The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 11, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 11, 1933
Page 3
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MONDAY. DKCEMBEU 11, 1933 HLYTHEVILLE. COURIER NEWS How Fatal Virginia Wreck Scrambled Cars Boys and Girls May Borrow Without Security to Purchase Livestock. ST. LOUIS.—Boys and girls belonging to 4-H clubs o.- vocational r.giicullmal students who are members of Future Fanners of America may now obtain loans on ilicir personal notes Irom production credit associations for the purchase of livestock to be used in their club projects. This arrangement br,s been authorized by J. M. Huston, president of the Production Credit Corporation of SI. Ixiuis, one uf the lour units of th» l-'arm Credit Administration of SI U'.ifs. In order lo acquaint dub members w-iih the use of production credit, loans are made on personal notes and without collateral providing Ihc'y arc .signed up by the club member and his father or local leader of the club. However, no credit statement is liwulred of the father. "Those are character loans and r 'yepre.wnl a credit risk of the hi»h- v rsi class—the farm toys and girls," ti'id Mr. Huston. "These notes will be paid jusi o.s quickly as If they were secured. The borrower represents the baek- tx)iie of the future farmers of our country and we want them to learn production credit, how to obtain and use it." pmtmmity shidlu emfwyp emfwyp A detailed plan of tho club's activities must be submitted, to the production credit association along with the application. The loans will bear 6 ncr cent interesl and the lerm will coincide with Ihe approved duralion of the club's uctivliies. Alt hough the loans are made without security, they are subject to nil other terms and conditions affecting loans made by a produc- lion crcdil a.^ociatlon, Mr. Houston points out. . i It. is necessary that club members submit applications in advance of the purchase of animals In order that arrangements may he made for inspection by the association inspector. Further information regarding this plan may be secured from the secretary-treasurer of any production credit association of from the Production •' Credit Corporation of St. Louis. ; V helpful in ease In ' a tarn bandy and sherry or 4 ta- M'l the .paper bw with brandy, sclldiii^ may Kespcans cuirjnt jelly and, 1-4 on fire and send to the table. 1-icainer is not included cup strong coM collce infusion, 1 Another way is to \m;r brandy! kitchen niiilpj, enl teaspoon cinnamon, 1 tcasixxjn; over the piiddii'n just before send-1 i'«t pudding iniii mold or nutmeg. 1-2 teaspoon cloves, 1-21 ing to the taole and lighting lt]:i:o!ds, filling mold-, to within an "i.oon s "' la ' ' ] just as it leaves the kitchen. Tlie! inch (1 . om t | |( . t(J]) Tio on m usliii Chop fruit a-d suet with fioiir.l hostess, spoons Ihe blue naming: covers which I'i'.ve brcn well oil- Add crumbs a::-i spices and mils, i llqiild up over the pudding to • td and (loured Any good cook- It was at this flag" of Ihe pud-' distribute the, flavor. j jug oil or iiiel'od butter can be oins that the old-time housewife! The 'first method takes advan- ; s oing that the old-time housewife! The first method takes advan- ; sed for "oilinu-" Put molds inlo Itl the inixluie stand thirty-six! 1 W of tho be-.-.uly of tlm custom It, 1-ettk- of tol ':ig uater. Tlm wu- .