San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California on October 7, 1917 · Page 4
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San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California · Page 4

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 7, 1917
Page 4
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pmmmwm it HPMiMWfIMRtilIH v fs rf Ji Vll A - i sas PEASoJSco CBtebftcMS istSSiX bbTofiK T M1 4t Baby Marie Osborne Hippodrome IK v fi ir hi i T7 I iinii mi - ii - Olive Thomas arid George Chesebro Strand Enid Markey June Elvldge Casino m II I Wilbur Mack lb Invade Musical i Comedy With His Own Production TO m Wp Te Gen at Orpheum With Nella MM M WiltrVWii RirwvA Full Hamw tr flSJ - 3 - - - - - - - - - - - - w6 wm A nsj rf FTER all the backbone of Vaudeville la vaudeville Great artist have their little nina around til circuit gather much gold and return to their opera concert Mag or their drama leav lnir vaudeville about where they found lt and that is fortunate for otherwUe vaudeville Would cease to - be Itself and be - i coming but the pale Imitation of something else would wither and die lacking - the nutrtaentthat is gathered tth boitoillce For Instance On last week Orpheum bill there were three acts of Intrinsically vaudeville quality not to mention the Five Nelsons and their extraordinary troupe of trained hoop Bensee and Batrd Mack and Walker and Wright and Deltrlch and of them isthe kingdom of vaudeville If you remember they captured the most of the applause Respectful - attention - was given the piano virtuoso the Russian dancer were given due con - alteration but when It cam to the expression of real approval affectionate gratitude and spontaneous enthusiasm the three act mentioned were th winner Yet as Wilbur Mack remarked not one of them can ever hope to achieve that transient thing called headline honor In the billing If that statement Is true and doubtless Ki - r It would seem that headline honors are like the classics of which it Is said that everybody admires but nobody reads em In other words the Deadllneraare the spectacularly paraded element of vaudeville Imported to give it dignity standing and class the while it Is the humble flirtation act of a Mack and Walker palritha nut comedjrof a Balrd and Bensee or the legitimately vocalised offering of trained singer like Wrlffht and Deltrlch which keep vaudeville perennially attractive Or per-haps the headllner might be likened to the nut in the cocktail not what you ordered but added by way of I embellishment for those who may not care for huts and as a titbit for those who do pi f - W VP tC Old friends are Wilbur Mack and Nella - Walker The former makes no wore fuss about telling his age than In telling Jokes on himself the surest test In the world of a humorist He has been at the vaudeville game so loirg he says that he Is due to dd something different In the theatrical tjualnes or retire from the stage altogether There Is no suggestion of waning popularity to direct him Into ltlier channels of activity only that By WALTER ANTHONY and beside I dont remember the words - j That 1 the posltlonM Mack U in With the very dualities which have made him continuously a success on th vaudeville stage for a period i of many years he Is discontented and will either be a musical comedy star or burn up his stage am - bltlons There Isnt any apparent reason however why hev shouldnt succeed wjth his charming wife In his new Plans since the line which divides vauaevine and musical comedy Is about obliterated by the passage back and forth of the Frank Tianeys theAl Jolsons the Will Rogers and Blanche Rings et al And by the way Wilbur Mack Isnt his name at all He was born a Runyon and his parents further graced him with the given names of George Frear lie changed his name from George Frear Runyon to Wilbur Mack because his youthful stage - turned mind thought It sounded better Ther were so many successful went on the stage that I thought Id players of the name of Mack