San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California on May 11, 1896 · Page 4
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San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California · Page 4

San Francisco, California
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Monday, May 11, 1896
Page 4
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- h - - 4 iriRAi - Tcas igAar jli isoe M II fiif Jff - il I f tS Ki Plf PiL 1 i 1 us w i in SMQMW A Relp ol Terror on tie Island IN FEAR OF THE PRESIDENT MAST DREAD THE REXEWAL OF cnrn war Details of the Shooting of the Minister of War and the Got - ernor of Macori Special Dispatch to the Chronic NEW YORK May 10 The shooting by order of President Heureaux or San Domingo of General Castillo the Minuter of War and General Jose Estay the Governor of Macori has created a rreat sensation tn the Island and there Is a general belief that a revolution Is Imminent The seml - offlclal organ of the President says In Its last number A Estay the son of the Ill - fated Governor of Macori has been removed from the jail In which he was held as a political prisoner to the madhouse In private let ters more details are given It Is said that when the news of his fathers death reached Estay he cried Assassinated My Father Is assassinated He tried to kill himself by jumping through a window of the jail and he gradually sank into a state of idiocy It Is to be remembered that when President Heureaux knew General Castillo Intended to rebel at Macori he sent instruction to the Governor of that province General Jose Estay to kil Castillo Estay confided that mission to his eon and the latter failed missing Castillo and wounding fatally one of Castillos sons As a punishment for this failure Jose Estay was shot with Castillo by the order of Heureaux It Is added that Heureaux corstem plated killing young Estay but satis fied himself with arresting him proba bly for the purpose of obtaining a sen tence of life Imprisonment against the young man Emigration from San Domingo has begun in anticipation of war People are selling their property at 50 per cent of its value in order to leave the island as soon as possible A reign of terror exists and It Is reported that many men Implicated In the alleged conspiracy of Castillo have been shot When one of these executions takes place the only comment or the newspapers after giving a short account of the shooting is God pardon the errors of this man burned about the - nan steel Miles Tehoe John Cronln Harry nggs ana two other firemen whosa name are unknown - were injured by the falling of the front wall They were all taken to the City Hospital How badly they were injured cannot be learned It was reported that Tom Dunton a cook rooming with Gardner waa missing but this could not be substantiated For a time the Rial to a ten - story office building adjoining waa threatened but hard work by the firemen saved it The loss Is estimated at 175000 ALL aCIET I MILWAfKEE The Tlrtwal End of the Great Street Car Strike MILWAUKEE May 10 The ex pressed fears of disturbances to - day growing out of the street railway strike were unfounded The day was the quietest Sunday Milwaukee has seen in months No cars were run and there was no rioting The strikers nearly 1000 in number paraded the streets in the morning and in the afternoon a committee of the union stated Its case to the State Board of Arbitration The strike is believed to be practically over The company has all the men it requires to operate Its cars and refuses to treat with the strikers In any way CONFERRING A PALLIUM THE IVESTMET OF ARCHBISHOP OF ST LOt 1 3 Cardinal Gibbons Officiate Aided by llany Members of the y Clera - y Speeltl Dispatch to the Chrenlel ST LOUIS May 10 - Amld the most aoiemn Impressive and resplendent ceremonies ever beheld within the walls of the old Cathedral Right Rev John J Kain Archbishop of the diocese St Louis was to - day invested with the order of the pallium the sacred in Slgnla of his archieplacoplc office The conferring of the pallium was performed by Cardinal Gibbons of Baltimore who was assisted by twenty - five Arch bishops and Bishops and a hundred or more priests Ten oclock was the hour set for the commencement of the services At that time the procession which was to precede the service formed la the sacristy of the Cathedral and took up the fin of march The procession was headed by the cross - bearer following which came a body of 100 or more visiting and local priests attired In white surplices Vicar - General Muhlslepen and the Archbishops and Bishops came next and were followed by a train of acolytes altar boys and the officers of the mass Archbishop Kain and his attendants under a purple canopy came next and the rear of the train