The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 21, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 21, 1937
Page 3
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 21; 1937 CHUPEL TILER H HUB IP BLYTIIEVILLB (ARK.) COUHIEfl NEWS Pau'ist Priests Making Tour of Tennessee Mountain District HUNDRED 't'FR, Tenn. OAKS, WfNCHES- (UP)—Two Paulist rated lilrllulny cake with 1C can-| Memphis where mpy mot U E. dies and a question murk on It.' Cooper jr., who was coming home l.ive-iit-Hoine eertifciti's for the holidays from Nashville. Ing Ihe signatures of Dun T. Gray, Tenn., where he is attending Dcan of the College of Agriculture dcrbilt college. j and Director of Extension, :ind • i Governor Carl E. Bailey, were pro- ! muted to the following «<)io had • KdinCf t\fiW8 ' completed 8 cr more of the \2 ' PACK TIIU.KE Germany's Public Debt Climbs!" 1 Despite Industries' Expansion IIV PAUL KKCSKKMKTI llnltij I'ress Staff t'orri-sponitrjit The Kolser scliooi ir.osed Friday i UEHL-IN. Dec. 31 (UP)—Ciei- piograin ami turn- afternoon for the Xmns hollchys' lmmy f<! In » report of the wor Mom: ,, m | will not open again until Jan ''MMn IJOints Included In the Wve-at-llome continued during 1937 I her Industries under priests are making a two-year trail of the Tennessee mountains In a Cathedral on wheels—a modern auto trailer equipped with an altar. The missionaries, the Reverend Thomas M. Hnlloran, and the Reverend James P. Cunninghnni, bc?aii their trip In September in tt-«i«- 23-foot. $5,200 trailer. The trailer cliapel, named the St. Lucy Catholic motor chapel In memory of the (loner's 5-year-old daughter, contains beside the altar, a motion picture projector and screen, -n pwtrlc nlioimraph and a public address system. Traverse Rural Areas The priests stop In rural communities, play hymns nnd sacrcr' music on the phonograph and P'IOW religions motion pictures Tlielr services are intended to afford non-Catholics an opnortunlt' to understand the doctrines of llii church. The chapel-trailer was designed by Father Cunningham in co-op- eiatlon with George Chaplin, trailer-engineer, and Maurice Lavauaux cf tlie Llturlcnl Ark Magazine. The tra.iler rides on two sets of wheels arid is 23 feet long outside. The rear doer opens, making n spanking platform Illuminated by floodlights Above the speaker's heads two loud- fneskers carry his words for many blocks and are capaule of reaching 20,000 people. Inside the chtipel-car is an alta' a vestment case conlalmng all necessary equipment fur Mass, i lending library and tlie motioi picture equipment for showing "The Life of Christ." Comforts Are Provided Sliding doors separate the chapel proper from the living quarters which contain ,1 kitchenette, sink stove, table and n divan whicl opens up to make a double bed. A wardrobe near the door hold! clothing. Eacli night the program open.' with 15 minutes of recorded music Tlie announcements and a ques/ tion box program follow. A shor 12-inlniite sound picture is shoivi and a 20-nilnuto sermon delivered Tlie whole service takes an Uoui and a halt. The first mass was celebrated n Cowan, Tenn., will! Peter Harpe) and his two sons, Peter jr., anc William, making up the congrega tion. At^the second service at'Tul lahomij,;. 