The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 20, 1937 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 20, 1937
Page 10
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PAGE TEN m<YTIIEVII,LR (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Ml GREETING Add Friendly Spirit To Christmas'Season jj But Sentiments Not Blue; Some Are Red and Green I'y MAKIAN YOUNG NI'A Fcrvice SlatT CowsjMiiilont NFW YORK—Afte; year-.- of fantastic color combinations in 'lie :nam:cr modelne, and offcri'igs of r d pastels and grave.!] tonc.s 10 rival the traditional bright reds iiii'J r-r:cix blue a:\v-i c-'.-j iliis year •Sir Christinas rani;. Even red nnd P.H-U!—and, of course, jou .sini))i;. canntit ccnvK't'!•' iii L ptaw, loose i Oiti-telilcnod Christmas colors — • s:ho\v .1 definite!v Wnish <.nsl with ti vn .ely o 1 cc:r:e und American : Jjfarty tone-s and greens that vt-rje on the jade .<in<] r.miamavine. Rtiphislirateil Combinations There are .solid-color blue| cards with dcsi°i-:> in silver and white or red nn'i sold. There are blue mountings and border in'al- ' men Us. Some of the designer.'! of y,Mree,ting cards so', so enthusiastic >:ir'out' tbe A'hole thniq thai they i.ii'dc holly leaves and reindeer and Chris'T.r.s trees in various shades ol blue—all a bit unex- pi"t!-«l, to' tay the !:.i't. If you just don't care for blue, yoir can go in for those sophisticated deep brown and gold combinations, or gray ami black und white e'ffects, or maybe a bright yellow card, with nn overlay of black and a design in red and .white. If you prefer to send u simple, old-fashioned greclint', ; look until you find white cards with red designs or red ones with white patterns and lettering. They are. about. The good old-fashioned greetings are the most popular, rc- Eardlcss of the colorings of thc cards themselves. Motifs are essentially simple, too, with PO straining for the new and unusual. Stars are. especially favored, and are used in a wide variety of designs, as. for example, a card of blue with a single huge silver star in its upper left corner and radiating lines to .accent a single word of greeting at lower left. Cards of religious motif are widely favored. Many are color 'prints and etchings, keyed to the modern vogue of making the card a gift itself. Comic Ones in Good Taste For those who like to take their -^Christmas humorously, Scotch *cards' are new and amusing, or gay jokes on shopping crowds and tree-trimming catastrophes. For the • animal lover, there arc doss of practically even' breed, with Ecotties in thc lead (guess that won!t surprise you), and plenty of cats if your preference runs that way. We like especially a white kitten and a' black puppy rubbing noses on gray card—over them the letters'"peace on earth." Then there is n surprisingly large number of cards for special recipients—relatives, members of the family circle, children (some designed for children by children., husbands, wives. And fur those who want to send something more than a card, yet cannot afford tv real present, one company puts out two bayberry candles in a mailing container .Who wouldn't love n pair? MONDAY, DRCKjIRKIt 20, 1fl-',7 Teacher Ousted, | LetLuce .^,> Neb ox j j. ou -i Students Strike r\ stylized Madonna (on royal blue robes) and Child on an off-while background; a white Simla Claus with cotton moustache on bright blue background; an angular little man putting Ihe finishing touch on his children's tree; a white kitten and u black Puppy on a yrny card—with the letters "peace on earth"; a Hold circle and modern tree which casts a blue .shadow on a bluish green folder—Christinas cards to please those who tend and those who receive. Coat of Arms HORIZONTAL ICoat of arms of , pictured here. 6 Us president is Ignntz . 12 Hastened. 13 Opposite of dead. 15 Feminine pronoun. 16 Swift. 17 Jockey. 18 Ground. 20 Maintains. 2 a Contrary. 24 Genus of apples. 28 Furnace basket frame. 32 Angry. 33 Stream. 31 More recent. K Deputy. 3fi Mandate. 41Wood turning machines. 40 Sleevless cloak. Answer (o Previous I'uzzta 47 Persian gold 3 Girl. coin. 4 Prefix 49 Nntive metals, meaning be- 51 Opera melody, fore. 52 To habituate, 5 Pointed missle 53 Species of pier c Middle. 54 This country 7 Above. was a re- 8 Withered. public in 1918. 9 Island. 55 is its 10 To scorch. capital. 