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San Francisco, California
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wsiiff ir lPPfPilii IB fc i Tt TS i 7 1 A 11Tla iSSJ7 Tfc fiiAK 3 M9mjw rt tfb eis VS 1 iStt Sfwa At its jfe jf BBS mm am IMi BsmsBBBBBBr bh 7 VSM Hi SBl eBSFeSBBBBS7 a mrk VBsl mMMmmmW i aim anfBT IS3 pS ml ay I 4B III mvM 1 mmfi W9 awesYaVBT Ji if B4 vl i eSJS rj rBAOISCO CHRONICLE STJNBAY APBDDf8f 1900 3 Jfr 3 2rs A2 yim trrtu a lor lettei tbeonlr one of hlB kind the Shultnite miut my Would yottHthVWTttbn orj bfcilvea the paling 91A Mftf i SL uneTerage moaern woman a iuure Isnt it easier and nibratifaetor to toa writer of iove lictteri Hers are only cau ner Tip cm the tdephon and awure her answers anyway a a Jrenl rule bat she that yon love her mora than VoudM last fusses in them and comolains and hedres ifly Ttlghf that she I the dearest aweetest girl jBhe finds fault with the things that he said Ii iln the aFr ith4tw BeerioT4 to the last letter and the things that he JVrs eny other woman In all roar iif ti nri jtSifciVI AWf 5V wonaerxuuypeculujEtiKay ki i Ft 1 Ivl J1 her she lsttheapostattratiTliag WW netlc charming bit of tfismfninltyiyoeva over met Of course there are drawbacks totVHv lhone The party wire la greatesttef HT minute limit is anotner so 1 txi rn cynic at the central end who holdtetjWaYch and calls time But as a saving pf ta and note paper the telephone Is an hnprSvement on pen and talk ana brain exertion when It comes to the transmission of heart to heart 1s LT mesaages tf Another great and important point in 3 its favor is that it retains no record of love sighs Perhaps that fa wny It haa super aeded letter writing No man can alt down and pour forth hla soul freely on paper to beloved one when he haa a vision on the side of the said beloved one possibly produc 4 ing the incriminating letter some day in a hard hearted breaoh of promise suit put she cant do anything with a telephoned ibve letter Cupid may be sitting on the wires but he doesnt leave bo much aa a feather behind him when he flies away All you have to do is ftlng off please and the a wisest most ingenious counsel in the world fh could not detect the slightest evidence in favor of the fair plaintiff No wonder the 4 telephone la popular Aa a saving inj time the typewriter has vij been used also but only by the cautious who wish to avoid the handwriting expert Romance Killed by Typewriter A typewritten love letter Is the most cold blooded mechanical unromantlo pro duction imaginable A man who would dic tate a love letter to his stenographer and send it on to the lady of his heart would propose by phonograph be married In the City Hall at lunch time send his bride on a wedding trip and back by herself and tell her to meet him at the office at 680 oclock The only real love letter ia the one written i in seclusion with the same old pen and Ink that had been used since Abelard and Heloise 5s cighed from cloister to cloister Cleopatra probably carried Antonys rolls of papyrus 2 around with her tucked in her jeweled belt jJX Semiramls must have had a most embar rasslng time trying to conceal hers Think of receiving a baked brick by special messenger and trying to decipher Its cuneiform message with any degree of privacyl Still the custom was unique and could have been put to some pretty usages Think of a dear little honeymoon brick bungalow by the waters of Babylon built entirely of cuneiform love letters Ci But real love letters ire comparatively modern Dante Petrarch Tasso all seem to have confined themselves to poetry and thereby bestowed Immortality on the loived ifC ones more effectually than if they had writ cnuous rfrZ r9 feWwaV a ess J1 IJ Vt IH7JV Js VI i i WWr W1 Ii ifn ii Tiiio4 1 taa arT vrm rm fiiii BtnB tKTvaiBiiiiiVaiiiiBaBiiiBV iliaVaiii BiBw JM KT 1 1 VTi kaaaaaBahw agBBaaaa aasM Ma Wr asaaaBSaaaaaeaae ai saaa aii aaaeW saiiiiB JFal tilMPSsSI fiilKalIlllabaBIKfw tW aVVa I vBIMI BBB i JaT VLHLSHaaCVBalBHaaiLLlBBBH SW sW Ma aW vB 4 sB aB aH Bak um Jtw aLPCei i bbi BBSaaaCa aiBBBBBBBBW Ti aaBBtaA ir i kCii IliBICflBlBlBlBlBlBlBlBBX JT JSfBBBBBBV eMeBBHBBBBBBr fSBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBV iaaW i Tr ISM ffi 4H ftT Tmem Machine the Jtr Jrf JU flaLaBvlaaLaLaLaW a4tatataaatatatalaW gaWsaWR VV i ffiffysBfaaB aWaSpLaDHaBIP ACpnOIlC 7 1 4CTHL ilBMBBi iTto If IMF If LaLBLaVBLaHiafeBlflLa9ilBLBVllav6L 5 Lovelaces sentiment put in strict practice Vfl far 1 miy a3 ftl wbLb9Lh9bbK1LIkLbLIbLbHSLbL I could not love thee dear bo well loved 1 vB I 3 A 1 