San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California on November 26, 1898 · Page 4
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San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California · Page 4

San Francisco, California
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Saturday, November 26, 1898
Page 4
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h - 6 i i u j 4 A - - - - SAKfFRAKCtSCO GHBOOTOLE SATTJBDAY XOVEMBEB2ta 1808 BROFITBY A MURDER Frank Belews Children Share the Victims Estates STATE STATUTES REWARD CRIME JtDOR BlCKLRS FOLLOWS THE LAW IK DECIDING A NOVEL P QUESTION vA Case Unparalleled In Callforalaa Itlatarr It la Held That n Assassin Cannot Be Kept Prom Inheritance 1 Fpeetal DUpateh to the CoroolcU There Is not in the State codes anywhere any provision that in any manner forbids the murderer from taking an estate that would otherwise descend to him JUDGE BUCKLES oe - o Uwi of succession f oTa deferafnailon of this question 1 i LJ j f For the reasons herein stated tna demurrer Is sustained HEADING FOR VANCOUVER Great Northern Planning - to Bridge the Fraaer Rlrer VANCOUVER B C November 25 It now seems to bt an assured fact that the a rest Northern will enter Vancouver from South Westminster In competition with the Canadian Pacific The engineers of the Great Northern are in Vancouver and New Westminster looking out for a possible route from Westminster to Vancouver The construction of an enormous steel bridge to span the Fraser from South Westminster to Westminster City Is contemplated Once In Westminster city It would be folly for the Great Northern to terminate at that point The company would push on Immediately to Vancouver twelve miles distant It Is learned seml - ofnclally that actual overtures hove now been made by the Great Northern for a magnificent terminal site on the water front made possible by the destruction by fire of the Hastings lumber mills CRlSIIKD BY A ROLLING LOG A Yonnar Man Carried Dwa an Embankment in Oregon GRANTS PASS Or November 23 - A man about S years of age was this morning crushed to death near Wolf creek by a log rolling over him There was no one near when the accident occurred but the Indications are that he loosened the log to let It down a steep embankment and In so doing slipped A small limb catching In his clothing carried him over and over several times as If rolled down He claimed to hall from Mexico but did not give his name No papers of identification were found on him TERRIFIC WINDS SWEEP SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA SnsiTX November 25 A novel case Involving fine legal points and the first of its kind ever tried In California has been decided by Judge Buckles of Solano county The question Involved was whether a man could scqulre property by his own crime The nature of the case la best told by the decision which In part Is as follows Louie Prank Arthur Thomas and Sule Belew were brothers and sisters Louie and Susie were unmarried and each possessed estates In their own right The father and mother were both dead Frank was without means and possessed a family with whom at the time he was not living He murdered Louie and Susie with no apparent motive other than to succeed to a portion of their respective estates He pleaded guilty was sentenced to be hanged and his execution took place in the State Prison at Folsom on June 16 IMS The petition for the distribution of the estate of Susie and Louie Belew asks that the said estate be distributed in t - oua I shares to the surviving brother and to the estate of Frank Belew One of the brothers filed an objection to any distribution being made to the estate of Frank Belew on the ground that he having murdered his brother and sister could not succeed to any of the estate left by them To this objection a general demurrer Is Interposed The objection is basei upon a case determined in October 1SS9 decided by the Court of Appeals of New York and reported in 2 N T R page 188 Rlggs vs Palmer That was a case where the grandfather made his will bequeathing to his grandson Elmer the residue of the estate Elmer was 16 years of age and knew - of the bequest mads to him For some reason the grandfather had manifested an intent to revoke this part of hia will Of thin the boy had knowledge and to prevent It being done and to secure the residue of the estate according to the bequest he murdered his grandfather The Court held that the act of murder served to revoke that part of the will and that