The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 11, 1933 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 11, 1933
Page 7
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.MONDAY, DECEMBER tt, 1933 BLYEH1V1LLB, CARE.) COUBIKB HMWJ CLASSIFIED SECTION s Wants CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line ror cpnsecu- li\e Insertions: (five average words to a line) One time per Hue lOc Two times per line per day .. 08c 1 nrec times per line per day .. 06c falx times per line per day .... 05c Month rate per line 60c Minimum charge 60c Ads ordered tor three or si* times and stopped before expiration v.'ill be chargec for the number of times U'e ad appeared and adjustment, of bllf made. All Clastlfled Advertising copy C'titmltteil by persons residing outside of the city must be accom- l anlcd by cash, liatei may be easily computed from above table. No responsibility will be taken for more tluin one Incorrect In- bCition of any classified ad, Auveiibinj; crdered for irre lar insertions take the one time rate. _ Plume 306 or ,307 "BUSINESS DIRECTORY NEW DEAL TRADING POST Furniture, Tools, Clothes, etc. Let's trade. 114 East MainAjckl-G FOR SALE IrOR SALE — Silver tone Radio, lowboy cabinet, cheap for cash. Must sell this week. Pliorie 64. . Up kH FOR SALE—White enamel Ice box, porcelain too cabinet, wool rug. till) Walnut. 9p k!3 YOUNG COW with second cnlf 1 day old. Cheap.- Jane-, -Boney, route 3. Blythcville. -.8;p-k-12. HILLIAUU EQUIPMENT,'jcheap for cash. Business good, j«nt reasonable. J. F. : Itlle, Holland, Mo. 5p I AUSTIN COUFK, jwrfect running condition. O. M. Morgan, Phone M3-J. 4c ktt LOOK! i yds. Rayon; 3 yds. Voile; •> yds. Percale for only 52.88. Rush your orders to W. C. Richmond, ( Box 241, caruthersvlltc, Mo. POSITION WANTED or POSITION as stenographer general offic; work. ExiH'ilenml. Will work cheap. "HW. Courier Mews. lip kl« LOST RED PUP with .wlilte breast, answers to name or Prince. Reward. Percy Molt, Phone 228 1'ERSONAL If they won't cut call Ed Smith, 304 S. Lake — Hand uw», J5c; meal mws, 25e; crovi cut, 50e. _ ' 18ckl2-15 Will pay part of the expense from Fiiyclteville for |M&auu for one for the Christmas holidays, Mrs, Maude Smith, Lenchville, Ark. Oekll WAKNINCi OKUKi IN THE CHANCERY COURT (JllICKASAWliA DISTIUT. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. H. V. Cnrpcnlcr, Plnlnllff, vs. No. 5735 JmiU'S M. HllCkllOI> ft Hi, DCfCIHl- ni'.ls. The defendant, James M. liuck- IIL'I, warned to appear within ninety days In llic conrl named Op-kl3 Read Courier News want Ads. I In the caption lu'rcol mid answer OUR BOARDING HOUSE Bv Ahem the complaint of the plulntiff 11. V. Cmjxintor. Dated' tills 27lli day of Nov. 1033. R. L. dallies, Clerk. IJy Kll?abcih Blytlie, 13. 0. F. C. Douglas, Ally, for Plaintiff. 21-1-11-18 Grent Hrltiun imported more rlrlry products in WSJ limn any ether country. U. S< Divorce Buiineu Payt Consulate Rent JUAREZ, Mcs. IUI')—The rnpld Ike Jnanv, divorce business puyfi the- rent on the American consul- ale here, There Is a $2 nolary fee for (he consulate' In every decree grunted an American. During October ,'JH(i Americans! oWiilned dlyorces and the consul-' ale collected • $492,- -more • thanv to pay the $125' wnt.i..,. . water, hcntlng, light, fuel ah<J ; '| other Items. • - . ,-,• ij. William p. mocker, formerly; consul nt Piedras Ncgras'tnd Ma 1 *, /.niton, Is consul