The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 19, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 19, 1950
Page 11
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MONDAY, JUNE 19, 1950 •LYTHKVTT.LB (ARK.)' COUNTER NEWS ?AGf! OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople AH,TH£Re, BARTER, L6T PRESENT VDU WITH A CI6AR-"-A\VOWsS PRIVATE BRftND/ _t,~WlTU THE WORLD 1M.6UCH FRIGHTFUL 6HAPS, AMD MISTRUST A80LSTJT 6EMOOVE6 AAAViTO K£6P ALWE 5PIRITOFTROE rtEI WHAT A DISGRACEFUL EXHIEmOMOF LAZINESS. _/ you TOOK TH RIGHT OUT O MOUTH.' TH' ' O "IHIKJOS AWAV HOOPLA A(OR£ IW6ULTS TUftH CIGARS COOT'S GOT we-mi OP MIS RE STOP THIS FAMILY V400LOUT <5iMe Me A KIKJDA 6H SV SURPRISE/ AVBE IT'S LOADED, BAXTER - H6ROGS ARE MADE-MOT 8ORJJ KKECKL,ES AND HIS KRIEN'DS—BY MERRILL BLOSSEH Th« Shiver* WMCT Television on Monthly 1:30 p.m.—Headlines l-.-jftr-Ndvs Summary 2:00^-M«rIc Mntinoc. 2:^0—Fashion Varadc 2:45— llonsi'liolrt Hinl!< n:00—Bcrl Olswanger 3:30— Howdy lluoily 4:00—Caclns Jim 4:30—Hello, l.udics 4:55—Wrcstline Interview 5:Oft-Kukla, Fran & Ollie 5:30—^Roberta Quinlan S:45—News Caravan 6:00—Telcthrater 6:."JO—Howard Ba'rlow 1:00—Lights Out 1:.10—Show Busino.s^ 8:00—Jackpot Calling R:3f>—Crusarte ^n Eurnpft 9:10—Sunny Side of News !!:L5—Basetall Fundamentals 0:30—WrcstliiiK 9:45—News FOR FREE ESTIMATES TELEVISIONS RADIO I SALES AND SERVICE \- BLYTHEVIIIESAIESC<» •38E MAINST BirTHEVIllE. ARK L&LONBA By Grace Hies Fletcher hrr and Kf Ifc* nt«l»lr |ilr inked for rjiforinn llna ;ioria'n kusband SSlliIa btt» Iriimcil Ihnt n xl il nrrkhicr WSIN h;ikrH in ulcfde Inrnrnik 'ciurU <-n«r nn4 ledcrnl etticfrji r FIIE rest A longest Mo/ayon War Cost/y KUAIA LUMPUR/ Mnlaya (AP) - Mfltean.s will la future have to pay^Sf'e fon whiskey, beer, coffee, .sweets, confectionery and HII kinds of musical, instnimeiits to, help cover the cost of the ,anti-Cotntnu- Love Our Flowers 1 FLOWER MART Mfmphlj Hiwaj Pbanr 6(H>2 15XOFF On Your Qtleman FLOOR FURNACE H You install It Before July 31st Do If Nowl Sov« money, be read}' for winter before the rush. And get the famous Cole- ii that gives you Automatic Heat—Clean Heat—\Varm- >'loor Heat, Sen. A Demonstration Today Chas, S, Lemons Furniture .:vu of (he day was the igest in Gloria Brown's 22 years which had seen a devastating depression, a World Wnr, and an atom bomb. Nothing had harrowed her like this enforced i action, because this time she w entirely alone. There was no mass psychology to buoy her up; these murders had blown up her own safe Hllle world and she couldn't even start patching it up; she didn't dare 'ry until after dark. It seemed to her by 4 p. rn. tha' already she was an old, old lady she could almost feel her hair anc teeth dropping ot it- She shivered, remembering Sa! and Jack the Cork. Why hadii'l Hansen %-ome by for his piece 01 pie? she wondered. Even if h< were suspicious, he'd be better • company than no one. Probabl; after being on duly nil night, hi was sleeping. Maybe he hadn' -meant anything abcuit the apples . alter all, she thought; could be she. had made a conquest. Sh made a wry mile grimace. She'i knpw^whep -she..saw .him; next. How was she going lo make Ih Benonis tell what she had t know? Just how did one go abou getting a gun? Did one have t have a permit?