Elmer could take nothing The statutes of succession or of descent contained no express provision by which one who murders his ancestor or one from whom he Is otherwise entitled to Inherit Is precluded from inheriting or of succeeding to his victims estate nor does the statute which provides for the revocation of wills make the murder of the testator a revocation of the will But the Court said In substance The laws of New York relating to the probate of wills and the distribution of estates will not be construed so as to secure the benefit of a will to a legatee who has killed the testator in order to prevent the revocation of a will This ruling has been criticised by Other courts of other Jurisdictions on the ground that the New York Court con strued something into the statutes which plainly the Legislature did not Intend to and had not put there In this State the Code has provided as follows Civil Code section ISM When any person having title to any estate not otherwise limited by marriage contract dies without disposing of the estate by will it Is succeeded to and must be dis tributed unless otherwise expressly provided in this Code and the Code of Qlvtl Procedure subject to the pay ment or his debts In the following manner Then follows the order In which the estate is succeeded to and there is not here nor In this Code or the Code of Civil Procedure anywhere any provision that In any manner forbids the mur - Gerer from taking an estate that would otherwise descend to him In this case I am ra effect asked to so reform section IMS by adding a proviso thereto in about this language - Provided that if the heir murdered the deceased be shall not succeed to any of bis estate Of that I must say mat tne legislature intended to Include such a proviso Unless this Court can do this the estates of Louie and Susie Delew must be distributed in equal parts to the estate or the murderer Frank Belew and the two surviving brothers In order to give the law such a meaning aa Is here suggested I mutt first find that section ltti is not clear In its terms is uncertain in Its directions Is ambiguous and does not express fully the legislative Intent But a simple reading of the section at once brushed away all thought - of am - blruouxneas and shows the certainty of every word ana sentence ana at once Impresses the reader with the certainty that the foil Intent of the Legislature as to the succession or property is ex creased therein 1 Therefore having no legislative newer whatever and not being con ceraed as to the policy of the law this Court Is unable to speculate aa to inm real or fancied legislative In tent which has been floaUnc about for all these rears since tne aaoption or tne Code The meaning now is clear and Veil defined This U not a parallel n - hn the henenclarr In a life in surance policy murdera the Insured to get the Insurance rraua ana contract ural relations are men to oe conquered and not the law of succession 1 Much might be said on this point but to give the interpretation sought by those objecting - would add an ad dltlonsl punishment to the crime or murder not known to the laws or tne State But while such would be the logical result J do not deem It neces - tSrdlscii that point Itbaabeen sees that we have only to look at the Oil Tanks 4 re Punctured by fa II In if Derricks and Petroletam Courses Through the streets LOS ANGELES November 2T - A ter rific windstorm which begin last night did considerable damage in the oil - well district In this city where derricks were blown down and oil tanks upset At Pasadena the wind threw down awnings and signs and demolished some w lndow glass besides destroying trees and hedges The storm ceased at sunrise The extent of the danuige in the oil district is Just beginning to be learned Thirty - seven derricks are down and many overhead pulley wire und smokestacks Two oil tanks holding a thousand gallons of oil were punctured by falling derricks and the oil Is running through tne streets Several houses and barns were crushed under the falling derricks The cottage of Mrs Romero was struck by a heavy timber which went through the roof and fell across the bed where her two children were asleep but curiously enough neither one was injured One horse was killed Two hundred men are clearing away the debris in the district Orange trees were blown nearly clean In rome of the orchards In the San Gabriel valley while the messages from Riverside Redlands and the territory contiguous say that the damage as yet cannot