San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California on July 4, 1905 · Page 1
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San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California · Page 1

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 4, 1905
Page 1
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14 I W il y II M llM JlMh I lMM IK l - l lllflfa TOIiikx3Xi jp - - - k S - v S - I Y H - ySA2sr 4 1 ritFKra - BBii - KLaijr - irai Jta - a T ulj - js s i p - s nar it rcTsnwsswi r t - Pr 1 t t v j ttT Mi y - n - k - aTif - sitijrv - w - - - s - v vwf A tm - oW N i j i I I i i ii i 1 1 - i i i i i i - 1 rfl lllllp I - ijrai rs r r - r r jS o - a1 i in - - m vbbi jiajTkriHritfm - m - 5 - - iy - i imiim - r m v - j - m m 7j - Mm ij zzgm 1 H 1 - - r - - s My i - JF - T - f - - 5i - K - r - t - - i i - vtmifijj - - - bA - - sia fl ft - N - I L II 1 I II 1 A - t 3 - a A a a-iii TormM Boats Sgicfe - or Kniad PotdiBSM VM - t OltlUtt MIMMMMMMn4MMOMM1MMMMIM 0 X - PETEEBURG July 4 4j25 A M The torpedo - boat destroyer jSnetilyyf with a volunteer crew has sailed from Odessa with the intention of sinking the KniaiPotemkine bl3S July 3 The factthat the Kniaz PpteaLkine remains on the high seas in charge of the mutineers is causing so much apprehension and uneasiness to the population of Odessa that the Government has resolved to take the matter in hand and lo show no further hesitation even though the measures adopted involve the lossbf the battleship and the one torpedo - boat destroyer here The torpedo boats received ordeyrs this afternoon to sink the Kniaz Potemkine on sight The torpedoboat destroyer now here was reenforced this afternoon by two torpedo boats and others are expected This problem for a single destroyer which is difficult and dangerous enough at best as sbe will have to encounter both the Kniaz iPotemkine and her attendant torpedo boat is now complicated by the departure of the battleship from Kustendji and ignorance as to where ahe will next turnup BUCHAREST July 3 The Kniaz Potemkine left Kustendji this afternoon It is stated mat she is returning to Odessa WILD SCENES IN - S r m eQzM IHh iiii IIIN llMrli vv - m m wV r - T - - t - v flK Tll AM M fc - r - a - i5rfc2 IiiriMi Xx H O 4 MMtM O Uf4 ypff iMiiSigS 5iSjSffiM - SKfcMSa4SS WfafiSK KiSWVcfeSSs SSSEffi iaSS4SSigMa i - M ii ww r r Jiste sHSSieiaiiMi I siilMiSiil I o wb r - tv i v7ss j awjr - - r - jsii - w - ii i - 7 - ti - v - - i v - - - 3 - M - 3iii - iivai - AVii - j - vnrwdrasc 4tm - wv - f - j exvrr - v - z - xe - Gj - - 2 - xi - m v PIPQBiKffflffflffflffflffflffaKaBffflffflffflffainllH - Mill f I JLLiUt i iWliLii JWMML fc aiBMMkJBWiPIMBMMMMMBMMBPWMLrJiiiliMMBBBBBl lP - K - xTi4vut4vfLcdfib aaiv 4h 2 - a irHrvaaiituLHipTHBvcaBH r iui - - MT - r - - - - BMHwri t 1 7 - KrrartriiraaaaaaaariiMiMaaaaaaaaaaaaMMMi j w a - ilHBMPIPVf1 ill 1 i JVrirt - BMkT iM PVWliifliB AaB 4 B1 lT31 M I I II T - T 1 - T h - It r i - J VV - I - LS r ah I k J mKM IJCnW JIBMi r1a Sfclft - J - - - y - fTrH - - T u jivr i - j i r rta - aiKiHaiBiTiHi t - - - r - a t f - v - jijx - - i Lmn t Ji ui sx - jB vrrKBai B - - n j MVgrv11crin i ni - rf r iw of iji - ji - f wi j i j - ri v BiBaHBiB CRUISER I V - - - - o o JOHNSON SEEKS - - - jri A r H 1 ii - fer Mutfheefs Meet Determined Roumanians and Fail to Get Supplies of Food and Coali FpcUt Ppateh to U ChitnlcleF - UaTENDJI July 8 The Rus sian torpedo boat accompanying the Kniaz Potemkine attempted to enter the port of Kustendji to - dayV The Ronmanlan cruised Elfxabetha fired on the torpedo boat but failed to hit her The torpedo boat then retired This iddent followed tle refdsal of the crew of the Kniaz Potemkine to accept