Star-Gazette from Elmira, New York on June 4, 1891 · 6
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Star-Gazette from Elmira, New York · 6

Elmira, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 4, 1891
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Abundant references to Eastern 1 stock holders. SSrearsmTeias. Similar 3,4-rmnmnr. will do as well. Stockpa auUrs! BJrJTPers- mans. free. circulars, PA.SllA.NDLi: LOA & TRUST CO.. Henrietta. Texas. mrfi.trVn lOO and Tpwanis I r BE INVESTFD IS A POSITIVE AM) SAFE 1 5 Per Cent. Dividend Paying Stock. Full particulars and Prtspeerus can be had on application or addressing 6. L. SIMPSOS, Banker, 64 Broadway, X, t. maye,d!m if nr ismsWstK urn DOES ADVERTISING PAY ? A Few Practical Ideas on a Matter , of General Interest. TALK TO BUSINESS MEN. When Business Is Dull Printers Ink Yields the Best Results The Gazette as a Medium .Which Bias fto Su- perlor. By the Gazette's Advertising Man. The "art of advertising" is a phrase which has long been employed, and which, like other expressions of its kind has passed into a proTerb among those either in or out of the newspaper business who regard advertising judicially. ' The term "art" does not include or imply a scheme for catching the unwary,- a roulette table, nor a sweat box ; it means rather the judicious way of bringing customers to an establishment where they can get the worth of their money and appreciating this become regular patrons. Uonest advertising is in no case a scheme or device, it is a legitimate business, Advertising is a commodity whose value is readily ascertainable. The better the paper the more advertising space in it is worth. Not alone must quantity of circulation be con sidered it is fully if not more important to look at the quality. The former is well nigh valueless without the latter. It is difficult to cover too much local ground, yet intclli gent concentration is important It is better to have a column, or any space in such a paper 01 standing, ot circulation, a newspaper in every sense of the word as the Gazette, than to be iti every local advertising circular which parades itself before the . . a l V a . public as a newspaper. THE SORT OF PEOPLE TO REACH. The paper of solid ideas and modernized enterprise is invaluable. It is the paper of quality and quantity, and advertising space in it has a3 much to do with the success of business as has the salesman and the ex press wagon. The great middle class of people are the buyers. The man and woman of moderate circumstances are the buyers of the world. They can be reached by advertising. They include the people who have made every city what it is ; the men who have built the houses and the stores the women and men who fill the churches and make life worth living, and upon whose cnuuren resi ine imure 01 every nation under the sun. These people have ready cash because they are continually making it I hey are the circulators of money. The more average people the advertiser reaches the greater must be his trade and conse quent benefit from the money expended. No intelligent man buys a paper because it is cheap. lie buys it to learn something, to get the day's news. Politics cuts no figure or ought not to. Go on to the streets ask the business man, the merchant, broker, lawyers, physician and laborer which is the best newspaper in Elmira and they will tell you. Go to the homes of these same men and find which paper the wife and children prefer and then judge as to the best advertising medium. You can safely put your money into the paper which is enterprising, which is clean. which prints all the news of the day local, state, national and foreign in an at tractive readable style. Such a paper is progressive and at the same time conservative. In such a paper every advertisement is read, not necessarily by every reader, but if only one quarter of its readers read the advertisements more readers will see them than if all the readers of the other papers read every one of their advertisements. I am aware that in writing these words I am treading on the ancient corns of ancient men newspaper owners who have very little to sell, but I write what I know to be true, be cause I have proven it to bo true, and am backed by the settled opinion of the best advertisers everywhere. The paper which charges the highest rates and lives up to them has the best argument that its advertising space is the most valuable to the advertiser. This is true because the proprietor knows what his space can earn and is not willing to give it away. I have often been told by dealers "I am not ready to advertise now trade is dull come around by and by." The time to advertise is when" business