The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 17, 1941 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 17, 1941
Page 7
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 17, 1941 • w»» SALE REMT (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS ants dlassified For You ••i"^^»~ -f< _^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ SEVER CLASSIFIED Daily rate per line for cohsecu- / tive insertions:- . One time per line...!... lOc Two. limes per line pei; day OCc Three times per line per day..06c Six times per line per day 05c Month rate per line....." 60c Card of Thanks '. ...50c & 75c Minimum charge 50c. Ads ordered for three, or six times and stopped before expiration will be charged for the" number of times the art appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside of the city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be eas:- 'v computed from the above table. Advertising' ordered for irregular insertions takes ih.e ou,c time rate. No responsibility will be taken lor more than one incorrect insertion of any classified ad. SANTA'S BACK AGAIN! IF BELIEVE IT, LOOK AT THE USED OAR PRICES. Personal Arouse QVuggisu uv*t. work off the bUe to rid yourself of oointl- paUon, gas pains, wul that *>ur pun* feeling. Take one box of ACTIVE LIVE* M1JL8 least expense camera (or the amateur photographer i s the box, or OxecUfocus type. The most l.s the reJlex type. 1939 FORD OHJPK ...."." 19939 -DODGE TOURING COACH HMO rOR!) DELUXE TUDOR 1939 MERCURY FORDOR . >!5372 TO7 CHEVROLET COACH S2 ,, 7 1910 FORD 85. TUDOR For Sale Sawdust blower. J. A. Bagc. Manila. Arkansas. 9-pk-2-.9 35 tons good alfalfa liajV Inquire Pickard's Grocery. Call 1133. H-ck-21 i Highly desirable medium size farm home. 80 acres, 2 miles from , Steele. Mo. More than bale-to- acre land.. Gravel.road. Up-to-date new home. Asbestos siding, electric j lights. Large new barn. More than $2,000 new improvements. On hand approximately 700 bales alfalfa — 450 bushels corn—implements ami mules. Walk out, for cash.' quick- sale. Worth the money. Owner in bad health, p. O. ?ox 21. Steels. 'Missouri. 13-pk-!20 FOR SALE—Hay and corn. Wiley Smith, Burdette, Arkansas. 19~pk-l-19 FORD (JO TUDOR .. ..... ' —SPECIAL, SPECIAL '36 KOW) PICK-UP . ......... '3» CHEVROLET SEDAN 1 '3« DODGE TOURINfi SEDAN ^5 CHEVROLET I i^ TON TRUCK ':n FORD TUDOR ^Washing, ironing 1 qutlts or blankets $l.M Willie Bell Green, behind City Ice frSai I P'»m. H.W. 61 North. 9-ck-10-* TRESCRIPTioSS^ Freshost Stock Guaranteed Best Prices .. ^,^.v^i 1 1 tv.cjm Rirby Drug Stores WHY WALK WHEN IT COSTS SO LITTLE TO RIDE? Good work mules. Cash or terms. Cash or terms. See'Floyd Simpson. Manila. Arkansas. 3-ck-tf Welding EXPERT ELECTRIC & ACETYLENE WELDING Dragline and heavy welding a specialty. |Barksdale Mfg. Co, Phone 1.9 ,or Res. 1019 'Electric "and•'Acetylene Sale Starts Today. January mh, and Continues in rough the 25th PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Phone 810-1122 For Rent 80 Acres oi land to person needin«. teams and tools. See Ed B Coo! ; 100' South First. 17-ck-tl apartment. 17-pk.-2'i rccm unfurnished 00 W. Kentucky. ^ house. So. 2 1st ""it. Eufa. .Epperson,- phone 25, evenings 293-J. 17-ck-tf For Kent Furnished front bedroom. NcxTTo ball!. 713 W. Main. Phoue 938. 