San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California on September 3, 1916 · Page 32
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San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California · Page 32

San Francisco, California
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Sunday, September 3, 1916
Page 32
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ft SCOTS JOIN Clan Frascr Is Local Branch of Order That Is Doing Remarkable Work MEMBERSHIP IS LARGE t Relief Fund and Death Benefits Are Among Its Provisions Th toad thats girded by 1k seas Th ln af Scott aad Barasf tVkare irtaealeaaa award U atlll aa - eheathed And Ika ra af Oaalaa baraa f A k mn Scottish blood bar oesp and abiding prld la tha Jt land of their forefathers Mo mstter where they may ba found or tn what country they mar lira speak C Caledonia land f mountain clans aad tha ays brightens tha nulla ulekene and tha heart thrllla with a aasv love or country Scotland a wlorioua naat bai atait feat pople her glens and heather Ills her moor and mountain all exhaling romance and nobla senti ment flash upon tha Inward aya at th mere mention of bar name Oraat namaa hare been written down la - her history poet patriot phltoeophar and writer Oraat daeda of courage hara bean recorded In tha csuse of national Indapandanoa against odda trerarndously overwhelming It la thla paat of treat ecompllahmenta upon which tha Scot 4ov of county la bated and It la thla that makes It aa enduring as Bis country own bold highlands f founding or lodge The Order of Bottlsh Clans Is founded on thla los of auld Bcotls and It baa been this foundation that hae enabled the order to flourlah and Brow since Its Inception The organi sation or tne lodge took place on St Andrew day ISIS during that early ara of fraternal organisations This wa accomplished by a mere handful of patrlotlo Scots of St Urals Mo neaaea or James Nccaah Tha clan feeling to leave eome - tning ror tno wire and the weana waa the Inspiration for tha order It Is limited to men of Scottish blood only Tha name of that flfet clan was Clan Campbell No 1 Among other tnings this clan gave the following objects la the code It adonted To unite Scotsmen aona of Scots men and tbelr Immediate descendants of sound health and good moral character between the ages of It and 41 years To establlah a fund for - the relief of sick members and to ameliorate their condition la every reasonable manner PAYMENT TO BENEFICIARY To provide and eatabllah a be - queathment fund from which on sat - laraetory evidence of the death of a member who ba complied with all Its lawful requirements a sum nor exceeding 1000 ahall be paid according to tha clasa of membership to hi beneficiary st - - provlde4 by the constitution bad Hws of the order To cultivate fond recollections of Scotland Its Custom and amuse xnenta eg And It la to be free from all po litical and theological sectarianism ta ba subject to the laws of God and tha land Jn which wa live From thla unheralded and small be ginning the clan Idea baa spread vain tners are today over lo auch dan throughout thla country and Canada uniting a acattered people Tinder the banner of th Order of Scottish Clana It haa been the meana of bringing together In solid f rater - ftlty 20 000 of kindred blood lAu htA - dttco ciclrWyicLK iwkaAY msmtowttt jiMi 1 miasm ii a - lib a si n mmKmiumatmasBajBmmfmmrmmm LEADERS OF CLAN FRASER LOCAL SCOtCH bRGAMZATION Some of the past and present officer of Clan Frater Order of Scottish ClanVand the teal of the organization i it i i - i - i XZKEmmmUft He tLiii m Hi VHHnaQHHnsi IfWMmssil J f Ai - I Wt ijH rSHHnsaHnaR HhPIiWwIIrhhI wwllrJ3 - f JhhWI - hhhhhP - VlVraaaBTBsrVnw5 BBH A aSBaBBaBBaBMP - - 7BBBBBBBBBBBBBUv MOT v - STarfatanW - - - YtasssM hXWWWWK JX Tsf - Sjaw IW sHMaHHHW SL 7 fcWViaB aW VanHHHHtm BT Ts W 5F VTa dmmWmSm LhhhKm JvM Vol H9K IIrSIJ EhhEH Scts J SWATlH aHk HnsaawHflfaf aHHPlHl millimT V IwyH SHHk WHHalnkfmaHf WWWm lHSr teutons complain W w of prison camps Mir cvnxr