15". attended. Prom .25. t" 100 "attended the services at present ' . . . . Mr. nnd Mrs, I'nii! Trutniiie)]. Mr. 3. A n ( j,e out of town teachers "left four-year plan nnd prucllciilly .uid Mrs. U, C. Htggs, Mr. and j.yiday or Saturday j wiped out though Mrs. \V. H Payne, Mr. nnd Mrs. , « P. H. Austin, Mr. and Mrs. A. II. Blngliiim, Mr. nnd Mrs. Charley Woslerfk'ld, ncemnpauifr by John p. Keiscr, arc spending HI,-™ i ,,i f * tllc holl{Jf '>' s I" Leakesvllle, Mlss. Mr and Mrs ! A 1- v J ut' Mr Kelsi ' r wi " also vlsil «l«tives Mr. and Mrs. J. A. I'aync, Mr. i,, Mobile Ala, ami will spend some Lutes, Mr. anil Mrs. ami Mrs. \v. J. Pnughl, Mr. time In New Orleans. Miss Florence cS S ^nd" M rVt S^'fo^ Delark ' " ta Sllc Qi:om. Mr. nnd Mrs. R. A. Circoii- wm|>|)lc !m Avkadelphla, Ik'uhih Tlioinpson for Little 1 "' "r^' at "* N«c^U?r Miss nock, *» Mrs. ..„ , .. .,.,„ , as, Miss Mildred Swim for i i ii ii Ml '' "' !lV " llc Orove ' K V- Miss Ell7jvbclh nimi ii' ' " MrS ' fc O'» '<"• Wilmoro. Ky.. Mlss Rouble Will"!)*. Mr. and Mrs. A. GOWIUI ill Bemls, Tenn,. Mlss Net- W. Udford, Mi. and Mrs. WIIm»r Ue.Bnd, Adams for Macon. Mlss.. Voiiii? Mr. and Mrs. Ed J. flat- n iul Mlss Kathrlne Spiugeon for sell. Ml. and Mr*. Roy Cash, M". White 1'tne, Tenn. tnd Mrs. n. II Crawford, Mr. unl; • • • .Ii s. A. K. Mlliiean. Mr. nnd Mrs. famM M. Waller, Mr. and ill a high cost estimated to Involve accumulation of a monthly deficit of 1,000,000,000 marks ($403.000,000). Experts estimated the liolch's debt—including Its secret debt- lit around 52,000.000,000 marks (20,900,400,000). The stated debt In Ainjnsl \viis 10,925,800,000 marks, of which only 1.38!),100,000 marks wns forclen. These lattC'i- figures compare with 15,403,000,000 marks | costs and Increased taxes. Toini Including l.G-tS.TOO.OOO foreten (n;incmn,- fi-i )u , W ni;es nnd snlarle.s In be euitailcd In the early |nirt <.V the your, in die iiuttiiun the .situation imiiroveil to n a'rtiiln ex- lent, but production wns still ini- di'r n yoar niio. Iron .shoilmje nl- fectcd ttie bullillng trade. Oinnui Iron ores were put under strict Kovcrnmcni control. Agricultural production Increus- ed, nUhciiitli urnlii nnd toildC'V <iut- P»t wns siniiller and this mtuc- tion. brouiihl n H'OiTi'.s|i»iidln({ rc- duution in the number of cuttle mid pigs rulseil. liifume Irom wnges ami salaries wns iibum 10 per cenl, lilghor tlu.n Ihe previous your, but the Imwnsc partly, oltset by rising living Blyllicvillc School. News l.AN'di: SnilHH, Ni:\VS iM-mWy Wrdm-Mhvv inornin-. MKs Mi-si tJriulit 1 Whmtr viri'.i] Timm told a Ohtht- Dai'ld Kiwdlilu nnd hi': uiofhrr mus story surprised lit,- ili.-.l, H r;idc clilUM'11 The pupil-, In ,.r n di' six him- li--n bv iiivhij! ih.-m n (:l,rislniii.-i Uw Mmlyln..; "Niuum" M UHr milt of which llu-y dmmili-d with pop wi.rl: and rwnlk' have tncn^, worn, Mriiiui; <>r, rnuibmlo:; nud ; slmlylni! I'vciv.iwn trees Tlicv Invi-! ! x - |><wn-mli)l Mlote. Wln'it wlunil iitill/rd (hi-ir ftmly by inufcini Kills ',' '' j |K.'(J<> Milii'i-, mid <Mi!'.ll<' ,..,„,,... the scroiiil llapllst Churcli tiumlay Aflcr siiidyln.. lh" winter'bird' "''"I" 1 - 'hcsi' pupili dt'ridi'd to hiiv<> i "Illy Jniiifs'iiidthcr iiucl.-n lirlck ('hrlstnitts liw Inr the lilids -mil liuiisu for iho Kiiiul liiljlc nnd PIVI-I tvlivtcd n , A sciioo) piny was plvcn Tliin-s- I M ! lay , " I2la '" llle r * lic:i1 nudltorlum way', M,': a "?d M«.' K Hoiio"- ™$™*- '^ehe" Tf ule''" l Mr. aiul "Smiling Sixpence" was lam \fr .,„,) i! • i y n « " tl>e lmme ° r tlic °J»rettn which » Jr \» 'MS n i, '»"• B ' f ' C »' *=«'» t™ pans. Mlss RobWe Dean Zir n.lJ M Rinneyfell. |)lliyed Uvo chopan „„,„„„, u ±' C \^ V '!