The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1943 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 12, 1943
Page 3
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BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS (•I VOLUME 1—NO. 204. BI,YTHKVII,l,ti, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, AI'Ull, 12, SUHSCKII'TION HATES ON REQUEST THE I5LYTHEV1LLE AIUIY AIR CORPS NEWS Published dally except smuliiys in the Interest of llic personnel of Die Army Air Forces Advanced Two Engine Flying School of Hlythevillc, by the fclythcville Courier News. It contains Hie news ol Hie Air Base. , , U.S. Army's Zero "What can I do in ilic Army? Well, let me sec. Don't go 'way —just let me Ihink this over." "Hitler? Fhoocyl Right iu der I fuehrer's face!' 1 Accepts War Bond Challenge "You can tell these other squadrons anil detachments Hint Ihe 326lh Squadron is ill Hie fight ind intends to come out on top." Thai is how Capl. John p. Mead, commanding officer of Ihe 'J2Gth Squadron, aecepied Ihe challenge >l Ihc Medical Detachment and the lOSGIh Guard .Squadron who in- .cnd to win the Class "15" Reservation War Bond contest which is bein gheld this month al the Bly- thevillc Army Air Field. And to give weight, to tills argument, he cited Hie case of Tech. Sergt. Jacob F. Whinner, mess sergeant at Consolidated Mess No. 1. Sergeant Wimmcr lias just signed up for a $100 bond cacli month. He made lib mother, Mrs. Anna M. Wimmcr, of Belleville, 111., co- owner ol Ihe bonds. Beryl. Archie A. Ward, also of the 32(ilh Squadron, has signed up for a $50 bond a month and oilier new sales are being reporled. First Lleul. Osc-ir L. Benson, special service officer in charge of War Bond sales, has 'announced lliat $100 in bonds will be awarded its prixcs to the winning squadrons and organisations. The first irize for Hie organization oblain- ng Ihe highest percentage of par- .idpalion as we.U as the. best average lotnl per man will be a $50 bond. Two oilier $25 bonds will awarded. The contest will end May 31. When a similar contest was held here some months ago, dealing with Class "A" reservations, tiic Medical Detachment won the first I VII5 GIGE TITLE Qtiinlcl "Defeats 326th Team For Inter-Squadron Championship The TOllh quintet won Ihc championship ol' the Inler-squud- ron basketball Unirnameiit Friday night by defeating the 32GII) team 30-27 in one of the closest games [iluyed here Ihls year. At the quarter Ilicy wore ahead by the slender margin of 25-20. Tlie score was lied five times during the game. Glover did a splendid job of guarding for Ihe 704th. lie smothered Hyburn, Ihc Mill's ace sharpshooter, holding him lo live points. He led his learn in scoring with nine poinls. Heals K i d Ihc 32(ith in scoring with seven points. A delegation of Braggadocio, Mo., fans came lo Ihc post to set' the game and a large crowd of soldiers from the two squadrons were there to dicer their respective teams. The 70-ltli also won Hie recently completed inter - squadron league. Lineups and points scored by each player were: 704th No Washout , ! ^ T r W . wu ^, Helms -1 Glover 0 Hull! 3 Maiiirt 0 Vlckcrs 5 Unerin a McClendim (i Snodgrass I) 32lith R.vburn 5 Ferrario 4 Lilacus 2 1 tails 7 Fisher 0 McWIiroler C Mowery 3 Air Corps cndet In basic trainer skims a "washlliie" nt Guntcr Field, Montgomery, Ala., In making n practice landing In a limited space. For training purposes, rope has n weak spot thst bleaks if plane's wliccls catcli. Minute Speech Brings Soldier $25 War Bond In Camp Contest It's nice work when you can get bonds? if yon had a clmncc. to 5QFTIU.IM 1 BEGIN FBIDW Adams Announces Plans For Schedule Of Play For Next Four Monlhs An Iiiler-K(|imdron soflball league will begin play nexl Friday, l.lenl. Hill