11 Recognizes ' VEKTICAL as heir, 2 English coins. 14 Circular enclosure. IGMost ol its people engage in . 19 Arid Iracts. 21 To retain for future use. 23 Vagabond. 25 Form of "be". 2!i Legal rule. 27 Indian. 29 Equipment. 30 Farewell! ,_31 Five and five. [D] 36 Naked. 37 Narrative poem. 38 To cure.. 39 Bustle. 40 Sound. Canine Sentry Alert Reward For Liquor Spying Basis of Rackel In Sou! Invest , I!'' f.'AIII, MrOMINfi i United I'ri-ss Stall' Com-spoiiilnil I-'MC; STAFF. Al'i/, DP;:. 20 lUl't —Till; Inilinn racketeer is appear | lii'i in some parts of Arizona and I New Mexico. I The reason for the Indian slump | into the white man's habits ap- [ pears to be Hie Federal govern- mi'iit's well-HK-imt generosity in Us program for protoclinu, its di:irf;c ' from the great, paleface vice— liijuor. | Tim government, to keep "liir water" out of the thirsty intli in throats, hus offered informers $' re'.vaitls for information k'lidiiv.' to nrre-t of persons selling or siviu whisky or other intoxicants to Indians. A »roui) of smart rcilskijjs bis taken ndviknlnite of the law—on a far-reaching basis. The Indians quit the reservation | and wait at Flagstaff. Gallup. N. ' M. nnd oilier railroad points, for transients or tourists who nppar- j ently know nothing of Ihe law for- diliii"! purchase of intoxicating liioi 1 for Indians. How Itacket Works Then a request is made to ' - buy me a bottle." and if the transient accedes, the , Indian "cut.s and runs" across town to the nearest police officer. He whispers; '"That white man .wants to sell me whisky." About the lime the tourist victim walks out of the litpior store, 7 Years At Guard Post 43 Venerable. 44 Sea eagles. 45 Caterpillar hair. 4C Vulgar fellow. 48 Mire. 50 Observed. Arizona 5-10 Million FHOEN1X, Ari/.. (Ul'j— From :>. i ' simple fceainiiiiiu in 1017, exports 'i"' ' 3 ;i uiio cue: of Arizona's rusjor HIM ;:t:k.s. Mon: than 1:1.01'! carloads (". Hi'- s;nli.'.s h'ttui-e v.'cre .sliipiied i iH vim. in ci;iitr;;M wilh 04 sin'.l The industry annually hrisvjs f'0,-,1 ss.noa.wifi to $iG,oo(,.ooG iiuij Plitrn \i'd Yuma. the ;\rc';.s V.iK'lv !ll(.,l tl( the If Hue.- IC-:i«ll'A- locate 1 Mo/c than 30.000 acres eaili year yield the "srecn jjolri." Tim r.cieage is the tonal of two "deals" or harvests •,vliu-li am taken fa::li Mir fruni the rii-h, irriiiiunl !>ro- (iut-iioii centers. Salt I\iv.n' valley planters now n iiarvtsiiii-.; the "full deal," of ' (,0'i i'M'fs, whir!) lu'rt la-i ii;t 1:1 • September. Producers of the cuij) paid out more than SMAOOO in labor costs before a single Jiead of Ifn- crop ivus on tlie market. I'hc iiM-raj-t icttuci: C j- u))p According to Federal labor service -tuistics. rcijiiire.s 1,035.750 lioii'.s uf held wort:. Shippers, morcovr j h ive an investineiH of more tlwii Sl.OUO.OOO in slii-ds wtiere sped-,! iiiueliim-i y ,-,|Hvil:; uiJ<Tullotu, 1,1 cutting, packing, icing nnd cnxMiv.) the heads. , I Head Courier News Want .-.(Is, HEftTEfl. 0 - DEFROSURS TIRE CHAiHS C'omplclc Slock IVfirnpt Service To All M:il<es of '(':irs LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. 21 Hour Ciill Service' he is confronted a county or PAINESVILLE, O. (UP)— Jerry ollicial canine mascot of thc near| by Falrport Harbor Coast Guard .station, not once In seven year has failed to accompany thc watchman on duty on his rounds four times nightly. Jerry, a Belgian police dog, knows his job thoroughly, iicconl- Federal officer nnd is taken to jail. Although several paying tourists have been arrested, the Indians prefer to single oiit transients and vvnndercrs, who usual h- are unable to hire an attorney and thus cause repercussions of the Incident to ^^ ln Ule ^ Total Not Known No check is available on thc Wliile students oE Kalamazoo College staged a strike demanding his reinstatement, Dr. Carey K. Ganong, professor of economies at the Michigan school, is shown above as lie discussed his request lor a public airing of "inefficiency" charges upon wtiich_hls dismissal was based. 