The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 11, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 11, 1933
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Ht.VfBayiLLE, . (ARK,) QQUBIEB Here's "Tip" From Hollywood MONDAY, DECEMBER 11, 1933 GIFTS or Her f It's ii'.t ;hD old ironing toard, all dressed up. >/i[ lliey don't U in £-.:ch a p!eu:an ivny In Hollywood. Ann Saltern iii?s It for :c-.-,:ii:^' toard, dsinoiiituUina • liov. the blurs g'.'I their rest wln'i ll'.ty :.;urt v.-inki;];' out from wrarlness and c.ufl sit down—be cutiM tiisy inipht r.O'ir out of thrir tlilit KO'.vns. And even the oti irc:!ln;; buard lco!:s eiui'ificu wlien .'.:::i i[einuiislrate.s it. '''Canning" Season for Georgia Peacli | lake uway I'.k ilnicjery of wush- ' ins In Ihe coining years. IJuy "llei" an A|;CX Washing Machine. c. K. O'er: SAI.KS co. A'lTKNTION MEN! A rniall cash payment will give you:- v.-lle Ihe nC'rfect gift—A HOME He:- our llslln^s. 'UIO.MAS l.A.N'1) CO. l.()fN(;i.\(j PAJAMAS 'trnctliin^ ne'v ..Kayon Ccrduioy i'njinnas in !>iah. tllades with GIFTS or Him j ol <ci:lni:ltH3 eolor. Set S5 NKW VOUK S'iOIli: FOR .MKX ONLY! ! ! ET you \vaiti lo make your wife love you tin- yc.i: 1 r .uiuE nlve iiej- i l>0(i p ;i i or i j !ymni!lh uuioiuohili*. :U i a.sfm:tljly pikri! nnrl cifiiipifil Uth uJl ihr* I'ctivi'tik'iiccs <lr;tr lo \ woman's Ixitrt J5AKNKTT AUTO SALES C.IVE JEWELKY You w-III have i!o trouble in --,c- Icclliig a Miiiablc Ijift lor htr from our large and complete slock of Jewelry, end ylft i^cds. JEWELRY STOKE SII.K NI-XiMCiKKS Daintily inilmvJ ol Flat Crcp? ir Blue, I'cacl). rink anil Ularrt; A gin she'll n|j|j|-ccl<Ue. S2.9R. .(. C. 1T.NNKV CO. C!vc Soinrllilri; Practical ?hi' will nppiccmie a gift .she cm wcnr. We tjeeesl Scarf Sets Hosiery. Purses Gloves. Huts !7.'ci::cs, Sweater Suits. Dresses m Sweaters and Pklrls. THE LADIES TOGGEItY From SnrU, A New Permanent Add lo her h.ip])lness nt clirisl- n;as by giving her a new Permanent nt our modem shop. Margaret Hrrn Mc.iuly Slioppc A ItEAUTIKUI, WATCH Would make iKr most happy. Tile new styles ns created by Grnen. Butovn nml Elgin. fillAKH'S JUVELRY STOKE Itruuty Urliifrs Happiness C'lnlfimas Kr-ason will mean orj to her it .she has a new .eimanenl. .Mak<; her a present •! one. OIIACI: I:I,ANOHI: SIIOI-PE DALVJ'V Sl.i;i-:i' TOGS : c-ftns and l>niatiKi;< tailored nk-c (|i!iillly fill; Crepe in tea "Hose und lilile at S3 85 N'KIV VOHK STOKE ' uf a Pink. .STETSON HATS iii.y liliu a Cllll Cerii;hT.U* i:i a ; ininiiitiii'v Hi-.. i;<jx LIK| iu i.Jm 'Witt .1. $0. N'LW MEAD tl.OTHI.\<; CO. :C.ily I I .More Shopping Day:; Uruii Christmas. ! :iHO!' EAI'.LY 1 Cur rttcks are complete now nnJ :» Miiall payment will hold any I ni-tit.:.' 1:1 Hi Christmas. | ci.'AKO's jav.'ii.KV STOKE V.'hy not i-ivo him an Office C'h:i:r Cushion. Treasure c;liiB>l ni- SliwiIIpr Pj'i for Clii'l.Minns? ACTON I'HJNTINC; CO. Phone 10 Vonr .sentiment-: ore Ural cxprrsK- ecl when yon .say It with FiXDW- SRS. Healmi's Home uf Haivcr<i. A lastliiB Sift for your wife—A Frlglclntro. 