Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 29, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 29, 1895
Page 3
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Kissing- goes by favor. So does Pear!inc. It's i ho first sncl only v/as!)ir.:f compound — more po[;ui^i- Liari ever—sales larger T.ian ever—there never \va:3 such a general strange. HE LEFT HW BED. favorite. Not at all strange. It saves rubbing—wear and tear. \ This saves time, health, money. If you arc not one of the favored who use it, do us the favor of trying it at once. Then you'll join the majority. Pecldltrs and some unscrupulous grocers will tell you, " tliis is as good as " or "the same as Pearline." IT'S FALSE—Pearline is never peddled, if your p-ocer sends you an imitation, be honest— sertiiit lack. 433 JAMES'PYLE, New York, F. W, KINNEY, 513 UltOAIMVAV. DEALERt\ Fish, Oysters, Fresh Butter, Eggs 3nd Game. dress our own Poultry an 1 therefore have everything fresh. Soao, FHOH CIIAFFI.VG. MOLD ON1>V BEN FISHER'S DRUG STORE MKTAL TIES FOR RAILROADS A pr*-s.t dlrpntCQ. from W esyi-: A. protect a^alo-t the aenuda- lloo 0' forept* In order to procure material for ralli o «.d ue^ is made iu a report Uaued b> toe Agricultural Department on the. us • of in^tnl milrond 1 fee snd preservative processes, aod t meial iie-pliit«-S 'or wooden tits U i-howg ihat abo'ur. 20 percent of ibe I railroodtio! tDei *orid, outside of tbe U-'lieii S'atee nno (Jiniaa re latu on direction In our cuuuiry has been hluw, the reuori savs by ibe waoiog of loreri supplies and as the railroad companies b^-g-io more and more to ano u mo a p-rmanTir. and less of a speculative character, it can ba a quinine ofoolv a shorn iltno when thin Having of forest supplies will be forced upon tdeoj. lD-U'ipjj greater i ffioieouy ind Deal economy I'nruu^tmut tbo world it DHS ohown mtrittl Ue« b»v« b-ou successfully hp piled and «re in successful use unctr Hi! conditions of C irntuo, trnffl; and track Tb6 u^fc of ra^t^i tie plated na-4 tprpfed to an eaormou* extent during thu |iaS'. t.-.u jeui-3 Evua In m my p-iric of Afric-i H'cfi] 1,'en are t-xttnn- sively used, mid in India nearly 50 | per ceol uf (ha irnrk la laid with mi-Lai i.lBS. [n tbe United Siar.en little prauiif.al prou'rend Iu inrlal lien Is reported. Tot) proportluu of truck laid with mettil lies io ibe >ot<il length of rtil*"H.y tn r oij .7fiitui. tne w.iHd his in~ crenued from 7 oir c->a5. ID 1S90, tu 10 per cent ID 1894 INCREASE YOUR INCOME! Othurs • r i doing It why not you? Invast f ln.00 In Dwmmbtir wnwiti Oar «j«t«in Inunnurntert for >b« b niHlIt or miiull t«ifler>, tiers yon Hn «xc«l «n» >[ip irtiinlty to try It Writ* n» tod y for full Information. PEBICINS * CO., 214 Klalio Bldft. CnlaiKo, [11. NOTICE FARMERS. 11-Mvron will be tit .7, W Le''« KDOI! -i'Oftt on North turent Su nrcluys to Exhibit ii wir-l«J» OlifOi Uowar on wlik-u iho/ kuvo bfon Hllow»d ti putent. JOSEPH GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS IS KSTRA FINE, FIXE ASI> BROAD TOIHTS TO SUIT ALL HAKIMS. THE MOST PEEPECT OP PENS. DR F, M. BOZSR'3 DENTAL PARLORS. Over State National Bank, Logansport, Ind. WANTED! REAL ESTATE. Wiintod. Chu^ip Cottiig-3 For Sale. W'int-d LotH un I Aufrit v, lr 5 i| e , Wtinteil -^in-ill Kunns For -title. Wim^U Bu.