U estimated tolton reports little or no damage while from Troplco comes word that the orchards have suffered as have also several outbuildings in that place JT t COLUMBUS WATERHOUSE STRICKEN SUDDENLY CATTLE DID SOT SUFFER The Recent Snowstorm In the North west Set Destructive 8ALT LAKE November 26 W P Anderson of the railway bureau of live stock statistics of the Union Stockyards Chicago reports as follows concerning the t fleet of the recent snowstorm on cattle In the West From Oklahoma to Montana and throughout the Rocky and interraountaln district no unfavorable conditions for this season of the year obtain The losses reported from Oklahoma It has been demonstrated were due to other causes In Nebraska Kansas and Iowa where the norm assumed the proportions of a bllz - xard feed and shelter for stock - are abundant and on account of local severity In a few cases the general condition was W O Prultt secretary of the Montana Live Stock Association at Helena says lit reference to the effect of the cold snap on the Montana cattle range No Injurious effect whatever This Is a fair sample of reliable Information throughout the entire territory mentioned The heaviest snov fall veems to have been In Idaho while the upper Arkansas valley escaped radical weather SYSTEM OF TRAVELING LIBRARIES An Effort to Be Made for the Establishment of One SACRAMENTO November 25 A conference Is to be held under the ausplcts of the trustees of the State Library and Library Association In this city on Friday November 2fth One of the objects of the meeting will be to discuss and agree upon a plan for the establishment of a ssten of traveling libraries Efforts will b made to secure the enactment of a law providing for carrying the same Into t - fect Another question to be considered will be that of Inter - library loans giv ing es pedal attention to the collection In the State Library and the devising of a plan by which Its riches can be made more generally available The co - operation o the trustees of that institution is assured and there is good reason to expect that much can be accomplished that will be of lasting benefit to the library Interests o the State An urgent request has betn made for every library In the State to be represented at the meeting m SENSATION IN THE DARBY TRIAL Defendant Missing Jewelry Fonnd In the Castro WonWna Iloase FRESNO November 25 The trial of Frank Darby for the murder of Louis Bol - dint promises to end In a sensation The defense has had Leon Castros houm searched and found there the ring which Darby wore at the time of the killing He lost his watch snd ring on that day and the defense will endeavor to convince the Jury that Lena Castro stole them The testimony introduced by the prosecution goes to show that Darby attempted to assault the Castro woman and In the tow that ensued shot down Boldlnl When the court adjourned at noon the women wss under cross - examination The rlns will be Introduced as evidence to break down her testimony AX ILLINOIS BANKER DEAD James Power Passes Away at Pasadena While In Search Health PASADENA November 25 James Power one of the most prominent residents of Central Illinois who came to Fasadena a short time ago with the hope of regaining his shattered health died this morning at the advanced age of 4 years Mr Power had large banking Interests in Springfield and other points In Illinois besides owning several thousand acres of farming lands In that portion of the State s HISSED ONE AXD HIT ANOTHER 4 Negro Uses a Revolver During a Qnarrel la Sacramento SACRAMENTO November 25 Two negroes named Ray and Turner engaged In a brawl at Fourth and L streets yesterday Ray drew a revolver and fired st Turner He missed his aim but the bullet passed through a near - by saloon door and wounded Frank Curry railroad brakeman who was stamina at the bar In the calf of the leg The wound Is not serious Preaeott Bonds Sold PRE8COTT A T November 25 - Word was received In this city to - nlghi that the sals of S1S00O of city bonds had bten consummated In New York Some months ago at a special city election the Issuance of the above amount wss authorised In view of the Inadequate supply ol water for firs and sewage purposes ii i I W jOarx table lamps glebes and sbadfe Best stock best values at Uanborn aVVsila Left San Francisco in Good Health and Expires at His Mine in Placer County of Heart Failure IOWA HILL November 23 Columbus Waterhouse president of the firm of Waterhouse Lester died of w hat Is believed to have been heart