The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 30, 1949 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 30, 1949
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 1943 BLYTHEVILLE JAYC.EES PRESENT WEATHER At a dinner concluding » Ions «n II CoOpCfOtion With tHfi BlvtheVlUe YMCA +' — Look out for unusual weather boring convention, a parade of r«- ' •«-».«•»» i invest .__ _ Thursday night, followed by ex- luctant speakers had been pried " "„ „ g «"nmonls that l,c has i*r-S\r\ n trerne storm of applause, from their chairs to "say . few „ T ^JT" " w °! n »n de '*ist. and X SClfl R AU/nv J WEATHER Look out for unusual weather Thursday night, followed treme storm of applause. Anyone missing the nilnslr Rhow Thursday night, Dec. 1, be just nbout three thousan laughs behind. If you want to in dulse some real jelly roll laugh here's your chance. Compliments of Freeman-Henley Gro. & Mkt. SamueJ Hopkins Adams, who was always willing lo try anything once had accepted nn invitation to a nudist party. Describing his experience to some friends the next day he said, "They didn't do things bj halves. Even the butler who opened the door for me was completely nude." "If he wasn't uniformed, how dk you know it was the butler," sskcc Mr. Adams' literal-minded publisher "Well," said Mr. Adams, "it certainly wasn't the matd." Compliments of Phillip Appicbaum's Liquor Store HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. A drunk, armed with nickels, entered an Automat, stopped In front of the slot marked "Ham Sandwich." He dropped in two nickels and got a sandwich. lie dropped in two more nickels and out came another sandwich. After he'd collected 20 ham sandwiches, someone suggested: "liey, don't you think you've had enough?" "I should quit now?" replied the drunk. "Now—when I'm on a winning streak?" Still & Young Motor Co. Lincoln-Mercury From Middletown, Conn., \Ves- leyan Argus:,"Lost—One upper dental plate by an alumnus in .vicinity of Psi Upsilon over the weekend. Finder please return to Psi LF asth thoon asth pothible." Holt Funeral Home An Institution * r Community Service. Nothing Undone — Nothing Overdone HUBBARD & HOKE APPLIANCE CO. A sign at the entrance of the women's clothing section of a Detroit department store read: "Laities Ready to Wear Clothes." Underneath in bold masculine •handwriting, someone had added: "It's about time!" Clair Miller & Sons Complete Service & Repair Phone 4926 Judge Sudbury: "I hereby fine you twenty-five dollars for picking pockets." Crook: "But your honor. I have only fifteen." Judge: "Officer, turn him loose in the crowd until he gets the other ten," Have your Xmas cards post marked Santa Claus, Ind. BARNEY'S DRUG 2006 \V. Main Phone 3G-17 Mrs,: "I want to know if I have grounds for divorce " Lawyer Todd Hanison: "Are vou married?" Mrs.: "Yes." Lawyer: "Of course you have." Wade Furniture Company \Ve furnish everything for you Blytheville, Arkansas' At a dinner concluding a lonR An boring convention, a parade of re luctant speakers had been prle from their chairs lo "say * ti words." As the 16th orator took h seat, a sigh of expectation filled th room. Deliverance was In sight. Bi no! The chairman was on his fee again. "I'm sure this meeting doe not want to break up without hear ing from our good friend, Ken Koe. Mr. Koe stood up. "Gentlemen, he said. "I am reminded of the sloi of the two skeletons. For days the had been imprisoned In the must est closet imaginable. Filially, 01 skeleton satd to the other, 'Wha are we doing here, anyhow?' Where upon, the other skeleton replies •I'll be darned if I