<ln«»< BloiiK.t Fur daln. Wnntwl to Excliariire .nrmato'- Cltf Proportr. Wantod Hnrcti'imllix oTr (Is tor Farms. •ADDttE33.il. M. «OUIK»V. Spr- Block Los.n.sport, Indiana. H. E. TRUAX, M. D. Spflclnl (itt<>ntlon Riven to Nose, Lung, Llrer and Chronic Diatovara. Onloe and Btwidence ovor Sttite National Bank, Hours 10 to 12 u m , -1 to 4 p. u>., and 7 to 8 p. m. All calls promptly iittonded. KKOB'iEK & STRAIN, Undertakers and Embalmers, C13 Broadway. DAILY JOURNAL~ Ho Oouia.i'i l> Iv !V.,llri. Jonaa S'ar.z Htrtville, OalO, relates an experience all tbe more wonderful bacauHe he is no* nearly seventy. Hu bay?: ' [ wouldn't take $100 for thn good D.* Wheeler's Nervo Vim Izur has dune mo. I always worked hard and wa;< careless about a little s lorn ic b trouble I had and 8 eep. lesuness, which I suppo-e accounts for tbe narvoua trouble which struck me about four years ago L>mba of nay rieht side gat eo I couldn't control them; at times i couldn't hold a cup in my hand to driatc from it, aod in a oro*d would unconsciously hit people wiih my jorklng right arm. The doo- I tora called It nervous paralysis and 8<tld that at my age. 1 couldu'i be cured I saw Dr Wheeler's Nerve Vualizar advertised ID toe Riposltory and got a simple buttle of It, which I thought helped mo, po bought a bjttle. Think I huve used three b.nues. and they h»va m»de a ateady m>in of me. I h.sve not felt aa well ia four years aod am still improving. Woy. for two years I couldn't drive a nail" Mr. Gdldliog-ar. In wbo-ie S'.ore the interview took place, fully corroborated Mr S^anz' statdmeot, Buying- bis cure was a eurprUe to all who knew of the case. We are authorized to say, this medicine for control and cure of nerve troubles Is sold by Ben Fishor and by all druggists. 8 iclul u,.U Supper. TheLidioi' vlna j u.^.yof tha tint ohurch, will hold their annual business meeting and suclal at the home of Mr. and M-s A U McAllister On Tenth ssroes, Wednesday afurnoon January 80. The ladles arn urged to gather promptly at 3 o'clock in order to transact the buslnecs before »upuer, which will be served from 5 tilt o'clock. All are oordUUj invited. Supper 15c. Pan Handle fi eraaa John Green is s'ok and off duty. All the \Vtn tan railroad shop-i were olo-.t3d down Svurdny umll the Br^t of Februm-.v to reduce exp nses. A siw mill will noon be erected at N'-cv Wiverlv to get out ties for tbe Wab-tsn i o*d. Trie company re* oeni.ly purcfrttHed a large tract of land for that purpose. John Suo'.t, general solicitor of tbe P-nnsyl^anU who retires oo Feb. 1, bin btfld that position el;;nte«n yoarx. HU Bucuesaor. ex Jutige L»gtn is said to bn a very able attorney. Much regret la being expressed by bib former shoprnitHs at Iha untimely deatb of Ch i-. Frlck whluh occurred Sunday Rrer slace he was old enough to m*n:e his living he worked at the PID H mdle shop< and for several vears pant »a* emoioyed asc»r repairer. Hiwasinnu-ed for $1000 in a repalar cumuany ba-idi s bo dlog a policy la tna Relief Aosocitttioo DC J W Y >aag of Fort Wayne, while a pis-enger on a Pun Hmdle train a few d*ys ag-i) 'ound a pocket bonk on a oar seat near Htrtford containing-$1 000 in c*-b. a draft for $l,200nad other valuable pipers. The doctor turned tQe buoa over to the railroad >m',hOrltieti which proved to be the property of a wealtby stock- sblppsr who resides uear WlacQeater. G-rtorge W Murphy, a well known Pun Handle brakeman, de-erves tbe syaipaihy of his brother railroad men. For a long tlmj bis wife has been bndfaat with a comoliciited