San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California on January 5, 1922 · Page 5
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San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California · Page 5

San Francisco, California
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Thursday, January 5, 1922
Page 5
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xj : .' .',',.,Y .', i M V.'l,V'J7S3H!srtTOIMflrV 'I. ! NRmnMM'KJ J PI J L'! IB v' 'jw - i'a - a ., - .. .w - .. i j ' . j: - 3. x - '.v.. .' - tit : . ,.. : i.t - . avr ..a; - i t"i . v jir ." 1T . W'.. ,:T W, - ,:fV.iSl - a: ., .JWJAJA4jrA.V4?WW.tlJlUlUIil ' .X.eUSaJAXf '..OAflHAJHHWSl 1111 J , i ,')., I J ' 1 ... .. I. .,! - ,. rms. ' - . ,sAr7.... fX, ; v ' wiji , y X' ,... T i . Oplev HcarsYouth Declare He ;Wk&Seen :..tb Shoot DowftSoldier OFRCEROTAKE - STAriD Embalmer Tells Startling Story Bearing oh 'Charge ; Wen - Were Hanged ; WASHINGTON Jan. Accuser and accused faced each - othr' today Before a Senate committee lovtl;r gating charge that American. ol - dlere had been hanged without trial In France. iNear the eloe of the session. Major H. U Ople of Staunton. Va commander of the third battallo. Ulth Infantry oversees, went on the stand to enter emphatic denlal of barges by former service men tna t;fcA ah At rfnwn aoitla of his SOl. dlers In cold blood battlefield. H waa aked. however to step aside until other witnesses tes - tlfy against him, meanwhll. being Wan the right through cfcuneel to cross - examine them. ATI HI! IATV MAJOR SHOOT Grayson H.rWlthrow of Baltimore. Hill In hla early twenties, testified he haw the' officer seise a sun from private and .Ore at a mart In hi command.. Shells were fell Inf. he aid. and there waa tremendous excitement, but' Wlthrow awore that from hi retreat In a shell - hole ; he aw the. man fall a the, major's gun barked; but he Could - not ear whether Ople had killed htm. declaring; that the latter, standing out In the .open, vu within arm reach of half a deten officer when the jhet'wai Bred. A Wlthrow left the stand WUllam J"". 8t. John. of Lynchburg; Va, uf - fertng from. nervous trouble result - ing from service overseas, accused the. Virginian of - shooting, down a "runner" at the front beoauae he failed to. heed after Oirlce thelng ordered' to. halt. Pour other men aw the killing. Tie declared, but he refused to - give their name on' the ground that he had not been able to onfer with them and that it would not be Juat to him If they should appear and. loot back up" hi charges. One, he said, had' fdu - eloped, fold feet" and waa unwillingunwilling - to com.' . MAX LOSKS XERVB Reminded - by Chairman Brands - (re that the name mint be submitted. St. John complied, mentioning first the cousin, of on 'of Major Ople's counsel. It waa while St. (John waa being cross - examined by John A. Cutehln of Richmond. Va Major Ople'a counsel, that he lot control. of hi (battered nerves and houted he waa dealing with a bunch f fanatic who are "trying to prove I am natty." Cutehln dladalmed uoh an intention. Seeing 'that the young man was wprn out by excitement. Senator Watson, democrat. Georgia, who charge of Illegal execution are under 'Investigation; - .declined to juettlon him. Tomorrow. Major Opla will teatify. Starting .out with the testimony Of Rufua P. lrtrobard of Kew York, who, a - an embalming ' aitant with the. American grate registration aervlee. declared he found a tneo and black cap on the bodies ef three American aoldler dug up In the, little French cemetery at Da - ollle. the committee permitted (he Inquiry to run It courae. Another