas Meflarr Owen 5 INaab Jonenh II - Kchnaa Helen In San Francisco - H 4 noiqt n - vMitncia in pi A IntrinentV Qprtis tUfrrTmnun l CRIWKOTT - lo Hy J t rf tVrti k kfltiTli buibu nri Many Striking Illustrations Together With the Best of the Cartoons World Opinion On the Peace Conference Yours in The Digest mi rued for you at wilrv the view - point of the leading jieri - odicali of ill countries from which quotation illustrative of every shade of opinion will be made for yemt benefit If you wish therefore to be accurately informed at to what it being done in France and also to what the press of the world thinks of it your one sureHfay to knowledge is to read THE DIGEST In Paris today an international conference without precedent in history is engaged upon the momentous task of reshaping the destinies of the world The news of what is accomplished from week to week by this assemblage of liberal statesmen is perhaps the most important that has ever1 been given to the public It will be fully covered in THE - LITERARY DIGEST as the conference progresses and compactly sum - February 1st Number on Sale TodayAll Newsdealers lfc Cents The y litSBsr haaJMagaasser fi H0HasBkw I ntfnal SAVE V I alfOtPQT wgsf t m VSERVE s FUISK WACNALJLS COMPANY Publuheri of the Firious NEW Sundard DictWYNEVV YORK 8 A AKZSat In this eltr Jaouarr SO 11 Jabs dearlT brlneed buahand of Beoale Abers s iiallro of CoimtJ THipersrj trelssd seed 117 eesn iu funeralwlll lake place aturflnFes ruarr 1 at S 10 oclock from the parlora f J C OTonnnr a Co JUS Valancls at tlienr to St Pslrlrke tlmrili where a eqului litarh ms will he eelebrsted for the lenot0 of Ilia eoul colnlnenolnS at 0 oclock Inlennont Hoi rroas Cemetery BAKES In thin clir Dr Charles Itelnaals raker late surgeon United States Puhlle Health fervlre diar7 beloved fsther of Horeuro and LI II la a Askee darotd aoa of Mr and Mra Chnrles Paker of Ioa Anselea snd loving brother of Mra M U Handall of Portlntid Or Mr M R Lnnd of Capi tola Cals Emil M Raker of San rranrlsoo and lllllan r Baker and Mra P R Pane of Loa Anselea Cal a nallee of Pertland Or aged 4 resran uiontbs ami 8 daa The funeral will take plaee Saturday at 10 oelnrh from I be Darlors of Subr ii Wla oec vois aou soin Lawn Cement b nuarr 10 1S1S of tho Iota riiiiA1 Bernannii son of Krank and Barbara Henulnott and brother or Frank Ansnat Inure Kraril and Vllljfl Kernanolt a natlre or heie - 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York Frlenda snd seqiialstancas sra reeoectftillr Invited tn attend the funeral Saturday Keb rnsry 1 it a 31 eclork from ths parlors of Valente Marlol Ierats 4 Co S40 Green M i tbenee to HttKranuls Church where a requiem Itliili ipaaa will hp celebrated for the retMiee of Uh eoul mnimenelng at B oclock Interment j Holy Cross Cetneterv CV8IC5C Is Ibis city January Bl Jamea A - Cllelck devoted Mm of Klles aod tho late James males ami neioveii nroinev of Kathryn and the late Mary and Thomas Ctftek a native of Ran Pranolaot The funeral will take - plac1 today IRnturday at S So oclock from tun new narlun of McBreaetv McCnriulok OIS S41 Valencia arbetr - lftb snd IStbata theme to ft Peteria Church abers s requlinl bits maev will be eelebrsted for the repoee ef bis avuI eemmeuclns at 0 oclock Inter menr Holy Croas tematsry DAWITT - t tkla eity January 31 lftlft Mary Daweett dearly helmed wife of the lute fleorse Pswaett and devoted wothee of i llllam lanl snd Jeorf e Daweett and Jobs Delt of rump Kearny s native of Ireland used to yearn peienda snd ai - uuatntanroe are reeoectfnlty InvlteiT to attend lite funera Monday Peh rusir 3 st 0 110 oclock fretn Valnute Ms - rial Persia A tVa rreen at rlieme to St rraaelarrhnrrli shore a requiem blliniaaa sill ho oelebrated for ihn repoee el Hep anil rooieieiirins ei iif u vim in lermesr Wily troaa Cnmeiery DVOAM la this clly January tmt lW Thomas lmsan dearly bebvel hmtker cl ratriek Barney lame and rialls tiusas iami Mra Mary Morteur s aallve ef Clare 7mMli rntietv Ulavn Ireland aseri 40 yoara PHertdajinf aiiislstanees sre reensctfully Invited to stloiM the funeral Saturdie Sen I mare 1 H I IV oclock from lbs tuseral narlore or firan VeraMaoll A Ponoboe 41S Valencia evi Inimce tn st Pstrlcss riiorcsr heres reillem blU ata wll be eele brsted for the repose ef hep seal ceaneaeiie - Ins st oclock Interment Holy Croaa