San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California on June 28, 1896 · Page 13
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San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California · Page 13

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 28, 1896
Page 13
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P5 - - - uj - v gySy - - - pwus p mnt - - J ii - - y A - SWUM 9ABAygSCQ JDHttQmEOTnKrDAY JTOfc ISgg ia OF THE BACHELOR MAID lift - Unmarried Woman Who Loves Independence A New Development in the New Woman Iff CONFESS I wi nervous when I I - sallied forth to call on Emily and i her chum Alice for I had been told L when I met them that they were 4tnelor maids I had been made jware by the dictionary that a bachelor if young man who has not been mar - KrSed and is a babbler while a maid in uiiuimincu ituiajr wngie zascl jsuons are so deadly that her name was Bnserly riven to a machine resembling ffc guillotine which was used to be - Bead Incorrigible males but I failed 0 grasp the tne significance of the eoblnatlon of the two nor was I as - tirtid In my Investigation by Mrs Bur - tan Harrisons novel of The Bachelor Maid which merely proves that three tiioolated girls may be subjugated by Cuslt as easily as one It appears that the fable of the bundle of sticks does sot apply to young women At the tnlverslty of Oxford which 1 visited when we were last In Europe I was told that a maid could not be a bachslor at least a bachelor of arts Th utmost dignity to which she can aspire however high she may rank in nlshed with picture and sconces and Statuette and bibelots quite an ideal nook for a girl of good taste Emily made her appearance in an old rose tea gown looking as fresh as a cherry td on an early May morning and smiling happily like a maiden who has just said yes My dear saW I severely before I throw myself into your amis will you kindly define your position as a bachelor maid A bachelor maid quoth she used to be called an unprotected female She is a lady who ha thrown off her dependence on man She lives alone or with a female friend generally in a cottage or a flat In which she keeps house and receives her friends Except that she has no husband or brother or father to order her abojit or to supervise her outgoings and Incomings she is Juat like other girls Whence does she derive the means of living T Mon cher there are all sorts and conditions of bachelor maids Some like myself have money of their own I Inherited as you know an Income which though not Immense la ample for my wants My chum Alice works for a firm of house decorators and as When the latter become self - support - lng they long for a whiff of freedom aad the only obvious plan et securing it la to marry which is often exchanging one tyrant for another A girl who marries to get rid of - the - worries of home generally hits upoa the wrong man Now If she enter Into partnership with a girl whom she knows and whose society she can enjoy the pair can set up a nttle home together which shall be - eerfectlv respectable and In which they shall be as tree as Hoomson Crusoe on his island There are hundreds of such homes tn South San Francisco and - their occupants learn to make themselves so comfortable that they dont need to marry til the right man comes along As a mere man I observed after a moments thought I object to the extension of the bachelor maid system It must reduce the number of available candidates for matrimony and restrict the choice of men who are looking for wives My dear friend replied Emily that concerns the men not us In Airs Bur ton Harrisons book the three bachelor maids all marry I have heard it said that a comfortable club makes many hairy arms She fled wiftlr toward I tbaa the beauties tn tarlatan who irttt her bachelor - maid quarters where she whirling round - In the waits nauareuewhichwouldhave done Care - 1 They contrasted sharply with the docs business had he ventured within Us range rinding that he couM not overtake her he drew his long falchion and with one swing from his red right band buds of the ball room The education of the latter was based oh the theory that while a woman - Is certainly en dowed with mind as wen as body the he etruck off her head Do not suppose culttvationorthe former exeeptln the that her story ends here Where the branches which concern themselves head fell a fountain burst forth whose with the hunting of the male 1 a mat - waters are drunk by the pious to this I ter of small moment Richardsons day it has fed a well whose bottom is r young women like Miss Burneya and covered with pebbles its rocky aides i Walter Scotts were - trained for matrt - are hidden by blood - red streaks and Its monial purposes only They were like moutn is bordered with sweet - smelling the strasnurg geese which are tiea to moss There ws a bachelor maid In - a bench in front of a hot fire la order dewr I am afraid observed Emily that if my head were cut off no fountain would rpring from the spot where it felL Thats because you are not good enough my dear You should contemplate the example set you by a French bachelor maid whose name was Colette She discovered that the true way to serve God is to morUfy the flesh She therefore always went barefoot and regarded shoes and stockings as devices or me evil one She slept or a bare i w i une one n CT 8 oacnniwi yei every iri ooard choosing in preference a board wiu lu u un lu wniCfl Had Vnnf onl an Infer In If bhe wore but one garment and this she fh hi fatta nnrf lnHitv i rMri her class Is to receive a certificate that j a hanQorno iaJary tnd ls ftDie t0 pav she would have been granted the de - her share of the cost of this household tree If she had been of the right sex For If she had been dubbed a bachelor she might have risen to the rank of master of arts and fellow of the college and the Idea of a woman being a master and a fellow is obviously re - i ings pugnant to all well constituted minds Beatrice following the accepted belief of her time declares that In heaven bachelors sit on a bench by themselves while maids have the run of the celestial paradise She does not inform us where bachelor maids sit Are they free to gambol among the cherubim and seraphim and to love young saints with that besides dressing herself becomingly We are rather better off than most bachelor maids Miss Callender and Miss De Forest who keep bachelor maid hall in New York are millionaires and give splendid entertainments at which Calve ana raaerewsKi piays mere are a number of other bachelor maid In the East who are rich and take their annual trip to Paris and have their seats at the opera But these art rather exceptional cases Most of the bachelor maids in New York Boston and Philadelphia are actresses musicians teachers typewriters clerks etc who club together marry You are evidently a partisan of the bachelor mid system I think it one of the most beneficial of modern improvements and I believe that Paul Bourget had It In his eye when he said that the American woman was rising so rapidly in the scale of civilisation that she was becoming a type of the perfect female which could not be equaled in Europe I could not help laughing when she spoke of the bachelor maid being a modern Improvement My dear said I have you so far forgotten your reading that you Imagine the bachelor girl ls a product of modern civilisation She Is at least as old as Christianity I dont remember faltered Emily Then I will deliver you a discourse on the subject which will not be a Populist oration Allow me to offer you a stool to rest your feet while I preach Dc you remember when you were at Oxford golrg to see the College of Christ Church the splendid foundation of Cardinal Wolsey Of course you do Well the church and monastery In which that cc liege was planted were originally constructed lr honor of a bachelor maid whose name was Frldeswide Ph lived In the eighth century and was a very stiff Christian at a time when the faith of most Krglishmen was of the consistency of putty Being beautiful he attracted the attention of a Mercian Prince who though that bachelor maids were a waste of Gods precious blessings He hunted her Intending to rw - rsuade her with a club till she agreed to marry him but she hid lr a pig sty ard when he entered the sty be was irucK Dime ana tottered away grp - made herself out of patches and pieces of rags which the neighbors gave her Phe partook sparely of food when she did satisfy fier appetite it was with bones which the dogs had gnawed and with crusts which she picked out of the gutter It is not recorded of her thst she ever roused the passions of male like the two bachelor maids whose story I have told you When any one spoke to her she burst Into tears and when people asked her what she was crying for she answered that she did i for the to die of enlargement of the liver to supply the toothsome morsel which Is contained in pates de fole gras Pamelas friends and Clarissa Har lowes probably had minds which they would hare liked to cultivate and aspirations which they yearned to gratify But if they expressed such revolutionary thoughts they were told that they were romantic and sentimental and whimsical and fantastic and eccentric and were sternly set back In their place Those who had mutinous Instincts were crushed by a reminder of their helplessness You object to obey me mamma