San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California on March 13, 1894 · Page 12
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San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California · Page 12

San Francisco, California
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Tuesday, March 13, 1894
Page 12
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raSSfegrtrtS Ni89SS9i M SWoiWfW imMMtf WtcM M tWb m m m IK m A Miss Sheljards Family of AtfooM w Bequeatlied to Her by Mrs Johnson Thirijrtwo Felines Find Shrfter and it Happy Home In one pi those oil residences on Telegraph bill facing Montgomery street between Union ariUtirferistreets lives a Te - flnedlwomaii Miss Helen Sbelltrd Miss Shellard his nnwittmply brcorae the subject f6r jrosip in the neighborhood not becane bilany special act of her own but Becfttise1 of the presence in her house of a colony of Anppra cats a sljrbt of which would make a fancier lurn bine with onry There are rats In the parlor cats up stairs cats down stairs cats outside cats erery - wherepresenting in their entirety a collection of felines never before seen In a prijatq residence anywhere Everybody who passes the house aid Miss Shellard to a Chrokicle representative yesterday stops and tries to pet a peep at roy pets When I go to the door the boys yell There goes the - woman with 200 cats and twentythpusand ady The impression has cone abroad tbat I have 200 cats in my bouse but the number is actually thirty - two Miss Shellard explained that the cats had belonged to Mrs Johnson the millionaire who died some months ago Long before her death Mrs Johnson 1 had intended to make some provision for her feline pets in her will hut sbews advised that this could not be done inasmuch as cats wtre not recog nized in law as personal property This grieved airs Johnson sorely and she often spoke of her petrto Miss Shellard a distant relative of the deceased She expressed the hope that Miss 8hellard would take care of the cats after her death Mils SbeJlard promised to do so and in conse - she showered with impartial freedom upon them As a luxury said Miss Shellard these cats are expensive and troublesome I have been in possession of them only since February 1st but I have be - come so attached to them that I would dislike to part with them People visit me every day with offers to purchase some o them but I have so far declined all offers Tbev were a legacy to me and as such L hold them to beaacred Owing to a report that Miss Shellard had 200 cats on the premises toe neighbors were beginning to protest with vijjor hut when it became known that the number was actually thirty - two their visions of sleepless nights were soon dispelled and tranquility was restored INSTANTLY KILLED A Boy Handled While Playlnj About a MotIoj Freight Train Joseph Girberano a twelre - year - old boy was rntt over by a freight train at ScTcnth and Channel streets yesterday at noon and instantly killed His body was completely severed from the lower limbs and was dragged quite a distance ere the train was stopped The boy with some companions had been frolicking about the moving cars He would not heed the warning of the trainmen and lost hi Hie While crawling over the bump - en between two ears - he slipped and fell across the track The honts of lads who taw the accident caused the engineer to slow tip The boy lived with his parents at 18 Board - man place Engineer w H Minnie was charged with manslaughter at the Southern Police Station but was released immediately upon his own recognizance fcllTDT thx osit cat xsows to hxvk M - iCS A CTRCETT OV THE GLOBE quence was - rewarded with a bequest oi 20000 in Mrs Johnsons will After her death I visited her country place at Buena Vista said Miss Shellard and there found these valuable Angora cats in a sad state of neglect 1 made up roy mind to carry out the wishes of my dead relative and had the animals transported to my house I was forced to dismiss two tenants in order to accommodate the cats but even then - tbe house is too small and as a result I have constructed rooms with wire screens on the south porch and in the yardt Owning the hall door as she spoke Miss Shellard conducted the Ciironicxe reporter to the sittinp - rdora where a number of magnificent angoras were seated in conspicuous view as If on exhibition Toward one of these a fine fellow with blue eyes and fur Jong and white who sat on a rocking - chair complacently watchins the gambols of his fellows on the floor Miss Shellard spra fg with an ejaculation of delight This is the kins ol them all she said taking him in her arms a task by no means easy owing to the animals great size and weight This is - Daniy the onty cat on earth which has traveled around the world He was Mrs Johnsons favorite pet and she carried him with her everywhere She bought him in Italy when he was a kitten about eleven years ago and he has been ia the family ever since Kapler painted him and the picture was recently on exhibition at the Hopkins Institute Isnt he a beauty Miss Shellard then directed the attention of her visitor to Pearl a beautiful creature of the Angora species Pearls fur is like - snow and the eyes are of a aepphirerhne Kext came Oto Frits and Tiger all excellent specimens of their kind The animals sprang up eagerly at her call testifying by their purring their affection for their mistress I am obliged to separate the eats