KaflaaaWaniaaBBaBaVBBBnBBBBBlBBBBVBk i lijiflt honor more iv aaau tn fBafcaaEaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauaaaaaaaaaaeBaiaBaaaaaaaBava kA iliWWI llilMIMl 11 VS t1 THSMeIBaaaWsMaTTBMBaaaaBaaaaaaa MT NaKi aiJllFMzjTEQnr70j Staels best and cleverest letters to Constant BBBSBBQHKBngHHH2 rTTEHUVB I II I HI MIHIBIiMiMI saV eHESHatMeHRnHHaiii BH iBBBBHvRflalBHBBBHBBHBlBBBBBBBBBBlHHHK BBBBBBVjBBWBBMBBKBBBBHH4l9 HaBBBBBHBBflHBSMBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBHBVK IIbBHR BBBBBBbW tlKBSjIfcBBBBBBBlBBBBBBMBBBBBBaBBBBBBBBBBBBBW IB 8rBBlllSlB II fHniv II BliBHHh i jK nBlBBVHBlBHBBBBBBBBBBBV 30 faLVo LK sbbbbMbbbHHbHbIbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbV HSSMbbbbbbbbB if WlBaHBftaBBBBBBBBBBP IK IBBbV liBBBBBBBHlK9n9BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBHP BW VBTBTbVI lBBBBBaaB1BBMBBBBBWTrri I HI im i faT BbM llBBBBBBBBBBBBBBrT5 trp to ihe end of his life he still wrote to the Princess the same long delightfully personal Jove letters but aa they gain In po Jltlcal data so they lose in love Interest It iithe penalty of fame that one becomes interesting largely because of ones place in the epoch in which one lives The true love letter need not be clever didnt say in the one before that Martin Luther sent Catherine a good answer to one of her love sermons My Eve my Kit my rib Kit that most learned dame Catherine Luther ah kit thou shou Ids never preach How much these same ribs have to answer fori The Old Style Scorcher Sylvia my souls eternal Joy walla Philander no letter from thee for two days I cannot eat or sleep The hours drag their weary length across days darksome gloom Death beckons with a kindly hand Ill steep my soul in Lethes flood Sylvia flouts me If he had flouted Sylvia and let her do a little more worrying herself when the postman walked by his souls eternal Joy would have come to her senses swiftly Every woman likes to dally experimentally when she knowa shes betting on a sure thing Thou art a heartless trifler writes Cad mua to Vanessa What have I done to vest thee No letter for a fortnight it Swift was a scolding lover always He scolded Varina for coldness Vanessa for jealousy and Stella for being too effusive Herein answer I thy complaints specifically says Abelard in his humble punctlll oos style He is aggrieved that Heloise still or De IMusset Lord Nelson and Lady Hamiltons correspondence Is a model of non committal sentiment Henry the Eighths messages to Anne Boieyri are stately heavy condescending All messages signed Rex are apt to partake of these qualities His Only endearing sentl jt ment is deliclously comical in view of later rlavatnrtmanta ixrVi aiaa tatfrr fcateiA a soldier Mf is tfeSM ten reams A love letter to be perfect must be abso loves him He beseeches her to fix her af lutely personal It must be wrjtten for the fections upon the church to which shells eyes of one only It must confine Itself to wedded and then in the next line he recalls th 3 von Sternf but not one of them is as Interesting as his answers to the sweet declarations of Bettlne where he graciously developments when Annes pretty head top pled lri the Tower at hla behest Sweetheart I would not harm thee for my kingdom Napoleon was conservative aa becomes He does not appear to have com mitted himself In pen and Ink to any one but Joiephlne His letters to Maria Therese are too ceremonial to be called personal lore letters But to the handsome Beauharnals widow he wrote from Brescia I Have arrived at this place my dearest love and my first thought is of writing to you our health and your image have occupied fall my thnughta on rny way hither I shalll not be at ease tlllM receive letters from you I expect them with the greatest eagerness It is impossible to describe to you my impatience I fell dull sad and half sick If the deepest and tenderest love can make you happy you ought to be so I am overwhelmed with business Adieu my dear Josephine Love me Take care of yourself and thjnk often very often of me BONAPARTE Goethe wrote over a thousand letters to love strictly In the concrete It should not to her how they two eloped to Brittany she discuss events or incidents or retail any in the guise of a nun he as the monk poet 1 nappemngs 01 ine auu aay a rouune no wnose songs naa tnruiea a comment wra and delicately beseeches the loving child woman loved cares a rap about such things their beauty and reminds her of the perilous tJ m0jerate her loving Ail sne wants is to be tola in separate sweetness 01 tne memory 01 tnose aays ana distinct and original ways that she