The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 20, 1943 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 20, 1943
Page 4
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ffnaroui 3LYTHEVILLE (ARK,); COURIER NEWS ' THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER* NEWS CO. H. W. HAINE8,' Publisher jiAMUEli F. NORRIS, Editor JAMES A OATENS, Advertising Man»ger , OEKALDYNE DAVIS, Circulation Manager Sole Kitlontl Advertising. Representative*: W»U*ct Witner Co., New York, Chicago, Detroit',* Atlanta; -Memphis. . r - Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday 'Entered as second class matter at the post- <flic« »t BlythevlBe, Arkansas, under act of Con- October 6, 1917, , Served by the United Press. i« ' SUBSCRIPTION RATES 'By carrier In the city of Blytheville, 20c per •wfc, or 85c per month.- • • By mall, within a radius of 50 miles, $4.00 per w»r,'»2W for six months, 51.00 for three months; ny m»tl outside 50 mile zone $10.00 per year payable in advance. / , __ _ New Law Required • Presumably Hie nxis will call soon for amendment of the laws of war so as to ban fuither exploits like ihal of American Lieut. Frank U Dunn of San Antonio, Texas. """. '.Lieutenant Dunn was looking for aerial pictures when a flight of axis plaries came in to land at a field near Cagliari, Sardinia. The sly cuss circled \vith the enemy, flew low ; enough to get ' )ns shot of an Kalian cruiser in the harbor, and was off before antiaircraft gunners or axis flyers noticed the inteiloper in their midst. Publication In this column of editorials trom other newspapers does not necessarily mean endorsement but Is an acknowledgment ol interest In-the subjects discussed. Should HOLC Be Killed?. Mortgage loan companies nro aUemplhii; ID • kill the Home Owners' Loan Corporation, in order to regain a huge block of business which vould once again be profitable for them. A bill to require the HOLC to 'liquidate by the end of . next year has bcr-n introduced by KcpicsenlnUve Everett Dirksen of Illinois and passed by the House The measure embodies just about every conceivable provision for the prolll of the loan companies " .Wliat, In; effect, the Dlrksen bill proposes Is the; forced sale of the nsscts of the 1IOLC, amounting to more than $1.700,000,000. Purely as.» -financial transaction, this would be sheer nonfense Well-managed companies, public or prwato, do not dispose of their assets at fovccrt . sale unless their financial position compels ' It. ' The Federal Government would be- put In the iLO' f< :h position of accepting a heavy loss for tj'ieert In turning Its mortgages Into cash, when • H requires neither the cash nor the speed. "As if thu> vxere not sulflcicnt indignity, Mr. Dirksen has proposed to make Uncle Sam the complete sucker by stipulating that the purchasers can pick and choose among the HOLC mortgages He would thereby eliminate virtually the [ last bargaining advantage of the corporation by 'preventing it from using'Us A-grade securities (as a means of disposing of ,11s Inferior securities ) at a_ fair price '. \ The cost ol this business illiteracy would be r paid by the people of the United Stales to the ', tune of some S-HO.OCO.OOO. The estimate is en the' authority of John Faliey, cohiinlsslpncr of \the Federal.,Home Loan Bank Administration, | which operates the HOLC. . All this,"hov;evcr, is purely Ihe birlncss of the »! matter, which, though ImpcrlBiU, is far sccond- ••ary to the, human values involved. The fact that '.should most be borne'in mind is that the Dirk- ;sen bill proposes not only a raid by a predatory i.mtnqilty on the Federal Treasury, but also a be-. ' traynl of 800,000 home-owners. « V HOLC was created back in the depths ot tlie . depression, v\hcn mortgages on licmcs were l>e- Mn? foreclesert right, and led in a tlespcralc al. tempt by financial instilutions lo become as liquid as possible. Hundreds ot thousands of families put their trust In this nsency of ecntinl government v hich. had come foivvaul lo help t them, ard built a powerful new futtirj'out of • i despair. , HOLC has not teen