The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 29, 1949 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 29, 1949
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION DA Ely r*tt p«* on« ror con&ccui'.T< tniertloaa: Minimum cuargl &0e 1 tim« per line J4c * lime* pei line p«r day izc I times pel lice per d»j PC • time* per Una per d&y ., To II times per iln« p« day &c Monto per une POc Coum ripe a'trage words to tbe Mm Ad ordered lor three <u sli lime* and •topped tieror* eipirsiton win be c&i <d (or the number ol limes tbe Mppt&iea and adjustment or oltl made A1J classified AdTertiiOnR copy »uO touted by person? residing outsid* ItiH cltj mufil be accompanied by casb Rftten may easily be computed from ih< dbora tat»e. Advertising ordfi roi irretruiiu WART. fclons tsKes me one time tatte No re&pnnsibuiiy win oe taken to\ (nor* tnan one Incorrect InserUno oj All ads are resincito to tbeli propn cl&sslllcallon styte and type T b i Courier Npn'^ reserve* tn* fight to eilH or reject any nd BLYTHEV1LLE (A1!K.) COURIKK NEWS Bspcrt fall cleaning of e«lllu|«, walla, tloora, carpels, wiudowa and upbal ery FlU_ p a OUHA-CIJ5AN pn 36'Jtt 10 JK ck for eipcrl oil *taro cleaning and repairing call Harry Myers. 6i49 Also fiRTc & lew 35U gallon water innnps Installed JUiOO. Jl;23 pk 13.23 Wasniug niacnioes repaired A I i mnkes Bljtnevllte Machine tinup l j b a. ]ia ci tf Apartment for Rent Fire rooms and bath, on Highway 61 Korth, VACSHI Deccmtipr 12. P.O Box 907. Ii;j9 pk Small furnished apntimcm. Utilities furnished. Phone 6306. 28 pk 1 3-room Ept. unJur. 413 E. Vine. 3-room lur.'Jtpl. Prlratc bath. Couple only. Ph. 2406. 11 28 pk ~ 3-roam furnished, apartment, roup!i only. 124 £. Davis. 1126 pk 30 Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services CHAPMAN 8ERV1O1 STATION H&ln A: Ulrtfilon . Praone 2 Don't endanger 70111 larnll; with MultT tires— BUI LEE TIRE3 Insurance Call 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection ,\V. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection OIJCKCOE HOTEL Typewriter TYPEWRITERS ftnyai, Smllb Coroni and Rc/ninglon "DON EDWARDS The 'rypwrlter Man . Second Bt Phn Loans Money to Loan IM you need a loan [o rcpntii 01 tfi- tnodel/ No dnwn paymenl on mon- CBge, no ren tape FHA APPROVED RATE3 irr, _. ASK FOE DETAIIS Max Logan, Realtor Pfcon. 2034 " Ljnch Bui lit In E Blytnctlllr- Ark ' Services AOTO AND FURNITURE LOANS Prompt Personal b'errlce Otneral Contract Purcnije corn 108 Soutil Sth Phnn* 803 KOflaE finishing O'BTEEN'B STUU1O hours «cmce Ufa ck U Can Bell you plumbing fixtures and install tnem. No down payment low monthly payments. Ph. Harry Myers Doll Eftim. Clothes mnde 623 Walnut Ph Mrs. Gco. 2319. PLAS'IERING BOB MALONE Call 4159 Blytheville or 407 Osceola 10-6 ck 12-0 OIL STOVF: SERVICES Oil cotiiro] vHives cleaned anri nrt- justea. Carbon removed by new method while hoi. Pli. M50, 11 2a pk 12,12 For Sale, Misc. 