would say very well you will be so good as to look out for yourself 80 long as you do me the honor to remain In my house you will have to take your orders from me Now the girl looking out upon the deso - lateness of the landscape threw down her arms and subsided If she left home there was nowhere for her to go It Is that injustice which the bachelor maid was created to correct When a girl who ls self - supporting either from Inherited fortune or from the practice of some honorable calling can take a lod - jrlnff of hlr own either alone or with a friend and abide in it without we tblak It safer to stay on shore and to keep our sovereignty under oar own bonnet Come now you are a man of the world you know that the great balk of the marriages 0 the present day are divided like ancient Oaul into three kinds FlrstXbere are rhe - macriagesof the money boaters wUa propose t - l cusnge me cnarm - oi tneir - society tor the - ladys money That Ira commercial transaction with which we era not concerned and which may - tarn out profitably or otherwise as it pleases God - Next there are the marriages with boys or gossoons or goslings who stand ready to make a Mfe engagement for the bliss of printing a kiss upon a pair of rosy Ilpa Those again are unions which do not caD for Interference by the sex at large The bachelor maids have no call to meddle with kindergarten alliances Girls form them of their own free will and If they do not answer the door of the divorce court gapes to relieve the situation But the third class of marriages is between men - who have seen something of the world who can tell by girrg face what class she belongs to aha when her appearance constitutes a guarantee of respecta - bllity she - will notso often be told that an the rooms are engaged A a general proposlUonmenrediip08ed to deal kindly with woraenwho are trying honestly earntheirUriBrTh aga has pafsefljsaen ncnwomeanrrciur posed aiTa matteofcoursetotanS ready t - barteit vlrtufor bread - SmoUetlft society is out of date Still the accommodation supplied la cur American cities for girls in search of a home is too limited to meet the demand To suppleraenVtt the late AT Stewart in New York and Oolaness thw brewer in London built palatial edifice expressly for the lodging of working jlrlt They wr filled Alaoit beforr they were fliihed - aajhe rigid relet proclalmedbr theowneM had the ef - feet of sifting theappBcsaU for lodgings so that in a short While there were no ieniata who - oreaeiice - was bie tionabie Such a building would be wel - giory of God When she met a man j ircurrlng the worlds censure or sus - uu ciiuns were irivoious sne rei en her knees before him with copious tears praying that heaven would vouchsafe to envert him This eccentric behavior did not prevent hr living to he good old aeof 67 800 years after her death her remains vrrr exhumed ar1 are now to be seen in the Cathedral at plclin she lifts herself to the same level as her brother and acquires practical liberty It strikes me said I hotly hat the philosophy you profess Is subversive of modern society If girls find they can Jive together and enjoy llbrrty with all the comforts which married vtaeni j nere was a cache or mali whn 1 tif n tfs - nf it Ar - ar made her mark In this world and has backs why should they marry already talcn a place in the next Shi That Is for you men to say My hanged to the class of vlrgo dolorosa frlnd Bridget who is a natural - born which Is not represented among the j dressmaker and who ls happy enough tachemr maids of to - day since she got rid of her drunken hus - 1 ou are quoting against us ret jrted band observes In her pithy way that rmily a class of women who a thou sand years ago mere or less from religious enthusiasm chs to retire frim the world lr order to concentrate their thoughts on theology and whom the Church protected from th Interference of their friends We bachelor mal is of to - day have no fad or Ism or crotchet e merely propose to live by ourselves ana to pursue our several rallies u for women marriage Is not what it ls cracked up to be and that most girls flrd their board lodging and clothing come pretty high when they hire them - eiv9 out to a husband to make sure of them There Is a popular belief that a female of our species is a lost being whr she has no male to cling to and worship whertu female icciety ls for the male a luxury which may be dls - out the companionship or supervision of Pened wlth - I have known maids who world who come here and under oroner manage - as the Dhrase is have sown their wild 1 mnt wnnfa viAld a n Interest on it oats and being weary of that profitless CQlt The number et young wwMB branch of agriculture