was brought up by Cardinal Glbbonj tired in full canonical robes under scarlet canopy attended by his deacons of honor and two pages who held up his TODes Two pages similarly attired attended the Archbishop The entire procession entered the Cathedral and marched up the central aisle to the sanctuary After the processional had been ren dered by the choir the lntroit was chanted by the Kenrick Seminarians In the sanctuary and the celebration of the sacrifice of soemnpontlfical high mass waa begun A choir of 125 vocalists from the various churches of the city sang Beethovens Symposlc Mass accompanied by the organ and an orchestra Cardinal Gibbons acted as celebrant and at the conclusion of the celebration Bishop Keane of Wash ington D C delivered an eloquent ser toon At the close of the sermon Cardinal Gibbons was again robed In the full vestments of his high office and the ceremony of the conferring of the pal Hum was begun The pallium which had been placed on the epistle side of the altar was handed to the Cardinal who arose and placed it upon the kneeling Archbishops shoulders After conferring the sacred insignia Cardinal Gibbons went to the gospel side of the altar while the Archbishop with the pallium upon his shoulders arose and ascended his throne Before he could give his Archleplscopal benediction to the congregation which would complete the ceremonial the master of ceremonies escorted a delegation of prominent citizens representing the laity within the sanctuary to deliver an address of congratulation Arch bishop Kain responded with much feeling thanking them for the exprea lions of kindness At the conclusion of the services which were attended by throngs of people the church dignitaries took car - flares for Kenrick Seminary where a banquet was served BIG BLAZE a ST LOUS jfarrovr Escajv From Death Several Persons Injured ST LOUIS May 11 A lire was discovered In the redr of the Metropolitan restaurant which occupies a three - storr - bnlldlng at 324 Olive street at 1 oclock this Monday morning Before the firemen could tret to work the nma Kriread through the building and ysoon destroyed It Jefferson Gardner 15 - v nutminr on the third floor had fe narrow escape from death He was ITONLEYS GOOD MAJORITY THE OHGHIHGOF JrVCK LITTLEFIELD More Pacts in the Famous Case DID HE TRY TO KILL VINTON STATEMENT EFFECT Van Horn Reported the Ha Dicing - of the Cowbor and Wli Much Distressed Hin r recovered We - were married In Covelo on the h of March on the evening of the 48th I dispatched John Crow after Constable B W Van Horn The constable came the next day 1 informed him that Llttlefleld had shot me and I wanted him arrested Bayies Van Horn returned to Haydens in the afternoon of the next day and recounted how Llttlefield had been taken from them by a mob and lynched and seemed greatly distressed over the affair The letter found on Llttlefield body which was alluded to in Justice At - kisons testimony Friday was from a prominent business man of Weaver - vllle In which he accused Llttlefield of stealing his horse The letter stated that If Llttlefield would return the horse he would be all right also that if be would send the horse In by Rag - Ian it would be all right The letter was read to the first Coroners Jury - and replaced In the dead mans vest pocket and burled with him The horse was brought back to Its owner Buck Lacock whose name is mentioned prominently and who is an Important witness In the Llttlefield murder case Is lying dangerously ill at the Inion Hotel He is about 74 years old and his recovery is extremely doubtful HIS HOMIXATIOS OX THE FIRST BALLOT ASSIRED Flg - mrea From the Weekly Political Bulletin Issaed by Gros - venor 8peclal Dispatches to the Chronicle WASHINGTON May lO - General Grosvenor issued his weekly statement to - night He said I do not deem 1 vitally important to issue this bulletin Everybody who has knowledge enough to be a candidate knows this contest is over and no earthly power can prevent the nomination of McKinley on the first ballot The delegats In Ohio and Indiana are now all pledged and therefore I need not explain I am Including their vote The vote to - day stands as follows Alabama 20 Arkansas 16 Arizona 6 California 18 Florida 8 Georgia 12 Illinois 35 Indiana 30 Kansas 20 Kentucky 11 Louisiana 10 Maryland 14 Michigan 18 Minnesota 18 Mississippi 18 Missouri 28 Nebraska 16 New Jersey 16 New Mexico 4 New York 7 Ohio 46 Oklahoma 4 Oregon 8 Pennsylvania 4 South Carolina 17 South Dakota 8 Texas 14 Virginia 23 West Virginia 4 Wisconsin 24 North Carolina 4 North Dakota 6 Connecticut 6 Vermont 8 Indian Territory 2 total 548 Here Is a total of 548 votes and there Is not an Intelligent gentleman connected with the opposition combine who does not know when he carefully scans