sickness. Y-utt,rday morning soe wis removad to St F-aools hospital where a delioite surgical oparatloa will OB performed on her tomorrow. Competent.author. Ules assert that this Is theouly chance fur her. Th Bo-id to W-rreii K.n..w»e»' Jl c,»very >«rms Clcur. The youog man wno was shot through the left breaet a week ago Suouay by H*rry Worjen, left his bed at-bi. Jost-pd 1 !) bosptial yeslerday anc wailteQ across tfie roo u Thai no K .owiea ID tu far recovored from his ti jury »<s to loot forward to ois spetQy Qlscoar^e from tHe bOspltnl will bepieaotng news to bis frieoCii at (Jra*iorao»ilie aud to bis relativei". I Tne lofo cDdiioo >viil in part relieve Harry Wonlea ana R'.Lay Ellis of a Qread ibat cnugi nafo oppressed Idem In Ihe woelt ur more IQat ttiey haJe luaged la cao cjaaiy j*tl Warren Kao*les nas everything la his fa/or it preoeai and if no UD. looked for accidents happen, he will buuu oo out ag--tiQ What M tliH \\viH. .r the Kidney*F io reuiv.ve from ma oloud us iin- puritie« I'DO V r "duoit( ot Coll wa-j.BS wuiub OaVa been burned up in sustaining life aud gl-loj; strength to the B>ciem. Every particlo of blood In tbH oudy Ki»r8 ibrouuh trie kidneys every ihree m'nuies, and If tnese orL'aDS uro unable to Perform their work fully, sooner or later ihe avstem la puts n-rd. Tnert-foro, San Jak Is • ioaiiiHi^d blood remedy. »rvoti- DcblUty. E 'ar<, per-jon havl og- nervous debility or-L'anic weakne-s. or f illinc ranm orv ix entitled io sympathy of every honef-t pir^on. and Mhould h^ve GX 'pnd' rt medical aid such as is found in Sun J-k. Sold by Boo F^h«- dn HE WAS DISCHARGED. C. W. Line Promt»ed to Hnnt the Hen tVh . 8>—-ni to JI -ve Worked Him F»r a Mack r. C \V. Ltnd, of whoso srrest for the i alleged offence of ootaining money under false oolors, or oa suspicion of having committed the act was before the mayor yesterday, and after he had demonstrated to his honor's satisfaction that he was a harmless young man-and had promised to look up me people fur whom he claimed to oe working who ho said were doing business at No. 71J North Illinois street, Indianapolis, no was allowed to go. From appearances it wa» j thought that C. W. Lane had been ; worked by croi ks, aod ihat hi» part of the job was dooe In good faith.. His scheme was a very gnuiy one and oulv an unsophisticated m*n would, have tried to dispose of fraudulent excursion tickets made i ut in tho form printed on the pasteboards furnisted by L»oe. TUESDAr MORNING. JAN 29. To Mr. and Mr». Thomas Mllllkan, ft daughter. An entertainment will be given Thursday night at Liag Cliff hospital. Wanted—A safe. Must be big bargain. Address "0.," Journal of. foe. The W. C. T. U. will meet thia mfternoonat 2:30 at the Hjme for the Friendless. The circuit court WM still engaged with the Shaffer estate vs tho Natural Ba« company, damage suit, all day yesterday. Mrs. M. Micbaeli and children will not return to Florida, but will take poiaaaslon of the residence on West Market street. Tbe Journal has a few blrdseye views of Logan* oort left. They can be had In pasteboard tubas for mailing pOr preserratijf^ for fifty cents. 