The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 20, 1943 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 20, 1943
Page 5
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BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS VOLUiMlO I—NO. 237. IWU.LK, AUKANSAS. flUJUSDAY, MAY 20, I94lf THE lUA'TilKVU.LB ARMY AIR COIU'B NKW3 Published daily except Sundays In Uic Interest ot tlic personnel of (he Army Air I-iaiccs Ad- vnnccd Two Engine Flying School of niytheville, by the BlvlhcvHIe Courier News. It contains Uie news ol the Air W A AC Officers Now Come From Ranks; Qualified Auxiliaries Attend OCS Youngest Service Motliei Norn L. SI.. John, at Houston, Texas, who Is the youngest service mother in the n.ilion. She Is only 29 ye.ire old .ir.d 1.5 mother of n nineteen year old private James Curliss Simmons stationed in San Bie !!o, California. INI!A tcleiilioto). N^wpoit Coming A five-man boxing team from the Newport Army Air l-'ield will come to Blytlieville 1'i'iday, Alay 28, lo meet a team of boxers from the Blythe'ville Army Air Field, at the American Legion Stadium, it was announced by First Lieut. Bill Adams .athletic director. The ninin bout will feature Sergt. Cherokee Hcndriks of the TOJrcl Squadron, middleweight rmnier-up at the recent Little- Huck AAU tournament. .Corp. Robert. J. Morgan of the 704tli, a lightweight who won the novice wcUcrwcignt title al Little Rock, will have as his opponent a man who knocked oul Uic national AAU lightweight ehampion )asl year and v.lio was runner-up al the Slate AAU meet this year Other members of the team who arc {jping through their paces every, day under the guidance of ScrgU Jesse L. Clcmcnt.s boxing coacli in preparation for the event, are Pfc. Fred Sacngcr of the 25th draining Group, wno is in the Hit) ;pound class; Ser f ;l. Uon iirandon fof the 26th Training Group, in the 1CS pound cl;is:;, and Pfc. Leonard Todino of Ilio voisl, H.5 |iouiul.<i. Three 'other three-round bout. 1 ; will complete (lie event. One of Ilicin will, bring together I'vl. Leslie Ilofman of .-10 ill i Sciiiadron, 10,"i pounds, nnd Corp. Hill ISaskorviile of the 2fith Group, ifio pounds. fiergt. 0. E. strong, 7(Hth, MO pounds, will meet I'vl, vinccnl Banion of (lie :i2(ith Stiuadron, i;n pounds. Another bout is also being arranged by Scr;;rant Cictm-iils Domin Transferred To Jackson, Tenn Corp. Fratik G. Daniin, orderly room clerk of Ihe 32Gth S([ii:\dvon has been transferred to .Jackson Teiin., where lie will report for duty as an administrative* clerk. Corporal Doinin has uelcl' various duties her.?, since he came to the Air Base in September. He lias been p. clerk at headquarter.; and in the Public Relations Office. Foi a lime he worked as assistant-manager of the Post Theater. Athletic Department Holds Softball Lead Courier Ktiws want ads. Tile Atheltic Department con- tiiuicd to lead the intcr-squadroii soltbnll league by virtue of another victory Tuesday afternoon. This time the victims were Uie TUOIh Squadron who were defeated by n score of 11-3. In other league games played Ihe same day, Ihe 70111) team nosed out of the Ale and Quail aggregation 0-8; the QM-Medics inflicted a 10-6 defeat on the Hand. On Monday, the 32Gth team suffered a 5-0 set-aek at the hands of Uic 701st. ttiuadron; the 26'tli Training Groui> ran over Uic 702nd by a .store of 20-2 and the Medics turned the tables on the Band by n score of 1-1-3. Coffee Drifts U, Shore LCS ANGELES, Cal. <U!