The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 9, 1933 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 9, 1933
Page 8
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•ETOHT Spoiled Record for Trojans Tlumiliill Brings Stanford Beck In First Year As : Head Coach. . EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the i:i<t ui a icrlf of article on Ilie t2?;er cf Claiiiii' K. "Tiny" Tliurn- 1'iP, reach uf (be Slarfcnl l.'nl'.cr- slty fcUbsll. U-.iur. Ihal inrrls Co- h.n:Ua, In tlic IIOKO Itoil :il I'an- u\n:i NVw year's l)a>. I!V HIM. IIHAITIIKK N:;A snvii-.: sjwjfc r;.iuor Vr'hrn the auv.'^.iv; fco:i'. Stan- fr.rd )3. Unlvi-isit;-- of Soatnein California 7. •»'::* flushed ucrc.y i"c country rc-iv-ntl;- 1 . the football vorld rubbid if- eye 1 ; :iiul :i skid. "Can .such tl.'i'r '*'?" That score meant defeat til a Tiojan foo;to!l iiyn::sty that linn prevailed f.o Io"p ii c:i:nr to lie icgardfd as au.'ost perfect. And ii meant that C:ai:de E. "Tir.y" 'Jhernhlll, wlius:- li;;hi lud been Mdden untirT the Pop Wjivncr bvchc-1 lor 12 U' had flan-d in- lo L'rilltancc as '» bi^-tlmi. 1 co:uJi. And Ii meant the Hose Howl Si-'v Year's Day for Stanford. Hie first llm; .since 19^8. Who was ThornhlH Where did he come from' What kind' ol naglc did lie tench those Stanford toys tint ihey suddenly .•hn.ld become so givat? How \vus lie able to b;illrt. with material Pop Warntrr had despaired ol, a gildiron machine tlmt really clicked? * • * To give a fc?,- answers. "Tiny" !s called by that name because .he's big — G feet an inch and a half tall, with "f-0 pounds of I'.md and active tody. He yrins frequently, but can command quickly and persuasively Ho has a I'm.' of humor, mid \(-iy definite Ideas about te.K'hlns fouiball. AI HO, he can look back upon a career created on tjrldirons throuch- •cu( the countiv as n player n:id coach. "Tiny" Is a "hoy from the coiin- iry." Until he was G he lived on a farm near Richmond, Va. Then his Scottish ' father nad Irinli mother moved .to West Virginia where Tiny breams seriously ill vilh scarlet feu-". .so ill that dele- ters declared h'ni to be uanily?ed . In both legs i.r,d said lie would • not walk asaiu for several years • Tiny had b?eu in n wheel chair iur 17 months -;hcn ft Dr. Shnn- non.- described rs "n horse and cow doctor," tii'.pcd exercise ns cure. • • • Young Thorn bill logon lo work on the horizoi/.nl bars. Tile doc- toi prescribed copp;r-lotd boots to strengthen and stretch his leg muscles. As soon ns Tiny contrived to walk Kjnln, Dr. Shannon ordered him tn run "always uphill." .The boy tcgsoi to gain strength v 'His parents saw that IIL- liucl ever, chance to exercise in games ol Useball, football, ice hcckey, la- ciosse. tennis. Young Thcrnhlll _ learned every outdoor gam:. The fanilly moved to Beaver, Pa., where the elder Thornhill became general manager of a pot- lory factory. T.ny, now hard and strong, became high school fullback i\nd 440-vard an'd 880-yard Ui-ck specialist. During one summer he made cup handles in the factory, a joi> lit which he earned $1.25 a day. Another he spent in a coal mln- as a "mulc-skln- rei." Another vacation he put in v.ith a survc'.ii'!: gang and de- c'clcd he would become a minlii" engineer. .On* day he returned from 'the football .field -,v:th a knee cracked up and n o'Lslocnted slicnilder HL' parcnli demanded that \- e null ihc game, but Tiny assured them he v.ould -bs more careful 11 in the future. As a matter of fact he became mote skillful. lcarnin<> lo avoid Injury. * * Hube Wagner, cap'.ain of the University of ^iltsbursh team 'C years ayo. saw Thorehill perform ai an all-s;ar game and convinced him Piltsturgh was if-E place to fj to study nmi!;i (-ngineering. r.r.y won a renator'.'. |!