the Governments offer mad through the captain of the portwha positive - announced that the rriutl - neers would not be allowed provisibna Unless tbey came ashore unarmed and flelH - ered up the battle - ship and torpedo boat to the captain of the port If these conditions were f ulfllled the mutineers would be given liberty tcj 10 where they pleased The rebellloua strikers conferred together and refused to agree to this demand and re - r e wed their demand for provisions toils waa again positively refused by Jtee captain pf the port whereupon the - Russian torpedo boat attempted to in lor i - - TWrt - hitt lin heinir - flrtpdort bv me EHlzabetha andvevidently awed by tbe Arm stand taken by the authbrl - ties she decided to retire Roumanian soldiers are being concentrated to meet eventualities BtlCltiREST July 3A sanbr from the nlais Potemklnewhb came ashore here toVday with hla cornrade3to ne - otlate With the prefect slipped away krid escaped to the town Uep - - peared tobe greatly excited and x - haustediindreported that the battleships provisions were completely consumed and that the crew had - been In a state of starvation for the last two Jays The sailor Iwg - ffed not jtobe returned to the shtpJif he would b killed - - He said there - were only ten Ions of coal on board Jhe Kniaz Po - l temklne thaUtwQ - thlrds pf the - crew - fayored landing 4At Kustendji whUe the other third wlsh6d toreturn a 5 - OdessaHand bombard ihecltjr - 6 - TheaaUora report - that theBlack seafleetnot bnlyd riottrj to cap - 1 lure ttheKlM Potemkine but the - v Irews af thoshJpst openly rejoiced s f M rebels left Odessa Xhe crew f - fcetfcussiaigunboattPsouape now t 5Cuitenljltnetsomeothe crew i the Knla Potemkine ashore and fraternised with them the sailors Jem - J orarinoue npuuwr com - Spetiti IHptcM to tbe Chronicle EW TORK July J There was a panic op the floor of the Cotton Exchange or receipt of the Washington report at 12 oclock to - day the like of which has riot been witnessed since the Sully collapse over a year ag Prices advanced by bounds with brokers unable to execute orders and with the ring in a state of ndescVibable confusion In their excitement brokers leaped the wooden railing surrounding the ring and for half an hour the cotton pit was a mass of freniled strajr gilng brokers endeavoring to buy or sell from thelf nearest neighbors Brokers and dealers - generally expected the Government report would show a favorable condition of the crop and when this condition was announced as 77 or 5 per cent lower than expected a panic was precipitated Not In years if indeed In the history of cotton speculation has the market leaped 5 a bale in five minutes During the excited speculative crate a year ago prices frequently advanced 50 or 75 points Tbe first sale bf October after the BJinouncetnent was at f77 an advance of poliits heiext irw it Tfren price reacnea t - vand while talhfiOOJ sveraKS or xi a bam a fiiaML v J V-MS - r - PEARYS TRIP MAY BE POSTPONED Polar Expeditien GannotStart Unless Large Sum Is Contributed to Equip Explorers gpecUl Hipateh to the Chronlelf A nan lyrtiv juiy a unless patriotic citizens come to the financial rescue of Commander Robert B Peary his dash to the pole will have to be postponed The - explorer has In the auxiliary - rigged schooner Roosevelt the finest craft ever built for polar exs ploratlpn She Is all paid for hut money Is needed for food and equipment The expedition cannot start unless at least 50000 more Is forthcoming Nr Peary was of the opinion to - day that the money might be raised in time to prevent any delay in the original plan The Roosevelt which aiy rived last night on her maiden trip from Portland Me remained