The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1943 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 10, 1943
Page 6
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PAGBBIX BLYTHEV1LLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, Al'KIL 10, Chicks Play Intro-Squad Grid Game JIM III lRtp-19 Radcliff Stands Out As Defensive Guard In Spring Practice Game . The-sun shone brightly yesterday afternoon, as the Chickasaws divided themselves Inlo two teams nnd went through a dress rehearsal for tlie real thing next fall. Captain Harold Thompson's While squad beat Co-captain Monroe Be- Miarse and his Red learn 20-1D. After lhe klckofl the somewhat smaller Red aggregation went right to work and scored six points before the eamc was five minules old when Monroe Besharsc blocked n punt from his linebacker position. The try for lhc extra point by Besharse was wide. While Team Threatens Then'-the Whites came knocking at the luoclidown door with Jim Smart and Norman Stone carrying. However, due to the work of Besharse -and Joe Had. cliff, right guard, they were thwarted. Then the Red MUiad started to work again. Tills time it was" Besharse once more. Following behind thc blocking of Ray Gill he skirted ends and plunged through the middle down to the 20 In four or five plays. From there lie scampered around rlghl end for the score. Again the Reds kicked off. Again the .Whiles came on. This time they looked a bil more determined. But it was not to be, due chiefly lo lhc very fine guard play- of RadclifT and lhe tackling of Besharsc and Ray Gill • After - rolling up several firs downs," the Whiles pnnlcd. Once more Besharcs, Gill and Co. slart cd rolling. This time it was gooc for another six points, by vlrlm of a pass from Bcsharsc lo Car Moody. Gill added the cxlra polii on a quarterback sneak, But that was the beginning o tlie end for the Reds. Several mill ules after lhc klckofl for llic star of the second half, : Jim Sinai hauled in a Red pass on the 6 and got away to lhc 20 before h was caught. It didn't take Noi man Stone, the White Icfthalf back, long to put II over from there.' ! < - ' Red Stars Weaken From that lime on it • was the Whites' ball game. Hadcllff and Besharsc had been socking hard and oltcn without rest and it was beginning to', tell-on them. Tbo ball changed hands several times, •' with both teams not showing much offensive power. Despite his weariness, Radcliff showed up time after time as the tackier and still was slopping every play thai 11 was ]»ssible for him to reach This boy, who is just In the eighth grade, will without a doubt be one of the best guards Blythcville ha? seen. Oiie couldn't help but fee that he could Till thc vacancy created by Harold Thompson's shlfl to tackle. . '" , Jim.Smart and Colton Pogue engineered-the next touchdown will Track and Field Meet Is Shortened NEW YORK, April I'O (UPI — Tlie I-q-4-A Truth and Meld hamplons on May I5lh will be educed to a one-day affair. Ordinarily ,tlie outdoor college leel runs for two days, lint this ear—although there still will be a nil schedule of 16 events—the pro- ram has been cut down to one ay. The championships will be eld at New York's spacious Trl- brough Stadium, Nominations arc expected from lie majority of Ihe Association's 9 incmbcr colleges. Penu Stale ook lhe team crown last year. Light-Heav{/weif)hts Booked In Cleveland CLEVELAND, April 10 (UP) — A pair of Cleveland lighl-licnvy- wclghls—Anlon Chrlstoforidis and ,loyd Marshall—will mccl in the ring In their home city a week from Wednesday. Cliristoloridis is a former Na- lional Boxing Association HL icavywelghl clnimpoin. He rccenl- .y dropped a 15-round decision lo Jimmy Bivlns. Marshall's last start was a victory over Ev.nard Charles .if Cincinnati. Cliristoforldis mil Marshall arc scheduled lo batll over the 10-round route, Meroney Beware! These 4 Hoys Usually Are Rough On Referees Don't be .surprised if Mike Me- oncy climbs into lhe ring Monday ilghl