The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 20, 1943 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 20, 1943
Page 8
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fid EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.) 1 . COUUIEH NEWS {THURSDAY, MAY: 20,. 1943 LOOKING AffZAD _ Down on'the Farm in CHinaV •i ' TWO ROUTES Did 'y°u.' -ever hear the cxpres- tlon, "a Clilnaman's chance" meaning no "chance al all? 11 Is not A serious exaggeration. I know; I lived in China ten yciirs and studied the country's system. The average Chinese lias olio chance In five to live :through Infancy; one cljancc In 6,000 to own an auto mobile, If he gious up. •-"There. Is- no incentive in China, lid reward for working, saving, (hlhkliig, investing or Inventing because there's no private eiilcrprise th'c'ri. A mail: with money to use oran idea !b-advance has'no protection for industrial development. Result: no progress for thousands of'j cars.. , ' The American Way i In less than 300 years Amcrk'a has developed th; most productive and profitable large-scale farming ever known." With machinery, one man tends 100. lo 500 acres, depending on the crop."'in other countries it takes • from 10 lo 100 men to cultivate such a farm. Then all of-.lhcm must live from that particular laud and accordingly liavc', sell.; Tims Americans sti'l known as the' best fed people on Earth. Privalc•; Enterprise docs it; more 'production.per, mnn. ,Tlie Amtricaji jjndustrlnl worker earns more thsui '(lie average of his craft nny.w.hcrc else In, the iwprld, for the same reason; lie produces more. American workmen produce more because Ihey are more skillful, and because lliey have "1.5 installed, mechanical horsepower apiece to help them. Tilts calls for Investment, of course. The average Investment required to make a job for one work- mail in American industry is $8,080. Men are Inspired to acquire skill becusc good Jobs demand skill. ^'Opportunity ip make money encourages fxoph to invest their savings in what it takes to increase the yield per worker, Volume pro duclian Is not "charity" on farms or in factories. It's good business. Management Invests Us stockhold- ers'money lii machinery and Iraln- ing for employees, lo get (1) more output per worker and belief pair workers, (2) less production, cost per. Item and lower prices, (3) more sales and larger dividends. ' Freedom to rrnspcr Because the investments of American,shareholders .are prolecl- ed by law, countless consumers o small means ran afford things thej now enjoy, things with .which' ihcj live better than people who, it other countries, are called rich Free Enterprise and Democracy hand-in-hand; cannot be separated Hejthcr one could survive , williou the oilier Our forefathers, who Miss Olivia Burns Is i • Cooler Valedictorian COOTER Mo. Mi»y 20. — Miss Olh'iu Hums iiaugmer of Mr. ana Mrs. II, E. Hums Jr. was selected valedictorian of Cooler high sciiool graduating class of low. Miss Ora Leo Himierlnirk daughter of Mr. and Mrs. V. A. l-'uiulerlmrk, was namcu sulutalorian. only nliiu students received diplomas, this l)Clny the sjniillesl graduating class in several years. Other members of tlie class were Mildred Martin, Evalcne Webb, Slsliin Fnizier, Tom iteid, linnet Douglas and Homer Tcmpleton, wno Is how In the Ariny Air 'Jorp.s. Mr. Templcton completed his .senior work prior to eiuering tne army. ilic nev. Fred Walker, pastor of Hie Holy Grove liaptlsl Ctiurch at Cooler, preached me Uiiccniimra- ;ile. Mrs. Katie Parish was in irgc ol the musical program. The commencement address was given l;y Chaplain Julian Lindsay, of