this column that there are twenty votes for McKinley on the first ballot east of the Alleghany mountains nut enumerated or claimed by me There are contested seats claimed by tgie for McKinley as follows Alabama 8 Florida 8 Georgia 6 Kentucky 2 Louisiana 6 Mississippi 10 Pennsylvania 2 Tennessee 4 Texas 8 Virginia 6 total 60 This is a liberal statement for some of the contestants of the McKinley delegates have already informed us that they will not prosecute their contests but allowing that all these sixty contests are prosecuted and that all sixty are decided against McKinley which Is by no means probable there would rtlll remain of the uncontested instructed and pledged votes on the first ballot already elected 488 Thus It will be seen that allowing the politicians who are superior to us In the management of all these affairs to have their own way upon every one of these contests and unseat every one of the contesting McKinley delegates still then McKinley will have a sweeping majority As I figure it there are seventy - two delegates to be elected and I think I make a very modest and conservative claim when I say that McKinley will have fifty of these without contests and either pledged or instructed Add these to the 488 uncontested seats and you will have 538 votes on the first ballot beyond all controversy BOOKWALTER GROWING OLD Predicts That Cleveland Will Ron on a Free - StWer Platform CINCINNATI May 10 A special to the Commercial Gazette from Springfield O gives an interview with John W Bookwalter the Democratic candidate for Governor of Ohio in 1S87 He predicts that GroveT Cleveland will be nominated for the fourth time at the Chicago Convention He eulogizes the President as the leader of tariff reform and says he Is now wahted as the leader of the war party In this country Mr Bookwalter believes the conditions In foreign affairs especially with Great Britain and Spain will be such two months hence as to compel the Democracy to take up President Cleveland and that the war sentiment will be In his favor in November He says the Administration will be heard from at the proper time on the Cuban question and also on the Venezuelan boundary and then It will be Clevelands call Mr Bookwalter also predicts a free sliver platform and that the party will thus be kept together for a great struggle Mr Bookwalter Is away much of his lime but is now cultivating his old home constituencies and expects to go to the Chicago Convention as a delegate THE TORRID EAST Why the Climate of California la Called Glorious NEW YORK May 10 The hot wave which prevailed throughout the Eastern States to - day struck this city at an early hour this morning AX 8 A M the thermometer registered 71 and It went up rapidly touching the 85 mark at 10 A M and reached the maximum at 3 P M when the record was 91 In the shade The humidity waa about normally low down to 59 and there was a stiff breeze from the northwest which for a time registered thirty miles an hour Very few caeca of prostration by heat were noted NEW HAVEN Conn May 10 The phenomenally warm weather to - day has eclipsed all previous records for May and the mercury which reached 88 degrees attained the highest point for May ever recorded at the local weather bureau since its establishment in 1873 The 31st of last May it came within one degree of to - days record while previous to that 91 degrees on May 10th was the highest recorded for May BOSTON May 10 - The city has been sweltering to - day In a dry record - breaking atmosphere which has continued for twenty - four hours The Weather Bureau mercury showed the highest at 230 this afternoon when it registered M5 degrees Death of a Karal OSSeer SAVANNAH Ga May 10 Captain J D Johnston commander of the Confederate ram Tennessee and ranking surviving officer of the Confederate navy died here last night m The Oakland offloe ef the Chronic is now at SS9 Broadway Special Dispatch to the Chronicle HCRDER 14 ARIZOVY Special Dispatch to the Chronicle WEAA ER ILLE May 10 Fred MADERA May 10 Pat Grace and Radcllffe the noted vaquero and stock - Edl to m Qu n Mr Jon - s of Fresno owner of the blood man whose home is at Bald mountain hounds which were brought here and Mendocino county is the most hand - TlT pat m he ral Qf Lavon and Rob some and picturesque representative SOLOMONVILLE A T May 10 I erts returned about 3 oclock this after - of the cowboy fraternity In town and John R Smith of Morenci was killed by noon bringing the first definite account iDEBU ESCAPES 5 STILL AT URGE Pursuit by Bloodhonnds Not Successful THE TRAIL OFTEN BROKEN OSE OF THE BAXDITS SEE DT A LITTLE GIRL On Reeelpt of the Information Another Posse Was Started in Puranlt bout fourteen Inches ton taS been made In the leather sack and the registered pouch which