The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 18, 1941 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, January 18, 1941
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP'NORTHKAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOLUME -XXXVII—NO. 260. Blytheville Daily News Blytheville Courier Blytheville Herald Mississippi Valley Leader BLYTHKVlhLE,-ARKANSAS. SATURDAY, JANUARY 18, 104 Cold Wave Grips Captive Carries Pet Alon9 Central Valley; Light Snow Here A cutting n o r t h w i n fl brought ;r light snow flurry to Blytheville this morning as the temperature dropped sharply (hiring !,he night and tome r o By United, I'ress Cold that brought pern lures to b e ! o w marks in the northern ration nipped the central vnl- Ihis morning to reach a min-i^.V today and light snow or irnunv. of 18 at noon today.i nuns wcu-e gonerai ihrough- The minimum temperature at 1 oul the nation. 8 a. m. was 80 degree*. Local' A hi « h wirld LhlU Al °" e temperatures 'range*! in the* 40'.s yesterday with a maximum ol" 46. Compared to ' reports of snow which fell in other sections of Arkansas, BlytheviDe's snowfall was comparatively light and most of it reached u vt-ksdiy of 72 milt-:-; anj hour at Northheud, .Wash., -swept j up the west coast and in the north-j Kin section pelted siunv iinci ritinj 10 the .'..round. The storm in ihui itgion \viis so iL luunp^rfcti U. S. army searching parties which attempted lo find ' :i bomb- .!• ! melted shortly after it fell. ini;. plane wiih seven m^n iiboard 'The cold north wind continued j which \va.s lost since Thursdjiv to prevail during the day and a forecast for this area promised continued cold tonight and Sunday. Over State LITTLE' 'ROCK. Jan. is. CUP)— The first snow of the year swept into central Arkansas last night from the northwest, bringing freezing temperatures and icy highways. Rogers this morning reported an all day and part of th'e night snowfall. There the snowfall had registered three inches and motor traf- •fic had : been slowed down because of the snow and icy condition of the highways. In R'ussellville the snow measured two inches, while in Little Rock one inch was recorded. •State police reported that the condition of highways in the central part cf the state was such that few motorists were venturing out and no fatalities had been reported-. The colder weaUiev moved into the central region as u disturbance that had moved out of Texas, sidled oil into Michigan, approach- i ing a .secondary storm near t!v coast cf Maine. Pressure \vas high and rising from the Rockies to he Mississippi river and tempera- urrs fell lo below zero in Minnesota. North Dakota and eastern 5cuth Dakota. Minneapolis re- 'jcrded'six below, and temperatures were reported lower in the open prairie regions. The cold band extended south-' ward over the pluins states intoi Mie Gulf of Mexico. | Snow and rain were reported! from scattered points In the nation, principally in the Great Lakes region. New England and is the middle Missouri valley. Montana and Idaho. Moderate rains were reported in eastern Florida and southern Texas. The cold wave was expected to C h i icf Tells! Axis Heads Plan New Blows Against Britain As Desert Sandstorms Halt Nile Army m ^ • ^^^ Committee kiltie Help Ouirk .Increase The Italian soldier in the foreground, one of thousands captured bj^ the British in their whirlwind offensive against Italy's Libyan forces, doesn't iook too upset by the turn of events—at least he managed to keep his pet pup. But the fellow at the right, sccnvlinfe .at_fecameraman, doesn't seem to relish, hjs.predicament. .4Jc i Gales Hinder Search For Lost Plane TACOMA, Wash., Jan. 18. (UP) —Army planes, hampered by gale- i 1 or WASHINGTON, Jan. 111. tUI J ) — IM'riiM' I'm'turtlon Direrior Wil- i; iu!i 'j. Kmuiwn Mild iodiiy Muil- it would lj<- "luu- U141" btnoiv uny ' i : .»i iMi::«' i «sc 1 ul help to Britain • viilil thiw from the udminlstru- ;Vn's British :iid b!l! "unli'.v, .wo 1r f iho nrodrcLs out of our < i x- facilities." 