fre - quently said she in response to a question Yesterday two of them who are enemies by instinct met in the porch and then the Jttr did fly It was all Icourd do to separate them for they ought like lgers I discourage fighting and when they break my rules I punish them by depriving them of their - fish on Fridays Three rooms on the second floor of Miss SheUards house are given up to the sole occupancy of these pets 0ne of these is a sickroom proridrd with rugs in which the animals are treated when afflicted with mange or kindred diseases peculiar to the feline species Two or three cats were lolling about here - but they lacked ihespiritedrnqvement so characteristic of their inoreheaUby brr thren Hown stairs I make the feeding - of these eats a regular duty said Miss Shellard Every morning 1 give them mush and milk arid at noon some raw meat with milk and squash for snpper Oh Fridays I give them fish which they enjoy immensely These cats are highly intelligent and havealmpst human tastes If their food islate in coming they manifest their displeasure by meowing and howling dis - irialljv The south porch jpf the building has been screened on the side and above thins rendering it imfwssibre for any of the cats to escape This is artiyined cy a partition haring a slhlfhgdopr each compartment containing some five or Six cats raryin in sixe from tix - nVonth - dld kittens to three - yearjida aimost as bulky as a small tljE la the yard Tour more pi tnese screeneji jnclosnres have been erected rachroded with a shelf upon which thV - inmtUiSljay basfeinjt In the silri gcarcely had the mistress appeared when e teryfontj bt the ahitnal came cn trying toward her eaxer ior the caresses which TWELFTH SERIES WOBLDS FAIR VIEWS NOW ON HAND A Good Supply Beady for Distribution AH the Series Beady As promised last week the twelfth series of the Worlds Fair portfolio of views has arrived and is now ready for distribution The series is devoted principally to interior views and the photographic reproduction of notable pieces of sculpture Among the latter certainly one of the most striking and peculiar is entitled An American Myth representing a sphinx with tbe body of a lioness and a cupld whispering in the ear of the strange creature While not beautiful it is attractive and the expression of amused interest on the animal countenance is very clever The Game oi Blind Mans Buff is as pretty simple and appealing as the Myth is perplexing and curious Innocence Baffling Cupid is a pretty conceit and is a Belgian bronze A gem oi Spanish metal work a type of the Greek amphora is Interesting in its way Sculpture of a very different sort is Illustrated in the carved stones irom sixty - two ruiued cities of Yucatan In view of tbe Methodist revival Just inaugurated in this city the reproduction of the large ptcture The Consecration of the First Methodist Bishop in 1794 must attract some attention The interior views in this number may be contrasted with the spectacles now to be witnessed at Concert valley in the Midwinter Fair and much of Interest and similarity will be found in the comparison Among these views mav be mentioned the Nave of the Agriculture Building a very comprehensive photograph well calculated to impress the beholder with the immensityol the structure In Shoe and Leather Building is another interior and an idea of the vast range of materials used in the tanning and manufacture of leather may be gathered from this picture Everyone feels an interest in the old Rocket Robert Stephensons locomotive and a good picture of the much - prized relic as it stood at the Worlds Fair is presented The Iri3h Village is well pictured the castellated in - clcmire and the village itself being beautifully shown All the numbers of the Worlds Fair Portfolio arc now on hand CUTTING DOWN THE FORCE Funds Getting Low With the Unemployed Belief Committee Only 751 men were at work in Golden Gate Park yesterday under the auspices of the citizens relief committee The funds in aid of the unemployed are slowly dwindling The apparent lack of further interest in the work which baa taken hold of the community will force the committee to continue to cut off the applicants for employment from earning the pittance of 1 a day nnless subscriptions should increase The improvement accomplished in the western haJfrof the Park since the inauguration of the relief work has been of an excellent char acter Not a dollar has been wasted and permanent good has resulted The roads and paths constructed will be of lasting benefit when completed Mnch of this Is only partial however for many of the new highways and byways require the top - filling of macadam The subscriptions yesterday were as follows P I P Sin Jose i Judge J V Coffey 10 cash G U S 50 employes Street Department 108 50 owner northeast corner D street and Seventeenth avenue 100 The total receipts to due are 87726 and the expenditures foot 75924 25 The balance on hand is 11801 75 LOCAL NEWS NOTES Pacific Parlor o 10 Native Sons of the Golden West will give a smoking bee at Pioneer Hall next Tuesday evening The Golden Gate Military Band numbering twenty - four men has decided to withdraw from the Musicians Mutual Protective Union There will be a free donation supper given by the young peoples societies of the different churches of the city at Christs Mission 057 Market street Thursday evening Mrs Waldo Richards will give a dramatic and dialect recital