was within was taken out None of the other mail was disturbed The result of the robbers efforts was not very satisfactory as they secured only eS 70 in coin The registered mail contained a number of checks among them one for M00O from County Treasurer Mitchell to State Treasurer Met - schan The registry pouch was found this morning a mile east of town The checks were found undisturbed though the robbers had looked through them Sheriff Driver has arrested three men named Miller Templeton and Bobbins on suspicion Everything has been recovered except the small amount of money stolen ACCIDEXTALLT SHOT many an admiring glance has been n young man named Gibson at Hamp - vHrr fMD - RADClirfa t J M VINTON WHO CLAIMS BY JACK HE WAS SHOT LITTLEFIELD IN THE BHEAST i shied at him from urder the Easter bonnets of several local belles He is a sons cattle ranch on Eagle creek last Friday Gibson had been working for witness in the famous Llttlefield mur - mitn ana they quarreled several days der case now on trial here In an In - JJ l1P aSd tis reported that - Aa K a Smith whipped Gibson Gibson then ten lew to - day he said wn to Hsmnsnr - s mnr - h v i I was camped at - vintons cabin on lars of what happened at the time nf the nrne horses belonging to her mother Eel river when I first heard of J M killing have been received Smith has wa startled or seetng a desperate - Vlnton being shot Buck Lacock came had charge of cattle owned by the Tur - iokinr individual who answers th from Tom Haydens three miles dl - ue aie company at Morenci for sev - aescnpton or Knoerts trying to un of the chaj af - r the Jail breakers Mr Grace wa Interviewed soon after his return and gave in detail the move - mrts of the pn e after their departure from Madera lajt Thursday afternoon The tscapfs arc evidently well up to their buinfs f - r they have f 3 far left but meager c - a - upon which to base hopes for thfir immediate capture The offWrj r - ip - d that the hounds w uid prve ar imp rtant factor la eff - rilrs hr rrcapture but Laverone and h pal have apparently taken every precaution to baffle their pursuers The dCJ frequently came upon tracks bu when th trail was followed up the posse mt with repeated disappointment for they found that they were not the footprints of the men sought for Constables Green and Grace arrived at the ranch of Theodore Alviso about 2 oclock last Friday afternoon and after resting their horses a short time set out with Alviso for an old rendea - vous of Laverones in the neighborhood of Quartz mountain at which place they entertained hopes that they would come upon the men for whom they were in search The approach to this place is from almost every direction very exposed affording the best of opportunity for men secreted there to pick off any one that might be seeking to effect their capture This place is in the near vicinity of the mountain ranch at which Laverone killed a man by the name of Eheart about four years ago The pursuers however met with disappointment whn they sained the rendeivoua for the Jailbirds were not there At ONeals iiii - r Gjeen and Grace were Jned by Sherfft Westfall and Deputy Georce Merritt of this county ard Deputy sh - riff Parker Tlmmona and Traer J r of Fresro county accompanied by tr rst of the posse comprising m a Snvnf tner At this prrt the psse set out In dlfftrert dtp i ions t scur the country in the hope of obtaining some deft - rite rle - v At the rarch of Mrs Lar - sen tracks were discovered which In the light of later developments seem to have belonged to the men hunted for The little daughter of Mrs Larstn while down in the pasture looking after Death at a ropolar Toang Man at Sacramento SACRAMENTO May 10 A young man named William Sweeney shot and Wiled himself to - day presumably by accident Sweeney is a dirk In a grocery store and at the time of the accident was visiting his stepfather W W Conner They had finished lunch and Cone into the back porch together A few minutes later Sweeney went into a closet In the back yard He had only been In there a few minutes when a pistol shot was heardand his stepfather rushed to the closet the door of which was locked He called to his son but received no answer He thee broke In the door and found the boy lying in a pool of blood dead Mr Conner Is certain that the shooting was accidental and that the boye revolver must have slipped from his pocket and fallen upon th Moor Ail who know him agree with this theory as they say the boy had no cause whatever for taking his life and that he was extremely light - hearted and popular BISHOPS WILL BE THE METHODISTS TO ELECTTO - Jr nouir Five More Prelate Seeded ft Tlee la Foreign Countries Candidates Special Dispatch to th Chronicle CLEVELAND O May 1 delegates to the Methodist Erin General