'i t:hUfvii.". U'loro Hit 1 hnusi- fm-MI ulluir's eiimmitU:i!. KnudKoti ,-,s Jiskti<! by HepnVicninthv Edith Ro: n';-: .Republican, Mushiichu- it.s. ho\V lohn it, would take after iK-lmem of liu- bill, U> produce flense muloviiil'; in a lly llniti'rt l'ivss Axis war nml'oreiK'Ox, possibly including ;i meijtiiitf of Adolf ILillur and BiMiito Mussolini, sliv.ngthomM belief today t.hul new blows .nu'Jiinst Great Britain are beliiK i >!'<•'- •a,nhkni Uvl>i» ''hi'lp'rur in BrH- Miii'djjcn .said he did nol have he /• induction si-hKhuY. but "wo 111 not bo able ir. "H any Miiuunt until tin- Inlu-r pi of sources in Romo said Unit, Hitler and Mussolini would meet within the nH 24 hours si! Munich or Hnl/bury. but. thi'.sc .souiw.s pointed out that the limn phu;t( uf such meetings Ls i:on- a military sum-tit, Italian officials admitted Unit lor llu 1 first lime In many yours II Duci. 1 had cancelled an uppeur- anoe .st-hi'duhrd for Sunday at which lu- was to prrsiMit pri/A'.s to Italy's GREEK TUPS TIE Capture 1,000 Of Famous Itahan "Limi". Division Inclucliup Officers champion K>'o\vors. Home iilso admitted that on Monday tions oi tmporUml war consulta- un I'i'onomie nuture will i^4! unless we tnko the products out o four exist In a fiicllitie-s." U. S. Will Me Involved i Knudscn. appealing 10 ron;;ress i'or prompt passage of the British nid bill, said Hint the United Stales probably would become Involved in wnr with tin- uxis pow- fis eventually If Britain falls. "If I3rttiiin falls do you think wo would eventually become involved in wi\r with the axis paw- Kmidsen was asked by Rep- P. Arnold. Rotarians Hear Talk By Rev. Frank G. Smith The Rev. Frank G. Smith, D. D.. of Omaha, Neb., houseguest of Mr. and Mrs. R. F. KIrshner. spoke to members of the Rotary club at- their .weekly luncheon meeting- at Hotel Noble Thursday. His subject was "Whither,., America?'^ .. ' ""fifty— infantile' paralysis" "buttons" were sold at.- the meeting "after the secretary had made his annual attendance and financial report. A formal invitation was. read from -the "Rotary club at Osceola inviting local members to attend the Institute 'of International Understanding in that city, the first lecture of which was given Friday night.. Guests were Carroll Watson of Osceola. Edgar" Behle of St. Louis, the Rev. Dr. Smith of Omaha, and Tom Reeder who is Junior Rotav- ian for the month. spread beyond the over the weekend. driven rain again today and snow, take off to search the rugged K-senu\tlve Lawrence Democrat, Illinois. "I f l:ink we vouid." Arrest Of. Negro In Recent l>c i )!letl Wreck Is Announced By Officers Today ' : ! Middle West Siskiycti Mountains along the California-Oregon line for a lost bomber and seven men. P. W. Erlckson. owner of the | Altoona mine in the Siskiyous, c rv • L I anc ' a Power company linesman re- dtumps rmgerprmterj ported early today that they saw t a twin-motored plane flying down "That in time we would have A war tinywiiy?", Arnold risked. "Yi\s sir". Knudsen replied. Man With'12 Digits CLARKSVILLE, Ark. Johnson County officials (UP) — got out Mumbo creek canyon Thursday, with one motor faltering. The twin- all their books last week to see if • motored bomber has not been re- rliey "'could find a.. chapter cover- ported since Thursday .morning, that he had chancex to L'.