'jood used ^incri sale |5U Gee Sales Co, HjD ck tf Used Tractors ALL1S CHALMERS Model WC WILD cultivator, disc, nn cmudt a- ouster *8S 1948 A VERY TRACTOR wiin plow. and ouster* pEamer. breaking MASSEY-HARRIS fiii\y tractor, very snymij' ustu wur> uuLDvator uisc. breaking plow unti ouster $ay:> 1919 RIASJSEY-HARRIS JU-K ITftclm. atomsl (ike new ulcc 61 implement Co. No. Hi way fil Phone 1*142 JO .2* ck u BcauufuJ. replstered, blonde cocker ips. World lainons sto^kdale pedigree 01 cftaniinou'B Don W]lhcl;n. 5M l^ike 11-10-49 pk J2-IU"*!* FOH QUICK SALE. AT BARGAIN. One Kclvinaloi-, Deluxe cleelric ran^c. One 2- door 15 Cut. it. Frigklairc re- friterator. One 0 cu. I'l. Kelvi- nator IVcczcr. Ph. Airs. E. B. Gee,.258-1. 11-JS ck If 1 Hollywood beds, 1 combination radio and recocd player. Pli, 'l'l'i\ Ili22 pk 3U Servlco Stattoti 6leele. Mo. cfite. Call 23^ II 20 pk 30 Standard sl/.e llolpcjlnt Elcc Hiiit^c Uooti Condlllon I'h 22D7. $7U 00 11116 pk 12|1 Large cslaljlished laundry and dry cleaning business, fully modern. Doing wonderful business. In Northeast Arkansas. Call Cecil Enrls, Noble Gill Agency, 819.11-26 ck 12-3 Discount on all present slocks of General Electric «nd Kitchen Kraft .letal Hase and Wall Cabinets. \Vc ire c!o = lnB out these lines of cabinets, lubbard &i Hoke Appllanrp Co Phone H50. Hi28 ck 12;12 Auiumnttc oil not water heater, filings find drum, Two electric heaters. A-l condition, Phone 6306. 28 pk I Baby " Her c buggy p.m. A; pad. Get&Set afNewf PISTON RINGS MCREAS! POWER -K SAVE OIL , . • RESTORE NEW-CAR PEP V-8 Engines \VK WIL1 — Iiislall new genuine Ford piston rings, clean and adjust spark plugs, inspect bearings and pislon pins, clean carbun from cylinder head, change oil, Install new head gaskets, mil hearings, ami pistons where necessary, and (line engine. Genuine Ford Pislon rings arc especially engineered for replacement in l-'ord engines. They offer patented features that are not available in any other piston rings made for Ford engines. Genuine Ftml pislon rings are made riyhl— (o fit right—and last longer. Parts Included 5fh Walnut Phone 4453 For Salt, Real Ist of* SeJI service laundy. Best location In HJylhei'tJIe. Ark. Oolnt; Koort business every week In ihc year, Wnllt out proposition. Price $14,000.00 Se. H. H Oarnctt. owner, 'JZJ or 319 N. 2nd st, 33 pic 13 large rooms on nice corner lot. Llooti Jocauon. Von must ceo this house to appreciate 11, has 5 targe closets, part cedar lined. Everything Inside new including heating plant, bathroom, kltehen and light fixtures, rjio bath riibber tile floor. .This home has neper been offered for leas than S1VXX). If &ol<l thl& week can be Had lor 512,500. Mrs. J. L, Lewis. Keillor 111 E, mvli St. Phone 4939 29 pk 2 2-room non&e on 1 acre lot ',1 mire est of Closnell Ph 767, or Bee Oladyn Jones. Gosnell Gin Co 11]21 pk 29 One 4-room nonso One 3-room house at tiosnrll One 4-room house tn Pride addition Ph 1328 ]1|1« pk |2|J room nome on corner lot 50x150 ft All lenecd. Chicken house. Karate Next, in nciv school site. Priced to nell JninlE-on 11!23 pit lajj Real Estate Farms — Cily Properly LOANS U imerrMea < I ling Noble Gill Agency REALTORS Cecil Earls K. B. Joyner Gfencoe BIdg. Ph. 8 Laundry stove A; hot 'ti. 3473 aJler 6 p.m. writer tnnk. ll;2fl pic 12.1 Uood used alj fitove. 