jtr5 t TTranros - mi DUU6DT 10 BE NEARLY Tjrjor3r Jttsrjeaxti ancr The songs my mitber sang Clan Praaer has an enthusiastic aet of young officers headed by Chief Bamuel D Ronald They have a line example In the grand old man of the clan Hugh Fraaer the founder who although t yeara old never misses a meeting He ha held the office of chaplain continuously for twenty - two yeara OFFICERS OF CLANS x lUlls CLAil A UNIT Each clan la a unit and self governing Its objects are tboaa In com mon with other clana and lta by - lawa conform with the constitution of tha order Clan Fraaer No 71 of San Fran - Cisco Is the pioneer clan of the Pa - elflo Coast It waa organised Octo - i bar 71 ItaS and la named after lta founder Hugh Fraaer former Supervisor and active both In social political and commercial life of the y From a charter membership of - forty the clan has grown to more r than It Although It la one of the youngest Scottlah organisations In tha city It has the distinction orhav - lag the largeat memberablp of any Scottish order on the Pacific Coast Wen of every walk In life are Included la It membership Meeting are held the first and third Thursdays of avery month at which business Is transscted The Initiatory ritual la beautiful and Impressive and founded on Scottish history Every meeting la concluded trlthj reminiscences This la dona largely through the medium of Tha songs me either loved to hear See How That Corn Comes Clear Off GETS - IT Looieai Tour Corns Bight Off Its the Xodern Con Wonder Herer Fail Its hard to believe anything could act like that In getting a corn off Why I just lifted thai rorn right oft with my finger nail OBTa - IT la H Mainly woaderfulK Yea OJCT8 la ba moat wonderful corn - cure JLTV - 5 - i - W sf known because you don t have V saas and nutter around with vour baraeea them up with bandage ta dlsr them miL srTt - iv is a liquid You put on a traps In a few seooads It Its palaleaa Put your stock - m right over It rut en your Jar enooa You won i Jimp or a Cora twist la roar face The annua or wart srui wqaca trp m r is - est It comes OXorr halteju if faUlt I theblaa - rt aell - r own resaear im the woPH WtM Liry rs w why - 4 t s seld aad racosaaiaaaad CtWaKiU H nap i erMhi er offlcera of the local clana are Id MacNetlL tanlst Thorn tv Forsyth past chief Hugh Wagstaff aecretary William Miller financial aecratary John Marshall treasurer Joseph Burna senior henchman Rob er M Owens Junior henchman William Butherlaad seneechar William Halkett warder Charlea C Fraaer aentlnel Tt I Mantach piper Thomas Sinclair James Law and Anftrw Rn hviett trustees Dr Oeorge Adam ph aician E and R McRa atandlfd bearers The past chiefs of the elan In the order of their service are Hugh rraser isi John Elder nil Maxwell U Crowe 1811 Joseph Walker 1191 Robert a Duncan 1114 Thomaa Fraaer 1UI Edward Kerr ltl and KM Dr J A J MacDonald HIT Oeorge Q Gillespie llfS - 1100 Wll Ham Raa 1101 John W King 102 William Cormack 1101 Thomaa Munro II0l - lt0t John Hood 10 David Mowatt 1107 Alexander R Calder 10I James Sinclair lit Thomaa W Forsyth 1010 and 1U J A U Macklnnon ltll Donald II 81m 1111 James Low 1111 end Daniel M Morrana 114 Th officers of the Roysl Clan are Alexander O Flndlay Seattle Wash royal chief John Hill St Louis Mo oast royal chief Walter Scott New York city royar tanlat Alexander O McKnlght Duluth Minn royal coun - aelor Thomaa R P Olbb Boston Maaa royal aecretary Duncan Mac - Innea Brooklyn N T royal treaa urer and Dr Oeorge A Johnson Everett Maaa royal physician The order meets every two yeara in convention to make or amend lta lawa Each clan la entitled to one representative for every 100 members The last convention of the order waa held hero during the exposition and marked one of the blsPocns in cian Frasefe history Inasmucn as it was tne nrsi urn the order had convened west or Chicago tha convention attracted a Wide attendance not only on tne part of Soottlsh neoole living In the West but also those residing In the East EXPOSITION CKLKBRATIO The exposition