San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California on November 29, 1918 · Page 3
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San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California · Page 3

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Friday, November 29, 1918
Page 3
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W - - w V ri 5 e It I 1 r i - n cr I t re IT 5 I v - r - - w 0 r V j - u rv CELEBRATION III T 15 rc gAlT rRAyCI8CO CHHONOIFFHIDAy NOVEMBER 2f 1918 nrf S1 Jn OH Thanksgiving Observance Is Held by K of C and at American Club THRONG KNEELS IN MUD Appeal for Continued Close Relationship of Allies Is MaderbyTardjeu PARIS November 2S Undoubtedly the moit striking Thanksgiving calibration In Paris waa that organised by th Knights of Columbus at the Church of Madeline In hon - r ef victory The cortege of divines partaking tn the festival Included the Archbishop of Cam bra I the Blshoos ot Amiens Beeuvla Chalons and Polaaona Colonel Workman head of the Catholic mission to the Canadian forces Cardinal Amette Archbishop of Paris Cardinal Lucon Archbishop of Rhelms and Cardinal Bourne Arch bishop of Westminster Knights of Columbus occupied the choir Cardinal Bourne expressed Great Britains gratitude to the United Btates saying - v T INTBRVENTIO SPIRITUAL American Intervention was wholly spiritual Tt waa nothing sordid No appetite for conquest determined It America has contributed to save the i world Let us thank her Jet us thank God for having chosen - America as the Instrument of his divine power Cardinal Amette added an expre s ion of Trance a gratitude to the Vnlted States After the Te PeuYn the clergy proceeded to theratona steps surround - Ins the church where Cardinal Amette blessed the crowds It Is estimated that 20000 persons kneeling In the mud despite the rain and cold received the blessing Admiral William 8 Benson represented the United States Iir l llurlej chairman of - the Shipping ro sso was present TARD1BU MAKES ADDRESS An appeal for continued close relation among the nations allied In tho war was made by Andre Tardleu French high commissioner to the united states in an address today at the annual Thanksgiving luncheon ot the American Club In Parle The luncheon waa held this noon In the Hotel Palais dOrsay Ambassador bharp Admiral Benson U S N ConsulConsul - General Alexander M Thackara ana virtually tn entire American colony were present Ambassador Sharp paid high tribute to Francs and recalled tho historical friendship between France and the Vnlted States We have been with her In the fact he said we shall be with her in the future Herbert C Hoover the American food administrator was unable to be present at the luncheon as he left Fans ror Brussels this morning AMERICA 3 THANKED We are victorious Belgium Is retrieved and Alsace - Lorraine Is liberated thanks to you my friends of America who brought us at a most decisive time In the war both ma terial and moral aid and comfort said M Tardleu In beginning his address In a few days he continued President Wilson will be our hon ered guest We salute today the King of noble Great Britain but we will give later to your President a greeting ot a kind worthy of him and worthy of America We wish to thank Preildent Wilson for the part which he has taken personally In the task of winning the war His reference to President Wilson caused a great outburst ot cheering e Iron Workers to Aid Y M O A Campaign Members of the T M C A employed at the Union Iron Works will meet this evening to plan their participation In the associations campaign for 1000 nevr members In the next four monthe They will consider challenging the T members of another bay shipyard for a race In gettlnr new members The team captains appointed by M Hart Dae - teel commander - in - chief are George J PricePierce Coombes B B Stlm - mell John Falconer Jr E M Wolff A J Hinds W Wi Dennis W H Weeks O A Walker A L Browne Pr L A F - mie Robert K Keys B C Brown O - R Kahn A JC Bowman Harry Haley M S Spier C M Hamp - son R B Fisher WlUlam E Burns A S Kinds Richard Brlgham and B T Bertelssn Cat - o - Nine - Tails Found on German Sub LONDON November tl via Montreal A Router correspondent who lilted U - boat avenue eft Harwich where the surrendered submarines re lying states that the avenue Is ever a mile long The aubmarlnee re towed to either side In batches of threes and fours Oflloere wben sked the whereabouts of their flags said their flag was a red one The orrespondent vlsltsd a submarine of I he Deutschland