Adam.s, post alhlelle officer, announced Uiiluy, All squadrons will parllelpiile and games will bo played IhroiiRhoiil the next four months, T'ho teams, in r.oilball uniforms conslsllnis of n T shirt with Hie name ot their wruadrou sewed on llic front, a baseball cap and Army fidlgue pants, will play on one of two diamonds constructed on (he athletic area across from the Post Chapel. The iiiimes will be played each day al !):4!i and ul :45 p. in. Members of llu> teams will not akc other forms of physical Irnln- ng on Ihc days that llielr rc»)icc- Ivc squads are lo play, since soft- iall is regarded as an excellent Phillips and Fellow Mechanics Set Pace In'Keeping 'Em Flying' When Saul. Milton 1'hllllus' crew finishes repnli'lnu, checking mid servicing an alrplnne they expect It to fly, not for Just a short. while but Indefinitely. Sergeant "'tillllps Is 11 careful crew chief and he expects the mechanics working nuclei' him to he us thorough and conscientious an lie Is. Otherwise a life may he lost, time may bo wasted, or n valuable ship imiy be destroyed. It Isn't sin prising, tlierefui'e, thai tills ciew's plane had the most flying hours of uny In the 2Glli Flying Training Group lust month. The number of hours thai llielr li'fvntt npcrutcd ctllcSenUy In Ijjlil Is In the military records, but , can be snld Iliat plliil.s got Hie iiixlinum of service out of the lil|> thai Sergeant Phillips' crow ireimred for (light. The non-com Writer Who Forecast This War In 1919 Says End Will Be Sucldcti it. and it pays well—a $25 war liond for u one-minute talk. Timl'.s what Upl. Mcrlnn I,, Hoffman. Dnttery IJ, 34th lljilalllon, 'Jump Wallace, reunited when he won a camp-wide speech contest Hint climaxed llic special War Homl week held Ihero recently. The subject was "Why We Should All Buy War Honds." Here's what the corpora! had to say: "Fifteen months ago onr nation went to war. The people were asked lo buy bonds lo help win the war. Like oilier civilians, 1 signed the pledge to buy bonds to curry .he big trouble hack ta Herlln. Hack lo Tokyo, liut they told me. f you join the Armed Forces, forget (he pledge; you will be doing share as a soldier. Now why should a soldier forget to buy priv.c, a $100 bond. At that lime they subscribed 100 per cent and pledged at Icusl 10 per cent of Ihcir monthly pay. Policing -The Grounds | SAN FRANCISCO, April 12 (UP) —A man who in 1019 predicted this second world war now believes that Germany will collapse suddenly within the next two years. He is Frank J. Taylor, a magazine writer in California, who y ;i United Press correspondent!-in Berlin immediately after the last, war. It is his belief thai the present war will end-just., as the .lost, one did. with llic Germans deciding Three allrouml athletes, proficient in any sport you name, have fun ribbing each other. Lieut. Bill Adams, post athletic officer, trot- Jted onto the soflball diamond wilh a catcher's mask. "For you," he told Lieut. Allen Hurley, junior athletic officer. "You miss so many fly balls I'm frnid you'll get hit in your hand- ...- "K. P.? Ah, me. I used to |' : ; sweep them off their feet—now 11 only sweep floors." , • • Coi'ixs photos.) | Zero Mostel, the rubber - faced Broadway comedian, joins the L'.