The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 29, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 29, 1949
Page 13
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.TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 1949 OUT OUR WAY ByJ. R.Williams Our Boarding House with Maj.Hooplc (AKK1 COURIER NEWS THIS is ivte FIRST ME/M. REMEMBER HIM MISSIMG SINCE "We MIGHT TH& MOV/llOG VAW GAME HIM A eooy 61SCLHTS ARE t)UE HE'S AS PUMCTUAL- AS TUB PULL- MOOM/ IT'S A U6T OOWN/t A1ISS •fHe BKEKlH-v LESS CAM GET A LITTLE SAUL. THE LIBRARY AhJD ASK. IP THEY HEAR A 5NORB= //- 2 , " J.ltV*UJ<vM» , BORM THIRTY YEAR lnr J o h Rs office worker o r lpsIBdy. Ph. 42M Hj29 pit 12.Q PAGE THIRTEEN ^ Notice LIVE STOCK MEN ATTENTION FARMERS Dead, fallen and crippled animals picked up free of charge in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 6142, iilythe- ville, Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAL DISPOSAL CO. 11121 pt 12 21 —BAZAAR— Beautiful handwork, reasonable prices! Buy your ChristniRs gifts nt our annual bazaar at the Legion Pint, Wednesday, Dec. 7. Sponsored by the ladies of tile Catholic Church. 11-15 c k 12-6 WARNING ORDER In the Chancery Court, Chirka- «awha District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Joseph A. Elmbaok, Plt(. v «. No. 11,136 Tasuallna RImback, im. The defendant Tnsunlina Rimback Is hereby warned to appear within thirty days In the court named in Ihe caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff Joseph A. nimback. Dated this 28 day of November 1949. Harvey Morris; Clerk By Betty Bunn, B.C. H. G. Partlow, attolncy for plaintiff. Jesse Taylor, attorney ad lilem. 1129-12,6-13-20 TMK VTORTr Mnrll. K»u,r I... fcfrn Mnr4rrr4 nn* n.r mill*-* • frm. !„ [,,. „ YnliinMr r.rnrllnn rnnirr, ,,l,l r (. hr „,. , rrlnf ,„ „,] unrl whirl. \,|1 IWrlll .!„!„,, H („ "trn. llnenr ninlr. ™ko r,,,,. . r<« «>,.,„. „„,, ,, hn „„„,„ ,,,, ram,.. nnj. , h , „,„,.,,,.,.,,, „„„ """I ImmrJInrrlr Af lrrtrnrrl« - 1 "'I'*«»lr Sn ...... tl^Af ..... ,,. «»'. nnnrnr. „„ II,,. „,.,„,.. Th , r no nol rrpnrr th r rrfmr fr. pnllr *" »«mr. I M k. Ar- xm ^; milsirte the wlnrtnw. Arnold Pfieflcr heard Hagar Blair speak. "Well. Arnold--; » ti ml -,) tiH1c mouse. You saw how he iuesled Ihc pm like a hot notalo when he brought it to trie shop. Obviously he was pantinE to got rid of it. I!e may have dropped the emplv box in my car as a kind of sijrnal I didn't tell yon ahont the box— thought H would irp.^ft yon. I found it lust before I went to Martin r.ilter's." "But why would Arnold leave the cameo here?" Stephanie Smith asked. "Maybe he took it bark., to Falter and fount) him murdered. Or. on the other hand, maybe he took It up there and they had words and Arnold stabbed him." Arnold's scalp crawled. The old bag of bones, he thoughl furiously. if she were lo an to the police with an idea like that! Then he closed his mouth abruptly. Someone was coming up Hagar Blair's pathway. Arnold saw Hagar leave the bedroom when the doorhell sounded. He left the window and moved cautiously to the front of the house. The outside light flicked on and the caller's identity was revealed: Andrey Yakov! "My apologies for this late call/' Yakov said lo Hagar. There is something I must discuss wilh you. It is important." Arnold crouched in the shadows wondering how he could hear whnt went on between Ynkov and Hagar. He permitted himself to ulier a mild oath when he realized he was shut out completely. He crept away from Hagnr Blair's house, reached the sidewalk, and wilh quick, cal-like steps, struck off for town. • • • VAKOV .settled himself on Ha~~- Ear's tropical divan. He offered her one of his long, fragrant ciRarets; which she refused. "Well. Miss Blair." he began, "exciting events take place in even the quietest of small American towns, do they not?" "What exciting events are you talking about?" Yakov gave a slight chuckle, "Surely even you cannot be so blase as to consider a murder unexciting!" "A murder?" "Ah, Miss Blair." Yakov waved hand