wearing a catcher's mask, chest protector and shin unard.s, In fuel, don't be surprised at any- hlng. Professor Meroney, you see, a rasslln' referee wilh a price on his lii'iul. That Is, most of Ihe lime he hns lo combine russlin' will) rcfercelng, and lols ol the lialry giants he comes In contact wilh resent hl.i little interference. That's (lie wny il is in lhe lug and sins business; Hie boys just don't have i'.ny respect for authority any more. Seems like every year they get meaner and meaner. Generally, there's one rassler in the ring so .stinking mean everybody wants 'to sec him yet what's outline to him. Sometimes you see two of the critlcr.s oil (lie .same card, then It's a wow. Bul Monday night you can watch dill, fans, because there's going to be FOUR of 'em on the .same card. Thc four offenders will be Prince Omar and Willyum Canny who for nefarious purpose will team up for a lag match againsl Carlos Zuppi. rasslers, howcvor, II would not be Iiodric|iiex and Karl' Von Such are the whlmseys of Lajoie Had Gallic Grace Plus Nonchalance Of Gehringer; Hornsby Duplicate Al Bat in-prising if they didn't all gang IP and upsy daisy Meroney right broiigh lhe roof. Thiit's one reason reserved seals ell for more. The timid customer •nn crouch behind his chair 11 hlngs gel (oo rough, a distinct idviinlagc over silting up In the ilcacher.s where you are apt 'lo :alch lhe referee right In youv lap. Well, that's only thc feature at- rticllon and if there's a three ring circus in town Monday night, skip I, you can sec more and spend less at lhe Legion arena. Besides lhe lag match,, tlie bill oilers two one-fall matches, one >etwcen Omni mid Canny and the other between RodriqticH and Von Greco To Meet Young MONTREAL, April 10 (UP) Ilard-hlttlng Johnny Greco of thc Canadian Army will fight Terry Young of lhc Unllcd 'Slates Marines In Montreal on May B. The two lightweights have been signed for a 10-round bout, the feature event on a program foi the benefit of lhc Canadian Army's victory loan drive. Greco is frcsl from two triumphs over Clco Slums, a highly - regarded lightweight contender. Greco's onl barrier to a title bout wilh Beai Jack is his youth. He isn't 2C years old yet—and • (hat's the min imifm age for thc title distance of 15 rounds in most states. l\ P5TER Manpower Shortage Does Not Worry Olson; Exhibition Games Set By IIAIIIIV GKAYSON NBA Sports Editor NAPOLEON LAJOIE had jet ilack hair and brown eyes spark- ng out of an olive complexion. Thc : greatest of all second basemen stood' six feet one and w;eiglicd 195 pounds. He was a handsome man. Larry -Lajole—pronounced Laz- howay —.had Gallic grace plus the nonchalance ol Charley Gclirln- gcr Every move was a picture of efiovUess'rytUm. Thc Big Frenchman made everything look so ridiculously simple lhat you got lhe impression he wasn't trying. Rogers Hornsby reminded you of Lajoic at bat. Lajoic's shillalah was almost us Ihick along the handle as It was on the traditional fat end. He stood well away from the plate and back in the batter's Smart, finally going over. He also i box, but not as far as Hornsby. added the extra point by a well- aimed placement. The lillle Red squad fought back furiously. Bul all -to no avail. The Whiles were just showing too much determination . lhat they should not pass over that last stripe and inlo the six point zone. Besharsc was carrying the offensive burden practically alone. The Red line just couldn't hold . Captain Harolc Thompson's men in white. Dick •Slacy at end, Thompson at tackle and Pogue at his linebacker position, were ever present lo squclcl any Red offensive that might show it had the touchdown spark In II White Racks Show I'owcr The Whites needed one mor touchdown and an extra point to win this ball game and who was going to stop them? Not the ever- \vearying Reds. It was just too hot and the White backs had loo much power. Yard by yard. Stone. Pogue and Smart worked the ball down the field. When they came within