The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 17, 1941 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 17, 1941
Page 10
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fAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, JANUARY 17, 1941 [ Hawaii U. Takes Steps To Keep Grid Talent At Home New Bui'keve Coach By IIA.RKY GllAVSON NEA Service Sports Editor HONOLULU, Jail. 'l6.—Midwest and east you hear squawks about football taleni hearing the call uf Dixie. North Carolina's southern gentlemen of the Bronx, Tulane's Gang from, Gary; etc. The Pacific, northwest- complains abou,l roads leading to Calif omia schools. Now comes a mild beef from Hawaii. The Blessed Isles, as Theodore Cooper Searlc points out. have been feeding gridiron stalwarts to the main- r fooiball history elsewhere. Anahu, a big fellow, just missed being an t All-America end; Produced Many Stars •Wayne Sterling of Washington is a Honolulu product. So was hLs brother, Leon, who played plenty of tuckle for Oregon State. Earl Ross, the left-footed kicker nd left-handed passer now assist„« Babe Holliiigbery at Washing- on Strite, where he was A whale f a back, learned the fundamen- rits in the land of liquid sunshine. Honolulu Henry Hughes, who kicked with his bare foot while illing the blocking halfback pasi- ,ion for Cregori State, was polished on .sandloLs thin h-ui double and Searle land ever since George E. Carter went to Yale in 1888 to become a'• celebrated all-round athlete. George Carter, 'captained the EH varsity, srood out in crew, Give Scholarships The'-'situation has become so acute that Pump Searle has done something about it. There are luhletie- scholarships for the first time at the University of Hawaii where Sea Y\Q'. starred as fullback before becoming graduate manager Searle has stirred up the business men of booming Honolulu. Somt of the boys who can use it will bi given a little help. Offhand. Searle names Bil Analni and Bill Toomey. a tackle yrho closed their college careers a Splits. Clara in 1939. as fine exam pies oi island material who wrot Today's Sport Parade nplt- rainbows for n Also Go Fast But th« Pacific coast i.s not the jnly .section whle'h readies out for HOLLYWOOD, Jan. 17 (UP) — Jimmy MsLainin likes Billy Conn •to beat Joe Louis when they meet [or the world's heavyweight championship in June. The gimlet-eyed little Irishman who once held the welterweight title, and who fought 13 world'b champions in his day, is going lo bet a prettv fair chunk on Pitts- Killy when he goes against the supposedly invincible Brown Bomber. You can't kiss off McLarnin's 1 leaning toward Conn by saying that ii's just another example ol an Irisher going Tot an Irisher. Jimmy has. his reasons, and coming Gordon Chung-hoon, now a lieutenant in the navy, left ihe islands 10 make A name for himself at ! Annapolis. Walter McGuire, a buck, chose WLsconsin eight or 10 years Robert (Ducky) Swan, also a haJl'Uuck.' preceded him ... to Day- ten, O., University. Bill Blalsdell went to Bucknell, Neal Blai.sdell to the Naval Academy. The University of Hawaii annually brings three mainland team.s to "the islands. The Roaring Rainbows will invite a representative eastern varsity -for engagements next Christmas and New Year's Day ... to close the campaign in the pidure.sfiue Pineapple