2-barrell raclc, .11 pipes & pipe rulings. Both bnrrclls ull ol oil. Ph. 4MS. u;28 pk 12:1 Male for terrier, white ^ith black pots. Child's pet. 515. |'h. 2962. ]t.'-i9 pi: 12.2 Good used baby bed, also living ociii suite. Divan rriEkes bed. Ph 2130 1133 pJt 122 DKER HUNTERS: We are ollering 11 Jap and 31 German sporting nm- iiunUlon SJ.50 per 20. 25 J.ip an cJ ">5 tRllan S-1.50 per 20. 31 M-l Carbine lollowpolntcrt 55,00 per 50 uml n-s ssued S4.00 per 50. Other foreign am} ltl0 "- Oeo - w - Spenco. ph. 211. le. Mo. 11;2 3 * pk 12 2 Here's How To Pick A Good Used Car THE HARD WAY THE EASY WAY The Hard Way S. Chech hc.Ailli,l,i, , or |lropcr r , icus alm aml bri||ianM _ 6 Tcsl the brakes, the clutch, the liralcr motor evidciicc of slccnnVrni^iMTm""^" *"'' l °° Sr * l ' xnmi ' IC r ° r The Easy Woy ''Hri^^ c<lr J Q C ][!^ C ' I ., " c ^ lrncv thoroughly reconditioned each cosllv "burK" IK 4 C . fltlc . sllon marks, (he annoying anil (ctl vnn »h«..i " lat . mI S"l come oul lalcr. Whatever we 1C1I joil aboul a c . nr - 5 condiUon. we s(:lnii l, c htnct. '' co"or m ilvc V i e | '"M° h Wa ' K ar °"" d ""' Sfc lh;<l >••"' llkt "'« fb. wh«f » S m a Kno<1 - n: """'l "i'h. »'cn slide under •Ir'vhig that hca 5 "" rsc ' lf ' A1!<t 'masinc hn,v joii'd feet 3. Com. in .oday and'fc^l > nur C . TCS O A Ihc buys we lealure! Langston-AAcWaters BUICK COMPANY Walnut al Broadway Dia , 555 for Scrvice BIG COUNTRY STOftK Uenera! store handling everything groceries, dry goods A; hardware. Ptcs- ?nt owner has hocn in husiuc-w since 1U1U. Heason for selling ah'e A: licakli Located ID cmni] L-omury site. Stock nrentory around ss.OOO, This store Is well known A: owners Imve ma tip pJentj- ol money. Only store (it location of couon pin, Dolnf; M. "uod business now. L A Calo. lit. ,T Lake City. ArK. Ph. 3520 Monrii<-. l^;26 jik ll|30 LOOK Auto Body repair, coniplele paltit joos. Wrccts rebuilt. Fender, repairs No Job .toQ...lnn;e or too small B r l n .. your cnr : _by and Jet us give you un estimate rrec. We relusc lo be underbid on any Job We factory trained men D I atisn in charge of body and pnlnt shop. RUSH has had IS years eipcr- lenre in Ruto body rebuilding and repair. We narr low rent so we pass It on to you by dolny your Job at a IOT pnct. O K UAIUCB 323 E. Main. Phone 805 lor pleXup and delivery u 26 p; ! n ,5 room house. Larne lot Xear school K un> Ktrcct. Sitlewnlka and city Her. Kcc Charleji Rcarcs. Piioue ->n Mo. 20 126 I _ 4 jicn.-! incluilltiR 10 vftcant~~iotT \-. rotu homes. M lots in all. 2 blocks t irom new high school site. Ph ajfis 1125 pk 122 SO acres on «tnlc highway, C-room Homo roiupicte with bath, furnace, uuc (an. telephone, hot and cold ater, nmll electricity. Also two good -room houses with electricity. Rig narn, too[ shed 30x60. Rood up tond, fenced and cross fenced. Prlc* $!50 ficre, D Rcrfs on slate highway, good 4- roorn house, barn and other out- tinl!dini!