Ulylhcvlllc Army Air Base. Tne girls (jit;;! club had cnaige of Uic music, Women and children do the (arming in China today while their menfolk fight Japs The odd-looktn* 1 '* water buffalo is a convenient means of transport for these four Chinese youngsters headed horna ' fr °S}^J a L 'I-' 110 . n _ clds ' Chinese "farmerette" at right holds up a handful of lettujf for I.ady ISugs QUlNCY,.'3al (UP)-Officiids of Phmias National Park are being besieged from all portions of the united Slates for Lady Bugs to aid in the national food-raising effort, The lady Bug Is nature's natural nemesis against aphis or tree and plant lice, which greatly damage victory and other gardens. Lady Bugs are plentiful In Uu: National Forest, if officials and rnngers have time to get out and catch them. ivory Thursday." These philosophies ire not dead. They will revive al he end of the war. , Two Ways Open Two roads He l>cforc us. We may akj our choice. Shall we continue >y the way of Free Enterprise to standards of living higher even than we have known before; or permit ourselves to be misled by raule-brained slogans like "Cro- luelion for use, not for profit," and slide down through government ownership and State Socialism to he living standards of the Chinese? 1 think the American people -like opportunity, incentive and progress such as the nation has thrived on since 177C. W.5 don't want relict from the rcsnonsllilllty of leading our own lives. We don't want to swap Independence for regimentation. We do want to preserve Free Enleprlse with Us possibilities for progress, advancement and pros- iwrlly. Leachville Graduates To Hear Talk By Reid LEACEIVILLE, Ark,, Mny 20 — "Your World 1 ' is,the subject selected by Max B. Reid. Blylhcvllle attorney, for the commencement address lie will deliver tomorrow night al Ihe Lcnchvillo High Schoo campus for 24 members of Ihe graduating class.. knew Euro'ps and its vicioas opprcs-| The following program will begin slonsy protected free enterprise 8 p. in., it was announced today the American Constitution. "• jby Superintendent, S. K. Garrctt: Free enterprise, the I'corncrstone Processional, recording, Egyptian of American prospeiity,. Is now March; invocation, the Rev. R. E. lodctnky March. Baccalaureate service's were held it the campus Sunday evening vhon llin Rev. A. J. (Jiitlin gave he .sermon. Thy following program vns presriilccl: I'relude, Ave Marie, lucli-Ciouiioil; Processional, record- ng; Invocation, Ihe Rev. J. S. Con- lor; Hymn, "Heralds of Christ." ricorgc W. Warren, Glee Club; Solo, "Hold 'iTiou My Iliind," C. W. K-gs, Tommy. Hannlgan; Hymn, "Ihe Old itcd, While; and nine," Jharles Gabriel, Cilee Club; Scrlp- .nrc. Hie Rev. W. J. McCawlcy; Hymn, "Hlng Out the Sweet Mcs- igr," A. Emmctt Adams, Glee lnb; Sermon, Ihe Ucv. A, J. Clat- lin; Hymn, "I'raver For 1'eace," Silencer Love, Cilci; Club; Heiieillc- licn, the llciv. I-;. II. Hull; Recessional, "Aldn," Verdi, recording. Mrs. fjliinlcy Hancock was pianist for His program. "Piggyback" training In single- sealer fighter planes him cut flying accidents from an index of lj.5 to :i new low of l,r>. Medical Examinations For Pre-School Group Children of the Sudbury District; who will enter school for the first' line next Fall will have the ad-; I'antage of a health examination, I was announced today by the. 