nnder the auspices of the Channing Auxiliary to - day at 330 p in the parlors of the First Unitarian Church George H Meschendorf who keeps the Midwinter Fair Garden saloon and restaurant at 717 - 719 Fifth avenue was arrested yesterday on a charge ofelony embezzlement preferred by J C Minor of 443 Stevenson street Minor alleges that he paid Meschendorf 200 for his saloon and restaurant when as a matter of fact the place was in the hands of he Sheriff 31IEH The Question of Collateral Inheritance Initial Moye of the City Treasurer Judge Coffey Asked to Appoint an Appraiser Estimate of the Tax CUT THIS OPT FAMOUS PAINTINGS OF THE WORLD S E R I ES N O 2 COUPON 4 BKND OR BEING IN 7 COUPONS Of the lame series ani of dKTerrnt numbers together with 10c and yoowIU receive Series No 2 or J Famous FalntinjrS of the World I For foil particulars aee page Address all orders SAN FRANCISCO i CHJtONICLK Cwion Department CUT THIS OUT MUtilU COUPON Harmonized Melodies March 13 1894 Send or bring seven coupons ot different dates together with 5 centa and get HARMONIZED BIEEODIES 400 Sonc n - i Ballads f DClodlnz the Best of tbe Old and the latest of the Kew - rnr fnl nartlcnlara aee Dace S tar Ad - irtss all orders sa Fmaircxsco I Chbosicxk it ounon Department CU THIS OUT WORLDS FAIR Portfolio of PhotosCPapWa SERIES NO 13 COTJPOItf 4 TOT AVOIDABLE 1 tVY A lanre supply of Series No IS Is en the way and will arrive altbrUy Dae notice will be given MTtuubwN diikicel Hatlsr sknu on BitiVa i coupons ot tbe saroraeiiea and of different numbers to - geUUr w Ith 10c and yon wlU receive Tire vroitLDa taik Portfolio of Photograph For fall particulars see pan 5 Addr - na ail ordars 8AN - FRANCISCO CUKOXICLB Coupon Department City and County Treasurer Widber yesterday commenced his threatened pro cceding to collect from the estate of Senator Leland Stanford the collateral inheritance tax due under aa act of the last Legislature His petition for the ajv pointment of an appraiser to determine the amount of inheritance subject to tax was presented to Jndee CoBey by District Attorney Sarnes The filing of the petition lound Attorney Russell Wilson in court representing Mrs Stanford and her hnsbands estate of which she is sole executrix Immediately upon presentation of Treasurer Widbers petition Attorney Wilson asked that hearing of the matter be continued until this morning He explained his request by stating that the subject matter of the petition so faras it concerned Senator Stanfords estate was wholly in charge of Attorney Spencer of San Jose He desired the continuance for one day in order that Attorney Spencer might be present to represent the estate To this request for a continuance District Attorney Barnes offered no objection It was therefore ordered that hearing of the petition be continued until 10 oclock this morning The proceeding instituted by Treasurer Widber possesses a peculiar interest and importance from the fact that similar proceedings are now pending in Santa Clara county It is contended however by Mrs Stanford that the Santa Clara courts have no jurisdiction in the matter inasmuch as her husband at the time of his death was a resident of San Francisco where his estate is now in course of administration This same point is made by District Attorney Barnes and will be urired at Santa Clara next Friday npon a further hearinp of the petition filed by that countys Treasurer It will be contended by District Attorney Barnes tnat the courts of Santa Clara county have absolutely no jurisdiction over the estsie of Senator Stanford so far as it is connected with the matter of a tax on collateral inheritance Because of this belief Attorney Barnes will push the proceeding in the local courts to an immediate hearing The formal petition of Treasurer Widber recites the death of Senator Stanford and the fact that he left an estate which has been appraised at 117618319 45 There is also a recital of tbe bequests said to be liable to the inheritance tax among which are the following Herbert C Nash 15 - 000 Ariel Lathrop H C Lathrop and C C Lathrop 100000 each Miss Gertie Stanford 100000 Other bequests were to the nephews and nieces of the Senator and his wife named in the will to receive 100000 each Tbe number and names of these nephews and nieces are not now known Because of this fact no accurate estimate has yet been made as to the amount of the tax to be collected An estimate based on the known bequests foots np U5000 on which the Treasurer making the collection is to receive a commission of 3 rer cent The first application of the Treasurer is for an appraiser to determine the exact amount of inheritance on which the tax should be levied When his return shall fix the amount then a demand is to be made upon the estate for payment In the event of refusal an order must be issued under seal of the court directing the executrix or other testamentary representative of the estate to show cause why the tax should not be paid The constitutionality of the collateral inheritance tax it is said is hardly open to question The act creating the tax is almost the fac - simile of a similar law in New York which was upheld and declared constitutional in the matter of the estate of McPherson The procedure to be followed was also determined by Kew York courts in the matter of the famous Astor estate Whether or not tbe representatives of Senator Stanford intend to question the legality of the