<t Tins farm fenced. Mall lrrtrlclij-, scHool bus. Price (125 per c re. &u fli-re .stoclc farm, a-room houe* vtrn lar^e barn anil other buildings irnveJ road. mall, scfiool bus. electricity, mill: route, fenced and cross trd ['rice £9.000. 6U at-rps j-ood land, C-rooni modern e wtift tj.ttto. tiiruncf. bsseinent, HIS' ol barn.i r.nrt teant hoiue. 1 !, This a nke rnnn. School bus. tnMI etec- (rLclty. On gratel roart. Price $135 per acre. 160 arjT.i. 3 hovisc-s. 2 barn.1. grave] road, soort innd. Will sell for 1150 per acre. This farm can be made 32.0 'ere;. yi acres, 2 eood houses, barn, tool sticd. and other bulldlnes. On new ;:ra.vp| road, miUI, electricity, school bus. This ts good mUed land Price Slfii prr acre. •!0 acres. '2 hoiues, barn. mull, school bn-r. elerlrlclty, all weather road. Price «J ftUO. \V»; rnnk« llhrrnl larm loans, 4% interest. 20 years. If H ts ins Farm l,oan. city property or a i^rni, see xi5 HAMPTON" REALTY CO. Phone ~2 ifaitleu, Mo. 112fl ck 30 For So/*, Cars ontf Trucks 1EMU 1'; '.on true* amice car. Ph 4MB Trad* for moj old S4^ KG U. trailer « incernatlonal W. Ph, 25«, truck IE H!2fi pk 1 Before you buy, «e« these USED CARS New (j-room modern home on lart'C corner lot in Country Clnij Drive addition. This house is extra well built. Beautiful hardwood floors, tile kitchen and bath. Fluor fur- FOR SALE VM acre near Cardwell. Mo. 3 good houses 4 tenant housrs. 2 tood barnn several erlbs 2 miles to 'towns, and' some ol the best land. 2IU acres on BO Hlway Scoddanl Uountip, SH.Ou per acre. Good house and uarn sm acres on hl;h<vav. K ood bulldlnss 560 per acre, small cash payment terms on balance Four K(l i Will Have tradi icntj° r ° tn " pronmr on d<>w n vi- Oood so aeres west or niytherllle Cale in test block in town. See me lor bargain Jor qulci t s l e . once acre tracts on or near hlRh- «.... sood buildings and fenced trade for other property. nace. Disappearing stair way ^J 1 ^,^r^^'"'^^- to attic. Lots of built in cabinet space. I'm sure you will like it. Price 5S1800. 100% G.I. Loan. New 3-bedroom home will be completed in 15 days on Pecan Ave. All lumber used' in construction of this house was kiln dried. U is completely insulated. Lot 70.\1GO. Price 58.000. 100% G. 1. Loan or urge FIIA Loan. i Nice shady lot on Holly St. I 50 x MO. Price $1,000. See or Call JOHNNY MARR 112 South SecnnrJ St. Phone 4111 or 25 cr« to> See R. JI. BECK, Lynch riione 203-1, Res. 2893 Blytheville ___ ll;23 pfc 122 (jravel , 5-room House. Electriclr fiw Garden A: pal Good Im- 10-18 ck tf Want to ouy a farm? We have it. Farm 40 acres up to large plantation in Northeast Ark. and Southeast Mo. Sec us for a farm loan GATES WORT1IINGTON CO. REAI.TOKS 1 15 So ?>rcl St. Blylhevillc. Ark. •Jeorge W \VI-.-R^ 01 w o Catty 11122 pk IJ,7 40 acres of land west of Blv- llicville. Extra good sandy loam cypress land, large four room house, brick siding Quick sale price §G,750.< One of the cheapest .