'be most, modern •••lectrlc rcfrlRcinlor on Die mar- kc',. K. K. (i w Sales Co. Helena Rubrnslcin's omivu-K 1'cwclcrsj I.ipbtfcks Kxeluslvclr at Burum's TIi} came ol hearts ihey stnricri wound up as ;olitalre. so Coins' Pclmer Erewst^r, cne-tinic famous "Georgia Pcn-h." beauty con- tcif winner, divorced Ei.genc V. Breuslcr. who lest hts millions He ..r.rc-fc.-red solitaire to her companionsHip, Cr.niss charged, ant :he pin c-n her most cnjjagiiis smile ivlicn she nppenred In court ••••• £3 '.hov.n h-.-rj, to prove thr.t his tnstc all wrong. A Rooseveli in Conference While the President was holdlnj a raepilon for the diplomatic cor in Washington, his mother, Mrs. James Roosevelt, was guest of hon al anolhcr brilliant social luncllon—the 77th annu-.l charity tall f j th? New York Nursery and Child's Hospital, In New York. M j Hor^cvelt, who led the grand march, is shown at the ball conversl confidentially with Mrs. j Cornelius Vandcrbl'l (right). CEDAR CHESTS the younger girl or mother... One of thc^e beautiful Walnut Ish Cedar Thesis. HURRARD FURNITURE CO. Have Santa Bring her a box of Holllngsivorth's Candy, fitted 'lap;, cosmetic set, compact, sta- Monen', card table or purse ROBINSON DRUG STORE SATIN UNDIES f 1 beautiful. IIT'.I-OIIS intin In Tea Rose, pink :>!'cl Blue, expertly :-ilurcd Slips, Dance Seis and Gr.wns. NEW YOKK STORE 'the Perfect C-ifl — What women love — KAYSEfi'S underwear, gloves, hosiery. Reasonably priced. Jack Applcbaum's )nly 11 More Shopping Days Until Christmas. Ve suggest Cosmetics, Purses Caudie IloUlon. Bud Vases. Nim- elly's Candies, Perfume. Atomiz- rs, Compacts. Rta'tioncry, Kocl FOWLER DRUG CO. Family GIFTS THE IDEAL GIFT A Theatre Coupon Book for the family or friends, $2.50 and $5. Good anytime. KIT/, anil ROXY THEATRES ivi! a Pen anil renell Set, llill- Icild or Shavlni! Outfit. IIOIIIMSON IHUJO STOKE (iivc Him Somethlnir Ftrsonal 1 or LnstiJiici- ',ve have Silk Scurfs 1 up, Arrov: Shirts 51.95 up. 1'a- iam:us $1.50 I'p. Turtle NecK Sweaters $2.95, Suede or Buckskin ek- is: CS.SO 10 $12.50. liathroues, hidsroiif 1 lla'js. Handkerchiefs und l'.htu' J . r.vll S':ts. Free Turkey wills ;.i:lt? at ii?.5J up. IIAYNCS MEN'S 'SHOP GIVE HIM JEWELRY We can solve the problem of to give "him." ALDRIDGE JEWELRY STORE S1I.X PAJAMAS With or wuliaut sash, plain or crocndert. best qitalitv, all colors: £C and S7.M. NEW MEAD. CLOTHING CO. .Only 1 Days' 1 More Shopping Until Christinas. Oivc Ideal Built-in Furniture All Ki:ids of Cabinets AUK MO i.OlDEK YARD Give Soiii.tnln- tlecdical Table and Floor Lamps, $1 to SHI \Ve. l ;liii{;honse Iron.'j. lleaiiny I'.iils Pcrcdlntovs, Toasters, BatJiroon: "rntiT-;. Waffle fron^. nnd other ! plianccs. Xmss Tioe Decwaliu.'i- Jnd Light Sets •01 \V Wnlpole IClcctiic Shop w. Main I'lvj,,;; 311 We Know iVhal He U'arils I -,;-ker Desk S^t, Pipe, Ci ;;:rs, or U:iiv:n- Set CT SJnealler Pen. HKLI.'S PHARMACY Gifts for Kiddies CJOI.F KQU1P.MLNT • !f he plays solf he would be delighted with :i new club or two tr a I:ox of bnl!s. A comnJete ylock at all pric c 5:. HDBBARD HARDWARE CO. i'!!VE Eomethhi'4 practical—cutler;'; bird cages, annnmum war^, loaM- is. electric irons. e:ocks, wa'.ehes. OBEES'J' STORK CO. Sanla Clius' Headquarters Ve Kcll Evcrythina— Uiu best tpml- ity Xinas OH.s Radios, .M-.