Bowl. And the main idea right now Is to keep the brighter prospects graduating from the territory's 20 football-playing high schools at home. Pastor is harder to hurt than Louis. You dont have to hit Joe very hard to make him stop thinking, and get him nil mixed up. You can't show me a man in the world who weighs 175 or more and is. in good physical condition who can't punch hard enough to hurl." McLnrnin gives Conn a big psychological edge, too. Louis Is Tired "Conn is still moving up," Mc- Larnin explained. "He wants that heavyweight .title. He i.s spin red on x Taul Brown diagrams a Massillon. play. SCOREBOARD by the fact that everyone thinks he is tackling the impossible. He has every tiling to win and nothing to lose. Louis must be close to fed up with the title. He has had it for a long time, he's rich, and 1 knov. enough about boxing to know he is tired of training." "Louis is the fastest man witl his fists I ever saw," Jimmy said "And he hits just as hard as an man .1 ever saw fight. But he ' slow, and there isn't any .excuse fo liV It. O. LYNCH Milwaukee Journal Sports Editor »'pHK next year or two is likely to see a battle for the control ol *- boxing which may put to shame tiny fighting the leather pushers do in the ring The National Boxing Association is quietly bulletin; toward the day when it will be able to put the New York commission .n its place, and the sooner that day comes, the better for the sport, Ai the last N. B. A. convention, held in Milwaukee, a new policy A'fls quietly adopted to eliminate points of dispute and establish A vAitut baste upon which all .states could co-operate.. Joe Trinei 1 , lected president-, plans an active campaign to enlist Pennsylvania and alifornm. which have been going along with the New York commission. r, >,' '.' PHE new N. B. A. policy tacitly admitted some of its recent acts were * v/fcng, took .steps to prevent disputes among member states .and tit some teeth in its rules. The policy provides: l. Championships arc won and lost only in the ring. l». A title is always at stake when a champion meets any boxer ,-ho is under the title weight. 3. Leading boxers in each division shall be divided into two roup-s: U) logical contenders and (b) leading boxers. Within six months of the day a champion wins his title, he must defend it .gainst one of the listed outstanding boxers and every six months hereafter he must defend it against a logical contender. 4. Title rights musi be 15 roun. .-• except in states which do not oermit 15 rounds. In such states n title fight must the maximum .umber of rounds permitted. 5. A boxer who fails to comply with N. B. A. rules shall be sus- or, ccniiacts to meet a .suspended boxe .hall be liable to immediate suspension himself. 'PHE sixth provision contains the 'teeth. N. B. A. cannot contro •*- champions, because they can fight, in non-member states, but' can control the great bulk of lesser fighters. Therein lies its strength N. B. A. leaders believe the threat to suspend the mass of lesser Boxers if they meet a suspended man will cut a recalcitrant champion ...ft" from the main source of his revenue between title defenses. from a man as good as he was in- a -fast man ever being hit by side those ropes, they cany a lit- islow one. Particularly when the • ' ' fast man: his. brains to go