in protest, "you looked upon the body of our poor friend, did you nol? When his blood was nlmosl fresh, perhaps." Hagar's flesh crawled visibly. He leaned back. "Let us be honest with one another. You were there looking for the cameo. So?" "So what! What were you looking for, Trolskyitcs?" Yakov's smile disappeared He gnnwed one edge of his narrow mustache. "May I ask if you found the cameo?" "I'll give you a straight answer: If it was around Martin's place anywhere, 1 certainly didn't find it." Yakov looked relieved. "I, also, made a careful search without result- If neither of us could locate the gem, it probably was not there. Perhaps you have thought where to look next? it mighl be politic to put our brains together. Neither o( us can buy ft until it is relumed to its Icgcil owner. The charming Nellya." "How do you know charming hasn't go it now?" "I have just talked to Nellya at her sludio." Hagar sniffed. "Tom there?" she asked pointedly. "I assisted Nellya in gcltins him into his bed. He arrived home feeling very unhappy and very in. His slomach." Ynkov palled his own lightly. "Very sad." "Very. Did you tell the O'Neills about the murder?" Yakov looked painted. "Tlint is something 1 could not do. They will learn soon enough." Yakov .avoided her eyes. He shrugged and sighed. "A tragic Ihing. A man peacefully sleeps on his own bod. and while ho in- nocenlly dreams. an nssnssin plunges a knife into his neck!" JTAGAR gripped the arms of her ' chair: "Neck? I thought he wns slabbed in Ihe chest?" "You did not look closely nt [ho body? But, no. You would not il was loo horrifying for a lady'.i eyes. However, the wound wns .it the base of the neck, a very liny mark—one would have to search." "If Martin was slabbed in Ihe neck, how come his chcsl was drenched wilh blood? I mean, so much blood!" "1 would guess that the knife was plunged into an artcrv, though I am nol enough of ,-in anatomist lo make a positive statement." "Did you see the knife?" One of Yakov's heavy eyebrows slanted upward, "Did you?" llagar blurled. "Stop trying lo piny cat and mouse with me! Of course I didn't! For all ! know, maybe you stabbed him nnd have the knife in your pocket right now!" Hagar took hold of herself. "It seems lo me we're being prelty casual aboil! all this. I'm tired, too. If you'll excuse me, now—" Yakov bowed, "Certainly. But, before 1 go, as a special kindness, would it be possible for me lo see your cameo collodion? As I lold you, I, also, am an enthusiast." (To Be Continued) •"»""' -~»e« iy —.a/ -*-.«. 4ol3£ ^*w^* ir>:. *^J VISITING U. S.-Brilish Held Marshal Viscount Montgomery had a wide smile as he arrived an New York aboard the Queen ^lary for a two-week visit. The general sees no immediate threal of war in Europe. "If Ihere were any, 1 wouldn't be here," he said. r WOODS Drug Store A Experienced Prescription Service WOODS Store Each year the earth rotates on Us axis about 366V! times. SICK? Stomach, Liver and Gall Bladder upset, Tongue coated, Bad breath. Bad taste. 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All Work Guaranteed Far 12 Munlhs 531 N'orlh inih I'bone (i(ll)l FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY 4IERRIU, BLOSSEB Two Koul Strikes HlESE I'LAYPUL UTTLETo'ES ELMO AMD ZINNIA SNOOGlk "This report card is too good—now my dad is K «lng to keep me at thoso books every minute expecting m« to lead the class!" PRISCILLA'S POP Clean (o Uic Kinish BY AL VKIIMEER LA'5T JAMUARV RESOLVED TO KEEP YOUR NAILS CLEAN.. AMD YOLI'VF KEPT YOUR WORD! " I'LL BE Gl AD WHEN THE. YEAR 15 OVER, i Moil I e Loses a i!ct l. O'MALLIOY and ItALPH LANE CAPTAIN KASY HY LRSUE TURNER LEGGO1 X TPV ! V °" L J T !LERJmrAM-"wE'M RIDDLE VOU WITH LKAD KEEP TWO OUASZos OH DUTY TIMES! 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TO THINK OF WHAT THAT STOsy \yli_L DO TO THE SM_E OF SEATS IN •\^ DETROIT.' .©^t- '—^_^«05sre2^4."../- ^ i M .*. ^^~~^mm v.r. „—.-^,..,;- I't.y-f&Sgn/if-tt L-y^.I^wiSliHii BY KWJAR MARTIN

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