The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 20, 1937 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 20, 1937
Page 7
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MONDAY, DKCKMBER 20, 1037 BLYTIIEVUJ.E. (ARK.) COURIER NEW8 Lisbon, 0., Philanthropist First In vest i^iles Rcla- liws' Records 11V flAMON ItdN'VON Jr. I tnlrii I'rcss Slal) rurrr.i|>uiidi'ii| I 1KHON, O., ntc. l«. (UP] — Jitini-s M, CosU'llo, reputedly Lisbon's wi'atluest dli/en. had special inmll^atoi-fi lo make a quiet check of his 21 .second cousins (o whom he? senl c-at'ly "Christmas presents" of «1nr<n mcli—S|05,000 all icld— "Jusl to be sure" Ihe money would lj(' SIJI'Ill, widely. "J just. wniiK'd t« lif sine," explained the m-yoar-old former railroad conductor, "thai limy, wore persons who would Ijt worlliv j of the money; who would put it' lo (;ond, and not those who would ii-lllor it, away—and then demand more. Thai money came hnrd, il .should lie .spent earefullv." Apparently, the whiti'-haivi-d. niuslached philanthropist was sat- islifd with the reports turned in hy his invcsisjntors. because 21 of | Cosfello's second t'ousins--^leven in ! Wisconsin, four in Iowa, five in, Chicago and one in Connecticut- soon after found a check for $5 ODD in their'mail boxes. 1 f'ive Cons-ins 1 Answer Five of the cousins iminedialelv resimnded' after receiving their "gifls"—four wrote letters; one lel- C|ihoned from Milwaukee. Costello. I now enfeebled by rheumatism, was ' gratified. ''Those letters alone," he said, a trace of misl beclouding his still keen eyes, "well repaid me for the gifts," Costello received his fortune from his brother. Charles. The latter died 18 months ago. James M. Cnstello recalls thai it was at the side of Charlie's death-bed that' plans were made for distributioni of the $105.000. j "We must do something for our ' western cousins," Charles w as quoted by James as saying. "Altei nil, James, blood is thicker than water." Few of his "western cousins" ever had heard of Costello; several knew him only casually and only one or two ever had visitod at length with the aged railroad man. Th c Costello fortune (its size is not known but an inventory filed in nn accounting of Costello's estate showed assets of about S500.0M) was accumulated by Charles, foi- merly an official in a large Pills- burgh -wholesale confectionery con ccrh^__.pnt, another brother, 'and x the(r~sisler. The brothers and 'sister pooled their resources, thus piling up the present Costello fortune. lu Varifil Occupations Costello's preliminary investigation of the 21 second cousins he proposed to make richer bv S5.000. showed the 11 in Wisconsin to be a representative group. Thov include: Miss Margaret Meany. a field nurse with the Milwaukee health department. Agnes s. Glenson. MiUvnit- kee school teacher. Miss Lila Meanv. foriuerlv a private secretary, but unemployed at the lime her'check was received. Mrs. Marearet McDonald. Milwaukee, n widow. • Mrs. p. N. Reddin. Milwaukee, a home science instructor. Harrv Rrddin. Milwaukee. W. P. A. worker with a wife and five children. Clcmenl Meany, Manitowcc. Wis.. who onci-atcd a tavern. Mark Meany. who worked in a tavern in Racine. Wis. One Mother Included Mrs. Mathew Dahlhauscn, who moved from Fond 1)11 fxic lo Jladi- son, Wis.. and was sending a physically handicapped daughter through the state university. Thomas Heddin. manager of an investment company in MaiiHo'.vor. Charles Reddin, insurance man in Manitowoc. A be.-spectacled teller in a bank here was starlled when the first of the ,$5,000 checks started coming through. (Lisbon has a popula- j lion of aboul 3.500). He went promptly with the check to Ihe bank president. "Oh. that's all right." replied the president, "there'll be more of them. -Pay them all." Tear-Gassed Convicts Murder Prison Guard (Six tonrict.'i i,, Ho'.Hli Carolina's Mali- prison :,l <:o!i,m-. Held hOMiave by lit.' six f.