-,, M ';-.. aml ._ Mra ;. J : >'* "'* I'^ram. Miss itobWe Cow- was Die accompanist. Mrs. Buster Franklin entertained Mis. J. w. Fields. Mr. I Hid Mrs. IM chlstn, Mrs. M. I-'.! Bin-hell, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Mr. and Mrs W. P. Turn- j the "Entres Nous" bridge club at ' the home of Mrs. Dick Watson August, IMC. The unadmitted debt Ir, estimated variously up to 35,- OtQ.000,000 marks. Since 1934, no Reich budget has been published. The height of the Heidi's expenditure since then lias been kept scret, Only revenue figures are published. These have been rising constantly. In August they amounted to 1,080,100,000 or 25.4 |jer cent more tlmn In August, 1930. Hxjwrts take It for granted, however, that even these huge receipts are insufficient to cover the Reich's expenses . anil place tlie secret deficit «(. 1,000,000.000 murks n month. During the year, Germany encountered Increased difficulty In obtaining raw materials.. Shortage me flrsl half of 1M7 wiw estimated in 19,017,000.000 marks. Pmm his. •2.282,000.000 marks were di>- Incti'd tor luxes mid social ilue.s. I'lms il may be estimated Unit tin; ivcrage tii'iman wage-i'ariirr pays 2 pw cent of his earnings In ill- eet tuxes. Moiu-y In circulation Increased M per cent over littii and wjis 19.1 !>er cenl over 1935. Economics MA tin- I'.xpanslon was nlinul ui nwluctlon and hence liKlatliinniy. "Old Faithful" |>cvf,or lirokeawny from It.s i;!i-mliin;e schedule on Jinu- er" Mr and Mrs 'Ic-l wt c--i'ma I VVwl " es(l " y B » c ™ 00 "- Only the « f »"*« » e '"s Is more acutely felt ei. mr. ana .MIS. .le.beit GiitTln,'„,„, „„.,. ,,,,.. _, . .becus Mr. and Mrs. Wnltc: and Ms. Bill Grlffh. Mr. present Davidson, Air. and eight members of the club we rc [ bcclulsc u lul 'B e P^'t of available I'lth the i f°'' e| 8« currency was connection with Mrs. J. L. Needham, Mr. and Mrs, Daniel Johnston. Mr. and Mrs. O. II. Hertford, Mrs. II. P. Guv, tfr. find Mrs. If. o. Buck. Stecle-Cootcr Holland Sociolv — Persona! Mr. anil Mrs. Albert Jordan had is (heir guests over the week end Mr. nml Mrs. Sikestoii. James Hazel, of Dcmonstration Club News Notes • The . Coiintj' Council of Home Demonstration clubs of Mlsslsisp,j'i county met Saturday at the Blytheville Woman's Chib, with over 100 representatives from the Home Demonstration clute or (lie county present. Mrs. J. A. Payne, president of the Council, presided. In the morning session the Girl Scouts of Troop No.. 7, with itii: assistance of Mrs. Homer nnd Mrs. Lon V. Price, scoutmasters, entertained the group • with a series of live interpretations of grOAt masterpieces. Mrs. Payne asketl each president of local Home Demonstration clubs present at the meeting to serve on a committee to meet the 29th to discuss the follotvin gactivitics lor Home Demonstration club women to participate in during the year: County Council scrap book, weekly radio broadcast, year book, county rest camp, ways of increasing income, secretary's reparts at Mr. and Mrs. Velmer Campbell entertained \vilh a Christmas dinner Sunday. Their guests were Mr. 