is not of the best. Who can think of a summer hotel resort which waits until June or July when boarders are due before advertising the place and telling people what is there offered ? It would pay to advertise summer tours and resorts in January. DISPLAYING ADVERTISEMENTS. How to properly display an advertisement is a a question which should be considered. Most merchants have their own ideas and think them a little better than any one's else until they see a rival's work with which they may be better pleased. The best thing to do is to leave the writing of your ads to a man whose business it is to do just this kind of work. Here is a thoroughly con- venuonai display advertisement: J3ASII HOUSE, Dashing Beach. USDER NEW MANAGEMENT. Will Ooen Juno on House newly painted, thoroujrhly renovated, and put in first-class condition. FJevatorind ajTtnod- j ,VUVv wo suiu uiuNi; mr uancm? DASH & DASH, Proprietors. I would criticise the printing of the hotel name in type so large that it overrides the name of the place. I do not think that the name of the house, except to those who have been there, and those who have been there know what it is, is as important to the casual reader as that which is in the house and the attractions of its loeality. The parties who have never been there are the parties the proprietors are after. These people care very little about the name of the hotel, beyond its general reputation; they need something to attract their eyes when running through the advertising column in search of summer board, something which will suggest to them that which their tired uoaies or inclinations demand. I realiM that I am going ut of the beataa track in advisine summer men to advertise their attractions more than the particular names of their houses. I feel that I am in the right because I consider the name of the hotel the firm name, the list of attractions, the goods for sale, and the goods for sale, not the people who sell them, are the things people are after. I rewrite the advertisement attempting to carry out my idea: On a Hill By the Ocean Dash Honse Dashing Beach 100 feet above the ocean : 600 feet from bathlntr beach. Uninterrupted view of sea and shore. Magnificent lawn. No beach sand and Hies about the house. Larcro rooms, freshly painted. Imuroved plumbing-. Elevator. Daily concerts. Terms con sistent witn service, call if you can ; write us any way ; full particulars about everything. Handsome ly illustrated pamphlet free to everybody. dash k ii ash, rroprietors. Take this for another example and see which you like best THE ELMIRA GAZETTE A bright clean readable paper, More locaL news than all other city papers combined. Only paper in Elmira owning both Associated and United Press afternoon service. THE COMING TWO YEARS Will witness the most momentous political campaign of the century. It will be a battle of giants, and the principles involved in the success or failure of Democracy enlists the sympathy of the common people the country over. The questions of unjust taxations, of reduced wages, of enhanced cost of living, of the unlawful power of monopoly of every kind, of government by the people for the people, rather than the government by a moneyed aristocracy in favor of extravagantly protected manufacturers, these will all enter into the contest for supremacy which culminates in the Presidential election of 1802. Of the progress of the contest every intelligent citizen desires to keep informed, and also to know what bearing upon his or her personal welfaro the final decision will have. The Gazette will help them to acquire this knowledge. It was . NEVER SO WELL EQUIPPED For myself I like this style '.jtter as I believe it is more attractive. Y NOT READ THE NEWS? THE ELMIRA GAZETTE HAS IT. It prints all the news ' LOCAL, STATE, NATIONAL, FOREIGN. It gives all parties a hearing. It suits all classes of readers. Jt is a LIVE, WIDE-AWAKE. PRO GRESSIVE afternoon daily ! a, 3, 3 EDITIONS. 3, 3, 3. The best advertising medium in Chemun County. BUY IT! READ IT! 2 Cents Per Copy, 50 Cents Per Month. In every department as it is to-day for garnering ana disseminating information At. . . " upon all topics likely to be of interest to its readers, political, business and social. It will deal fairly and fearlessly with the is sues of the day, from a Democratic stand point always, but with a due regard to the claims and opinions of its opponents. Edi torial writers of experience will make the edi torial page an interesting and valuable feature of the paper during the year, while the corns of veteran newsgathers throughout the state will continue to gather up for publication every item of public interest within their jurisdiction. THE NEWS DEPARTMENT Of the Gazette is unexcelled by any news paper published m Western New York. while no paper in the state gives its readers anywhere near the amount of local news which the Gazette furnishes. Durin g the year the several features which have been so popular with readers of the Gazette will be retained, and new ones added from time to time. Strange Attempt at Suicide. 