San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California on October 20, 1917 · Page 3
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San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California · Page 3

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 20, 1917
Page 3
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t r f it - i V Ivy 1 vWraitA VlTTOnlVTriT T aTMTirT - nmrnnnm nn kv - v - v i - ftiviavu viiivv - iv uxvuuva ijjjnE4iv ysJy WmW if wWm - ff7HsSsa JJi1 - - - - V1 ii a - 1017 t M - i rr - - 7 - - - - i i i i i i i i i i iiIM - pa n HBMHiwanMKMMHaHaaBMHMaMaiBnRMBMaHHnnPBBaBMMMMH 4ifl AT FRONT WSfOM HARD JOB AFTBR ADTiSfi i P e anoweaao wcome ai 1My are treated well but must work tor their rep Here Uerman pnoner of war are carry - This photograph wastaken just after Haigs trooprhad completed hard - fought advance on the Flanders front The menare showt clesmn ing timber to a sawmill behind the trenches where lumber is being cut for b attic front construction wort Up after leaving the trenches They care for their rifles first and look af ter their personal toilets afterwards ll III I ri II 111 I I nM I I BOYS PUT JIIZZ IN CAMP LEWIS Close Harmony Wrung From Banjos and Pianos Hank - Dances Hula - Hula AZEVEDO AND WEBB BOX Y Athletic Instruction Will Be JRart Qt Plans for Breeding Efficiency Special Dispatch to The Chronicle TACOMA October 19 San Fran - Cisco and buy city men In the National iArmy Jaszed with a vengeance at Camp Lewis tonight Members of the 363d Regiment met on the parade ground tonight and u far as possible distinctions between officers and men were obliterated Undtr the leadership of the new athletic committee of the regiment composed of Lieutenant Vf J Wee Coyl formerly a University of Washington star qunrter - baclc Lieutenant J C lsvenden formerly of the Oregon Agriculturali College and Gustavo liundstrom once of the University of Minnesota the athletic stunts were pulled off Then there was close harmony wruiit fronv fivoi banjos piano and as many drums as could be begged or borrowed for the evening One of the events of the nfght was a piano con - Jtest wlthone max from each company competing And then Hank Dondvstn - was1 there f Hank has lost his sobriquet In the maze of military affairs and Is now merely Private Donovan but to Unl - verslty of California students In the old days ho - will always be Hank HAK SIIOWI2D KM HOW ITODASCB HL1A - HIIA He showed how the best Hawaiian Iris should If they dont dance the huja - hule He was given a big hand even If he did present something different from seen on the beach of Walklkl Joe Azevedb and Willie Webb both from the Mission pranced through four cantos to - a draw Major Henry Breekenrldgc former assistant secretary of war under Llndley M Garrison addressed the men and pointed out the way for them to make advancement In the Army It was the first of Acta appearance also ot Captain T G Cook athletic director at the cantonment Approximately 35000 men were1 at drlllon the parade - ground today at Camp Lewis forming all evolutions from battalion review to aquad drill - TFtJRST jjl Distinctive Style Jill Hudson Seal jltr Coats jjll fetrrV Seal1 Dyed Muskrat lriv CZia Full length with large ftrTis Mf7 collar and cuffs of nf i Illl plain seal are specially j 15000 and 165 I Capes Muffs - and 2 I fieclcpieces in a large variety d attraettve JlLl67P03TaT A144 GlArffgr British Scored For Not Aiding Russian Fleet LONDON October 19 The Daily Mail condemnswhat it caiis the failure of the British fleet to prevent the Germah fleet from becoming master of the Gulf of Riga and demands that the Admiralty make an explanation of this humiliating display in he Baltic After recalling the success of the British submarines against the Germans in the Baltic in the summer and autumn - of 1915 the newspaper gidds The Germans have accomplished all they were prevented from achieving in 1915 and they have done so without a single blow being struck at them by any arm of the British Saiu a navy far stronger than it was two years ago tnd recently reinforced by the addition of the - American fleet The average of rejection - for physical defects now Is 96 per cent Certain of the mn who - do - not appeartobe holding up welji under the etrtiln - of military drlll will be examined again - Hejectloni of one - half of 1 per cent of tbose accepted probably wllKbe the result The physical standard of the National Army will be kept at a high point PREPARATIONS FOR WAR BEIG HASTENKU Placing th 91st Division uu full war strength will hasten the preparations for active warfare and will enable all officers to take charge of full commands Training will continue In the depot brigade as strenuously as in the active division Arrival yesterday of a small number of signal corps men will be fol lowed today by the arrival from Cali fornia of loo men of the field signal battalion These men enlisted In California and formerly were the 27th Reserve Field Signal Battalion They Are made iipmalnly of telephone operators and telegraphers There are 200 - men of th 405th Telegraph Bat talion n - ow - ln camp Several hundred more signal corps men are due at Camp Lewis It Is the duty of the signal