->larshlp on:l go : a job opf:ra[ . l^fe .an ele-.ator ^n an olficf ^uild- Dul again his , ); , ront - rebc ,, at football. Wi en Thornhill wen f-o Pitt, there was rinslna in hi tars an uliiiiiatum asaliis: tl-i Lame. Ice Inckey. baseball o other snorts, yes-bin not going to ynur in? that dans-roux S This Is a Feet-lire Study SATURDAY, DRCPMBKR 9. 1933 Trojans Lose First Grid Contest But Gain Glory Willi " louchclown." FiiBnv'ltv. 1 . in ihelr initlnl con'"<:'. tlie lilvthevllle neRro high chcol Trojans dropued a 26 to 0 '!r-l';lnn lo the Munassas hlfih ••'•l»iol Tiijer.i of Memphis In the '»•'••( nwo football Kamo ever 1 d here last night. The p.iuie. ulayed at Haley Field • 'ii-w a small fatherim; of fans •••'>•• were treated to some unusual i"'u.s. I nifiillfl their loss the Trojans i'lued n movie finish when they '•ii-eil ihelr Inni- touchdown on' '••• iiisi olay of the game. Close '•ivrsllaalliin of the. play might o established connivance be-: •<.T-en the two elevens, however, as! 1 :mm-nri-<l that I'he Tigers lorm- 'd an cxcellont srmnd of lielpers '<:'• (lie Ulytheville player who! •:aiiL r lil a puss and raced about 70, ••nr:is for the .score. But it was! - touchdown, the first ever count-, d by a team of the tocal at Blythevilles Theatres THE CITZ \vi>iit im I'.ivii hailed In llol- f,!i;,ries Farrcll and Margemltc !>\vood as IJarbar.i SlanwjTk's ciiuichill lurnisli the romantic inmost emotional picture in which terest. white Charlie Huggtos, her io:e is far remote from any- ! Gregory Ruloff, Walter Woolf and she has ever d'jne before ou'r;:;ice Biadlcy are In the supporl- i::i; cast. The story is the and furl- cus icmnnce between a younrj boy from the mountains of Tenni^ee i:nd the most Hamorou.s artists' BRUSHING UP SPORTS By Laufer Hooks and Slides Bill Braucher Enjoying a Necking Parly Bit' Ed Wade, sopliomurc grldrlei 1 of Utah A'jriL-iiltuial College. •:; a hard guy to spill. The reason is shown—Iwo shoes, size M. wl;lch completely dwarf the No. 4's of lone Tuvtot. jcliool sccre- 'iliih. and it (jiivp (he school's sin- j tiiry. 'I lie factory where Ed's shoes were made hid lo have a con- •innl txidy something to be proud. nnnnlion cf the order before it would stait mtinnfacturim; the shoes. 'if In p. (jaine that otherwise had I Memphis written all over it. | The TH;ers, using n complicated i "hifl :nid reverses, proved entire-1 'v too much for their green op- •lonents lo cojw wllli but the game 'nid jt.s inlereslinfr moments. Once n Memphis wininnan ellmed high Into Ihc air lo crab a pass that •seemed far out of his reach. Again a Memphis player grabbed a pass while olf his feet and was hit hard and furiously by 'a Blytheville. back l>cfcrc he reached the louiul iigiiin. The tackling of one niythevlllc back stood out as did the running of a pair of the Tiger ball carriers. Indians are ;rid to IK petting, ready lo dispoi? of Wesley Terrell "ywi ar li'le uViv " James Buch-ir^n Mas the onl tinmatried president of the Unite Oir-Scasr.n llaieball Nincty-eiaht players were involved 111 deals inndc by the l-E'scball magnates at Galveslon . .Operatives r-t Cedar Rapids, IB., say that it'e true about Earl WhHchill baggi"s a moose and a couple of deer in Canada recently, indicating the eld eye Is still as t,rod as it wai when he shut out Ihc Ciianls in the world scries. Advices at Ivnrt are to the cf- ir-ct the Cindmirti Reds will (rain 'n Tampa, ihotieh for what isn't revealed....Chu^k Klein's batting t'V.'rage on tin -oad last year was .?P,() — and his salary with the Ci'bs is beiiif; put down as 20! Uiand My nomination for the j w \ or Republic Elects job of Detroit manager Is Steve ; ... „ .:. O'Neill, once the greatest catcher In the majors . •&'•' / the screen, will be pieyented Sun-; 'liv and Mondav at the Hili- when 1 "Ever in .My Heart." by Warner Hros. has its premiere. lender lomance and powerful drama are laid first in a quaint N'ev England villa;;e then sweeps lo the American sector in France after America entered the