8-M. Clof ha* a few hundred dollars prlra Jcal /uodi, also Extern money IL any amount to loan on mortgage security. Offloa No. 319 Fear Mre«t. I A HoQibh.ild Tre»«ar«. -"». W. Fuller, O f Uanajoharle. N Y., •ays that he always keeps Dr. King's New Discovery In the house and his family has always found tbe very best results follow Us use; that be would not be without it, If procurable, V Dykewau. Druggist. Cateklll, Y-, says that Dr King's New Discovery io undoubtedly the best cough remedy; that he baa used It la his family forelght years and It has never Tailed to do all that ia claim-id for It. Why DOI try a remedy eo long tried and tested. Trial bottles free at B. f. Kaesllng'a drug store. Regular «lze 50o. and $1. Two carloads of sleigh-, from the celebrated Fuller Bu?i?y & Sie gh Co.. Jaclcson, Miobt^in. Come one, coma I all. come everybody; we have slaljjus ! for the millions Prices below the lowest. Call at GEORGE HARRISON'S. 617 Broadway. We RUTH ih- Dxcmneiat* t r re th.tt Z m.Paora staoas at the head M a remady for all oomoUta'ta : peculiar to girls »nd womea. Modest ladle* will not let their, testimony ba ' pubtlihed in newap»per«, but we m«U Io «**lsd letter* to ladle* who It.—Z3»-Prior» Medioln* Jo., MIoh. Aa overheard by our reporter: "John, please get some t-ugar at Binufc'r; h- gives more for the money than the other dealers; to economize we must bo o*reful to gel our money's woitn of ortiryttiiog—and Or! John, don't forg-et to stop at Ben Fisher's drug store for a bottle of Brant's dloam, It only co.--ts a quarter and It uured my cough so quickly before, I have onSddnoe in U, besides us economical to use; tho botiiHu are eztr* lar^e. while the d"Se Is only a half teasuojnful." Gat Brant's of Bon Fisae-r. Indications are ihai D. J. MoCabe, geoerm freight ageat of the fcnasyl. v»ni»cumu4ay, will have his duties dndod to looking after ibe YO.O- d»li*, aod that N. W. Taylor, woo has been H. W. Hlb biro's right hand man for Sf. teen years, will oe *.i>palnwd assistant general freight a^aot Possibly a like poiluon will bi created for A. D. UtoQ, wlia heidqairier* ac In. diauapjlU. « Ol M. ofY-nne W»n. cln»sm ohv->i :al cu'turs wll work tnnl'eht »t the hall ove S pvenson & K. ioHick'«. under tho dl rectlon of Prof P. J. Puz'in, who ha had manv years • of experleoce in touching the mtnly art of rtelf-de'toso and the science o' muscln culture Tbe professor Is him-ielf a flne exann pin of physical rainhnod, bis own development Mllordlng an emuhatlo of the fact th*t syste- exereiee will do wonders In the line of health and 8 - rnni;th Droduclop. Ciiiioii, .At entlnn! All CoivtllerH of (/'tntoo Lucrans- port No 15 I O O F . are ordered to aupeor In full dr«-s uniform In the armory a 1 8:15 on Wednesday evening-, JinuarySO for lojpictOi and prize drill Th'S will be our first meetlnp in the new quarters, and a full attendance is very much desired. Remember, full dress. J D ALLISON. C«pt. Ohamberlaln'a Bye and Skin Ointment Is unequalled for Eczema, Teller, Salt- BliGum, Scald Head, Sore Nipples, Chapped Hands", Itching Piles, Bums, Frost Bites, Chronic Sore Eyes and Granulated Eye Lids. For sale by druggists at 25 cents per boi. TO HOBSE^>WWERS. For putting a horse in a fine healthy .condition try Dr. Cady's C&ndition Powders. They tone up the system, aid digestion, cure loss of appetite, relieve constipation, correct kidney disorders and destroy worms, giving new life to an old or over-worked horse. 26 cents per package. For sale by druggists. a Old S il«ll-r»' i(rconiini*ndtttloa In kha late war I «a a a soiQler in the Ural Maryland Volunteers, Company G During my term of service I iontracted chronic diarrhea*. Since then I have used a grant amount of medicine, but when I found any tbai would K've me relief It would injure my atom neb, until Ch«m be rmiu's Col i.