Ornetery WrrmiT In this elty Jssnsry II IU Milton Ipperly beloved aoa ef Theresa I - ahltr and levies brother of Frank ssd Bernard Eoperlj Mrs Asns Merrltt snd oaai uiaiir a asuve or baa uiruel taLt aied a years ssd 1 dsys rrlende are Invited to attend the faeeral Monday Pebmsry 8 at 11 oclock from the ebaael of H P Ruhr A Co SS1S Mlesioa aU bet Zbtb and Sath latsrntest Wsodlawa iemeterr by automobile rtfimro lathls eity Jasnarr 11 ll Marr A rienlnr lovjns another ef Mrs V Morrss Mrs Georje i Xnlpsenberi snd Sim Ppnrf KpnaillMkaM MaMsA hrf hTeties ef fnneral hereafter Bsinslas at V resnenee jj y - 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IO oclock Interment Holy Croaa Cemetery Funeral arrangements undsr tbs direction ef Qenieer el Malson MIXIX In this city Janoary 21 lllsi rtrank Miller a natlvs ot Ohio ared SI yeare Tbe funeral will taks place today Saturday st 230 oclock fretn the funeral borne of Monaban A Co IStb and Dolores sta Isterment Mount Olivet Cemetery rCBsTIXAir Is thla city Jssnsry 20 1S19 Marr psnnmaa oeievsa isomer or Mrs WIIIIbq It Sampson Mrs Joha Carres Ceorge W Ktngebnrg ssd Charlea W Robert Ij and Wsltes u Pennlmss s astlvs of Bootlsnd sged 10 yesra A sasm - ker of tbe Aieociatlee st Pioneer Wsmss ef Callfornls friends and srqsslstaaces are reasectfrlly Isvlted to - attesd the foaeral Katarday Pab - mars 1 st 10 80 oclock front tbe psrlord of tbs rolled Undertaken 2M Howard at corner 22d wbers services will be held la - taraient iirlvate BOCHE 111 tbla pltv Januarv 31 111 Msry K lfilofi aaugmer or uipe sua ibo iuio James rl Rorbe of San Jusn snd devoted stater nf Loura John and Oeorge Bocbe sud Mm P M Wllaon all of las Pranclaco Mra Moran of Iwnmulr Mra P I Tbo naa of Reims Joseph RoLbe of Oakland snd Wllllsin Bortie of Petaluuu a satire of San Jusn aged 85 yesra The funeral will lake place Mender at 10 oclock from tho parlora of Subr t Wleboldt 1411 Valencia et between 2Mb sod 2lb Interment private BOSEBTHAL Is this city Jssnsry 31 IMS MarS AlStt non - 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No 123 J O u r intortaaat private Ptusersl arrssgenaests under the direction ef H P Bnhr Co APOLLO LODOE HO 128 I 0 O P Offlcerasnd members are hereby aotlled t ttaad tbe funsral services ef Brother Herman Tbles Saturday rebrsary I lilt st B 111 ta Msmerisf Hall Odd silssrs building By order of j T - MATIN P NBMJ0N W 0 LOUIS HAMMEBSM1TH Ban iecty TCXEJbV In this elty January 10 1111 Prancla Albert beloved buahand of the lots Alice S Tucker ssd devoted fsther of Mrs Prank Boberts and Leosa O and Thelma Tucker s Bstivsf Illinois seed 41 fasts rrlenda sre Invited to attend the tuners 1 services Saturday rebruary 1 at 113 a clerk st tbs parlors of P E Sawyer la - termest rsrawood Cemetery Itematss st tbe runeral parlors looo Fourth st las italsal WtS - TB - rtr Jsnusry Mil Lottie Evelyn Williams dearly beloved daughter of Wllllsna C snd Ids M Wll llama and devoted elater ef Adale B Kits blO and Albert SI Id VrmAmrln m Wll rai s lesra ll months and 21 dara San Join native of Baratoga mnoine nu plesae copy Panors nl Remslsa at Trumaas ehasel Ul Mtaalocl at near Fifteenth - - until Nundsy February - st s - 30 oclock i tbenc to Ssrslogs Come erv where funeral services will bs bsld st 130 oclock i TOtnro In tbla city Jansary SB 11 ine ueuer isonie roe tne Aged and lui at Joba W toting s sstlve of XarmoaU Me aged IB yeara - j In Oakland - Berkeley - Alameda BABTLrTT In Berkeley Jasnsry SO 1011 Mlea Lorviells Peck Bartlett sister ef Mra Mary e Congdoa ssu Uesrgs O Bartlett s ostlve ef Vermont Friends sad scquslstsaees sre respectfully InvitM te attend tbs fnneral services Seine - dav Prbrnary l st ft oclock st St Msrka Eplacopsl Lhqrch cbspel Bascroft way and Kllawarth at Berkeley Interment private 4 Pleaas omit lowers fATlTsIAN - In Alameda Jannsry 81 Itll ray Eleanor raiiatanan beloved daughter Mr and Mra Paul H Faustman and loving sister et Stanley T Panalman a natlre of faklnnd aged 1 montho snd 20 day anerai eerritrev loaay tBSIUmag sv a clock at tbs family heme 3247 Sterling oclock svs Alameda Outside San Francisco Bllleebacl6aiM slrteurf Mr joha Leahy Lpie itive of ted te a srv s ae Hi chapel of tbs Redwood City Undertaking Co Friends ars Invited te sttend the funeral 5 at u e - 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