ctfrpstO send orders to - the fir ing line - and reports from the firing line to th rear among many other thlrigs The photographic records of the war win De - iaKcn x uie - sianui corps nu a campaign f recruit men for1 this branch of the service will be started Photographers moving picture operators and mem wno understand tns mechanism and repair Of cameras are wanted There has not been - a slngl desertiondesertion - 1 from the rahks of approximately 39000 National Arniy men which have left their local boardi sta tions or service ri tlio Jlst Division at uamp i4vn accpruinv - w receiv ing - officers who have Jusc - made a careful check of all the - mnHi is believed this U ft record for the sU - teeni cantonments There have beeiv several cases f where men have missed their trains i or did not receive their notifications to leave for tho camp promptly but so - far as can be learned every one oc these men has ultimately reached imp Whether there havo been cases of desertion - - where men - have received their notices to leave with locaf board quotas and have then - disappeared cannot be announced at this lime Civil authorities handle the mens i cases until they arrive at the canton - iment Third - quota stragglers continually are arriving at the camp most of them from California - A number are men who have transferred from states not In the Western Department Thirty - two - California men are due to arrive tonight San Mateo eounty Is tending twenty - Seven Alameda tnree and Solano two Thlrty - on Nevada men will arrlva Saturday and Sunday sixteen men from - Los Angelas No I seven from Not 10 and eighteen from No 9 - are due I Berkeley WomenSend Books to Soldiers BERKBLET October llTh womens organisation that - has been gathering books and magailnes - 1 be used as libraries for the naval and military training stations throughout the country will send over 0000 books away tomorrowThls shipment Is the first of Its kind from any city In tha United States The shipment of books is being financed by the local - commune out oi mnds obtained from tts aUocoiaxnagaxInei and paperfc kiAinAA WSM Government Gathering Great Army of Clerks to Figure Income Taxes With the new war tax law making It mandatory upon every man and woman in the United States with an Income of 11000 a year and over to muke a statement to tho Government showing vtheamount of their Income the Internal - revenue - department at Washington is girding ltlf for one of the mightiest bookkeeping tasks the world war has Imposed upon tho Oovernment For the task of figuring the tax to be paid On these Incomes devolves on Washington where an army of new clerks will have to be employed to handle this Intricate work ltevenue officers of the Oovernment believe that not one man In 1000C understands the Income tax provin - lons of the statutes as they stand now Hundreds of letters that are reaching Collector Justus S Warden in Sam Francisco testify to this The States leading bankers are balked at what Congress was driving at when It passed the war revenuo bill and they are flooding Collector Wardens offloo with requests - for circularised information Some of this - can not be given until the - department at Washington construes certain points ALU MlST FILM RETVRXS The advice Collector Warden gives oilt is not to worry The only duty Imposed on the citizen Is the official statement of his income called the return In Government parlanceThe returns will be assessed and audited In Washington for the entire country so that the local offices lw1I act merely as clearing - houses for accepting and forwarding the returns and later collecting the - taxes when they become due The returns must be made between January 1 and March 1 19 IS These must show the entire Income from every source at the Individual during the year 1917 and they must be sworn to before a notary public deputy collector or pther officer Blanks for these returns have not been received but they wll be - in time and they may be had by applying either In person or by mall to tha collectors office In the custoni - house The San Francisco office will supply all of i rr r i Northern California as far south as JOtir UOUSflS tlOla WAIT FOR NOTIFICATIOX j Once the return is fllcdl properly the lav may be forgotten until the Oovernment nptlfles the Indlvldiial the amount of his tax and then It niust be paid In full sometlme before June 15 The taxmay be paid at the - ssme tltnc - the roturni Is inaderbut this is advised against s the avcrugo citizen makes so many errors In pomput - Ing his tax that this custom brings bother anduseless work lm Its traln - Atleast 100000 - personsiwltltln the Jurisdiction of Collector Warden have J10CT0 Incomes and must comply with the law Deputy George 8 Davidson estimates Many of them will be - exempt from paying any tax such aa married men earning 12000 a year or jltssi but the statement of the Income muso pe maae nevervneiess gust ss the Government required physically unfit men withlii the draft age limit to register for - Army service CORPORATION ARE ICLVDED In addition to the Individuals every corporation must make a return on Jts 1917 activities whether It mado a cent of profit or remained Inactive Scores