-j, Cnolara iiud Di«rrr.oa» Remedy WHS brought to my notice. 1 ui-ed H and will bfiy it is the only rumedy tbal gavo aid pei-maaebl relief uud no bid reoUils JolK'W. i lako pleasure iu recojamouding ihl- preparation to all of ray Old cum races, who while giving their services Io ihplr country, oontrMcu-d thU dreadful dlfewse ar. I nid, from eating u^whtiie^ome food. V.IUTH truly. A.. E. l-tendlng-, H<il8«y, Orndoo. For stile by U. F. Keesling, drutrgtst. Waicrproof collars and cuffs that will not wilt, arc not effected by moisture and look just like linen ore all the fashion now. They arc made by covering a linon collar or cuff with "celluloid " nnd are the only waterproof goods mailc with an interlining, consequently the only ones that willstand wear and give perfect satisfaction. Try them cud you will never regret it- Always nciit, and easily clc;>:'.r,'. When soiled simply wipe off iviui u wet cloth or sponge. Every piece of the gcnu- iuc is stamped as follows: TRADf ILULOIO /Uaou- ^* Ask for luosc so marked nnd refuse any i:nil;uions, us they cannot, pu^ibly pic;:::c you. If your dealer docs not Uec'p them, we will send a sample direct o;i receipt of pyicc. Collars 250. c:icb. Cul!'s,soc. pii'r. State size and \\iiclbcr sta:id-up or tui'ued-dowu collar is wauled. TEE CELLULOID COMPANY, 4S7--1SO Broiulivny, New Vorto E^l River Lodge N i. 417, I. O. 0. F., will ment in rouular >eosl.on at. 7 o'clock tbia evening insloid of 7:30, in order to transact tteir regular business and be ready to op«n doors for their soctil Resclon at 7:30 p. m. o which all Od>i Fellows and their families are cordin.ll>> Invllfd. I W. DARKAH, N. G. J D ALLISON Pe^.v. Cbamberlaln's <. ouifb Remedy is famous for iis cures of bad colde. It opens the secretions, relieves the lunps and aids nature in resuming the syg- ;em to a healthy condition. If freely ined as soon aa the cold has been con- iracted, and before ithaa become set™ .led in the system, It greatly lefsena be severity of the attack aod ha* iften cured In a single day what would lave been a severe cold. For sale by | B. F. Keealln)?, druggist. ; Did You Fior Try Electric Biners HA a remedy for your iroublee? If not, (jet a boule now and got relief Th s me'totne has beoo fouar to bo peculiarly ndapt. ed to the n'llaf acd cure of all fem-ilo complaints exertlnp a wonderful dt» rect lb& jenco io giving 8lre»iri.h and tone to the organs. If you have IOM- of appetite, constipation, boadaoHe. fiinllng spells, or are nervous, sleepless, excitable, melancholy Or troubled with aizzy spalls, E ecirio Bitterj It the medicloc you noed. HdJiltb and Btrengih are guaranieed by Its us*. Large bottles only fifty cents at B. F. Kee»lln({''8 drug store. The projectors of ine FndUtmpoHi, Logaosport & CQioiifo road bavo not gi^en up the sonemiof building the new line but wilt sbortly beifln to make fresh endeavors to giln a sulta» be entrance into the oily of IndUnap- olia. Pan Handle engtueer J. A. Baal U home from M*rloo, siclc. CHJ- ScllOOl The following in toe enrollment ol city acnooli-: Hurh Scbool. 235; Central Scbool, 787; vVei-t Side, 565; Slx'O'-ntb Sfeet, 2A2; KlgbtQ street. 