-'oiv; ui ,f" tn V r,""'" C:> '"' V"" 1 Hll """ S """ WIW "«»-:"'l'"'l» »'»«l'-vs <>.! wL i S !„ -it nl a banuadi-d r<,i,m „„„ |],,. a , ms O f wiathlul i;, la nl.- :..s governor followed Miindri.s' own > .-'rnT "Th""'' "'^ l;lk ,"" , :1 '. U ' r ' " (1 '' s >"'"<t<- alU'inpL ,,t tlu' MV 1 orders, m-v.-r u, capitulate 'lo ,:on- irhn-lo n!,'- l'n,l «•••"'%""'','" l " , U " "">"' "'"V »««''• "»v. Olin vit-l dnnaiub, .-v.-ii if il mi-null •iVh'.• „> ml, ,„ !! ',''• . f ' lk '" s1(u ; 0 . ''"* l ° Klim '" < " >r - n '" lll >' '"•'"'" «r a (jimrd. .Snndcr.s J :i »),»,„, ; u "\i::;;. ^^r^j^r.r^KT^^^: 1111 '- ;is iie ^r;/'zr m iiist Mumble OuiflUiulor Glul>s And Fall lu Heap ^ ; &^f-\txif m^aiK c.o. l« If — / ^jUt llic dcipeiadoes stumbled is shown .it>o^c. lumieilly fiom the aflor rr^./n^m," the i-luts and suns (lie guards Eats 'Em Whole in Do-Nut Derby Demonstration Club News Notes at the lilythevillc Woman's club on Dec. 18. The 1-one Oak and Half Moon Home Demonstration clubs held a joint. Hireling ,i(. tlie Half Moon canning kitchen Tuesday. Dec. 7. Aflcr (lie monthly reports were muii by the various chairmen, Mrs. Oliver Gray jjnvc. a di'inon- •ti.itioj: on making tovs for gifts for children and Mrs. n. !<•. Gay Save a demons! ration on crocheting nu;s, Mrs, R. L. Hawkins, supervisor, KIIL patterns for u tmill block. At noon a chiekni dinner was ••sued 10 Ihe 21 present, by Hie I iKte.ssos. Mrs. Hawkins. Miss Ora L { Hawkins and Mrs, Gray. . After noon the reijulnr mcctim- i w is called to order hy the presi- ! drill. Five new members were en! rolled and plans were made for i lie Christmas party to be Mrs. S. Golf entertained the Shady Lane Home Demonstration [ club Thursday wllh n Christmas- party. Mrs. Murray McIIatfc-y wns in charge ol Liie program which included reading, stories and group singini;. The mi'inber.s exchanged C'hrLft- inns silts before refreshment.'; oi •;andwiclie.s. fruit, salail wilh cniii- | berry sauce and coffee were .seiv- i I'd. Head of Rppuhlican Slrai- «Uy Conimillco Mas His Own Ideas HV WIIJ.IS TH()KN"I'().S' Ni:.\ StTvlcc Stall' ('<irii-s|ii)liih'nt flMC'ACK.), IJCC. M.-Ill I'lHKW- IIIH Gli-iiu I'Vnnk us lu-ml o( n lieiiublli-Lin coiiunUti' to luiiMi- a purty Mimdiird "to which the W!M> and hoiu'sl may ri'uiilr," tin' Ho- piibtii-aiis seh'd a mini who Is keenly uwiitv of tin- |inrly';, nml f"r such a standard. l-Viinli, u iji-i-iiclK'r, writer. i-d( I in-. IHI.S s]>i'iit inui-li of Ids iiihe since l!i:m allackhn; just, thai lirobh-in. In Ills book, "Anii'ilra\ Hour ol Dirlslon," he wioli': To know wlini we waul is llu> I'nniiil! ut sln(esinaii;,Hi]i. Do know what wt> want? Ili-ro In Ihe llnlti-d Slutc.s? Now? iJo \ w . know whal we waul ijovi'i'iiuifiii h'- and do in ri'lalion to tin' .vhol,. iiiirhanisiH ulll | movcmi'ni •>l Aiiicriciiii Hie und enti'ipilse over which, nl ll.s nioiuenl of litgli- ' si poli'iilliil power, the sliiuiow 'f » vast fulllliy fell? . . , |) e we |» short, know what kind of p u - Hlical or<lcr we waul? llo we know »h»l kind of MK-iul order we ftam? Do we know whal kind ol conomtc oixler we want? "Wo t-annot make (ho decisions Jemimded of us ul Ihls .lumaiiro I" Aniei-lrnii nft'alrs unle.w wo •'*' ourselves free dom tiiis |)irnlynln K Indecision of will." Knoirn A.s a l.ilienil Is perhaixs this clear recognition by Pi-auk of the need of the party far more clearly dellnrd - thnl led (o liis selection to head Die committee hat will into define them. Frank has for years iiecn known > 11 "liberal" ninonc nepubllcnn.s-. ""I no loiiijer means much. So -mi Nicholas Murray Duller. I'l'iink's llbctnlism is such that lie believes iiuich of whal passes for liberalism today | s rcnlly reiic- tionary. n c minks the road tliroiiKh Uie NRA and AAA to centrnuma ftll(1 ,i c(l> | k , ( | co ,, u . o , over the economic system is \ n cssmcce