'lid Mrs. John Campbell and daughter. Miss Rou'ena. Mr. and Mrs. T. N. Briygance, Jiggs Reid, Mrs. Jo e Russell and Jerry Miles. Misses Bettie Cleinmons and Ella Maslin spent ,-Saturday In Memphis. , Mrs. Dan Portis jr., and baby, of Lcpanto, returned home Saturday^ after several days visit here with"? her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. \V. Jordan. Mrs. Alma Grissom and daughter, Martha, and Mlss Lillian Bomar were visitors in Blytheville Saturday afternoon. I Mr. and Mrs. Connie Frame and j son, Kenneth Joe, and Mr. and 1 Mrs. John Frame were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Smith, of Blytheville, Sunday, Mrs. L, A. MeCann and children, were visitors in Blytheville Monday morning. Mr. and Mrs. 'Raymond Perry moved from near Tyler Monday, occupying one of the new houses recently completed by Elvis Me- Cann. Mrs. Basil McClurc, Mrs. Abner Ashcraft and Mlss Margrete Mc- Cltire shopped in Blytheville Saturday. Guss Alliod. who was recently injured while at work at the Farmers Gin in Cooler, has become much worse and is In a very serious condition at his home at Cooler. J. B. cotncr of Rawlelgh, N. C., arrived in cooler Saturday for a visit, with Mr. and Mrs. Jim McClure. Mrs. Nellie Hardin of West Chester. Iowa. Is the guest of Mr. and Airs. Noble Capehart and family of Holland. Mrs. Georgia Biggart is very low at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Onia Lipscomb. Another daughter. each council meeting, housing program, better homes activities. Luncheon was served at the noon hour and after lunch the members exchanged CJiristnus gifls during a social hour. The Council presented Miss Cora Lee Coleman, county home demonstration agent, ivllh a Christmas gift: and because her birlhday was within the next few days, they! also gave her a beautifully deco-| Mrs, Nora May, of Panna, was called here Saturday. Mrs. Ii. E. Cooper and Mrs. Marcus Limbangli spent Saturday in FREE INSTRUCTIONS In Latest Styles Knitting "BERNAT" KNITTING YARNS Mrs. Leslie Hooper 1109 Chlckasawba Phone 192 GIRLS! EARN MORE! Increase your income by learning a well paid profession . . . you can be a licensed beautician wilh six months^ training- . . . enroll now in the Modern lieaiKy School Eagle School of Beauty Culture OpCIl ( Meeting all Stale Requirements for ' Arkansas and Missouri. State Approved Low Enrollment Fee' Jan. 1st } Cooper Hldg. ) Walnut & 2nd| Blytheville \ COMPETENT INSTEUCTORS Special Course for Yonrtg Men and Barbers 'Write for full details to LESTER FISHER GIPSON SIT. Krewson Ave. Jonesboro, Ark. "''• •'' ••'-•'••••—'-• •''••••• liarty a miscellaneous .shower was Mrs. Alton Hall. High score prize -went to Mrs. Lloyd Bruce, cut jirizfl to Mrs. Lee willimiis. Mlss Rutli Childs, dnngtiUr of Mr. and Mrs. J. K. CliitUs. who Is a freshman at the University of Arkansas, arrived lionie Prldny night for tlie Christmas holidays. Miss Dell Anderson, daughter ot Mr. find Mrs. w. W. Anderson, also arrived to spend the liolldjiys. Mlss Anderson is attciulhiv Mississippi stale College (or Women, Columbus, Miss. Mr. and Mrs. Aiisll Montgomery are moving to Wilson around January 1. W. M. Polk and Mrs. J. T. Polk were business visitors in Jcliss- boro Friday. The Reiser basketball teams lost a. double heiuler game to Tnrrcll at Turrell last Tuesday night. The girls lost 42 to 31 nnd the boys' loss was -23 to 18. These teams meet. again early in January at the Kelser gymnasium. H*«t) Courier News Went A(U I Still IMtake '^ GOOD HARNESS MADDUX Harness Shop gialn Imports •as diverted to nnd iilso because raw materials reserves were considerably deplete!. Lack of raw materials was- especially acute In the Iron and sieel industry where production had' to * PRESTONE * ANTI-FREEZE * HEATERS * DEFROSTERS * TIRE CHAINS Complete Stock Prompt Service To AH Makes of Cars TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. 