along with his speed." . That's McLarnin's, opinion. It isn't mine, which probably makes it right. ' : . ' ' tie weight. This country has piod- uced few' men who were better boxers than the kid from Vancouver, and "pound for pound no man ever t out hit him • Jimmy Shows How "The ma in' reason I like Conn to ; Lick. : Louis.' McLamin .told me over a game of gin-rummy at the Lakeside •• club yesterday, "is that Billy has mastered lesson A in fighting, and that is to hit and not »et hit. You cant beat a guy without hitting him. and I don't think Touis can hit Conn. Conn is fast. Loins is slow; .Louis is worse than . Uat—he is ,awfully slow. Look at 1 i-* legs and thighs. They are big. That's where Joe gets a lot of his power—those big legs driving in." Jimmy,; carried away -by his subject, .pushed back the cards, got up from the table, and, with. Rol) Hope, Kandy Scott, Bob Armstrong, .Van Hule and a lot , of othfcrs watching him, gave a demorrtcation of how Conn can lick Louis. "Hit and move away—jab and move—keep moving—in and out" McLarnin said as he shifted and punched and dodged an imaginary foe. Conn Is Tough •McLarnin thinks Conn hits plenty hard enough to'hurt Louis. "'I saw the pictures of his fight with Pastor, and Pastor was no bum. .Yet Billy knocked him through the ropes and stopped him Pirates Sign Pair PITTSBURGH, Jan. 17. (UP)— The Pittsburgh Pirates today im- :nounced the signing of two more Pirate regulars, Pitcher Max Butcher and Outfielder Bob Elliott, making it 16 Pirates now in line for. the 1941 season. . Triner will work to make N. B. A. the supreme control in boxing- He is likely to be succeeded by Abe Greene, Paccrson publisher, who .s New Jersey commissioner. Greene, if elected, will carry the fight right into New York's back yard. The struggle may be interesting. Betters World Duckpin Record DUKE GIVES TROPHY MIAMI, Pla.. Jan..17.—The Duke of Windsor, governor general of the Bahamas, has donated the "Duke of Windsor Cup" as principal trophy for the sixth annual Metropolitan Miami fishing tournament which closes April 20. The silver award is to go to the fisher- nan who hooks the largest game fish of any eligible species caught in Baharnan wuters under tournament rules. Far, Far Away So far distant i.s the Hercules star system from the earth that it requires 36.000 years for light to reach us from there, traveling at a rate of 186.000 miles per second. Courle»- \vnnl FI1NNY BUSINESS Dawson vs. Ferrier L CORAL GABLES. Pla., Jan.. 17. rjp) __ George Dawson. ''dark; horse" from Chicago, plays Jim Ferrier of Australia in the 36 hole final of Die annual Miami Bilt- niore gclf tournament today. Dawson upset National Amateur Champion Dick Chapman of New York, G and 5. in one semi-final yesterday while Ferrier eliminated Earl Christiansen of Miami. Fla. A 3 ;xnd 2. in the other. 'HAM A VS. GEORGIA UNIVERSITY. Ala.. Jan. 17.