Pine Bluff Daily Graphic from Pine Bluff, Arkansas on July 14, 1897 · 1
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Pine Bluff Daily Graphic from Pine Bluff, Arkansas · 1

Pine Bluff, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 14, 1897
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THE GRAPHIC J rt SET ALL THE NEWS t 0 FIT TO PRINT." J "' 4 Read the Graphic 5 And get all the J f News that's fit to i J Print." i w m&mw. m&mmw aiMa wi .o i s: rv ki fcsi em Kir Mill 1:3 sii: ta es -i i i vaa v i ii ii est ii cwm Kir u n hi r.a ii 11 flS COMPLETE U ALL EDITIONS MAILABLE. PINE BLUFF, ARKANSAS. WEDNESDAY EVENING, JULY 1-1. 1897. 'IWILI BE THE CONDITION Jf THINGS IF THE WEST VIRGINIA MINERS COME OUT. Distance Telephone Says the West Virginia Miners Will (hit in the Next Forty, eight Hours. '.f,vr:i..vxn. Ohio. .Inly 1:5. Within f.eiht hours i It; vclopm puts of a deiiiitf character-are expected take place in the West Virginia ,!flelJs. The lending operator n-a long distance telephone mes-j.thw morning stating that nine Miiizeru had jiust left Pittsburg for West Virginia coal fields. The jiiiiwh't occupies a high othcial iiii in the .Mine Workers Union b nt the rutslnirg end of the ,iiie. .'.ii i:i.iy look for .something mini;' in that direction witldn the I fni'ty-ci 'iht hours, " lie said. :liiilile advices which I have re- tliis morning convince me ( hat t Virginia miners, will come out. ilioy wait for is a little urging ml lip union.'- I Jim free to confess at Kline 1 expected many men lil conn: out I never hoped for a complete; and overwhelming sirv as this." ! loading operator made a plain lenient, a .startling -'statement in j, but insisted his name must not ist'd. Since Saturday he said the strike has assumed a very grave tt.hut a full realization of the jcilid not reach Cleveland oper-snnd dealers until today. The sing or pretended confidence has geared. Several operators went ittshurg yesterday to attend the wcuce of arbitrators. One of -snid today: flip hit tint ion is very grave, and I tipnte some very startling devol-icnts within thenextforthy-eight ;rs, 1 believe the West Virginia w will come out, and that w ill athe tie-up complete." NUMBER 172; VALUABLE PEARLS, DISCOVERED IN A LAKE NEAR BALD KNOB. Organization of a Company Which Will JSngage ia tin Manufacture of Buttons. SUPPLY THE WORLD. 'est Oil Discjvery fiver Made-A Perfect Lake of Oil. iru., July 14. What is 8 a id tlw greatest oil discovery ever reported from Alaska. Some Prospectors several months ago afrosu what neenied to he a lake ' The lake was fed from innn- springs -and surrounding Wains full of coal. They St samples to Seattle and-a tiiinpatiy was formed and e.--nt up. They have returned tk'ir report has more than eont the first reports, sfaiil there is enough oil and the discovery to supply t be J. 11 is close to the ocean; in !lleil oozes but in salt water. ssld the Standard Oil Company already made an offer for the 'rt-v- The owners have nailed WO acres nnrl urn tintnrnllv 'Wei ted over their prospective PJIACTICE HIIOOT Our Shooters'' Breaking Blue Rocks Along. Right The days for the annual shoot, to be given by the Sportsmen's Association of Arkansas, is rapidly approaching, and out shooters are getting in trim. They now practice twice a week and a number of them are making good records. One of these shoots took place last evening, and out of a possible 30 the following scores were made: Bai.k Kx in, July 13. For some time our citzens have been hunting pearls on the lakes south of here, arid have been ver.i' succossinl in (hiding them. In hunting for the pearls they have thrown out and opened thousands of mussels, the shells now lining the banks. Mr. George C. Griffith, owns the land aronnd the lakes, and this morning a man from the north, who had heard of the number of shells there, came in aud he and Mr. (Irtlith went down to inspect them. . If they are suitable this gentleman says a company will be formed and a plant established here for the manufacture of pearl buttons. It. was at tirst thought that the shells would be shipped but now the promoters of the scheme think it best to manufacture the buttons Jiere. There has been about $1,000 worth of the gems sold here in the past three months. Targets. Score No. :'.i :W -27 Clements ' 2!! Speers " 21 Williams " W Martin " IS Fergus " 21 Howell IS Turney " 14 Meyer " 14 Arnold ' 17 IMPORTANT ARRES TAN KERSLEY ROBERTS & CO FIRE INSURANCE AGENCY. Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Co Commercial Union Assurance Company Limited, of London Hamburg-lSremen Fire Insurance Company of Germany Insurance Company of North America of rhiladelhpia xNew Orleans Insurance Association, New Orleans La Arkansas Fire Insurance Company of Little Rock Arkansas. f 5 offc7ou Protection in a--ve strong Companies, and solicit a lull snare of your patronage. Corner Main and Barraque .St. Pine Bluff, Ark LL& VERNON INSURANCE AGENTS, 107 W. 2d Ave FIRE TORNADO AND ACCIDENT Insurance AGENTS FOR THE FOLLOWING COMPANIES. Lancashire, of Manchester, England; Aetna or Hartfo'd Conn - Con neetieut, f Hartford, Conn; Mechanics and Traders, of New Orleans La LrusMiiii National, of Oermany; American Central of St. Louis '.Mo : hntish -America, of Toronto,. Canida; North Herman,, of Germanv' Queen of America: ICouitable. of Charlestnn S C, W,.cia,. a t.c:..-' r 11 In run n I Vi'vt. i- l'Kf.... ........ , t 1.1 i , ... . - " ... . tt , ' uhiiia n.-sunmr, oi CiiigiaiKl; I'liU'nix ance, of Hartford, Conn.; Union Casualty and Surity Co.: "Special attention given to gin and house contents. Insur- k Bar A BANK AT WRECKER IN JAIL HOT SPRINGS. A Meeting Held Tuesday at Which Officers for the Year Were Elected The prizes in the three classes A, B and C, were won by the following gentlemen: No. 59, Class A; Dr. Williams, Class 13; Mr. Arnold, Class C. 'Dr. William's was advanced to Class A. Ensuing '''''It-field & -Webb, ncents for 1('r Laundry, Little Hock, "will "laundry to jmy part of the A:i work guaranteed. A share !r Patronage solicited. tf. Mil: a i. me ti.V. N makes the lood pure. wholesome and delicious. mi Amfl(3 FQVDEII Aoiolutely Pure 6AKIN0 POxaER CO. i NEW YORK. The l'iii'j Bluff Outing Club held a very .important meeting at the Court House Tuesday afternoon.and many stock holders of the club were present. The following officers of the club were elected: President, Ii. d. Atkinson; "..Vice-President,. J. F. llutt; Secretary, and Treasurer, C. Voss. The Executive Committee, Messrs J. F. Hutt, E Ii. Bloom, and E. 1. Houston.' :".y. The club has decided to make extensive improvements nt its tishing waters in Crooked Bayou, A dam is to be built; a dock is to be erected in front of the club house; the boats of the club are to be put in good eoudi-tlon.arid tfie house nnd grounds are to be improved. Mr. Douglass Assassinated. A telephone message was received here this morning from Little Rock, stating that Mr. Douglass, the father of Mrs. M. 15. r.ryan, of this city, was assassiuated at his home near Little liock last tt'ght. Further particulars cannot be learned at this time. Pine Bluff Represented. He v. C. F. Ji Tate, pastor of the rfixth Avenue Baptist Church, and Mr. A. II. Nunckalls, president of the Young People's Society, left on the 12:20 1 rain today for ' Chattanooga, to attend the International Convention of the Baptist Young People's Union. This will probably be the largest convention of Baptists that ever assembled on the American continent or in the world. Delegates will be present from Can ada, Great Britain and other coun- j Pennsylvania ties, representing a constituency of nearly' 4,000,000 Baptists. Dispatches to the St. Louis Republic of fourdays ago announced that 12,000 delegates had already sent in their names to the local committee. This list will increase daily to the day of the convention, and half as many, more will attend unassigned. The session continues daily from July 15th to 18th, and will be held in the elegant new brick and stone auditorium erected by the City of Chattanooga for convention purposes. In addition to this, meetings will be held at the various churches of the city. j During Mr. Tate's absence his pulpit here will be filled by Rev. Mr. Wade, a recent college graduate, who ranks as one of the finest bra-tors in the State of Arkansas. Our people are enthusiastic': to hear him and a large crowd is assured at the services next Sunday. Said to be Cashier John B. Meixwell Who is Wanted at South Bethlehem, Pa. Hot St'iitxijs. July 13. The rnlice authorities made an important arrest today in the person of John 13. Meixwell, who is wanted in South Bethlehem, Pa., on the charge of robbing the National bank of that citv of $10,00:) on the 23th of last May. He had been cashier of the bank I for several years and was a tru-te-i employe. On the day above noted he disap peared together with a large amount of funds of the bank,- estimated at the above figures. He was heard from at Chicago several