here. He was-'la, Muzntlnn when the port was be*-' seized by tuc Mexican rebels In' 1920. . •;;•;; Read Courier News Want Adj. 1 ALLEY OOP I'AdE ULYSSES! By Hamlin / HAVE SOME PAT1ENCE/\N 50ON I'LL ^ NOW. \SUOVJ AHM'SSIZE VffftPONTOTEST WHATCHA\V°' JR t^OWf GIMME W OONNft j Off SOME Of 00? I»E 6ENO THIS INTO A 60W ' REAL ESTATE FOR SALE: 40 acres, all in cultivation. One mite south of Gos- ncll. Roland Green 6ckt3 WANTED LAND—We have buyers for land in 'different sized tracts. Thomas Land Co. I7ckl2-n New pnd I'sed Furniture Bought; and Sold Stoves Repaired—Any Make Alvin Ilardy all Vi. Asn 20p k!2-20 EXPERT Typewriter and Adding Machine Repairing u. S. Blank- er.ship, 116 E. Hose. Call 1C5-J. 21c k!2-21 L. G. Moss Bljlhcville's Cut Kate Undertaker lOp k 12-10 CLEANERfe. TAILORS Come in, list your real estate See what we have to Mil E. M. Terry Licenced Dealer Terry-Worthington Title Co. le • i • phone 617. 23pkl2-23 POULTRY & EGGS fresh esgs daily, direct from hen- nery. Fickard's grocery, 1041 Cliickasiwba. Gc ki-ti FOR RENT Nicely furnished bedroom, 518 w. ^fain. call 309. Front room apartment. Cheap, close to school. 9H Hearn Street. - . Dpkie I,ook nice for 'Xmas! Have jour clothes cleaned & rcte&cd t>7 Unique Cleanins Strtlce. Call 171 For Quality Cleaning Phone 180. Barnes NuWa Cleaners. I2ckl2-12 AUTO310TIVE LOW PRICES on winter car needs, healers, alcohol, GPA glycerine, Model T tops & side curtains, $1.08 up. WOLF ARIAN, 128 E. Main. 22CW2-22 Ca'ii' 308 - Re#'s' ilace -118' E. Main For Autn Painting Body and Fender Service 28ckl2-28 LARGEST STOCK USED PARTS Between Memphis and St. Louis Also Auto Glass—Plione 66 JACKSON ATJTO PARTS CO. 2ckl-2 ATTTO GLASS INSTALLED We install glass in your car while you wait, call us lor better service. Phone' 033. Shouse-Litfle Chevrolet Co. lOc kl-10 Call Us When In Need Of Guaranteed Merchandise Tires-Baltorics - Replacement Parts IIUBBARD IIARmVARE CO. Automotive Dcpt. lo kl-l Auln Glass All Kinds Installed The Ark-Bio Lumber Co. LIST YOUR VACANT APARTMENTS, ROOMS AND 130AJU) \VITrt US. V>'E ARB HAVING A NUMBER OF CALLS DAILY FROM PEOPLE SEEKING PLACES "TO LIVE. CALL 306 OR 307 FOR INEXPENSIVE RATES. COURI E R NEWS CLASSIFIED DEPARTMENT. MMBWMMBHWKMB THREE room FURNISHED house l mile out. South . Franklin. Cheap. Mrs. Elmer Arcniluon, General Delivery, city. NICELY FURNISHED BEDROOM. 300 LAKE ST. NICELY furnished bedroom, men preferred. 10V2 W. Walnut. Call afier 5 p. m. Mrs. Ed Hardin. MODERN Three room Apartment with 1G4. bath, unfurnished, Nice, large BEDROOM. Close in. 310 W. Walnut. 13cktf WANTED TO RENT WANTED TO RENT: From 80 to 100 acres good land. Can operate without furnishing;. F. E. Inmon. Holland, Mo. pk!3 IQc k!2-10 WKECKER SERVICE Call us when you need a wrecker, Day and Night Service. Call 633. Shousc-Little Crevrolct Co. lOc kl-10 RATTERIES Baflcry & Radiator Service We guarantee you better battery or radiator work for less money. Any make radiator repaired or re- cored. Get our prices on new and rebuilt batteries. Call S33. Shouse-Liltle Chevrolet Co. lOc kl-10 Hew Ford Batteries Jtcnlal - Recharging - Repairing 177 TIRE & BATTERY STATION 25C k!2-25 RADIOS All Radios, Including R. c. A., are beiiiT closed out at cost for CASH at Hubbard Hardware Co. Ilckl2-ll SPORTING GOODS You will find a complete line of NEW MODEL BICYCLES at HoDbard Hardware Compiny. I6c k!2-16 COAL & WOOD Sec