witness, who assisted In a legal execution, declared that the body was burled, noose and black cap Intact, In the lima cemetery where Hubbard said three ao marked had keen found, BOY lEEiatO WATER SROT A farm boy from Georgia cleared p hi statement concerning the' shooting of a soldier because he had aneaked away from hi command to quench hla thirst at a spring. I( developed that the command was trying to conceal It position from the enemy and that all hand had been warned that the first man attempting to walk out In the open would be shot. The coldler walked fifty yard beyond the deadline, re - (used to halt when ordered and they hot him In his track. There waa much testimony relating, to execution at I - 8ar - Tille, none of the witnesses being able to aay whether the victim had been tried, beyond the claim of some to the contrary a the trap was sprung, rvfar department records, 'containing the list of eleven legal hangings, listed two at la - Sur - Tille. Russian Family Mtt&Ra : Mtka .j r. '? . viJ - . .aBTsT,Ew aassrrrrrrrrrrTrrrW. aasa ?VB.X ' JPIIWfeP ' 4 - 'v'SrltiPPsSgaWgaV - i lJ mS&& . JQ ... ...... HBkydL ,, ,m iBWBHB - - 8l3BBHMB ipms iiiviiy uni nliu Liliui Frlcndlv.Re " VProfettotcBriI,Bollyreff.VforrirrCTW Rui.isMvhSfBrtf1y,Iio,1hve rtached wfety gfUfrnanjr hrd - - ", - iii.i. Tis. ' . li i i rr : ii. - '. ,lj - ir. i Miii'Tittrykng: Boldrreff it tlwWn in ihi'vpptt left, and a. ei - 'tL' L' ? - L".U"JLl' f .. - L"ra'.H; '" Hi".' A 21AA a Al.w '"'' ! nasi - . - ....J ..MS,.!.! illl - Hraiscdl by Ked. Horde, Former Imperial University Professor - Reaches Safety Here " i e , . Although reientleitly pursued by a horde - of 'toliheVJit bent upon killing hint and hi family 'of five. rrdfeor - Basil Boldyref f of the Imperial "University ,of Kmean.' - Resile, won race - wlth - desh bv trudging over more - than 100 mile of bleak country' until the red gave uplthe chaac. ' - - : Buch waathe - thrllllng - story told by Boldyreft and , his .family when Ihey. stepped, from .the., Japanese' liner Korea Mem, which arrVediiir port fronf Tekoh'ama' yeitet - day. j "When - the Knielen car was turn - ; bled rom, hla, throne. Professor Boldyfeff held'the chair of pychbl - ogy at .the Imperial University 'of Kasan. fZAR TMPATIIieER Boldyreffa 'sympathle were with" the overthrovrncsar.and,. under - the color of the Imperial troop, hi eldest son, .Kphriam, 'fought agelnat the bolshevlsts, and suffered severe wonnda With the " rebuts of the Imperial troops, the red advanced upon Kasan; killing and pillaging a they went. - Boldyref f and hla family fled with neighbor: After' march? of mora than 100 miles. Boldyfeff, and. hi family, half fam - I tired ,and ' nearly' ; ex haust ed, arrived st - Samara - on the Volga river. At Rem era Boldrreff and hla family were' Joined .by." their 'wounded son. Ephrlam, and. the. united family traveled to Orosk'and later to.viad - lvdstok. - ; ': - ' tWhlf. llvlnr In Vladivostok. Pro - feasor .BoldTfeff served, a chief of the .medical stall under utnerai Kolch'ak. . ' ..The.1 - defeat, of general Xolehak brought - the bolshevlsts Into - control ofVladivostok and' again Professor' Boldrreff and hi family naa to lie toJapan fir.thelr llres - , - or their, part m - fjghtlng with the' imperial troop tphrlem Boldy - re'ff wu decorated with the Fourth Order of the Cross of Ht. George. - professor Boldyref r family Includes .Mrs. Boldyref f, ' Ephrlam, It year old: 'Alexander, lit John, 1(, and Tateyana, to. Professor Boldyreff and family 06n will Je'avs' for Cleveland, 'O., where the professor will take a chair In the 'Western Medical Col - leg. ' Widow