propose to wind rhom nothing will induce to go out t up their virile career by marrying an i service but who are willing to Ubofc unsopnisircaieu malum u - e iu ritnruiry at eaiungs wnicn WW 9f be a gentleman who has gone the round port themfrom cashiers and type of the clubs and the couMssea or he may wrttr to dressmakers and shop gtrlsw be a mechanic who has worked his way j Ttry 1 indeed They would easUjs to the position of foremsn or contractor 1 flu building with 500 rooms and whose previous associations with vnaWns to be sarcastic and to xeocht the sex were not formed at the Sunday - j my frienj Emily on ft tender gpoVI school In this case the girl gets the observed that in the nunneries whlefc dregs of a man His freshness and ine propoiri t0 establish thert wettl bloom and ardor and romance went long probably be parlors with gTfttlngSv ago to some one else They are past res - tnroagB wnCn ihelrl bachelor WOtlM urrectlon He proposes to bestow upon converse with their male visitor Sow his wife a home an allowance tor irttt pued with a smile a measure of marital kindness W t h j by that m tl Stewart bufl these she must becontent We bachelor n Ntw york mile yltnon rt B6 maids think that life by ourselves may afowe1 It wa8 jMraed Beeessary to promise a better show of happiness than CiUWUjl a ftneral rula But no T41W they insure I objection could be made to ft receDtloo - jnsieiu oi caning juuikh lor maids said I feeling myself worst ed tn the controversy had you not bet - it r take the name of American nups There Is no analogy between nuns and ourselves Nuns devote their lives to works of charity and religion and are room In which visitors could be reetlf da unless the visitors stayed too loag 21 the building contained no such parlor the girl tenant might take other lodg lngs and there receive her steady com pany All eitles are full of houses ia which rooms can be rented oy wea - fte - ha live more tlentlv and make their in excellence with which angels love good comes go further collectively than tney irg liKe Kinp iear The maid estab - men or must they also sit on a hard could do if each girl lived alone Here Uhed bachelor quarter at Thorrbury wooden bench without a back and In this city moit of the shop girls or and lived In them with a frtrc just as wait for some genial old bachelor to salesladies as I believe they wish to be bachelor maids do now She performed make merry wltha1 The theory of the called lead the life of bachslor maids many miracle which Is a lost art Chinese that maids are not admitted to Two or three of them club together and among the bachelor maids of to - day heaven at all In consequence of their hire a small apartment of two large Wag she not a prototype of your slster - nnnltT Is untenable for wp - have 1 cr three small rooms and a closet Their 1 hood the word of the prophet Jeremiah him - pay will range from J8 to J10 a week self that cakes are cooked In heaven On that no girl can get along without for the Queen and who would cook stinting her food or her dress But on them pray but the maids and St j J20 or 5 a week three girls can pull John the Divine In the Revelations tells through by cooking their own break - us In plain words that he saw In heaven fast and helping to make their own a woman arrayed in purple and scarlet clothes They have a place where they color and decked with gold and precious are not ashamed to receive steady corn - stones sitting on a scarlet - colored pany who takes one of them to the heart True he does not say that she theater now and then And they are was a bachelor maid Rather the con - freed from the traeasserle of paternal trary j supervision and maternal meddling By the time these reflections had Then I understand I retorted that pased through my mind I had reached the baobelor maid ls a step in the evo - the flat wherein Emily and Alice re - lutlon of the emancipated woman Just so There are households which are happy and eome which are not so happy Papas and brothers are not always easy to get along with especially as they claim a sort of divine riirht to boss their daughters and their sisters side It ls In a good - looking house in a fashionable street Franklin I think and when I touched the electric button a neat maid whether bachelor or not I did not Inquire in a cap bade us welcome The parlor was gayly fur - I hope I may never be driven to take refuge In a pigsty Antre tempa antre meurs Did you never hear of the Holy Well of Saint Winifrede which Is an English rival of Lourdes On reaching womanhood the saint resolved to become a bachelor maid and prevailed upon her father to build a cottage for her and two companions There the three spent their