type and saw a lood - stalned cat - o - nlne - talls which British sailor had found - Under the sptalns bunk IDICZ 1IH Essential Features tl Diamond BotIbc Tae three pelata far yea MMlicr la kaylas dlaaaeada are eeseatlal featarea at ear seJIlag patter - lit Qaality Beeaoee oely elfk trade stones save e penao - aeat value - U Prloe tot btwo the srlee de - peaa tbe warts ef rear ls - VMUneet M Tslae bmm tksf la tke - latlsa betweta eualltr aad price Fer M years petroaa of tkla eatakllahaieat have keoa eared af eaperlae ejuelMy aad tsaal valae bawever sned - i rata tke pries pale ft A ANDREWS Diamond Palact f ti nvioy ritvvT v - Remarkable Color Plates Brought Here PDpiT oo ta oa o oo 0111111 trench Mission Raisins Miet Fund Mme Mary Lsntet and William Saadoz who hare come from France in the urtereil of the Society for the Protection of French Invalids fto 2 IsbsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssbsbssssssssssssssssssssssssssssI m bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbk - wssbbsasbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbsl HssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssHlv V - ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssH H SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSKSV Jtix ISBBSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSB nsssasasasasasab aJstssssssssssssssssssssssH i ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssr - ssssssssssssssssssssssbssssMT sbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbI assssssHS iPsssssP IHsssssssssssssssssssssssssss ssssDsaaslssssssHsssssssssssai BBBSSSSSSSSSSSsallsss Hju aSSsssssssssssssIsIsiLa aaaalFaosBssaassBSsl aasssssssssssssm bsssssssPBbSbsssPWH S3B ssssssssssssssssssassaalLllsSlS Isssssai tm aaaaaaaaa1 aeassaaaaBfcMawiaae BffiHF iSiMVSBM I vlslssssssssssssssaiiHSBBSs1 fCVsasaKSsssssOsslH 3 ssssssssssssssssssslsHssH 1 R BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBSW - SBBBBBBBBBBBBBB I LINERS BRING T Benefit Project Will Be Given at St Francis Hotel Thursday A REMARKABLE collection of autochrome plates taken on the battle fields of Frame will be projected for the first time here lrtxt Thursday evening In the Colo nlal ballroom of the St Francis Hotel for the benefit of the Sooletv for the Protection of French Invalids No Z wiuiam Nanaos wno with Madame Mary Lantes has been sent to this country aa a special commissioner to seoure funds to carry on the work of the society states that theee platea registered the actual natural color at the moment of exposure and that the set to be shown Is the only one In existence Joseph D Reddtnr will explain the work of the society which the Sandos mission represents and open the campaign for funds Mayor Rolph will officially welcome tho mission The Society for tho Protection of French Invalids No 2 Is looking after more than 450 000 brave sons ot Franc broken In health who were returned from the front during the progress of the war unable to fight At they were not - Injured permanently In battle they do not receive pensions The organisation is afilllated with the Department of the Interior ot Franco and Its executive head Is A Mlllerand former Minister of War President Polncare Is honorary president The William Sandos mission la being assisted here by Ernest dea Balllets and It will have the support of the following committee Hn Artour Lord president Jcaesb D ReddlBI vice prraldeat Preach Americas Bank of HaTlnfa treasurer alaror and Mrs Jamaa Bolpn Host Bar Arcbbiaaop X 7 Baasa M H da Young 0 rmtrrlck Keel Ediar Walur Leon Bocqueraa P A BrangKr Laurence Harris MESSRS AND MESPAMES William H Crocker Joetpn D Rwtdlna frank B Ktn - Achilla Booe HESDAMK8 E Dupleftals Br ylard Richard MpOrrrry William K Bourn Artbur Bacnman Praacla taralan Srlah Cbamurrlain Alrianderriald Jamee A Foliar Mark I Senile S W Ebrmaa Joeepb U lrant W UOrltlth I W Hellmau Jr Henry lAind Jr Daniel T Murpby H w mirman John r MarrlU Laura McKlnstr BebtLca Gudcbaux A K Macnmbpr J R K Nnttall Jatnaa otla jr Aalitoa Pottar George Pope Rugane Roth 8lgmund HUtrn it Sloaa heou Slona Bylvatn Salomoa Jainra Ellin Turkar Andrew Welcb Jr 1 M Walter George Wblttell Mouulfocd Wllwi U188E3 Jwephlna Qedcbanx Half of U S Forces In England Now on Steamers En Route Home WASHINGTON November s General March chief of staff announced today - that theCunsrd liner Mauritania which sailed from LIvV erpool I for - New Tprk last Monday at e PL M has iImiiiiI im mh - J34 men of the American Army Including ill sick and wounded