management eat aalde Scottlah day at the exposition on August IT In honor of the gainer ing of clana The programme waa hM n tha hand eoncouree of the exposition Clan 1 - rassr promoted and perfected an International sag nlo and hlahland dancing dreaa com peltlon for the championship of th world There were competitors from all parts of the United mates ana Canada Tha lata Jamaa McNab wno was a member of Clan Fraaer represented th axnosltlon directorate at the exer ctsea aad on behalf of tha Utter presented Alexander O Flndlay royal chief of the order a commemorative medal A similar medal waa pre - ni4 to Walter Scott of New TorK city past royal chief as a recognition of his services in promoting ncoiusa activities at the exposition la the bacpln competition tne lit gold and allver loflng oup offered by Harry Lauder waa wen by James Lemon a member of Clan Frsser A hronse statue or Robert Burna valued at fit and offered by Walter Scott waa won by Angus Fraaer of hew Tork city for Highland dancing AS a fitting climax of the convention Clan Fraaer was host to the visiting Scotsmen at a banquat given in btot tlah Rite Temple MEMSKHS AHH ACTMK However Ihe activities of Clan Fraaer bav not bean confined t tha exposition year alone On all publlo oecaaloaa lta members have taken a conspicuous part I aaythlng that th city participated la Their skirling war - pipe and wavtag tsrtana have always been la evidence ea euch occasions The clan played an Important and striking psrt la tha rltys first big Portola celebration The clan s cop tlngeat In tha Scottish division of the festival a parade occupied one block Claa Frsser Invariably ealebratea the recurrence af tha anniversary of Scot lead a national poet Robert Burna and the Wlssrd af tha North Sir waller Scott These functions - have Publicist Lays Losses of the Czar in Bukowina and Galicia to Suffering PETROORAD September 2 The lack of system In the feeding of the Russian peasantry as well as the lack of preparedneaa In military affaire la given aa the cause for tha loaa of sixteen provinces and the kingdoms of Oallcla and Bukowina In an arti cle entitled The Battle for the Dally Bread by Menschlkow a well known publicist In the Nowojo Wretnja Our leases write Menschlkow were cauaed by military unprepared - neas the lack of ammunition and all aorta of other military equipments But It seems that thla unpreparedness haa alao been extended to the provision queatlon How severely the peaceful Inhabitants of the country are Buffering we are now coming to realise only after two years of the war The Germans had prepared for this and laid In an extra supply of provisions metals and other war necessities long before the war broke out At that time we rldlouled the tivrman war bread but the Germans saved themselves from starvation and capitulation to their enemies Seeks Injunction to Retain Phone Number Beauty Parlor Proprietor Sayi It la valuable Batmen Asset la It possible for a telephone number to be the most valuable aaaet In a bualness enterprise This la tha question raised In a suit filed In the Superior Court yee - terday and the plaintiff demands an Injunction to prevent the termer ownera of tha business and the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company from removing the telephone or changing the number The plaintiff Is Rita A Kraua who on Auguat II bought a beauty ahop parlor n the Flood building from Mabel C Moody and Jamea Brown Bhe now says that on of the moat valuable adjuncts to the business wss Its telephone number which waa known to a large number of natrons and which aha depended upon to keep ine ouaineaa up to lta ususi volume Public Employment Bureau Record Made 1000 More Jobi Supplied In An suit Than Estimated Tb Htate Public Employment Bureaus broke all previous monthly records In August according to State Labor Commissioner John McLaughlin In aupplytng 01 men and women with work or more than the Legislature estimated the buresue would do In the first alx months of operation The next highest month