Conference aTeegtanlngtot vuBa iuc Iuoiiiig eicruuua oi ROBBERY IN wnicn win oe tae DUSinessnextiochncJ to the disposition of the woman 4w gate question It has been decidedtli no nominations will be made thejS being open to as many candidates j desire to enter The delegates Wlflyj for whomsoever they please those JW receiving a majority being elected Already a number of candidates htn been announced Amojig themareRj J W Bashford president of thejw ware O University Rev J W Bo of Atlanta Ga Rev Karl Cranttoarf Cincinnati Rev J R Day of Syria Rev J G Hartzell of Louisiana ij retary of the Freed mens Atd Sodfir Rev J M Buckley of New TorkvE C C McCabe of New York Rev g Upham of the Ne - w England eoa ence Rev William A Spencer of Pjv delphla Rev T B Neeley of PhlUajT phla Rev Charles W Smith of pfc burg and Rev George E Reed effc New Tork East conference It has not yet been decided hnwciaa Bishops wili be chosen but the pit recently proposed by Bishop WaiJej is meeting favor At present therein Fixteen Bishops Twelve are iateflfc this country two are missi - ary Exw ops in Africa ana inaia and twoareoal LOS ANGELES cuDea in missionary work invarkra tVUiikl CO I Bishop Walden suggested that thjj two missionary Bishops be made foB I fledged Bishops and given fpiscoptj - residences in Africa and India and tin five additional Bishops bo crated si episcopal residences one to oe V signed to India another to China third to Japan a fourth to Fumptmi the fifth to South Amrc HrthonjSt sixteen Bishop would then be ablest perform the work ir this country whica is now aone oy nurteen men becaim they would be relieved of the forejja work If that suggestion If followed flrenrr Bishops will be cieeed and the total number Increased to twenty - one Ar n A WOHAt LOSES 8EVE5 HIXDRED DOLLARS The Cab In Which She Was Rldlng Held Up by Two High - wsrrarii Special Dispatch to the Chronlds LOS ANGELES May 10 The chief topic of general conversation down town to - day was the sensational hold - un Of Mme Van keener of a notorious resort on New High street which took I l orae electioneering be - place late Friday night but which only - st ur tant on the morning of September i 2Tth Joe Gregory was there with me I Larock said upon entering the cabin Boys do you know Vinton has been shot He Informed Gregory that Vin - I ton wished to Fe him as quickly as possible regarding the gathering of sheep I which needed shearing Gregory asked I me to go with him We arrived at Haydens about 10 oclock Among those there was the doctor who was called from Covelo to attend Vintons wounds It was at Haydens that I was told that Jack Llttlefield had shot Vinton In the afternoon at Vintons request Van Horn Crow and the rest of us went to the scene of the shooting to examine the ground Van Horn and Crow left the party near the scene of the shooting and went on to find and arrest Little - field That was the last time I saw any eral years REPUBLICANS OF MONTANA COXVKXTIOX TO - DAY WILL MEET Declare for Free Silver Senator Dubois Indorsed In Idaho tether one of the rorses with theappar - c rt object of appropriating it to his use The girl called to him telling him to leave the arlmai alone ard the feilow broke for the brush Some of the posse happened along about this time and were Informed of the fact and an effort was made to get or the mans track In the meantime Grace and Jores had set out for Madera having with them the hounds one of which had severely Injured himself or the Jacged rocks which abound in that neighborhood A messenger was immediately dispatched to overtake them ir order to get the dogs to follow up the tracks discovered through the inform at in Klven fey the Larsen girl tnfortunateiy however Deputy Tlmmons took a different road than that which Grace ardJores had chosen and arrived ir town about half an hour after the latter had arrived home Immediately on being informed by the messenger of the discovery of what promises to be a definite trace of ths Just came to light not having been re ported to the police Mme Van left her house Friday afternooa with J700 which she had in her possession and the receipts of her house for two days She hired a Gurney cab and drove to Mon - don Villa on West Washington street beyond Rosedale Cemetery It Is claimed that when she reached the villa she was tn a hllartons mood 1 Very unwisely she freely exhibited her money and other valuables Shortly before 11 oclock she got in her cab and proceeded toward home A short distance from the house the cab was overtaken by two men on horseback wr j Stopped the vehicle The driver CThftrles Tiirrov vtrr thtr nnrrnic n rwejy anJ itill he mar who wa nnidrg hg horse a stunning blow with his whip The cab horse started forward at a furious rate and collided with a light wagon