reaching distance of the As recently as 1034, when he was 9, tlie American League hired Ln- oic out of retirement to record thc icrfectlon of his batting style in ts official motion picture. Like Ty Cobb, Honns Wagner ind Hornsby, Lajoic gripped lhc bal with his hands a few inches apart and ready lo be switched with the pitch. No pitcher ever passed thc man ahead lo get at the French Devil, as Clark Griffith called him. Hornsby, who broke in «s Ij!1 ~ Joic faded, easily could have lifted a lot of his Ideas from lhe French- mini—all bul lhc slrange one Hint he could brat ibe horses. Lajoic thought only of his balling. Like Hornsby, lie would not read on train or in bed or attend movies for tear thai he would injure his microscopic eyes. THIRD BASKMKN Vt'V.KK Wlbh ' and Pennsylvania fish hatcheries distributed more thnn 600.000,000 fish In a single year. Libya is more ilian Iwicc the size of Hie stale of Texas.' By United I'ITS.S Manager Sparky Olson of the ;hattrinooga Lookouts has litlle lo vorry about as fur as the man- unvcr .shortage noes. He now has 2] players on hand. The Chattanooga club yesterday ilaycd a seven-inning infra-squad gninc. Catcher Red Lane's regu- ars look a 7 to :i decision . from Manager Olson's makeshift nine. Al Memphis. Tcnn., Ihc Chicks arc cheered by word Ibal Frank Vcverka has been granted permission to play in the ehib'.s home I games. Frank is working al a defense job in Memphis and doesn't want to give it up, so only has a chance to play in hums games. The 1 Birmingham Ilarons are scheduled to meet a Fort Bcnning service team this afternoon in Columbus, Ga. The soldiers are ex- peeled to have Jim Pciidcrgasl— former Little Hock Ilingcr — toeing Ihc mouii:' Lillle Rock's Travelers arc still short of men. Another player — Ralph Levy — is Manager Buck pleased, tco, wilh the showing of Johnny Furqueron. Manager Buddy Lewis of the Knoxville club Is happy over the way his candidates have been balling lately. Lewis Flick. Babe Bcnning. Andy Scminick and Frank I'let have been showing real slugging power, in-cording to Lewis. The Atlanta Crackers .arc down Willie Pep Wins Over Sal Baxtolo BOSTON, April 10 (U.P.I—Wee Willie Pep—who holds the New York version of Ihc world fcathei- wclghl championship—battled his way to a 10-rrouncl victory over Sal fiaiiolo of Boslon. Almost 1C.OOO fans watched the little Connection Windmill, stage his usual sparkling performance in winning his (Mth out of 1)5 professional fights. The crowd was the largest in Boston lii 12 years. Pep pulled away lo an early lead, bul Bartolo came back with a bruising body attack lo capture the lead In the middle rounds. The champion had lo work hard in the lulc stages to gain Ihe decision. No llllc was al slake, but had Bartolo won, he would have had a stroiii; claim to a bout for Pep': crown, Pe]> Inflicted a slight eye cut in the first round, which botherei Barlolo considerably as the fight wore on. Bul he didn't glow-.down and In the sixth round he had Pep groggy. Pc]> appeared fresher In the laic rounds, and was able lo hold off Btulolo's altack. Bolh men came inlo llic ring at 127 and three- quarters pounds. Where's Louis? II is possible dial the champion of Russia will fiijlit Joc- Louis when the W.H is *"" Anyw.iv hc-ieisN Koiolev, who bosses pugilistic woiKi ( in Soviet Union. Sergeant Louis is a cavalryman, i Korolcv ;i guerrilla. C RAY SON S to report today. auselt has been SCOREBOARD By.HARRY KRAYSON "NBA Sporls Editor NEW YORK—Elmer Lfiyclen is ilng (o ration players to teams of lhc National Football League. Landis Layden would reduce lhe of llic more interesting sidelights to behold—if you can cnlclt it. If you can't you need a Seeing Eye dug to lead you lo Hie stadium. As a co;icii, Commissioner Lay- dcu was second to none when it: |, c m , y, R K! ,r c . s jd c and flic coach came lo wigwagging signals from sees n i<,t O f things lhc kids mis.'s' Professional or college, legal o> no, couches will continue coaching