>)— F. jW.Iiodley secured a nice vulcanized | can of American coffee without [having to part with a ration cou- | pon. A German siibmiirinc sunk ,an American vessel somewhere in the Caribbean, and the can of coffee came lo the surface nnd drifted to within about, a mile of liod- Icy'.s properly on Ihe Florida coast. II was retrieved by his caretaker, who sent ii lo him as a much de- slred titbit. Third Article of u Scries ' WAAC auxiliaries who detnou- ralp Ilipir (-aiwcljy for leadership by their performance while hi IralniiiK, are'selected to allcnd Ihe Officer Candidate School. All WAAC officers now, conic from the ranks. Marine Candidate School: At Foil Des Mollies, Iowa, WAAC officer candidates sjnin a eomprehi'n- ,sive knowledge of Ihe various branches ol the United Slates Army, so llmt they will be readily adaptable no matter to which branch of (he service they may be as.':i(!ncd. As officers, they will replace officer inslriicl'ors or fill key pcsilions In the particular branch for which they have prepared. Spc.L'InlisI Schools Specialist ' Schools: WAAC offl- ccr.s are cllKiblc, if selected, for SpccialLst Training at Army schools. These arc: Quartermaster School — ,|icre WAACs study - the problems of Army procurement nnd Issuance of •supplies. As Quartermaster Corps ofllccrs their job Is ;t'Q ; sec that members nrc properly liqiised an'd fed. •'"••' Chemical Warfare Service School —All WAAC.s are being taught the technique of defense ugainst chcm- cal attack, the use of gas masks, methods of decontamination, etc. The officers then- return to the WAAO Training Centers and tench chemical warfare, relieving Army officers of lhal duly. Adjutant General's School—The studies here are .similar lo the Administrative Specialist School, only more Intensive and in greater detail to prepare for duties In the office ol Army Adjutants. Ordnance Automotive School — 'anccd training in vehicle maintenance and repair are emphasized here. WAACs receive instruction in wilding, part replacement, etc., so thai WAAC officers will be able lo 'keep 'cm rolling." ' ' ' Spcclnl Service School- Graduates of this school arc qualified Special Service Officers, nnd their aim Is higher morale in the Training Ccn ters. They achieve this by ncclimat ing new arrivals, to the ways ol Army life uy camp entertainment, athletics, libraries, publications, etc. Inspector General School—Grad r untcs of (his school sire qua I if led. to lake"over lhc-<luttes of the inspector General's department in,.WAAU Headquarters, in Service commands and at the WAAC Training centers. One WAAC officer is assigned to * » • WAAC Mother and Marine Son When Marino Kdwnrd Crasus 1,'ot bach from Giuulnlcimnl ho found no inolhcT walliiiK for him—she hud joined the WAACs. llul Anx. irel Brasus was cninlcd n fnrlouyh to bo with her son, who is recuperating from nuilnrin. the Inspector Ciciicial's Office. Army Kxchmiue School — Here WAACs sillily nil problems Involved in (lie mahUenunec and supervision of Army Post Kxcliimycs. As Post Rxchani;c Officers iheir job Is to s^c liial 1'osl Exchnnniis arc properly stocked and function according lo military .standards. Command and General 'Slntf Sehool—Advanced training is yivcn WAAC officers lo qualify for staff jobs in Army licailqunrlers,'service commands, and . WA'AO 'frnlulnit Oeiilci'S. They eonecnlralc on Hie O-4. or Army-Service Forces course, wtlli which UK WAAC.s have been authorized lo serve. . ?i : r lhis is a war of .s|)cclnllzal!on, and the WAACs are tpecinlisls! Old skills arc retained—new gained! skills .arc They're. ltc;il Soldiers! ; I'liyslcal Training: Wartlmu service demands struiislh, ondurahee, slumlniv, ciiordlnnllon, and iifjIUly beyond Hint ordlmully reqvilred for pencctlme. pilrsiills. At the WAAC TralniiiB Centers spcclnl allenlion bus been paid to sport facilities and excrclsirs..which nto desi|jl>cd lo crentchenllliy,.stroni; bodies. WAAC.s are not asslsned lo dulics they me physically unable lo perform. /Mthouish the WAACJs rlo nol pcv- the AERO QUIZ SUBSCRHTION