failure early this morning while visiting at the Big Dipper mine In company with his son Seymour Waterhouse When he left San Francisco he was in good health He had been at the mine about a week His death came suddenly and without warning The members of the family have been notified and Mr Waterhouse will leave on the overland train to - night with his fathers remains Columbus Waterhouse was 70 years of age and had spent forty - eight years of his life In California He was very prominent as a business and mining man and in the Masonic order had risen to the thirty - third degree He left considerable wealth mostly Invested in the firm of Waterhouse Lester and in mining properties A widow two sons and a daughter survive him To many people he was best known as one of the first cyclists on the Pacific Coast Adopting the clumsy inventions of years ago he followed the Improvements of later days and took much pleasure in his outings He was born In Vermont In 182S and learning the trade of a carriagecarriage - maker came to San Francisco by way of the Isthmus on August 16 1850 He went to Sacramento and after some failures In mining ventures entered the firm of H W Bragg Co manufactures of wagons and carriages In 1854 John W Lester Joined the company Mr Waterhouse was married In 185J and in 1861 he came to San Francisco and opened a branch house Mr Bragg withdrew in 1865 and the firm became Waterhouse Lester as It Is to - day though the latter died nineteen years ago The business prospered and In 1879 the making of wheels was added to the other enterprises The local house at 16 to 24 Beale street was erected in 179 To - day the firm is known all over the Pacific Coast and In the Hawaiian Islands and Mexico The deceased was for fifteen years a trustee of the Pacific Bank He was president of the Peoples Home Savings Bank and was connected with other financial institutions Mr Waterhouse became a Mason in 18E5 and a Knight Templar In 1866 He served as master for three terms and In 1884 was commander of the Golden Gate Commander - He attained the thirty - third degree in Scottish Rite His sons E W A and Seymour Waterhouse have been assisting their father for several years both In the management of the carriage and wagon business and In the Iowa Hill mine Placer county which has been his property for nine years past The funeral will take place on Sunday at 10 A M from the old family home at 2213 Howard street and later services will be held at Mission Masonic Temple ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo WHISKER ROW BURNED DOWN Another Destructive Fire Sweeps Through Keswick BELIEVED TO HAVE BEEN DELIBERATELY SET EIGHT BUILDINGS LAID IX ASHES AT A LOSS OP TWEXTY THOUSAND DOLLARS Little Insurance Carried on the Property and Stoeks Contained Mostly In Places Rnn aa Saloons EDUCATIONAL DISCORD IN THE NORTHWEST Inget Sound Inlveraltr nefnses to Consolidate With Portland and Ignores the Orders of the Commission TACOMA Wash November 25 Bishop McCabe Dr Payne secretary of the Methodist Educational Bureau and other prominent Methodists have been deHed by the trustees of the Puget Sound University here The latter have declined to obey orders from the special commis - SUCCESSFUL TRIAL OF THE TORPEDO - BOAT DAVIS itnn henied hv KlshoD McCabe to con solidate their college with Portland Uni versity Both cities endeavored to secure the consolidated school Portland on by agreeing to settle the 40000 Indebtedness of the Tacoma school and furnish the consolidated university with a free unin - cumbered site and building in Portland Subsequent developments ho the af - I fairs of the Portland school to be somewhat tangled and the Indebtedness of Puget Sound University remains un - liquidated The trustees of the latter i have decided therefore to establish a university here in January and appeal to local and general Methodist conferences from the commissions decision and to secure aid I Local and Eastern churchmen have made promises of substantial support The Puget Sound University had S60 scholars last year It was estabUshe eight years ago Rev F B Cherlngton now of San Francisco was its first presl - i dent I JilHDER AT XANAIMO The Destroyer Makes a Fnll Knot In Excess of Requirements In a Two Hours Rnn on the Columbia PORTLAND November K The torpedotorpedo - boat - Davis constructed at the Wolff Sewicker Iron Works of this city was given her official trial trip on the Co - lumbla river yesterday Not only did the Davis make her official trial of two hours