^ur^ or louver over "stir-up Sun- i H'ithoul changing the llavor of|ter should come to within 1 1-2 J&y." B?at yelfcs of eggs until tllc IJtiddiiie. ' ] Inches from 'op of molds. Cover !& . y Ihick and lemo-i colored and add lo mixture. Add spic;s. salt, _ r, molasses, milk mid either :he brandy and sherry or the jelly and coffee In.'iislon. Add soda dissolved In a little cold . water. Mix thoroughly and fold in whites if eggs beaten until still and dry. inlo buttered mold, cover 5ISTER MARY'S KITCHEN SISTKR MARYS KITCHEN A dell-htrul Christmas gift fr:.n)-tbe kitchen is Ihe traditional r.luni [iuddir» which Eiilir Mary (ptls how to prc- jiiic. It is her fourth arth-le In .» scries of six en ChrKlinis BY SISTER MARY NEA Sm-i-e Stan* Writer Plum piidtlin.- seems almost as much' !>_ pan of Christmas ax hri'.lv and carol angers and Is one of the viands which dates back to me days of II"- Normans. 'l!:e verv rich plum pnddin-j i; fill! of fruit and spices and many cilarlns. only small serving; .'hould te iriven al the end of a "big" Christina" dinner. This pudding makes a delightful Christmas rift from til? kit- ilien. Eti-inie.l in one of thos chr.rmin • l:owi.i of vilrous pol- . l«v made to i.-itl'sland both in- Icn-e heat and cold or in imtivid- nal 'rail ir.r>:,l<- ,-ir.d n-rappcd in sparkling pa,:or. such a gift is ch!:racl"iistL~ c-[ the season. Tn:- English plum pudding w.i", criminally boiled in a floured ntddini baa. Hr.v:ever. we prelc:' It '.teem our i:i:<!dhi»s in aUra:- ^'f- nirJds suitable to send lo Ihe \M;U f.:r sei-.-ii-r:. or in. individu-il ' 'i iv,old; i.i.-st t; vvoll oiled :o th: : lln juirldiiigs will slip out easily, bet-iisc Ihe pudding muM be served very hot Rirb I'limi I'uddin; Two cups cieancd currents. iuis srecl.d raisins, i cup shr,. t'ic citron. 1-2 cup each candied <-tr.i'y and lemon peris. I cup lone-half pound) chopped suet 3-z rn. Hour, •>, cups slale brcncl .-n:nib,. 4 c K f. i teaspoon sail i nip broMii -nifcar. 1 cup blanchc<i c-nd ihrcddcd clrnonds, 1-4 eiip Ji,ol:!isc£, 1-2 cup milk. 1-4 cu .' : For Sale •I Utindlcs - 25c Spcciiit attcnfion lo Iarr;e orders. CHICAGO .MILL & LUMBER CO. :, It ft«-nlls you In li'.o nekl and irchnrd; If you love nature, Cod has furnished It (o you on nil sides of your farm environment; i your Hooks will conn- to know you land dumbly speuk lor your frlentl- |shi|>' mid kindness of word; your I hills and valleys, r.idlunl with tin; ^ . . "'p'-n ,.,, , | 1 "'U.:lness of hnr\wl's blossoms LoiUllllSSIon btlll al Work'' 111 ' 1 '»'«. beni- witness of your cn- Af,.,.. A ,i • • *-) , i; '* : >' "'"I <.m; striving and thr:!l AllPl ActllCVmg $Z,-:*I11 biln x ta you all itie city's con(100,000 a Year Siiving. .S'S.. 1 " 1 ^ t™™* "' >">"* " | 0rt 'i IrJini 1 : lnnlili-^lvlnii .crystal Ihe lr : t, of utilities, has In re- ! , cent diiimalle nuivi-s losvercil tlie i , " ""' f ' lrl " c " ln ° .'-- bills ol CicoiBinns bv $•> - "V' ''"'''I'.'iiili'ne:-, r.e 000.001) iiiiniiullv. ' Tin- suvinijs are i-blmrd (or Ciuur- (;la ci::/,-ns In ordi-is issued ur 'il-jlits \VBSI-I! lor lower t-jlepiiune rali-s. H-duci.l electric |»wcr rules n the ii!:,ilUian of the I'ullinan s charge uu rullroad pusfciiHcr ten mi!s are to bi> vuiiiliiuiM lor Hill |icwer and lelcii.'uue comp.nik., (o (Icti-rmlne why tlu-y r.tnr.iit n-diice tlielr rales, in Jaii'- uary :!u- couiinission '.ull c]>cn a heiiihi;; on etoss (relgliv r.iti-s «f rallidnds In an ellurl to luwi-r thPfi- rute.v 'iiu.iv [ s ;l |io«ibilily the ^i:iiini, : iliiii uuiy al.'u luiik Int'J slrei'i lures that arc now clnu- J<-d !:i (.iciir^la cltk-s. 