days later when all trace of hirn was lost. Then Pennsylvania authorities Hooded the country with descriptions of the fugitive with the 'result that Chief of Police Toler of this city, identified the man today in the pers'rm of a visitor going under the name of J Weaver, who has been here several weeks, registered from Kansas City. When searched quite a number of safety deposit keys were found upon his person. He is now in jail awaiting arrival of and officer from aains. We uiii ell the balance of our French China ami Novel lies at groat mine- lions, in order"' t j close It out, before putting in the Fu'l stock. ...... R. H. STEARNS & GO. NucTcssi,rs to M. PARSE & CO. W.acC... .0 .0 . ii ii ti v) it vt V V "f AffM fPi V- UM f . I' ! - t ii -A: or Jj It Will Please Vu. Many people plunge into t he ocean of misfortune, would sink is they hadn't some real estate to tlofit them. Every rightly made man has a. hankering after real estateit is an instinct that goes with man, and it is something that is within the reach of all. Continual small pay incuts will eat up the larg est amount and thcsninll paymentM won't amount to any more tlinn yon pay for foolishness. Think it over. BURKE, The Arkansas Legislature EFFORT TO AKMTRATE Labor Commissioners Strong Effort to Differences. Making Settle Timber .-Thieves. Yesterday United; States Marshal John Saulpaugh and Deputy Sheriff Culpepper returned from (irant County with Joe aud Frank Stomler-meyer, negroes.charged with cutting timber from government land. The defendants will be examined before P. S, ( ommissloner Burnett this afternoon. . PiTTsuuiiU, July 11. Arbitration commissioners representing-t ho live States in which the miners are now striking will make a strong effort to-dayto bring the .opera tors and miners to an understanding that will result in arbitrating or concil iating their difference. ' The Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania commissioners were reinforc d today by those from Illinois ami West Virginia. Passes the A. J. Mitchell By a jTremendous Vote of 125 to 0. THE BILL. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Arkausas, now h: session, that it" is a misfortune not a fault, and the greatest mistake people make in their lives who fail to patronize the only first class, up-to-date confectioner and newsdealer in the city of Pine Bluff, Jefferson county, Arkansas, viz: A. J. Mitchell. Kissing is both delightful and sweet, but not like A. J. Mitchell's temoe-anee -beverages, to-wit: Cocoa Cola, Dr. Pepper, Orange Sher-bert, Red Banana. Ice Cream soda, Pineapple Flip, Cheese Coreena, Nixie-Nit and anything else in that line. Every magazine and paper in the land, 'is sold on Main street- at my stand. Call around and see me, you'll never regret it, neither will 1. P. S. My Number is 20-3. THE KOH Extensive ROY BRIDGE. j Oreat complaint is made about reckless driving on the streets of tin Improvements Being H.v- T,lif' mormng a driver of a itran-ier wiii narrowi.v rscupru Made on It by the Cotton running over "Doc" Liesensky. A I stop should be put to. the practice, and all ofl'eners be arrested and Belt Railroad. A HonncJuiIrl NweKxity Cascarets Candy Cathartic, the most wonderful medical discovery of the age, pieasent and refreshing to gently and positively on kidneys, liver and bowels, flensing the entire system, dispel colds, Cure headache, fever; habitual constipation and biliousness.- Please buy and try a box of C. (.'. C. to-day; 10, 25. 5t cents. Sold and guaranteed to cure by all druggists. 12-Weod ; At an early ho.ur this -morning the thetnometexs registered 61 degrees. The officials of the Cotton Belt j muiished railroad are n-:v making big im provements on the Plank protection am men will be employed on the works. The work is being done under the supervision of Chief Engineer Kelley. Chinese restamT QUONCi WAH, Prop. 113 VAST THIRD AVENUE. J. Ed Murray Camp. The J. Ed Murray Camp, ex-Confederate Veterans will hold an important meeting nextMonday night, July lit, at the court house, at which tiine ofllccrs for the ensuing year will be. elected and considerable business will be transacted. All members are urged to be pit-sent. The only Restaurant in Pine Bluff wViere people can go and get a first class meal at price. Polite and attention. Regular Twenty-one meals reasonable courteous meals iMc. for $:SM. Extra tor set order. finest China Tea for sale at 50 cenfs per lb. Read the ads.

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