KATKiTo'N KKQUKST •By AERonca ; the rlBoroiis type of -drill to the mctr In the Army, form ylvcn they do ciigiigc' In claw'-onlcr drill and enllsthenlcs. Al the Training Centers arc faclllHc.s for swlmmlnc, liascball, bnskctbjill, aolf, lonnls, anil many other sports. All these, me provided because: Hculth is essential lo wartime efficiency! IPILDISfRb EtTTRflNSFERS Will Fly Big Four-Engine Aircraft and, Famous Martin Marauders Four-engine, aircraft and the B-20 Martin 'Marauder, famous two-engine medium bomber which dropped the torpedoes in the Bat- He of Midway.'will be the : charges of four pilot officers who nrc being transferred from the Blythcvillc Army Air Field. They are First Lieuls. Franklin R. nucge and Edward D. Woolen, flight commanders, and Second Llcnls. Edgnr H. Price ••Jr., nnd Robert A. Warren Jr. Lieutenant Ruege was one of the first pilot instructors of this field; having reported for duly' here in July jusl before Uic arrival of the first class of aviation cadets. He was commissioned a ycnr ago. in civilian life 1 he was an accountant al Eclgcwatcr, N. J. Lieutenant Woolen came here in October, .soon" after being commissioned, and following an instructors course at Maxwell Field, lie is n Memphis nraii, the son of H. D. Woolen. Lieutenants Price and Warren were in the second class of aviation cadets lo graduate al lire Blythcvillc Field, receiving their Kings and bars in February. . ' FUNNY BUSINESS Prison Prints Ilook No. :) HAN QUENTIN, Cal. (UP)-In- inntcs of the famous'San Qucntin penllentiary are to be intrusted with Ihe task of seeing to it thai WiCO.OOO rcsldenls of, California gel No. 3 ration hook on lime, in- malcs of Hie prison will print and distribute them under Ihe direction of OI'A officials. About 50 Inmates | will be engaged 'on (he job, the .largest and most important the ' Federal government has ever in- trusted lo a prison. Try our "Own Made" Ice Cream Die Hickory Inn ACTOM fr«m Bl*Ji Schoo) [^, Rifle-High, Awarded Pciinanl l'or I'vt. Georfic Harris, at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo., stands only as high :is his rifle mid bayonet. Standing 4 feel, 11 inches, ho claims title to the Army's smallest soldier. . The "E iwnnant, 'weekly execl- Jcnce award lo the squadron obtaining the best, result al the Sul- ,,mday Inspection ot troops, bur- Bracks and area, is floiUiim this .week from the Orderly Room of .iUio 700lh Stiiiadron for the first, time this year. The 700th obtained a u,,,,^ of 92. In second place came the. TOOth Avbilloii Sfiuadtoii with [i murk of 89, followed closely by the 26th Training Group, 8fl, and the i 701st, 80. The Intlcr sniiadron had I won the pennant ihe previous week. j. First Licift., ifcnry II. TuInsKO ,is commanding officer of •IhcVOQlh u'rn , h ' S l ° P k ' Ck i!i Firi11 ' ^''Bl- William i,, Hufflrics. , Reserves Trriliiciil's Knnm' CAMP PENDKIVfON. Cal. (UP) -President Roosevelt now has his '•Prcsidenl's Hoom" reserved for himself In Hie iis-ycar-old Santa Margarita ranch house, which has been converted Im 0 an officers' club. When the President visited tnc ranch house last year, he expressed (.real Interest In il and laughingly lold the officers to reserve him a permanent room there They look the remark .seriously and scl aside a room especially furnished for him and named the •President's Room." ft will |,e , lsc ,| on other occasions, however, when necessary. PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock ftiinrnnliicd Ifcst Prices Kirby Drug Stores CJUKST10N 1; Is It siifllck-nt, for llu> nistodlini ot a mill or shu- llur fund lo autlU'iilealo an rnis- nre, I'linngc or »lrlki<Dvvr by Inl- tlnllng i iu- iillcivd (IKUIVS? ANHWKIt 1; This is n r|llc»llon frequently usked ol