^rmy and gives his reflections on ilitary lifo at Cam]) Croft, S. C., |! where lie Is stationed. (Signal |i Six Enlisted Men ' Sent To Randolph • Promotions to private first class have been ordered for six enlisted I, men of the Blytheville Army Ail |. Field who arc taking a course il aircraft mechanics at Kccslcr Field Miss. • They "re Lcroy W. Hoover, 25tl .Training Group; Harry L. Bisho] and Dcalon C. Nixon, VGlst Squad • 'ron; James U Kciidtick, 102nd Squadron; Paul H. Tatmaii, TOIird : .gquadron and Howard R. Sossamon •J04th Squadron. ' '" They will return lo Blylhevill upon completion of the course a Kecsler Field. As aircraft mechanic I' they will service tlie twin-engin omc face." "Don't bother," advised suddenly lliat they, have enough. But, Taylor waras, had the sock the Kleiner In Hie face, you wouldn't hold one hand behind your back. No, yon would use bolli hands as hard and as fast as you could to yet the unpleasant Job over with as quickly as possible. Gettlnn there fastest with Ihe mostest of the be.stest Is of supreme Imiwrlanee to our early vic- lory. "If it lakes bonds lo (lump the blu trouble In Hitler's lap, II It takes more bonds lo send Illrohito back lo his seventh heaven, (hen the American soldier can be counted on to buy bonds." Pocahontas, III., Is Coriwral Hoffman's hometown, and lie was a teacher of public school imislc in civilian life. Now lie's one of Uncle Sam's double, punch nephews. Kunion Praises Physical Training Program Al Field Lieut. I. J. Angell, a junior athletic.of- icer. "He doesn't yel.near enough o Ihe ball to be in danger." Then Lieut. Cecil Garrison, an- lothcr junior attilclic officer, valkcd from the plate after swimj- ng twice. Reminded by Lieulen- mt Anyell thai he had another strike coming, . Lieutenant Garrison said resignedly, "What's use; I'm wasting my time." llic rationalize their defeat as merely an interim between wars. When the last, war ended, Taylor was sent to Berlin to cover the birth of the new German Republic and reorganize the Berlin slaff of United Press. Three months, after the armistice, he filed a dispatch saying: "No German making Die first pretense. al frankness will attempt create the impression that the disastrous results of 1014-18 have created any deep-seated aversion to militarism among the German people. Men and women, both in and out of government circles, talk very casually of another war of revenge against France if Alsace-Lorraine is taken from Germany." Today, Taylor said (lie Germans viewed the ending of the lasl war The best physical trainlni,' program John Burnett has ever seen is right here at (he lUylhcvllle Army Air Field. He said so when lie visited the field last week. Ant! Mr. Burnett has .seen a lot of them, willi the eyes ol an expert. lie is superintendent of llic Sliawnec High School at Joiner, Ark. Mr. Bnrnelt was here lo look thinfis over and to (jet some idc'.is from Lieut. Bill Adams, director of physical (milling. 'Fie inspected the atlilclic fields and Ihe gymnasium and watched the physical Instructors put the enlisted men through calisthenics, contests and games. "I can see that 1 have a lot of work ahead of me to yet .such a jrogram under way at my .school," he said. "I walked", said Warrant Officer Peter J. Waraksa, "all the way iom the Argomic Forest in France, lo CoblcnU, Germany, carrying a 55-pound pack. We sinned Nov. 12 and gol Ihcre Dec. 14. We walked every day. And they wouldn't pick up a man in a truck or ambulance no mailer how pooixxl he sol, for fear il would encourage men lo give up and fall out." "Lady", 2 1-2 year old brindle bull bitch whose wrinkled face and undershot jar arc so ugly she's beautiful, is first to the door when Top Scrgt. Anthony Colanza yive.s tlie order, "Fall oul," in the barrack where llic band rehearses. She's the band's mascot. She never misses a lormalion, declares Warrant Officer Bcnilraidt M. Kuschcl, baud master. "And you should sec u her indignant look ol disapproval bomber training ships used" by | when one of the musicians hit a ' cadets in advanced flight training' sour note. She really likes music, ; here. [that dog." Sea Lightning Clll/.i'li at 80 OAKLAND, Gill. (UP) Miss onilltioner, hie reusing vlnd and coordination, nullity, aura Rhode, aged 1)0, born it Norway, was proud of being a Nor