•Joins. a couple of extra caught in any evil Three Ask Divorces Arkansas Tech-Really A "Military" School RUSSELL VILLE. Ark (UP) —It, •j.s believed that Arkansas Poly-j trJinic College — Russellville. has: iurnished more soldiers under the eunent mobilization than any other coPege'' in the nation. Last week 104 more students answered the call to the Army. Life Magazine, in an early issue, will feature the college and its soldier students. A photographer -for the i magazine has already been on the campus taking pictures. 'ng clie procedure., OL fingerprint-}. when,. it "ng u " prisoner "\viih- twelve ting- •" Field,' TacomaV- Tor bombing prAC- s. They had a negro who clis-j-tice in Muro-j Dry Lake. Calif. played six fingers on each hand.; Res5rient . s of Y reka. Ml. Shasta. but they crowded the prints onj Pondos ., , Burney. Hornbrook , Scotts the card, and warned the negro j Bar ai; ., Trini , Ce , uej . , eported havll segn a lane - rei . emV ; lin2 [} ^ bonite ,. Thui , sd . iy _ whik> ihes e reports, and the report of Erick- i,on, were not confirmed, they all frame from within an 80-mile raci:u> : . Most of than placed the plane in --- ; t ne region between 1 and 4 Three divorce cases were filed , Thursday, about the time it should o Chnncery court this week inj have been passing over the inoun- I'lytheville. They included : Charles William roue vs. June Rone; Thelmu Le-J- beiter vs. Son Ledbetter, and J. S. Murdaugh vs. Matiie Miirdaugn. Saved— in the Nick of Time tains. Armv authoviUos at McCliorc! measure's Ir-.vUng Republican .supporter. Wt-ndell L. Wlllkie, said he ct-ukl not testify before tho committee next Tuesday sine: he is •'.-iiivur by airplane I'or England on •. lu folloyaujj day.- .-••,. Willkie's.: r -ply brought u .demand . Knud.sen's testimony ended the "'•••."•.• /•)'.. !'i!'!-;i v/eek of the house hearing on Announcement oi .arr^rjoi-a, ,. ie . uiminl ; stallion . bm . chairman regi-o, said.: to.have ;;teen driver ot.l sol B loom ' announced in an ad- an automobile involved.m an early - cumed se « slGU liuU the mornitiTi; automobile ,crash/ last. Pmidny. 1 was: made toctay by State i : ciict"uian Eddie"- B.^jSDavid ftrid/ Deputy Sheriff Rayrribnd Bohuuf;V Bob Wi n field, negro 1 "? who.: lives rn the North Prankliii roatt-jy mil- north of Blytheville, was * .'&£ ^stjed..Friday .;Rnd released, on t :i ."aul' ;to -.-i-he custody of • Normtiii -TBu&M; Vai'bro fanner. '"(!•;• ncrident occurred at 1:30 .' K-mday on North Highway [•;i wlien H car filled with negroes •v!-.ich prli-.-e snid Winfiekl con- t'i .-isea he way driving, met head(i one driven by Paul Fowler of Memphis. Fo»vlsr w«s taken to - ; ; Meniphis hospital; Ben Pernien- :cr. Lnxora, wo.% treated at Walls Hospital for several days before ;:-ln*j dismissed, and Evelyn Bur'.'.hell Luxc-rrt. was fjlven aid ireatmenv. be held between Oomuui and Italian repre-seulutivcvs.. Slj;iiitleant >!vt:n(s There were two obscure develop- nK»nLs--onf In the Balkans and one ul Vichy—which may fit in with the axis war plans. The Bulgurlan minister to Berlin ATHENS, Orooce, Jnn'. 18 <UP) --Greek troops captured 1,000 Htil- ian.s ynsttM'duy, uccordiiui lo an oilk-iMi communique, and some of ihom were quoted that two Itrtllun LONDON, Jan. 18. (UP) —Reports j'rom the North African said that blinding sandstorms had done what Marshal Rodolfo Grax- iaiii's". troops thus far have not fourul possible—stopped the advance of th<? British • imperial army oi' the Nile. Tlu:? reports said the sandstorms were so flerco that virtually all " movement ori the North African front was halted. Kv«iv:i-he artillery bombardment o!' Tobruk and the bringing up of more men and guns was suspended-: Mowevcn-. it was reported the Iri- was finly temporary and the 20.00B-U1H LoiiilH.rclift ai'rived In immediatL 1 Sofia nnd conference Into the unit the u.'