1ROY, iN. 1.. June 3. James Srenrr. Corinth, yesterday made a st ot II j i.: k .r xiv uuS iniiiseii a grave and lt-nif down in it, slaslied each arm with a pocket rv.uic ami wauea death by bleeding, He was found in the grave by a passerby and ii V" llcl,uu:e saveu nis lite. Stearns will be sent to an asylum. Oh, What a Cough. Will you heed the warning. The signal perhaps of the sure approach of that more terrible disease Consumption. Ask yourself if you can afford for the sake of savins 50 cents, to run the risk of doing nothing for it W e know from experience that Shiloh's cure will cure your cough. It never fails. This explains why mere than a million bottles were sold the past year. It relieves Croup, hooping Cough at cure. Mothers do not be without it. For Lame Back, Side or Chest, use Shiloh's Porous Plasters. Sold by Genty Bros, and all druggists. Think If Vou Are interested. AHen's New Discovery for Piles is a certain cure for all forms of piles. Do you have soreness with intense itching often at night ? It iST dangerous to neglect these symptoms. If you have suffered for years with chronic piles and feel you can't be cured, give Allen's New Discovery one trial. " is a new duenvery that cures piles. Sold by aU druggists. Price 50 cents. Sent by u T AddressA,len H Jl1!?18 Mich-' C- J- Embury publishes the News, and in its column. ci recommends T)r tw.o r-i "III S'J lhomas' Electric Oil "for coughs," colds, sore throat, catarrh and asthma. OCR BABY. , How to Keep the Little Ones Well. What will a mother eive to save the life of her child? All that she has. And yet it is such a simple tiling to keep the baby well, when you know how. If the nursing mother is weak and out of health, the babe will vomit its food, and soon be seriously ill. Or if improper food is used, dangerous illness will result. Thousands of intelligent mothers and careful physicians have found Lactatcd Food the best one they conld use. It is pure, nourishing and strength giving. Lyon Leavenworth Tyler, Age 14 months. "I have thoroughly tried the other infant foods on the market, and speak advisedly when I say there is no other food that so thoroughly agrees and nourishes as Lac-tated Food. I feel that it saved the life of my own fourteen months old boy." N. P. Tyler, M. D., New Rochelle, N. Y., Oct 14, 1890. ; ' . - Lactated Food is sold by'druggists, or mailed on receipt of price, 25 cts., 50 cts., $1.00. Interesting book of "Prize Babies" and handsome birthday card free to a mother sending baby's name and age. Wells, RicnARDsoN & Co., Burlington, Vt. THE WAVERLY WATER CASE. Still Unsettled, and a Subject of Much Interest General Neva, Waverly, June 4 The citizens of this village who are interested in the settlement of the Waverly Water company with the village board of trustees are now in a state of excitement over some matters which have just come to light A few weeks aaro a committee was appointed on the water set tlement and on Monday of this week Trus tee Jones, who was a member of the com nuttee, went to J. T. Sawyer, president of the Water company, and told him he de sired to settle the water question if nossi blc. Mr. Sawyer then sat down and drew up a contract such as he deemed correct signed his name to it in behalf of the Water company and affixed the seal to the same. He gave it to Mr. Jones, who said he would show it to Trustee Finch and would present it at the trustee meeting held that evening. It is stated that instead of going to Mr. Finch, Jones took the contract down to President Baldwin and he, after looking it over, found some deficiencies in the same and drew one up to suit himself and gave it to Mr. Jones, asking him to present it at the meeting in place of Mr. Sawyer's contract This Mr. Jonas did and the other members of the board thinking it was Mr. Sawyer s own suggestion and that his name was signed to it, voted to adopt it Thus the, matter stands and President Sawyer has not yet signified his intention of signing the contract The Lehigh Valley company pay their employees here on Tuesday next. Six new members were admitted to membership in Tioga hose company last evening. James R. Parks of this village, who has been travelling through Dakota for several months past, returned to Waverly last evening. G. Linn Ulmer, who for some time past has