— Alabama's football team will play the University of Georgia eleven next season for the first time since 1935 when the Crimson Tide defeated the Bulldogs, 17-7. Eddie Funaro, 35-year-old New Haven, Conn., truck driver, raises world mark of 222 for single game ot duckpins, rolling 239. _, , ti .. _. „ , _ ^ _,_, t As used in card games, the word "trump" is a corruption of the word "triumph" ns pronounced in French. Tfec AMERICAN WHISKEY* 100 PROOF BOTTLED „JN 30hD Genuine o!d- fashioned Sour Mash Kentucky Stra ig hi Bourbon DON'T MISS... the values in MEAD'S 32nd Semi-Annual 'IN" THE M f S31 SSI P'P 1 COU NT Y 0)1 A NCER V CO C RT STATE OF ARKANSAS PLAINTIFF V. No. --740;V (L9I57 Tnx Suit) DELISQURN'T LANDS IN CIHCKA- . , SAWBA DIST,, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY ' TOHPKITBO FOK NO'N'-PAVMKXT OF TAXES AND SOLD TO TIIK STATK OP ARKANSAS ; . DEFENDANTS. • NOTICE Ni)li<*ft is hprchy jjivpn that ' pursuant to Act No. 119 of Uu: fl.-Micra) \\ AsM'inbly of iJLi- .StJtli- of . Arkansas of 19:5. r >, ih«rt> h:is IMV-II filed in offioc of th" Clfrk t>f Missi>Ki|»iii C'omuy OliKru^ry Court ilu- Complaint, of'I iln> Suto of Ark missis 10 iiuu'1 ami confirm in said Sl:itr> tind-or n>d.v)nr-r.<. :J piirfhascrx. doiiivs ;»ml jtssi^ns, liu- titlf to r<?j-iiiin Innds inon'.ionml in said j Coinpluint arid lylii^ in ihc County of Mississippi. Obickrisftv/ba nnd All persons who can wt up iiny rijjhi t.t> thn lauds so. forfeited :md sold :ir<> hprt-ny warned 10 appear in (he Mississippi Count;,- Chancery Court at (ho Spptoriibivr 11141 Ti'rrn, ihc publication uf ihi«s noiii'* 1 , to-wii on tho. 1st. day -of SfpiPinlxdr. HUl. nnd show onivsi\ it uuy then! bo, why Iho iiilc. 10 s.'tid forfriip'd lands .should . noi bi>. confirmed, i|nictftd and voslod in th<- .Stiutf of^ and-or rtdoonif.-rs, pim.'hasrtr.*, done* 1 ? and assigns- in to* simple forr-ver. The d« 7 s< p ri[(tion of said land* and the namn.* of the person 1 ?, firm or liist jiiiying cixtts ih^n'on an 1 as follov.-s.: LIST OF STATE LANDS IK MISSISSIPPI COUNTY CHICKASAWBA DISTHICT FORFEITED FOR 1937 TAXES This is one year, if there ever was one, when you don't want to miss the values in our semi. annual sale. The . gigantic defense program has woolen and worsted mills crammed to capacity and it is dihiciilt for manufacturers to secure piece goods. Already that means higher prices to come so save now while opportun- tv beckons. " _ f| Our entire stock of C2| Hart Schaff her &Marx1 SUITS Not a suit in our entire stock has been reserved in this great semi-annual sale. We're out for a complete clean-up to make way for ne\v Spring, 1941 stocks. Choose from handsome worsteds in diagonal and herringbone weaves; in duo-tone, cluster and chalk stripes; in allover patterns. Drape mode{s for young men, conservative models for older men and sizes for all. J Special group of Mansfield SUITS ?19 75 Special group of Mansfield Deduced to Special Reductions On Furnishings —SHIRTS— n 00 n 49 wort' S1.35-SI.SO were SZ.OH The sJJrls in these <wc price groups an> of fine hrruJrlolhis and maurases. All collar styles hi sixes IX!-2 "P lo 1<J SHOES *3.9S were $S,.>{) There are just 65 pairs cf lhes« fine shoes at S3.95 and the chances are that there arc more than one pair in your si/e. Get t\vo! UNITF.O I.IQUOK. Wholo-,ators Distributors Little Rock. Fort Smith 'I used to be pretty good with a squirt gun, but I sec this is different!" Phone 26 for 24 hour AMBULANCE SERVICE >Ve urge you to inquire about our Burial Insurance. We,offer you a fine policy at a reasonable rate. $ 2.95 vert $5.00 Everyone of these fine wool trousers by the nation's best "known maker are going for less than wholesale.! Watch 'cm melt! MEAD'S 322 'MAIN- 322 In Whose Nam« Fsrt of Assessed Section W. J. Thurmond—XW R\V NT. .