tax has not yet been announced That interesting and important fact shoud appear in the proceedings to take place before Judge Coffer to - day MUST HAVE MONEY CITY CONTRACTORS DISCUSS SHORTAGES Outlining a Campaign to Secure Payment for Their Supplies That the finances of the municipality of San Francisco are in a chaotic state contractors hare reason to know Arthnr Ebbetts made a firm stand some days ago when he threatened to shot off the supply of coal at the new City Hall unless his bill of 2000 ot more was paid forthwith This determined move caused a flurry and Jefferson G James Supervisor assured Contractor Ebbetts that his just demand would receive favorable consideration at once James is chairman of the Finance Committee of the Board Some eighteen representatives of business houses which have contracts to furnish the city supplies met in the rooms of the Chamber of Commerce yesterday afternoon to discuss the situation and to devise if possible some line of action which might be unanimously followed in saving them from possible loss o their contracts at the end of the present fiscal year Nearly all present were creditors of the city for accounts due at the close of the year 1892 - 93 There was expressed a determination that the city should not be allowed to increase its indebtedness without furnishing some guarantee that the contractors would be paidfor theii wares delivered T J Parsons of tbe Del Monte Milling Company was chosen chairman He recited the objects of the meeting and declared that as the Supervisors expected to have as great a shortage as was the deficit of last year it behooved the contractors to make a united effort lo collect the bills now due and to insure the payment of those becoming due Alongltstof the creditor - contractors of the city was read and an effort was made to learn the amount of the claim oL each against the city and the probable indebtedness which the city would incur on its contracts until the end bf - theflcal year A resolution introduced by Contractor Ebbetts calling for tbe appointing of a committee of three to investigate the condition ot tbe citys finance with reference to the Utu ot the various funds as affecting the claims of the creditors provoked a genetafdUcusslon A representative ot ihePaclflc as Improvement Companrsald his unpaid claim for last year was 7750 and would be at much this - year with the shortage itarlna the cltv - aa less - he added significantly we shut bff supplies - lat Lynch thoughrthe Board should be pe titloned todo something Chairman Parsons laughed and said the petition dodge - was too old a trick Supervisors never paid any at tention to them Kobert Eaight suggested that the committee of three would accomplish little in its investigation ven if the funds were not overdrawn there would be found a dearth of money in the treasury If seems said Haight that special preference is shown City Hall employes Shortage or no shortage they manage to get their money anyway I have audited - and registered warrants drawn last May that I cannot get money on as the treasury is bare We ought to take a firmer atand ani notify the Supervisors that they must guarantee as payment for our goods or else we shut down on them Others counseled that the first step to take was to secure knowledge as to the condition of - the funds When that point was corered it might then be a legal measure to demand payment with - the alternative of ceasing to honor requisitions The Supreme Court has decided that a contractor mast inform himself as to the funds from which his payment is to come The resolution prevailed and the chairman appointed Messrs Haight Ebbetts and Foster as the committee An expert to examine the books of the Supervisors will take hold of the matter at once and upon the result of the examination will be based the future action of the committee It is proposed to go before the Finance Committee of the Supervisors next Saturday morning fully prepared to discuss the situation SKILLFUL WITKAPEN A CLEVER BRITISH FORGER IMPRISONED Judfe Gray of Orovllle Duped by the Crafty Mathe - son John Matheson alias H Des Marias who was arrested at Oroville Saturday by Detective Seymour was brought to this city yesterday Matheson attempted to defraud Heilfnan Brothers of this city out of 12000 by means of a forged letter of credit purporting to have been Issued by the Union Bank of Australia From this city he went to Oroville where he represented himself to be an English capitalist Soon after his arrival there he purchased from Superior Judge Gray a ranch of 160 acres and in payment therefor gave a draft for 2000 on his father who he said occupied an Important Judicial position at Cane Town Africa Pending the collection of the draft he was given possession of the property Des Marias also leased eighty acres of land adjoining Judge Grays ranch which belonged to Dr Keyes a dentist on Powell street He was living with his sister - in - law Emily S Pike ia a house on that property when arrested While Des Marias was in Oroville he succeeded In getting into the good graces of several of the leading business men and when he left town in the company of Detective Seymour there was a wild scramble to place attachments on his baggage and other valuables Des Marias is known the world 6ver as an expert forger In appearance he la a typical English tourist He is tall well built dresses stylishly and is the last man in the