In which were a man and a boy The Wagon was demolished and the cab damaged slightly Farther on the two men on horseback overtook the cab and this time w - tre more successful They went through the effects and clothing of Mme Van and took her money and pocket - book containing valuable papers and then rode rapidly away Mme Van had between M0O0 and J5O00 worth of diamonds on her person at the lime but they were overlooked Upon arriving at home a messenger was dispatched to Mondon Villa to ask if the keys and papers could be found The woman to whom the messenger stated his errand grew very Indignant and it Is said summoned a gang of tocghs who proceeded to beat Mme van s emissary in prtae - rlng style The Special Dispatcher to the Chroricle BUTTE MnU May 10 The Republican State Convention meets here to - morrow All the delegate arrived during to - day and to - night It Is thought that Senators Carter and Mantle and Representative Hartman will be three of the six delegates to St Louis While of them except Crow whom I saw at some delegates are opposed to Carter my piace a weeK or so anerwara ana jaanue tne opposition Is so small robbers Mr Jones accompanied by The tracking party consisted of Tom that no fight is expected The names Deputy Merritt who returned yeste - Hayden Buck Lacock Joe Gregory generally agreed on for the other three day set out a second time to put ths Gordon Van Horn and myself We w ae 2 cf Brings bTVheTCkl V a mf n Pr I o helps of Gret Fair8C0Unty U behind a big oak tree also tracks of a I some of the delegates threaten the man running away from the tree Introduction of a resolution Instructing About 150 yards from the tree were the Presidential electors to vote for tracks which plainly Indicated where a other tna he Republican nominee if horse had been tied The ground VV l recognized in the St Louis iiaiuwt ik is itiirru wiey win euner forego or be defeated Congressman Hartman is the delegate from this county but wired that he could not attend The convention will declare for the fre coinage cf silver Independent of the action of other countries showed also that horses had been run over the ground that day Gregory Lacock and myself did the most of the searching From the scene of ths shooting Gregory and I followed the horse tracks to where Palmers va - queros had been camped at that time We got back to Vintons cabin Just before dark In time to eat supper in the large house wtndowless and without a ibrht In an Interview to - day J M Vinton said It was on the afternoon of September 27th about 330 oclock that I was shot About five minutes before I met Johnny Wathen on the Wylackle ridge and two miles from my house and about 300 yards from where I was shot He seemed In a hurry and Sopped to answer my question which way they were going to d cattle About five minutes after when I reached the first timber a shot rang out and my right breast was pierced by a bullet The bullet entered half way between the breastbone and the nipple going through the upper part of the lung and making its exit at the back in the sixth rib I looked in the direction from where the shot was fired and saw Jack Llttlefield running toward the brush about twenty or thirty yards distant with a rifle in his bands I knew it was him by his appearance and from the peculiar stoop he had to his shoulders caused by a knife wound Inflicted In his neck by Joe Gregory some months before In reaching for my gun the world all seemed to turn yellow and I tell from my horse to the ground I regained consciousness after some moments but from the loss of blood which had left me In a weakened condition I Was unable to remount my horse which had remained near by Notwithstanding my condition I left my horse and started out for Haydens4 on foot a mile and a half distant where after great exertion I arrived in an exhausted condition about dark Mrs Hayden and her three little children were the only ones at home Mrs Hayden immediately started for a neighbors four miles - away to get some one to go to Covelo after a doctor leaving me In charge of the children She returned with Jack Beatty but he waa too old to make the trip of thirty miles Finally on tne zstn a doctor was sum dogs on til trail Jailer Wells who met with such severe treatment at the hands rf the Jftllbreakers despite his wounds at learning of the discovery of fresU sigrls of the whereaWouts of Laverone and Roberts left about 4 oclock to taks a hand ir their recapture He was accompanied by his son Walter A RICH DESERT MIM2 SOLD The SE5ATOR DIBOIS IXDORSErJ Price Was Two Handred and Fortr Thonsand Dollars SAN BERNARDINO May 10 The i Sidewinder mine located alout nine I miles from Victor and one cf the rich est prorertles on the desert was sold yesterday to a syndicate of Oregon