know. But If w had any guts, we'd get the hell ou of here.' " LutrreJJ's Fine Foods 000 Chickasawba—Phone 201 An advertisement In the Seattl Post-Intelligencer: "Large wicke (favcnport—Was $2-1.50. Now $19.50. From the society column of th Boulder. Colo., Daily Camera •Members of Thursday Club me reslerday at the home of Mrs. Frank Spencer for luncheon and contract 3uests were Mrs. I. D. Under, Mrs A. A. Parkhurst and Mrs, Neii Wil inson. .Mrs. Wilkinson was high.' Farmers Bank & Trust Co A man was carrying a grandfather's clock down a crowded main street to a repair shop. As Hie clock imlted his vision, he unlntehtion- illy collided wilh a woman, knock- nR her down. After collecting her xmiposure and packages, the womai itruggled to her feet and scathing, y inquired: "Why don't you carrj i wrist watch like everybody else?' Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. A woman trying to maneuver her sedan out of a parking space banged nto the car ahead, then Into the ar behind and finally, pulling into he street, struck a passing delivery ruck. A policeman who had been atching approached her. "Let's see •our license," he demanded. "Don't be silry, officer," she said Who'd give Me a license?" Blytheville Coach Lines Your Transportation Co. FRANK SIMMONS TIN SHOP 117 So. Broadway charming young girl named Anna ot mixed up in a flnori in Montana- So she floated away. And her sister, they say. ,ccompanied her on the piano. —Jack Chamblin FIRESTONE 0. O. Hardaway Jomplele Line of Home and Auto Supplies Women wear rings to show they re married. Men wear last year's othes.—House Harp. Barney's Friendly Shoes Jin-man Shoes for Jlen 219 E. Main St. There Is nothing so wrong with ic Jaycces minstrel show that soe-s i Thursday night that a miracle an't cure.—Bill Tamfce. WOODS DRUG STORE Prescription Specialist AGLE BEAUTY SCHOOL 12-1 No. 2nd. WARNING: Don't participate Ir , a heavy meal before coming to th< 1 minstrel show, ax you will be bet- jter able to enjoy laughing.-Jim- inie Edwards. Pat O'Bryant's Jewelry Alain & 2nd. Compliment!; of West Side Co-Op Gin Co. • Hiway 18 Mrs. Holder: "How arc you gohiit to vole this year?" Mis. Edwards: "In my new green suit with B hat to match." Mead Clothing Store There Is manj 52.00 head. > $10 hat on a Cooperation with the Blytheville YMCA ALL-STARS Burnt Cor k\and Clever Snappy yariety.Show Dizzy Dances TOM 3. HOWELL INTERTAlNMtNT SfRVICI , KANSAS THURSDAY Musical Mirth DECEMBER 1 YMCA Auditorium MATRIMONIAL E^ 26, good monthly Income, cry affectionate. good looker, well dresser; keen sense of humor; tes to gad around and have a ood time. Would like lo meet wid- v or maiden lady.—Bryce Layson. Hudson Cleaner, Clothier JOE ATKINS MACHINE SHOP & GARAGE 8:13 P.M. Adults 75c —Children 35c Tax Included PROGRAM PART I Overture Ensemble Did \oti Hear That Whistle? On the Mississippi Floatin' Down. Wraslle That Frale. Ol' Man River. There's A Good Time A-Comin'. Introduction of End Men Interlocutor Specialt y Dyer and Callahan Song: Mammy , iass(]s Ali Kidd K m Song: Life Gets Tee-Jus ................................................ Possum Specialty: Hot Feet ..................... ; .............................. Mack R!(tcl . The Countess of Alagazam ........................ Pest House Sextette (Short Intermission) ll I Son K : °" PART II for the Robert K. Rabbit Fool Gumbo Leonard Oldham advises that one ay to get rid of the noise In the ar of your car is to hate her 5 you. j Oldham maintains .. . * "" -j^>Antju at backseat drivers are no worse J'lU'Oer Oil the High C's The Quartette an men who cook from the din- Specialty TI u< • , room table. |O|jui.irtiLj j | le \\' c ij| xs Song: Dinah Sam , )0 Military Demonstration Hogtown Musketeers Kinale Ensemble After an extended discussion the women's Civic Club last night passed the following: "Resolved, that a flashlight is more useful on a dark and stormy night to a girl than to her boy friend." Huddleston Company Magic Millers Best, Flour CHAMBLIN SALES CO. "Your Friendly Sludebaker Dealer" CACTUS CRKF.K NKWS (By Irv. Kaplan) Mrs. Shelton let a can opener slip last week and cut herself In the pantry. , Fred Callihan climbed on the loot of his house last week looking for a leak and fell, striking himself on the back porch. While Randall Hawks was escorting Mrs. Hawks home from the church social last Saturday night a savage dog attacked them and bit Randall on the public square. Hubfaard & Son, Furniture, Inc. R. D. Hughes & Co. People who live In today's partment houses have little room complain.—Bill Carter. COCA-COLA BOONE CLEANERS Better Cleaning By Belter Methods FRENCH'S GROCERY 2nd. and Rose St. A tender little squeeze, N'ow and then a kiss, Fill a pleasant evening. Brimiriiig lull of bli.w. -ChtRgcr Smith. Wade Lee Cotton Co. When he broke his encasement f. was only doing to thp engagement what the engagement did to him. Fred S. Saliba Co. 1'absl Blue Ribbon Griesedieck l!ros. Wife: "I cook and bake lor you. and what do I get? Nothing," Jack Rawlinjts: "You're lucky, I get Indigestion." Pete the Plumber CAST OF CHARACTERS INTERLOCUTOR Jinlmy G . m|ncl . END MEN—Sambo, George Iltibbard. . . Lassus, John R Johnson. . . Hambone, Paul Mi-Daniel. . . Rabbit Font Harrv Fritzitis. . . Possum, Fred Ciillihan. . . Chicken, Jimmie Fd~ wards. SOUND RNGINKF.R J;lck fbamblin CHORUS—0. E. Knudson, Jimmy Deal, Bo Huffman, Jack Lhamblm, Dr. Craig, Bryce I.ayson, Rob Purtle, T. J Bailev Charles Moore, Tom Taylor, Randall Hawks, Bill Bannister' Spike Morton, Jimmy Richardson, Wilson Henry PARSON GUMBO ] Doc n f,!' 1 « IDD ™ Joe Doans Hi* Manager T _ C(? c "?9 T ? U :, N MUSKRTKEnS-"Caplain» Klnier Smith. . I'nvates : Wil lard French, Marshall Blackard, Roland w'. shop, Jack Rawlings, Johnson Blatkwell, Carl Ganske Jack Owen. ' SPKCIALTIKS !),-. & Mrs . j mion VVcl)1 , Jimmy Callihan & Pattv Dyer ' Elclci- ' " ' Karl Snyder I'ete Thompson PIANIST STAGE MANAGED -^Z"Z"Z"Z'i DIRECTOR ..Tom S. Howell, Kmperior, Kansas COMMITTEE MEMBERS. . . Chairman, . . . Tickets, SanforH Bonne. . . Publicity . . . Talent, Coleman Stevens Bill Tamke. i Uick Mills. The average man I enough that women can joke.-Percy Juliff. Ark-Mo Power Co. proof take a CITY ELECTRIC CO. York — Delco Chaperone: Every time I drink a cup of coilce I get n slab- bing pain in my right eye. What shall I do? Hen Henderson Mrs: Take the sprmn out of the cup before raising it. General Contract Purchase Corp. Dr. Craig comments that he ha never seen a woman dentist an probably never shall, because lev, uonicn want a man to oncn hi mouth. ' '" W. R. Campbell, Dist. Lion Oil Products When Pete Thompson returne. from overseas, lie reported that Uncle Sam's crapshooters brought back looters 8 mi " ly mCdalS " 5 h ' S sh Shelton Motor Co. "Your Nash Dealer" Experience seems to be what vou get while you are looking for something else. Modinger Service Storion Ark.-Mo. State Line Air Base Skating Rink Air Base Arlie French: "Spike; "what is a synonym?" Spike Morton: "A synonvm is a word you use when you can't spell he other one." Charlie's Electric Shop HKl.P \VANTEn~ WOODEN LEGGED MAN: To nash potatoes.