Is the of the danger of yielding even in thought to loveliest dearest creature ever born to shine the love of the past They are sweetly plaintive letters these epistles composed by two star crossed lovers In the flower scented seclusion of abbey closes but there is a settled middle aged If it tells sincerely and convincingly the state of the writers heart to the Lady Sweetheart Paramount then ie its mission fulfilled the harp of Eros haa but two strings but the lover may ring changes upon them indefinitely And their melody is the muslo of the spheres the theme of the nightingale the eternal question that only one may answer after all For in true love the Heart of My Heart Kver Dearest Nanna syndicate lover is not reeognired And the They are the tenderest manliest most two notes are only these sincere love letters ever published and yet I love you Do you love meT In them he chides her frequently for impa You cannot improve on them Tou can Hence at his tardiness in visiting her He only vary the theme in the nine hundred and is on duty he tells her Before his duty ninety nine different ways that she Is long as a lover comes that of a soldier It is ing to hear Byrons Safe Plan SsfS mvk as sole star in one mans benighted Ufa Tell her that twice a day for six weeks telegraph It to her phone it to her write it to her Scatter a few bunches of violets in between the stamps twelve matinees twelve delicious dinners In the cosiest corners you know of and at the end of the six weeks you may safely order the furniture for the nest Any girl who could Stand out against a campaign of that kind ia born with a petrified pericardium Tou couldnt reach her heart unless you tried a Marconi wireless and even that might bound off harmlessly Byron decided half way through hla career as lover extraordinary to woman in the abstract that love letter writing was a dangerous and pernicious custom To avoid sadness and philosophy about them that robe any fUIther argument or envy among the them of their tenderness There is too much jovely recipients be copied his from Les erudition and not enough spontaneity about them One would rather read a page or so slipped between the pages of Francescas book by Paolo or a line carried next to Juliets heart as she knelt at confession With famous middle aged lovers there Is He told Clarinfla that he liked Arcadian names in a commerce of this kind There is no time my Clarinda when the conscious thrilling chords of Love and Friendship give such delight as in the pensive hours of what our friend Thomson calls Philosophic Melancholy Clarinda when a poet and poetess of Natures making two ofS44S44 Natures noblest productions When they ri nreiess ooKing in me Army IfPlRELEsa cooking which has of lata A square kettle fits perfectly Into each eom tracted much attention because cf the partment and into this kettle Is placed anv publicity given to tests made by Captain kind of food which It 1b desired to boll Thi Murray head of the commissary kettle is then placed qpon a stove and the department at Fort Riley Kan is not a water allowed to come to the bolllna noim new idea but the credit for developing this To prepare a stew th fnrta 1 1 1 1 sa a kwwu ll known her nix month i B1 cl luuui IlLmarrt blnr xf InMlttw vrttrl 4 real HI Of the practical an drink together of the same cup of love and bliss attempt not ye coarser stuff of human nature profanely to measure an enjoyment ye can ever know Good night my Clarinda STLVANDER At 82 Clarinda was still faithful Syl vander had filled and emptied his cup of bliss I at other Arcadian SDrinzs before he had QiuBi mw ma econa aeiue or casse rolle being pren profitable Is the same as in brdlnarv rnnirin a 0 nuuUL HA Liaisons Dangereuses and simply distrlb that writlnc is at best but a poor makeshift i argeiy aue 10 mm inenes of water la placed In the larger kettle uted facsimile copies upon occasion He adds that kisses cannot be written Hlsf M7 wiinout tne use 01 nre at ana a rest about seven Inches high Is placed It is a wise habit when one runs a love tokens of love and life as he called themT anr stae of the process is an impossibility at the bottom Upon this rest 1 placed the ra vnrflrt i wltten when he was a young dike captain 1 far as man has yet learned and yet the casse rolle all is covered tightly tha wtr but all of Tier are strictly original Pn duty the lb t0 Johana von rrji bnn the kettle single hearted for the time being He could a reservation a repression of sentiment a The sweetest tenderest love letters ever half suspicious approach to the game that is