perfect. Many cl its ap- j^pralsals unJoubledly were touched, csjicrhilly tn ..the earlv da>-, with optimism. Collections imve ''been affected bv tbc attitude of some borrower that a debt's uncle !s net as iEriouj as a debt to someone else. It Ifas seemed all along that the Government ought not to stay In the business of direct home loans—that the PHA plan of Government guarantee (and through It, control) of commercial Joans Is much preferable. But to meet the exigencies of the case, HOLC was absolutely necessary. The corporation appears,, on balance, lo have done a competent Job. It is even now in the process of an orderly, business-like liquidation. Its total Investment of $3,481,000,000 has been reduced by almost half, no new loans have been made for the past seven years, and Commissioner Fahey expects (o complete the liquidation by 1952. That Is a very reasonable length of time. If, however, the Dirksm bill forced HOLC lo dump ll.i securities incontinently, the impuct on the debtors of the corporation would be devastating. The 800,000 home-owners, in 10,000 cities find (owns nil over the nation, who still arc financed by 1IOLC, would feel finite justifiably that their Government had saved them fioiiv the burning only to cnsl them hack Into (he flames. —at. Louis Post-Dispatch. • SO THEY SAY H will be lhal much easier on our children and grandchildren Lo tinance the war as we go along while we linvc a terrific. Income'.—Treasury Bcerclniy Henry Morgcntlmi Jr. * * *. The memory of : lhe nmrtyred 'village of LHIIce forbids 11.5 cm 1 lo relax In Hie struggle noiv being waged against the power of evil and darkness.—Czech President IMiiiird Denes. History teaches that treaties' of peace stipulated In a spirit and with conditions opposed both to the dictates of morality and to genuine political wisdom have had hut a •wretched and short-lived existence.—Pope Plus XII. * • * We will proceed on the theory that peoples have the right, lo choose their own governments.—Foreign Rehabilitation Director Herbert II. Lehmnn. * • * The more bloody anil bitter the war becomes, the greater is the popular demand that when hnstllttitti are over Ihe principal concern of the peacemakers should be not with the redrawing of territorial boundaries or access lo raw materials, but with that too often forgoUen element In international relations—human welfare.—Dr. Vcru Michelcs Dean, of Foreign Policy Association. * * . * All nations gieat and small must have equal opportunity of development. Those who me stronger should consider (heir strength as a trust to be used to help the weaker nations lo fit. themselves for full self-government and not lo exploit them. Exploitation is spiritually as degrading (o the exploiter as lo Ihc exploited. —Madame Chiang Kai-shek. '- '• ' .'..">"K' -" , . , ...;,... C • :'• • - . * • . . "'. Labor cannot tolerate any strikes or stoppage in Us ranks, Its Impact is felt at the front.— President"Sidney Hlllman of Inlernntional Ladles Garment Workers. The world Is at a • turning point, I do not believe we should rclrcat from our historic for-' clgn policy of supporting the independence of.. small nations, it is essential that the peace ! lo ccme have the ndvanUgc of the inspiration and Idealism of (he United Stales.—Alf London * * » There is no fimilnmeiilnl reason In the field of economics 'why our Immense war production cnnnot be mnde permanent.—Attorney General Francis Blddle. * • • : ' • •' -America is destined to uc the leader ol Ihe world. We individuals must see to it (hat it has Ihe right leadership. That Is one of your responsibilities as American citizens. - George Maidiklan, west coast restaurateur. World War I Armenian refugee. * * » Congress can't run this Wlu , anti lt ls for _ Innate that it knows it.-Rcp. Bam nayburn of 'lexas, House speaker. * ' * » Out of all this (leiirt-Icasc) surely Is cmrrg. Ing a basic principle of cur B ,and nlllance-lhal each of the United Nations should give accord I'll to its ability and receive according to ii s needs. No exact monelary reckonlns Cfln elvc expression to this prlnclple.