time in prayerand meditation and were doubtless as happy aa you are dar Emily until one day a savage Prince of the neighborhood named Caradoc saw Winifrede smitten with her beauty he besought her to marry him and to share the mud hut which he divided with his dogs She refused declaring that she men cnietlv because we tv - ir be more comfortable in thar wax - but partly I will admit because w war t to show the world that sirs a competent to padd hr own canoe with ut a mar to steer th craf To understand the evolution of th bachelor maid of to - day you must study the grirls of the ante - bellum period and likewise the g - lrls of a still more distant age who fljrure in the content with their condition Rank heresy I cried A woman without a husband Is a creeping - vine t without a trunk to cling to a field left fa - ix anil ftrffwffn - x - lfh xHti Vat a rightly constituted woman there can be no real happiness till she lays her head on the shoulder of a man she loves and nestles her hand Into his You would make a cloister of the world and would doom the fairest of your sex novels of Smollett Fielding Richard - nthn1 - dH P0Ibmtle wlv nd same education as men and to engage son and Walter Scott At both periods In almost as many gainful pursuits But spinsters who had crossed the nne of M became poor relations in the houses of the males of their family They were old maids failure in life They were treated with semi - contemptuous Indulgence It was held that they should be grateful for a bedroom and a cud of Rndure the livery of a nun For aye to be in shady convent mewed To live as barren sisters all their lives Chanting faint hymns to the cold fruitless moon You remind me said Emily with a laugh of the young men who de - or a married brother or at least sn aunt tea in the homes of their fathers or ciare that a girl has no heart if their j the presumption is against her When their brothers or their brothers - in Nobody thought of asking them their opinion on any subject They payi gooseberry when a male visitor raiied on their younger sister or rlece sat - r the froat seat of the barouche and were detailed to do propriety when the young ladleswent out for a walk At key wHl not open it We bachelor maids 1 the bachelor maid becomes a recognised are not opposed to matrimony on prln - Institution she may say that she lives ciple If the right man comes aicrg in lodgings at such and such a number and seems likely to make marriage a in such and such a street with a female success we have no objection to try the j friend who is engaged In respectable experiment with htm But if the only work and the answer will not suggest men who cross our firmament are wrong 1 suspicion men and we see distinctly that a mat - 1 At present lodgtg - house keepers supported by churches or bnv haved girts You men imagine that all societies e cherish co Phnanthroplc flrll lre fover hungerln and tbirst - alms Those among us who have money Jor ffllia j tuian yott eji spend It in the cultivation of art let - mistaken Tha Instinct whlds attracts young woman to ft young man ls not more powerful than the tnstinea which attracts young men to yonnfl women aad as a man of the worW fairly repandu in society you knot that many young men do not call 04 their female acquaintances oftener than once a month My friend Mrs B who has three pretty daughters doe not objeet to the attentions they reostvej but aha makes a rule that no young matt shall call oftener than once a weak When her daughter Clara got engage - she relaxed her rule q as to tolerate twe visits a week And did the man stand it r He did He bore the separation lilt an angel and enjoyed his semi - weekly glimpses of paradise all the more I hare heard said I that the ycnn men of the present day have po blood in their veins JOHN BONNKB Telephone far the Baky A recent invention consists of an a paratus by means of which a ralcro - i phone suspended oyer a childs crib Automatically rings an electric bell stu ated at any convenient point on the least noise made by the child - The microphone as Is well known ls a very sensitive form of telephone transmitter capable of deteeting the faintest sounds St IauIs Globe - Democrat ne ters and social pleasure Tnose wno work and by fsr the greater number among us belong to this class labor for their own support When I was in Italy I heard all about the suppression of the monastic establishments The most effective charge that was brought against nunneries was that the nuns Joined the convents to Indulge habits of idleness But I remember thinking that a convent was an ideal resort for a girl to whom a bereavement or a disappointment in love or some other sorrow had rendered