The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 19, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 19, 1950
Page 9
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MONDAY, TONE W, 19W BLYTHEVn-LE (ARK.) COUTUER NEWS PAGE NINE Vote on Expanded Social Security to Start Tuesday By KDWIN' B- HAAKINSON' W^IINGTON, June 19. (AP) — Senaj^Democratlc and Republican leaders teamed up today in an effort to speed passage of an expand- ied social security program. Voting ! on amendments Is set to start to: morrow afternoon. In .separate Interviews, Democratic Leader Lucas of Illinois and Senator Taft (R-Ohio), OOP policy leader, told a reporter they expect the social security measure to go through in about the form It came from the Senate Finance committee. Lucas Is pushing for one amendment that would increase the taxable wage base to $3,600 a year. II now Is $3.000 with employes am employers each contributing 1 1[2 per cent of wages up to this amount. Senator George (D-Ga), finance committee chairman and in charge ot the bill, was expected lo go along with the Lucas proposal If he and other Democrats would drop other amendments. Would Add 10,000,000 The Senate bill would add an estimated 10,000,000 persons to the 35,000,000 now covered by the old age and survivors Insurance program. Both it and a similar measure already passed by the House would sharply increase monthly benefit payments to aged persons, but the Senate committee dropped Ho\ise provisions for Increases in the related old age assistance program. These are the payments to aged persons and others who qualify on a needs basis rather than under the so-called Insurance. Both senators George and Milll- kln (It-Colo), former finance chairman, are battling for the senate policy of Increasing old age insurance coverage and cutting down on the public assistance program termed a relief or dole by some critics. Draft Next Since'reaching the agreement to vote Tuesday upon all amendment and then the bill, Senate debate has lagged on social security, am this has permitted the Senate t dispose of other matters. Thus it was passible to open de bate today on extension of tl peacetime draft act, now set to ex Ire June 24. Majority Leader Lucas hopes omplete action on the draft riieas- ire this week and send it back to he House which previously had >assed a different extension, The biggest ScnnU; battle on the draft is expected over a provisEor by Senator Russell <D-Ga) • that would allow any person enlisting or drafted Into the armed services to request service only in units madi up of persona of his own race. That runs contrary to Presidcn Truman's directive to end Negrc .segregation in the armed service but It has approval from a major ity of the Senate armed service committee. While the House Itself has mil business immediately scheduled, its Ways and Means Committee is a the point of an important tax vote. The committee Is considering tax boost of about $500,000,000 year for big corporations. The ide is to raise enough revenue else where to keep President Truman from vetoing proposed cuts in excise taxes on such things as movies, transportation, Jewelry, nntl Jane CoVfl, Former many other items. -Beginning:The Mature Parent?l y Here's the first of 10 articles that' approach child - parent relations from n unique perspective—that of problem children themselves. But tills scries Is written for the normal child and his normal parent by a distinguished authority on the prevention and control of Juvenile delinquency—the executive director of The Children's Village, rained training community for undisciplined nnd unadjusted hoys at Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. In It he shows the way to avoid mistakes that turned other youngsters Into serious "problem children." When parents come to terms with their own fears nnd Insecurities, problem children will cease to be problems. The current vogue of Iwoks on pa- rent guidance, our growing Interest some niaylc way to will our youngsters' love and respect, are Indications of the uncertainty we feel ill our dealings with them. Hut in our Mai to follow the experts' prescriptions for giving children "understanding" nud a "feeling of acceptance," we have lost sight of the nil-Important fact that these good gifts can lie made only by parents who understand and accept themselves. The mother of a boy branded ill court as "Incorrigible" said to me: "I tried to keep a decent home, lie had love. But lie always had a will of his own. I ne\ f er dared cross him." She was suffering from humiliation and grief over her son's trouble. 