The liner If due In New Tork early next week Counting those on the Mauretanla 10 5 omcers and men most ot them attached to air service units which hvo been training in England are now en route home Three liners the Lapland Mlnnekahda and Orca carrying 312 oUlceVs ami Ml men left Liverpool last week and are due at wTork early in the coming week This rspresents about halt the total number of American troops In England when the armistice waa signed The remainder will embark within the nexti ten days and all the men from Kngland should be home before the middle of December The units J on the Maurentlnla were announced by General March as follows Moth aero squadroni t officer 132 rase BtU catMtroctieu company air service I officer 221 man Okie aare squadron 3 effkera 120 mas K7tb aero equadron 2 officer Iflo man IS7lb aero aquadrou a offlrera IiO man 22rth aero squadroa 2 officers 12T mta 22mbaere aquadrnfl 4 officers 170 men 2fl7th aro aquadrOns S offloera 140 man SOSth aero squadron B offlrera 141 man Sotb aero aquadroa 2 oil leer 171 men USth sere squadron 3 officer 13a men Sloth aero squsdron 2 officers led men S2st aera squariren 0 officers 1M7 man 216th scro squadraqj n offlcara 101 men 20Ath aero aquadroni 1 offlcera 140 maef Radio detachment 1 officer 40 men S20tli aero squadron 1 offlcera 110 men Sloth aero equadron officer 121 men H31t aero equadron 2 afftorra jt man IMtb aero squndron 2 offlcera rue meuv lltb aero squadron 1 officers lid mea R17th sere aqitadmn 2 offlcera 141 men Ud aero sqnadroii d officent 117 mea 22ttth aero equadron 91 officers IM men 20th sere equadron 4 offlcera 1S man t aMiiale 7d offlcara 1 matt Casual Sick and wounded S offlcera 10T men Caeualaf 1 officer 4 man MedlraJ detachment 0 officers 10 inen Totals 191 officers 8811i men S ii Work Resumed on Capitol Extensions Three Million Dollars to Be Expended Special Dispatch to Tba Oirwilrle KACKAMENTO November 2 Ao - tUftl nsteOfl tOH7 sir ft the aAnatintUa Ae J H000000 State Capitol extension uiiuintrii sacramenio were taken hero when the Capitol Buildings Commission meit anH imt a Architect G B McDougall to execute j vviiirvt wnn tne architects Teeks t Day of San Francisco to Drnceei at amc vlti v HM t the plans and specifications romtnission consists of Dover - r WI1Jn v - Stephens Chief Jus - tlCO F Xf lnlAtl mM CS V rlan M J Ferruson The Governor ims expressed himself as eager to sue the work proceed The contract with the architects peclfled that they were to do no more work due to the war until ordered to do so A recuperatrte dlst In Influents Rollicks Malted Milk erj dlgeatlhla Adrt ii Crant Avenue at Gears Telephom Sacr3600 In Progress Today Clearance Sale of Model Garments Both imported and domestic models including those hy ici master makers as Stein Blaine Henri Bendel and Thurn Alto Stout Models from Lane Bryant Suits Dresses Coats Furs am a a I 13121 tat Sale of Waists First of the Season Main Floor Geary St Hundreds of Waists to choose from all this seasons styles Waists of our own mmufqeture as tell as those from many of our best makers This is a rare opportunity to obtain Magnin Quality Waists at greatly reduced prices the line consists of Chiffons Ceorgette Crepes Crepe de Chines Satins Lingerie and Tailored Linens 3 - 95 Formerly sold at 559 445 Formerly sold al 750 645 Formerly sold up to 1 650 8 - 45 Royal Features The Great Love Orchestra Completely Captivates Audience T lin Royal Theater at Polk and California beran its new broader and bigger policy yesterdav aft - eriveon with a success that Justifies managerial confidence that Its effort will be re - wixded by picture patrons who like their entertain - mint - enhanced by the Tjeauty of line music The Royal Theater orchestra under the direction of Vinton La Ferrers completely captivated Its herers wltn the be - ty ot Its In - terBiretatlvemusIc anil the quality of lt concert aeleo - uona The orchestra will be heard evaty evening and on aach Sunday artarnoon aa well D TV Griffith rstt picture Tho Great Love in thai Royals featured attraction for the rest of this week Raid Bennett comes Sunday In The Mairlase Ring Fr three days and evenings begin - nine Monday Clara Kimball Toung will be the acreen star In The Bav - at a Woman 4 - STATE PULPITS OFFER T tf Nn2lBSSSsP3 tUilAM OUH Community Meetings Held Throughout California in Observance of Day 11 SACRAMENTO November tl A union Thanksgiving servlca held bw the churches at wHlch the Thanksgiving proclamation of Qovernor William D Stephens wasi read a community sing In