at anchor - in the Norm river off Wee - hawken to - day and was vjsited by hundreds v Was i1L itr r Wm XinltttaVw iuuiurif HEEiu iuc aj mandaiitt Kustendji reports that he j euverjng The ringleaders o Was received onboartt theKnlai j tiny - were arrest andthV tended by a numerous guard The cadet informed him that the murder of the seaman Omlltchuk was merely a pretext for xthe revolt all having 1een previously arranged by a revolu tlonary committee ODESSA July 3 The situation 6 the Knlas Potemkine Is indeed des4 berate The crew are practically pirates and their predicament offers only lltaitcd avenues for escape Jit they dijv not surrender it is believed will go to some Black sea port not In Russia leave vthelr ship and ttke their chancesof getting away overland In doing sothey would be confronted by theatUtode ofthe power on whose shores they disembarked hut their situation - beingdeperate a desperate course may well be expected - of them I I at MORE SAILORS MUTINY i CRONSTADT July S - i - The crew of theRussiancruUerMlnln rehisedip puiioaieawun lqb joiner vessels pi the squadroK alleging a general bad condition of Jtheehlpprevented her particlpatlng - in gun practfeevmd man - this mu lnei 5 Statement That He Would Lead the Democrats on Gavern - rrient Ownership Platformi Special Dispatch to tbe Chronicle CHICAGO July 3 Tom L Johnson Is an aspirant for the Democratic nomination for President In 1908 and Is going to seek this nomination on a platform declaring for Government ownership of transportation lines This is said to be the underlying motive of Johnson In taking so active an interest In the effort to municipalize the Chicago traction lines MayorDuhne Is grooming the Clevfs - land man for the Presidential nomination and It is understood hopes to deliver to him tbe Illinois delegation Jphnson has been actively pushing the three - cent fare and other new - fangled traction and railroad theories to the fore for several years in fact since he retired from the street railroad bust ness but he has heretofore confined the advancement of these ideas to Ohio Johnson has been to Chicago twice since Mayor Dunne took office and Dunne conferred with him once in Cleveland It was Johnson who blocked the negotiations with the traction interests for the sale of the existing lines WOULD SEPARATE THE CHURCH lRDSTATE French Chamber of Deputies Passes Measure by a Decisive Vote PARIS July i The bill for the separation df church and state passed the ChamberVrf Deputies late to - night by the decisive Tote - of Sttto 1233 Thft result was areeteA bv govern mental applause - Vnd opposition hisses There waymnchecltement y 2 gasJbate stopto b court CHICAGO JulyjiudgeVGfosscup has sustained he njunhtlorv restraining the city from enforcing 1U 75 - cent R0UVTEK RECEIVES AmScAKS JAKIS July 5 - PremIer Rouvler today trecetvedViRear - AtolralSIgsbee an4 Aasistiht Secretary of BtataXbo - mi - -1 lv ent Report Causes the 9 RrlcWto Go Up by Leapsand Bods in New York City BROKERS IN A FIERCE FRENZY Advance of a Dollar a Bale a Minute Recorded for the First Five Minutes of Trading Makes a New Record pAiJe figures sent to hew orleans i Erroneous Report on Government Crop Estimate Wired From Hew York NEW ORLEANS July 3 The cotton market rose sharply on the crop report Two minutes before 11 oclock a telegraph company transmitted the figures sl - r to the local Cotton Exchange Ihe correct figures being 77 representing the estimate of the cotton crop conditions up to June 25th Secretary Hester wrote a Jetter to the local manager of the telegraph company Intimating that some one in New Tork had made a criminal effort to manipulate the - local market The manager Immediately