'jresldcnl. Mrs. Jesse White. * '• Mrs. Shields Edwards who is in charge of the Summer round up for Sudbury School Ihls year, has made nil arrangements with the county health director,. Dr. E. ci lludd to have, every thing, ready next Friday afternoon from 1 to 5 o'clock, for t;ic mothers are mak4 plans lo have Ihcir children there, in cooperation with ilic school program. At this time llicrc will be a check made on the teeth, tonsils, lungs and heart. This service is provided by the county ccalfh mill at i no expense to (he individual. ; ' Kline 'llitfl I'inchi'.s SAN DIEC1O, Cal. (U.I'.I— Mrs. Harry Edwards reported to Die police ii major tragedy. She stiueu n thief luid broken into her home I and .stolen her three pairs of shoes. She asked the police and the ra- I [Inning board to do somelliiiiK about it. Tiny did. They told her Ihcy would issue :\ new .shoe cou- IKJII to her on June 15. Salty, the sea-going beagle pup, takes his daily dip in the ocean on the chest of Seaman Roger Sweeney of Sioux Falls, S. D. 'J'Jie rmiscot went along with a Navy ship when it sailed from an American port. LOS ANCiELES, Cal. (U.P.)-Thc experiment of importing Mexican labor to harvest the United suites' war crops has been pronounced a complete success by Milton R. Uciward, Southern California rtl- THE .Dainty COOKING FAT Si's Wonderful! •ector of the Farm Security Administration. A total of 11,450 w<re brought In lust year and tills number will be Increased to 15,003 lo 20,000 this year, he said. LOSE WEIGHT THE "AYDS" WAY : . 2.25 FOR A MONTH'S SUPPLY Get Klimmcr the easy AYDS way !IOO persona lost II lo 20 Ihs. cucli in anionlh under the direction of Dr. Samuel Ellis. Phoncl KiltliY BKOS. I>KUU STOKE Main anil Kruadwjy illythcvillr, Ark. Drive fur I'i.shing Tatkli: ' LOS ANGELES Cal. (U.P.) — While not fighting, the American Legion and the Red Cross sec no reasons why tlie armed forci.s of the Navy and Marines shouldn't do a little deep-sea fishing. They have launched u drive for Ilic collection , of all dicp-sca fishing tackle now lying Idle in bascmcntx and attics. •>. O. ftHHtt 09. .<(••., NOW ALL OF US MUST DRESS ACTION! HANDY TO CAnnY-EASY TO USE BETTER RtPA IRS add lite lo your Tubes Get DIXIE Patch! RcnC Courier News Want Ads.- thr^alencd James A. Farley told a Mother's Day meeting In Wnshing- ton-that alien philosophies at home are' threatening the freedoms for which U. S. soldiers are fighting overseas. They are threatened by government ownership of industry, just as they were threatened in .the 1930's by a gct-on-relicf fad, by advocates of a '(planned economy" and_by apostles of "'Ihirty dollars I,. Bearden; ,By The Mississippi, Tilden Davis; Soldiers Chorus, Glee Club; One Fleeting Hour, Senior Chorus, Dorothy Lee; Salutatory, Mary Kcnnett; Valedictory, Pniinic Mac Pierce; Address, Mr. Reid; Presentation of awards, Mr. Gurrett; Presentation'of diplomas, Lc- \ roy Carter; Star Spangled iDanncr, audience 1 , Benediction, the Ilcv. Floyd. L. Ramsey; Recessional, Notice to the Public I liiunv (if ;i nijiil doK biting several ilojj'H in our iiviRhhorkoiid. I have ii herd nl' rc-jjistcrcd caltlc 1 inlentl to pulled. Keep your t\ng oft my place ' FREDWAHL IUX1K I'ATOI mills In tlm life ;(,( TnliK—Triple I'jV'j-- n| r i,ni_i)i\iK I'.vrcn. Kiirrtcniiun, tuilu)! Keep a Can In Your Car —Always PA1CH tn ; "iMim-»»r OF THE MrmiiiiB II viileaniiis' wlilli you drive— ' Outlasts the tube llseltl Buy Furniture On Our ^_ Special ^ Farm Terms Half Down-i-Balance Next Fall ) , • COMPLETE STOCK OK FUKNITUUB, ;RUGS, STOVES, RADIOS MA'ITUESSES, REl'lllGKKATOKS, These terms apply (« piircliiiscs of §•!() "|i HUBBARD Furniture Co. Delta Farm For Sale Easy Terms '80 A. 2'/2 mi. due N. of Stcclc. One fi-rnom nice dencc. Large double tenant house, large liarn. Several nice outbuildings,. Very best type of Vemiscot Huyou land. This place has no loan. Can obtain large, longtime, easy loan if wanted. 