of corporations especially In Nevada are nothing mora than paper concerns engaged In no activity whatever but a full and complete statement must be made irrespective of this There are about 15000 corporations In Wardens district Much of the contusion on the income tax arises from - the fact that there arc two laws In force each distinct and each with supertaxes for higher incomes at different rates The 1918 law goM no hlgherthan to take 13 per cent of Incomes over ta0O0O0C but the new - war revenue bill passed this month goes as high tts SO pel cent when It reaches Incomes over 10000001 a year EXEMPTION ARE HANGED The exemptions under tne 9til law - are 13000 for single men and II0H0 for married men wltiv aw additional exemption of 200 for eanu dependent child while - the new war tax exemn - tlons aro 11000 for single men and iooo ror married men with the rl - luwanfe cf 200 for each dependent child This makes It no tUt o nliigle man with - a 3000 Income - tcnpes paying under the 1018 - law but is caught on the war rovonuu loV V man with a 5000 Income must pay both taxes of two por cent curl A man with nn Income over in00 wotivl pay bolh normal - trxes und supertax that of the war revenue law Incomes of 2000001 and upward pay both normal taxes and tha supertaxes How much will be reslliiid from the Income tax laws in this dlstrVt is hard to nstiriato but ongrena figured the Nation would tn n revenue of 1500000000 through Jti the iojui - try In - lh San Francisco - dlsnct there was paid In this - ear by em - fornttons on their 1910 tulieis i total of r2K4IS - and by Individuals 3SI03 MATTER OF StiEtVCVIlOV Approximately the aahte huinber of corporations will make roturna this year - oiv 1917 business wllliii In - j crease In the rate of taxutlon uf I per rent Business ban also - been better which necessarily lu - roueJ the leturns ftndln place o 10600 Individual returns male this year mi 1916 incomes there - will be 100010 next year on 1917 inomen mid Iho total is a matter of nwi - o pecuktlon - r Automobile Accident Results in Death RICHMOND October 19 After lingering almost a month - sufferlngfrom Injuries received In an automobile ac cident Walter parks aged 56 died af a local hospital here early this morning The accident happened on the Pinole road near the powder works where Parks ws an employe Us was struck by an automobile driven by William Claptlarulo of 1018 Castro street Oakland At the time of the accident Parka who was riding a motorcycin said that be wax blinded by the headlights of the auto De - ii erased leaves a widow - resident of this 1 City and a Klotlr ln Dallas Tex SOCIALISTS MAKEPEflCE PLJi KNOWN Return of Territory Demand of Stockholm Conference Committee STOCKHOLM October 19 The or ganlslng committee of the Stockholm conference has - drawn up - a manifesto declaring that from - the experience of the three years war It Is not rash to drawth conclusion that there will be a victory by neither side either In 1917 or iniS It indicates as the o - n ernl conditions under which It considers peace should be made the complete evacuation of all occupied ter - i rllorjes In Europe and the colonies and the ipslorallon of devastated territories by menus of an International fund CONDITIONS DEMANDED The special conditions demanded by the manifesto are The complete political and eco - noiiilc re - eetabllshment of Belgium with - cultural autonomy for Flan - - ders and the - restoration of all con tributions and requisitions raised contrary tp international law the amount of the damages to be paid - b Oermany to - be left to The Hague arbitration court Solution of the Alsace - Lorraine question to be arrived at by a plebiscite The - restoration of 8erblahlch In corrimon with Bulgaria and Greece would have free access to the port of Salohlkl Bulgaria to be given Eastern Macedonia as far as the Vardar An Independent roland the Polish districts of Austria and Germany to enjoy as wide - autonomy as possible and the different nationalities of Russians to enjoy territorial autonomy within a federative - republic INDEPENDENT FINLAND V The independence of Finland united to Russia Solution of the problem of Bohemia by means of the reunion of the Ciechs In a single federative state with Austria The Italian districts of Austria hot ceded to Italy to enjoy cultural autonomy The political Independence of Ireland within the dominion of Great - Britain The Independence of Turkish Armenia The International solution of the Jewish problem and personal Independence for the Jews lit the districts of Russia Austria Rumania and Poland where they are massed together with protection for the Jewish colony In Palestine The manifesto declares In favor of compulsory arbitration general disarmament the suppression of any kind of economic warfare and the extension of parliamentary control over foreign policy New York Threatened With Sugar Fam ine NEW TORIC October 19i - Wth wholesale sources of supply virtually shut oft and refiners unable to get the material New York Is threatened with a sugar famine Many stores have been without sugar for several days and thoso dealers who have a supply on hand are limiting sales to a tew pounds to each customer Prices