front of the City IlalU an th - letlo earnlvaf and football ramo between Mather fleild aviators and th Fort Baker Artll Ury elevens was tho feature today 0 the ooseraance of Thanksgiving here LOS ANOBLB UNOKK BAN LOS ANaELES November Zl As crisp jOlear morning and the absence of all public observances of Thanksgiving ay becasise of the Influensas situation led thejusands of 1 - os An - niu neanie to Beak their recreation In the open todaF Automobile boule - L vards golt Unas and fishing plersj were well peopled with amusement seekers all enjajyed the fresty ale as a preliminary - lo tbe famlljr dlnnersj that were the sol featuresof the day SANTA BARBAltA Novemfcer II Class lines were broken - alown Im aristocratic Monteclto a suburb of Santa Barbara today when millionaire and their servants and the poosf of the town met together on the lawrn at All Saints Church singing nauonaj airs and returning thanks fe victor and peace ThaC none would remain away from the exorcises the rich sent their automobile out to hunt up the poor and bring them In ALL CHURCHES UtrTR BAKERSFIELD November tt A monster union meeting of all the churches In Bakersfleld and aeversa sporting events which were precedes by banquets and dinners In nearly every home featured the Thanksgiving programme here today Many soldiers and sailors stations at the various camps arrived lest night on furloughs and ejpent the day with their families FRESNO - November J A community sing waa held here this morn ing at the Clvla Auditorium led by F Toomey AH enurenn Footpadsfiurglars Pickpockets Busy Various Losses by Local Victims Reported roatpads pickpockets and burglars figured In yesterday s report ot losses to the police Cm II Qlnqg 15 Lope i avenue reported that he was hold up and robfced by a masked highwayman at La Honda station near Twin Peaks lata Wednesday night and robbed of 111 and a gold watch rsan Walter told tho police his pockec waa nicked of ISO In th - mi t trance of the Dorla Hotel 44 Third Mvnr w street by a young woman by whom and business organisations In tbe city he aad been accosted on the street livers represented Victory was the fearl Fitzgerald reported that her keynote of the psayers and addresses s I Howard B Land Dies At Oakland Homo OAKLAND Nivember 21 - l - Howard rooni in the Senate Hotel 47 Turk street waa entered by sneak thieves w4i took a fur coat valued at IJ60 a woolen coat valued at 57 and a 120 watch lira C B Henry Strand Hotel 411 OTarrell street reported the loss of a lag containing silverware valued at W from her room A T Andrews 110 Battery street told the police a grl containing wearing apparel valued at 4I waa stolen from his automobile In front of ISO Market street D Checklltoh reported that two ISO Liberty bonds were stolen from his roo - in In the Funston Hotl 1005 Powell street Mrs F H 8tewart reported the theft of a gold watch and necklace from ber home 134 Brighton avemue Mrs Lillian Robinson and Mrs Herbert Bailey reported the theft ot jewelry and clothes valued at 184 fro in their room In the Klner Oeorge Hotel 114 Mason street Thieves got 111 from the room ocoupied by Henry Blades at 75 John street and 54 from thai room ot Peter Bertelson at 114 Sixteenth street Bradley Land - who as one of U Vigilantes brought law and order t San Francisco 1m the early days died today at his Oakland home 3321 Lin - t den street When Callfornlaa early history waa belnsr made Land was associated In the mining buslaess with headquarters at San Francisco H saw many sttrrlnsr episodes aa a member of the Vigilantes Later h became a public accountant and baa been a resident ot Oakland for thirtythirty - four years Me retired from active work ssvernl years ag Death was due - to heart trouble He Is survived by his wife his daughter Hasel Land Bind Mrs Elisabeth Malnes and his sons Robert Waltc and George Lena all of Oakland a DRESS YTEIX OK CREDIT 1 Woasetis aad Mens Winter atxlea 38 Itocsteal at - 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PR mkmfM aX2aSB S j mi i e rri roBsnzs t rrr 17 - - TOPsl BllIS IN 1EBIN DD THEIR PARTl m Returned Soldiers Declare 5 Camoalaa Urjholds Best JM Service Traditions The celebration of their twenty - fifth wedding an - nlversary had been poetponed and was to have been celebrated together with the return of Joaeph a corporal In the American Army from the rar Friends were told that Joseph would be at home on Christmas day Then came an official telegram advising them that their son was killed in ac tion October 4 Corporal Forst - Jr of Comoanv