—Bill Bannister W. L. TAMKE Real Rslate and Insurance Cooper Building $500 Reward for (lie capture of any person who is seen leaving (his minstrel show with a nasty grouch on. Anybody who can growl after watching the antics of Jimmie Gardiner int/r Icoutor, and these end mcn-'Georew Hubbard, Fred Callihan, Harrv Fritzius, Jimmie Edwards, Worth Holder, and Paul McDa n[c | should make an appointment wilh his doctor immediately! i Owens Drugs near Chaperone: Will it be <a£h for me to take my children to VIE minstrel show?_T. J. Bailev Answer: i'ou will be i n the tom- my of the best people in our .fm/VYto fl 'oZ,d S '\°re m'ou ofinert people. st Family Shoe Store Nunn Provision Co. Blylheville Probably the reason so runny people never learn the value of money is that they never get enough research material.—Larry Kneas. House of Charm 2019 West Main Deal — \VFiisenlumt Bryce Laysoil may not ftnd the perfect girl, but he's having a lot 01 fun looijng. .' Guard's Jewelry Store It matters more what's In a woman's face than what's on it. First National Bank Beggar: "Huve you a good square meal for a hungry man? 1 ' Mrs. Jack Rawlings.: "Yes. and he will be home short!}, so you'd better go." Blytheville Motor Co. "Smith's Finest Service''' Fought & Cullison Studio Ingram Building- ' Paul McDanlc! approached Director Howell with the following "joke" which he n-nnts to use in the minstrel show: "I'll say to you. 'What Is it that flies through the air and has four legs,' and then you'll say -I don't know, and what does fly through the air and has four legs,' and I'll say, 'Two ducks'." This broke up the rehearsal. Jimmie Edwards Furniture Company "See Jimmie First" . Wish they still printed $2 bills as they would come in handy for buying a dollar's worth of something.—Alvin Huffman. Martin and Son "Everything for .Men &. Hoys" O'STEEN'S STUDIO "Complete Photographic Service" Said Rastus [o Judpo Sudbury '"'"^ "Judge, if yo-al! knowcd mv wife Moor c. like I docs, you wouldn't call m »••••»• no deserter, ah's a refugee!" THE FLY-INN "JJIythcville's Finest Night Chi!)" • \ Burnett Hudson Sales "Your Hudson Dealer" LOST—A pockctbook containing P ace to put money, and a loI of adies' names. Finder may kee" the lace for money, but wouldhke to ave names retu.ned.-BryeeI Lay" Cobb Funeral Home ^^~"^^~^~Dl nctw ^ 1 "' lnk lhRt "No," said Mr, Howell "if ,„„ had, | any f ce, ing y ou \. o UTt Furniture Stor^f PHILLIPS MOTOR CO Clean JJsed Cars & Trucks "Gee," said "Stubby" to his barter, "my hair is falling out more and more each day; r ve . rubbed salt in it, squirted lemon juice in •t every morning hut it does no '1 V , C !!'" sn i".. Weisieer, the ton- so much that I had to quit it JOHN'S CAFE 2-1 Hour Service 40!M\'cst He rocked tlie boat Did our Prank. ' These bubbles mark Where Frank sank. .•TV, „ ~ By Bob p »rtle. The Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous" SCHLITZ Harry Began Distributing Co. Buffington Grocery ' 32-1 No. Second Dr. Craig: It i s a picc f ^mi entirely surrounded by suckers. Paul D. Foster Distributor Delta Pine 15 Cotton Seed Phone 3-i 18 - 3153 Dear Chaperone: I am kccn\-fc' m tT y ^ thrcc io ""B ™ idvl e if , ri ' n " cm towns. Please advise if this ,s propcr.-Chsrles « Planters Flying Service Crop Dusting nn rf Seeding Paul Uoycl - Fred Steadman PLEASE NOTICE lif Hems n,i this pa f e arc inlemlcd as jnkrs aiul ,,* * ™« » All tlif Hems n,i this pa f e arc inlemlc In l"J"re or ,!,„,,« tl, r \ CImt , lion or tV , xr , ftr f llontri. «e trusl that ll.e.v will he acrrpled hr Ihr Ihe person iumo.1 in Mie spirit or fun that h inirmlVd , , ' "cant .. ^

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