The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 20, 1943 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 20, 1943
Page 2
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•\ BLYTHBVILLE; (ARK.)', COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, MAY 20, -1913 Sweet Peppers Have Lots j| fof Vitamins A and C HerbeH Wiitehead Gives Details Of Labor Stabilization Setup VThe first'.week'the new Employment Stabilization Plan has been in effect In Arkansas has developed D keen Interest on tlie part ot employers' and, workers alike' In the Mississippi County area," Herbert Wliitelieacl, manager of the Blythevllle office of the United Stales Employment Service, said today: 'The, spirit of cooperation gc-uf rally : lias been of a high '• order and we ; are dwpiy appreciative of .'the sincere effort? displayed bj most'-employers and." workers. yrhe chief i problem that has faced iis in the operation of this plin lias been Sack of understanding of It and tlie ; difficulty o making all necessary' Informalioi .available to affected- individuals aiid rtrins.* . - , i(Wc believe that If cvcryom understands the three basic prliv clijes of the plan, tlie details cai bei worked out- without cbnfusloi in*the Mississippi County area. "ill Workers In essential acllv itl«s shall 1 'libI change jobs unles. the chnhfie can be shown to-be of 'definite benefit to the war of for} or.unless there is 1 n .compellin peieonal reason. 'Essential actlvl ties-include agriculture, lumbering waV production, activities servin war production -Industries and wor: necessary to public health, publl surety,' or public interests. •JJ2).'/.Employers shall: not hir any. worker, currently .engaged "aii* l esseritial • activity or, who • ha bejfi so engaged; within the pas 30';days unless tlie worker lias evl dejice. from. ; his former employe that this former employer term naled ,the employment,' or unles. tli«,worker has.-.evidence of cleai aii'ee from tlie-United States En ploymeiit Service.. '113);.The./plan is designed for tlie fullest- utilization of all available labor and part-time workers are encouraged to use all available work time fo,advantage. As an II- hitrattoh, If a farm worker has •only four days of his work week tnXen up wi|h his necessary farm work, it Is not only permitted, but it;-is : encouraged that he work the other two "days "on an available logging, or other lumbering job or ini; a cotton compress, for example. Sijch a worker, however, should keep at his 'farm.-Job when there Isfwork to (do on It. ' ^'Many employers and workers who are- ready, willing and anxious to ctoperate, to the fullest extent possible have expressed the fear that It"will 'put-them--in 'a disadvantageous .-.competitive -.position . willi employers-or workers who try to'- chisel or evade the plan, and have asked whether any teeth huvc bejii provided inMrie'plan for slid rion-compliers! Tlie -answer is that amnle'penalty, provisions are be- f the/enforcement of : the ; plan we are hopeful that In the isslppi Comity area'we are go- tp : be able to .make the pint wSrk smootiily and : in the splri ':.- of; its Ideals, without the necessili of» invoking any^ penalties, f '_>The entire plan has been devls ecVfor'the purpose of every one o us; cooperating to see tliat the bes possible ijobi'iii done ; iu the ntiliza tiyi of labor-arid industry for th war effort",'-' concluded Mr. White head. "I can assure you that th Bb'theville office of the Unite Stiles Employment Service will d ..Everything;.in Its power to wor with-the .-.employers and worker in* the'smooth attainment of tli objectives of this plan and I ar confident'that/.we will receive tli cordial? cooperation of all loyal Ar kansas V workers; and' employer Please^'feel free : to call on us fc any necessary Information or \ Sweet peppers, the large mild fla- OiVd kind t' la ' -turn from green to fed as they ripen, are among the >'lclic»t garden vegetables in vllantos A and C. TheV are easily grown In Victory garoVi¥ and should be used as much »s possible bolh raw and cooked.