successfully but she made an average I speed of 234 knots per hour a full knot in excess of requirements Lieutenant - Commander F J Drake president of the Naval Board this evening sent the following dispatch to Secretary of the Navy Long PORTLAND Or November 24 - John P Long Secretary of the Navy Washing ton D C The Davis is the first torpedo - i bout on the Iacltlc Coast to make one knot more than contract speed Revolutions avtraged 382 No undue frietion of en - pines or excessive vibrations of hull Two i hours consecutive run no turn DRAKE Lieutenant - Commander Drake ex pressed himself as highly satisfied It s unusual he Bald for a boat of this rtind to make a success until she has made fourteen or fifteen trips This Is the Davis second official trial and her performance Is remarkable Only good workmanship and capable management could Special Dispatch to the Chronicle REDDING November 25 A disastrous fire In Keswick the smelter city north of Redding consumed over 20000 worth of property at an early hour this morning There was but 1500 insurance Eight buildings in which there were eight saloons a drug store variety store and barber shop were burned They were located on Noith street and constituted what Is part of Whisky row All were frame structures highly Inflammable and the contents were much of the same character The fire originated In Dlnnlgans saloon and is thought to have been of Incendiary origin Owing to the lack of water It was with great difficulty that other and more valuable property was saved This Is the second fire within six months which has consumed the greater part of the growing town The losses by thla mornings fire are R P Dinnlgan building stock and fixtures 1700 insurance 900 Crosby Stewart saloon and stock 750 no Insurance George Craig saloon stooU and fixtures 800 no Insurance LH Sc Calvin saloon and stock 1000 600 insurance Crosby Patterson saloon end fixtures 750 no Insurance Van do Meter saloon building and fixtures 2000 no insurance William McOeeha three buildings 2500 no Insurance Peter Mugler one building 1000 no insurance McCandlls Patterson building 2000 insurance 1200 G A Sparks Jewelry 400 no insurance Branch County Jail 250 C B Lee retaurant and building 1000 Insurance 300 Ed Kelssllng saloon build ing 50 no insurance J G Ingersoll building and variety stock 800 no insurance Mountain Copper Company cottage 300 Insurance 100 The fire lasted Just three - quarters of an hour and the Intervening streets and lots were the only salvation of the town BLOWN ON THE ROCKS AT GER0NIM0 ISLAND The Schooner Santa Barbara Has a Narrow Escape From Total Destruction While on an Investlaatlon SAN DIEGO November 25 News was received here this morning that the schooner Santa Barbara was wrecked on Tuesday last on Geronlmo island thlrty - ive miles south of San Qulntln The schooner was caught in a severe gale and carried on to the rocks and while all on board were saved it is understood all the provisions were damaged by the salt water When the storm abated the hole stove in the vessels side was patched up and the schooner returned to San Cjulntln From there the party are returning overland to Ensenada and will arrive hers on the next trip of the St Denis The Santa Barbara left San Pedro on November lTth for Scamroons lagoon and Magdalena bay stopping at this port on the way south with C Nagel and party who was to examine the orchard and mineral lands lately purchased by an English syndicate from the Hale estate In Ban Francisco m FISH COLLECTION FOR STANFORD ders out of the war to find ha had dese crated the grave of a human being and disclosed the skeleton of a man B side the bones was a quantity of charcoal The man had evidently died near bis fire bow long ago it can be surmised by the age It took nature to grow the moss at posit the gravel pack down the glacier dust and roll the bowlders beneath the ancient river s LAST IIOXORS TO OR KELLET All Ana - ePa Camp Attends the Fu neral of One of Its Bealdeats ANGELS CAMP November S - The funeral of Dr William A Kalley an old highly respected and honored citizen of thla county took place here to - day Dr Keller came to Calaveras county in 1M3 and sine then up to within a short time oi ms aeatn continued tne practice oi aim profession The funeral was one of tho largest that has ever taken place here The Masonic Eastern Star Rebekah and I O O F lodges the teachers and pupils of the public schools and over forty carriages escorted the eortege to the cemetery the Anrela Brass Band