love a woman more devotedly and positive written by a woman were those sung by the not new and has only taught them caution yt ana briefly than any other man whose Bhulamlte in the gardens of Jerusalem There that leaves their letters dry and lifeless affaires des coeura are on record And he is an abandon an utter surrender of self They are merely clever and no love letter never appears to have had the slightest fear a passionate adoration of the beloved that should attempt cleverness A schoolboy of publicity Sometimes it is a poem more haa never been excelled Lacking any bark scrawl filisd with nothing but crosses fcignl often an appeal by post to Mary Or Jean or hieroglyphics that Eve may have cut on the fying kisses conveys infinitely more true pas handsome Neli or fair Clarinda or some for whom my soul Is ever sick with tre of Edtn with her little stone ax to eion than all of George Sands or Mme de other bonnie sweet sonsle lass Ing Glovanna mla Hearts Beloved cv is uiauau inp written when he was a young dike captain80 Iar man nas et learned and yet the casse rolle all is covered tightly the Water on duty at the Elbe to Johanna von Putt actual cooking of food takes place in this brought to the boiling point and the kettle kflmpr afterward Princess riismnrrW aret device to which no fire is applied hence returned tn tho WV wna altvnv rnnsrintloils And absolutely ji iA i tr vjt It nama th flroloo PnnVor 8 OeSired ijiuueis Liiai tiiiy iuvci iiiigiit iuiiuw xt 1121U ov uwv uicai ia piacea in a hundred terms of endearment at his pen point Johanna was his Dearest only beloved Juanita Better half of myself Again she was his Poor sick Kitten his Jeanne la noire la chatte Angela mla Flower of the wilderness Ma tres chere mon adore Jeanneton My treasure my heart consolation of my eyes My Star 1ClM MA il Food which is to be cooked in this device an oven or over a fir ut i i Is placed on an ordinary stove and the tern sear it before It is nlaced tn th perature raised to 212 degrees boiling point When all food has been placed in the cookir It Is then placed In the cooker and allowed a heavy felt cover la placed over 00ker to remain about the same time as would partment and the cover which i be required were it left upon the stove lated Is closed That food will VkMn The tireless cookers used in the army device for honr Hl COOk ln thla ui 1 Vl some persons seem IN THE SCHOOLHOUSB OF DARKNESS Continued From Front Page a The class of beginners cjurlously enough Is taught by one Who is himself a deaf mute It is a very tiulet schoolroom but a little mute boy who had Just come to the school and he was for that matter If all the class Should give the Berkeley yell In nmninf hout the corridors with another little boy who like concert their teacher would not be disturbed First he shows himself was deaf And dumb buti who had been at the school for the little boy a picture of an animal a cat for instance and at i a year The newcomer was only 6 years old ana naa not yet learned to talk with his fingers The language of natural gestures and signs was their only means of communication It is not A language in the same sense aa the finger talking or the regular system of signs which is taught in the school and ln whose terms one can tell the narrative of a balloon ascension or repeat an Ibsen play but its vocabulary was expansive enough ifor one little youngster to tell the other little youngster a good deal about the building and what went on in all the rooms As they went by the open door of a classroom where some blind supiht had just been reciting the newcomer looked in and his Inquisitive eyes lit upon one of the Braille typewriters He pointed ta the new object and then looked at his guide The Joe eur to read It said very plainly What is thatr A fcnw Inuestlon to answer without verbs and nouns you think but the young guide waa at a Ipsa for only half a minute Then he hut his eye so tgni ivvu uv Ji drummed hard on the Uble with all his fingers That meant 3 is a typewriter that the blind bpya and girls use And a iK quick smile ot InteUigenoe told him tbat he was understood althouith the new lltUe boy was quite ignorant of the why of a fi typewriting machine tX rtTbetaame JitUe boy think that all the grown up people in rt vi Arid Are talking 4o each other in tne same way tnat nis a friend told Wm what theirpewrlter was Other chUdren learn Jtpii f1rt to words apd after that they begin to put the words S1 I 1 together In their rnbida asi thoughtvbut the dumb think without 2sfV ri MAont tlihow anv one can think without words We