waa June when a record of 411 Joba were filled San Francleco a bureaua led those in the other three cities filling 1171 positions The other rltlea were as follows Oakland lilt Sacramento 101 and Los Angeles 1412 During the past seven month the bureaus have supplied a total of 2711 Joba at a ssving in rare l I he put lie of approximately lit SUNDAY AsTICHNOOW DBVOTIOW Father Patrick Collop of Kt Francis Church will hold special devotions each Sunday afternoon at 4 o clock In the church la addition to th devotion each Tuesday evening at S o clock Increase In tha number of clients to St Rita - Saint f the Impossible la th reason for th semi weekly devotions Germany and Austria Send Protests to Neutrals Upon Russian Treatment BERLIN SenKamhar tTh r faring of German and Austrian prisoners In the concentration camps of Ruaala In Siberia the prevslenca of sickness and the lack of attntinn are reported In a bulletin Juat laaued by the war relief committee and aent from this city to the sub - committees in the neutral natjons The bulletin says that wounded prlsonere of war are dismissed from the hospitals In Russia before they are healed and sent half clothed to the Blberlan prison camps In th Siberian military district of Irkutsk the prisoners who are not physically able to do tha work aa signed to them are treated aa con vlcta In the prlaon hospital at Krasno karak the food la ao deficient that the alck prisoners starve to death according to the bulletin Sufferers from far away camps It saya which lack hospital facllltlea are forced to Journey to thla hoapltal without blankets at a temperature of 40 degrees so tost many have their llmbe frosen s BURLINGA1VIE EN FETE FOR FALL FASfflONSHOW Exhibition J Smart Clothes by Pretty Girls Include Gowns for Almost Erery Occasion BURLINOAME September 2 Dama t Fashions latest fade and fanclea were aiepiayeo on a oosen wlnaome Burlln game girls tonight in tbs faahlon show which waa the feature of the annual fall fere of the Burllngame Woman a Club Great Intereat was tsken In the exhibition of smart clothea by the pretty girls whose cos - tumea Included dancing frocks sport clothes evening gowns street suits end dresses for almoat every time and occasion The fete waa a great success The clubrooma on Park Row ware lined with artistic booths where clubwomen prealded at countera filled with artl clea and warea of every aort The entertainment conaleted of musical and vaudeville numbers and a dance The committee In charge of the faahlon ahow waa composed of Mra Henry Gervala Mra J M Vlckeraon Mra W a Farlow and Mra H W Bodwell enthusiastic Interest from the fact that II ha consistently pursued th policy of placing It younger mem bars lato reeooaelbla noaltlsaa on lea alwy oailed out lha - enoat repreaentH Prtst coramltteea aad also ta the atlv of local Seetemea Frequently Ikes celebration nave taken a dra mailer turn Claa Frasera production uf Rob Hoy Th Lady af th Lake and various other niece have made belr mark Imdvcal amateur dramatic CMJr rrase attribute its remark - M IM sMJataaeo e emphasis laid an tha serial lde of too nans activities watch characteristic e the Scotsmen reflect the sentiment the poett Then hers a haa my trust fries Aad ale a a head o tbia Aad well Uk a us a Julndnaa yt - ww i i in i s jmi rk OPHIH AUXILIARY TO DANCE Ophir Auxiliary No 4 Daughters of the Covenant Independent Order of Bnal Brlth will give lta fourth annual dance Sunday night September IT at Puckette aaaembly hall lift Sutter atreet Navy Experts Satisfied Call fornia Cannot Be Sunk by Torpedo or Min i s AN ELECTRICAL MARVEL Exceptionally Powerful 14 - Inch Battery to Bo Mounted on Heavily - Armed Turrets MARE ISLAND September I Be - Idea being an electrical marvel th new super - dreadnaught California which la to have her keel laid prob ably some time this month at Mara ISlandSMary Yard will be aa near Impregnable to mines and torpedo attacks as It Is possible to make a modern warahlp The armor and other protection agalnet these weapons have been worked