been traveling car agent of the Lehigh Valley located at Elmira, has resigned his position and returned to his home in Phila delphia. S. C. Hall, president of the board of edu cation, very highly entertained the other members of that body at his home on Park avenue last evening. A most enjoyable uiiic was iiau vy ail. Three younjr lads of this nlace who all night to await the circus spent the night in an unhabited shanty by drinking beer anu pi,) mg poKer. n e withhold the names but it would be well for them to take the hint and stop. Ihctuneral of Mrs. II. C. Knight was held at her late residence on Waverly street yesterday, the services being in charge of the Rev. P. R. Ross, pastor of the Presby- i j """ "x ""ll-"oigaiiizaiionshewas a leading member and an earnest worker. The Young People's Union of the Presbyterian church last evening elected the following as officers for the ensuing term: President, Miss Jennie Guyer ; vice president, Mr Harry Baldwin ; secretary, Miss Mary Johnson, and treasurer, Miss Bessie Crandall. Several Waverly people attended the. commencement exercises of the Park school at Athens last evening. The cssav of i! May Decker of Sarre we hear ikto K,"ki spoken of, and the address delivered bythe Rev. Linn E. Wheeler of t.hi considered one of his best efforts. Information was received of the sudden death in Brooklyn of Mrs. C. s1-", xormer resident of this village and exceedingly well known her r " t"-6 residence now occupied Knics Guyer on Pennsylvania avenue and removed from here about eie-ht. rtmrrnn Iitta C avl 1 ago. J Seeley Ellis of this villarn wao in w.nU ington a few days ago and obtained a patent on a bicycle fork which is considered to be a great invention. A New York firm who manufactures wheels haso! i royalty for the right to ' nrst year. He also has obtained a natent a pneumatic rubber tire for bicycles. i ne uoard of excise commissioners ,m. siting of Messrs. Quigley, Smith and Dur-fey met here yesterday afternoon and granted a icense to S. R. FerrelL the proprietor of the Warlord house Th. .JrJ cation of A. P. Head was laid on the table for one month. The aDDlication f n w Hoban, the wholesale Thompson, saToon keeiw former by a majority of one and the latter lino ntmrtt r. I vvi "taMlliilUOaJr Chase, Hibbard Milling comDanv keep constantly n hand recleaned oats. TRAINS LEAVE ELMIRA AS FOLLOWS (Corrected to May 14, 1891.) Kre. WESTWARD, , No. 7. Chicago & Grand Trunk Express.'... 1:57 a m No. 23, Lfhigh Valley 4:29 No. S, Chicago Kxpress via. Salamanca.... 5:51 No. 103, Rochester Accommodation 6:05 No. 2!), Local to Hornellsrille 6:10 No. 17, Rochester Express 1:40 pm no. i.). jiomior to Jiorneusviiie.. .......... 4:w . No. 101, Rochester Accommodation 0:10 " No. 1, Day Express 5:45 " No. ia. Lrhitrli Vallev. No. 11, Local to Hornellsville ., No. 5, Chicago & Ht. Louis, Vestibuled.. EASTWARD. . o:.v . 8:i?7 .11:09 " No. 4, Pt. Louis Express 3:20 a m No. 16, Monitor to Binghamton 8:00 8:V5 No. 2. Chicago & Grand Trunk, Kxpres3. No. IS, Local to Susquehanna 9:J0 " No. 2 Iliigh Valley 1:30 p m No. 8, Chicago & Ht. Louis, Vestibuled..... 12:45 " No. 106, Rochester Accornmod'n arrives. ..12:25 " No. 24, Local to Susquehanna. 6:05 " No. 102, Rochester Aceommod'n, arrives. . 9:0S " No. 12, Chicago Express., .'..10:21 " No. 22, Lehigu Valley... 10:43 " Tioga. . DEPART SOCTIf. I ARRIVE. No. 5, Accom... C 05 a m No. 2, Express.. 9 25 a m No. 7, Mail 9 40 " (No. 6, Accora.,, 510pm No. 9, Express. . 4 40 p mjNo. 4, Jlail 6 15 " Xorthcrn Central. BOPTHWARD. I SOUTHWARD. No. 14, Accom. . 5 51 a m"No. 9, Express. . 6 00 a m No. 8, Day Exp. 9 55 I No. 3. Exores9..10 SO " No. 0, Accom'u. 3 45pm No. 15, Express. 225pm No. 10, Express. 11 55 " No. 11, Niagara. 5 50 " ?iO. l, repress iroin Wiluamsnort arrives in El mira 10 05 p. m. ino. n. Accommodation from Rochester, arrive In Elmira 7 35 p. m. irams a and 10 run daily. AH other trains daily except Sunday. Delaware, Lackawanna & Western. EASTWARD. ! VEflTWliin. No. 2 5 40 a m No. 3, Dav Exp. 4 89 p m No.4,N.V.& E.Ex 9 24 " ;No. 7, Pacific Ex 3 34 a m No. 6, Day Exn. . 12 48 d m No. 9.Scrantn Ex 6 20 No. 8, Night Lx.ll 28 " jXo. 13. 1 20 p m io. 1Z 2 30am No. 5. arrives... BaOam No. 14 414pm No. 11... 425 " No. 10, leaves... 9 41 " I tehigh Valley. SOUTHWARD. I ARRIVE FROM KOtTTR. No 5 9 00 a m No. 8, Exp 4 29 a m No , Day Exp.. 1 50 p in No. 30, Accom. .11 24 a m No. 31, Accom , . 4 15 " jNo: 2, Exp. . . , . 5 50 p in No. 19 5 35 No. 32. Accom.. 9 00 No. 15, Express. 10 43 " No. 20, mixed... 