.ir»t-ioi\ Ligm-iu, were torpeckk'd in tho Adrlntlc while bound for Albania filled with troops. Thf prisoners v,f-re msiluly from the finiKxi "Lupi" division, the so- vialh'ii "wolves of Tuscany." the •.omuHiuiqtic.suid. They Included many oiliocrs. amony I ham Col. Managolti, commandor of the 77th said of "Lupi." A '.un't'rumunt spokesmnn Bulgarian foreign, minister. His return started reports that a cabinet reconstruction was Imminent due to the continued poor health Of Premier FUoi'f. Should u cabinet reconstruction occur In Bul- yarla U ml»ht be the sl«nnl for the Ion3 awaited and often rumored German move Into Unit country. SOUK* reports havy fiislstccl lhat a Na/i move into Bulgaria was be- inu held up for _ I wo reasons, necessity to recoiLs'truct the cabinet and Improvement of Uiu weulhcr. At Vichy.' Marshal Petain sum- some of the prisoners hud crossed to Albania aboard transports in "In- sump convoy with the torpedoed Loinbnrclia and Liguriu. They hnd been in Albania only a short time, ho said. The Lombnrdla, before she b«- .:ame a troop transport, was the IKh Inryest Ttalitui mcrchnnt ship. She was built In 1920. The Llgmia vns the 16th largest Italian merchantman. Both ships belonged to tin* Lloyc! Triestino Une and operated from Genoa, A Greek submarine recently was thai the 1940" Ropub: .;.•! •:;• j, naori. nominee , d uioiuu n of his council ui nih cuunun mlnisters. The council has not met i'or many cluys and the call might indicate thnl Vichy finally hns received a reply from Germany on. the crisis which resulted from the ouster of' Vice Premier Pierre Laval. rod ttt:lion of the besieued Italian garrlsdtv at Tobruk. - • Military experts.', expressed- no doubt lluit Tpbruk would tall and nU'cndy wore dlscuwslng the nest move in the campaign, Beliel was general chut Gnizlanl-may muku Ins first real stand at Derria, 100 miles alonR the coast lo the wesi. They suld reports indicate that the Italians are foi'tlrymg o^e and building strong defensive por sitlons. It Uiilhtn Force Still was believed that Ura'/lani still Im'cl about half of his.original force of some 250,000 troops available for a stand nnd mny have obtained relnforccmenU. • • Unless Derna ca^n be held by the Italians, it was said, their position will become serious. It Is 150 miles fi'om Derna to Benghazi, capital of Libya. Benghazi can be reached by two roads. One winds along .tUe coust wnlch wcrea^ Ihc distance to' about 200 miles. credited with sinking two ships in The other cuts straight across.ine an Italian convoy in the Adriatic j plateau for 150 miles but -they were not Identified. .The government spokesmnn said Greek troops 'retained the often. v ivc on the Albanian fronts and thai results' were "very favorable." It was believed by the British that Graziani would be hard pressed to defend Benghazi If he lose;; been reported-J Petaln y'eslrb'd',Uto?!pri^ cnblneL but these have bren heid up by Inck. uf word, from thu CU*f- mnns on Hitler's attitude. Toy Balloons F5y 800 Miles For Record , Field .said planes would be ordered !"„,.• Police said that wlxen they ur- !:ived at the scene none of the ne- New York Cotton • ton Fields, near 3tm Francisco, to i search the Siskiyous, and iVuu i jjlane.-i from McChord Field and ; Pearson Field, near "Vancouver. Wash., v.