hisiieeliirs. Army rouulalUnis lequlrc Unit nny such alteration must bo itutlit'ii- llcali'd by nil lueinliciK of (he fund council. UHSTlON a; Is n ciuict ellulbK; to Iho liriidiis of Allowances class A and 117 ANSWKl) a: No. Men of the first finir linules only nn ellulbl;' to those lu'iioflls, by which tliommi hllols $22 n month from his pay in ids wife Wild till' 1 1 Is ItlV- en nn aitdltloiial $211 by Hie KOV- einment, with added amounts for dependent mother, fniher or certain other uliue rdiillves. in cases where such nllfllmciUs hnve been ullowcd and Bovenuueiit beni'fil.s imld In mw Uic reclpli'iil.s undoubtedly will be culled IIIKIII for relmbmscmonl QUESTION .'!: »ti aline )n«s ic- ««fdiii|; ImlldliiK eonstriicllon apply oil mi Army Post. NSU'KU ,'i: No. .Several stairs have miulo mi effort in ninke their lclbiB regulations apply on Ai'- my I'o.sls. An Army I'ost, however, Is federal properly ami Hublect only , to fedfi'iil law. QUESTION .1: Is II line Ihat Ihe War Deiiiirlinuiil will reimburse nn officer < or h| 3 dependents) for (lie IOS.H of personal elfecl.s duo to the cupuiiu of the oftlrer, ANSW15H -I: I'riMiiuleiil evidently exlsls In Indicate! thai such reimbursement may be istven In certain t'irciim.'itaiice.s. in n recent ase an officers wile mndo application for reimbursement for lliu yiihic of .ciirliilu iKTsoniil effects the passi'sslon of her husband when he wiis taken prisoner. Hc- Imbiirscnietit WHS Kranted ; QUESTION r>: Whal Is Hits aboul ii $50(1 btinsus to Army Air Corps (jfflccrs upon their dlscliiirije from the servlM'V ANSWEIt R: An Army Air Cbriw officer commissioned In the Army of the Dulled stales or In Iho Air Corps Reserve |s paid, upo discharge, $500 for each y'cnr he has served. No payment Is made however, If the officer resljjus, if be Is discharged for lncf[|i;lencj misconduct, or If he accepts n commission In the licrjulur Army, Kcaa Courier News want ads. Complete Stock Steel nnd Klastic TRUSSES Save 50% STEWART'S Drag SUrt Main & Like Phone 2822 . %£?*& ~mg^' ___ 6-lQ ' "' touijlit it from ;i"cryslal "isiizcrlov TnyTinal 1 Auto Repairs Expert Mechanics on All Makes and Models. Also Truck and Tractor Kcpnirs. Lee Motor Sales rh. 510 Farl Stone, Shop foreman 307 I!. Jlnln Just 4 Miles To The Hold Everything 7HE« Z EX- Of THE AIR, NOW SERVING UNCIE SW?" 2. THE FIRST AND FINEST NEW .AERONCA,JUNIOR CAJJGO PLANE WILL SERVE IMPORTANT USE NOW,?.," k. ^_. ^t ^^ ' ~* 7^- 3.WHEN DID THE FIRST PUNE-CARRVlNb SUSMARINE MAKE ITS APPEARANCE? t. LT. COL. JOHN C.BENVltT JR. AND MAJ. MIKE MURPHV ! • • 2. SMM.I VITAL CARGOES AS AMMUNITION, FUEL, PABTS AND MEDICINES AC* OELNEKD TO AREAS INACCESSIBLE 1C>'LARGEFI ANO FA^STER SHIPS; 3. AFTER WORIOWARI, THE U.S. UUNCHED THE FIRST PIANE-CARRV1KIG SUB? if. IT SfUPS RUNE PRODUCTION. IT MAKtS PUSTIC PIES ANP DRILL JIGS.' Laugh It Off General Mud. It appears does nol wtlnii his doumlii lu lliu eon- •nls ol Kin-olio nnd Afrlcu. I'rlviilc John Moreaux, rellirn- H! from nn Inspection trip of n low until]) site- hi the Alimtemr, Miirylnnd, proving! ground umi, Issued lids eloquent "do" tind 'don't" lo induces idxinl In lukc over: "Uon'l." lie warned lie, ''kick a impugn hul or lleliniil Hint,'may be lylns on the K round. Your pin- toon hinder or even your o-O inny be under H." "no," Moirnti\- continued, "tviiv- el nronnd In pahs-ln e:iK« one ot yon (tots sliick." Verne Milter, the huijc Iliirvnrd iieinun ot n eoiiple of jjcnsons l>nck, wns. n blooming :iOO pounds when lie showed up nl n Unslmi Induction center for his physical. "Let mo see," suld the ineillc'o crtusultliiB his chart, "ymi'ro jusl 130 pounds'overweight, what,'/ the doc demnnded to' know, Mis the Icnsl you've woljjhcd, my My?" "Seven jwiiwls," answered iviil- lor with niilve