822am Elmira is terminus of all No. 35 700am Go through to Buffalo. oiner trains. Nos. 15 and 31 eoin seuth and 8 and 30 arrivina' from the south run daily. Elmira, Cortland & Northern. DEPART NORTH. I mistvn No.l.AIbanyMall 7 10 a m No. 2, Elmira Ex.11 45 a m No. 3, Boston Ex 4 0!) p m No. 4. Elmira Mail 5 20 p m No.7,Sund y oaly 8 00am No.8.Simd youly 800 " In Memory of Mississippi's Confederate Dead. Jackson, Miss., June 3. The monument erected here in memory of the confederate dead of Missippi was unveiled to-daj? in the presence or a vast multitude. The procession, which included ten companies of the state national guard, officers of the Ladies' Monument Association, distinguished visitors, Confederate veterons, and Sons og veterons were amongst them. There were a number of floa s on which were seated daughters of veterans of the war, each carrying a silk banner. The stars and stripes were carried at the head of every division and also floated from the top of the capitoL Side by side with them were carried many torn and tattered Con- j federate battle flags. j V xni oroughly sooteb own way about it, whatever we might say. When it comes to the second we know what we are talking about. There is a big difference between being thoroughly sooted and suited thoroughly. In one case you would call for a chimney sweep : in the other it wouldn't be a bad idea to give us a call. How will we suit you thoroughly ? By offering nothing that is not thoroughly well made and artistically finished in every detail. Why should you be indifferently dressed when we are offering suits at $7.00, $S.oo, $10.00 and $12 and the very finest at from W. . HALL0CK & BB0., The Leading Clothiers. 0 I Ins our basinessto prerafl; cooci advertisements .nd p!a.ceem ) where they, wiljproduce results ) address -f-.f4 j V Mewspaqser Advertising BureSCl, S 10 Spruce iNY, V . A RUINED HOME. Mr. Morton V. Abbot recently built him a beautiful home ' near Boston. All that architectural skill could do in its construn. . tion was done. It was on A pleasant spot 1-1 I 1 1 1 i ..... . S cnarmmgiy xuniisnea, ana me little family was happy. But in the course of a few months the youngest child fell sick; the doc-tor was summoned and pronounced it diphtheria, and within ten days three of the four children had died . and left the home desolate. ,. .. It was then that Mr. Abbot had a searching examination made and found that a defective waste-pipe had allowed the drainage to accumulate underneath his home.and from the poisonous gases which had arisen the demon of disease had stolen unaware upon him with the sad results as stated. The most dreadful foe which any home has to fight is bad air mal-aria. It comes in through the windows and doors from the decaying vegetation or the newly turner! ground without It fumes up from the drain-pipes, waste-pipes and sinks, however carcluliy they may be trapped. . It steals up from the cellars and foundation walls where decaying matter may be and dead air is certain to be. It is the great Demon of modern days, and science has been called upon to counteract it One of its greatest dangers in that it is too often odorless. It is cause for gratitude, however, that there is a pure, a pleasant and a powerful preparation which furnishes an absolute protection against these dreadful dangers at all times. That preparation is " Sanitas." There is no home, however defective its sewerage, which cannot be rendered pure and wholesome by the use of " Sanitas. It possesses three great qualities which render it elhcient t k ifr,t, it is perfectly pure and can be taken internally without injury ; second, it does not destroy or corrode any substance ; third, it bears the odor of the pine forest with it The Races at Elmira, X. Y., Jane 9th to 12ta On account of the Central New York Trotting circuit races to be held at Elmira, N. Y., June 9th to 12th, the popular Erie Railway has arranged to sell greatly reduced rate tickets to Elmira and return good going June 9th to 12th, inclusive, and for return passage on or before June 13th, from all stations between Binghamton east, and Hornellsville and Bath west, and from Blossburg, Mansfield and Tioga on the Tioga division. These races will be better than ever before, as a large number of extra fine horses have been entered, and the management is assured of a large attendance, and success. CROUP, WHOOPING COUGH and Bronchitis immediately relieved by Shi- . loh's Cure, Sold by Gerity Bros, and all druggists. IF you don't happen to, b married 3rou are at liberty to try three kinds of suits a suit at law, a suit of clothes and a r suit which involves an affair of the heart. About the first of these we have no advice to give 3rou we are not retained for that, while as to the last you would probably have your $18.00 to $20.00 ?

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