90-day sentences at a total cost ol $1.800 for food alone. Thc "smart boys" who have grown fat on the racket are said to have forsaken their reservation hogans for homes anil "honky-tonks" of white man's settlements along thc Santa Fe. • They now hire other Indians to { "do the work." even as do white j racketeers. T li e y fight and! "muscle-in" for territories in the railroad (owns and conduct themselves much as their counterparts in the outer world. And, in Flagstaff, they laugh when they hear talk of "big city slickers." iiig"to coa.4"'Bira7(Lqmen'. J '\Vherr'a nmoiint^.tlie government has paid Short-Length Lumber More in Demand Now! WASHINGTON (UP)—Recently' increasing use of short-length hardwood lumber is providing farmers with additional income j through a market for timber pre- [ viousiy used only for firewood. Hardwocd regions of New Bng- i land 'are providing most of the' short lengths due to local demands j from manufacturers of furniture, j sporting goods, toys, tool handles. | wagons and other products, ac- i cording to the U. S. Forest Service, this dimension stock where it can be used in place of long wide lumber Trill be a forward stride in the conservation of hardwood timber ar.d wii! aid in stabilizing many secondary wood-using industries." patrol of the beach is due, lie whines for someone to punch the round time clock. His uneasiness continues until lie starts the round. Jerry never is off duty. At night he sleeps near the watchman, never failing to arouse just before tach round. Durinj; the day he never relaxes his vigilance. All who enter, the grounds of thc station receive his' friendly, but thorough, attention. He never \vas known to attack anyone, but never fails to cock a -suspicious ear at the approach of n stranger. Jerry usually is on hand to escort visiting fishermen through Ihe grounds. He like.s children who find (heir way to thc .station''.nut takes their mauling with a w;\3- ging toll. in rewards to thc red "stool pigeons" but Yavnijai county alone collected $680 during a month for boarding Federal prisoners- most of whom were arrested on the Indians' charges. During the last summer, Ynvapai county officials estimate an average of 20 "victims" of the racket were held at the same time for consumption amounts to head. of sugar about 100 __ SPECIAL Merchants Hate Lunch HOTEL NOBLE "Where Ilospitalily Is a INxtlily." Pike Flops Into Boat WEST BRANCH, Mich. CUP) — \ 28-inch great northern pike lost Is life through greediness. Edward Schlegcl, East Toledo. O., 'ishing in Long Lake near here, was pulling a blucsill into his boat when a pike broke water and eaped for it. The pike landed in the boat. Schlegel kept both fish. & MISSOURI FARM & CITYI LOANS Low Interest Rates Easy Payments-Long Terms Fastest closing service of any mortgage loan company doing business in these states. FLORIDA BROS. & CO. Life Insurance - - Fire Insurance Investment Sectirilie? OSCEOLA, ARK. til State Vault Holds S1.5G SPRINGFIELD, ill. (UP) — In a heavy, burglar-proof vault under the .state capitol building, the state Insurance department holds more than S40.COO.OOO worth of securities—an<) $1.56 In cash. Lighting a driveway from above with five circular fan-type lights mounted on a curved support results in good lightini; without glare. Hubert Utley's Service Station and Gate 24 HOUR SERVICE Phillips "66" Gas ^g 01 Tax 1O2C Paid All Leading Brands of llei-r. Liquor, YViur, Gin and Cnnlials. Cigarclless 2 Pk^. 2f>c, $1.1.5 Carl on HiRhway (il—Holland, Mo. Read Courier News Want Ads. We highly recommend this Modern-CLEAN Coal for Furnace, Stove or Stoker $7.00 ton GAY & BILLINGS PHONE 7fi WARNING Drivers of motor vehicles are warned to observe all traffic laws or pay the penalty of the court, Stop Signs must be observed Double parking must be stopped No parking in prohibited zones No parking in alleys Alleys to be used for trucks loading and unloading E. A. RICE, Chief of Police STOOP, LOOK & USTEN DAYS GONE FOREVER.' WitK Vliilcr* 1 ? now Inclined Control I'ancl, a single glance shovts llir slalioii you vant . . . wilh a flick of your finger, Philco Automatic Tuning brings in, tuned Hilh .involute irrcisiun. Conic in and Iry n new 1938 Double-X Philco tixlnyl LOOK AT WHAT YOU GET W JHIS PHILCO 3XX rhilco Inclined Conlro! Panel Philco Automatic Tuning Counterbalanced Magnetic Tuning Philco Foreign Tuning System Pliilco Inclined Sonnding Board •H'oint Tone Control 3 SpreaJ.Banrl Tuning Ranges Cnnccrt Grand Ereclro-Djnnmic Speaker Many olJicr famous Phitco failures OTHER DOUWE- HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. TRADE-IN ALLOWANCE.' • LONG EASlY TERMS'. I

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