veyian until the, Germans walkci n and took It over. Then she dccld •d it would be belter lo become an American. So, after a residence of years 111 the United Stales she vas granted her naturali/ation pn- jcrs. Debate Scheduled lly 326th Squadron 'Ihe second in a series of debaies vas conducted us a part of the orientation course in the XHilh Squadron will be held lonlghl at 7 o'clock In Ihe squadron day-room. I'lie subject of the dcbnlc will be: 'Which side will probubly win the war?" Stair firi'ul. Hvcrell W. Mears mul ci'c.l. Vlnceii/o Ciiponljiro will contend Ihiil Ihe Axis will probably win wlille Sci'iil. Carl DiirllU- and Malcolm A. Levy will uphold tile.Allies cause. Uelwiicn tlie debate and rebut lal a i omul table discussion wll be held, in wlileli all mny parllel' pate. It Is expecled (hat a huge nunv her of squadron members will 1>< present for the session, wlilcl promises to be a lively and Inter c.sllni; one. Flight Instructor Given Promotion}, n<! Ills helpers. Scrgl. Iler- iiiin Wuhlnuo and Seigl. Otto Iiitchinson, mean It when they say, We keep 'em flyliiK," Sergeant Phillips luis always Athletic Department Wins Softball Game From 701st Tim Alhlelle Department lean lefoalcd tlie lOlsl .siiuail IKt In '• .oftball name played In Ihe allilctlt irca Krlday afternoon. It was i elurii meellns, the Allilellc Depaii uenl Imvlnff defeated (ho 701st till a i ci:enL game. Corp. Cameron WesL was Ihe oul- sliuidiiui player. eellhiK three hil- 01 u of three limes at bat. Chaplain, Julian Llmlsey and Gerald llogan Jlaylnu for the first lime this seas- ;m, also turned In goud perform- .inccs. Chaplain Ho^an once was a seml-pio baseball player in Massa- clHisclls. ovcil («' work with tools mid in Ivlllnir llfu was an electrical wcld- r at (hu Tiiriiapull Plant, Ga. He vas inducted Into the Anny July i'i, 1042, at Atlanta, Oil., and was' ransfcrrcd here as a crew chief "Sept. 7. He Is a 1934 graduate of llartwell, (Ga.) (Ugh School. He is narrlcd lo Hie former Miss Lucille Whin ol Ifoyslon, an, Wehlage Is one soldier who doesn't lose inlercsl In his Job uiilil It's done. llo has qualified' for tlie piimeliute coi'iw and will cave in May lo become a para- .rooper. Meantime, however, he .vork.s Just as hard as an aviation mi'Clianle as lie'did when he llrst graduated from technical school nt' Shepherd Field, Tex. He lefl lilgli school In Muncle, ind., two years, ago (o enlist In Ihc Army, He plans to make soldering a career ind expects to remain In tho Army for another 28 years. "Sergeant" Hutchlns'oT ifkcd lOlx tractors and other agrlc.ullura'! in- .•iliumenls when he was farming In Mississippi, so It was iialural for him to enlist as a specialist when lie entered Hie Army- Air Corps July 8, 1911. He received Icchnl- cal (ruining at Isaac Dclgado Central Trades School In New Orleans mid was transferred here In September, lie Is from Drew, Miss.,and Is a nrJO graduate of the •high school at Cclcvcland,. Mtsa. Alldctle Dipt. AiiKc.ll West Lindsay liomm Tubbs Dleiier Morrison Stabler Garrison Hurley mist Darnell llorllsh Dccoux liyers Jalosky ABcrton Ilermley linker Owens Wolsflcld MUiB Helirer Kcnncmen 'I'» lloiuir Itii'kenliaelier BELLEFONTA1NE, O. (Ul>)—All ilrport to be constructed here al tic war's end will be named In lonor of Capl. Kddie Hlckcnback- er. World War 1 flying ace. Hold Everything FUNNY BUSIINESS . "Bul il doesn't look so fcmji.mic Fiiuls Siifiiir Ciichc LIMA, O. (UP)—Wlien Hex Mcr- icle rented a house in nearby Dcl- phns his coflcc ami sin-ar won ended lor n wliile. When lie inovec in lie louiul 100 pounds of sugar and H pounds nl codec hidden ill the building, which had not been rented for' 17 years. It was believed tlie rationed goods were hidden by someone who had forgotten the location of the