world a person less wary than a detective would pick out aa a criminal Des Marias conceived a very clever plot to swindle Hellmsnn Brothers and executed it so well that it was by the merest bit of good fortune they did not pay him the 12000 for which his fetter of credit called He wrote to J II I Selfe secretary of the Union Bank of Australia and in that manner obtained Selfeg signature which was attached to the reply he received By the means of carbon paper the signature was transferred to the tetter of credit and also to the letter of advice afterward tracing it with ink When Pes Manias was arrested a check for 300 drawn upon the Paciflc Loan and Sav - iugs Association of this city was found on bis person The check was drawn in his favor and was signed by Emily S Pike Last February Miss Pike had a small account at the bank mentioned but she has none now CARPENTERS BERTH TWO PROMINENT CANDIDATES NAMED The Milwaukee Mechanics Chooses Its Pacific Coast Manager Speculation is rife among insurance men as to whom the plum left hanging by the resignation of E W Carpenter as manager of the Royal and Norwich Union Insurance companies will fall There have been hosts of applications for the 10000 position But two gentlemen seem to be in the lead One is W H Lowden assistant manager of the North British and Mercantile and one of the disinterested men called in by the special committee on the Buyer Reich fire losses as expert and the other is T Pope assistant manager of tbe jtna Fire Insurance Company A third candidate who Is also considered by many to be in the running is the manager of a prominent general agency Rumors are again afloat that the two companies will be operated separately bit Mr Carpenters reasons ior thinking differently the Ion joint lease handsomely fitted joint offices and business associations are probably correct The new company the Milwaukee Mechanics which is about to reopen business on this Const has chosen its manager in the person of A W Warren lie is the son of a well - known local agent In Illinois and has been both local and special agent for the Oakland Home The assistant secretary of the latter company Mr Langley Is mentioned as the probable assistant manager COLLIDED ON THE BAT The Tjkiah Runs Down the Gasoline Schooner Beanie K The steamer Uklah ran down the gasoline schooner Bessie K last night oft section 2 of the seawall and narrowly missed sending her to the bottom The Uklah was crossing the bay with freight cars from Tiburon and the Bessie K Captain Jansen was just leaving for Moss landing The schooner put Out from Lombard - street wharf about 8 oclock and had not gone far when the Ckiah was seen bearing down upon her The big steamer was plainly visible while the schoonsr was yet in the shadow of the seawall sheds Tbe Uklah blew two whistles which the schooner could sot answer having no whistle Captain Jansen threw his helm hard over and the Uklah rang to stop Both moves were made too late to avert a collision and the next moment the monster freight steamer struck the little craft forward tearing her bowsprit out of her and carrying away her forerigging The Ckiah backed away clear of the Bessie K and the latter made for the Powell - street pier where she docked The Uklah went on to her slip with little or no damage WILL TEST THE GAME LAWS A Question Whether Game May Be Sold Daring the Close Season Charles 0 Swanberg president of a local cold - storage company was adjudged guilty yesterday by Police Judge Low of a violation of the game laws ot the State The offense consisted in having quail in his possession for sale out of season The case was submitted on an agreed statement of facts The case will form the basis of an attack in the Superior Court on the constitutionality of the law The prosecution was at the instance of the State Board of Fish Commissioners The defense will set up the claim that the game was killed prior to the beginning of the close season and may be used whenever its owner shall determine Mrs Hugh TevU Death Lloyd Tevis whose daughter - in - law Mrs Hugh Tevis died suddenly in Kew York on Friday morning received a telegram yesterday announcing that death was due to fatty degeneration of the heart Tbe body was shipped for this city on Saturday and will arrive here on Thursday Arrangements for the funeral are now in progress CAUL TJPJUNs GETS THE AWA1D The Worlds Colcmsuh Exposmos Gavx Cast Craisss Fauovs Siw YoaK Cioabs Highest award for quality workmanship and general appearance over all competitor These goods are manufactured by expert union band - workmen only and every box bears the Cigarmaters International union Blue Label which is a guarantee of excellence in every department of this great lactory Harrisons fecond Mure Delivered The Development of Ciyil Government How the American Colonies cured Independent Bights Se - Ex - Presiaent Harrison delivered the second of his series of lectures upon the development of the Constitution to the law - students at the Stanford University yesterday afternoon The subject of lis address was Colonial Charters and he handled it in the able manner which is so - very characteristic It was a beautiful afternoon all nature inviting one to be out of doors yet so attentive were the several hundred students present to the words of the lecturer that none of his sentence were lost by them from the beginning to the end of his remarks Necessarily the lecture was largely