i Slth Infantry overseas was formerly an employs Of the a Mallave Company He enlisted In October IT being sent to Camp Lewis and later to Camp Mills New TorK He was sent overseas In April Sailors Drugged Robbed in Hotel Men Return From Islands and Are Victimized Two sailors recently returned from the Philippines were found drugged and unconscious with a mattress thrown over them in a room la the Argonaut Hotel early yesUrday morning and a short time latsr the police arrested John Blanton and John OBrien Mars Island aallon on a robbery charge One of the drugged victims gave the name of Arthur McFarlamS and Is It years old The other about the same age had not recovered sufficiently last night to give his nine According lo the police Blanton and OBrien met the other two Wednesday told them they had plenty of llejuor In their room in the Argonaut and offered to share It In the joom j aay mo ponce cianion and 0 Brian drugged tho other two robbed Mo - Farland of I1SS and the other new corner of Sl and then placed them on me oea wim mo mauresi over them They were discovered by a chambermaid The soldier boys tn Siberia should receive eeinftl erattlr wtrlt th tnv im 1 Francs for their part In the war ao - MS cordlnc to memberaof the American expeditionary forces In Siberia whof - aj The weather over there la varr fcold If you have a boy others you i ahould send him wool clothes and X am afire be will tall vail the are aW Godsend said one boy In i letter tof The rhrAnlel vafri1v rj It you have a boy over there andM no letter - has come from aim you I must remember that tt takes ninety - days to net a letter to loved ones at - home from Vladivostok and the boys of the 37th and Slat Infancry are 1 great distance Inland and It takea the mall that much Ion re r Vi MOSTLY TOLCTTEEIti The greater part of the soldiers anon marines who are In Siberia are fronti unite maue up ui Tgiunivere wni in d tared the service when tho country first entered the war Their campalgnll Is worthy of the best traditions tji wju iiii ivn rinjr iicviiuh w r v turned travel era A copy ot a circular passed out toM the soldiers on the streets vladl - vostok August 22 by the Friends of 1 Russian Freedom - In whlch a wofoVS of welcome and warning Is Issuea to the allied soldiers was received here j j i CIRCULAR ADDRESSES MIS A3 We take It for granted - said the J circular that you have landed here on our soil without any hostile Jntentj tlona toward the Russian people that you have come here honestly be llevlng that you may be called upon jtfl to renaer assistance io revoruuonary Russia and tn so far as this la so we i greet you heartily and bid yoov - wel - come4 The circular then makes a plea that the allied armies not bo used against the Russian peasant and the Russian worker aa a tool to strangle1 the revolutionary majority of tbs Ra - fl slan people LAKEPORT HAS 2800 FIRE Spacisl fMapstcb to The Chronicle LAKEPORT November i 28 Tbe dental office of Dr R B Wells and a portion of tho building was destroyed by a fire which started when hli as - slstsnt endeavored to light a gasoline stove The damage was about IJB00 U 5 Grand Juty to J8 Take Up Bomb CasefM Assistant united States Attorney rJ Ren F Gelse said yesterday theS federal urand Jury wouia vote neais Friday on the question of returning J an Indictment against Frank BrusbH W C Grant and H K LoughreyLjM rormer ornciais ot tne natioaakw Bank of Sajita Rosa who 11 is ssJsVj appropriated 1750 000 of tbe fundall n 2n m of the bank for their own Spaniards Burn American Flagm MADRID Sunday November t 23 Deatat e am si uraiaa vnaita ttst li al esn Kaasa jaeTiU uepuiies loaay over ue Darning o an American flag by workmen at Ss - J badell a town In Catalonia ten mlle - LJ northwest of Barcelona Deputy S1H J vera recommended that the authorl - ti ties proceed vigorously against tbe offenders a Eaamy AHew EeeapearrXt raso fTel November 28 walffaaf TBIeie l alien - ee nr iransifrrea iTon wvn ism Doofla Ltah leaped from a moftaa La Cerrllloa N St earlr teder aad ala eti hi iMiite Hffc J Bring a Hero Home Buy two War Saviinigs Stamps aod get your badge of fhoniorJ YOUR RED CROSS SHOP No 1 opens on Monday December 2 at 332 Stockton street Help keep up the stock by continued donations rVUJTION Qift packages for men of the American Expeditionary Forces will not be accepted by the Postoff ices after 5 oclock tomorrow 1 iff r i m H S 4r UK VVSl - WlMr ui araaftwoar - rTJ l fci - n - 1 yfti r Trtr MrWra orfjj ojj1

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