telegraphed the letter to the New Tork headquarters of his company The telegraph ebm - pany confirmed Its erroneous figures about a minute after they were first received and the manager here says there Is no doubt but that the figures his New Orleans Cotton Exchange office received here were those sent from New York LORD MELVILLE WORKS ON DUMPS Member of the British Nobility Receives a Big Legacy but Will Not Quit His Job BpeeUl DUptch to ihp Ohronid PHOENIX A T July S A legacy of eighteen hundred pounds sterling the first Installment on an inheritance that amounts to many thousands more has been received by Philip E Neville of Phoenix who now appears as one of the nobility of England though for three years past he has been a worker In the garbage dumps of Phoenix Neville bears the title of Baron of Latimer a barony whose establishments were escheated to the Crown centuries ago For seventeen years he has - been an exile keeping his locality secret t from his relatives till a few months ago when he - wrote to demand legacies he knew were due him L Nevilles home here s on the river I - J lllr - 4J - i m DanK araia uupa w rciuse irom which to melt the solder vHe la about M years bid and is o be descrfbed as kaueeri fiercely resenting any In - - - v quiry jntonis conaiuon or Dusinessr Thougb letters navetcome aaaressing him as Lord Melville and imploring him to return tovhs old home In Hertfordshire he - says has cast off hit family and wilH remain free in AmerK with which - he Jhas made mostofrhls iourneylnirs since atariuig on his lone hrr jnsmagefrom71nnjP5aTn tMayaarafA f HUNDREDS DIE IN THE RUSHING WATERS Half a Thousand Perish in a Cloudburst Which Swept vthe City of Guanajuato HEAVY LOSS TO PROPERTY BY FLOOD r - i Stream Rose So Rapidly That Ihe People Had No Time to Escape Terrible Fight for Life in Which Weak Sank SpecUl Dlapatcb to tie Chronltle rjANAJUATO Mex July 3 - y - Fivje hundred persons have per - A ished and property valued at SlSoOOOOhas been destroyed as a result of a rfloodwich has Bwept over the tQwn following a cloudburst Two hundred bodies have heen recovered uuanajuato owing to its situation In a great ravine or gorge has been subjected to floods sweeping down from the mdutjlain and much loss of life has been recorded but the present storm Which began Friday night and continued thrbtigh Saturday was unprecedented in violence By 4 oclock Saturday afternoon clouds banked up black and threatening in the northeast and within4 less than twenty minutes rain came down in torrents and the water surged down the streets with great violence Part of the river which was built over by - masonry burst through augmenting the flood and the scene became one of terror and consternation The people made haste to gather their valuables and flee and many did so at the risk of their lives for the streets in the lower pari of the city were filled with rushing wafers and the roarof wnd axifl tain added to ihe general panic With ona rush f tht I - mighty flbodburs ttsbohrtd lounfla iefpwiSei s ftmoi jn Ae jUrisorV J J Prom the centjerf the city theflooi rolled to Jxilh sjdesof the town ahi the people madly rushed out to flee to the mountains The second - floor of the Hotel Union Is under five feet of water At the time when the storm seemed likely to abate and before Its greatest intensity was felt there w a crowd of merrymakers on the plaza Oamlng operators had scarcely time to set up their tables and place their money thereupon when the flood rushed down from the hills sweeping away booths money and tables Many people were drowned there Each man fought his way out of tbe flood trampling down whoever came In his way and thus many women and children