historical in character It gave some account of the development of colonial jurisprudence and from its nature afforded but few opportunities for rhetorical effect General Harrison however was not the loser by that fact for his lectures have as one ot their merits jheir simplicity Bearing in mind that he is giving instruction to college students who are but mere tyros in the law he presents his statements and views in a manner that makes them easity understood His lectures will be better appreciated when read In conjunction one with the other than when heard from the platform When President Jordan arose to Introduce the lecturer yesterday afternoon he referred to the fact that the press was anxious to fb - taht verbatim reports of Harrisons remarks The latter however did not desire such reports to be published as he wished to protect his rights In the lectures The lectures aie yours said Professor Jordan the right of their publication belongs td Mr Harrison I therefore trust that no student will attempt to make a verbatim report for either purposes of sale to the press or any other purpose General Harrison before the lecture informed the newspaper representatives that whatever property tbere might be in the lectures belonged to him and he intended to protect It He was willing to give the press an abstract of his remarks but prohibited anything further All the press representatives aceepted tickets to the lecture with the distinct understanding that the paper each represented would not attempt to make a verbatim report or any except the abstract furnished The abstract of the lecture is as follows It is - not my purpose to enter into much detail but It is important to notice some general aspects of the charters under which the American settlements were made and to outline the development in the colonies of those unwritten constitutions which came by use to be treated though not so accepted by the English Crown as expressing the fundamental civil rights of the inhabitants The colonists demanded all their charter rights but never accepted these as all their rights The earlier charters were chiefly land grants for commercial purposes The Parliament did not participate They were made to companies who adventured their money but not their persons Later political interests came to have fuller consideration and finally to be of first importance There were three general classes of colonies Massachusetts Connecticut Rhode Island and Virginia until 1624 were charter colonies Large legislative powers were given in most of these to the colonists It is interesting to note that Connecticut and Rhode Island continued their Charters as their State Constitutions the first until 1818 and the latter until 1842 In tbe royal colonies representative assemblies were organized and a large measure of popular control assumed but the Crown through his Governors had suprema executive control The proprietary colonies constituted the third class In these grants were made to private Individuals who exercised executive control through their appointed Governors but in these also the people were given or assumed large legislative control The colonists did not accept Blackstones view that the American colonies were principally conquered or ceded countries that the common law oi England had no authority iu them and that acts of Parliament particularly naming them were binding The Massachusetts colony under the charter of 1629 assumed the exercise of the most plenary executive legislative and judicial powers This charter was annulled in 1664 and a new one granted in 1691 Under it they still retatned legislative control subject to the veto of a royal Governor The charters of Rhode Island and Connecticut gave orac - tically complete local control to the colonists The Virginia charter ot 1609 gave somewhat larger control to the company than that of 1606 In 1619 the Governor was authorized to summon representatives Their assembling was tbe first exemplification of the legislative principle in America In a prelude to his frame of Government for Pennsylvania Penn said Any government is free to the people under it whatever be the frame where the laws rule and the people are a party to those laws He described the end and purpose of civil government to be To support power In reverence with the people and - to secure the peopie from the abuse of power that they may be free by their just obedience and the magistrates honorable for their Just administration for liberty without obedience ia confusion and obedience without liberty is slavery Before 1700 representative assemblies had become a part ot the constitution of every colour except Georgia and of that colony in 1754 In all except Pennsylvania and Delaware these bodies were bicameral following the English system At the time of the Revolution In all the colonies a custom of small civil subdivisions had been established for the control of local affairs Speaking of this local control Mr Frothlngham says They tested their owj decisions and could correct their own judgments They all had legislative bodies one branch of which at least was chosen by the people They possessed the right ol petition of free speech of public assemblage trial by jury and habeas corpus The supreme executive power was exercised by a Governor In Connecticut and Rhode Island he was chosen by the people In Pennsylvania Delaware and Maryland be was appointed by tbe