of Jeweler Dies at Age of 69 Mrs. Meta Iladenfeldt, widow of Charles Iladenfeldt, for fifty years l wholeeale Jeweler of this city, died yesterday. Funeral aervlcea will take place at 11 o'clock tomorrow tnornlng at Gray's undertaking room. Mrs. Iladenfeldt leaves four childrenMrs. Elmer Woodbury. Mrs. llarry Melon of Napa, Mrs. Bertha lUmmlng of New Haven. Conn, and Herman Iladenfeldt of thla city. Bh was.ln Jr seven tblath year at tke'tlme of her death. Jack London's Mother tsjjeadl Mrs, Flora' London, mother of Jack London, author ofVThe Call of. the Wild." "The SeaWoir and "John Barleyoorn," died yesterday at the arr of 7 - years In the - East Bay sanatorium.' )' Bho' had been1' 111 for several week and It had. been known, forborne time that' her re Icee - for Mrs. - ' London will'.bs held today and the Interment will be pri vate. The lata - Jack London paid, many tribute during hi literary career to his mother and hi sitr, Mr. Rllia Shepard. for' the manner In which they defended and asslstsd him In the early years of his struggle before he climbed to the pinnacle of ueces a a writer. II admitted many time In hit Utters and ln. some of his book that It waa In a great measure their up - port and encotlragement "that enabled him to aocompllsh what h did. At the writer's death It wa found In his will that he had left his mother tie a month and "suitable housing." His sister received ftSOt. Mrs. London waa a native of Ohio, the wife of. the lata John London. . e . FREEHOLDERS ELECTION SET Cpeelsl Dlapstek ts Ths Cbroelele. SACRAMENTO, Jan. February has been aet by the Sacramento county board of Supervisors a th dat for holding a apectal election of fifteen freeholder to frame a new - countyi .charter. Orders Issued by Navy Department War Bonus Check , y . . . J i . (i vwmmwm on or bpfftm interest fmwfiitiofA tfe$ti& This w!i also t .New accounts mjfrfrjfrfitrAf ' Released', Today f e - r tiinniT rrniiCTTK fmnstnrmtl a novel ;by 2eANEGREY $2.00 This i a stirring story of a man v'tffJ' girl. madly, in lovcwri'p find tLcmscJvci :in the, tKick of relt!fcurli - ' a - feud triads Jfought dwpwatelyclpggedly; to the .jatt'mari. '" " Book DepL.r F'yti, Floor peels! by Leued Wb to The ObrmMa WASHINGTON.' Jart. 4. The fol lowing order to officer have been Issued by the hureau of navigation, navy depatment: Ueatsnaat OvnrtsBder Rsrtiert A. nils, it - tsehsd iutj ism. Oestoa, te onwmsnd V. ft. g. MscLsbk. LtesUBSBt Onraiaander Boesrt R Bkeltea, Jsteehed U. ft, a, Osauile, to comsM V. ft. .ttsotesaatrtsarre W. Ana. OsUrlisd S. I. S. - FaipwrlnaU. U PeUk eosat torpala ets - Ua k.spoH. Wssk Xeratsseet OtsksM Bssnsrmss, detsehsa D. 8. , TanMrtnai. K dutr V,. 8, 8. B - S. 8. Nltn rsslsnstloa sotspted. Usolsosnt Jobs , It7 rwshssv deUrhl V. . S. PnuMylnnls. to OU 0. 8. 8. B - ll liMUout (Juaice ends) Cut Aeslua, , d - teebsd rserif Ins ' slstlaa, ftsa rtanelsw to OMtsund V. 8 - 8. ' Iraqsats. Llsotsosst (IvoOT stmds), WUllsia ds Cusp. dsurhsd jT etausa, 8ss irmaasm. to Xleatensnt iMalar srsdel tawranee 8. Tlcbe - sr. asUchsd rabbit sutloa. Msn klsad. to osstmssr sqnstfrso. rselfio flsst. LtwUasat llunlor trsde) tile Tunar. as - tsctwl riMirtnf sUtlso, Tka Prmaoljoo. to U. g. S., stlnafUhw. Clergy Indorse Irwin's Lecture not se whtf Jack ahanM art av. cited about it, because Marllynn la a mighty, nice girl and Jack ought to be very much flattered by th sug - geetlon that aha Is his wlfa. Seeing all these things. Broadway cannot - understand how air' th glamour suddenly has been - thrust upon Jack Plckford. They, are bi ginning to wonder If soma secret enemy haa gon and hired a atar