capitalists for J24ooo The Sidewinder was owned by Joseph Drtscoll of Oro Grande and Los Angeles parties the former being the owner of flve - nlnths The price paid was the mine as Indicated The mean width fatefl at twelve rectlv Instructed the deles - ate to vot i and th average vaue of the for him as a delegate to St Louts The sentiment Is almost In favor of sending no man who will not stand squarely for Dubois policy it is a great victory for him THE SUPERVISORS COXVESTIOS He Will Be Sent as a Delegate to St Lonls BOISE Idaho May 10 All the Re - publican County Conventions but one have been held and nearly ail heard The result is almost a unanimous i 0f the stock spin - Tha religious services at theAraory to - day consisted of a sermon by Rgy Chamfod Johnson fraternal delegate from the church in Ireland The visiting ministers surplied pulpits in nearly all the Protestant churches t Cleveland and many of the surrouiUag towns BRITISH MARKETS A Revived Demand for Invtstratsi Stocks In London LONDON May 10 - Thr money mart has been in the same r - ay condition till week with the stock rather lnacthlBI ard price were irrituar Owing - hi the troublesome polf - lcai outlook peiialiy in Africa there has bee a revived demand for investment itoeta t ar improved price Home nl way securtles were flat on profit takt Foreign securities were rather neglsciat but wpre Ann especially the Turkish favoabie administrative reports CalsMt Norh death affected the nitrate prot ties but slightly He had - been forafctf time sttaaiy reaming ana toeretertu holdings were - comparatively small Ttoi has beer an active prefessional boeajj brewery snares Aincan securities r very quiet bu their tone was tcetlilT firm Fears thai the Government xxt revoke the charter of the Brrtlso Seats Afrcs Company were practically dh peiea Litte Dustness is ukey tobeccs however till the ffnatlon Is cleared TS ttold shipments and he political campslra rave uepresseu Americans ail aroma Nevertheless the belief Is expresses la influential quarters tha - the nmewEJrK ccnie wnen Amencan raiiwav fecantitt will find favor agrin Decreases for th wek wor AtchteS preferred 2 Peading firsts 2 Chlctn Milwaukee and St Paul Denver us Els uranoe preerre oand Lousville lUXra h preferred xes 1 others fn ffreatest secrerv was matntortd of rhd Van house regarding the affair but It cMp - h leaked out early this morning A re - tlol Wabaih sl porter wno cauea at tne nouse was informed that Mme Van was not then In THE BATTLE flags are FttUD a condition to be seen and would give i no statement of the robbery To - night however her housekeeper 1 - lon soldiers Propose to Tha confirmed the details of the story except that she claimed that the amount taken from Mme Van was only about J150 In other quarters nevertheless it Is maintained that the sum obtained by the robbers was that originally stated namely TOO KILLED BY A KICK Southern Rattlenelds CHATTANOOGA fTern May ll - B Is understood here that a new departs will be made in observance cf DeeoriCa day The Queen and Crescent road TfS bring an Immense concourse of soMitfl and their friends from tfc North wflOtfl visit the Chlck - itnauga Park Looko Mountain and Mission Ridge battleaeMi and wlii assist in decorating the rrara nT - x - - I in n - ationa Cemetery Nuistwrs C Death of a looni Farm Hand Xear j veterans wil make this trip and KiseJ Red on do PJcted o be followed by an effort toi J6 national encampment in 1ST at A LOS ANGELES May 10 An acci - -dent of a very peculiar kind resultedAu the death of Alva Hews at Redondo last I ApPTlQSAL snippur xewS night He had been working on the I ranch of Adolnh T - enrlf o - o - - t ctast mitw 4 - B - - m I w - paixi wuuv buu uu oaiuraay evening ne lOlO I Ir PHSorAo Wh Arrived from ore was estimated at t20 per ton It overwhelmlnit was determined that there were 12000 in to St Louis toas of or in lhe mine - The price was lv for nihniv therefore JIMOOOO It Will Meet at San Jose IV - Day and Dlseass Good Roads SAN JOSE May 10 The State con vention of Supervisors on good roads the desert In company with representa This is the biggest mining deal re ported this season It is understood that the new purchasers will thoroughly exploit the property The fact that foreign capital Is becoming Interested In local mining resources finds fre quent attestation the case In point naving come up yesterday when W W McCoy and W E Van Slycke left for will assemble here to - morrow Special Invitations have been sent to all Supervisors In the State In a public way the meeting has not been advertised greatly Good roada will probably be about the only thing consldertd Booth-Tucker at Portland PORTLAND Or May lft Commander and Mrs Booth - Tucker of the Salvation Army arrived here to - day from San Francisco