have gone up and some sales is high as 15 cents a pound have been reported Many restaurants already have abolished the sugar bowl and customers are served one lump apiece RUSSIA HEflQY A M Wywodzeff Returns From Petrograd Confident of Fmal Victory Russia now has freedom tmi liberty All other facts Including the war come second suld A M Wy - wodseff Russian Consul at this porti yesterday on returning from a four months trip to Til country Tlero - tofore my people have been occupied In establishing a stable form of gov - ernment not havlitg tlnie to nuiko war Now all Russia will uniie in Keep the Germans out of Petrograd Wywodseff said that the present advance on RusBla by Germany was hav - ing the same effect on the people as the air raids in England were - on the people there and that mi oiti the capital would rouse the entire na - TO ADOPT COXSTITITIOX KRecntlyan etion has been bld through the entire Mum r JI - 1 - - - J Hl 1IIU fh - - mV k nd n November VDV uTTirflHiri ror in Hutui - - - - H - M - - unLiuiiui Alaskan Anniversary SEATTLE Wash Odtobcr 19 - FoimerAlailtaiis In thPaclflNorth west and sour doughs here from - llie north last night met atthe Arctic Clnb and celebrated the fiftieth annl - versarjr to the purchase of - Alaska n - pmRuiIa by ithe United - state CKiClaypooU Heattlejformer fnlted Stalos Commissioner at Fairbanks Alaska psfMlded A he took charge i li - haujed an old Russian flag down frptp a rolnlautrc fiagpoley and hblited the Stars and Stripes Slmnltano - ouslythe Mags ot Americas allies weie swung across the roonit - i t Utah Husband Relies On Unwritten Law AU Sjr FOUNDED 1850 i tP City o Jaris l I rfTI l 1 f 1 T1 Vjr yw l nere s Much or Lconomy y V orrl Hill I lliiftfo rl II ll anu a i uu yuuia ui if I Style in These 1 f Street Coats V - - n SALT KAKE CITY October 19 Miss Josephine Johnson testifying In the trial of Arthur L Wlllard school principal charged wlthrthe - murder of Cecil Holmes said - that she bad heard Holmes refer to Mrsi Wlllard asStar - ugni ana Aiy giri - Wlllard killed Holmes as a result of quarreling over the latter - supposed friendliness to MriM Wlllard Counsel for the accused Is pleading the un written law which Is the written - law In Utah and self - defense Street Coats - - s and Suits featured today at a pricing a appreciable as the timeliness of v the offering Have You Seen Her NIoVioAoG Me famous exponent IVierCeaeS 0f Hawaiian dance Here fdr a Limited Engagement See the Big Revue Tonight Harry Dudley and his bevy of pretty showgirls in a scintillating revue of latest musical successes and dances Every night from dinner time until we close Among the many delicious dithei in today Incomparable 60cLuncheori Special Stealcwlth Mushrooms Ghickena la Klrjjj FRED Solaris Grill Geary and Mason Next to Columbia Hester 2475 For Coats of light weight Kerteyi soft Velours and Mixtures Belted smartly fashioned models - many of them with collars of fur The Suits are modish tailored types braid bound and strictly plain styles of Serge Trfcotine Poplin Velonr and Mixtures Colorings in both Suits and Coats are those most favored A choosing repletewithinierest for all who have not yet suppliedtheir vointer wardrobe needs 1 - A X JASttV - ystjiifl convention that wilt form a new con - stltutlon Consul Wywodzeff ex pressed the opinion that Russia Ultimately will have a - government modeled on the Swiss - confederation Ho said separate stats governments Will be formed each state with Independent authority but all unified In ono central head He does not expect that there wilt be two houses In tho Gen - erolAssembly so that there will bes no small conservative body to - servd as a check upon thedirect represen tatlves of the people There W now unlxersal suffrage - and freedom of the1 press In Russia V There la absolutely no posslbtlity o a separate peace said tha Consul Even the extreme - pacifists - do not want a separate peace but a world peace and Russia is In the war until the allies win Consul Wywodzeff says that there Is plenty of food In Russia but that prices havo been Inflated by speculation and that as soon aa the govarn - ment has tlme to adjust Itself It - will take drastic measures to bring down - prices Baggagemen Abolish Rate on Short Hauls Cut - rate baggagemen of the city yesterdav decided to abolish therate - of 35 cents tor hauling trunks and baggage short distances and Instead to charge the regular rate fS cents for all trunks and suit cases - cept that two sulj cases will be carried for a single charge Tho decision was reached at a - meeting of the San Francisco Baggage Transfer Men and Storage Association r - T - r1 v Straightforward and - Fearless Rfl - Hcct Fra nnnr nnpprTirwv i I - 1 I - V7F ESTABLISHED SO TtARS FTTrXH SXVi UC 177 POST ST V 144 CHANT AVE I VlvJ H 1 i A it M q ml m m w ffl 1 The Smartest of Youthful Fashions Now at Special Prices in Our Misses Shop Misses Suits m ii Af Suit in distinctly mannish lines nr qo without fur also plaited models and wide belted styles are fashioned in excellent quality Serge Gabardine and Ox - H i or a navy taupe and orown are popular colorings r A SPECIAL PURCHASE Af of high - 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