Playing an appropriate funeral dirge In the lead ueceasea uiea at tne age oi si years m LIGHT SENTENCE FOR A MURDER Es - Constable Matthew o Serve FIto Years la Prison 8AN JOSE November J5 - John Matthews was to - day sentenced to five years In San Quentln On June 28th he was a constable and hitched his horse In front of a saloon where ha played cards and drank Some one stepped In and said his things had been stolen He dashed out and drove hastily in the direction the culprit wss alleged to have taken The Urst man he met was Henry Hopken He shot and killed him The defense was that th killing was unintentional There was conviction of manslaughter aBBBMBSSWSSSSSSSSSSBSSSS CLEAN OUT A MARKET AND BEAT PROPRIETOR Robbers Tee the Bntts of Their Revolvers and Throw Plcltle Dottles at the Heads of Their Victims TACOMA Wash November 3 A daring robbery by three masked men took place here last night Haoa Anderson proprietor of a meat market on K street was conversing with Hans Erieson about oclock when three masked men appeared and commanded them to hold up their hands The demand was backed up by poking three revolvers In their faces Both men were somewhat slow In shelling out with the result that they wera severely beaten over the head with revolver butts The robbers secured 120 In cash and a gold watch Anderson received a second clubbing for attempting to kick shut his cash drawer which was open when tha robbers appeared When the robbery was completed the men ordered their victims into a small room on tne main siore bjmj arauru themselves by throwing two dosen pickle I bottles at their unprotected heads Both men were bleeding badly when the robbers left but nevertheless chased them for two blocks Then they went to the hospital and had their wounds dressed Anderson had his head cut In four places FELL FROM A CAR - TOP STATEXIBRARY o BOOK LOANS A New Plan for General Circulation Under Discussion QUESTION BEFORE THE LIBRARIANS EFFORTS TO HAVE THE CAPITAXi CITY MADE A COPYRIGHT DEPOSITORT Considerable DlsTereae of Opinio Manifested Revardlna tho Advantage of th Irpealtlans Special Dispatch to the Cbrtalrt SACRAMENTO November 25 A conference was held to - day by the librarians of the State under the auspices of the Library Assoctatloa of California and was called for the purpose of considering - a plan for the circulation throughout the State of the books In the State Ubrary The meeting was called to oVder by State Librarian Coombs who announced thst he hoped some such plan would result from the meeting George a Clark president of the Library Association of California who acted as chairman tx - pressed himself as hopeful that some such step would be taken All were not of the same mind however W S Green who fUr two years has been a State Library Trustee declared that the State Library was a depository for books of reference and those books should be on the shelves when needed by those seeking information Herbert C Nash librarian of Stanford University spoke of an attempt which has been made to establish copyright depositories outside of Washington A bill had been Introduced In Congress tailing for four of these one of which I was to have been located at San Fran cisco This bill failed because its enemies claimed that it was an attempt on the part of interested communities to get books for nothing It is now proposed to ask for the pas - sage of a bill by Congress providing foi the establishing of but one additional depository the same to be located al Japanese Rip About With Knives on the Emperors Birthday VANCOUVER B C November 25 - Japanese broke out into a bloody orgy on the occasion of the Emperors birthday At Nanalmo they ripped each other with knives A renewal of the bloody carnival has been threatened several times since when white men have been threatened with the knives of the men In the Nanalmo affair The dXtalr was started by a collier named Qmeri running amuck and ripping up his countrymen with a long narrow blade for the fun of the thing A Japanese named Kurolaln tried to hold the arm of the human butcher and was cut open by Omerl To - day the murderer was sentenced lor lire oeing savea rrom make such a thine possible The trial board consisted of Lieutenant - Commander F J - Drake Ordnance Officer al the Mare Island Navy Yard Assistant Naval Constructor H L Ferguson and Assistant Engineer W S Smith WALKED WITH HIS THROAT ClT Wllliani Johnson Makes a Novel At tempt at Suicide WOODIiAND November 25 William Johnson has been brought down from