Prssa'ggant to keep thing moving and annoy jack with a perfect vi iree aaverttaing, Viscount Savsi . t.. - - . r - ..' - .. - .,' - " . - lationsinsiateHest With i Nipponese " TOTlLOCKi anti 8lt;vmath ago several', Jipaneee.were. escorted to th edge of .TuTlock and forbidden Ia.mImpm ttil'Turiiuib tiMinS' ha blvotal nolnt 6f anil - JaDanese. f eel - 1 BT0dw: ' lngvlnlCalirornli.. - . T vfi . . S "nf her, nlc to look at. Thy eaa - is Today viscount. ei JcnuopiBusawa. Japan's, PlerpontyStorgan.v together wuh Dr.Jullchl Soyeda,. Ute.ara - nesevlce - ralnlster. of. flnnci pf dent otnhe InduitrlatBanktof Nippon - and head of the Imperial. board of j , rajlway; - add a' dlstjngulehed party, direct from, the 'armslfmtu - tlon conference at 'W'ashlngton. was banqaeted - by nar)r a..' hundred members'! of. thai Turlock', Business Men's Clab.'lthf, party, belhgon.v a tour of California to get' pronal rTooTi" .;,;.;.v:rT.nt. l.? .?". ? - .tofie. ' - . - .JV.v"iii.'Ii,i;i - 7T T ," .Jacit nckrcrd's alleged row BlncattKe," Inauguration :. of tha gentleman's agreement It rests largely with; Individual. Japanese coming tcf California, aaldither viscount, speaking In 'Japanese, Dr. Kyugorq 'Obata. hls private secretary, Interpreting, "whether friendly relations' should "prevail between Nipponese In California' and their 'American" neighbors," '""' In an ' exclusive Interview1 Dr. BjkHajltv' sBl.4k las VetlA. t.ig v4,ta1aA Holchl Bhlnbun,. declared that .the nfvvvu, bdv uimatu nan b.Cm VI? their respective businesses '. 'In Japan - to 'visit - the United "States "because we have a' - threefold 'purpose In coming, first, to - assuse cordiality .between our government and thatvof. the' United ptateer se'o - "ond. the attending of the arms limitation conference as unofficial delegates;. third, to learn first - hand details. of land and immigration quest tlons arising from the California situation." NEWTOSXYltCH WITH Al The Japanese were accompanied by Robert VewtdD Lynehrvtee pre - ' ident andVnanager of the San Fran, Cisco Chanber,of i Commerce. Elmer' de Graf and F. C. Latbrop,. repra - ' e'ntlng Paul Bhoup. vice president - of the Southern PacIHa Company. Other' .members of the Oriental party. Included. Herlkou Masuda. dl - ' rector of the. Bhlbusawa Family Al - soelatlon'; Dr. Hoaaka. physician to - the viscount, and T. Taklmoto of the. Japanese Association of California. : 'e Rim Acto'tv Denies He Is AVecJdeatoMarilynn . 2 Millet f " lusetsl by Lm Wire U Ts CareeM NEW TpRIf. Jaa. 4. Jack 7tck ford Is furli'O over th perstateni reports that' he has married Marl - lyhn Mlfler. . stag . and screen sUrj ad says he aoyon who says be Is her husband, ., Broad way has seen Marllynn and tiiance with Marllynn Miller U ln uicanon to tn professional .judgment that something more than Just gossip I behind the story. It haa the earmark of something started by a.manwho haa to make hicllv. Ing. even though In so doing be draws down the spotlight's blinding rnys upon Jsck. If It Is displeasing to Jack, some other public entertainers win help roll eve him of hi troubles by hiring the pre agent, if they cin. find out who he Is. and turning him loo on their own romance. An - "her way, of courae, would be for some on else to marry Marllynn, but. although hundreds are wilting, all are hopeless. Dr.W.AParker Answers Charges Beertsr Dleratrb.ta Tbs Obpsalrte. .PITTSFIELD (Maa), Jan. 4. Dr. Willi Allen Parker, professor of philosophy and. former lecturer In the silmmer aehool'er th iTni.r.i of California, today filed answers o nierrogaiion asxrd by Mrs. Emma Parker of Clare monL Cal.. to the divorce libel; filed "here recently. J"n his anewer Dr. Parker charge hie - wife's treatment of him waa such mat no was frequently forced to leave bis home and that her com plaint and criticism caused him to lose his position T. - - B - "' 'DuSJBBBSsW. ' ''' M sLeBsssPPsBsssssssssJ ' aSBBBBBslsaBBBBBBTSSBBBBBBBBBBB HbW' ' MSBBBBSSEaSFHt - i BBBBBBBBBBBsV . - - 'i'J!f JBnSTfxZh' - SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSl - ! jCjSg - 'sssssssssssssKsbbbbbbbbH - ' I V 'sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssT ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssa . : il.lllllllllllllllllBH - . 'V' BSBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBs! V yf ' eSBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBr - ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssHsSs fSHsllHH Muniytta Miller, Ugu' and f flmv stir, "wl . - TTOrted nur - ria(e to - Jack Picktord hat enraged him. that h was the He also .charge victim of actual XWerates OaklaridOmcer It took a Jury'of fen womenand two men Just - thirteen minute yesterday to acquit 'Policeman. Charles F. Nightingale of Oakland - of ' a Will Irwin's lecture en "He - Man and She - Woman Common Sense Pacifism,", to be delivered tonight at tha Scottish Rita - Auditorium at 1:15 o'clock. Is receiving the support 'of many prominent Individuals. A committee of leading clergymen, representing the different denominations, will escort the speaker arid sit on the platform. Among these are Bishop Edward L. Parsons, Rabbi Martin A. Meyer. Rev. W. J. Cart - wright, Dr. James L. Oordon.'Rev, William K. Outhrle and Rev. W. J. Sherman.' Charles K. Field, editor of Sunset Megaslne, will preside and make the Introduction. Irwin I known a "the ace of correspondents" because of hla notable work during the war. He I a graduate of Stanford university and began his on the San Francisco Chronicle, - HI lecture I en titled, "The Next War" and presents fact that atartl. Irwin will speak also this after noon at Z40 o'clock In the Paul Elder Gallery on "The Trade ot Writing,. baaed, on hla own wide and varied experience.. HI San Francisco lecture are under th' direction of Paul Elder. assault by his wife. A hearing on. 'charge of - murdering Joseph, Boppe of TiO Eighth' street, Oakland, the night of July 11. The defense Waa Justifiable homicide In - that Suppo. had resisted 'arrest. The case hid been on trial In the court of Superior 'Judge L. 8. Church for three weejta. Nightingale was off duty when he attempted to arrest Suppo on .the etory of a boy.""lfwa brought omit was only after the policeman had been beeten down by the. fists of Suppo and Suppo' cousin, Fasqual Gutlllo. thatf he fired hla revolver to frighten hi assailants and accidentally killed Suppo, according to the evidence offered by the defense. the Interrogation and answer has been set for next Monday. I Mr. Parker, who lived in Claremont for eome time and who was well known In east bay society and university circles, has given up her lapartment and left the city with - oat reveairng to her friends her present address. It was said yesterday, Railroad Company Elects Directors . Stockholders of the Northwestern Pacino Railroad Company' elected director at a meeting here yesterday. Thof e chosen ' were W. G. Barnwell, James B. Duffy, William F. Ilerrln. J. R. Hayden, William Hood, W. 8. Palmer, A. H. Pay son. Paul Shoup and William Sproule, Officers will be elected at the next meeting of the board of directors, e . An Individual Job or a library all bookbinding Joba handled with equal care and precision. Phone Sutter' (410. Mysell - Rollins. IX Clay