'On tin- {.inn e-in 'tilth, s'.renst! utul hiii.'piiii-:,s. with iliu lowest ''s of evi-r' known, you an.l 1 shoul.l buy ,i rarni cjdiiy.'' £ P.T. A. News The curs jumbled into a heap by Ihe terrific Impact, this \vus a view of the wreckage nftrr « Florldn- New York express plowed iiito a freight which" had been derailed by a landslide at Quanuco, Va. The engineer and fireman aboard the flyer were killed. The Niidbury P. T. A' met Wril- ni'Mlay iifti-nnxin (it 3 o'clock at vhlct. tlini- Juditr Oeori;e W. llar- liinii dlscusH-d tlm subjiicl, "Siime l-'iictors D'S'iuli-Hiii, t,, || om e lim i School.". Miss Minim- .lonea Rave a musical nuiulx-r uml Mr. Ivy W. CrawruHl Buvi! n dialogue. The pri'siili'iit's iiicsiafc was read by ill MLss Malth- ccmbcr meeting Tuesday morning M the high school nudllorlum with about 30 members present. Routine business, Including the reporls of commuters, wns conducted. Tlio membership committee reported that an extension has Wen grunted until March 1st for the reportliiK of members to the Etuie association. '' 'he "Thanks for Hoiilth" B n conducled In the city -Tliiiols last week under the aus- nlci-s of Uie TubcTciilosIs Assoclft- tl"n, over $55 wns lalsed In behalf of ihe association. 'Hie re- i:o.-l on the cod liver project at t-Vnlial .school was made. Mrs. C. w. Alfllck, president uf (In- council, appointed tlw follow- In 1 / bi'lliT Him coinmliu-e: Mra. Olio Kwhtllzky. chairman; Mrs. Hunk Thru.sher, Mrs. T. a Seal Mis. If. L. Klrshner, Mrs. n. E. lllnylui'k, Mts. J. B. CM-/, and Ml>.s Winnie Virgil Turner. The .study course on parliamentary law was conducted by Miss 1'imii II. Wllhehn. Special re- l.s were made by Mrs. Otto Kochl ill-ley, Mrs. B. A. Lynch, lliiim-r Slcadmini and Crawford Clieeiie. P-AGE^THRER End Serious Coughs With Creomulsion Don't let them gel a strangle hold. Fight germs qulolcly. Creo- nmlslon combines the 1 best' helps . known to modern science. Powerful but harmless. Pleasant to take. No nnrcotlcs. Your own druggist is authorized to refund your money on the K|»t If your cough or cold Li I'.ot relieved by Crcomiitslon. Adv. JUNIOR HIGH STUNT-NIGHT /;• TUESDAY, DKC. 12th 7:30 I'. U HKJH SCHOOL Al.'IMTOIUUM .ifler he coralucted u l;i:an:is into charges brought by Ihe V L ? r " fj '^'"atlon o f Labor which vouri 1 clntu-.ed the cuiiiinlsslun had favored public ulili!:;s in Us rates and K«- A delicious sauce thai iiczen or merely chilled i One Goldrn Sauce cup pov5crcd can be! kettle and s!:nmer, taking care E0ldciij"!e water cicrs not toll over inlo j ih( i,i:ddhi5. , cup butter, yolk 3 eggs, 1 •••.hipped cream. 1-2 CUD Beat yolks o. Gradually beV until thick, sugar. Cook I Tomorrovt's ]M[-nu 13REAKI-MST — Stewed primes, cereal, cream, V.i:kcd Frcncli toast, syiup. milk. co.Tce. >rVi \irim r" - . 'i.d steam six hours. When ready ovcr hot water, Lcatlng constantly favory codfish sandwich^, serve, stjoi'i one hour, turn;v.-ith a dover l.atcr and gradaul- t:cu<-hnuls. m;H: UT, Wins ]-or ! On 1 S25 !>ri/i; ' >!•!