perished A large number of people had sought refuge in the church of San Diego but were crushed to death under Its falling walls A priest who Was addressing words of hope and consolation to the people was killed Four hotels ami some large shops were demolished or badly Injured and some of the noblest mansions were demolished or badly wrecked with all their rich furnishings The large building occupied by Dwtght Furness as the American Consulate was flooded to the second - story windows Th street - car line between this cltv and the town of Marailfo was wrecked much of the track being washed away and the mules drowned Thieves are hazarding their HvesMn pillaging shops and mansions The old electric plant was destroyed but the new plant was saved The mines were not damaged The famous Iolla dam Is intact Many people are still camping In the mountains j TRAIN GOES THROUGH BRIDGE MEXICO CITY July S - r - The bridge on the Mexican Central Railroad at kilometer 317 between Irapua and Silo fell as the south - bound passenger thaln was passing early Sunday morning The baggage and third - class coach fell Into the river Seven passengers were killed and thirty - four inW Jured No first - class passenger were hurt SENSATIONAL TALES MEET WITH OFFICIAL DENIAL Swedish Foreign Minister Says No Troops Have Rcen Sent to the Frontier STOCKIIoLkf Sweden July i CountaiydenstblpeHhe Foreign Minister In bji JntervJeCwith the corre - spondentmado the following statement The - Associated - Press 1 an thorlzedto say regarding the alarming rumors rnanatingfrbmhrls - tlania Jthat nojaggresslve measures have been taken ir are crenoozitem plated bythe - SwedUsh Government The Swedlshquadronlionlyholdlng theusual suxnmefxnaneuvers this yearmearrOotbehburjJNo Swedish irooija nave - Dccnic aisDaicnea 10 me I provincebr frontfeT Onlytheusual liuiuwvsMivff f wuvun uvim mv tronuwrj - sfiitu - i4i ana - w mm - mL imim w sii i 4T J k4 if i - ma t f H - v itiTjrtf Vi K f - f mm c2mzr0r yzraztj - o o BURYHAT6HET - - - iV - - 3te - J King Edward Salct fofHaVe ceen reacemaKenn yuarre That LastedforTJpnV rsf m - b a i KteeUr DUpttch to the ffWTrtWriT - 5i iiM B xars btwenlhA1 - - f - H V - k ivi2iX iZTT - iiJLi - - seen enaeqTn peacenparwas ho j - aAD - cuuma ul iaev 1A1U11T asLJriAB jtnajt beh - gyefrUJe question ot socia preteuence anu mreaienea to continue during jthe - yesjof the prtsehtheads uw Asxor ramuy is aue it is ae - clared jalmdt entirely to the mediation of Ahe King who delights In actr ing thevpart of peacemaker pot only between nations buf between families and lndivldttals The Astor feud caused the expatriation of William Waldorf Astor In 1890 At present Mrs John Jacob Astor is the guest of William Waldorf Astor and Is a notable figure at the big entertainments he gives at his Carlton House Terrace mansion In London William Waldorf Astors eldest son land namesake has also dined with Mrs Jack Astor at - her house In Portland place which she rented for the season from Lady Edmondstone The Astor feud resulted from a very Involved family disturbance over the title to the feminine leadership of New JrksSOO which had at that time Just been declared to exist by Ward McAllister - - The - title Mrs Astor was claimed by William Wafdorf for his wife but Mrs William Astor mother of - the present John Jacob Astor Won outrahdstllI holds her position as New forks social leader SAYSttAMOTE WINNERS e K 1 fc 1 - BsllllllllllllBBlllllllVllt - VY iyVsHsBiiiiHi flsssHi iwSsWBsisWff - V M BTSaTy yvrfJsslslslslslsTTr r Zt BBBBMIiJSSjiSlrALSBfgSar - tr nx SSSBBSSSSSSBSSSSSSSSSSSSSSMSrSSMBSSyS9affBEte i - - J4 - lf KS39BBBBHaBiMBBSVBi i i eSSSeSSSSSSSSJBSSgiESSBlEii - H JcmSbsiKbBbISbsVbsHbsIbsbK v BBHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHal fc jtfg j jjhsr avi f 1 4 T i - BafrnWiK V M 4 VBHJ a - irf - ZS - mmLiiiim t yHyiiivKyrsn t li - iXIBr Jr l iV a it mr - mi m i mh1Iwjm d isilslslslslslslsmSBlslslslslslslsKC J ii JlB i - VsslslslslslslslslslslslslslslslslslslslslslslslslslslslslslslslslslslslsWsr fl iAu x cjlH i BJBJBJBJBJBJBJBJBJBJBjnr - rs1 i vsslslslslsslsislslBBslslsislBisVB lLf X s k - - i ci v3 c o Senator deceives Jurys Verdict Without EniolioiL itefnses to Discuss Case butr Makes i Motion lor New Trial T 4 wycvioi a F m Editor pf Harpers Declares i Conviction but Admits Thai He HasNo - Rroof Show fcprfl Dittch to U Chroniclt i NEVf XORKv July 2zJL semI - offlr clal announcement Was made to - day that John HiyMwas i theauthojrof The Bread Winners themysterlbu and Uchdlscussed7 jnovei whlcbj enty - threeyearsa1gbWMte ing literarysensationiJtis authorship has beei a puxxleto the world of letters ever since its publication Those who were lntouch7iththe publishers of Jhe twork - have pever denied tliat Hay waa theauthor Henry fUden the veteran edltor of Harpers Magazine said to - day l have not absolute evidenced at hand to show that Hay wTotevTheBread - Wlnnersi but t thlnkno mis take would bejmadeln saying that - beTdld Forjwveral yearsI have understood so and - I jthlnk there canbe no question-of v teeu - The Bread - winners waspubllshed byj Harpers tltsharply criticises the methods of thelabortinlons The book is noted foritsrepgrams - AKqiraTOWEEpESbYED f DANTZIC Germany JulycikC - jTHe Imposing tower of Si Catherines cburchbUllt from lS2to1390 ksnt airelrdeatr6yedbyCllghtnliitoiday Some of vtheithlrtyr fiVemuslcar hells Kmposinjt tbachlmei which Vrecist - - - z - TiL - - wim i onuftL Jj r - Special DlpAteh to the CIinlcl ORTLAND 9r July 3 - Th jury wmen triea senator Mitchell in the Federal Court before 11 oclock to - night it notified the Marshal that it had reached an agreement Judge De Haven was called and the Jurors filed intoC the court With all the formalities prescribed the verdict was rendered find ing Mitchell guilty as charged inth J - indictment with a recommehdationbC m4rcyto the court SenitOTMitcheil s war present Beyond strSkThir hial beard he never moved a muscle a - he Jtg heard the vrdlct Q m After the verdlctf an attempt was 3 - rmm inona rn inrannaw wanara uitAMAii t - s He held up his right holndin aVdep 4JR3 M recatory way saying fHol - vo iQM hight - Although he bore the ordeaT v at theicourt scene weH displaying hb Ttintlnn1rhnV U - 6rnm nil Axrirti nrA ift i r - a t li vvirTVt - - 7fes S piainvto De seen inai ne was - ierTJDiy f WMti rrTV - v - tZy - KrmMl a lncira rmpneo ronnir HeruLU sijw v i in i ifcO 111 M iS 4 Contlnuedon - Pag6Tw1J ittkscEtAttEavnM is 3 - jSli WWi isy 2JU iWS WHY DONT YOU 8Et t iv issji - 4 rM - iuiM VICTOR tviij - BBkmrBm - i J -TALKING MACHINE SUMMER OUTING Think how beautiful asolo by Caruso would soundon tthVwater ho w magnificent r Bousas band would be InJ the redwoods how fine - to havedance music with the calls for - square dances from d Victory so thatererykodr can oince fV ThSSyictor TalklngMachlneis more needed on a Wacatlonthan at anyother Uma5 vs - f j - - - yrj - SHERMAN CLAYicos padfle CotfoltrHBters v Victor TmUtSffg MaeUaer pciarfiy4at Stter tS r Breadwayat 13Ui9kliJ Wm - tafc - t Zi Hi i t a Af At - 7 iS - J2 SJ llfttih WJ jrv Tr JWf - 7iS ir - S jaUTTt caucvjl uyjBHmnuvu ivwmwhv i iihi - r - VTJ 7AJt - s4SJlj VSi w ii - Jff Ki - - rAt - r iv jj aV - j - t l - a i - r - sr w r v - - T - r 3 - lv H r i ft - t rs - 31 - - - w1 1 A - t - jtjf si m v - - j k kW - Ktisr - 4 i - ir lftik r - - iM

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