- But there mus be places to get hold of. a gu without the police knowing. "I'm developing the critnina mind," Gloria thought. "They sa if you tell an infant often cnoug that he's a had boy, when h grows up he'll rob a bnnk ething. I'm no child but . . . ammyJ" The little newsboy's adoring grin ashed into her mind like a bea- on of light, for she knew that if I were possible for him to help icr. he A-ouJd do so; and ask no luestions. She rushed lo the ihonc, asked Reuben. "Is Hansen round, by any chance?" "Why—er—yes," he stammered. "Tell him I got to go do some hopping," she I old him eagerly, but I'm going out the basement loor to skip (he reporters." Hansen wouldn't come close enough to hear vhal she said to Sammy anyway^ jut if he did she could write Sammy a note and say wliat she lad lo. Might as well pretend to co-operate with the police, she decided. "The briscmcnl, please," she told ;he elevator boy, glad the doors were opaque glass as they slid by ;he reporter-infested lobby. She ueld her breath when she got out but there were no signs of either H arisen or the reporters. Was he may he talking lo them so she could get away? There was no one in the basement except the head janitor anc a blue-coaled policeman sitting ot rickety chairs and complaining Oi the heat. They hid something tha smcllcd suspiciously of beer a: she fled by but they did not Iry to slop her. She heard Sammy's piping voici as she turned the corner ont< Fifth Avenue, and when he came running tip Jo. her, his-face brigh at seeing her, she took the pape be held out, murmuring; "Flat ties around. I need your help Sammy. Where can we talk— alone?" "The Park," Sammy replied in slanlly. "But I gotta gel rid these papers first. Handsome. 1 won't lake n minute." Waiting for him on the curb • Splashed all over the front page was a picture of MtEliadcs behind bars, talking to Alexander Grant, his lawyer, while down in (he orner of the page, she saw with orror, was a cheese-cake photo f Alida Strong, the actress, who eemed to be mostly legs and osom. And on the liosom was an normous necklace. II this ever ot to-Boston, Gloria and Milliades vcre,finished socially! The headlines yelled above the uzzing in her head: EX-G.I. ALLEGED SLAYER MHli:ides ISrown. 26. son of I'rof, John Nemo lij-own of HOKIOII, head of ihc classical drama dcpnrLiMLm hi one of i>>« olitcal amJ suoouesU I varsities in the country, is being lieki] for question ing In ttie knife killing of orcuy Sal Strong, ter of Uroiulway sl:tr Aliilrt Stronc, who wows 'em nishtly i» "The King's Mistress." Actress Strong's 120,000 emerald 'tiklace. \vhiuli S!IP wears in the :t, wits recently stolen, according police. Knl was murdered at Jones' iJe.icli yesterday and Brown chiitiif hp. fon nil her floating on tho water with a knlfo in her back. . . . •fjl JRS. BENONI used such a big pie plate so the necklace would all go in," Gloria thought nimbly, with the inconsequence n which a person takes refuge when the mind is too numb lo face reality. At least the Jieulemini lad not yet totd the reporters that .he knife was Gloria's or about :he dope. Probably lie was leav- tliat up lo the federal authorities. Did they lock a person at Leavenworlh or Alcatrax for dope peddling? She licked her dry lips and it seemed to her as she stood there miserably on Ihe sidewalk waiting for Sammy that everyone who passed cast upon her a hard, suspicious eye. "Look out!" she gasped. Someone jostling by had pushed her almost ofi the curb and Ihe clasp ot her handbag .opened, spilling out lipstick, coin