{onesboro R i 1; As*n — K 2:". .Section if) \"\ f \± N F. fl l.oi 7 Township 16 North, Range 10 SW 15 North, Hange 11 NAV Korth. Range X\V NW North, Range Hauge W M Oil— NK N\V W M Oil—NW N\V \V M On.—SK NW W M Ott—ftW •s'W Will!.-!-on—S\V NE Township Drainngo Oist N'.i. 17—Prl. SW fJt>ow Tasrun—Prl. SB NK Township CyiKlu UK).* E*r.--!.oi No. 20 SF. Orange Johnr-ou—Lot C B >! '/.- $ RHltio Adams Elliott—XR N r \\' rial)!.' Adam's Elliott.—SE NW Siilli.- A.lums ElliofL—:IW XW Siillii' Ailiun.? Rlltoi! — '2 SW Township 16 .1. A. H^inpltill—S. 110.02 • A SK ,1. A, lU'injdiill—C 30.02 A F.y. Townshlu IS Joe R Rnkor—E '24 A NF. NE .iop R liakei—E '24 A -SE KE Levpf-. Board—N LP\VC R-W NE Lr-v.H- Ronrd—Old Lpvr : o NE .loliii M Tayloi—W of Ij All SE Township 1-1 North, W. A. Oi-imiiifti — i-nt No. 10 XE W A OrJmmett—Lni Nit. 1 SE ! N Tliornason—N. :!0 A NW \V A Griminetl—l.f>* No. 1 SW Township W 0 Kiipus .h—'Lot No. I HE Uiverviuw Pldiuation—W of L NE Rivorvicw 1'lnniiilion—Prl. NW BIG LAKE Township 15 North, .IntiLfs Branch—Lot Nn. 1 Floodway Kent liruiich—I-Moodwtiy Lot No. '2 1 M do iv H ranch—K of Fdy NE NE 1/adnrc- Bruin-It—K of Fdy NW NK 1/ndore Branch—^H o-f Fdy SF. _N"F, l>rainafs» i District 17—H of Fdy NE NE DniitiRKe Hislrift 17—K of Fdy NW NE Drainftcc District 17—SK NK Drainajro Di^irict 17--K of Fdy SW Township 16 ] 1 J FLnckhhy—K of Fdy S Vj. NE Township 15 ' W. II. Lloldcn—K of Ftly Lot No. W. H. Holden—K of Fdy Lot No. I y adorn Brnn<'h—Fdy Loi S TOWN OF BLYTHEVILLE Allison Addition to Blytheville In Whose Name Tax. Pen. Assessed Lot Block & Cost .liin & Cora Allison I 2 9.-U Roberts "& Gmni 1 :t 7.0S hula Tliomas A " l-~2 Lulu Tlinnms" "• - S.-l-t .]'. A. W. Shivers U ;". 0.4-1 Bader Addition to Blytheville Rift L Stiles . EV 3 .1 1-J.lR 8 Eiat 4 •I •i .'•I 20 North. Range 10 East Area 10 Lot 4-2.2:, :i9.07 •to Tux, Cost 7.0 1; -East fi.Sff 7.04^ 7.04 Lor JO •Ml •10 11 East 31 12 East 17 17 2t; 13 East 2-t 24 46.?. is ' l.-IO 3 1.7-1 17.00 H'l.GH 11.4J 19.71 15 North. Eiingii 13 S East 10 LANDS Hange East l l " 10 10 1.23 J 1 .^ rth. Range 9 rth. Range 10 > ~, t Irregular 1C .M McL^oa .Tame* T Allc- l U 10 12 \1 12 rj East lit East 7 7 19 •+U J . 40 1. 40 I. 40 1. •to i 40 - 1 SO 1 •20.47 '.12.40 42.39 I 4 1 j 4 1 i 4li •\ i; ; $?; ; 8S 70 oS Lota to Blythevlllfc 17 NW n 4.20 A 'lt',-15-11 4 . 17-1 o-Jl .T^i .88 Barren fr Lilly Addition Dun MtGrpatroi- Dan Mi-Grotmur . LenVr'd " Taylor Blytheville .C ^4.72 C U.I (5 D 14.10 S. H. Bishop Addition,'to'Blytheville May .^1 Oe'voi- ' " : ^ - .- • 9.44 B'lythe Addition to Blytheville 22 15.40 7.OS 7.08 7.OS 7.OS 7.08 7.0S 26 :n.7fi 31 13;3S n-2 9.431 S7.7t Blytheville L. W. Cosnell Ksi. I- r.-t Nail HjinU 7 First Null Bunk S First Nat! Bunk fl Firsi Null Bunk 10 First. Null Kii "I; i' First. Nail Haul; 12 H B A- Li M NVdroy Z H B & II M NVflroy 4 0 E St(j\\-iircl 13 IVarlino Martin fi 1 verso n Morris 0-7-S E. M. Bryeau Addition to Carrie Rlnckwell E 2-.1 17 Oirrii- Bla'okwnll K 2-IJ IS Carrii- Bluck«-c-n K 2-fl 10 CVrrio ' KbukwfII K 2-I'. 20 'Arthur Bryouns 5 Arthur f*ry*nn.< 0 Arthur Brypnn.* 7 Arthur Bryeans 10 Arthur Krywins . -<"1 \* K Knidt'r ~0 V E Snider 21 ;. flf Bugg Addition to Blyrheville Evoroir Hnrbr-r S 11 4.72 Bugg Colored Addition to Blytheville Tom T:-ylor <> 0.44 Mrs. .Toft Kneter :U 2.20 A. 17-15-11 5 D Kobcrson 44 .f»0 A. 17-15-1 L .8?':| Anier. United Life Ins Co. 47 jj.flS A. 17-1;"-11 Kflst Ark Lbr Co. 17 I7-]f.