St. Advertisement. I CONfiE mm PfMANtNtia ok '"" - ;. - . - ' - 4u.1V - !. l .iZT - Sfe V8lv.4aa "(' w' I ' - 'r " 1 V - VT I ':afeV - t ilea " " 'r' " " J"S i ' No Car Is '' Quite Itself without a What makes a "crack" train? The roadbed as much m die rollDtocL "' , So with your automobile. Any car is a belter car on a good road. The car with the highest, gas' mileage has fVrW mileage on Concrete. - , The car with th quickest "pick - up" Pck up (jdeker on firm, unyielding Concrete.' The best rKn - ekjd tire holds Jetfer on the gritty Concrete surface. .The car with' the West depredation has a lower depreciation on Concrete. Mcqrtsta know these are (acta and motorists, ii they Insist, ;can gjetthe kind of roads they want, OmBmkfR.iJJUulntntUdntt leaf Oacasis ssWs. WMtfuf. PORTLAND CEMBNTiASSbCIATION ' - - ' ' 'TaSMarMSw.'! '' H SAN,niANCISCOfCAUF. . a4 National OrganttM to Improve' attj ExtauMtfie Ufa of Concrete ' OffiMgiV JI Oth.iCUU t,VNCHtSO!S BEQin.irrn Announcement waa made yesterday by Norman. H.Bloane, manager of - the California Development Association, that th weekly luncheons of the association would begin again on Thursday. January - 1. In the, concert room of the Palace hotel. Th first luncheon, will be called th "Hospitality day" lunchaon. with th hospitality committee of the Chamber of Commerce In charge of the program, . MXMHMKMMMKMHMKMKXKMMKK H H M m M m n m H M I M m TREMENDOUS PRICE REDUCTIONS ON - KIoSlL y , f A h VTPS c ' i' S:A. - .A?Z - m.i SKhiSgmr'a. '" to&M A - f 1X7ATCH Sunday '"Chronicle automobile section for sensational' 1922 prices on Kissel Custom Built Cars. PRICES SLASHmi - ... - . - 1900, v SanrVancisofVCaL , . . - : v . . - ... . - v sX t5?: ; m m m m m m m m m m M m m m m m H H m m m M m M M m n M M M H M m m m x x x x .x x x x x M X X X X X OIIBTO; S6natorOwenihj Speech Proposes Plan to Aid World i and C6llect Debts - I WASnixqTdx. Jan. f. The establishment of a European Federal Reeerve Bank, providing ''a gold secured currency and. flaked. Inseparably' 'with the American reeerve system.' from wilch. It - would draw Its resources and reserves, was advocated today. y Senator Owen, democrat. Oklahoma, as a baste mors toward reiteration of stable economic condition throughout th world. In an extenetv epeech In th Senat the Oklahoma Senator og - gestedr j "1. That' we should postpone the final, payment of. th World war debt In the United States by extending the payment over fifty years; that wa ahould not for ten years eolleefany amount under the sinking fund. WOCtD KZTEBfn DEBT ". That lii .arranging th pay ment of Europe'a debt to the United State we should extend time to Europe necessary to enable?' them to readjust their affairs and regain their productive power, and that we hould not for ten year demand of them' the payment of Interest due, bat allow it to merge with th principal. "I. That w should put th Interest, rate at t per cent on Europe's, debt to the United States." AlfED BASK ACT 1 Owen ath aame time aubmltted to th Senate, a bill to amend the Federal reserve act. so that establishment ofthe foreign bank would be possible; He proposed that the European' bank should be owned by the reserve system of the United Statea and that from the twelve banks here If should draw total of tioe.OOe.eoo In gold as a reserve. This, be claimed, would In no way. Impair the reserves or resources of, the American InstltufrsitsTTet It would enable the foreign banks to Issue $I,lo,tO.eo In notes, backed up by gold aa well aa 100 per cent commodity bills. WM&W&tm sFlacemmi i iAilMcffexiSi DeaVCYoteatori! DryEnfmffiireAfclM 'i i.. 4Vit .ii - J'Vk A ban en