out la the greateet detail and embody many novel features that ara the result of careful study of naval engagements In the When the contract for Battleship 44 waa awarded to th Mara Island Navy Tard the name California - had already been given to Battle - ehlp 40 under construction at the New York Navy Yard Inasmuch a No 44 wa to be the largest warship to b built on th Pacific Coast th Navy D partment directed that the name of the on to be built at Mare Island ahould be changed to California and the one building In New York should bs named th NeW Mexico CONSIDBRED INVULNERABLE Some time before the plana for the California were made the Navy Oe partment experts satisfied themselves by exhaustive testa that veaaela of the propoaad construction could not be aunk either by atrtklng a mine or by torpedo attack It la understood that the construction of th bulkheads by an Improved method Is mainly relied upon to make the ves sel Impervious to torpedo and mine destruction They are to be of steel but will not be rigid a I th case in other ships Also rsslstancs has been Increaeed II to 20 per cent The main anglnea will be electric the electric generators being driven by steam turbinee of 21 000 horse power th ateam aupplied By oil burning water - tube boiler Not only th tree of th machinery Inatalia tlon but It arrangement I aald to be entirely different from any ever adopted for any previous warsnip TO HAVE CLIPPER TYPE BOW 6h will be fitted with two cage masts bearing fire - control platform for controlling th fir of the gun similar to the familiar type dealgned by American conatructors and now fitted on all battle - ships of th United States Navy Another feature of her appearance that Immediately attracta attention Is the clipper type of bow Instead of the conventional ram Th use f electricity throughout the vessel will be extended In ad dltlon to the main propelling engines of ths ship the handling of the ammunition and firing of the gun will be done by electricity Boata will be holated In and out anchora raised the vessel steered and ventilating blowers operated by electricity Other minor machine driven ny electricity will be potato peeling which It performed In a separate compartment the machine having a caDaclty of 1000 pounda per hour Ice cream treeslng complete laundry In stallation and printing machlnrey PRINCIPAL CHARACTERISTICS The principal characteristics of the California are aa follows Uas - th ever sll S2I feet BreeHts M feet Depth 47 feet 2 Isches Mesa draft 30 feet 3 I Kbre Dlsplaeeneat st this draft 13 300 teas Speed 11 soot 12 hours fuel oil cspaclty aormsl 100 toes ABMAUKNT Twslre 14 lacb SOiellber breeck l11ii 9ra t rur atibmereed toroetlo tubes Tweatytwe s - Hhb rapid are guas roar six poaeder fan for Mlatlaf Two oee - peuader gaee for boats roar tbree lack satl aircraft fuas One tbres - lecb LedlBf sua Two 30 caliber machine suns BATTERY VERY POWERFUL The 14 - Inch main battery gune are of sn exceptionally powerful type and will be mounted in tnrees in lour center - line heavily armored turrets The complement of the veesel Is fifty eight officers and 1022 men Mvry convenience necessary for ths health and comfort of offlcera and crew has been carefully thought out in thla ahlp The name California previously waa borne by an armed crulaer of the Paclflo fleet rechrlotened the San Diego when her former name waa assigned to tha new battle ahlp The San Diego now Is the flagship of the Pacific fleet It Is probable the Call fornia when placed In commlaalon mill take her place fi 7 L mmMm4mmmmmiHmitt uaklatid Lad on War dFrdnij 6a tta 00 rKi o Ftytrs Tell of Experiences eSajLiiiL - tialJHIlll 1 GERMANS CRUMPLE rlOra Harold and Duncan Smith Write of Adventurci at Pilots of Ar Craft t WARS thrill as extenenced la th spectacaler mork of tha Y V aaro service have teen brought t ratty cloee tejwo Oakland brother Harold aad Duncan Smith who are rghtlng with the British aaro corps Harold In th North against th German and Duncan along tha African eoaat against