(•!' lissiiy Hiving Farm .i,t and s-:rve ;,.s wanted. Individual niclds will steam r.rcK hours. "Flamhy 1 1'lum "Puddinf iti>iyi A •'Flaming" plum pudding v-ii'], vanljln and chnrbefore'serv- :aJs much ink-ten lo the Christ- ing. .ias dinner an<i may be lislicd :n se; - nral ways. Cut -tic In the top of the large m DINNER - Veal pot pie. cream"" ™ ' 1 ° kCS ' P'" 11011'i _ butter. Cook unlll mix- in jlurs coats a melal spoon. Chill ] thoroughly. Fo'd In cream whip- 11 until Hrn. Flavor lightly *• ^jui\ i i'tjijir.K Vt accom- This sauce can be frozen in an | rilitale collect"-!! of H. W. Slcmlcll. proprlewr of I'.e Friinhlin Press. Iccal prlnl shop, was awarded second prize of S'ii In a commercial Appeal contcsl on "Why 1 should Buy a Farm Today." LUNCHEON' - Vegetable soup r ,J'P' Pr]/C '""' """"•• thc 2 ™ J '-^ST^r'^r-MVn?^ sc.^col. Tin- letler wrllton bv Mr. Rtet!- The hlfih school P. T. A. w,,. meet nc.xl Tuesday nt 3:30 p.m. I at the high .school auditorium. Junior and senior high school P. T. A.'s arc s]xiii.sorlnx a pie supper Monday night, December 18, ai Ihe high school auditorium. Proceeds will be used to buy bas- kotballc(|Ulpiiu'iit for both schools. Tho junior lilqli stunl nlRlit will be held Tue-,dav, Die. 12. at the urinary. All P.'T. A.'s of the ntly will participate and there will be prizes for tho best stunts. The Junior hl>;li will have n biiiKo parly Friday, Dec. 22. There will be turkeys for all the prizes. Tlio city council of Parent- Teacher associations held Us De- SHORTE COLDS . , Luad puddini;, milk, coflce. chocolate ci (tared writing a automatic refriserator or pack in six parts ice to one part ice cream 31,11, and fnWC'l Withonl Kllrrlnir Trim the Perhaps Vt. (UP)—To fti- ... .1 of poll taxes, .he Vermont legislature lias pas.;rd a law providing thai a drjv- -, „ ,. _ • " '• uiij j j«iiui uic L-LLKI noinir? tir ,i,2 l.cente ca-.i be issued only real casement thai v.-ouH just'-y in 1 line i unvc-mr ,1-1.1-. 1....... 1,1 1 i, • ._ . jujk.. j ^. Comme , cllll In sim- Ii:e first pri/e letter, is as follows: "After tc-sting out many of Ins city's allurements ami findlnj (hem only bright 'Jack-o'-Lanterns. 1 ' that led nowhere, my firm belief is that only farm life PROVED BY 2 GENERATIONS G. G. Caudill IlLLY PACKED Vo Loose Ends 11WY LUGKIKS AttE SO MILD. SO SMOOTH ALWAYS t/k/^af fotaavt ALWAYS tArfi*ctt imtmmul ff | . \\-Vi\\sf.urlilfifJwcf O[>eii a pack of Luckics and lay the 20 cigarettes siilchy side. You can' ttcllonc from another. livery Lucky is round, firm and fully packed —with choice 1 Turkish and domestic tobaccos. And every Lucky is free from annoying loose ends. The tips are clean-cut — the tohacco doesn't spill out. That's why Luckics draw easily, burn evenly — and arc always mild and smooth. its toasted " FOR THROAT PROTECTION'—K()!{ BETTER TASTE Good Reasons Why WOMEN ENJOY SHOPPING for MEN'S GIFTS HERE! 1. Salesmen are alert and courteous, quick to offer suggestions • if asked, but never intruding personal opinions 2. Avi ides for sale are displayed in quiet, tastefully decorated : rooms, where there is no rush or crowding 3. The name "Mead Clothing Co." stands for proved style and quality in men's clothes and furnishings 4 . The type of merchandise on display is the.type that a man regularly chooses for himself (so you run no risk of failing to please) 5. Prices meet your purse more than half way, because we bought early and generously, before the rise NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO.

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