Capay to the County Hospital In a critical condition resulting from a novel attempt to end his life Johnson was tramping along the public road In Capay valley yesterday when he pulled out a razor and deliberately slashed his throat In three places With the blood streaming over him the man continued walking until he was mev uy a larmer namea nooinion wno attempted to stanch the How and had the VTC MtnVVI Jt tt1 nl Th Inilnln 1C0ih - piihtlKdd1th t was not severed but Johnson Is almost dead from loss of blood The man Is evl - drink and bore no malice toward the mur dered msn WANTS TO BE RECORDER A Case Involving Doable Connty Offices to Be Tested in Sacramento SACRAMENTO November 25 The question as to whether there is any such county office as Auditor and Recorder or whether they are separate offices is to be tested In the courts Blng C Brier a shorthand reporter claims that he received a number of votes for the office of Recorder To - day by his attorney Major W A Anderson be began proceedings In the Superior Court for a decision In the matter Mandamus proceedings were instituted to compel the Supervisors to declare Brier duly elected County Recorder A Thief Qnlekly Caught SACRAMENTONovember Late last night a telephone message was received at the police office from Benlcia asking that a watch be kept for one Henry Webb a ho had burglarised a bouse there stolen a horse and buggy and when last seen was heading In this direction Shortly after Special Officer Almas arrested a msn while he wss trying to dispose of a coat and vest among the saloons He proved to be tna man wanted Ended His Life at Sixty - nine NAPA November K - John Craddock a Witlve of Virginia aged died from strychnine self - administered on a ranch In Pop valley probably on November 23d He had been a resident of Pope and Chiles valleys for thirty - five years - dently unbalanced and wished to kill him self to avoid Imaginary officers who he says want to nang mm 0 LOOKS LIKE A MURDER Dody of a Mining - Expert Foand In the Brush Near Preaeott PRESCOTT A T November 25 The body of a supposed rich mining expert badly decomposed and unrecognizable was found to - day in the brush twenty - five miles from here It Is supposed that he was waylaid and killed All DaDers and other property had been taken from the body The msn was of middle age and wore finely made dark clothing with silk lining The victim bed been dead for six months BUT TWO CASES OP DIPHTHERIA No Farther Outbreak Expected at the Seventh Regiment Camp LOS ANGELES November 25 No more cases of diphtheria have developed at Camp Pratt where the Seventh Regiment of California volunteers is camped snd the regimental surgeon is certain the all - ease will not become epidemic The tw o men affected are A C Fair of Company m ana Kooert Nortncross or company l They have been placed In an Isolated quarter of the hospital and are doing well Jhaste gold frames with ebony shadow boxes are very artistic for pictures la colors Pictures ta Mack and whits look best la dall aalahed weoda wtlh Ivory earring Largest variety and newest Scalgas at Bastorn Vairs T Markst street President Jordan Receives Word of a New Gift STANFORD UNIVERSITY November 25 President Jordan will leave the university Saturday night for a short trip lo Portland and Seattle He will talk before the Portland High School and on the evening of November 29th will attend a reunion at Seattle of Stanford students ex - students and alumni given by Miss Reeves a former Stanford student On the same date he will deliver an address at the Inauguration of President Graves as head of the Washington State University President Jordan has received word from Washington that the United States Fish Commission has sent a fine collection of marine and fresh - water fish numbering about 1000 specimens in all to the university The collection has not arrived but it Is known that It Is an extremely aluable one and that It will be a great addition to the soological laboratory WALKED IN FRONT OF THE ENGINE i Sacramento Under the present copy - Brakeman Bradholl Meets With a j rtht law authors are compelled to de - USWU posjt two coples of thelr WOrka J Vah Serlons Accident nt SnUnn lngton Inder the proposed bllt they SCISUN November 25 A brakeman J would still be required to deposit twe named Bradhoff on the southern - bound i copies but one of these only would re - freight train met with a serious accident main at Washington the other going tc directly In front of the Sulsun depot late Sacramento