when I have one less hurdle to Jump If I took It myself There was Andrew - Mack Irish comedian Billy Mack the old minstrel favorite and Johnny Mack Where I got the Wilbur from I dont know only - It sounded good to me then I suppose So I suggest that you boost the new production of A Pair of Tickets for otherwise the American stage will miss the presence of an adroit comedian an Intelligent actor a player who mixes mellow humor with his wit who can even see a Joke when It laon himself and a wife of charm grace and alert qualities in comedy 1 W p Nat Magner whose first theatrical activities were asserted prosperously when ha was Kolb and Dills business manager In the old days not so very long ago la on his way to the Orient for a trlD which will cover Japan China part of It Slam and other far lands where tne indetatigaoie Nat reels there Is a yearning for glimpses of the Sellg picture products to all of which he has secured the Far Eastern rights Sellg himself came to town from New York to give Nat good wishes and prosperity ORPHEUM 3 nRnRnra MAHCKS Junzle Play - feeling which any ambitious nersonlAjJ r oonslstlnar of seven actors tntist entertain when the conclusion c actressc and four Hon actors that further psegress - along a certain wtn appearat the Orpheum thi week road Is Impossible Impels him from w thrilling wordless melodrama en - hl profitable groove Mack ha the Hltled The Wild Guardians - which Is distinction of having Invented the nii in hnira mil ti John B - flirtation act and lve enjoy thatjitymer latest comedy The Night fTnAwhlch Proceeds fromr the fact Boat will be played by a company that he is Imitated This latter brand consisting of William Mooney Inez f flattery however he says he had Nesbit Horace Cooper Frank Her - rather forego since vaudevillana steal iere Frank W Taylor andllarry J purjoin nis - gags - ana rine Cowley Cbarlls Howard with the as - UlS little Plots for Situations Illir i IdrilM Tnvlni and rt Mack writes his own song words Frank Wllllamaonwlll present an muaic eoiioocis nis own piayiets amusing satire j - on national prohlbl - il own sparajing oia tion - entitled Cured Harry - Nor - losue That remind me he sold acol - league of yours got a laugh out of me when he wrote In a criticism 4lgned Al Joy Mackiwrlte hi own aongsand then tries to - sing them Ive been criticised by n lot of ex - eerts but that the niftiest little knock I ever got1 ft Mack ha turned A Pali1 of Ticks fct Into a full - fiedged1 musical show ji ihe calls it r farce With music It f tequlres a cast of eight principals I svnd a chorus He says he Isnt Intending tO include any chorus bov In his visual on melodiou scheme At tha fpnnf rlirlnv klnu fH vi iH - Ti a the mflmv ha aava la whkf Ka tf thinks most of them should be doing T3M - SL Tne - BrOductlon is to be called - A Pair of Tickets and It Is a develop ment so iar a the book Is concerned of the plot which Is sug - gestedlir tl skit at the Orpheum The book the IVrlcs and the score are all completed and ready for presentation I have faith In the venture which will probably be launched ry soon If It ts successful it will tnark my last stage work If It falls iltrwtllvdo - tha same for Til ao Into om other work says Mr Mack Goethe said and Schubert set it to music There where thou art not there Joy Is found I do not auote theoriglnal German because It isnt being done - Just now m m Mm1 wm mfWi - j WW 5 - iw wood and Alpha Hall will exhibit their versatility In a singing and dancing skit Mang and Snyder In a hazardous gymnastic - exhibition Wll bur Mack and Nella Walker In A Pair of Tickets Kerr and Burko with - their talking Addles and the celebrated pianist David Saplrsteln will also be in this blJL An added attraction will be the greatest cgnung pictures ever made The Retreat of itho German at the uatxie or Arras - WIQWAM fRialto ia - snssssssssssssslasytiji sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssBl iy asssraTsi iKts Cm Lg4ltSiSi V JfiJrSE e4aflssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssa 1 fl S isssssssssssssssssssssssssssssWJilssssCfffaWfi F 1 CaissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssiHResaLsffi rTUtHmSi jUHKKIL tR SSiSStiKIBtB Vjjjff If if H H slsssssssissssssssswl sssuvP f - 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4MaJt II WSmt APsssssfx VlKV I week of the engagement promises 1 VtftKplM ISU - VMJI continued success Ther will be a jj jlMwVassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssr sssssssssssssssss iw j KtWBssssTrVf Sunday night performance This on - 1 rkflta MkBjBM GgM V7SllTCVtvW usual work from the pen of Irving WWM m rrSWM TCSHT Berlin contains all the elemeiits that I f sVlSt Wjsssssssssssssflisss Vi kJ V make up an - appealing form of enter - lHf V talnmntItoontainyncopatdone JsssBHRs1 nt A 1 II stepping fox - trotting waltslng and foj QldVS Leslie grandopera syncopated iajSfSJST - WlJCWam Among the many members of the i iutfJJk MBX MryCTm V Witch Your Step company are kSSAUh jKT JMiMmE HnSet ShirleV MflSOn Helen Delaney a dancer of excep - a 5ViW6ViiiBjM Hfil VTS t V8111 tional ability Harry Van Fossen in VVW ILssssssE JKut JS St FraHCis black - face fun - maklng Fred Hllle - f V feHjfemfSisssssssLrX fHftW rlCfcLTASll V V brandanelongatedTComedlaniTracy IiktMnKmfCM 9 S - - WM - tI O - Elbert Charles B ude 1 Vallle Be - S VFJti tbsssssskTw tv - Jk - f aW I t w i W 1 tVi s 1 V i - lacortMartln Frank Coomb and E fell Mllmt iSlSlMm aKMM 1 T ALCAZAR Arthur Uttry ii 1 yvrv WiSfesssssssss iaHJisK 4M JW7mjftiim2 rtMiZiiZr m o tZ W 1W W Wv lsssssssssssssssssssssWTCScSif SLi alsssssssssssssssssssssTW f Wt JAx TjSfVi V - V - 55rM Ml I CORT T frWiffiM I i ftjsOiiSys I j ALHAMBRA j paaiWW June Caprice Royal WITH a reputation for liveliness and laughter Nothing But the Truth comes to theCort Theater tonight with Max Flgman in the stellar role James Montgomery author of many successful farces adapted tne Flgman etarring vehicle from Frederick Ishama widely read book and the play ran for a solid year in New York at the Longacre Theater The story concerns a young stockbroker who bet 110000 that he can and will be absolutely truthful for twenty - four hours The complications which arise when the hero proceeds on his road of candor provide the farce with a lively abundance of hilarious situations Principal In support of the star Is Lollta Robertson ALHAMBRA THE great Jansen and his mystery maids promise an act of bewil dering charm as the headline feature of the Alhambras bill for the week beginning today isdna D Herr a charming young woman Is featured In the most unusual of Janiene of - ferlngs It is called The Great Triple Mystery Harry Dixon In his original plano - logue and singing the Parkers equilibrists Don and Patty comedians and Culu Hunter singer will provide other entertaining offerings The Masked Heart a five - reel photodrama starring William Russell and Francella Blllingtonwlll be the dim1 feature I MaxineElllott Tivoli OTBliA MAYHBW in A M1X - 0P O at the - Alcasar Is proving a de light to all lovers of wholesome hearty laughter and while this Is not her first appearance - here as a star it Is proving - to be her most Impor tant for in A Mlx - Up she has jcw tended her comedy genius to such an extent as to place her on - a par with the greatest comediennes of the day There will be only this one week in which to witness the presentation of this Shubert farce with Its prologue of musical and dancing offerings In which a large company of vaudeville experts and many pretty girls participate i Walter de Leoii and Mary Davles Orpheum vaudevtlllans have discovered that the title of their act Behind the Front is also being used by another act Though considered a valuable asset It la understood that De Leon - and Davles are willing to forego their right to It If the other team - can prove priority The Or - pheumltes feel sure they were the first to Introduce the disputed title AS A1 PERPETUAfc reproaoh to th vandalism of militant Germany the French War1 Offlc ha had