The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 9, 1933 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 9, 1933
Page 7
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SATURDAY, DECEMBER'd,' 1933' ' BLTTHBVILLB, (AM.) COUMBE H1WI PAGE SEVER CLASSIFIED SECTION- CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate i»r line ror consecu- !l\c insertions: • (Five average words to » line) One time per line lOc Two times per lir.c per day .. 08c 1 nrce times per llnr: i>er day .. OBc bis times per Une per day — 05c Month rate per line «0c Minimum charge bOc Ads ordered lor tliieo or six limes iind stopped before expira. lion v:ill to charged lor Hie nuuv tcr of times tfc ad appeared and adjustment of bill mad* All Classified Advertising cops sul-mitled by persons residing out- bide ol the city must lie accom- 1 anicd by ca5h. Rates may be riu-ily computed from abovo table No reopoissibllHy will be taken for more thiiu one Incorrect la seitlon of anv classified ud, Auvcrllsmi; crdcrcd for irregu Inr insertions take tho one tini rate. Phone 306 or 307 iiUSINEKS DIRECTORY NEW DEAL TRADING POST Furniture, Tools, Clothes,-etc. Let's trade. IH-Easi Mnin. 6ckl- WOMEN'S TAILORING xpert fur repairing, coat r lions, reasonably yrtctd. Also'b'njr" THE DISTRICT COURT Or TUB UNI'I'EI) 8TATK3 TOR Till-; JONK-IiOHO DIVISION Iscarded furs. Mrs. II Walker Avr, lo. Call 572. StubbkUeld, 17-pc-IZ-n FOU SALE FOR SALE—White enamel ice box, jwrcelain tori cabinet, wool rug. 1'J Walnut. 9p c« petitioner duly adjudged u Die ;uul l\\f first meeting ol [editors \.'ill be held at my Iu Hie City uf Jonedboiu, in snld District on December IB, \n'i, lit 10 A. M., nt which time Ihi said •crudltoi'M may attend, l.rove tlicli 1 elalms, appoint n trustee, examine tlic bankrupt, and di.y of December, 1933i ' '.». C. MULLINIX, /I Keferee in Bankruptcy. r Money Restrained > . ISTANBUL cUP)—The Shyliks | rf Turkey hnv.rhad their usurious fronts rigorously slashed by lh» Lovernment. Vrney lenders: fcupi-'.. properly romc Lcforc !a m "'V otlcii exacted more ^hu^JOO'l IX'i 1 cent Inters. They now Hive Lien limited ti a ii]axlmumC3f?13. At Jonesboi'o Aiknnsas, this 111) per cent. . :J/,i .' YOUNG COW with second calf 1 day old. Cheap. Jane Boney oine 3, Blytheville. 8-p-k-13 MI.UARD EQUIPMENT, cheap for cosh. Business good, rent reasonable. J. F. V ittle, Holland, Mo ' 5p kl-o AUSTIN COUFK. perfect running condition. O. M. Morgan, Phon ]-' "' A No. 2 American Saw Mill com p'ete, sitws, Mandrels, I.-og Turn er, 24 II.P. Ei.gine, 32 fine boiler Will trade for mules or car u COrxl condition. Apply B. H. Cls sell, or Idaho Grocery Co. Bas- Eitt, Ark. 2p-k9 LOOK! 4 yds. Rtiyoi 1 .; 3 yds. Voile; 3 yds. Percale for only $2.98. Rush your orders to W. C. Richmond, Box 241, Caruthcrsville, Mo. •' 2pkl-2 New ?nd I'sed Furniture Bough: and Bold Stoves Repaired—Any Make Alvin Hardy 517 W. Asn 20p k!2-20 EXPERT Typewriter and Adding Mucliine Repairing. U. S. Blanker-ship, 11G E. Rose. Call 1G5-J. -21c k!2-21 I,. G. Moss lilj thcvillc's Cut Kate Undertaker lOp k 12-10 CLEANERS. TAILORS Look nice for Xrnas! Have your clothes, cleaned & relexed bj Unique Cleaning Service. V Call 1H 20-ck-12-20 l-x>r Quality Cleaning Phone 180 Barnes NinS'a Cleaners. 