E. A. Fisher Before Buying Good Coal. Retail <fc Wholesale Out of Car On Track Between Ash & Main It kl2-1 I'HONK 101 BUCHANAN WANTED TO BUY WANTED TO BUY—Used Electric refrigerators. Must condition, Phone 764. N'EGHO with S?50 cash wants buy small house yvuind close i'.' to Blytheville for nis home. Prefers near farm where he can sliarcciop. Wants posses- lion by Jaiumiy I. Excellent recommendations. "X". Courier News WANTED RAGS, Must be clean and free from buttons, courier News. WANTED — Small, unfurnished apartment, r.L-Jr Central school. F>ox C. A., Courier. 9p klo We pay more for pecans, furs, hides, brass, copper, radiators, aluminum, lead, batteries. Phone 176, Wolf Arlan, 128 E. Main. ' • 22ckU-22 "Our Coal Is Black But We Treat Vou Wiile" Ic kl-0 Brilliant and Ky. Coal, quality and weight guaranteed. Bart- nici; Coal Yard, Railroad & Ash. Phono 178. 4ckl-4 WOMEN'S TAILORING"" Expert fur repairing:, coat alterations, reasonably priced. Also bur discarded furs. Mrs. StnbblefleR 511 Walker Ave., Camthcrsvillo, Mo. Call 572, lV-pc-12-17 GOOD COAL IS THE ., CHEAPEST COAL There is no coal, ^ West of Ihe' Allegheny Mountains, as high in heat and .is low in ash as the UPREM l! "» bol<l statement, but It clhical, btcausc It's line. We have authorlUtivc im lysis on flic on all coal and can prove this claim. SUPREME Super-heat Is the only coal of its kind and sold only by Ihis company. 6x3 Medium Size Lump Per Ton 57.SO Cash " Half Ton - - $1.00 A Rich Man's Coal at A Poor Man's Price Superior Ccal & Mining Co. 301 W. Walnut - Fhoce 700 VTS BEEN SO LDNG. SPWNG,YOli ARE £01N& WITH fAE TO COLORADO JO A IN NNY QAH! AHV JUST A CHILD'S WE A KAWFUL RNSN.' TOY.' CIMME CftNBEDONE-Ill AJ5T ' MAKE TOU SHOULOrf 1 GET MAD K( AU.EYJUST BECAUSE HE'S 50 BIS ANO t (SET feOUD'3-I VOb "PICK,! TORCitT OF- IT-—AN' I AT-ANCX PICK,WITH lrV WAVER 50ME1IV.NG MAM'S SIZE (f SITTER?—WELL, fAV A HANDV STOOPER TO HAVE _ ,'• UTTLR PHOEBE" \OUK ORDNtRY THEM _ SEASON&D : HANDLES, f VOU'RE PRtTtV : MERL'5W)I C .RE YOU'VE H(\OE fi ^LIP-UP? THIS CQHTRftPHOM IS GONNJV HE TOO WG TO SHOOT THOSE I TIIOUCHT OF THAT \ WHEN I OOT THIS SUCK. SO WE'LL USE THE BIG, SPtMUOR TlVTRICK! irt •J.DO VER WAS VCR squ.»wK, IOT5A 8U)FF? 'iJBEY CAN MATCrA COINS TO SEE WHO •PICKS BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES RIGHT IN, CHARLIE! W*W,OF DO voon. cow —. ' Ax GO 1 RtCKOto VOC OOOT RtMEMBtR 0'.; HOW lo PROP Mi' <=jtt VMM WASH TUBES ACES OWEN ELUDES ANDPLIKAWW WITH »tOO t QOOW STOLEN GOlDf KATE INTERVENES! COM6.S TO EARTH uorrw A TERRIFIC CRASH! lS MOTOR, HOT WARMED UP SUFF1CIEK1TLV, CHOKE A)j"> SPUTTEK. LY" \w» HE TAKEN OFF. HIS FACE TURMff SALESMAN SAM DUNK'S IN AGAIN! SHUCKS, DU2-T- 1 . t w.uoeo IMTOWM DOMC^M GUMM. 'TIM' OM - I ooTTA rtiwJcK l'« •^ft To e^or-use ne.TM &E.T ALCWO U:\ ^Zs,. PROMISS>. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS fTAC,/AV Boy... IF THIS FUZZY DAVIS AMK10YS YOU,OR TRIES TP A WANT ViJL) TE> STAND UP STERN MEASURES! ... AND,IP YOU COVE THE THSASHINC TIL HA'G TD 6NE •ifcU WILL HURT ME MOSS THAM IT WILL y°D, SOM.' I DON'T WAMT YOU TO BE A BULLY, BUT I WANT YOU TO BE THE KIND OF A BOY VJHO \NOUT 8E WALKED OM 'I VJELL, CWT BE TOO ROU64 OH yjURSElF/ POP— I'M MOT '' IT,'.' RJO.Vi A PA WILY o= F!GHTE«S.. A FAMILY TWAT WEVEC TOOK IWSLJLTS FRO.V\ AMYOWE.'. 1 IS.VJILLI ABLE TO STAWD UP FOR. HIS LEFTS? be

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