-rjritlsh Ainbv*-, dor Lord'Halifax. the Unless the antl-lnllallon controls eiumenl ,,,ccccd in ho , dl1IB u , eaim , ho whrte-coltar worker, with fixed income, e bound to suflcr to a mncfl gtea|cr e "^ " rc organized l.hor^VLB member Way, e SJW GLANCES "I. \W3 BY NEA SESVICC, UJC. T. to, EEC. U. S. PAT. OFf. h, Pop, when Ihcy <lo lake lalhers, you'll sure l>c a scream in' a uniform!" THIS CURIOUS WORLD By VMIHiam Fergii*on AT O/VXAHA, NEBRASKA, VICTORY GARDENERS ALREADY HAVE REAPED ONE FOOD HARVEST/ ' AFTER THE RECENT OVERF10W OF THE MISSOURI RIVER, RECEDING WATERS LEFT A CROP OP PISH IN THE FURROWS AMD ROWi OF IHE , NEWLY PLANTED PLOTS. COPS. W3 BY NEA SERVICE. IMC. ^. M. RtC. U. S. PAT. OFF. THURSDAY, MAY 20, 1943 ' "Get Off My Stepping Stones, Mister!" N scene ill "The Animal Kingdom," Director Irving Rapper said: "When you come into the room, you're quite surprised but you conceal it. It's all new and you're curious about the place and the people, but you're shrewd, too, and you like the whole idea of It. That's what I want you to show in your eyes- Just your eyes." Morgan groaned. "What, you need.'' he. said, ''Is an. optical cen- tlp-de." -A HEN OWNED BY S. LOU BENSON, INDI ANAPOLISj-INDIANA,; . L'AID A£I EGG ' S^'RE you BUYING ALL THE WAR. BONDS THAT O • NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will wilhln the lime fixed- by law apply lo the Commissioner of -Revenues of the btatc of Arkansas for a permit to sell beer at retail at 303 West Muin Blylhe- ville, MLisissippi County. .The undersigned stales that he s a citizen of Arkansas, of good noral character, that he has never een convlctetl of a felony or other rime • involving moral turpitude; hat'-no license' lo "sell beer by Ihe nderslgned hns heen revoked wilh- flye years last past;-and that lie "undersigned lias never been onvicted of violating the laws of his state, or'any other .stale, re- ating to the sale of alcoholic Iquors. ' , , ELfJOTT, JOHN^. Subsciibcd. ; anct;'sw'orn :to 'he-hire ne this II day of May, 1943.- Seal) . Oscar Alexander. My commission expires. 3-14-1045. ' . .' .' -. , , : : 5-20-13 ANSWER: Remember; it takes around $3,000,000 a day to feed Ihe U. S. servjce men. NEXT: The white cliffs of Dover. In Hollywood BV EliSKINK JOHNSON NBA Staff Correspondent M-G-M and Hollywood Victory Committee finally have agreed on an Army camp lour for Mickey Rooney. lie leaves early in June and probably will b? sent somewhere oversens. The slar, who should win a lot of new fans because of his first real dramatic said: "If I my at (he Willow Grove Ariiusemcn 1 Park, Willow Grove, Pa.—has beei written as a sequence for their nex •M-G-M comedy, "flarem Scarem . ... Lionel Slander checks into .tin Air Corps In Jim? . . . Ann Corii and Mnxie Rosenbloom arc discuss ing a co-starring revue on Broad vvn.n Ibis summer . . .Talking abou his victory garden, Gny Kibncc. row os much corn as can feed all of Cali- NOTICE OF FILING OK APPLICATION FOR LIQUOR PERMIT. : .Notice Is hereby given that, the undersigned has 'filed with (he Commissioner -of Revenues of the State of Arkansas 1 fci- permit to sell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at retni on .the premises described as IGO West Hale Street, Osceola, Arkansas. . ..-:,'.' • '... Application is for permit lo be Issued for. .operation beginning 01 the (irst day of July, 1913 aiid to expire on the 30th day of June 1944, : as 'prescribed: 'by Bullclii dated January 7, 1MB and Supplemental Regulation No. 19 clfectiv July" 10, 1937. JOE APPLEHAUM. 5-20-43 ''I'liR Odyssey cf a Jail LUNTINC!, Nov. IU1') -.. "The ;lyssey of a Jail" might be Ihe ille cf an epic that cDiild be: writ- en here. The dty imrclinse;! as :i ail, an iron cage at Iho litlmont nine and liad it moved here, its irst o'.'cupant chanced to be ft. li. 