San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California on July 14, 1917 · Page 10
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San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California · Page 10

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 14, 1917
Page 10
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t r pv rnvxcisco WE8 IS IB ciiiioicr - y ii Attorney - General Says Heads of Departments Should Heport to Boards LAW CAUSES A MIX - UP ityme Specified in Act of Last Legislature Already Has Elapsed Advising District Attnrnev 1 W tterl of Sonoma otinty that chapter rtlliof th general lawn of the State J palatine to methods of taxation kHl by the laat Leglelature will T Into effect on Jtilv I Attorney Oeneral IT n Webb has through XHpatr John T Nourie recommended that the budget statements required 10 be mod with the Board of Super fftaora by each county department be Bled although the time limit allowed for ouch filings must bo dl frgardd f ACT BaTTS TIME Tbe act proTldoa that county offl - Hri moat file wltn tho 8uprvlor at leut ninety da ye before the fixing of J the ceanty tax rate the cetlmatea of naca1 axpenee ai tnte la cone on me Drat Tuesday after tho flret Monday la September and the effective date f tho act la July SO this section of tho act ha not been compiled with Sonoma county officers holding that their duties ar still described under tho old cod sections and general laws e Tho now statute alao requlree the uporrlaors to file such budgets to Itether with the estimated tax rata with a board of authorisation not less than sixty daya before such tax fixing data which time hn passed Aa an expedient and to catch up Jwltb the act It Is urged that the nbudgeta be filed by the count officers that disregarding the exact letter f the law the spirit will be carneo at and the Supervisors be prepared do tho beat possible after July 10 under tne new law riVlaifiKmcSfej - News dSL VctltIA the 11th rounded out be s st st anrpriae Thr second lewhoei 1 - 4 the safe oyasra of a Iraca liner leaacael a wew after tke Im The A from Manila yesterda at a Pa J lMn H J - clilc Coast port Twenty six bl rt 1 naananaaoa aiUieJ Ka Ma U HIT LICESSEal wmwKm - re uisievve - w HIV lilies WrilllVI i - es 1 w Vil that prevailed on the forty days of i Jr S iIJ fir it el rH - hAij ei kii Dlatrlrt an not need yesterday tnnt licensee nw in trip The holds wer bulging und ented mr a an rrnlv to be leaned trom Coatt PorU f 9 roiTuwn Speclel IMatietck to Tk lliroelrle roRTLAND Of July 11 with pa gere earl earre far Tone key Pnreea ead Ban rrsnrlsert tba eteemee Breekwater deserted tonight She arae an te f laat algbt hat wan neieren a aamnee or leerBors was asa Seen attending tka enavenrlaa ef tea National Crineetioa Aeaeelatiep bare were sateBg Ike pseaesgers Tha tuff ftea Ttevee errlved la tke river today from Saa Praaeloro aiMI will e kark le - with freight some of It espet lally I i imrin needed In this country at present the at impart In the cargo wera T00 bales of hemp ail ni - a and DO bales of mag e All ihr1 bales of the Philippine predict will J he gobbled up by the manufnrt of rope In San Francisco and li Fast The rapirltv cargo will be unloaded rapidly and the teasel prepared for arnther long voyage In general frelgl t there was fill long tons 121 ohorr Tona nf ror - oaa it oil an I SOS 000 feet af I r ltpp no hardwood One or Ik latoreatlna pa kaara m n nr raoea r atoaa lantornii ai rh a attrart tho admlrfns attention of rlalmra to tho Jasaaeaa Tfa Gardrn la OoMea Qata Park la Van rraeclaro lrsa anaatltlea or ooroaant nntrao poppor taplm taaaod plaoapplra wore la Ike carfo V0T1SI AT IRD Feroaar Oaroraor K A Eckmaa ef tka pblllpnlna rraTloooe errlrod at olfte Coaat port jroatardar os a trasapaclflc no nuna rrona ecara ooto afa and Is traraluig on combined pi kaalaaea Dr a C Brill ebamlat la tba Usltad He Is eecompeated by hla wlfa pwoa io mgn va isa rsilippieoi Is s faw nontha H L Coarant rapreaonta tire la tba Orient of a aaoTlnc nlctura nana failuror Is oa hla war to tba n ala otic of tne rampany Rafael B Banlno or Manila will coneuct an mveatlgatlea Into farm lira la th I nltM ntatoa wttk a view of maklaa ans fovtlona tor the Improvement of rc Itnra in in laianaa tolonal A F Rohertaoa formerlr of the Pbil nplne ronatabilatr W o gamli Treasurer In one of tho laland provlaooe and Inatrnctleaa front I Thorn llooaaoa apply lo oola not rofftotared b tha atom a tlrltle that ply on tha oaat hara harhora and rivers of rail foinla rallure to rarrjr a llronae will reader aol liable to dotanlloi and aiamlnatlon at nvaroat port orared threaffh