|0s I know of. Has a large loan on it. Easily handled. W. Ph.22G2. T. BARNETT ll-29ekl2-2 6 REAL BUYS In Good Used Cars J910 Chrysler -I -door Sedan equipped \vilh good heater. . .priced In sell! Nice five room house, bath, hardwood floors, 'plastered "•nils. Garage, servant's house Located on Ash Street Price SS.7SO. W. T. BAHN'ETT, Ph ^>-_ 11-29 ck 12-2 TOR SALE Modern 2-hc<lroom home In Rood ••oncmion. Out Paragould highway 3""•• I mm Arkansas scale College trees, chicken house, ham. 20 . of land priced rea.sonable. Mrs ijcjcll, BlythcTllle. Art. Ph. 1392' 1129 pic 12,6 Wonted fo Rent acres siimly rcijnlrcd. I'll. [oam &oll. No 1947 Kaiser Sedan, has radio & heater. The price is low. , 1941 Pontiac 2-door Sedan, radio & heater. Very clean. 1940 Plymouth 2-door Sedan. Priced to sell. 1949 Kaiser Del.uxe 4-door, only 12,000 miles, has all ac- cessorics. Big discount 1 i!e sure to see this car. Several older model cars at give-away prices $100 to $200. iaerer&l otn« excellent dura Lu choose from 61 MOTOR CO. North Hiway 61 Phone 2142 8-5 ek ti Private Rooms 2 bedrooms, Men only. Mrs. X. T, Smncyi-.-. ph. 2656. 11 ; 26 pk !2{10 from bedroom, prlrnte entrance. Close in. 621 SV. Main. 11(23 pic 12,2 Ftoat bedroom. Ph 2333. P* Nice Etram fje&ted bedroom ndjoln- Ir.x bath. 9'Jl Vlesl Afh. 11|19 pic 12|4 keeping room. Ph. 3930 11J23 pic 11|30 Help Wanted. Mate '£. men to work at cotton gin Valle/- lleld tjln Co,. Xarbio ph 66-15 U|7 ck u Salesman Wanted Voung man 2* to 3S. who has made good in selling position, but f?els ne has reached the limit of advancement, will find our proposition offers a lifetime career lor high grade salesmen. Salary Is paid during extensile training period. Write glvtnff full particulars as to ase. education, experience, married or single, present employment and salary. It will do no good to call personally until letter has been received and appointment made, lilve telephone number. THE NATIONAL CASH REGISTER CO. P. O. B OI I 116, JONESBORO. ARK. 11J26 ck 12 : 3 Loans WANT A FARM LOAN 1 have one of the best loans to be had. 20 years to pay.! Cheap rate of interest. ] Will refinance your place > or help you to buy one. ', RIALES LAND CO. \V. T. Barnett—Russell Rialesi —Ercy Williams— 2262 two phones -1809 11-25 ck tf For Rent Warehouse 30's40' on aiding Midwest Dairy Products. Ph 4147 11|16 ck tl Flash cameras for OSTEEWtt STUiJIO FOR RENT: Frozen Fond locker* Ulaylock'B Highway 61 Phnne 3172 823 c* u FOR RENT - Sereral tracts of good land with Improvements located near Earlo and Hughes. Arkansas, ranging In tlzea from 40-acres to 640. Apply to B I' Magnets. Earle. Arkans&x Telephone 2031 and 3591 Hi9 pit 11|30 Wanted to Buy Hlgde*t prlc. paid for CHIOKEJJS- eutis Ash HUM* Urocerr * Mark«t Personal liKiT Ford Coupe, a & heater. 1!K!S OUIsmnliilc 2-ilonr Sedan, S i-ylinclcr. has i;iind lircs and heater. 19 IS I'lymmilli Station \Vag»n wilh nnly 2^,ni)n miles, radio, heater, and j-inillight. . .a liaigain. 1!II7 ['lynuiiilh special deluxe 2-door Sedan, has holh i-iuho & heater. . .new Uiw price. 