172; South Sloe, 188; Nartb Side. 153, cnikiog- i toiil of 2 302, an increase of 195 over la-6 year. Sometime ago Mr. Simon Goldbauco cSan Luis Ray, Cal., was troubled with a lame back and rheumatism. He used Ctl-ialbsrlaln'd P*in B^lm and a jrompt cure was etfrcted. tie eaye he h B sluoe adv sed many of' hie friends to try It and all who have done so have spoken highly of U. It ia for Sale ny B. F Stealing drug-gist. In tn*> C^rro.l Uuuu y O»nn. Io iCe Ciirroll Uouuty Court the case of Sieveau & Bed wards vs. Ai. C. Burnett, suit on account, came up yesterday. D C. Justice appeared for the plaintiff*, wolle M. Wlnfleld has charge of Mr B irneti'd case. R'W.rd. Tas r»a1^rj of can uapsr *lii os plea"*! to tear i time ib r-is ac H tit Dm) 'Ire ultul dU-«a« tBat science Una oeea asie i > cum In .11 iw HKI^-* an.lCQic.sGMa" a. dill's ciiarra Oira is cos only uj4lur« oira no* ino*a co tb« fr kUjrn cy. OiCirrn Ojln{ d \K}ii4UcncioQ Cdtsirrd Care Is tHtcea lawrnalb;, «tini{ j uuon -1^ »t M J -til j u 1: »a "* t -M-MH o( c(j- • tasreoy dsstr 'yinj{ tas f.iun laaoa or cue j and <U!neta« oiuent jcr«a<ta n» oalldl \t ap tbx oiuti utionmid assHUn<nitar-»tq dola*lt» wort TtiQ pr'pritit'i *• a^TettaiaeQ faltb ia Iu cumriw po^en. -ta-U aiej oflur O.w da idwd D.)ll»r« tor air ct« tti rt It i»JU to core. Sand lor list of to-torn'mj- 1 ^ 1 r J.V.LV,, f : OTdold 67 Dnauu, 75c: V: Bucklen't A.-uie The beet naive to the world for outs, bruises sbrea, ulcers, salt rheum fever sorea, letter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all skin erup. tlons, and poajtlvely cures piles, or DO pay required. It Is gu*r»nteed to give perfect sutlnfactlon or money refunded Price 25 ceota per bor. For sale by B. F. Keeslln'g. Hoary iu JLoan. Any one centring io Day real estate can secure a lo*n to bj repaid on the moathly pUa. laterest only 5J per cent. Consult J. T. COCKBDEW, Boom 3 Spry Building. A L Beebaa. wao w-8 mixed up la the figatai tie Sai-oyer baiidiog 1 Sat. urday evening, itood trial before the mayor je^terday and WM fioed |5 and codtt. Hd was committed. • The West Side spools ware dli- mUaed mo*tof theday je»terd«y on mcoouat of the failure of ibe ^M •apply At the bolldtaf. A New Hack Line. I have started a Hack and Parcel Delivery aod in the future I oa» b« found at the corner of 4th street and Broadway, wherel will be prepared from 9 o'clock in the morning- to 9 iu tbe evening to deliver parcels or carry passeugers to and from any part of tbe citv- My Charges Will Be Reasonable. I'-wlll endeavor to pive the best services possible for the money. H you have a parcel to deliver or a pt^ea^r to deliver, or aay li<b,t vrork thar can be done with a street hack, t will be glad to do ft. Wunt could yon do that a customers would appreniate more than calling the hack for him? Special rates will be given yon. Leave orders at I2tb. street Livery Stable or Geo. Harrison'! 817Bro»d wav. Toure Truly. Wm Lynas. The Indications Are Tliat Walker & Raucn Have tDe kind of Rubbers and Overshoes you want. Try it on. WflLKER 5c RflUOH. 420 Broadway. See The Specialists For Chronic and Private Diseases amf Deformities. Diseases of Women treated by the neir electrieal method that given wonderful resolrg. D.Q'C forge- that their vapor treatment for all Chronic Troubles ^ets the remedies to -he di-eased spot* mod cures Lnnr wdei Drs. Christoplier & Longenecker, -••- - At me Medical aod Surgical Institute. 417 Market St. - - Logansport.

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