the Tutke New of some of th adventure of the two lad has been received by their - father W a Smith In letter which trang to relate escaped th vigil of ths censors aad arrived her untouched The Utter from Hroll 111 of many Incident that to to maka un the Ufa of th lighting flyer In tae north ana - - aged In protecting England from SSeppetln raid and kceplr r an - eagle aya on the movement of tha German armada He describes - graphically th part ba played In driving off a Zeppa lln In ona of tha moat recent attempt to rata tn jumisn coast EXPERIENCES IN AFRICA Duncan hundreds of miles awav from tha activities of bla brother relate hi African experience and ten or th joy L experienced i happening across the steamer Siberia a vii iiaaa pvat vb una - va gum laieaau Duncan Smith waa wlrelts ooerator Un th ateame Masatlaa on her apao tacuiar voyage to the ajutn to meet the Uerroan cruiser Lelpalg He re lates th part he played lit leading to tne capture of thla aame steamer re cently by the British Both boy received the r education in flying here and Joined th British service In British Columbia Harold Smith lu ths North see - writes a follow I am down bore at Bern Bridge doing patrol duty on flying boats Th first time I went up I got lost In th milt and flew but to Beach y head and Anally had to land about fifteen mile eouth of th Isle of Wight and ak a trawler where I was I eventually arrived back home after being out three hours very very tired Two destroyer had been out looking for me aa I had been reported lost after two hours absence Was up at S this morning to do 71 minute - patrol Shall probably go up again toay LANDS IN ROUGH SBA I nave had quite a number of Interesting happenings since I here been at Bern Bridge About a week ago I started out on patrol at S 20 In the morning when there waa a terrific vibration In my engine I ahut off and landed The aea waa quite rough and I waa aeaslck until I took oft my flying helmet which must have made ray head too hot I then had a look at my engine and cranked It Over but something was rattling Inside so I stopped It turned out to be a broken connect Ing rod and If I bad not ehut off when I did a cylinder would prob ably have blown off I put out my see anchor dumped my ssnd bsg which carry In front In place of a passen ger ana wauea a aooui s o ciock a Schneider aeaplane found me He returned and sent a destroyer out to tow me In Th torpedo boat deetroyer arrived at 10 10 o clock and I got back St 1 o clock rather husgry as I had not had anything to eat alnce breakf - st at S KNOCKED OUT OP MACHINE The day before yeaterday I had Just landed from a morning patrol and waa going Into the harbor when a wave hit the boat and knocked It Into the air The boat came down with a bang and threw me Into the water I started swimming but found the plane coming down on me I managed however to clsmber up on to the tall which waa high In the air My life belt I found would not Inflate Thla often happens so I waa prepared for It and uaed an air bottle that I carry In my pocket Later I was picked up by a boat Thenext day I flew nearly three hours so you aea I am ae fit aa ever I am at present In the North eea aPKl aafWfiylfr44 VMW WtULmwWmwK WS jBB - atassBBBBBaal Ms MmWtfh JbbbbbbbbbbbbbH JBjEsajBajBajBajBajBajBajBajsajBM Klij aaaBBBBBBBBmSBB bBBBBBBBBI aaaaBBBBBBsm TTs W y jbbbbbbbbbbbI bbbbbbbbbbbbbTb M SsbbbbbbbbbbbTI aWsasstaoUBms prob r Vnd h wo Harold Smitri and his brother Duncan Smith below two Oakland lads who are having some thrilling experiences in the British aero service one m thai north sea and the other in Africa on a aea plana ship Last night about 10 we sighted a Zeppelin eo Blttlea and I got away In chaa of her immediately amidst great excitement on board We were both on faat aea plan scouts Blttle left a few minutes before I did and I didn t see him again until I got back to Yarmouth The Zeppelin waa ateerlnstowardl England eo I headed to the westward af her to cut her off my engine missing the whole time She would not climb