from the sideline. Not because they haven't .the utmost confidence in t!icir boys. Oh, no, mil it's best 10 the Notre Dame bench. Professor Laydcn's principal equipment for [liis purpose .was a pair of large wbitc gloves. He made semaphorlc seamen look like novices by comparison. There arc all kinds of bench slg- , lmls _ Fo[ . ., dcc ,, 0] . sllorl , rass lhe I dlnngc his 1)os | t ioii on , U]c bcnc |,_ in lhe middle for the I coach may cliji player limit from 33 to 25. Offhand, jj ]c |, cnc |,_j n I would suspect Selective Service' shol . (> nn Ulc clu , for lhc 10I1R . Pcl ._ will take care of that. | h! , ])s ltlc lmvel mi tllc t ri ,| ncl - s lett thc size of lite parlies 6UOulclc| . sl)clls (u ,ick-kick, and Limiting seems to be a subject brought up for ; Stop Goal-Tending By Raising Baskets, <Fained Mentor Urges Lajoic hit the ball savagely „.. n line. II was Impossible for pitchers to pull thc siring on him He'd pickle a slow ball. Thin big-double stripe/ Stone dug his)^^T™ K" way. over. Smart added the point.- \ , ( „„„, all ri ght, bn A few moments later, the game ) ^ wcrcn . t nmlll ng the risk _ of ,ving him pull one at them will ended with the Whites victorious by the margin of 20 lo 19. All in all, the squad showed a lot more sock than in previous practices. Carl Moody (you remember his brother, Hickermit Head) showed up well on -defense and in downficld blocking. Dick Stacy looked very well at end on defense. However, as one - looks over the linemen of both sides he could very easily recognize a slocky little figure right in the middle of the line. He also made himself right in the middle'of everything that the offensive team had to offer. He knifed through again and again He was always in on thc tackle when his team klckcd-off Shades of Travis Bennett, (powerhouse' guard of the Chicks' '39 squad)! Mr. Joe Neil Radcltfl youse played a swell ball game. Sees Full Schedule KAUKAUNA, Wis. (U.P.)-Coac Curly Lambcau of the Green Ba Packers 'believes there will enough players next fall to. assure fullcampalgn for thc National Foo ball League. He lold a high schoo banquet here that the teams cotil .replenish their rosters with formi college star's and pros .who ruu been out of the game 'only a fe years and/who have not been ac cepUd for military service. J :R«I use collectors in Hmhurst. II "report everyone who throws tin cant. , Larry Lajnie today. England league, used a worn envelop as a conlracl when he paid Lajoie $100 a month as a calchcr In 185B. Scout Hilly Nash of lhe Phillies wasn't Interested in Lajoic. although lip was batting .429. He offered $1501) for Outfielder Phil NEW YORK, April 10.—Dr For-, rest o. Allen stresses that the objection against hyper-tall goal- lenders in basketball would be eliminated by 'lhc adoption of his pet- suggestion—the 12-foot basket. "There is nothing sacred about lhc 10-fool basket." points out Dr.] Phog Allen, who proposes thc new height for college and independent teams only, not for Intcrscholiinlic players. "It just so' happened that lhc iimnlng track in thc Springfield College gymnasium was JO feet above lhe floor when Dr. James A. Naismilli nailed up his peach baskets." Inslcad of prohibiting a player from touching a try for goal on ils downward arc above lhc level of the basket, as proposed by the NCAA rules commitlec, Dr Allen, veteran Kansas coach, contends lhat tlie simplest thing would be to raise the basket higher than the lallest man can jump or reach. Joe Lapchick, lhc • old Original Ccllic coaching Brooklyn St John's winner of the National Invitation and which was repulsed in overtime In a playoff with Wyoming the NCAA champion, reasons the j other way. Uipchlck believes goaltenders should be eliminated, despite thc fad lhat he IMS one o the best in the six-foot nlnc-incl sophomore, Harry. Boykoff. .Lapchick draws n hypothetical 1 his power. A batter could step across tnc ate and hit a waste ball whei ajolc performed — from 193C I' 916-nml he was better