taken a series of motion picture showing the devastation and horrors wrought by the German hordes who are novR - being forced out of Northern Franoe The pictures will form part of tha programme at the RIalto for the week beginning today They are called lis the Wake of th Hun George Walsri affile breesy anM humorous will b seen In The Yankee Way which elves him a chanca to reveal all those qualities of athletic humor for - which he is famous An O Henry story will - be projected at the nnatlneoB Other attractions1 and excellent musto will conclude tha promising programme HIPPODROME t BOBBY STEWART called a pocket edition of George M Cohan and Gertrude Karl late feature of the Junior Follies will be the hoadlln - ers on this weeks seven - act vaude - j vllle bill at the Hippodrome Songs dances and comedy will form ths merry melange - of the Stewart - Earl presentation Other offerlnn will Include ths Two Specks In sonar and dance Mas du Boise and her educated animal actors the BelfCian Trio Jugglers of human being Petrle Slack and Williams In a comedy sketch Tha Burglars Unlonf and - Falrman and Pat - rlck - ln A Little Bit of Irish Wit and Song Baby Marie Osborne charming and youngest leading lady of the screen will be seen In tha photoplayTeara and Smiles ROYAL STRAND J STaFRANCIS I fe M M m m THE WONDERFUL MATZENAUERS Great SONG RECITAL lODiratSlSO JEzpo Indltorlnm 00OSeaU at CO and f 100 1000 Seati at 150 and a - jiamu Larw him fJl 1 tlun leoa XarkM srraANK wwuux - - 5ff mm W HvtBBBk JssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssL V - WA gat n7prT A np t - writaj BE - X f W V Ti AN entire change of programme wllll greet the patrons of the Wigwam Theater at todays matinee and will be offered for three days It will prove an entertaining combination of vaudeville and pictures Of the latlerthe feature will be What Happened to AdeleT In which Gladys Leslie will play the title role What Happened to AdeleT was written for Miss Lsla by Agnes C Johnson author of The Shine Girl Her New York and other hits Amonpc the vaudeville features will 1 found the Juggling Normans the Tennessee Trio In a miniature minstrel act the - Two Specks In a singing and dancing feature and Al H alien and company In a new playlet The amateurs are announced for tomorrow night MODERN life In New York and existence la a small community of Florida are mingled in the picture play The Awakening of Ruth which will be the offering at the St Francis Theater for the week beginning today The character of Ruth will be portrayed by Shirley Mason The heroine Is a young girl who - has passed the greater part of her life on an Island off the coast of Florida Ruth seeks to find the burled treasure of the late Captain Kldd While she doesnt locate gold she discovers something of greater value The latest news pictures and a lively comedy will also be offered WILLIAM S HART will appear at the Strand for the week com mencing this Sunday In one of his greatest successes The Disciple a I photo - drama that has made ah un qualified Impression - wherever tit has been presented As Jim Houston the frontier missionary who backs uri religion with brawn Hart has a pow - erful role He will be supported by Dorothy Dalton Robert McKlm Tbelma Salter and Charles French The - other offering will be Broadway Arizona In which Olive Thomas will play the part of a kidnaped act ress wno is apiriieu 19 111a western edge of the continent by a young beef baron John Key NEW FILLMORE LEAN fun rapid and continuous V - J action and a great wealth of optimism characterise Down to - Earth Douglas Falrbanks latest screen play It oomes to the New Fillmore Theater today and will be retained up to and including Tuesday night The Irrepressible hero In Down to Earth abducts the entire personnel of a fashionable sanatorium A Mack Bennett comedy The Pawnbrokers Heart a news weekly and organ selection will be other attractions CHARMING Juris Caprice In Brary Girl Dream will ba the allur - i ing attraction at the Royal Theater corner