n rencClonnry road, and •not truly liberal nl all. Frank believes in expansion of production as ngniitel Its ll m |tn_ Hon. He admits thai modem Industrial conditions make Imperative an increasing government, ac- Hvlly In the Held of business nnd industry; he adds that "the problem of determining || lc din-oiKm Tntniegrce or Governmental nctf'v- ity in economic ailairs" Is (lie imijoi- issue of this ucneration." '•rank 1ms. iidvocnlcd the. nmx- Imuni frecdoui for Individual eli- «'t-pnser.s consistent wilh.Jodny's teeJinology. A Snappy riirnsc-C'flini'r He is an upt phruse-inakcr. und Ins characleii/jition of the leaders of yesterday as- "mushroom mon- ai'i-l'.s ol business, industry, nnd Imance." who "siriilli'd for a diw while ihe fnnlastli: era of sprailn- tlon came to a climax." shows no loni;iii(! for a relurn to the "uootl old days." "Lush Krowth of Ixxillcg reli- gicns." "npostalnli: of tnklrs." show thai Prank can pay jiis respecl-s I« opponents in nsl us juicy lerms us- f-'ranklln Roosevelt or General PAGE SEVEN m i Wisconsin n dinvii dcpp yearn roots Job University of ««<'. !«' put tluTe. Alter Ills oiiMliiR from ttnil KM Jmnmry by Gov. I'lill Ictte In n pullilcsi! and udinlnls- tiatlve row. thi-re were many w)ils]ii>vs In Wisconsin Hint Frank planned u- pollUral rniTcr, iinlmps 1 1 1* I riumliiir for die Senate. Howiivirr (hilt, limy be. n nil]);! Unit «ni',s Inn* tn llio fimdnmc-mnl ll.'oiiijli Unit Ix'taM' we nin B0 H,,J,. wlieiv we wiuil In no, |, lls I'lKlil tu consider Ki-|)iibltciin "I lie moili'.si honor nwl gation of niy life" Ulln- Writer Ottem Tip :.-''; SAN FflANCIRCO (UP) —Miss Allrie B. I lower. business loiter expert, for ibo American Institute of UnnkhiK, hns formulated tire. most. Important rule for writing business letters ns follows: "If you're writing good news, put It in , Iho first paragrnrjb; if Jl'r, bad, limy Lliu blow deep down In Hie Ki- mid lead uji la It." m -ry tso.ils obli- The Republican pnrty Imllcntcd n swhiK lo ||io left In the up- liolnlmcnt ot Dr. Cllenu frniik, libovo, editor mid educator, lo head the special committee ot HOD members, named nt n St. l.oul.i meeliij/; to formnliito new, 1'aily pollclen In the hattlis JiKdlnst the New Deal, i^'ranit I«UK Identiiled with the pnrly'.s left wine, was misled from Ihn pri'.sldeney 0 [ ||, e Unlveifdty of Wisconsin l-,ul January. Jolmsdu. Whatever (In; final report of his committee reveals, If should nitikc snappier reading thini nio.s( .slinlljir docntncnt-s. The iiuirk of Iho young Mls- soiut preiu'hi'r. who won a luiili' iroin ninoiii! a coiigregutlon liu- liri'sscil by Ills eliKiucnce and brll- llnncc. is Mil) on Cllenn I-'fimk. lie qiioUis I In: lllble freely ami ilitly, and his concern IB obvious " a world In which religion Is a netivo force than It might lie. et he ctin pay sardonii; re- Kpccts uliki- lo "Iho psulin-slnning ciiplnlns of Intluslry . . , wliose ty nnd prncllcnllly never quite " lll'tl i-ui.s. Vni-k i;tl Hi' »l llorershocs Cross 3 Suburbs L-MOVEbAND (UP) — A horsc- ihiK'-plichiijt,' court l/i Hie yard |of l/onls I). Homlrick h so sltu- .atrd.lhal when a shoe Is pitched from nun stako (o another il IMfwcs through Bhakci- Heights •• CJi'Vi'liiiid HcJuhls mid University 'Holiihl:!. ihrci' olcvcluiul Kiiburbs. UL-I INI imuunui ininns, ri'niiK is never been an active Republican In the sense that Nicholas Murray Duller has been. To took no pint in Hie forming of the He- imtillcim Committee of ISO. which :ic Is now asked to head. And hi 1 knew nothing of his appointment mtll he read il In the newsiniprrs, Nevertheless, Frank Is generally I'fBimlcd ns politically ambitious. When, at -3il.