the world distasteful and I wished we had similar refuges in this country Still such refuges would only be available for ladies of means and the great bulk of the American bachelor maids earn their own living MUi de Wolff MUs Mar - bury Miss Callender and Missde Forest are exceptions and rare exceptions The evolution of the bachelor maid ls as I observed before a step in the etnanclDatlon of women Modern legis lation has enabled women to obtain the their residence has always been a stum bling block Where do you liver is a question which Is put to every young woman who goes out in search of employment If she cannot answer that she lives with her father or her mother was a bachelor maid and that marriage j parties they accepted unreplr irely h rimonial voyage in their boat would be and boarding - house keepers look askant was not in ner une wnreupon ne station o wan nowrs 1 ei many or more uaeiy to leaa to snipwrecK man at young women wno seeK 10 rent a arose and attempted to setae her in his 1 them were far better worth talking to to a safe anchorage In a friendly port room but this will wear off Kveryone A Heaste Seaflsn Cansht At Andersens bay near Duntdln New Zealand four men are said to have captured a sunflsh weighing almost twe tons and nearly circular in shape about ten feet by eight The nsh waa Of ft bright color and its two fins were tachj about Ave feet long A MYSTERIOUS POND IN THE PIEDMONT HILLS It Possesses a Curious and Interesting History and Has Been the Scene of Many Tragedies CRADLED at the foot of a circling group of bills lies the most mysterious and at the same time ghosty sheet of water In Alameda county Its location ls in Piedmont and it is now a portion of the Blair estate Without a previous knowledge of Its proximity a traveler would almost fall Into It before being sware of Its presence so strangely is it situated topographically For years it has borne the name of Blairs pend and during Its existence has hidden beneath Its dark surface n - cre human bodies than any similar pah of water of Its size in these regions Indeed there has not been a Coroner In Alameda county since 1875 until the present time who has not been obliged to record on the death rolls some victim of the weird pond and strangest of all each one of the martyrs to the dismal hole has been a good swimmer It is known for a certainty that at least twelve unfortunates have entered the water never to emerge from it alive hut for how many more deaths it is responsible will probably never be known for the fatal hole never voluntarily gives up Its dead A numberof bodies have been recovered but then only after much hard work with grappling irons However there are still believed to be others reposing in its depths if the waters could speak as they now they might tell the tale of three suicides and possibly one murder The pond is surrounded by a series of high bluffs crowned on their tope by a long row of sparse gum trees Bulrushes and water plants fringe the edges of the tiny lake the gloomy surface of which 1 in striking contrast to the green bloesom - carpeted banks above This pond has a history and about It twine many peculiar facts which in some Instances seem almost inexplicable Prior to 1871 there was not even a suggestion of water on the spot At that time a firm of stone contractors fnatned Bate V Wells realized that hidden 1 the hills waa a quantity of very valuable paving rock which then commanded a bis crice from the city of Oakland They conceUed the Idea of opening sa extensive quarry ana get Vtlng the citys contract for the paving which was to be done A long lease was - obtained from Blair the owner of the land Then the first Quarry la Alameda county was opened - ITbeetoae proved of such excellent tuallty that an extensive plant was soon erected - - Tracks were laid and small fars worked by a windlass conveyed the rock to - the dumps One hundred and - fifty Italians - were employed on the premises The rock thus obtained was need in macadamising Oakland prise dpal - streets ffWltlr time the better quality bf rock ibecame scarce so erders were given to sink a wide shaft and work out the lower stratum This task was undertaken In the summer of 1ST3 and had progressed with such good results that the hole was gradually enlarged until It covered considerable area Then again It became necessary to go deeper into the hill This time extensive preparations were made for blasting When ail was ready a mighty charge was adjusted and with the explosion which followed a vast torrent of water spouted forth from the excavation Before the astonished workmen had time to realize what had happened they were knee - deep in the flood Their