proprietors in the other colonies by the Crown In the latter colonies he was an alien element His lot was an unhappy one He could not please both the people and the King Each colony had Its own judiciary Except in Connecticut and Rhode Island where they were appointed by the legislatures the fudges were generally appointed by the Governor and their salaries paid out of the colonial treasuries Their judgments were final except when appealed to the Privy Council of the King for which express provision was made in some of the charters The Supreme Court of tlew York in 1764 held that this appeal did not Involve a re - exkminstlon Of the facts but was rather in tbe nature of a writ of error Sir Richard Sutton said in the debate on the Boston port bill If you ask an American who Is his master he will tell you that he has none nor any governor but Jesus Christ At the concluilon of the lecture the students loudly applaud The lecture will be re - ated to - dav for the benefit of the public he next lecture will be given on Monday next and repeated for the public the following day A Grand Army Veteran Colonel Samuel R Van Sant Department Commander of the Grand Army of Minnesota is on a visit to the city with Mrs Yap Sant The Colonel Is a member ot the Minnesota Legislature and is largely interested in steam - boating on tho upper Mississippi While the ostensible purpose of his visit is to Tiew the Midwinter fair and other attractions of California bis real purpose ia to Induce the Grand Aimj aeiegauon irom tnis estate to itttSDurg to support 8t - Paul as the meeting - place for tucjiuuuu Etiicsjnpmesiuruiaariiijoi ins aepublic in 1893 - - i1 i M i THE LEEK ASEr Examination of lllse Andersleys piains at Kapa T Coroner Hughes and tit OConnell returned from Kapa last evening with the organs of Miss Andersley necessary to the chemical analysis that wiilbe made to determine the cause of her death Accompanied by the Coroner of yapa county Coroner Hughes and Vii OConnell wentto the cemetery and had the body of Mis Andersley exhumed - Theheart stomach one lung one kidney and part of the small intestines were removed after which the body was rein terred Dr Miller will begin the chemlcalanalysis of the organs mentioned this mornings As the time necessary to perform this operation is indefinite the Coroner cannot atatoiwhen the inquest will be held From the present outlook the task of making the analysis will be quite tedious - CoconerHnghes says the fact that the body was embalmed will In no wise hinder the chemists from ascertaining the cause of jhe womans death In the first place the embalming fluid was only injected - into the arterial system and probably did not reach - any of the inner organ If on the contrary It shall transpire that the fluid did penetrate mora deetilv than expected it will not affect the analysis as it would not have neutraltxed - cny poison tnat cer system might nave contained The chemist knowsthenatnre of tbe poison contained in the embalming fluid and will therefore attribute her deatb to any other poison or poisontihat he may find in tbe organs submitted to him for examination SCELiAKEpCJ THE EMERALD EIM SVENSOS MAKES I CLAIM OF INNOCENCE Harry Mens in Arrested on East Street Yesterday Afternoon A W Svenson who was indicted by the Federal Grand Jury for smuggling - Chinese and opium into this country and who is said to be a member of tbe Emerald ring has been heard from It is said that Voss and Svenson captain and mate respectively of the sloop Emerald coneluded to steal the cargo of 1S0O pounds of opium and leave the other members of the ring without anything The opium was landed packed into trunks and sent to various towns east of here as far as Denver Cn - fortunately for Voss and Svenson they were caught in Sacramento iu the act of selling a part of tbe opium They were brought to this city and each gave 500 cash 4ail for his appearance before United States Commissioner Heacock Within a few hours after giving bail the men were on their way to British Columbia and since arriving there they have been conducting a restaurant at Victoria Special Agent Phenlx visited Voss and endeavored to prevail upon him tQ return and testify against the other members of the ring Be failed to accomplish the desired result and an account of his trip published in the Cheomcle has brought the following communication from Svenson Victobia March 7 Etblor Oarmtete Tour paper of the 3d lost has again got Voss and Svenson before th public In connection with the Emerald smuggling ring lean stale to you that I was oever mate on the Emerald and can prove it I never even saw the boat and If you want proof of tnis I can refer you to W A Boole 219 bteuart street for whom I have sailed for the last four years I took care of one of his ships until within a week before I embarked for Victoria B C Should I eveT go before an American court I can very easily prove that I never was in any way connected with any smuggling transaction It was my misfortune to be in company with Voss when be was arrested at Sacramento and that Is what has made me an exile from he United States It was the fear of having to slay in Jail awaiting trial Although I am and can prove that I am - innocentinnocent It would undoubtedly have cost me every dollar I had to do this and 1 could not afford It Mr Phenlx has been here bnt he did not succeed to inducing Voss to return and I doat thiak will ever do