purse, bobby pins, her last letter from home and a recipe for jellied lomalo salad, into Ihe gutter. As she gathered up her, belongings with shaking Fingers, .she looked about bul no one was even near her. "What gives?" Sammy cum a running up. "Someone try la Gloria glanced at the paper in her 1 snatch your roll?" hand and stopped breathing. I (To Be Continued) list campaign. Duties on the irn- porUs have been increased. • The war against th * Commu- this year. This Is $10,000 a day more than last year. WE BUY AND SELL USED & NEW FURNITURE PHONE 2112 We're Proud of Our Work ine work • Woodwork laclnring • Welding BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Machine work Miiruilaclnring don't worry, dear—if anything does happen to him, we can borrow money from GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION to pay the hospital bills!" SHOE REPAIRING SAVES MONEY! Prompt Service v Expert Workmanship H-RLTCRS 'UBLfTY SHOC SHO 121 W. MAIN S BILL GODWIN SPORTING GOODS Swim lYunks 2.!I5. Tennis Raqucls Caps of all kinds Jimmie "H" Ikmls $50 liascball & Softhal! Uniforms, ali prices, lettering All lypcs Summer Ath- Icic ICquipmcnt. '!( It's Sporting Goods, See Us." 121 W. Main I'h. 67G2 Our Telephone Number 4438 Shcifon Motor Co. J PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Druq Stores FLAME CULTIVATORS 2-Row . . . $230 4-Row . . . $360 . BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Chamblin Sales Co. • Sales & Service • 'Your Friendly Studefaoker Dealer" RAILROADS, ASH PHONE 6888 SEEMS c MIME STORMED QORfrJe THE" Nisur. L THOUGHT 1 UEARO MO&CS WE'PC- . DROWNING / GOOD (•"oewiNG.ncvs > Loots LIKE We 1KAI WAVE COW. 1340 B* NEA MRVICC. INC. T, M. KtG. U. S. PAT. OTF. But if there was a wolf in the woods near Red Riding Hood's grandmother's house, why didn't they get a cowboy to rope it and shoot it? Then all this wouldn't have happened!" At, VERMEER YOU SHOULD SCOLD MOM, TOO, POP'. SHE'S BEEN HEARING TOO MANY SOAP OPERAS! NO YOU DIDN'T WASH PROPERLV! RUN UPSTAIRS AND USE PLENTY or NICE, LATHERY \H, KRtSPY KRUNCHIES! THE CEREAL WITH LOTS GO-POWER ENE YOUNG LADV, YOU'VE BEEN HEARING TOO MANY CEREAL THRILLERS! RALI'H LANS Vic Kinds Something I!Y MICIIAIOL at Jed Brewster'* boarding house... OOIM ALREADY?/ CAME ACROSS VOU DIDN'T LOOK (WHAT I WANTED ATTMO5E SALES \RIGllT OFF. THAHKS RECORDS VERY X A LOT, MR JUDKINS. BY GOSH, CYNTHM FOUND II JUST WHAT DID T THAT MRS. KYLE YOU SEE IN THAT (BOUGHT A NEW BLUE LEDGER THAT WAS \DENlM WE55—THE SO INTERESTING? ) DAY APTER ALtC WAS SHOT AT/ SO ALEC STEEL'S GIRL FKIBJO IS LEAVING TOWN IN THE MORNING AND WANTS ME TO HELP MOVE HER/ LESLIE TURNER THEM, 8V JCnJEi iris UP ON ITS HIMP LEGS NOW, ANP MOVItJS WITH INCREDIBLE SPIED -rf TOWARD THM DISTWJTCOW! EVES AREN'T WHAT THEY USED TO BE, JU«lUS..,8UT THM APPEAES TO HOLD SHU TILL THEY'RE PLUMB OUTft SlGHTi YOU LOCOED OLE CRlTTER.1 THEM I'LL HEAD W FOETh'BAEW! GOtPANG HIS SLIPPEEW HIDE! BUT 1 MNT TOO WORRlEO-He WONT GtT FM2 WITHOUT NO CLOTKESl RE AffUftpRUPEDOT BUGS BUNNY ARE THERE ANY FISH IN ) THIS POWt>, SYLVESTER 7 YA WIGHT AS WEU-... YA. AIN'T GONWA GET NONE O' WY FISH.' t CAN'T urNJPEKSTASJP WHY A FELJNE 'WHAT LOVES FISH UIKE YOU PO... AIN'T RSH1N'/ OOP SEEMS TO BH TAKIN' A U?N6 TIME " IN <35?A.ND QUEEN UHPATEEDLE SENT OOP IO (IKING If4 THE GRAND V/IZtR FOR OU ESI ION IMG ABOUT AN ASSAULT ON KING GUZ/LH....

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