-' he want to head the Towns Quarrel and Spite Tax Whets Discord ST. JOHN, N. B. (UP) —When Iwo municipalities, one of them small and not knowing- the mean- ins; of "bonded indebtedness." and a larger one which has sul r.ll the problems of unemployment and relief over a period of years, have a fnHinsf out. aiiythinj's able lo happen. Tn. nn effort (o protect its own workmen, the St. John rmmlcipa council set a S3 tax on all residents of the neighboring municipality of KiilKS County employed in St. John. Taking that as a direct slap in the face, councillors of Kings, which county is the seat of many St. John commuters, likewise set a tax—only for $4. Then Came a fatality near 'ho county line in Kings, (he nearest available coroner was Dr. c. I, Emerson of St. John City. After making on investigation, he forwarded n nominal bill—for £5—to the secretary-treasurer of Kin It was refused. Subsequently. :he bill was paid by llic treasurer of tiic St. John municipality. Al a recent meeting of Ihe St. John municipal council, II \vn.s No wonder Charles Maeig of Sandusky, O., won the "All- America Doughnut Derby" at Ohio State University. As shown in the picture, he didn't bother to swallow them, just cascaded them down with great gulps ol water from a pitcher. He consumed 10 in one minute and 45 seconds, edging out his nearest, opponcnl, Frank Smith of Boston. decided to bring suit ngainst the neighboring municipalily to re- i cover the amount. It's the principal of the thinj."i W. A. Rcss. secretary, explained t:> ; councilors in urging the move. Realistic Style Dummy Causes Police Confusion j Ve piet eer que mesh," ami to "the parson turned lobbyist." Despite this background "i was n snppoiliM- of repeal of itlonid prohibition. Politically Amliltlmu •fhoiiBli a prolific nnd consliinl r on niillonnl alVnlrs, CHRISTMAS I iiinnri'lai,. ,» ,|ii;iili;"j7f ,,,,,, i-jlski'y Wliiskcys, Wines, Gins and Cordials CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP ninl Dlvlsinn Hemorrhoids-Piles CIIHKI) WITHOUT SUUdKRY & GUAKAN'IKKI) : Sad', siire ami niili | rlM discomfort. AH'. illsi-asrs nnd I'OmlltlniiH of nert-oufl origin, - fnul nllmt'iilH nnil skin cancers (rtatfil and':; nurd at our clinic. DBS. WES & NIES (l.sli'0|),'it))| v I'/iyslrJqn* M1 l "' tl " ''''"'in 1)8 ' Blylhcvllle, Ark. GIRLS! EARN MORE! IIHTWISI; ymir income by leni-ninjr well IIMI'I! iirofcssioii . . . ymi oun be a licensed liciiiilU'ian win, K l x nmntlia IKISV in (ho School Eagle School of Beauty Culture 0|)CI1 I Mwfiiifr ,,l| State Kc<|nircment s fnr Jilll. 1st l Arlmiisjis nnd :\Iissotiri. Cooper Hldjj Walinil & ami/ lil.ylhovillo . >Slnlc Approved Envollnient Fee fflMPETEINT INSTRUCTORS Special Course for Y»im^ Men nnd Barbers Write for full details to LESTER FISHER GIPSON r>]!« Krcwfion A\'e. Joncsiioro, Art BERKELEY, Cal. (DPI— Bork-i'- ley |X)11ce favor the mcdrrn ten- flency for store dummies thai are : nol too human Icokiug, They answered a hurry call from tuo duck hunters who declared they had seen a woman's head floating past them. The head eventually was found, but between its perfect life-like features and the fnct H was badly water worn. it. was some lime before il could be definitely decided that it was | merely the head of a dummy. Overheating of an engine may he caused by: lack of wnt<r in Hie circulation svstem. insufficient oil in the crankcase. or a fuel mixture thai is loo rich or loo lean. Late Shoppers! Raid Courier N>'w« Want Aa» SHOPPING DAYS UNTI1, CJHUSTSIAS Open Nights The Gift She'll Reach for First RECOMMEND LOVA With Mo Cost Klci-tric Hn/.or Sionc-Set King' Wo Will Check Ymir 1WAKKS I.1CHTS HATTKRY Hnvc Your Car "WIN'I'KK - I>ROOKK»" Hcforc ('01,0 WRATH RR RKTURNS AMERICAN COPPER 17 tcwelj . S 29' S "MINUTE MAN" /««•"' > A new ilurtly , . dtpendobla Bulova, 17 Jewtls and cvrved lo (il lh« wrillonly IAD/SUIOVA i/i«vttt . M2 50 5«l wilti 2 diomwidt Ford Anli-I'Vcczc 1'rcstonc Winter T.uliricanls nrTS WRAPPED AND MAILED TO .ANY ' A 1)1)1![CSS KRBK PHILLIPS PAT O'BRYANT, JEWELER f=B_OVD A. IHIIiriE"£ u

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