'iii'ks, charged with Ihn IUMIIOUS rime cf having ilemandcd service \t 9:50 in the inoininj: al a su- oon that only opened at 1C. and linking a fuss about it. lie o.xpi- itcd his crime by pas-sing three lours in the iron rage. Later the 'age-jail w:is moved to a new situ. And here again I). B. Parks chiinc- cd lo be its first occupant. This ime hr had v.'aitc(t until 10 o'clock icfore demanding service at the —but when he got service he <;ot too much. The AAA suijfjcsLs that consideration be given lo Ihe lowering of age limils for the granting of driving llircmc.s as H means of casing the shortage of persons qualified ID drive private and commercial vehicles. . Swearengen & Co. Si'OT COTTON BROKERS ulylhevllle. Ark. lM,YiM(HJ r niS-l)()I)Gl':S-n«'SO'l'OS-CIIIl\T5LKKS , f/t CTORY-TRA INKD MKCHANIVS! Lei Us Help Keep Ytnir Car & Truck Rollins Louis George Motor Co. Osceota Aii(iind/ni Dodge .t Plymouth I)c:ilrr Allis-tllralincis Parts ,t Hc|>:iirs IMioiiB 150 Every I'dinul of Kilt Is Need 1 , ctl in Hie War ElTorl! Bake With SHIBLEY'S Best Flour It Needs No . Shortening - - - fry a sack of Sliiblcy's lU'st—IiCiiru why housewives term it "The 1'ci'fccl Flour." SERIAL STORY Our Way I3 y J. R. Williams Our / WITH TH' MOMEV\ TAPED IM OME HAMD \ \ AM' TH RATIOM BOOK \ TAPED IK) "me OTHER \ I YOU CAV-J'T DO KSOTW1K1' \ —\ ON TH' WAV—SO X'LL / ' WAIT UP r-OR TH' / GROCERIES.' S ' work hi "Ihe Human Comedy." made his initial Army camp ap- fornla. pcarancc at three .Southern California desert camps u'few days ago. AI/I.-.STAK SHOW Mnrjorl? Main, who has played Higgcsl all-star motion picture of Hollywood's most slatternly, taller- any year is being dreamed up by ed characters for Ihc last seven y 0ur uncle Sam. The picture, to I>5 years, is taking on Rlamor for the produced under the supervision of Ilrsl time as a dance hall owner in t he OWI, will tcalurc all Hollywpo* .Jimmy Cagncy'a new film, "Johnny n olors now serving in the armed Conic Lately." She wears low-cut forces. That means a cast of sucn gowns and displays an hour-glass n!im cs ns Clark Gable, Jimmy Stc- liguro. W ait. Robert Montgomery, Victor Bud Abbott and Lou Costcllo's first vaudeville Iwoking—S18 a week mC rccds will ' Navy relief. 'lillc of a new M-G-M picture, "Private 'Miss Jones," has Jiisl hern changed lo "As Thousands Cheer." This, ol course, left Ihc MaUir? and scores of others. All go the Army and Major Hoople WAGER OM THE. RACES, BUT TWS OPPORTlJ MITN FMRUV BftTTER.S DOvy w ONE'S DOOR /-~ A STERLlMfi 6TE6D Mt\MED BLUE BEETLE is IM TME FIFTH W CHICAGO-—WE CODLD WIN THPsT VMEARIMG Al6 MOSS BAG/ A iv\ftM cAt^ GO FARTHER. WITH HORSES IF HE STICKS TO fAERRV- GO -ROUNDS, FRIEND BRPvCKETG G^^^8l-HRS WITH RUMS IN HER STOCKINGS— I^9H& TrAOU&HT T VJAS 6\M|W& NW MARBLES TO BOOKIES OlSCrXR LIKE A DEUCE tiue» \u -_^-_ 1 <--5^—•; ^r vf^?w SE uceOCA«/Jfi studio minus a tide.for the film virsion of the liil liroadwny musl- , WAAC BY LORETTE COOPER COPYRIGHT. 1043. NEA SERVICE. IMC. T1IK HTOIIVi nnh Onrlrr, ^*A,\C, l« Mfljor llrll .Inrkson'H "unt-ninn'' ntnff on (he Hnj- f-nninunnKerf lulnnd In (lie I'nrlflr whrrr hl« nnlt of Ihe (-onftt Ar- tlllrry llnrrnfEe Bnlloor hiittnllnti l» tinned. Inrnminthm Irnkx nrr «"»prr(cd. Atlcr llc-lh ovrrhfiirN the ntyMterlna* I.lln 11nn(ort prr- "«inde llril fo Klvc frrc pnn<tn^;i. (o the ptnnc iknt hrinipht hrr nnd hrr rnmtianloii. Rick >loth, Inln n (nrrcd InndlnF? nn the fxlnnri. nn Imt^orlnnt pnpcr U ril.'rnrrrol m[-»lnE. Brlti dtclilrii (o tin B ,, mr ^IcTilMnpc ri* her oivn. Shr nrtn Hrll meet nnrt Hick necrclly. • » '» « SPY SUSPECT CHAPTER X JJTv'T, Rick, and Lita slopped for a moment and chnltcd. Beth could nol hear what they were raying. Then, with Rrit lending the Hollywood. Beth harl hidden herself. In a few moments they had disappeared into the light tropical ' " ' ' 1'nraii.ounl praise agenls who shrubbcry which Ringed the have been ballyhmlng Betty Hutton bench ^.!. hC ,:^" d l.!"!!!:;" r L^ ll! " 8 i I'*"* Bailed tensely until their thclr teeth. She's now « bnincl . . . film has tensely _ footsteps were no longer distinct, Then she gathered herself up care- to opera ambitions. She's been study- .""? „" rt ., b ^ oug nt .»