24 Hour Service Call 633 U to HIP cliiss. Thlrrt Gnu The third , nrnd,. ( : lliflr o'.vn C'lii'lsliiiii'i year. on (In 1 <;n wlih'h Ihi'y hrivc !>ut nu'iil wraps mill bn'iiil iirninb 1 Ihe bird';. Clul:.(mm; o:trdi won' nu.di .irds 'lliroe pupils. Juniilln Wyult, Vii 1 - ! I.'"'Hl)i>K illl'i Aliov tjlnln Wyntl mill Naomi Urn 1 /, vi'-: l'' ;: 1>:l " 1 ' '" 'ri'<iwlirldi;i', onli'iTil sclionl this H-ri'k, ilbnv. n iiniilliy furnicr, '1'liu- piijiRs 111:11!,. nnd ili;:plnvi>a Clirl'itmns curds mm [xisU'is, whli'li Ihoy Inter RIIVO Ki ihclr rrli'inls Tilt' C'lllwnsliiii cliil) {!!»'(' '•> Clnislnma jironnim |-'rld;iy iiuon. M'liP clillilivn Miii'n c:iv< •stories nnd rend Icltcrs In C'lims. l.ut.'r fjlirl-iliims Rift exclinngcd. Skill Cniilf Tin 1 sixth i'ljidi' juipiin osci'lKtii", Bills 1'Yiday jilirnitiou. A iv.iKi'iinl, "'riii' Miuiiirr I'.H'. U-'Minrciliiliii'ss Aun/i'S l.ONIJOn HIl'i A c-:\t mv, rc-\- nird Irnrn a -I", fdol, (|uriny i/mi'i on Iclli- Monir, lii;idf<inl, uliciv 11 hail bc'i'ii ti'iipiii'il fur lil niniillv. ''he liii.l iH'i'ii l;c|i|. u|lv<' by |«'»pli' K-liii threw snaps nl ll'ivd. It Illlll »|:MI i":i I 'rii(ini|i:>oii, nbavc, of,. Vi-rl- ilix-r.n't, rat(< a j»il)lic MIU, but ,1. Kd ( >ar lloovei, <jf tlie Ki'di'iid liin'c-an ol' tittnllim, vvuiilji to KQB him liii-i crannylik-d mnro vlolallnns ol iVili'-lal law:; u-; n foci^.f an< | (,„_ |:i-i:;:inn(oi- if.nn ;my oilier man In t'.vo years. minutes before enipllnif ngnin. MHMEI-DUMMPIECES FOR CHRISTMAS * The Loveliest Gift of All - - Your Photograph SOUTHWORTH Over Joe Isaacs' Store Hemorrhoids-Piles CURED WITHOUT SURGERY & GUARANTKKI) S»fr. mre and with le* discomfort All diseases »nd condltiona of nervous orijln, foot ailmtnts »nd ikln canccn trut«d and cured at onr clinic. DBS. NIES & NIES Osteopathlc Physlclani 514 Main Phone 98 BljtheTllle, Ark. Everything Good to Eat For TURKEYS HENS GEESE Young and Tender GET OUR PRICES nLscoimt FRUITS - VEGETABLES FRESH COCONUTS, CRANBERRIES Fresh Eggs They ARE Fresh Positively everything to make your Christmas dinner a success. A Merry Christmas To You. PICKARD'S GROCERY & MKT. 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Slrciinilini'tl k Chair Sets $3.98 « 98c I 98c rii'-hlly milled-^1 ii-'. iiHi:li:inlc;i! (ruins •!!' lon f : willi switch li.ick. Jtun- liiltK Irniillt (il Inirlc---IS.V Rctl Clia ' rs |[ Rocking Chairs Only H«l Flyer | Arm Chairs .^ fe i i Steel Wagons $1.78 r i steel. 28 .\I4 rubber lire,. Horses Horses Doll Buggies Ford Roadsters | 20 in. Girl Dolls is Donald Duck Only at I'ciuicy's! Streamlined Tricycles $2.98 ••» p j i n Ball Bearings-sloel frame S' - aiS with rear steps, spring ;jj ote saddle, ndlnslnble hanjdlo ijf i ... bars. s\ Large Wagons si.on $1.98 $2.98 $4.98 .... 98c Teddy Bears 98c §5 Scotty Do? 98c . 1 Tto 3 yr. Tricycles $1.98 § j| 3 to 6 yr. Tricycles $3.98 &' 4 to 8 yr. Tricycles $4.98 $1.00 98c . $1.98 $2.98 Floor Samples' 1 2 Only (.'ntisi'r Fli?;litly K If." nil ...I, ivlin-ls and loll b.:tiin,'! Nnilt for sprcd. ')nk (Able niul livo ch.iir.; S hl ' w KlTO slovclily built— \( .Ulrnctlvrly <lrrov.U.-cl. 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