cache. NEW YORK. (UP)—A survey of plans for Ihe re-cstablishincnl of public order after the war Ls tlie basis for the cnvriciihiiii of n course in Political Science being lered for the first lime tills incsler at Hunter Colleye. The tic of the course is Postwar Po- ticnl Problems and Pence Aims. Lightning-shaped band of burning oil trails this Jap transport after allied bombers blasted it astern in Bismarck Sea.' Complete Stock Steel and Elastic TRUSSES Save 50% STEWART'S Dr Qf Store Main & Lake Phone 2822 crely a.s an armistice pro]X>scd by rc.sident Wilson under advantage- is conditions. They just (Hill, for lime bcinc. This lime, Taylor rcdlets. llic Germans will collapse gain, but once more they will not elicve Ihey have been licked, Any Shoe REPAIRED If Hie uppers are still Runtl. •I5riri|* Ihcm lo us for quality work. HALTER'S Quality Shoe 121 W. Main Shop Ph. 27.1Z "When arc we going lo earn while we learn, like they do 111 the war plants?" ills l^ Ijioiil. John M. llni'iinn, u iBlit in.slriictor at the lilj'lticvlllc Anny Air Field, IIIIK hceii iransfcr- c<l to DaiHlnlph Held, Tex., wliciu lc will roport for fiirlln.-!' duty. IJciilciiniit Iliirnnti received illas and coniniLs-sion Feb. ill, llMa, mil lias been siatloiifd ul Illytlii:- vlllc since Aiiuiisl. Son of Mr. mid Mrs. II. II. Unrunn, Mt'ilcllan, Mis.-;., ic is a 1!B5 i;nullm(i: of Mi>ridlmi Illcli Seliool juul attended Mlssls- .ll>|)i atale College. AKRON, o. (Ul') - All Akron resident iirobaiily will use licLler ludaiiient the next time lie deckles .0 sleep olf u drlnklni> s|)ree. He was arrested mill held for Inloxl- ciitlon charges wlien found sleeping in an uiUoinoljlle parked near Hie Tlie car was owned hy Judge Stephen C. Colopy. In New Orleans, sloro delivery nicks will only deliver iniirchandlsu valued (it more than $2 lo cacli customer, except bulky Horns, lull one male slioppcr' look home « child's; velocipede, and didn't, nsk lo have It ' ' ' PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Slock Gtiiiritnlevil I'riceH Kirby Drug Stores Just 4 Mills To The 24-HOUR SERVICE Expert Repair Work on General Motors Cars. LANGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY D'dway A Wslnut rh. BS3 ¥ L 0 W K R S Say it Best Al Easter Ite r orilrfM rurly nf Orcliids, It uses, Fhnvrrs :mtl It wunUJu'l Hownrs. I'hicn your Tor crirs^^ Gnnlrims, Plants. We ;irn prcparrrl In .scrvr you in ItlythrvHIc or flisf^nt riLirs — we (rloKraph Mowers uny- u'hcrc. HEATON'S GREENHOUSES AND FLOWER SHOP 2W> Davis Avc. Try our "Own Made" Ice Cream Die Hickory Inn At ran From High Hrhnol State Line Service Station •5AVI! mi rhllllps <(uallly flaso- line & OH. I'nnniil, Oaurlcnus Service. Operated liy Mrs. II. L tteynolils. OPERATING HOURS l''nr A-H-C Coupon Holders SUNDAYS: !l A.M. ti> I'.M. 'ALL WKUK'DAYS !) A.M. lo 12 Noon I P.M. to 8 P.M. FI'lTKl) BY Doctcrt J. L. u\t J. GUARD Ol'TOMKTKISTS IN I![,VrilE\'ll,I,i; SINCE 1D22 SPECIAL Complete Motor Tune-up $3.35 Includes cleaning and spacing of spark plugs, adjusting and cleaning of carburetor, distributor, and fuel pump. COMPLETE STOCK OF CHAMPION SPARK PLUGS PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY 5th & Walnut Phone 453 WT1CDL STORE 209 W. Main St. Phone 2912 For WASHING and POLISHING Glean Your Car Up For Spring! LOYEICHXr 171 The Muilrrji [cc Box (JOOMCKATOK l\ir tltuiioiuy itiul Service. Tom Little Hwde. Co. Phone 515 SMALL LOANS Oi Anything «f V.I.*. East Main Loan Co. >M t. Malo — I'honf ZMI C S- Webb Cities Service Station (llwy. l!( nt C'nUttii Bell Tracks) PllOIIC 021 We Hx Flats — Wishing ,t OrcasliiB Our Specialty WE FIM, AI.I, DOOTOE*' PRESCRIPTIONS AND HAVE TOD HONIT STEWART'S Drug Store Main & Lake I'hoiie 2822 Easier Flowers! 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