thnn : rccn hand on the lilt- and- rur e could always be depended on o go through with lhc play, and lade many a lilt swinging the bat ith one hand or throwing tlie club t a ball he couldn't reach. If a pitcher sloped Lajoic a imc or two on a good day, he wild shorten his grip a little. It hat didu'l work he'd shorten it till more. Anything to meet thc all. Cleveland thought so much of Lajoic lhat the club was named ifter him—lhe Naps. Although pleasant enough, La- oie was not- a good mixer, preferred to do what little talking he did In a small circle of friends Poker once a week, but rarely in season, was his only vice until he :ook up golf several years following ,is retirement from baseball. Wearing glasses now and smoking a Oder, M:\rslon was so well . picture of opposing mciuinnhic- pccping goons stationed under thc mesh and knocking out every try for .goal, with such a game being determined by successful throws from llic foul line. Dr. Allen argues that, "without a rule change discriminatory in character," raising tlie bucket-'; would clear up 80 per cent of personal fouls caused by drive-in and •\y-up shots and under (lie basket ongcstion and fouling brought on y Ihe pivot-post whirl. LaiKhick's argument is Ibal there no sense or percentage in rais- ng thc baskets when lhc game i so popular as it is. lie contends Ibal lliere would be list as lunch congcslion and re- iiiltant fouling under lhe hoop, ind Hint lhc only difference would be lhat lhc little man would have i more difficult shol. Lapchick points onl lhat some research will lie necessary before lie rules committees' proposed change is worded correctly. He admits thai tlm change will leave even more to the judgment of referees. "But," asserts Lapchikc, "il is betler lo have a litlle squawking than lhe feeling of futility lhat grasps a leinn opposing a lowering goal-lender." No other pair you can name knows more basketball Mian the widelv cxpeiienccd and highly successful. Dr. Pliog Alien and Joe Lapchick. Yet their opinions dig chasm between lliem. That has been the one glaring fault of bnskctball—lack ol uni formity. little more to talk about. It would be no more difficult wore the maximum set at 125 because pickings are to be slim. With college boys hustling Into the armed forces, and lire source of supply shut off, there will be mighty few new names in the professional ranks next fall. Thc teams will get what Ihcy can get out of war plants, c. Another timely topic brought up al tile National League meeting in Chicago had to do with coaching from the sidelines. Those sctking to have this, practice legalized got thc cold shoulder. Nothing has ever hcen dune about il either in tile professional circuits or college ball, anyway. If Guidance from lhc sideline were legalized, the coaches would mit.s the fun of cheating. A great ninny-of them ars like the kid wiio would rather hoist a cookie .surreptitiously than hav c mamma ive him a fistful. Coaching from the sideline is one al Thoniiision, Ga.. loday. The) play lhe Silver toon club there this afternoon. At Mni:on, Manager Larry Gilbert, of lhc Nashville Vols announces Hint thc club has iiomi- nalcd Glen Gardner lo pilch ic llrsl cxhibilion game lomorrow New Oilcans Pels are still work- ig on the manpower problem 'hey expect, several players lo ar ive (roll! lhe Brooklyn Dodge raining camp lo bolster Ihei var-iidclied roster. pleased Hint lie threw in Lajole. When Lajole jumped to the American League, the owners of the Phillies obtained an injunction against his playing in plilladcl- ihln. and the Athletics scut him o Cleveland. As long as lhc war between lhc National and Amcri- an Leagues lasted. Lajoic was prevented from appearing In Phlla- lelphln. BITTI-liKST DISAI'VOIXTMENT Lajoir gave up as a major league nanagcr iu 1008, when lhc Naps lost lo Hill Diimecn in SI. Louis and missed winning lhc pennant by half a game. Thai was his bitterest disappointment. An attack of blood poisoning following a