tvils were submerged and it was with difficulty that the mules attached to the carts were rescued The cars on the tracks remained laden with rock and to - day If the pool were drained the complete equipment would be found In the pit So sudden was the deluge that within an hour where once stood a prosperous quarry do thing was to be seen but a rising mass of water Aft soon as possible every effort was made to empty the new lake Improved pumps of great power were pet to work and thousands of gallons pumped away but to no avail Instead of diminishing the volume of water increased and finally after many useless attempts the first rock quarry and one of the richest in Alameda county was abandoned The water is over sixty feet in depth Its circulation ia a mystery It contains strong central currents but there is no overflow exoept during rainy weather when a email stream trickles from it During - the major portion of the year there ls absolutely no visible outlet The water is peculiarly dark and even on the warmest day ls icy cold Great bowlders onry a few feet below the surface are invisible and many a venturesome swimmer has found this out to his sorrow Another queer property Is the lack of buoyance in the water Those who have bather In It say that swimming is a great exertion while without a decided effort a body will not float in it Some who have investigated say the bottom is now covered with a peculiar growth of weeds and eword grass The undergrowth is claimed to be very dense In place while nearer the shore the blades are long and the edges very sharp From near the center the main flow Of water shoots upward tn a spiral column then it traverses nearly half the length of the pond where the current ceases Through this portion there is a much lower temperature than at any other point It is said at one time strangely shaped fish inhabited the lake though at present there ls not known to be a living thing In it During past years three persons have disappeared in the vicinity and two hats have been found at odd times on the surface of the pond This led to the conclusion that some unfortunates had sought death In It but although it was dragged thoroughly the remains - - moan and the splash of a body falling Into the water A few days later a womans bonnet and shawl were noticed floating on the surface of the pood and a corpse waa discovered en the bank but although there were sign of a struggle the Coroners Jury returned a verdict of unknown suicide and the potters field contains the remain Stories of bodies lodged beneath the car under the water are as frequent as many otker ghostly tales For some time It was declared that the spirit of the lady In the legend nightly hovsred above the spot where the crime was supposed to have been committed To thi day residents can be found who say they have seen apparitions But it Is probable that Deputy Sheriff P J Keller laid the ghost about four years ago when he broke up a robbers - den located on the shore and landed the chief of the gang inBsn Quentln Their complete outfit was taken and It is supposed that occasionally the robber to scare the public from their haunt took advantage of the many ghost stories and fitted up a fake specter for their own protection The water Is palatable and useful for Irrigation yet no attempt has been made to utilise it Id either way ORCHIDS - OCARDED BT ODOR Plaats Wort a Fortaae That o Man Was Able to Appraaeh There died about a year ago a famous orchid hunter named Fosterman But before he died he told of a wbnderful orchid which he said existed in Braxil and which it had been the ambition of hli life to secure Landing on the coast of Braxil a few degrees nouth of the equator he met a native chief who told him of a village of the demon flowers to the westward Further lira H made a trip ls ft special ear over the branch Une known as the Scvsf and South Park which runs from th capital city to Leadvllle This U the road of which O H Bothacker one wrote The Denver and South Park U a narrow - gauge road except where the ttsfck Is spread to a broad - gang - While the Vanderbtlt car carried chef and a well - stocked larder the mag nste soon after entering the BouUl Park country felt a longing fsr ft gifts of fresh milk and when the train pulled into Como he sent his servaatlaothe depot to get the desired article The servant returned accompanied by the hotel proprietor Charley Benedict The latter carried a glass of milk refusing to allow any one but himself the bono of serving such a distinguished patroct Vanderbtlt quaffed the milk pro nouneed it excellent and handed Bene diet a 5 gold piece The hotel man said Thanks and started to make Ms exit I say