so Bat If Voss should return it will not b unless the United states Government withdraw the Indictments against me whom he knows la Innocent of any of the charges made against me In this case A W sVKNeoif Late master of the bark Southern Chief Harry Mensing one of the persons under in dictment for smuggling in opium and Chinese on the Emerald was arrested by Deputy United States Marshal Monckton last evening and placed in the County Jail Mensig as his name appears on the warrant Was seen last evening nut he refused to make any statement He merely said that he was walking along East street when Monckton approached him and read him the warrant Mensingit - supposed to have been tbe agent of the gang at Victoria He made his trips by land when he came to this cltv While Phenlx did not succeed in getting Voss to return it is evident ce got some information on his trip and that the arrest of Mensing is the first result m THE REVIVAL PROGRAMME Evangelist Yatmao as a Fisher of Men Gets Ready His Nets Rev C H Yatman the evangelist from Kew York was seen last night at his hotel and asked for further Information respecting his movement All the week he said would be consumed in the great work of preparation The programme so far as arranged Is as fol lows a union sunrise prayer meeting next Sunday morning at 6 30 oclock dedlcatorv exercises in the great tent corner ot Seventh and Mission streets at 330 P ji at 7 30pm the Bishop and himself will deliver addresses in the tent On Monday at noon a union meeting will be beld for prayer in Association lialL In the afternoon there will be another union meeting in the tent and preaching in tbe evening In a few days special meetings will be held in all the Methodist churches of the city simultaneously The work he said was strictly denominational but other denominations were cordially invited to attend and co - operate On next Sunday morning he will preach for Dr Berrard pastor of tbe Klrsl Methodist Church in Alameda and next Monday morning he will address the preachers meeting TIKDEMANN IS PRISON He Say Be Can Prove His Innocence When the Time Comes Carl W Tledemann who appeared at the Central Police Station Sunday evening and offered to give himself up was arrested yesterday at his home on sixth street and booked at the City Prison on a charge of forgery Under the advice of Attorney Bahrs whom be has engaged to defend him Tiedemann refused to talk about his case He admitted that the Crlsty deed and the Thayer mortgage which he caused to be put on the records were forgeries but said he had been imposed upon in the matter When asked If Mrs Cristy was the one who had deceived him he declined to answer He said he was entirely innocent of any crime in connection with the filing of the forged documents and would be able to establish his innocence in court i A Cartridge Exploded Henry Galyin a boy who resides at 1228 Mission street picked up what he supposed was an empty cartridge in a shooting gallery on Market street yesterday and began playing with it Suddenly the cartridge exploded mangling three Angers on the boys left hand so badly that it became necessary to amputate them - The Four Hundred A large supply of the CgoCTCits splendid book of Harmonized Melodies containing 400 of the best of the old and the latest of the new songs is now on hand and ready for immediate delivery Present seven coupons and 25 cents and receive a workwhich is purchasable nowhere else lor less than 60 cents Awarded Highest Honors Worlds Fair iKJPowden i - mm ill Store mftkrj Oity Attentiqn js directed to the Jargg and vmed litie pf Dress Goplismede Wfiite House v TheirPlaiixGom ffilife and Simper - vaM arelheMT value ever sjiown iaSan Francisco Their Black Gpentis replete with all the latest French oveItiesf fypulafPrlcr It am English Madras Organdies Piques Beogalines Scotch Cheviot French Duck Suiting and a great variety of New and Elegant Materials manufactured eiclus ively for the White House Special attention given tcoun try oruers ftWGsraer of Kearney PostSK ill diseases are caused by impure or depleted blood The - blood ought to be pure and rich It Is made so hy Scotts Emulsion the Cream of Cod - liver OIL Scrofula and naBmlaare overcome also arid Healthy Flesh is built up jrciW the world over endorse It - Doat fee B8ceTdibj5nistitij8st Preparsdby Soott BowneHY Afi Drain Refrigerated Heat Is Not Frozen Meat MEAT Is gradually cooled by scientific refrigeration preYenting deeoinposi - tion at - the bone - sockets so frequently found in beef treated under the old methods REFRIGERATED MEAT Is free from taint or putrefaction clean healthy palatable and nutritious - A HAND SAW IS A GOOD THING 1 BUT NOT TO SHAYJ mm IS THE PROPER THfflG FOR HODSfc I CLEANING nuv i UKnDrn v III Im v I Ji Uf V S Established 1850 mPOBTEBS AND DEALEB3IK Chinese and Japanese Fancy Cook asd xll xxtrDa or Canton CrapeEmbroldeTed Silk Shawls Bilk Handkerchief Pongee silk Satin Screens Portieres and Grass - H viotn lHeei Tea Firecrackers Aal Oil and Paney Hatting 640 SACRAMENTO STREET t BetKearnyan4McmtfomeryBsn rrancuca - Van only Pure Cream of Tartar Powder No Ammonia No Alum Used in Millions of Homes 40 Years the Standard Rupture Positively Cured no pat miTiii cured DS ANTHONYS HERNIA CUBE M Stoth Plwr Chronicle Solldg THE HICKS - JUDD CO Printers Bookbinders Blank - Book Manufacturer 23 FIHST ST Near MARKET

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