a bit but after quite a long time I managed to get within 00 feet of his height without his seeing me ZEPPELIN TURNS BACK I could not climb any more so I turned In toward It to have a go at her with my machine gun Just as I got below her and could make out the detatla quite clearly eha spotted me and started to climb and turned bSck toward Qerman I maneuvered for a favorabla position but my engine could not climb any more She got out of range before I could hit her If my engine had only gone right I should ATTACK BY FRENCH Kaisers Sublect in a Letter Fron Trenches Tells How Assault Failed BERLV September - I Tha Drat great offensive of tne Kronen In tb Western theater of war wa broken down tyth sheer bravery per - slstent onslaught of tha German troops according to letter which tlva details - of one t the engagement somewhere In franca How tha qulek mnde of tb 0M man soldiers realised ihe offensive wa about to b started Is explained la a letter from ondof tha privates in in nrst una of the German trenchea Tha writer says The enemys artillery activity Increased from day to day until oa one morning our1 entlr position waa suvjaciea ko a vioisni ana continuous fir All wur trenches comma mention and reserve position were accurately bombarded with shells of all calibers principally heavy onea too letter goes on to y that d nit the hurling of aa bomb ami th violent lira the German trench were ample protection for tha sol - 1 aiera and that rw uceambd to ta preliminary tactic of th French But the enemy storm columns had hardly started the advance when they wera met by murderous Are from Our K I innviiv nv wiai tt nan m Dui wss over Instead of their making an advance wa moved up to their positions e i hava arot her aa f oould walk f around her for speed even with a i bad engine I waa abla to read the number on her bows and reported It when I returned It was ona of tha latest and t waa vary disappointed but hope for better luck next time Turning t steered for Yarmouth s I had lost sight of ray ship and reached there after o clock at night Blttlea arrived ahead of m his engine running fine but he had lost the beggar In a cloud I later learned that tha nearest anyone else got to the Zeppelin was three miles It appears from tbs German soeount that I was under machine gun Are I thought at the time that I must haffe been but could not hear It on account of the nolae of my engine y CAPTURE OP MASATLAN Duncan Smith tells of some of his experiences aa follow H MS Kent captured the Mas - atlan on my evidence She is now on her wsy to England I am the J chief evidence tbey have and am now In London preparing the caaef t Am also trying to be transferred to V Egypt to fight tha Turk I have done more flying than anyone eleet at Dover and am now training observers I fed them chewing gum while we were up the other day - good action to train stiff upper lips A funny - thing happened the other day while I was on a fighting patrol We bad a Jam In th Lewi machine gun and so I hscVtO land and fix It Aa I wanted to make aura which way the wlnct waa blowing I circled around a sblp and saw several American flag painted on It and the word Amor - 1 lean a S 8iberla It looked good to me eo I flopped down bealde and had a talk with them while I fixed the gun They told me they had J just come irom Ban irranciscp wa Ilk getting money from liome WRITES KIIOH EGYPT 1 1 In a letter from fcgjpt he wrlteaf I arrived here two night ago and find the work very Interesting aa we have a good many hundred mile of coast to patrol Tb stick I am sending you la from a aea plana propeller uaed on the fighting patrola and ratda from Dover and Dunkirk Wa have a party of Arab to haul tha machine around It la very hot here and the file are a terrible nuisance Have Just been mad a divisional officer We had an uneventful voyage here Alt of the paaaengere had to stand submarine guard and ws made an erratic couree composed of slxxags front Marseilles here i mum unminii - 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