world her latest screen appearance in war. Harbarfc Sliuwyck plays the "Hoopla." her second slnrrini; Tiim rcle of a sweet Mew England tjlrl to be. released miller the banner of married before the war to a Gcr- Fox Film. The production is slat- man professor of chemistry, who>d for n 2 dav engagement at l!ic to "his native land and Plla Theatre bcginniii;; on Tliurs- dny. in the r UHiilel In all Paris. Clara Uo\v. Hie ever-fiery, makes joins their army, before we entered the conflict. '•'Ever in My Ilenit," is said to carry the most powerful climax c1 '' ever .shown nu the screen when the lovini; wife, as a canteen worker in France comes fnee toi face witli her liu.slxind as a Ger-! man spy. Other celfbriiies in the ca.vt in-! elude Ralph Bellnmy aj;d Ruth! Donnelly. j "Oirl Without a Room." to piny at the Ritz Tuesday and Wednesday, is an adaptation of Jack Lait's sensational Flory of the same. name. In (he screen play "Hoopla" Miss Bow depicts art of a fiery carnival dair:- nd the • environment of tlie ojien-air show fontis a kaleidoscopic background for her eon- .'ii'.iitly-changinfj emotions aud the ii:v of her iwrsonality. •• The cast in snpwrt of Miss now is headed by I'reston Foster and Kiehard L'romwell and further includes Herbert Miindin. James Olcason. Minna Conibcll, Hojjcr inihof and Florence Roberts. Saturday. Rl Brendcl 'lill star in "Olson's Big Moment" at the nil/, when. the serial "Perils of Pauline" will be shown. THE studios of Fox Him i tnrc take Jim 13io-,vnin% retained his heavyweight wrestling title by a neck- that of Sammy Stein's—as lie met, the Jewish n umpion in n title bout in New York. The picture shows the not too gentle James about to commit mayhem with n .ehin hold designed to wrin^ Sammy's neck. From the comes Jrese I,. Lasky's latest lecse. "The Worst Woman in • Paris?" The film is slated for a, two day engagement at the Rosy j Tlieatre beciiinint; Sunday. I It is rcnoiled thai. Adolpho .Men- j jou who portrays the wealthy man , luout town and Dcnita Hume who • imrtray.s the Parisian beauty have' the.most important roles in their! careers. In sunport of Men jou and Miss Hume, the cast is headed by Harvey Stephens, who will be remembered for his ouistnnrllng per- feinmncc \ 1; Ith Janet Gaynor in "Parldy. The Next. Best "Thing." with Helen chandler who here makes a return to the screen after a long absence. The remain- in? members of the cast include Margaret Soddon. Atlele Rl. Maur. Leonard Carey. Maide! Turner and George Irving. Soviet Plane Outs American place, in the confined smce of an air-liner cabin, with the conflict between personalities mounting to terrific hclghls. Marshall and Elizabeth Allan portray the romantic leads witli Mary Boland and May Robson sharing comedy highlights. Also featured are Liolen Atwill Ralnh Forbes, Lucille Gleason and Ro'b-- ert • McWnde. "Smckcy," starring Victor Jroy and Irene Bent ley, will be shown a: the Roxy Saturday with the serial "Whispering Shadows." Read Courier News Want Ads. ISTANBUL. (UP) — 'Ihe two ....and Wt-Eliy Ferrell is said American Curtis-Wrirlu airplanes i" IK not exacrly sorrowful aboui 1 w hich have operated "tlie civil nvi- it....Red I.mns. acquired from ction line beiween Istanbul and the Reds by the Pirates, just Anknrn, have teen. supplemented hv a Russian machine presented rr« Turkey bv the Soviet at a tenth anniversary present. Tne Russian plane will carry nine pas- tengers. nhout gives thn: club the edge in the National Li-ague. Less Noise Candidate WACO, Tex. (UP)- In a Democratic government of school-boy size, a president was electee! bc,- cause of noise. Gerald Frazer. a progressive elem- "The Solitaire Man." startling drama of Continental crookdom featuring Herbert Marshall, opens at the Rosy Tuesday for three days. j The new picture, based on the play by Bella and Samuel Spe- i wack. is a distinct departure