spike wound barely beat him out of the flag in his first year as field marshal—I9(ij. With ail the brilliance of his 21-year bii> league career, and his lifellmc batting average of .338, Lajoie was not on a pennant winner until he managed thc Toronto club to thc Imcmatioiiiil rag in We Buy Loan Cotton Geo. H. McFadden & Bros. ftg'cy. Over Borum's Drug Store r. O. Box Z18, ISIjllicullc, Ark. E. C.PATTON i-honezoiB BAKER L. WILSON n the heat of bailie. But Commissioner Lsydcif, who was as accomplished a smoke signal Indian as any, wants his professionals to keep liielr cheating honest. Having no eyelids, shut Ihcir eyes. fish cannot spells what a world of information that Ellow can impart while adminls- ering ointments on thc field. A favorite method of Imparting •formation is the warming up of 120-pound husky who hasn't n liancc of gelling in lhe game. Joe "ilotz will be Hie sign for il 7 dia- nonil, Mike Molassesfoot a 6-3-2 nd so on. Handkerchief to Ihe iicntor's nose has meant i*. naked cvcrsc, but this one lias been :nown to backfire because the each has to blow his bugle once in i whil?. Coaches signal to sharp-eyed [uarlerbacks, and woe betide the ad who doesn't catch thc drift. It's mich worse (ban missing a sign n baseball, where the giving ol signals is perfectly itgitimale, as it should be. Wfsl Main Near 21st St. .at. starts 12:45; Sun. Marts 1:15 Nigbl shows 5:45 Except Monday, opens C,Af, Continuous shows Sat. and Sun. Last Time Today Double Feature FIRST 'Trail iSazers' wilh The Three Mcstjuilccis SECOND An Important AnnomH-einiuit Concerning !<"001) K A T I 0 N I N CI ! Although it is unlikely Unit lhe :iew Government program of ra- Uoning will mean actual hunger for us at home—it may mean Unit many will .suffer from a VITAMIN DEFICIENCY caused by unbalanced meals — unless their diet is supplemented with concentrated vitamins. If you will stop at our store, we will be happy to recommend thc vitamins which will balance your daily requirements. Wood's Drug Store ISI.YTHKVfl.U-:, ARK. TheFiyingDeuees' with Kl:ui Laurel it Oliver Ki;i!IAL: Comrdy Girl." Sunday & Monday For n • • m srgmia l-'rcd witli 31;!cMin ray , Carrol. iMiuklinc Cmnrcly Universal News 4 COTTONSEED Dclfos 9252 Wild's 12 Sluneviilc 2-H Wild's i:j SOY BEANS Arksnys Uclsla Ho.vso.vs LESLIE E. SPE0H, Sr i man's !>;tymi, Ark. pipe, he shoots between 75 and 82 ! 1917. with the same easy swing that made ! Lajole baited lictu-r than 300 him famous. I for is years, led die American Hair sprinkled with gray now, he winters at Lake Worth, Fla., summers at Mcnlor-on-the-Lake, hard by Cleveland. He made a part time Job of selling truck tires. Lajoie was a hack driver—livery and all at Woonsockel, R; I., hi his youth. Charley Mansion, owner of the rail-.River club of the New League .405 in 1001. and . again showed Hie way in 1003 and 1904. He made more than 200 nils in each of five campaigns. He set the American League record for chances accepted by a second baseman— 938 in 1908. Larry Lajoio could do it without trying. For Liyht, Fluffy BISCUITS Insist On SHIBLEY'S Best Flour Your Grocer Has It! WAR BONDS & STAMPS Are Your Best Buy! WRESTLING Legion HuL Monday, A pril n, 8:15 p. m. Lowest Admission of any WrestUnj Arena In Amerlc». NOTICE! CHANGE IN ADMISSION PRICE—AdnUs 30c, Ui Inc.; Reserved scats I5c; Children 15c. Reserve Scat Tlckct« on Sale »l Schmuck't Standard Oil SUtlon, Corner Main ind Division. -TAG MATCH- ~ Prince Omar & Bill Canny Vs. Rodriquez & Von Zuppi 2 1-fall -aO-miu. Mutches CARLOS KODUKIUEZ vs. HAUL VON /Ul'IM Prince Omar vs. Hill Cannv Open 7:00 p.m. Show yiarls 7:30 p.m. i\ilni. Alwavs He and 2&o Last Time Today 'Silver Bullet' wilh Johnny Mack Urown NKW SI-UIAU "Perils of Njoka" Selected Shorts Saturday Midnight Show 'Highway West' wilh Olynipe Hrailna A liionih Marshall Selected Shorls Sunday & {Monday 'Holiday Inn' wilh Ring Crosby & Fred Astairr. News of llic Shorts Hay

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