\ They are excellent in bowl saRad»,. and there are many ways to iVjok them; one of the best being to yiufl.thcrn with chopped meat or niVat substitute. Early vlirielles, can be grown from seed .'^owii outdoors, after the ground warms up, but It is belter to start plants' indoors or buy them in the market The plants are very tender, and Should not be set outdoors until HUs safe for tomatoes. Space the ri'anis 18 inches aparl In the row anq! give them frequent cultivation. T.fcey like a rich, heavy soil, but Ihrivjp In lighter soils i given plenty o(\ water. The pepper is one plant a-liich likes a ball now and then; it can bo washed of with Hie hose ajnd .will thrive the belter for it. \ They grow rapidly and once they begin to bear thdy continue to pro duce fruit until frosl kills the planUi in tlie fall. A o'ozen plants wil usually be sufficient for a family of four. They haye a long scasni during which they^are In good con dltion; the color, changes from green to red and the vitamin A con tent increases with tills change Green Peppers Turn HeJ as 'iiicy Klpcu. The red peppers arc highly decorative. Tlie only insect likely to attack peppers is a llca beetle, which can be discouraged by spraying or dusting with nicotine sulphate, .There are no diseases likely to bother. Hot peppers are seldom grown In gardens, but if you wish to try llictn the same general cultural methods will suffice. our assistance in answering mio.s- llons that are nol clear to yciu or for .solving problems thai pu^le you." • Steele-Ce»ter Society— Mrs. H. N. Pulllam of Memphis is spending this week at Cooler with her brother, A. 11. ncckhnin nnd Mrs. Beckham. Mrs. Elvis McCann and daughters Helen, Mary nnd Margaret, Mrs. Charlenc Lewis, Aliss Marlyn Hunt and Miss Norma VVaBstcr spent Sunday In Memphis where they visited Mrs. Ray Jones. Mr. nnd Mrs. Carl Pcpplcs of Deft, rk., spent Sunday in Stcele will) r. and Mrs. P. F. McCulchen. Misses Margaret McClurc am me 'Brown have gone to Los ngelcs, Cnlif., where they are vis- ing Mr. nnd Mrs. nilllc Ponntl< id family and IMrs. Buddie Ander- Iso plans to remain there to-mak, :i'r home. Mr. Cooper and iluugh [^r, -loan, will join her after Jun . .loan Ls at present vlsitintt Mr nd Mrs. Je.sssc l!iirkc|! in Civcen vay, Ark. Miss Kvnlenc Webb Is leaving Ib atler part of Ibis week for a slcnded visit with her cousin, Mis June Green, of Indianapolis, fn( Mrs. Hay Jones who has bee vnrking In Memphis since he insband went Into Iho Navy, wi trrlve Ibis weekend for scvera lays visit with relnllcvcs befoi toiiif; to Hlchmond, Vn., to mnk icr liome where she will be nca icr liu.sband who Is stationed a Willinmsbmt!, Va. Mrs. Sidney Miller Jr., and chi Ircn, Skipper nnd lliiek, of l^lroi Mich., have arrlvcil to spend tl Summer witli her parenl-s, Mr. an Mra. W. 1'. HUldlck and wilh A. i Miller Sr. Mrs. Fannie Copelnnd is spcni Smartness— On I'lie Sc|iian; Mrs. Mnrllin rosier, accompan- d by hiT dnnghlcr, Mrs, Ellas illlllio, went to St. I/nils Wcd- csiluy lo make her home with Mrs. hlllipo who has spent the last cw days here with her mother. Mrs. Ruijy Patterson o[ Memphis nil dauiihler Mrs. Helen Moore of jiirullimvlllc were here over the -eek end wilh Mr. and Mrs. 11. V. Stivers. Dean Vest C. Meyers nnd nephew )alc- of Cape Cilrardcaii were guests f Supt. ami Mrs. W. I. Meyers 'rlday. Dean Meyers gave the oinmencemenl exercise address 'rlday evenlni; for the Holland graduating class. James Men/, of lllmo, Mo., and fusion Phlpps of Caps Cilrardeau, laving finished tlielr work wilh he defense gravel haul have rc- urned lo lliclr homes. Mr. nnd Mrs. Virgil Utley and ion moved this week Into their inwly remodeled five-room bunca- ow