'She was also suffering from fear FIND THE KING — King George Vf is almost lost under the fumed bearskin of Ihc Coldslream Guards. The picture was snapped during a recent ceremony in . the Horse Guards P.nrade.. M^rhodists End Conference NORTH LITTLE ROCK, June 19. (/Ph-The annual meeting of the North Arkansas Conference of the Methodist Church ended here yesterday with reading of pastoral appointments. There were two changes In district superintendents. The Rev. W. F. cooley, who has been pastor at Eussellville, was "named superintendent of the Fayettevllle district to succeed the Rev. E. H. Hook. Mr. Hook was assigned as superintendent of the Western Methodist Assembly at Mt. Sequoyah. Dr. \V. Henry Gootlloe, who has been pastor of the first church at Jonesboro, was assigned as superintendent of the Fort Smith district. He succeeds the Rev. Cecil R. Culver, who has ben designated pastor of Wlnficld Church, Little Rock, in the Little Rock conference. The North Arkansas Conference will meet next year at Paragould. EDSON Continued from Page 8 were dirt farmer captains. But In the city It was the women who did a lot of work. They held meetings at 9 o'clock in the morning. 2 o'clock In the afternoon, 8 o'clock at night —in schools, churches, private homes, over the back fence. All meetings were open. The big job was educational, and it was aimed at the May primary. What were the officers to be elected—what did they do? What were the salaries? How long were, they elected for? What did a congressman do, a circuit court Judge, the prosecuting attorney, the state legislators, the county clerk, recorder and commissioners the township trustees, justice of the peace, constable? Next, who were the candidates? Their names, their records? Here the American Guard decided to publish a "Voters' Manual." It is a M-page pamphlet. I'm told that when the "Guard took the copy for this manual to one Indianapolis print shop, U.A.W.-C.I.O. headquarters In Detroit called up the printer and told him if he took the job he would never get any more union business. He passed It up. But another union shop took it, and th< booklet came out with a union label. Some of the candidates refused if submit : biographical data. for the Voters' Manual. Of 40 candidates who failed to make such response after three Invitations, only six were elected. Stage Star, Is IH SANTA MONICA, Calif., June 19. (AP)— Serious illness has hospital- C.I.O.-Backed Candidates Lost Out! teed Jane Cowl, popular and oeau- Judy Garland Fails To Show up for Work And Gets Suspension HOLLYWOOD, June 19. (AP) — Suspension has knocked Judy Garland out of n film role for the second time in a year. Her studio, M-G-M, said that she has been suspended for failure to report for work Saturday in a picture in which .she was working with Fred Astaire. A replacement for her, said M-G-M. will be arranged One other statisic offered is that of 18 candidates endorsed by the C.I.O.-P.A.O. — 15 Democrats and three Republicans—six were nominated and 12 were defeated. The C.I.O. union papers blasted -the American Guard at every tiful stage star of a generation ago and once known as America's foremast "Juliet." A physician said she entered the hospital 10 days ago and hiis undergone surgery in an effort to correct a chronic abdominal ailment. do time was taken to criticize it. The Guard claimed it' endorsed no candidates of either party. There nance. Shop and local union news- | The duration of her hospital stay papers criticized the Guard nnd ra- ^ undetermined. Miss Cowl, now 65, made her debut In 1903, played "Romeo nnd Juliet" in 856 consecutive perform,« tu ,,u,,mi«m e ,u, c , M »i^ ...,= . 