12CM2-1' AUIXJMOTIVE LOW PRICES on winter car needs heaters, alcohol, GPA glycerine Model T tops & side curtains 51.08 up. WOLF AR5AN, Main. ' 'ciiiF'ioir heu'b • lace - 118 E. For Anl» Paintins Boily ar.d Fender Service 28c'il2-: REAL ESTATE OH SAUi: iu acres, all m cuiu- VANTED LA.NLi—We liavc buyer* ur iimcl in uuiuieui Cume 111, ILbl your real estate ace Mr 11*1 ttc luiVC U> a . AL 'leicy Uucusea I'OUL/i'KX & KGGS Lrcsh e^gs dai'y, direct from hen- nery, rickaid's grocery, 'bickasawba, tic Jtl-B • FOR RENT Nicely furnUhtd Mam. Call 30D. Front room apartment:- Cheap, close to school. 914 Ilcarn Streei. 9t>kltj THREE room FURNISHED house I mile out South Franklin. Cheap. Mrs. Elmer Arcmmon, General Delivery, city. NICELY FURNISHED BEDROOM. 300 LAKE ST. 2-ck-O NICELY furnished bedroom, men preferred.-1017 _W.fWaUiu,t. Call after 5 p 1 : m. Mrs. 1 'Ed Haidln. 29ck.-lf L:\KGEST STOCK USED TARTS Between Memphis and St. Louis Also Auto Glass—Phone 66 JACKSON AUTO PARTS CO. 2ckl-2 ,\iuTo"GIAsi" INSTALLED We install glass in your car while you wait. Call us for better service. Phone C33. Sbousc-Little Chevrolet Co. ' Call Us When In Need Ot Guaranteed Merchandise Tircs-UaHeries - Itcplaccment Parts HUUBAKU HARDWARE CO. Auiomniivc Dcpt. 1C kl-1 Aulo Glass AH Hinds Installed The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. lOc k!2-lO VntF.CKEU SERVICE Call us when you need a wrecker, Day and Night Service. Call 633 Shouse-LittlE Crcvroiet Co. 10ckl2-10 IJATTBRIES Bntterr & Radiator Service We guarantee you better battery or radiator work for less money. Any make radiator repaired or re- cored. Get our prices on new and rebuilt batteries. Call G33. Shonse-Little Chevrolet Co. 10ckl2-10 N'eu- Ford Batlctics - Recharging - Repairing 177 TIRE & BATTERY STATION 25c k!2-25 RADIOS All Rad:os. including R. C. A., arc being closed out at cost for CASH at Iliibbnrd Hardware Co. Ilckl2-il Sl'ORTINO GOODS Yon will find a complete line of NEW MODF.I, BICYCLES at Hubbard Hardware Company. 16c kl2-16 COAL & WOOD WP are exclusive agenW for orie- Grnninr, Monterallo Coal and Sipscy, Arkansas Anthracite, Illinois and Kentucky Coals. Hinne 457 E. F. Fry Wonder City Coil Company 9ckl2-9 See E. A. FLsher Before Buying Good Coal. Retail & Wholesale Out of Car On Track Between Ash & Main 7c HIOXE 107 BUCHANAN "Our Cc,al is Black But \Vc Trcst You While" 9c k!2-3 Brlllinnt ami and weight rick Coal Yard, Railroad & Ash Fhme 179. Ky. Coal, quality gimrantced. Bart- more for pectins, furs, brass, copper, radiators, aluminum lead, butteries. Phone ir Uioy won't cut oil IM Smith, WANTED TO RENT VANTED TO RENT; Fixiiu 80 to 17C, Wolf Ailiin, 1^8 li. Muln. 100 acres good land. Can oiwratc Lake — Hand saws, U5c; s, 25c; cross cut, SCc. without furnlsluiig. P. E, inmou. pk!3 Iu III! Muttor of RAGS, Must be clemi and live from W. I. MinilBOii.ory, In buttons, courier News. Will pay imvl of the expense fi«»' ninneil bimkninl of Muiiilii, In the WANTED -r. Small, uiifuriilfhcd apartment, near Central school. Box C. A., Courier. 9p k!5 D'.slilct, n unnxriipt. Notice Is lu'i-':i>y givon iniil >ovemlR'r 24, \S'i'i the nbovc num- liED PUP with v;lilte taeiisL. nil swcrs to name of Prince, He SOUCITORS to sell real coal. Rail- Moll, Phone 228 9p-kVJ Read Courier News Want road and Ash. Phone 179. Sckll OUR BOARDING HOUSE DINNY/ YOU BIG OUR TROOat5 CAWE IN QUICK SUCCESSION,OUT WE'RE AU. L WE HAVE in OUR POS- T.OGE1IIER \5C5510N-AWEftPON A6WN-NOWJ NEVJ AND SlfiftNQE., MAYDE \_ SO NOVJ 1TII1MK.OUR ) Wt CAN fiET \ LUCK WIIL CHANGE sow. WHERE: ACCORDING TO TUIS &OLD \S> PERWtD UP ON ,-, .....,_ r ' TOP OF TH\S MOUNTAsSH (' vou Rb COOOFEET 5 m&VA J -^v-VOU'LL HAW& \ \ VODEUN<S,TOR THM CLIMB? OVER qOOO TEET-UrAP- N YOU SPUTTER UKE A LOOK ATONE P£ MM ".ROWING SPAVIMS WILL "PLOP - JUST A STEP LADDER TO YOU LKDS AM t EVER. GLAD TO SEE VOU AGAIN.'