36 A. cotton base. 12 A. good alfalfa. Russell E. Riales City and Farm Properly Goff Hole! •, ' - '. 1'hones 2028-202!) SALESMEN: Iniher Gray, Blylhevilte — Bob Green, Osccola Tom Little Hardware Co. is featuring a nice line of— Bed Room Suites. Cedar Chests, Knee Hole Desks, Occasional Chairs, Box Mattresses, Bridge Tables & Chairs, Kitchen Cabinets Shag Throw Rugs, Guaranteed Gold Seal Congoieum Rugs, Baby Beds & High Chairs, beautiful Pictures, Mirrors and lamps of ail kinds. Also a large selection of unfinished furniture in Chest of Drawers, Breakfast Tables, End Tables, Chairs, Stools etc. "TOM LITTLE HARDWARE CO. Open 7:15 Show Slarls 7:15 Adm. Always lie and Me Last Time Today "Ladies In Retirement' with Ida I.iipini) & Louis Ituywaril Comedy News of the llliy Friday and Saturday 'Bad Men Of the Hills 1 will] Charles Starrctt & Uusscll lliiydcn Sclcrtnd Sliorfv : "I'crils of Njoka" CHICKASAW \\Vsl Main Near Zlsl SI. ial. filarls 12:15: Sun. starts 1:15 Niglil shows 5:45 Kvccpl iUnntla.v, o|icns fi:lfi Continuous Ahow.s Sat. and Sun. l,;ist Time Today Double Feature "VICTORY" . with .Frederick March Jt Itclly Field ; "INSIDE 111 K I,AW" with Frank Scully A Loiianna Walters Sclcctrd Shorls Complete Hardware Store Friday & Saturday Double Feature "UNDER SIESTA SKIES", with Gene Anlry and "THE MAN WHO RETURNED TO LIFE" ;' will) John llowaril Comedy SKR1AI.? "Dick Tracv vs. Crime' Worthy Togs For Work'And IMay! TAILORED SLACKS Tough HiJiric.s For'Conliiiumu »'c;ir f\ Q Q Practical Colors'Or liriglit Tones! "8 Totlny It's as hmiortnnt to drew efficiently M it is to work oiriciontly! Caod-lookint;, Khicks, with dim lines! One inside pocket. Sizes 12 to 20. • ' OTIIGK SLACKS TO CHOOSE FKOM..3.9B For All-Summer Piaylime! Men's Summer SLACKS Styles-For Time Off And Dress-Up! SLACKS FOR GIRLS Cool W'rifrMsin JlichToiiDrt Kayoiis fjQQ Frcc-Aclion—unil Smart—Models! Vj Slacks for lolliiijj, dancing or holding down your dcskt Cool weave, amazingly li^ht poplins and nabarclincs In favored, cplorlul summer 1 98 Tailored Til I-'il; Her fust requirement, for Miniiiiur . . . rciiKli-niicl-rcncly sl:u'):s for work and piny! TaHgli fnljric.T 'includiiu; her favorite cor- ilurcy) cniartly styled. Sizes 7 to H. MEN'S THRIFT VALUES. ......... 1.98-2.98 Summer Fashion Favorites! Boys' STURDY SLACKS CGmid-Louking As'.s! Carefrlly Tailored! Ccol-as-a-l)rce7c rayons. sl.vlKl to fit comfortably and smartly! Smart stripes and rich plain tones. All favorites! Hays' Sunforizcdt COTTON SLACKS.. .1.98 -J'-^ '&*£/ ICssenIJal For Work, Play, Leisure! Women's Striped Sport SHIRTS Wrav them all summer! Knit cot? AQ ft ton in diagonal blazer stripes. Crew, MfilJ neck, smart saddle shoulders. If's Smnrl To IJc Comfortable! Men's SPORT SHIRTS RELAX— In unbelievably cool ray- ens with short sleeves and collars, perfectly tailored. open r COTTON KNIT STUIl'K!) SHIRT COc GIKI.S 1 COTTON KNIT SHIRTS 50c Cool Itnyons For Summer Wear'. Wonicii's Sj)oit Blouses Tailorcrt Just the way you like «j OQ them to tenm with slacks or skirt-S! 1 Lustrous sport fabrics In white or •* light summer pastels. 32 to 40. | » THt PENNEY WAY IS THE THHIFTY W»Y MEN'S KNITTED SPORT SHIRTS. .. ..7Sc For Knock-About, School, Dress! .BOYS' SPORT SHIRTS Open, easy- luting shirts — w ^ n "VAn . . every excess ounce ol weight dim- TilC inatcd! Porous cotton weave in • ?• light summer shades. Short sleeves, • " - .:-• cool open collars! Cotton Knit Styles, with crew necks! 5»c Sanfnrizedt mean fatjric shrinkage will nat exceed l r / r . ... TMf THRIFTY WAY Ii THE AMERICAN WAV .

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