01 , N k b „„,,„ j „ nay have been some cheating on _ *• B :his. But the elfort was made to :eep the whole campaign bl-par- gardless of party. tisan. 24, 1923, and starred in such hits as "Lilac Time," "Smllln 1 Through" and "Within the Law." She moved ot Hollywood several years ago. Miss Cowl Is (he widow of Adolph Klauber, New York Times drama critic. Ills week. Miss Garland wasn't available last night but n spokesman said she woidd have no statement until "we talk to the studio people to sec what this is all about," probably today. Betty Hutton replaced Miss Oarland in "Annie Get Your Gun" last year after Ihc latter was suspended. of him. Although she loved him sincerely, fear was stronger; that's why he was In trouble, . When we grant children the right lo their own Ideas, to speak their own minds and feelings, we should not forget to claim the same rights for ourselves. We live by our convictions of rlKht and wrong. And we can champion convictions fearlessly, without dreml of Inducing dark and mysterious ailments In our children. A child's emotional lioallh Isn't endangered by n just nnd indignant rebuke to something wrong. It can be seriously Impaired if he has to live with a parent made irritable and uncertain by suppressed hu initiation nnd resentment. When you find yourself constantly excusing your child's bad temper or impudence. It's time to take Inventory of your feelings, not of his. Don't Ire shocked when you discover what you rrally feel. If It Is indignation and n!;i;er. accept them. Your reaction Is proper and natural. If you accept It, you'll find your own way to convey your Indignant reaction as natural nnd proper to your child—and give him perhaps his first inkling of the human being behind the parent he has bullied and taken for granted. When we withhold correction from a child who needs It, our motive is less often love for him than fear of what he may do to hurt us in reprisal. Tomorrow: Don't let yesterday's tinhapplncss rob toihty's Joy, An entire mountain range, (lie Chinos, Is enclosed by Big Bend National Park In Texas. You'll Love Our [''lowers! HI.YT1IKVILLE FLOWER MART Mrmphl. Hlw»j Phonr M02 From where I sit... l Joe Marsh The Information collected by the •uard was turned over to educa-. :ional leaders meeting directors, :elephone assistants, and correspondents appointed for eiich of the 35 precincts and smaller units. The result of all this awakening of public interest spoke for itself in the primary election last May. Fifty-six per cent of Madison County's eligible voters went to the polls. This was higher, than any of Indiana's 92 counties. In the 1944 primary the turn-out In Madison County was only 33 per cent of the voters. The Anderson American Guard is now preparing to do a similar educational job for the November election. One of the major efforts here will he to set up voting machines and dummy machines and •teach the voters -how;, to split a ticket. The idea is to get the voters lo vote for the best candidate, re- NEXT:. What, the American Guard stands for and its prospects for state and national organization. Hap Thomas "Cleans Up" It's about a year now since Hap Thomas bought tlt;it run-down gns station on River Koad. And because the last two owners had gone broke trying to make it pay, fnlks figured Hap was bound lo follow suit. They said so—out loud. But Hup went right ahead. When he painted llicbuildtng white (with red shutters nnd a red door) people called him crazy for wasting all his money on a lemon. He also put in a luwn nntl planted shrubs. You should have h*art! the wiscncrcs laugh then! B«t Hap didn't pay them any mi ml, because by this lime business was slnrUntj to roll in. He's now "cleaning up" with the moncy- makingcstgnsslation around here. From where I sit, fellows like Hap and like Andy, for instance, over at the Garden Tavern, have one secret of success. Andy keep« his tavern clean and bright— in cooperation with (be Ilrewcra' Sclf- Kcfrulatinn Progiam. Whether it's a pas station or tavern—good appearances mean good business! ARKANSAS DIVISION, UNITH* STATES BREWERS FOUNDATION DG., LITTLE ROCX, A1K, BEAVER CHECKS IN- teheilagh Nenle models something new in fur coats, displayed at the recent British Fur Trade