The argument which wlU last evening The train waa moving be used In favor of this bill will be that about twenty miles an hour Bradhoff a fire which would destroy the library EftSurf a fell1 tS fheruLr Both at Washington would estroy all exlstin ankles wewwrain and do immeasurable dam - have to be amputated BradhofFs home age One of the features of this bill ii Is In Oakland that the depository at Sacramento shall i be open to the public Federal Appointments in San Dleao J William H Mills spoke on the educa LOS ANGELES November 25 United lllonal value of libraries He was not Is States Circuit Judge Wellborn yesterday favor of making Sacramento a depoii - appointed F 8 Knowles of San Diego to I tory for coyprighted books but was Ii bo United States Commissioner for the favor of making It a depository for al San Diego district United States Marshal departmental publications He thought Osborne appointed Harry Place to bodep - tnat e book published by the Depart - SSy SiSiJ1 lvr ine I ment of Agriculture the Geodetic an Dlefe0 j Coast Survey and the like would be oi Steamship Officers Naturalised j far greater value than the mass of Ac - November 2S - Six tw x ViV - ETJi ground out in increasing quantities un - TACOMA Wash November 25 8ix officers of the steamship Olympla includ ing Captain Dobson obtained final cltl - i XJLVm iw w iJ T - senshlp papers here to - day This proba - I der thwe copyrlgbi law He opposed anj bly means they are to retain their berths I Plan by which the books In the Stall the Doai wnen sne iases American ljDrary snouia oe enippea around ovei register In a few days The picture of war time which Lord Duftertn draws In his article My First Cruise in the Youths Companion for the week of November 17th Is not unlike some of the scenes of the late war with Spain as described by the newspaper correspondents This was a pleasure cruise but it took the author ty chance into 1 the State and said that cheap as book i now are any community which had th desire to acquire a library could find thi means End of a Noted Boston Banker BOSTON November 23 Colonel Henr Lee for many years the head of the well known banking firm of Lee Hlgglnson 4 position of great danger His account of Co la dead aged 71 years Colonel L the sensation or oeing aooara a Domoara - was tor more tnan tnirty years ont of th ed ship Is vivid and Intensely Interesting overseers of Harvard University Angelo Rosa Mangled by a Train at Napa NAPA November 25 As the afternoon train pulled into the station here to - day Angelo Rossi an Italian laborer stepped directly across the tracks but a few yards In advance of the approaching engine The fireman saw the mans danger and yelled to him but it was too late for the cowcatcher struck the unfortunate man knocking him down and the wheels passed over both legs crushing them lust above the ankle The lower parts of each leg have been taken off by the doctors but whether the man will survive the shock is very doubtful Rossi has never been quite tight In his mind and to - day had been drfnkin heavily Of late he has had many do mestlc troubles and It Is believed by many that his action was a bungling attempt made at suicide m PROGRESS AT LOS ANGELES New Fire Apparatus to Be Purchased for the City LOS ANGELES November 25 In line with the desire of the City CouncU to Improve the fire department of this city the Board of Fire Commissioners to - dsy rec - ommenaea mat ins council authorize the purchase of two new chemical encines two new hook - and - ladder trucks and two new comDtnation nose carts and cbtm leal engines HUMAN BONES BURIED FOR AGES A Remarkable Find Mad by a Pros pector at Atlln VANCOUVER B C November 23 - j at Brown or Buffalo brings a queer story from Klondike He says that about I thirty miles from Atlln he sunk a shaft for gold at a spot where traces of sn extinct glacier and ancient river bed met He went through three feet of solid moss thtn a layer of gravel only to strike glacier dust packed to a consistency harder than stone - On chopping this away with an ax he came to six immense bowldera Brown says he would hare stopped work In disgust had he not seen a long bone sticking between the rocks He worked the bowl - J Mga a - i Doctors chew Piper Heidsieck Plug Tobacco when deciding on their diagnosis of complicated cases It Is the one unfailing symptom of returning health when a patient asks for chewing tobacco Ask any doctor Try it to - day CHAMPAGNE FLAVOR v

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