called the railway Haft dont I get any chsngef No sir Hows thatr Well you dont get any thats sow Milk U pretty high out here Ual Hf Yep Do you charge everybody ft fofa glass of milk No some only pay I cents Why do you charge me more tbaa others Because we fellows out here enlyjref a chance at you once in a lifetime1 and Benedict bowed himself out Of the cxrr Chicago Times - Herald Blaises Old Bone Dies Denman the favorite saddle horMo1 James O Blaine died en a farm near Trenton lie a few days Sao at the age of 23 After Mr Blaines death the horse was sent to the farm by lira Blaine and she paid for its keeping Ja THB MT8TERIOCS POND AT PIEDMOIfT could not be found nor were the missing persons ever accounted for One of the last fatalities occurred within recent years when a schoolboy with some companions went swimming The lad was at home in the water and the youngsters all followed him In He plunged along until the current was reached and then with a cry he threw up his hands and sank from sight He never came to the surface again In vain the pond was dragged and the use of explosives was of no avalL Finally a professional swimming teacher named Fleming was hired to explore the place for the body A long search underneath was at last rewarded by finding the remains of the poor lad tightly clutched In the grasp of the tenacious sword grass Fleming described his experience under the lake as anything but pleasant The cold currents and dangerous weeds together with the weirdness of the whole thing made htm glad when his onerous task was over so no further Investigations were attempted A legend which Is the property of every boy who has visited the lake runs like this Tears ago ft loving couple sat on the bluff above planning an elopement They were not residents of Piedmont but had comefrom either Oakland or San Francisco Under the bright moonlight they whispered their undying devotion when hurried footfalls were heard They belonged to the Jealous rival A fierce combat it is said followed between them and finally a pistol shot rang out on - the quiet night followed by a heart - rending shriek ft death ther questioning convinced him that VEE the demon flowers were orchids of the Ti - r tat rest ox rarest and most wonderful kind so he 1 lXM a decided to find this Village at any cost He had traveled through forests A Coat of Boner that in a fortnight more he would be in j laureate he had to borrow Samuel Rec - the neighborhood of the village of the 1 era drees coat to go to court In en demon flowers when one afternoon i strangely enough when laUreaW honors three of his forward guards threw up I leu on Tennyson he too borrowed Bo g - thelr arms and with a cry fell senseless to the ground He had noticed a peculiar sickening odor pervading the heavy heated air and quickly gave the order for the other mtn to advance with caution and drag back the three fallen ones from the spot where they lay They did so and returning reported that they had een through the forest a little further on the vast village of the demon flowers Accompanied only by his Portuguese Interpreter the orchid seeker started forward their mouths and noses muffled as a safeguard against the awful odor They managed to reach the spot where the three men had been stricken down but could go no further They could see a hundred yard ahead of them a great mass of orchids Trees undergrowth and everything were loaded down with them They were of hues more brilliant than he had ever seen or dreamed of seeing But like a barrier the wall of awful sickening overpowering odor rose between The mass of brilliant orchids might have been a mirage painted on the clouds so far as reaching them was concerned The village was perhaps an acre in extent and the two made ft complete circuit of It but everywhere rose the awful odor The odor was simply the perfume of this vast mass of orchids It ia a curious fact that though many orchids are almost scentless the handsomest ones have a most unbearable smeiL era coat for the same purpose TSKW ADVERTISEsrerri Fits Woldnt litis the Cnanee When the Venderbttts obtained control of the Union Pacific Railway WIS Jw r - s iriex4m ProfWRPeektv who nukes aspcdal - ty of Epilepsy has witnout douw treat ed and tured more ases thin any living rnj - Maan bis success is astonish - UT Werava Heard irrf cases of 20 yeanVstaridir cured by nim He publishes a valuable syprk on this divasc which he sends with a Htm bottle f his absolute curV fc y sufferer wno may send their PO and Express aftiress We advise anyone wishm a cmi to address - - rT0CWHraEKBrp4WarStHX Cured m - t 3v i 4 - JcJSirZ - Jtrrir T J Jaigjtv

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