Wait the dumbruntirthey are taught have no more idea that there ybf Ti rareiuclrithlnts as words i than we have of a fourth dimension fiK1 ii Th muscular action ofpiech Iaas Silent to them as is the a-4-1 SATji 1 Kirfe iKWti rSs4 J1 Star 1 service have Six cooking compartments with impossible but test made at Fort Rllev long heavy Insulation around each except at the that boiling water nlantS ed I top for which a heavy felt cover is provided at the tJTJSS lZZlVr Zt Q4sAm4s THE FLAG OF THE SULTAN OF SULU ifAeS eVv8Viri iav2v 2CfM And her friends theMStban realm ZlTj his people as nyan am nrMoni ij sun an Individual hAif i tter marrying aSuiBJS1 VM in the UUB ayiencior that lives in lVy a othe m7re tlSfK cFsco ver and no the same time he writes a on the blackboard Then he spells It slowly with his flngeirs After much patience the little boy begins to see that the picture and MCa on the blackboard and the three signs with the Angers all mean the same thing and after he has been there a few months he will be able to write on the board It is a cat or a dog or a horse as the case may be But It will be1 more months before he begins to learn his alphabet For little dumb boys are as it were led into the world backward And even then if he did not see the older pupils always talking With finger signs would never imagine that suoh a funny thing as dat COUld be Used to let any one else know what he wanted to1 tell them One little deaf mute after years of patient work found him self in a situation which was poser He had learned ta artiou late words and phrases but hla parents were Italian and spoke no English All speech is a dead language to the deaf but this boy would have found the language he had learned little more like a live tongue if it had happened to be the tame one that his father and mother spoke I After seeing blind children reading and writing and dumb children talking one is ready to accept almost anything in the way of miracles come true But aftef ail will be ready to admit that play acting and farce performid by the blind in real costumes and in reguiatltn aeeniBs ii pretty nearly the last thing he could expect But that ws exactly what happened on the 15th of March and thert was nothlrtg ln the ftctlttg from vnien strantrer could have ilMd tht it tons htttn don WinI hnrl art A riM trhn Aftrl ftfcVt 1A6IS rtv Kanh nnla fA Hllfr At fHA ViilM Al CuT study the natural poses and lBtUfrof other people AMfl hU come tojhft Sultan of rfitilu made a nr6noRfll of mrria tnth Ahae li1LlnA2 Pfaylng 3 the giving JJlll TOirvffJWJr Tl rtot of the united State durinMohammeS 7tS J0 uuk uw i nuiDDuia manas ana ineir netero ner recent tone nt th oriAnt Tkflnion wm iBi me nii uusB Uf UgCCa BlPm adopted by the Sultan soon copy here Philip whom TLr better thahthat of ru ruea Dre him brave htltaV naV tnnl Suu th the of the hearts of tne Sultans advisers Wfcn StTgmy houty nd WvJ kIU J1614 rt emblemaUmi 9rethe principal means by which Mo hmedaam bai been introduced mto the J2Ut Wt five ion veious imngsTuai inese ooys inu gins iearn no ao tnav is most Phiiinmna islands and ihcir httum Mrt i i iz 7rr nxnarlrithle hnt th tMAt fact Lhaf thev fojtrntnv Av tiV ifs Mnnia mahIu WltiJiuj ii arwnage XOilecca TT al Btuvuo ivvia kviivui cui vj uco1 vi una uus iiever aeniea ii dul me Kniint i Jl fLi ym 1 1 lgsf4 i 5 iii jiiv nmM fwhflfl to learn tieorew oeiore we SSjrf i Mttf iaMV oneitVouid seem afl6ngTtaskV but lt would be by the exercise dfinflfilte patience and energy to be uiful men pfoud monarch ahd his 60d wives but ndw daughter now Mrs Nicholas ivmisrf ttSfc Mirnnlifhln when ietbesldAithe1 work that js before the little and irtaen wJBre i wert tot school these helpless everybody feels moxe or 1m acaUainted lth nag herself said that it washot so andsheyeh The FfrS dhmMboy1who know ahiOlUteJyJnothini while We know a good human ones must havj remained always as little children who him for it was this doughty ruler of the must be believed Anyway thultanr6f ninWby Maiaro i tne UiglJAi 1 wni leaVri at alL know not andido not understand American tropica ho is alleged to have Sulu did himself nroudin entertaining i il ArPnfttl COrbln to 7 fJfric tyieewww prrT7 Is ir I ittl Vf wir Vt C9CU16U UV JI Htlltn tf yiffijwjjiw mmi IIS Will iii I lUMt UlJiir SUJei BBSLcSSJllit iii rii aMBBBBBBBBBSI IM Tf TT il II III nnTlim I IIS ni iji aMiH jwHb jmm BaiHaHHnvi tt ti imi i i i ri si iitimi i i ir mmt 11 i mrr Tim mi i Mb UbHHkdkHM mmmMtamitmmmmmimmmmmmmmmmmmmmammwmmmmmmmwmmm XI at Kjf jgMlJ aW.

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