-ould search southwestern Washington, .from whence cD'hie other report*; of a distressed plane. Mar. May Jul. Oct. Dec. Jan. Prev. Open High Low Close Close 1040 1039 1036 1036 1039 1044 '1045 1041 1041 1044 1035 1032 1030 1031 1033 993 992 989 989 994 987 985 983 983 987 1026 1026 1026 1024 1028 New Orleans Cotton Mar. Mav Jul" Gel. Dec. Jan. Prev. Open High Lov. r Close Gloss 1045 1045 1041 1041 1045 1050 1051 1046 1040 1050 1038 1038 1036 1035 1038 998 998 996 995 999 992 990 990 990 993 1027 1027 1027 1025 1028 Stock Prices A T & T Am Tobacco Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Steel Chrysler Cities Service 7... 167 5-8 73 25 1-2 87 3-4 68 1-4 5 1-8 Coca Cola 105 General Electric 34 3-8 General Motors 45 1-2 Int Harvester * 51 5-8 Montgomery Ward 39 N Y Central - - 14 1-4 North Am Aviation 16 1-4 Packard 31-8 Phillips 37 3-4 Radio 43-4 Republic Steel 211-2 Socony Vacuum. 87-8 Studebaker 77-8 Standard Oil N J •.... 334 Texas Corp 375-8 U B Stefll 65 1-2 es was ihere. After seeking UK CM iver lor almost a week, they :1:iUlly located Winriekl He was Charged with reckless driving. Trial of Winflold will be held :..-; .soon a:; £"owl»T is able to tt:sti- iy.* polite -said lOJay. HOT SPRINGS. Ark. (UP)—A lecord flight of 800 miles was recorded this week by a yas-flllo.d toy ballon released here January 1, 1941, by thre school boys. Instructions attached to the balloon asked the finder to notify one of the following youths, James and Marcus Johnson and Charles Freet. Tins week the Johnson boys received a letter from E. H. Cooper of Dry Fork. West Virginia, saying he had picked up Uie balloon at 8 a. m. The balloons had trav- WELFUE STUDIED BYPll'S Fort M^hers Count". Christ inn Church Here. from new positions and prisoners and war material have been captured by tho Greeks, the: spokesman said.. •: -•.!••':'• December Plane Production Is Up WASHINGTON. Jan. 18. (UP)— John ,/;.. Bfggers, director of the :x'W super defense agencies pro- ^•uction division, revealed today that 790' military airplanes were built In December, exceeding ex- •pectatlons by nearly 100. The circumference of the largest tree !n Uie United States feet. A study of "Child Welfare" was conducted at the meeting of 40 members of tlu; Mte«lssini>l County Council of Pnrent Tcnnher assocl- U. S. Siup ''With. 'Anti-Mine''Belt New Fighters,For Britain LONDON. Jan. 18. (UPl—BrltaiE Is "building xip n special duty pf -long ,j-au8^-t^p; : iiipi j)lhnea 'wfvtcTi will permit 'tfia'"KcytiT ' -" Ah 1 Force to escort bombers In daj ; - . light raids much ' farther Into onemy territory, than the invasion coast to which -the limited, ,r^ i^c of Hurricane and Spitfire! lighters has restricted them, It -was reported today. • . .' These and other .planes will be used for night defense, , including Whirlwinds and .other secret types of which nmny carry i-finnons. Spscsal Switchboard Solves Alarm Problem Cannot Overtake German Production, Nazi Says BERLIN, Jan. 18. (UP) — An j authorized Nazi spokesman assert- JONESBORO, Ark. i.UP>—Jones-' et i to the foreign press today that It bora's new dial telephone system which into eft'eci Jan. 18. wor- would be "impossible" for the United States and Great Britain iled tht- city's volunteer tire •:iitmer-r considerably until installed a PBX switchboard. Heretofore, the volunteer firemen were .summoned by the operator when n call was put in. But the cr.minu of the dial system thveat- de- combined to catch up with Ger- :nany 'n the production of airplanes •ind accessories. The spokesman attributed this "impossibility" mainly to what he called the high degree of standardization of German plane prociuc- ened to slow up this pioceduro. i L i on made possible by u statc-con- Fo a PBX board was put in, and 1 Boiled ecnoomic system. now all the city fire chief needs . . o is lift the receiver at the fire station and all the volunteers will Abraham Lincoln was shot ce