1!MS Chrysler Wind™,- Town & Countiy. ] ow mileage, bright jrreen colnr. radio X- healer. . .a hig car al a drastically reduced price! T.I. SEAY "Your Chrysler Dealer" 121 East Main Ph o » c 2122 '_ 11 .a pt 121.1 (Continued on Next Page) Select Used Cars 30 DAY GUARANTEE • Sales Tax & License Already Paid • No. SOS—lil!S Dodge deluxe .(-door Sedan, 2<j,000 city-driven miles, a one-owner car with original black finish, radio & healer. . .$487 down—18 months lo pay. No. 195—10 IS Nash "GOO" Ciulj Coupe, 2-lone green & gray, radio, heater, and white sidewall tires. This one owner car in perfect condition. $t!)8 down—18 months (o pay. No. SO/I—194S iNash "GOO" Club Coupe, radio, healer, overdrive, and new seal covers. A very low mileage, one-owner car. ?M7 down—18 months lo pay. No. ina—19-19 Nash Ambassador with overdrive, radio, and healer. Low mileage. SAVE $700. Only $682 Down—21 months lo pay. No. .101—10-19 Plymouth 4-door Sedan, light blue color, unbelievably low mileage. Has seal covers and whitt sidewall lires. And many orhcr* with low few* ?•?«•«*. MELTON MOTOR CO 215 South 2nd Phont 4438 TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 1»49 OUR USED CARS MAKE GOOD.... OR WE DO! DEPENDABLE CARS— BARGAIN PRICES 1917 Plymouth 5-Passenger Coupe, grey color, deluxe radio, seat covers, healer and defroster, runs like nw' fintsh - 19-16 Ford 2-door Sedan, black, one-own.r very low mileage. . .see this car today. r wi<h 1948 Chevrolet >/ 2 -T on Hed Pickup Truck, deluxe seal covers, fresh air healer, outside visor, cab wincb h,e d washer, signal lights and 6-ply A tires. This is a beauty for only $1095. A EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, You Can Always Make a Good D«aJ at SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company 301 West Walnut Phone 578 OVER STOCKEDf — Your Time to Save! — 1947 H TON TRUCK Long Wheelbase 2 Speed Axle - - - 1!U6 Jeep with pickup bed. . .$.195. 1S47 GMC '/j-Ton Pickup. . .$750. 1940 Ford 2-door Sedan, new motor. . .$395. 394G Oldsmobile 4-door, radio & healer. . .$945. 194G Chevrolet shorl wheelbase 1^-Toii Truck, a mighty smart buy. . ..$li50. 1948 Oldsmobile 2-door Sedan, has radio, heater, and white sidewall (ires. . ..51395. 1940.Chevrolet '/ 2 -Ton Pickup, a good truck and • welcome price.. .$325. 1946 Ponliac 4-door Sedan, an unusually clean car. priced lo give you real value. 1948 Ford '/,-Ton Pickups, just like new, radio & healer. ..2 lo choose from. LEE MOTOR SALES Oldsmobile — CMC Trucks 30G East Main Phone 6151 New Low Prices Big Trade-Ins 1915 Packard 2-door, radio & heater. . .51395. J 1042 Oldsmobile 2-door, a bargain at only 5495. ] 1916 Dodge Pickup Truck.. .yes, it's only 5595. 1949 aicrcury Demonstrator fully equipped and now offered at a BIG DISCOUNT! 1946 Mercury 4-door, radio & heater, 1916 Ford 4-door Sedan, radio & healer. 1946 Forti Sedan Coupe with radio & healer. 1948 Nash 4-door Sedan, has both radio & healer. 1937 Oldsmobile a bargain price. J916 Oldsmobile 2-door wilh hydramalic drive radio & healer. STILL and YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY First at Walnut Phone 4333

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