This morn Ins they conducted service in the First Presbyterian Church and this evening tives of Irish capitalists who are look ing for Investments In this direction One of the members of the syndicate Is the Lord Mayor of Dublin DALLES POSTOFFICE ROBBED A Very Small Amount Seenred hy the Thief PORTLAND Or May 10 The Postofnce at The Dalles was robbed last night and a pouch containing westbound mail taken The robberr was mey rpose io a large audttnee at the committed about 10J0 oclock The Marquam Grand Theater driver of the mail waron hart t A Well - Known Farmer Insane HEALDSBURG May 10 D Prowse the office but a few minutes before and taken the mall for the eastbennd train which reaches here at 11 P M When he a leading farmer of this valley waa returned to the PostofSce he - found the committed to the Uklah Insane asylum frlass front door broken and the letter yesterday For some time he has acted pench gone strangely and claimed that he had in - Postmaster Crosscn and the author Zt - wtJK vented a perpetual motion machine ties were quickly notified andatearch tf v SeT r TJfieSJlrS m Yesterday he was so violent that he waa began The pouch was not discovered SiF JJZJFSZSL 51 - - e0 a charge with the above result nnui this morninr when Mr Rlggs Clara Shore who Is now my wife came woo m driving a cow to pasture found neM ff roSdffi Srs Alrt - 1 to tare i bicycle II by a fence near the academy yard heara of my condition and nursed ra track ion distance from the office a cut his employer that he wanted to go down to town for a whll and asked If he might take the horse to ride Lencinger pave him permission to do so and told him to go to the corral and catch the animal for himself Then Lecclager Went to bed and thought no more of his farm hand This morning however he had just Stepped outside his door when some young men called to him that there was a dead man in the corral Lencinger went to the place and found Hews lying dead upon the ground On the skin right over his heart were marks of two hoofs of a horse The explanation of the mans death Is that he entered the corral and tried to catch the horse The vicious animal kicked at him with both feet hitting Hews directly over the heart The terrible shock caused instant death having ruptured that organ Hews waa a young single man With a brother living at Redondo HERMAXXB SOKS COJVEXTIOJf A Three Days Session Begins at Saa Jose To - Day SAN JOSE May 10 - Hermanns Sons meet in Workmen Hall here to - morrow morning at 10 oclock in State convention Nearly all the delegates arrived to - day on the picnic excursion train from San Francisco The picnickers returned this evening after a days out - ins la Agricultural Park while the delegates remained for the convention The business of the order will keep the delegates la session three days President Ripley t Los Angeles LOS ANGELES May 10 - President E P Ripley of the Santa Fe system arrived la his private car over the sunset route this afternoon it is understood that hewill thoroughly loojt over the companys property in Southern California and will then attend tha trans - contiaental meeting in San Francisco DaavIIIe to Have a Ifewspaper WALNUT CREEK May 10 The lively town f Danville win have a neirspaper independent tn pontics W EtiMh10111 st ttel St will the publisher Oaklsaa branch offlos of th CKrnlcl tor 1 BaTrayr TwnattVUM sahscrtpuoas txiu Mar o jrhr flatter 8 Mar 10 Sttnr r - ni - r - M tier Arraia htice 4 Tin Eurrk MENDOCINO - Arrived May 10 - Sanr JES varro hence 9 FORT TITiACrO - Arrtrrd May Ift - Scsr A from Mnrierry ISAL Railed May t - nr Nrwpboy ftfls dondo via 8an Francisco j MISCELLASEOtS It Stands Alone Dr Sandens Electric Belt Hassat imitators bat There Are 4 Sone Ai Gootl 0ML ft it It is hard to make some neooJe beBeVS in Electric Belts for every sufferer kses onlr too well the great amount of f and deception which Is practiced by n ers of a cheap grade ef bflts afld WJT these charlatans Impose them on tWIB - i lie with the announcement that thef Just as good as Dr Sandens I have read about other Electric Be - says a correspondent which ciana W as good as youre but they dont shoirs many cures as yours does - i I have tried many different remedi and several other makes of Belts hotrsjv celved no benefit until I used yours Si caused a permanent cure says JaiaesB Burden 41 Clementina street SwkWJf Dr Sandens Electric Beit will poslTS - r cure mi weakness in men or iU you are weak you owe It to yoursetfyjfifjg family and friends to cure your8 21 uooK witn run iniormauon r list sent sealed without marks trte DB A T SAXDES d Market st opposite Palace gjjjW Iranelsca OSes boars S tt Isssswnzj to tM Portland Oregon oOc S i urnan iAntlesJM boom - - -

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