2-ck-tl —— . ,. .v-v/ni vtiuinuisjueu apart- inenl, Good .concliUon. Corner of Mam and Second. Call p. Simon. Phone 164 or mo. • 1-ck-tf Two room furnished I Chevrolet Coach, . New tiros.. DcSolo Sedan. A bargain... ........... $58.00 Chevrolet Coupe, Thoroughly checked. .SUIMMJ 7 Chevrolet Sji, Sedan. Well cured (or. .. .$130,00 JX Chevrolet Town Sedan., Driven carefully $150.0.0 tt i'ortl VS Twlor. Lovely mechanical. '. . .$U(i.oo Chevrolet Sport Sedan. Like new- ...... S HMO Chevrolel Specm! Tmvn Sedan ......... :M l!M<) Plymouth Deluxe Town Sedan. Kadio £ Two 3-roora apartments with baths Newly decorated. Call C Abra^ am - m - 16-ck-tf i room furnished apartment. Call 274-W. Mrs. Edwin Robinson. M-ck-lf n Also bedrooms. 100 W. Kentucky. 3 room furnished apartment. Private rile bath.' pi.-Lvate entranco. Electric wnter 'beater. 125 E. 'Ash. ' room furnished apavtmeht va tr • bn ( h . 1 1 0 ; w". ': v" Ash. . Fender and B^dy Work , and Lawn Miwer Sharpenine 0. W. CRANFORD Dell, Art. L o a n s SMALJ, LOANS On Anything of Value ALSO: Unredeemed ro.crchamUse I :il bargain prices- EAST MAIN LOAN CO. :<06 E. Main SI. 9-ck-2-9 Poultry Baby Chicks Marilyn Hatchery tfhone 742 Blytheville Notice [Why vent when you can buy we)! imppovrd. farms with a " small rjow'n uavmen! and immediate PCsssssJon. McFaw Land Co.. Dexter. l7-ck-3l you liyvr several rent, houses for sal? :sec Rollisou and Cagic nncr. m NO. Second. Phono 15-ck-tf , ...fuL-ni.shcd apartment. ;uid' .. bedrppni$ : ^?]3 Chickasawba Telephone 592- W. 'Mrs. E. M. Eaton. .•_:.••.•;, .=-, . : - is-ck-20 Lai-ge bedroom. Twin beds. Steam heat, Men preferred. Corner Ghickasawba . and loth Phone ^"ter 1^ _ -_ 23-ck-tf Bedroom adjoining bath, men onjv. 613 WaUuit. Phone 1031,. l3-ck2!> 3 room . un furnished apartmem. Phone .327 or night. 55. 13-ck-tf One light housekeeping room. One- bedroom for two. Cheap. Close.. n. Water and lights furnished 155. Call 1129. heat. Phone 280. 31-pk-l-31 Desirable bedroom, twin beds Men 102. Preferred. 1017 Walr,m, Phone 24~ck-U apartment.' Oelta Implements, Inc. VS Tudor. Owner driven .......... $200.00- MO Oldsmo-lHle Sed;m. KadiA & Heater ...... $216.00 NO Hudson Super Six Tudor. Small mileage S1«)«MM) We Trade Open Nitfhls and Sundays Easy G. iM. A. C. Payment Plan TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Phone H33 U2 So. 2ml Phone 802.J ALI'.KIY OOV> DON EDWARDS 'The Tyi>«irrit«r Man" ROYAI, SMITH CORONA, AND REMINGTON TYPEWRITERS GUCNCOE HOTEL BUILDING PWONFj im (Every Trunsaction Must Be Satisfactory) Kcad Courier News want ads. Wert Optometrist 4 HE MAKES 'EM Oter JM IMMKV Phone 540 Try Our Barbecue" RIBS hey're D«?icfou* Ole Hickory Inn SAVE Of fM-~T»l T»nk car to (Tetraethyl GM) JOYNEH OIL CO. - 8. IIlKhway fi, 24-Hour Scnrle* GA COMI'LETK LINE OF OFFICE SUPPLIES Call l(J DELTA OFFICE SUPPLY STORK R.H. ami Ash sts. WANTED 1940-41 Loan Cotton LOUIS APPLEBAUM KLYTHBVILLE, ARK. Phone I<>7—U) 19 107 So. 2nd St. FOR SALE <> roorn bungalow E. Ky. Avc- Corner lot 1W feel frontage. \ bis hargain nt 81900.00. THOMAS LAND CO, II. C. Campbell. Internal Hemorrhoids & Symptoms Umu-mU hemorrhoids that do not protrude are oftentimes an Illusive ailment since they are usually not puinful Thcv m-o trequcnlly the basic q AUSe of much reflex sulYeiW. borne of the. most common conditions thai. UCB caused more or e.vs d j-otaiy .by lutcmul Hemorrhoids us well us other rcctul pathology are: high blood