ef Polk and California streets for two days and night beginning this afternoon The latest - News weekly and other attractions will be added to the Inviting programme Every Glrla Dream tell tha atory of youth seeking youth and the plot Is laid In plqturesqua Olenberg e Three Bands Will Play at Land Show Three bands have been engaged by Emlle E Kahn chairman of the muslo committee for - the I - and Show at the Exposition Auditorium Promenade concerts - will be ttlven every evening under the direction of Ernest G Williams bandmaster oils the San Francisco Municipal Band and a group of Hawaiian singers and players will entertain at Intervals f l 1 BiYMARIE OSBORNE IN V TEARS and SMILES - - - i IPPODROME The Family Theater Centlasene Show Dally Brlsg he Caildres VAUDEVILLE hi Iff frKKB - i T Jssssssssss lsssssT MARKBT IT BET BTH AMD 6TH WWLS HART THE piStlPLE Extra Added Attraction OLIVE THOMAS iAtsA jnmisvM - iiirtMimzma I STARTS TODAY wit INIHEWAKEQEIHE I ITar nfflr Issl I 1 ssssVl JW itTBCtlon Bd TTB hi - V - - V S aii - i nulla ss - - - Bail 7111 - liJin - i w a - mmagW - Mimixm Mw M I WQMSipfeffiMm la U x fTodetlo iyoll rl I ftftlifflPH lfNatB9SUai - HlFVAMlfrT UV AZkm m M mnfWW Vla sssssl n ssfSa - sssssstn sTWAjsssLI UHfll I Will I stl 9 1 Hi 1 IT IBf V lit I sssssl sssfl wRnlniuMlBmMlVmkf VlV v 3 8HV ESiS A llLligg rTnl fn FinfittTwdB ILiRt ROBERTS RINfHARrS IMMINSB mjm13BK D R MCr a XK 131 - mH Kxjm I BAftowBTift o cut b - t WuMrmVri W J 2 - tf 1 U IGrci Rn mem wL2jTtMom tfcfta - Ml Gort WMhlnfttnf - A nn UPaflrfly Tk irfj 5r - ck 12 sKlj - M t 11 BJ wSSrmm w 0 py hnmn 111 v - isaf - ffi a - j sm vnr sMS mi rw iaKi a - af jg sss Auuiu iuriniiu ai iiult una BssBb - err I Aa In VH sssssisst T - Km mmmm asssssgrr rr 1 0unjim nubair ritATKiitai 1 fQe4T LJSi JijP ll M f7 fJOCiBiKBi UNIVKTWAL CtRRVNT BVKNTH aB1 flMrYrW A MtRTH - PROVOKINO TOMKni sssss - - S13Eitlti - aSaCJfe ffwvinw f Afv HT4 oifiitfl - mi Tr7Ils I B aBSBjWmamaMsssVJSBLJl I VaFZSSSBS SI I - lis al el aassl irsasw Jm AVaTsiam aUlJSJ Maccabees to Retain Standing DuringWar Measures will be taken by San Francisco Tent No Ii Maccabees next Friday nlTlit toretain In good standing durlnss ths war - all members who have enlisted or who shall b drafted America part in the world war will be discussed next Tuesday night at a meeting - of Oolden West Tent at 240 - Golden Oats avenue CONCBrtT AXTJ LRCTPnuia la MATIHEKS AH Beets JOe Evealscs lOe 10a Xeges 30e BROADWAY ARIZONA HtAT CBATTT0ED at th 0EGA5 Tkaater Jllaalea It ear 334 AH New skew iUrts TODAT VAUDEVILLE a urn nt a tttw m PICTURES IDC Files faeeUl witk QLADYS LESLIB Tbs Girl wtth tb 11000000 Imlla IT HAKPraED TO ADELE IS MATIlfBIl DAIIY 10e lie BED WED D A Y MP A BIG HIT - Tf 5t r - ftA tlv - SijIrXL StsssSfS ll j f f lllflM EmsMm 4u j - m III llralllHl H Geary itreet at Fewell TODAY ALL WEEK SHmiaEY MASON The Awakening of Ruth Metleal Pletares rrlasys Psrsds - Matlaee All leafs ite - Nlgb IMS Leges 4w SMM mmaMMm ty ifct MM ntiLr L ii ajj i iei 7 a Ai ORCHESTRA Ainuotatn Comducto SALE OF SEATS FOR SlNGtl CONCERTS OPENS MONDAY Ai4HBR3tAy Ctki fc cos - 1UTAIB Or 8TMFH0It OCT U aa 1 U a COST THSAT1B Dlrectlosa of Panl Elder COLOlNEi S S McGLURE Returning after six months study of commercial and political conditions in the Orient lecture her for flrt time in America WAR OR PEACE WITH JAPAN Satnrday E - vesslsiK Oct IS 8115 IS CHINAS OPEN DOOR SAFE gaaday Krenlsg Oct 14 8ll3 SCOTtlSH RITE AUDnOWUM Tickets 100 sU seats resarred dosl - st Paul Ciders at Scottish Hit Bell Ttoltif of lactiires i - tV Aife - Si w I DlBBCTlonr OF PAOI RLDER FRANCES PETTONJONES THEEE IIABPSICnOED EECITJXS ISTEtlES TtTESnAY OCTOBRR It S1 IHUMDATi OCTOBS1R IS 3 10 HOTEL STaAEBASXIS Tickets 1100 11 SO Botes 1800 tIJOa OS 8sl st Pan Elders St - rrsnds - New Itsnd THURSDAY OCTOBKIt 35 tiSO HOTEX OAKLAND f irirsati I30O tliui and 1100 Oa Sale at Hoetasklsn4VbrBiso Clsrs 0 f - ewlPanlldr - sJSDriielseT - 11BiBB - ityjriivfr

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