from ' he conventional handling of dra- na for the talking screen. .Many if the tense moments of the pie- MOONLIGHT TAVERNCAFE Ncvl Dnor (o N'abers Ci roc cry PI-ATE LUNCH - -3<)c lloiiu; Made Pastries Fried Cliirhen - steaks HERT DUGAN, Chef NSWERS I.OUIH NAPOLKOS' (XM'O- I.EON 111) was tlie last J'rer.rh «it,(!cror. Menliadcn ire small FISH of the HERRI KG FAMILY ^ery valuable for lliefr oil. Fan! Mitt Hull I* in BOSTON'i MASS, ] HELENA, Mont. (UPI—Unless j Uncle Sain does something about '_ his posh! regulations, tlicre are 'plenty of Monlanans whofe irroats '. will remain dry. theoretically at least, even though prohibition lias l>een repealed. The Stale Ltqnor Control Board has appealed to Postmaster General Farley to allow state liquor stores to conduct mall order business through United States mails a practice now barred by federal statute. It was explained that It was im- piwsibie to establish state liquor lores in all counties, and that since oinc counties are not served by aliroad express, mail is tlie only ither medium of shipment. Wallace Beeiy. nuvie nctor. Is i lieutenant I'r.mmander in the United Slates naval reserve force n'.rt lias move than 1,000 flying lours to his credit. Clinical Notts Joe Kuhel, first oascman ol the Nats, has had n 'couple of visdom teeth pulled since striking out so handsomely in the ocrat, was elected president of the I i\erld series....and this probably j South Junior school here on a plat- vill help him to refrain from | lorm of "less noise in the halls, i cutting at cur/i- balls next year. Speaking o'-' operations. Mel Harder rcccntl/ had one on his rose and Firpo Marberry suffered the los? of his appendix. — Wnlly Tlen-or of the Braves vns on his way. to the Yale-lfar- vr.rd football musical coir.edv •\l-cn stricken with D. pain in the appendix....lie handed his lic- l.rts to a frle'.ul, i:oppcd into a ral- and soon parted from botli liJiln and some i-csas. Beating Uie egg whites too long will make an angel food cake too tlry. Clitf Montgomery . . . ne'e of Columbia's attack . . . w'-o passes licks, runs and directs the team icm the quarterback pest . and who is also captain of tin •ions. . . . Stanford will rce second "Cotlon" Warbiirton \vhei this guy goes into action. Head Courier News Want Ads. Mutuol Sv-stein. Hurt Shotion, manager ol the Hills, is restinf, out Ihe winter at Winter Haven FIa....:nnd after that deal uhcichy he lost Klein rest is what Ii" nerds lake Atz. vitcrnn Texas League pilot, has offered orjantivcl baseball a p.iri- wulHcl plan, patterned somculm rfter the system used at the hoss Lacks Indicating Jakie h !ost his sense of humor. The els; yliols of the Clevel.uuli more school spirit, more money in the treasury, and eaiphasis on character building." Toe student government is modeled after that of tr.c United Stales. A treasury department han- j dies penny poll taxes. A department. I of the interior handles advertising and printed matter for the school.! but "will have nothing to do wit ^ \ oil" declared President Frazcr. An j agricultural department is hein?; formed to cure for the school yard i lawn and shrubs. Faculty members comprise th-1 Supreme Court ROXY Sunday - Monday MAT. &'NTTE—ioc - Read THEY SAY: She's the worst woman in Paris ... .Her amours are the talk ol the cown It's spicy, dramatic slory, and jou'i lore it. SAHARA COAL E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. . ,. r CUADK A Raw Milk Phone 74 Craig's Dairy FOR QUICK STARTING BEST FOR WINTER Genuine BATTERY $7.40 Phone Sll Todau Phillips Motor Co. Ni'iv, Slroiijjcr, J.vl'lnlc Ynui flld lijltlorv :md ™* WORST WOMAN in PARIS? *uh Adolphc Mcnjou. Bcnita Hume Harvey Sicphftu Helen Chindltr A Jesse L .Lasky Production R t Cnmcdv - - Novelty Heel COMEiJY - - 1'AUAMOUNT i>E\YS Programs Broadcast Daily Over KU'N af 12:20

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