<=rseii to noi lug voice- for the last 10 years. j ^ C '.". N °. iat woultl "ever do, she Bob Preston's falhcr, Frank Mcr- n«>dcd. It was creep and crawl scrvy, beat sonny boy to acllve. a f.f hc , had 'eafnod that soldiers s?rvlcc. Papa Is with a Navy con- al |J>e front must do. Shc forgot he- structlon crew In the south Pacific.' "'"form, forgot the problem of hov Preston, a second lieutenant In the E . hc would explain the disarray i Air corps, is still In the slates. . | s1 ^ wcr e to meet Brit or some other officer when she returned.' Shc forgot even the damage U her stockings, and went forward ADI) ODDITIES Hulh Husscy's current film Is Paramount 1 * "Tho Uninvited," written by Dorothy Macardle. In "Tennessee Johjison," she played a girl "I do not blame you for want- ig to safeguard (he secret of our island," Hick Mnth said. You should feel glad that Li la id T are two loyal Americans •ho do nnl wish lo divulge even hint as lo ils existence." ' * * * :>R1T laughed. H was n short laugh, expressive nf nnthuis xccpl that he was thinking of vhat had 1 been paid. .Lila's voice could be heard now. "I'm almost jealous nf you, you liirlinf* boy—bringing a woman leai- out from the mainland just o you could be with her on this ropical isle." "Don't talk such nonsense, T.ita,' ic mid. ".She w;is sent here under irdcrs from headquarters. She's a . . a soldier." ' "Women lalk on the r.-'Jio. . . I suppose it's their right -to joir the WAACs if they wish," Lita said. It was like a deliberate taunt Hirlcd dircclly at Bclh. It wai almost as though L.ila know Bclh 1 : cars would hear it. "I nm nol entirely sure I ap prove of women joining the annex forces, even in- a noncombatan capacity," Hick Moth said. "O perhaps I.should not say 'noncom batant.' I'm told by no less an authority than yourself that Lieu tenant Carter distinguished her self with a.machine gun on th way over." There was no compliment, bu rather sarcasm, in his lone. nnnied Mncarrtlc. Colbert's leading claudette clump to another, sometime In "So crawling, sometimes creeping Proudly We Hall," George Reeves, sometimes running with her bod; Is now a paratroops. front of Beth. She stood up. bushes along the edge "She did distinguish herself," "You talked about spies a few moving as fast as Brit said. At least, ho was prois- minutes ago on the plane," LiU' from one prolecliv ing her. said to Brit. "There is your spy : —a dirty lilllc spy hiding in her) country's uniform. You should I have looked for your treachery f ,. , _.._.. as possible. e • " Rick said. "How the world chang- from \yilhin." Instructing Dennis Morgan for a ^^LUa.Sick, aji^Bril had stopped es!" .,- ' ' (T« Be Continued) }•'••' ' ! "She did distinguish herself, Brit said. At least, ho was prois ing licr. "I would much rather think o a woman distinguishing hcrse with an eggbealer or a frying pan Rick said. "How the world chang "f have no doubt Lieutenant arler could show ability with coking utensils, loo,'.' Brit de- •nded, * * T • ' 1TA spoke impaliently, ' "I don't see why we're 'asling lime talking about that lilrl," she said. "Weren't WQ go- ig lo discuss . . a big slory?" "Oh, yes," Brit answered. "You •anted sonic inside dope oo when o look for a raid on Japan." "Not 'a raifl,'" Lila corrected. A. scries of widespread and evastaling raids that will help latcrially to put Japan out of ic war' is what I thought you aid." "Ho I did. First 1 must have our assurance that you'll not use lie story in any manner so that it vouUl be traceable back to me." Belli could hardly believe her arsf What Brii was doing was no ess than violating his oath ns an tfliccr in the United Stales Army. Ic was about lo reveal secret iri- ovmation which, if Ihe enemy rt- icivccl it, might mean the failure if an American task force's mission and the death of many American soldiers! "Yon have my word," Liia said. 'Surely, darling, you can trust me!" "Yes," Brit said, "surely I can trust you." : The three turned in the moonlight. Belli could sec them clear- iy. Shc had crept lo within a few yards ot them. Lita's next vvords were addressed lo her. "Stand up, Lieutenant Carter. We know you are there. Stand up, before Major Jackson is forced lo shoot. • Brit had drawn his pistol, U was pointing at the' ground just in

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