_ TH PRESENT GENERATION SWEEP \NAVttN6 WVTVA AND ^u^^^u•!^l'^ SCALERC PERCOLWCSR HITCH HIKE UV THOSE PEAKS" 15 THIS 111' VVW VOU V.'OSK TIII5 •> VEAH.lllKVS RIGHT BUT,CHl, VC FIND 1 ', ' >' 1 HE'S STRONG OF r BACK, BOT WEftK J ; /-\c uiur\i -*/ .1 BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES r~ unfurnished, Phone 27-ck-U. cr nt* unvict. t*c:nfc.u. s./*T.orr COODIIYK KOUTUNK! / HW.T,IU THE NAME V Of THE.LAWI IKE AM AVftLPK'CHE, THE POSSE SWOOPS OM ACES O'BRIEN, BiJT THAf MB ROARS Awwy WITH OOO IN STOLEN GOLD ABOAfta AND SHK'S A S\VKI,I. COOK, TOO! SALESMAN SAM MOW sere. oyz.i_i s ofj TH' ci\u- ENDftR- IS HCXO UoMG- Do */ To Pft-/ F£R. T.H OF e-LfxssWfttZ-CE- ^ BROKS 7 (3VJT Moo) -ffi &OMMP. OH. OCN'TCHP, UJOflRS P.OOUT THP.T. OU-2.-2-- H,ASH IN THE PAN! FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS UU -HUH. ..THAT'S ^ HIM FROM TOO MOCH COMF1DSWC6'-,. 1VE 3EH TCAC:'!MG HIM A. LITTLE °y\y; BOXIMG.SO us LICK THE C-JT OF DAVIS !'. J1IY FRECKLES: T/.5S TOO; DIP youtx> IT? DEU3EBATELY PUT VfcU? K'OS IM THE WAY OF HIS FIST.JUSF TO 6NE HIW WHY FRECKLES... j t L£T youa woss is ) ., ECT PAS HAD A HARP TIME MEESELF TO TH£ FAC 1HAT ME Bovs MODERN Three room Apartment with bath, 764. Nice, large BEDROOM. Close 310 W. Walnut. MALE HELP WANTED A( live, reliable nan wanted to supply established customers big line home necr-sities. Good opening. Credit fui'iished responsible party. Write tcriay Mr. Ledere'r 'iu-SI W. Iowa Ave., Memphis, Tenn 9p kll MAN—Wanted 'o take care of an established businss in the sale of McConnon products in Mississippi, Greene, C'ay and Lawrence counties. GooJ living right now \iith increasing profits as you become acquainted with cusloiners ci.d business. We finance rcspon- s, ble persons. Kxperience not nec- (.fEary. Apply hy letter to McConnon & Company, Dcpt. BC-397, iVinona, Minn. 9p kil OPPORTUNITIES I'VROII, VKKfOKMANCE AT IN- IHANAI'OI.IS SPEKnWAY ASTOL'N:>S WORI.n Pyroil company manufacturers irvoluiionary ii'-v lubricating pio- ctss (Pat. U. S. and Canada) offei fround flcor fittory contract, as s-.iring pcrmanciit profitable busl ness, unlimited, profit. 1 ;: Nationall. aOverlised Saturday Evening Pos! Time, magazine, etc. Demand tini vcrsnl. slartlin 1 ; facts guarankec Iviic. Pyroil «-i:is flrst. second, anc Mth nt In-llanapolls Motor Speed way Classic Memorial Day races Second car driven by Wilbur Sliau f'liislics 20 laps (50 miles) at 10 rni!c*s per l-.oi'r \vitli no oil cvankcas?. Pro'eclwi by Pyro brcath-l:Ve se^.'-lnbricating .filn liitoratory trstcd l; ftt : leading ui iverfltics.. Popjlur, .Mechanics (Se Ji ly. 1933 issue) 1 highly endorsed Cai" driven B.^CO. miles withoi (1-nnging or arid-'ng'oil. 4 ton load ert truck rims HC miles without 61 An plane flies 35 minutes wtthdii oil. Chevrolet rims 903.4 olhers 745 miles and 318.7 milcs.Es .-ex 206 miles, another 166 mtje vith no oil i'i crankcasc. Use ir. world's ionjcst trans-Atlanli flight. Breaks fl 'C motor boat spec uncords. Famous flying service car tlficatcs startliuc gas. oil, over economies and new safet factor in flying. Doubles oil life fo largest Americin industries. Pyro rddcd to reguli 1 - oil and gas make these possible. Pvroil starts whdi oil leaves off; decs what oil can 'I you arc Hie man and want fu ther startling 'nets and country iMggcst opportunity, wire, HURRY! Pyroi- Co., 4838 Main. 1 Ciosse, Wls. —Ad WANTED TO BUY WANTED TO BUY—Used Electr refrigerators. Must be In condition, Phnna 7R<. 57.

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