-.sicnl , Ci, idles. , Lea- l'ARKIIl!KST CO., J09 E. .Main tJII-T NOVELTIES ficok t:id':, Ash Trays, Wlnu-Nols, Vases. Jioiidulr Lamps, Table I amps and novelties of all hinds. OL'AUD'S JKWELIIY STOItK Murwu:d combination 'BfllDGE T.IULK and Fire Screen, S5.U5; Mi:rvvo<id de luxe truy, 54 su IIOHIIM'S TABLES: TABLES! Coffee Tables, Occasional Tables, End Tables... Every kind of table . . .And thay Hi-rays make an ac- ;eptafcle gift. We Hive What They Want! Skates. Tricycles. Scooters, bicycles. Coacter Wago'ns, Buddy Bikes, 21 nines (Steveni, Hamilton ana frpringfield) Pocket Knives, Plash- lights, Watches, Hunting Knives, t'.uzzy Barton Air Rifles and com- tmation Scout Knives and Axes, ir.rlmlimj carrier. BDRKE IIARDWAKE CO. "We Se'l For less"' A Gift For AH the Family— DRESS CLOTHES A Delco lighting plant. Also Delco Tuxedo.! and r.ll accessories. Tnx- Kadios for country homes. ' edos priced i,J5 to S35. K. U. GEE SALES CO. i NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO. DISTINCTIVE GIFTS Atomizers, Peilnme Sets. Bridge Cards. Compacts, Pangburn's handles. Houbijant and Coty's r -(rfume Sets. Healing Pads nnrt Ihcr gifts sh? will like. BKLI.'S PHARMACY i MEN'S LOI1NC.1NG ROUES L'rnrndrd Rayon and all wool I Flannel. Uobes in a choice selection of colors. $-1.49. ' J. C. FKNNEY CO. | He'd Like a New Scarf! We have the very kind. THE LADIES TOGGERY P HE PERFECT GIFT "FOR HFR" 1 ! ELIZABETH ARDEN'S I ' VENETIAN TOILET Prcpar.UlonsI EXCLUSIVELY AT BORUM'S I -• • - I you can please him with a Pipe, RADIOS—A sift nil the family 1 Billfold. Uox (.f Cigars, Shaving enjoys. Ask for demonstralion ' tfrush or a Fl.ahlight. E. R. GEC SALES CO. ! FOWLEK DRUG CO. j CABINET SMOKERS , He'll really appreciate one of these = 1 Cabinet Smokers Low priced too. } IHJHBAI1I) FURNITURE CO. ,, Days Until Chvislmas. Bicycle Tires, Horns. Saddles, Baskets, Kandh Grips, Spokes Wheels, nhns, Brake Parts, Repairing. Carney's Shop. 113 S. First St Ptrone C43. TOYLAND OPENED IClQ'dies will be delighted to knou that our complete Toy Department s now open. J. C. PENNEY CO. CHRISTMAS TOYS for all ages Specially priced. Obtrst Store Co PRACTICAL GIFTS Give the children things that \vil last such as Tricycles. Coastei Wagons. Skates, Air Rifles, Bi- L;vcles, etc. All priced most reason r.Wy. HUBGARD HARDWARE CO. liUBBAKD CO. SPECIAL assortment of gift Jiov- ellies, gumcs, stationery, candy. .RORUM'S 3nly 11 ' More Shopping Days. Until Christmas. Make your home modern and convenient, for Christmas will) built-in cabineu, shelves, breakfast nook, wall brackets. R. J. Peterson, 