pressure, digestive disturb- UKLS. exU-ume nervousness, dull low-backache, back oi i T r n ' , in ; somnin '"leeulcssness) and constipation n. ..folly mtd dimerous to defer or neglect examination and iraifement l;hnl, will relievo and cure" this ailment, DKS. NIES c* NIKS Clinic M4. Main _ . ' ' "- >•» «l}^» I V4 I KTli ^ Pm'.itc bath. Call 728 508 W Chickasawba. Available soon - -two-room office', • suite, windows m Main street, iudbury Bldg. Phone No. One He possessed A AH Sizes 25c up SHOUSE-HENRY HDWK. CO- Walnut Honey colored Cocker Spaniel, one year. Name Blondie or Honey REWARD. Mrs. Rodney Banister call 316'. MAP PUZZLE HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured South American republic. 5 It borders on -. 8 Its capital city. 12 Egg dish. • K Watered silks. 16 Yellow resin. .17 Bronze. 19 Armadillos. 20 Electric unit. 21 Title pages. •24 Compass point • (abbr.). (abbr.). 25 Credit (abbr.)- 46 Negative 26 Weight. '"" " - 27 Journey. Answer to Previous Puzzle on desert 17. Striped fabric. 18 To roost. 22 Extremist. 23 Malefactor. 25 A great deal of - is mined in. this land. 26 To profane. 28 Fit to be planted. 30 District. 31 Nominal VERTICAL .-IBlue grass. ooo 32 Sheep's call. 34 Being. 3 7 Noun ending. Carolina (abbr.). ?A Saucy. 33 Small island. 35 Tiny vegetables. - j 36 Kingdom. & ilKPATRiNGi 39Soon ' WE FIX ANYTHING i 40 Amends. MOVING & DRAYAGE ANVWHERK. ANVTIMK We take furniture for , moving arms. 50 The —_ river flows through this AH Work Guaranteed Blythevilic Furniture Co. K. Main Phone 11 43 £11. 45 Company 3 Rebels 41 Pomeranian 4 Rubber tree. 42 Uncle. 5 Court (abbr.). 44 To acquire 6 Pastry knowledge. decorator. 47 Maxim. 52 Turkish officer 7 Type -standard 49 Grows old 53 Wager. 8 Part of mouth. 51 Eagerness 54 Rugged crest 9 Persia. 54 Sloth, of: mountains. 10 Landmarks. 55 And. 56 Winged. 11 Onager. 58 Insertion. -13 Mistake. 59 Spinal cord. 15 Fertile spot . 56 Affirmative vote. 57 Half-an em. Wanted Person with soir.e experience Hi j leasing land. Write P. o. Bo:-;, 464, Olney. Illinois. 17-pk-20 j I Creed used c?.r arid electric rc(ri2~ j crator. Call 274-W. 17-ck-tf ~ IWOVING W'^ movr. anybody, a : anytime. r-Ai.i., -BIKE PHTU.rrs AT BIO Minnows lor Sale I Goldfish and 5hin e rs. 300 E. Main 1 St.. Phone 800. G. C. Hawks. • • - - l9-ck-l-19 Opportunity I See ycur McFaw Land Company Agent. Dexter, Mo, for REAL, |FARM. BUYS..- .- : ' 17-ck-31 V. T. HAIVUJIS LISTEN; CXJEENJ CLEOPATRA TAKE MV ACVICE AND GIVE UNTO ME T _ H I S ^ ACCURS ED BED" AND EGYPT THE MISERV THAT ATTENDS PROXlMITy ( JUST OMCE 'MORE WILL i I COMMAMO THE THUNDERBOLT/ . ALL VtXJR TEARS TO STOP THE D€STRUCT\ON ESVPT THE SKIES/ What Does -Kill BY EDGAR MARTIN Traffic Jain Ahead RY ROY CRANK BLAZES? ' I CAM'T WAIT ALL SOIN6 (K) AFTER THEM WHILE ATTEMT10NQF .._ POLICE HAS BEEU WUERTED 1MTO THE UWOER6ROUWO PROBABLY HELPLESS ... DEAD FRECKLES AND HTS FR1KNB8 (Jause for Alarm , I HATS BUT GOLLY,] RIGHT DAD, iw f YOU'RE 17 ALMOST / YEARS AMD You SEEM To REGARD. THIS WHOLE. THIMG AS * Siuy . OF. MINE/ WAIT UNTIL i GOME A UNIFORM/ GOODNESS! SUPPOSE HE JOINED THE - CORPS AND WAS •KILLED/ MEMRy.THATS MOT THET RkSHT WAY TO HANDLE" MARY, NOBODY EVER. GOT HURT LOOPING LOOP WITH ALL RIGHT '-I'LL WAIT/ PRACTICALLY DRIVING Help Needed Pronto FRED HARMA;\ AIRS TIED , NO TOP At LAST/ " '

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