on the wire at the same time. April 14, 1865. eled nt n rate of 40 miles per ,«'^ at the Pl-st Christian rtnirch no . u \ir.i-f. Friday. Mrs. Spence Williams. j^f Csccola. « ( as In charge of the all day meeting. Prlnclnol speakers during the morning session were Mrs. Lucy B. M"'11 RI-. of Osceola. Mlsslssipnl WEATHER Arkansas—Fair and colder In j the east and extreme south portions. Severe freeze tonight. Sunday fail- nnd not quite so cold In. the west and central portions. Memphis and vicinity—light, snow i County ITenlth nurse, whose sub! ! "si W'l.s "Ken 1th"; Miss Frances Holland, Bounty librnvian, who • •>]\'(\f\ on "Llbrnrv nnd Books"; and William H. GM-dei-mr. prlnriual of with moderate cold wave today. Sunday fair and continued cold. schools, who spoke on ••Plfivr ound E q u 1 p in e n t "nnd Grimes." _ j Mftrvln Crlt.tendcn. of the coim- A kite may be a bird, a flying ;t, v welfare offl"e. tnlkcri on "ChPd on contrivance, or a rogue. County Farmers Paid 100% On Production Loans Report Of Credit Organization At Osceola Shows cent collections by Dec. 1. nrofits exceeding those of Driven by roaring flames from his a Brooklyn apartment' -house, Patrick Dillon straddled the window-sill, prepared to leap. Fireman on roof persuaded him to hang on until a ladder was raised and he was saf.ely rescued. One man was buin«d to death in the OSCEOLA. Ark., Jan. 18. — A total of 435 loans for 1940 amounting to S674.GOO representing a 20 percent increase over 1939; 100 per and any during the seven years of organization were among the highlights of the annual meeting of stockholders and directors of the Planters Production Credit Association ,:cre F.'iday. One hundred fifty-five farmer members, business men and officers of the association heard,.Frank Bell, secretary-treasurer of the Mississippi County organization recount the spectacular growth since its organization on Dec. 22, 1933, when the 4200 farmers of the county had "their backs to the wall," so to speak, point out the earnings of the members and give a preview of the new year. In 1934, Mr. Bell said that $67,000 was loaned; when .compared with over a half million loaned in 1940 shows an Increase of over one thousand percent. The first loans were made on cotton only, whereas the past year loans have been of six different types including dairy products production, beef cattle production, ho? and mule celt production. In 1940 for each $100 loaned by the association S2.34 in interest was collected. Capital' stock Ls $146.000 with fanner members owning $t>fi.68B, or 37.5 percent of the net worth of the association. R. C. Bryan of Osceola was reelected president: D. S. Laney. vice president, and Prank Bell, secretary-treasurer. E. M. Wocdard of Dell was elected a director for one year to fill out the unexpired term of C. S. Stevens, deceased, and A, C. Owen of Manila elected to fill out the unexpired term of Col. F. P. Jacobs, who resigned because of the fact that he will reenter active military service in the .n'sar future. C. E. digger oLBly- Wplfnrc of Mississippi County" and Miss Ann Council, new child wel- Sportyman's Park is located in i r nrfi worker of this county, who ;3t. Louis. Mo. ' fllrci'ssod her work, were the - ^ sno^kors on the nfternoon program. Pcrftuncd butter Ls served in 'p} ie Rev.'Hnrold O. Eeoensnerffir many Parisian restaurants. jor^isbnt pastor of the First Meth- orjist church, gave the devotional fl ;-olo was sung: by Miss Betty Jeai Hill. Business which came before the mectiiw included the electing of t nomlnatlntt comniitte to presen nominees for association offices a ! i be Anvil meeting at Dyess. Mrs theville carrier over as a director. ; - 1 - Cecil Lowe, of this city. Mrs L C B Young was chairman of j W. w. pr-wln. of Osceola. and the nominatin- committee. Mrs. .Jchn Wilson, of Joiner, were Amons the out-of-town speakers i Joined to this committee, heard at the all-day luncheon! Reports on hoi lunch projects meeting were Gordon "McCarty of j wcrr mnde by representatives of St Louis, representative of the|«hi» various P. T. As. Leachville. Production Credit Corporation of ManilD. Osceola. Wilson. Joiner,; Dvess. Luxorn and the four Bty- that city; F. A. Coe. St. Louis, of the Federal Intermediate Credit Bank; and George Doyle, secre- theville groups. Twenty-five members attended i taryltreasuror of the P'ederal Land t '•** social luncheon at the Palace Bank offices In Mississippi County. jCatc at noon. • An interesting feature of the pro-' gram was the "Prof. Quiz" test given by R. W. Porter, assistant secretary-treasurer of Blytheville. who rewarded members of the Prison To Make Uniforms MONTGOMERY. Ala. (UP)— Alabama Ls planning to use its prison textile mills to manufacture khaki County Official Seeking Back Pay Gomes Ur- In Mui/i Mystery shrouded reasons for the sudden rush iob of equipping the United States Linar 4> ^ ^ __ America \vith an anti-magnetic piano numbers played by "IVLrs. j ^"ard'gets" guris""",and"' equipment' ™™ belt, such as is used on D. R. Wertz, Estelle Packard and j from the government, but. no mil- n -* s - 1 - - 1 - ; - "-- — . audience with a silver dollar when | unifornrs for lts - home guard, which a question was answered correctly. < replflces the National Guard calle^ Entertainment features werej mto f e d era i service. The substitute Hugh M. Craig,'^ former- Missls- sijjpi county circuit" court clerk removed from ofnce. Feb. 4. 1938, and Inter acquitted of- charges of embezzlement of $30.000 . In public, funds, has -fued-.-.u suit to recover back Httlary from that date .until his term would have expired Dec. 31. 1938. the CouJe.r/.News learned tcday. Craig's suit, filed .by Attorney J. T. Coston at Osceola. seeks approximately $3300. It was set for the civil division docket of circuit court nt Osceola.lest week-but was not called during the session. The case cannot be tried., now lefore the next ter min Osceola In May. Craig's petition contends that he is entitled to be paid for the entire two-year term. He contends that he should never have been dis;: missed as circuit court clerk—cit r ing the fact that he was acquitted on charge's brought by the state comptroller's office which filed audit reports disclosing purported,- shortages -of more than S30.000. : Craig was acquitted April 14. 1939, and a bonding company which had paid more than $26,000 of thR alleged shortages'.was re-imbursed, Later he filed the suit for back salary in county court and it was disallowed, then the suit was,appealed to Circuit court. Harvej Morris, present •Circeit court clerk, was appointed to succeed Craig after he was ousted from office. He completed Craig's term after previously serving as deputy for six years and now Is beginning his second two-year term. Bessie Lou Rose. S. S. Simpson, executive of the Producers Livestock Commission Association, St. Louis, gave the livestock outlook for forms. Vlcerot Mendoza introduced printing Into Mexico In 1536. British vessels in the war zone. Above, a steward looks over the de Uaussing cables as the America, first U. S. ship to be so protected, left New York for A collection of 1585 superstitions was made from the beliefs of a single parish in Louisiana. "; Belgium has * population density of 700 persons to the square 12-day West Indian cruise. mile.

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