200 N. 2ist Quick Meal Oil Ranges C.osley Raiilos, Scaly Mattresses Slumberon Mattresses. D e lux prints. Lounge Chairs and Ottom:.n. Rockers, Occasioral Chairs Ftudio Couches. Chllds Beds, Chikls llcckcrs, High Chairs, Desks. Cedar Cl.csts, Card 'I'ables. Tabics—Oc- ccMonnl, Kadx. End. Medicine Cobinets, Mirrors. CHARLES S. LEMONS Ci.oci Furnilnre at Moderate Cost '/our dinner win no! be complete' n-ilhoiit FLOWERS for Xmas. • Helton's Home of Flowers [ Only 11 More Shopping 1 Days Until Christmas. DEEP NAP BLANKETS roxeu Deep Knap Double Blankets in a beautiful range of p:aids. S2.79. r i. C. PtNNKY CO. Only 11 More Shopping Days Until Christmas. .Give yourself a Xmas gift. • Have your WATCH repaired by'an expert. O'Bryanl, Aldridge Jewelry SLurc. A Photograph—Ihe Perfect Xmas Gift. ReduceJ holiday prices. Hull rt Doyle, iluor tu Western Lrion. Ecauilful, inexpensive artificial WREATHS for the graves of loved ones nt Xmas. Healon's ffomc of Flowers * sh Plan to Mark Home Grown Turkeys LCNDON (UP)— U be Ihe or girls and red for ooys among he families of British bred tur- k-eys tills Christmas. Patriotic housewives, who want :o be certain of buying the homegrown proiiuct will only have to ook under Ihe bird's wings. Select youn* hens over eight iKmmls \vi!: carry a blue dise. while cocks o: 12 iMimds and over will be idonli- fied by a rrd disc. Tlu birds imacr this National Mark system are gra'dcd by Miu- litry of Agriculture ex]>erts. Membership of producers is vomntaij. FORMO3O. Kan. lUPI — The I'ormoso New Era. a newspaper operated by the Hale family for the past 30 years has a new editor. His name also is Hale, a grandson of the founder, J. F. Hale. The elder Ha'.e retired leaving the management to his grandson. President Roosevelt's winter hume ni Warm Spurns. On.. lnr!i:c!r. a 2 GCO-acrc p'antalion. NOTICE The Wonder City Coal Co. is pleaded lo announce that Aubrey 'Comvay is now .;ssodalcil with this company ami lie will apr.pjciatn any coal business yon mijjlit see fit lo sdvv this company. 1'honc .177 Wonder City Coal Co. E, F. Fry Aubrey Conway "liURKE HARDWARE COMPANY" The One Price Store Sells For Less \Vn have the Most Complete Line of Hardware in Kasiern Arkansas! Not the Largest, Hut the Most Complete. Burke Sells For Less Why and How? Our Overheat! is Less. We 1'ay dish - - We Sell for Cash. We have no delivery. No porters or hij;h powered salesmen. Obviously Why Can't We Sell for Less? It's no secret .as to how and why. Come In and Be Convinced. We Accept the OUU MOTTO BURKE HARDWARE COMPANY Sells For Less And We Have One Price To All Frte lee Water »nd Rtst Rooms for Men, Women »nd Children NOTICE Notice is hereby given thai the Annual Stockholders Meeting of (ho Mississippi' County iiuitdtni; & Loan Association will be held, in the office of the Secrcfary in (h e Farmers Bank & Trust Company on Tuesday, January 2nd, at 1 1». M. B. A. LYNCH, Secretary

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