-l! \inpr L'rtiifd Life Ins Co. Janies Addition to Blytheville Everett Harbor E'£ 2 A 14.1«; Horris Addition to Blytheville Bottio Alley ' " SVa 9 Betttft Alloy ,. S Vi 10 Mall i- Wickhn»n'i : ,, :t P. J." Ohrieii" "Addition .to Zei»h Ohrion 11 Origiual Survey to Blytheville ; J IT Konp)-""' *'•»'' U ' 1C Park Addition to Blytheville Willinm 0 Wood' . 2 1 1S.SS Connie Smith -. '12 9.4'J J. P. Pride Subdivision to Blytheviu 14. 1 P. S. U 18. Blythevillell 1 3.52 ?! .47 .47 .47 .^7 I.IB 1.18 1.18 7.OS 7.03 3118 . .83 j| -SSnl S.SO'1 ,S,=vl 12.32 .r.7 Edn'rt -Y'Hiishiink 7 A Fmvlkes. Lrvlla Sr Oordon R A Flom ^1 Trim 9 A Mary I lirtpdon 10 P. W. B. May? H C W. B. Mays 'W. 13. Mays IW. B. Mays' M Mrs. Kd McMnhftn id Tnivolfrii Bids S: Loan 20 .]. L. Hyde ' J J. L. Ityde . - Rehecca Patterson 1 Acr^ Lots lfl-15-11; to Blytheville : A C. Byrnm 0 14.0S- Richards Addition to Blythavillc t. B. Si.-wnrt Est. 10 F 37.7(5 Ruddle. Helpbts Addition to BlythevlU* .Iftc-U Finloy Robinson 7 2 2.Si' .Tack Finley Robinson R 2 2.:'.^ Sunnvside Addition to Blythevllle ; Chicago Mill St Lumber Co. 2nd Addition j John *.« 1>1«»fl.atHIlM ' r _Inlm Klieal. .Tc!ks to Blytheville Chicago Mill •& Lumher Go. 3rd.Addition . to Blytheville Cnmf Dnnlar. * 1> Chickasawha Garden Addition to . Blythevtlle T. K. M.-Bri'i^ 7 2 11.80 Mate Daniel* Addition to Blytheville Susie Carr CVrr Carr John O. P. 0 F. KHcah ' :t 1- 3 Susie Susio Cftrr Davis 2nd Addition to Anderson \ (.'r:\n«- Davis 3rd Addition to Slifllitvd SjtliJ)!! .1 0 Kolwiek .5 O - Kdlwi.-k Suushine Swift Highland Place Mnttie Roberta Miittie Roliorts 0.44: 7 2 1.18 S 2 1.18 0 2 I.IS Blythevllle f, ', 1S.83 Blvthevillc H 2 4.72 0 2 IS.33 2 3 7.0 S Matti.; Mai tic M. at tit? 12 Addition to F.v> !•* i:> 11 12 i? 14 lo 10 N \« 7 .', ft 12 Hollipeter Shonyo Addition to •Blythevlllc Dnvo & Birdie I'nnk«\v T.'. Will SiRTmok If, Johni«> Sownrd 6 0. Shonyo 1" Roberts Roberts Kolerls Robert-; Koberss Phillips Williams \Yilliiims* i,ivi.n-o)l«- Lbr. Co. " Sunrise Addition to Blythevllle K C Alley II C Alley H C Allev fl - IJJ West 'Bn<' Subdivision Out "o "Blythev 1 "* 1 *^ r>\ l ft " \ In 1 .John'Vmc' 1 ^ 19 J '• I "Am McLninore ^J ^ Evelyn S" nlR l " ~ Anderson Bidlitt.- '-'2 I Rutrene Britlftn 5 •< ! Euiji.'ino Tint.tan 9 •' TOWN OF LEACHVII.T-.E 1 Haves? Addition to "Leachvill« Kinc •' MitclicH '»• j Mitchell l : . v Kin ^ !5 r. Kinz n 'I f'.44;l 7.03'j| 4.72- 9.44 | J. 1S.S8 2.SG 2 3G 2.SG . 2.3fi I Nelson's 2.36 W. \ "ist Addition to Winded 1 to I-eachvtlle ii F L 2.^fi j - Smith Addition 16.">2 NTrs. Altre Kac.-dah* Mrs. Allco. Rascsdaln i, fl o Williams ^^ 1^ e \Villiftliis ir> S. F,. Boono p-* 1 S. K. -Booue . -•* ~4.ifi \ Stndanraeyer Addition to^ 1.IS ; K. E. Lancaster l'« < •.".90 > Witness my hnnd ^nd seal n 4^72 dny of -Tan. 1941. 1.18J TIAKVKY M"RK1S. n . . • fhnnofr' FOR SALE SHIBLEY'S BEST FLOUR Barrel' ..... ..... ^- so 48 Lb. Sack ..................... £*- 25 24 Lb. Sack ...................... <? 5c 100 Lbs. Sugar .................. &*.70 Red Potatoes 100 Lbs. .......... $1-10 C. ABRAHAM Ash & Broadway P hon « 816

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