candor! Down nl Ji\)rL Hiwchllcjl, Arl/', Corporal Wlirord liomlje pliieed ft long dlslniicc call tor New York nml i;ol Ills ijirl on the line, "Diirllnit," slRhod the lonesome swnln, "I'd (jive nnythlne- lo sec you." ' When they hung up they stepped froiii adjoining pluiiu) tiooths niMl. mel fiice lo face, A tclciihonc miracle? No; but the cxplnniilloiiH eoniplieiilcd. Seems Ihn corpornl hacln'l told Ills elrl lie wns coming home Irom Fort McClellnn, Aln., for n few dnys furloiiiih. And Ihe (jlrl, unbe- knowns to itomljc, had: hiirrlctl •Th« Modern lee B«x COOLEKATOR For Kconomy and Service. Tom Litlle Hwde. Co. rh«n» III tally decoded me secret message—U says, 'Where hav« . you bc«n all my llle?'" • FITTED ItY Docton J. L tat J. C. GUARD OPTOMETRISTS IN BtYTHEVRLE SINCE 1SZ2 State Line Service Station SAVK on Phillips Quality Oaso- ttnc A OH. Prompt, Courteous Service. OIK ruled by Mrs. If. L. Reynolds. OPERATING HOURS For A-IJ-C Coupon Holders SUNDAYS: 9 A.M. (o 9 P.M. ALT, WEEK DAYS 9 A.M. to 1 2 Noon 1 l».M. to 8 T.M. BPTICflL STORE 209 W. Main SI. Phone 2912 Docs Your Car NEED THESE? Baltcrj— S«»t Cover* Ollnilcr— Radio FOB IJflits— latk Gta Cap A complete line of Polishes rr» 24-HOUR SERVICE Expert Repair Work on General Motors Cam, UNGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY H'rlw.j A Wmlnot Ph. 153 SMALL LOANS Of AarUtef W VMM. East MUD Loin Co. IN L Mate — rkw* MM .lown lo Fort, liimchiich wlien iili'o'.'• learned . n brolhcr sliUloncd thero' Inul been hurt. ' 'V ;i, Upoli firrlviil, the ; girl lelvlih'b'ri;! cd her 'mother buck lii.Now.;.Yorki' itomlje's cnll eiune In al llio samo'' lime on tuiolher phone In'"' tin)' lioiist. ' • , •'.- •• V The mother merely, placed Hid -wo InstrLimunls "loriolher nnd let Uic coti|)!c curry on from there. There hns been n imrnllel, lo.'thn fnmous "yoo-hoo" Incident ill. Fort Citslcr, Mlehlijnn, . A ear dilu>n by n Wnric chauffeur drove pnst, n cnUlinii ot hoys from the 4%th Inlanliy, , . , A whistle uns bcitini In thu letir I'anks and wns InKOu u|> nil illonB lliu llnorWheii the machine lench- ed the hend ot the eohnnn It slopped. A colonel slopped olit .Irom Uiit renr dcnl ' Wlml he'laid 16 thu ofllici in uiriie Is nol known.. , , But Hint evening the lafilh vjti 1 - Inkcn oiil lo iieniby Eii(j)o''Lnkc 'bid In wlihlld to llic'opposltu shore lo Ihcli lii.aiLs content "i • , U. Is ,icpm|«l Unit tlieiq WMQ n.lo.t ot iniLkcrcd lip's il\ llic icil- incnt, Hint ni(j)it PLEASANT HILLS Cnl.; (UP) — In n, new dilve heip to piovlde wounded s ,,i(H rrs ^i(|, c ,,|t c i, c , nnd eiilies, M [( I'edrltk'lm-i mndo to dnle 20 crmes from ; o.sngc orninte wood, nicely rwllshod, juid wltli ns-sorted hnndlcs cnleulnled to meet the needs of' soldiers," which ••iniiy viay In imturc.- ,1 i ;.!t, .[,,, ..,., WE FIU, ALL PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVE fOV MONKX 'STEWART'S Drug Store t j M»tn & Lake . ' phone Z822 Ynur slices atu -ic.llly rcnovfoil lute—flue Icatliots ami ni&tgcEala .tiiil Illicit cm((«., xvorkiHAii.ililii. ro-, More wear be, ccmifort, and niiiicar- ante. ,, , .. t { , ,, H-flLT€RS QUALITY SHOC SHOP I 2 I W. M O I N ST. I-'lowurs l'\n- Mvcry sitin . . . I'lincnil (Icsigiis, wedding flowers, tor- HilgCS. •„'''" THE FLOWER SHOP IIF.I.IVERX ANYWHKRK GI.KNCOE HOTKL ' I'honc 491 ROBINSON'S "THE RELIABLE DRUG STORE" There's no wider selection of «h»vlng needs, costncUcs, novelties; etc., in nlytheville thin at Robinson'*, Lateit MigMirjt^-Pouo- Uln service—undwicbeil ' . ,.;. . Service Men! Meet Your Friend* it Robinson's! HUDSON TAILORS Expert Alterations / Prompt, cfllcicnt service al reasonable cost!'-. Garrison Caps -4- Accessories — SOUTHEAST AIR CORPS INSIGNIA

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