the fdtaretTiewtsgef V any of th rtosco Arbuekl i fllsa ; er Any. films In which .tha comedsSM:'; mar arnear was nlaeed veeterdar b::; tha members of the W.C.iT.,U. a mesiing ,or ine. siat execurrv'; ebmmltte which convened In ' state) neaaqnarrera, s uiy - uaii aTenua - r'i TS rms fkijbnfie,t efiaff Ih. iu,'Sl versary of the death ofi Franefc? Wlllard. th first woman problk( - 4 tlon 'agitator, will be observed. wli a - white ribbon" week to beiheM,, from February 11 to l, lncIalvk.V This white ribbon week will - be iu campaign to carry th prohlbltlosy.' enforcement' act' which ' ooraee i; unrj next novemoer. jt prise .win .dwj offered for tha most . attractrret poster. submitted which typifies the cause. Mrs. Addle Garwood .Esttfc.5 state president. presldedV i' .dial n Trr?Sf A calendar of musical events Herman, Cay 6C Co. take pleasure in inviting your attention to the follow - ing matters of musical interest that will take place shortly: SAN FRAlflSCO SYMPHONY ORCHES - TRA in tpecial concert al Exposition Auditorium Saturday evening, January 7. Alice Cattle, tolohtl SAN - FRANCISCO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA every Sunday afternoon at Columbia Theatre, 2. - 45 p. m.. 010 on Friday afternoons, January 6 and 20,' at Columbia Theatre, 3 p. m. The official piano of the Symphonic it theSteinvoy, ELKS MiN&TREL SHOW Thursday evenint, January 12, at Valencia Theatre. 'ASSOCIATED CHARITIES CONCERT. Saturday evening, January 14, at Exposition Auditorium, tithSan Francisco Symphony Orchestra and Ruth St, Denis. The piano fill be the Steinway. ANNA PAVLOWA and BALLET RUSSE for. six nights beginning Monday, January 16. Matinees' Wednesday and Saturday. Management Selby C. Qppenheimer. The piano vlll be the Steinvay. HAROLD BAUER, pianist. hh CHAMBER MUSIC SOCIETY Tuesday night, January 17. at Scottish RUe Auditorium. ' Management Jessica Col' bert. The piano Ul be the Mason and Hamlin. HAROLD' BAUER vith SAN FRANCISCO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA on Friday and Sun day afternoons, January 20 and 22, at Columbia Theatre. The piano trill be the Mason and Hamlin. Mr. Bauer's northern California tour is directed by Selby C. Oppenhebner. Harold Bauer records hit playing exclusively for the Duo - Art piano. HELEN STANLEY, soprano of Chicago Opera Association. Monday, January 23, at 3 Colonial BaUrdbm, St Francis Hotel. Management Selby C. Oppenheimer. The piano nu7 be the Mason and Hamlin. SAN CARLO OPERA COMPANY, tvo veei beginning Monday night, January 23, Century Thea - 'tre. Management Selby C. Oppenheimer. The plana pill be the Steinvay. rALMA CLUCK. sopano, and EFREM ZlhU BALIST, violinist,, in )ohl recital at Exposition Aw ditorium Sunday afternoon, January 29,, at 2:30. Management Selby C. Oppenheimer. Th plane itUl be the SleinvSy. Glue)' and ZimbaUtt nialfe records exclusively for the Victor y ST. ICNATIUS Liquidation Fund benefit concert' Monday night, January 30, at Exposition Auditorium 'J Coming in February: Werrenralh. Prihoda, 'Althouse, London String Quartette, May ; Muckje, Myra Hess. . v '' a; 5 r WV f'.i T V ;& t? - .I Jkiy v' 4 : m K ' '!" I i l '' - , v v'6 - f, VJ '''its f 3 XV.." m fa i it i A - - : f '.'" Irl f M r. 3. Tidoets fear all tbc doom attractiees tit or will be on ulc tx Shrrman, Gay &Qo. bca office .,.. ShetmmMay&Go. '..: 'Vf T: ! ft '. f" M I . HI J n - - Tir; - "'iK rV Jf ?:$&, VW i ', KcyanSuttci - .Sti'SanFicbco; v y )V. ft K,yA ty. :' ' ' ''.; '".' V - .1"' " ' - :.: ! - .' 7ifV"fc V ' . ' - J" ,, - v. ; fj i' - , . - ..: .Jr..i,v MdrA.

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