on Koulh Main street. Miss Maxine I'inkslon, daughter of IMr. and Mrs. Orvlllc Pjnk.ston if Ifnyll, spent Saturday and Sun- lay with her grandfather, Mrs. Maud Richard. After a 10-days furlough with lis wife and family, Corp. ffhclmo Clrcrn left Friday night for Camp McCoy, In Wisconsin. Mrn. Floyd Hell and daughter are spcmllni: Ibis week in Sikeston witli her sister, Mrs. Ralph Anccl and also Mrs. Hell in PorUiRC-vlllc. Mrs, Prank Donnhoo and son, Lanny, left Monday afternoon by train for San Francisco, Calif. ', where they will be with Mr. Dona- linn who is doing defense work there. Mrs. Jewel Samfotd and son Robert accompanied them for n few weeks vacation. Mrs. Joseph Hunt left Sunday for Montgomery, Aln., where hei husband is slnlloned in tlie Ail Corps. Mrs. Hunt was formerly Miss Emmie Gene McCarthy. Mrs. iL-lnii Cohoon nnd danghtei Eliwibelh arc vlsltlnu their sor and uncle Jim C'oboon in St. Louis Miss Melba Wilson is home will her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Garvin Wilson, for the Summer. She haf resigned her position us eommer- Illuf clal teacher in the Poplar lilRh school. Misses Rntli Riddle and Ann Samford left Wednesday for Athens Al:i., where Hit! Inltcr will he yue.s iiiK several weeks with her daugli- ofMlss Rkldle for n few weeks. Death Cheats Flier; Huddles Drop Itombx (Continued from Page 1) ever seen. Those two, from llvlnj; loucther nnd flylni; together were UK close as two moil can lie without being called .sissy, liui, because of llic stuff he WHS innile of, IMnky bounced back ami was soon us eiisjer as all of' ILS for lliat crack at the Japs Hint we had l*cn training for. We !ill had some routine reconnaissance missions and he had his .share of those but he was temporarily without a full crew when we went to an advanced base for n couple of weeks with the intention of bombarding our yellow focmrn. It was while we were up there thnl word came that 1'inky hud run out of string. We were pretty sick, and communications being what they are, we didn't know what had happened until we cot back. We did dedicate 30,000 pounds of bombs to him and dropped them all .siiecp.ssfiilly on Jap targets before we came home. Army regulations forbid my tell- yon where the nrcliicnl thai ifiht up will) him occurred. 1 can 1 you that he was on practice when mechanical failure his air from under him e died instantly of Internal ln- Hc.s and the boys said that he >s not broken up. These accidents, of course. n r e iprcdlclable, as unpredictable as fall downstairs or in the bathtub, id no blame can be laid in tbLs so. If Pinky had been as lazy and unifier as mast, or us, be might tia ere today, but because lie loved lying for flying's sake and because ic was never satisfied with his cchntqur- lie bcgHcd for Ihe chance ,o take this training flight. I don't have to tell you wo miss ilm as much as you do. His respect 'or, and love for you, was known to ll of us. He perpetually praised /our preparation of chicken—we all :iad his standing invitation to try it. 1, for one, shall take the liberty of dropping In for some of il and ('Jit lied A NN MILLER, Columbia'star couples comfort with- style,in this new two-piece, outfit: The snug-waisted, multi-colored embroidered .jacket's 'sleeves 'arc fringed with little squares, whicl nre repeated at the hem of the Jipple green skirt. One of the world's greatest book on etiquette was written 1 Napoleon BonnpnrlE. -VCCT PETROLEUM JELWTHIWA • t^ * prcts Motolinc bclwrru Itmni /s'^y^/t amHlngcr.HpHMul slowly njur . high nuiilily. I'or minor cu bu[Xis,biui=c3. Sc, Iripleme, 1 ters In St. Louis. Mrs. Tom Burns and daughter, Unda, spent last weekend in Memphis us fiiiests of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Vaughn. Mrs. 'Homer Waters has lakcn Ilss McClure's pliicD as asslstanl ostmlstress at Cooler. Mrs. Grace .Tones is very sick al ic home of her son, Glenn Jones f Cooler. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Woodwart eturned to their home in >Sl. Loin; tver the weekend aflor a week's va ^V^Mrl^U WoonS "'« "' VOL- .-I sprinkle „ littU: ind Mr. and Mrs, Burl Caslejnan and oilier^ relatives. Mrs. Oils Cooper lelt 'Saturday 'or St. 'Louis to lie wilh her slslcr- •FALSE TIWTII That Loosen Nct'd Nol Enibarass Many wearers of false teeth linve sulTereil real embarrassment be- cnusc their plate dropped, slipped Or wabblt'il at Ihe -wrong lime. Do nol live in fear of tills happen- (he nlm.osplicrc that made him Hie man he was, and the soldier he was, at my earliest opportunity. Yours sincerely, ' ' '• "S11EP." o cover till tho different kinds of sugar that make good meals ... if you Bproad cuch of tho No. 12 uutjcir stumps in your household among DOMINO: Granulated Old Fashioned Irown Confectioners XXXX Tablels Superfine Yellow I - QM^ r»bi»i. ^ To tnjoy Ilial good Grapelle? :n-lnw Mrs. Dick Michle, who un lerwent n. major operation, nt n lospltal there 'Monday. Mrs. Cooper r'ASTKKTH, the alkaline (nonacid) powder, on your plates: Holds false Iceth more firmly, so ' Ihey feel more comfortable. Dues nol .sour. Checks "plale odor" (den- lure brealh). Clet FABTliETH at any drug store. for Y- FLAVOR TELLS ^ r o> BLUE PLATE Mayonnaise J gpzi MAO£ BY THE WESSON Oil PtOPlE 3 Big Weekend SPECIALS ,$$$&. SALE MEn PERUNA §1.25 SI/K 98° MILES NERVINE 89 PRESCRIPTIONS liromplly nnd accurately lillcd by registered driiKKlsl. VIMS t. .Vitamins & , Minerals, 96s... 1 FLY SPRAY Pr. Hess 1 Gal. ... An Important Announcement Concvrnlntj FOOD RATIONING Although it Is unlikely llwl Uio new Govevninc;it proBrnin of rationing will inonn nctiinl Inin- gcr tor \is at homo—it may mean Hint many will sutler from a VITAMIN DEFICIENCY caused by unbalanced meals— unless their diet is supplemented with concentrated vitamins. If you will slop at our store, we will be happy to recommend the vitamins which will balance your dally requirements. BEXEL Vitamin H Complex, 100s.. MAYFLOWER BASKET ipnllir., •lliLDcrp'-piiuiii-- ilciiKn inolil »ilh lit,., .!.>• hi«Jlt. <Jrt incktl hint.. l'<i. Itii •< » icni.ipi»c nil}) flti»f[t Of liuiu STOCK DIP II)'. Hess 1 Gal W* have a complete . : line of STOCK REMEDIES VITAMIN B COMPLEX UPJOHN'S UNICAPS 100s ino.s «0 3.95 Woods Drug Store tl W. Hftfc • Phone 507 IfeF W ^w.«. I* THIS WEEK'S SPECIAL REFRIGERATOR WATER JUG Specially Reduced to 19c Quart size jug with cover. Handy shape {or refrigerator shelves. THIS WEEK'S SPECIAL SERVING TRAY • CJm Uif «itS KtTlat tundltt. irirVCinjc cut <tt- F In iht home. L i ' ioth »i«. TOM LITTLE HARDWARE CO. Your Coni])lole Hardware Slorc TODAY'S \ THERE FOODS ARE NOT RATIONED OKRA ISIS 1 10 C CHERRIES ; 18 UK AN FLAK US ^J_t Jersey, H«x f. . I ? SWEET 1'OTATOES No. 2 Can PIMIENTOES 2 ,0/,. Jar NO. 2 CAN STANDARD TOMATO JUICE GRAPEFRUIT JUICE TOMATOES PEACHES BABY FOOD CHUM SALMON •17 Oz. CAN '17 Oz. CAN NO. CAN CHOPI'KI) • or! Strained^ - Gerber's No. 1 TAI,L CAN- Garden-Fresh Fruits and Vegetables ORANGES LETTUCE CARROTS ONIONS POTATOES Florida fii c Scalds wccf,,Lb.U 2 ICEBERG -iylt HEAD It TEXAS Cc HUNCH 3 .TEXAS, WHITE POUND RED POUND Tc CABBAGE ''•" x ' s ,r EBN SWEET POTATOE! P»>'<i) TURNIP, Home lOVt Grown, Lb. i^2 TRXAS LONG |Q( ' Oil REN, I,b. 13 CUKES GRAPEFRUIT tjl' 6 ADD1 EC F: ""-'y Delicious \f( HrrLCO \< Mm \ 13 LEMONS Pound Calif. Sunkisl DOZ. 30 OTTAGE Gettke UIIKRSE ** ^ ,,,18 C SLICED BACON \-finpur REDSfAIUPS! * Picnic Hams '>•< 3lc Pork Chops Ib. 3Sc ;E t Kvergood Po,i m | Roll 1{cs( Gra(Ie 99 C Lb. LL POD If rUIIIV ^Al T OHLI side Meat, Lb. TENDERIZED "^il" 38 SALT MEAT FAT BACKS |Qc Lb. 10 CHILI BRICKS LAMB PATTIES MOCK CHICKEN DILL PICKLES Lb. Kju-h I? For 29" 10 PRICES GOOD FOR FRIDAY and SATURDAY LIBERTY SUPER MKT 414 W. Main St.

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