Manufacturer's showing in Lon- tJ^, Beaver furs are dyed in tlVtrasting colors and sewn together in this bold check pattern. Its got more Come-on Political Announcement The Courier News nts been authorized to announce the following candidates, subject lo the Democratic primaries. July 25 and August 8. FOR cowry JUDGE Roland Green FOK STATE REPRESENTATTVl U R All try Re-election Post No 3 John tl Cowan Kenneth S Sulcer Post No 2 Albert A. Bniiks Post No. 2 E. O. "Gene" Fleeman (For re-election Past No. «) W. F. Wells For state Senator W R Nicholson J. Lee Bearden SHERIFF AND COI.U3CTOH Osce Nunnally Its got more GO] Chrysler first introduced high-compression power! Chrysler still leads Iho parade in all that high-compression power can do for you! Come let Chrysler's Spitfire High-Compression Engine show you the difference! In traffic it's flexible and speedy! With plenty of power for the toughest hill! With o combination of advantages no other engine can offer . . . from automatic gear-shifting that gives you fu/l control ... to v/ater- proof ignition that prevents stalling in rain or high water! But . . . Chrysler power is only one of the built-in values all the way through the car! Come see beauty that has no equal for "come-on"! Drive! Compare! Relax! And we're sure you'll buy Chrysler from now on! Did You Hear? of the Million-Dollar Cr»p Damage in Mississippi Count) and Southeast Missouri. Bay Hailstorm Insnranci Now—-It's loo late (o replant! United Ins. Agency All Forms of Insurance 1st & Main—Rear Citj l)r»t 4-OOOK SCDAN See rt—drive it ... there's built-in value all the way through! The Beautiful CHRYSLER Advantages of Chrysler's High Compression Spitfire Engine! Advantages of Chrysler's Fluid Drive with Fluid Drive Chrysler's Advantages In Comfort and Safety Woftrproof tgration — prevent* il offing In rafn or high walerl tubrrfxJ Cy/iWir Woffi —chemical protection (or int/eaied life. Floating Pew»/—helpi eliminate vibration. Svptr rrrw'ibW Partt — reduce friction, lot) longer, fxhavtl Vofvt $*af lni«rfi — reduce r;e«d for valve grinding! Ml Haw Oil Fflf*r—keep* oil clean! Asrfwnoh'c G*or Stifling— ~">^ ' g1 ' control of yovr carl B«tf»r b-«ffe»i — safer no ifippery roadi. Cwiv«n:«nci of cfVfch for eail«r porVing, SJovvar Engine Sp*Wi — reduced nolle, wear. Sovei gaiotinel Drive in h!gh while olheri drive in low In froffie. t-vrtftionaiDivvn— full room Ic* your head, [egt, ihouldeu. Eoiy To enter onrf [cove! Safe Gvord Hydraulic irolti — imoother ilopt, len pedal preuure. Cyclebonded. lininot for double Ihe wear, fatlmotif Opvrafeo* WirtJiVeW Wiper— comlarl ipeed all rhe time! CMr Heigfrf Start—no croudiing, yov Ml naturally! Wefy Kim WS«Wt—won't throw tirei after blowogH al normal ipeedi. T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. • 121 E. Main Street BEFORE YOU BUY ANY NEW CAR Better See Stii' & Young Motor Co. PIANO TUNING and ir GROVER'S BODY SHOP Clear I,nke Avc. & Clark 81. Expert Hotly nnd fender Ucpair Highest Qualify Auto Painting All Types Radiator Work By Highly Skilled Mechanics Every Job Guaranteed Owned & Operaled by Grover Canada Phone 0981 Done by Honded Serviceman Every Job Guaranteed Everything in Music Supplies and Repairs |WE MAKE RECORDS BROOKS MUSIC STORE 1107 E. Main I'lionc 681 RADIO AND TELEVISION REPAIR Factory-Trained Mechanics Any Make or Model Prompt Service Reasonable Prices Phone 2642 We Pick Up and Deliver Fred Collihan IHISn Kirsl St., Hlythrville Rent A Car ... Drive !t Yourself Fresh Crappio Chicken Dinner Package Delivery Ariywhcn Simpson's Cafe STATE LINE Phones .19-18 - 037 GLASS INSTALLED SalisCaclion Guaranteed Blytheville Glass & Paint Co. I'hone 6716 TRUCK BEDS Made from the Finest Oak BARKSDALE MFG. CO. For Safe, Prontabj| GrainStorage Galvanized STEEL GRAIN BINS Ftrc-sn fc, weathe rodent-proof. Permanent, long-life construction. } convenient s.7,e$: 14'xS'— 1000 bti.j I S'xl I '—2200 l>u.; 18'xl6'—3276 bu. -I Order Butler Galvanized Grain Bins NOW from 312 South 2nd Phone 6863 Anhydrous Ammonia Fertilizer Custom Application Chas. Broaden Phones 6847 — 6234 1/2 Mile South on Highway fil

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