the nte rniiat furalah eat te Intentlos loyslty in liar ataa tka Governor Declares Prosecutor Is Lax portal niapatch te Tka rbronlclo 8AXEM Or July 13 Unless DIs trlet Attorney Btarr of Wheeler coun t Immediately enforces the prohibl tlon law In hla county he will be 6aprsdd by a apeclal prosecutor orornor Wlthycombe made thla an Sjouncement today and said he was writing District Attorney Starr to this effect Tha Qovernor declared that larg aaantltlea of liquor ha e been con eyed recently Into Wheeler and Orant ountles from California and Nevada Jrrem tha aame sources liquor haa entered Harney and Malheur coun ties he said In ths last three named counties however the officials attar their attention waa called to tne vio latlona endeavored to enforco the Jan ha stated e I AN FRANCMOO MA NAMED SANTA CRUZ July It H C Raid f San Franclaco was elected preal dent of the California Association of Electrical Contractor at tha morn - Ing session today J Radpath also San Francisco waa choaen eecr tary - treasurer ARMY ORDERS oiDEUD to Aorrrx pdtt At Mnanaatk Park If J Flrat Ueatasaata VTeaertcs u kleoiutle Albert Uarlnger Mar 14 aL WUaoa Ckarlaa BarrlDstvo lUynoad A Cloth Robert W gherla Irederlrk lk ansa Barry IV Millar rrederV - k E Parker Ralph U Keller Bdwls Baillk Hnkort Rldney tToroer IlarUnd A Trias toward U Hand ard Oeorge H Ohllda Walter II BalUrd Daalal D Burnett Cacti nrbo rruk 1 Clarke Jamas G Lawla John Nwwltiston Woerfa C Pratt Donald lleeLaaa Uaorsa B leadrtcksoe Itatbaa T llaaon Kdwla 1 lalnea Panl Wallaa Uaraoall C Wr I kt k - ater B A Flood Mward a 11 Foi Until T Oroata Calila II Burkhoad Id ward U aaanln Ckarlaa E Oreaer Frank L Uraut STaoorica 4 aroaeo rani nuiennouaa arlor Horlork Jamoa J Me a l Uledatoue baald H Gorman Harold r Cottar Husk B I arrets Mvrvs J Mt - si rrsor aaonoa nulaar H A Millar Pklllp M llunno I Joba J 1 la a laronce K Flackla II ert A Mlllrr Robert r Hallahan Frank II an klickla Jamaa p Alaraheld Uoorfe K Erani Bohort W ptrowbrfdge it Uoorgo II Footer Jooa H boas It Harold W Duteber Elwla S Far and William A Wallaf Tkomaa 11 Wla - 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r nni a Lid loot before koIbv o it on a Hmeji ler KBUXr TAKE TOW The old tuf Relief now In tba Ro ph N - - t rat on fsal - otnpaor fleet evoked tha praise f the poorer on the front yeaterday aa pie tarl - d ml with th barg APltlc Moiarrb In tow for a northern port By reason of all the acraplng and painting and overhanllig glren th Belief at th 1 nlon Iron Worka also her arrival from Tnt - eka the towboat bardly rould be reeognlaed aa th tng that waa to well known a doaen year ayn I the SprKela Towboat Company fle - t 1 he Belief did yeoman aerrlc for many year at tbl port and thn waa aold to th Humboldt Lam br Mannfacturer Aaaorlatlon at Kurcka In Uamboldt bay th tng mi need Juat oftn eofMigh to kep her In working trim Recent ly the Bolpb rampany parrbaed ber and the renovation wit begun at th Iroa worka WHATI HUt JTAJCET Nit WdDndar tbe trat ef the two tow boat a under constrortton at the Lolon Iran Wroka for the Rolph Navigation and Coal Company will be launched lavitatloue have been aent broadcaat for th ceremony bat 1h Important Ham a to th nam of th nw craft haa been carefully omitted Much cariosity ha been arouaod along the water front a to th cognomoa lnaamuch an It being whlapereU th name whon known win rtuh memhere ree he dlffareet rluba Appl lafactor rofareeoaa I an i oparartrr lloadqaarrere for tko ka a hern eetanllaaed In Kan rranrlaro rn roka Baa Pedro end Ban Plage Loral own ah Mil I apply et room 41ft Oietoro kenee XAtrncax tcHoots Ibo Pepertment ef Commerce aotlted Jobs K Bnlgar United Statee aaperelalag Isapac tor of ateamaklpe yeeterdey tkat tke United tlalee Sfclppleg Beard eastern pla tad eatabUak Ins sanlloal erkaola la Bss Frssrlnre L As - 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S Hoffisas hours from t reeiait City J0 A M paaa asd mdaa to Hebbe Pi all A On tSSmAmX flfetedL tj konr from mJiWrgiBTrOajnf Hefner 4U daya from BStuJJit A l tmllaat t - ball o P tar aOAstATH Cnllea M keura frotn Aa toia s so a mi - nol and laae tm BIAT1B Bnkln - e from Foniana i jwiiaj - iai - - - utra 10 3J A M paaa end mdea to bss Frasclaco and Fortlnnd a B Co tmr OLIVM Hart a daya from Tacoms 10 60 A U balleet to Usloa OH Oo tmr CITY OF TOFXBA HarrU hours from Eureka 1 I M paaa and mdaa to Peclfle R 8 o tmr OOTEABOB Tbnmaa tH bemra from Ban Dlago rla Aa Pedro JJ F M ease A lo facirc 8 H Co un B0BTKEB1I PACXT1C llaater S4 fcoura rrom r iaai a t y - m - - Vtkrn ll - 1A M H C atmr HYADEB Jory daya 20 bra 48 mln frmi llll 50 P If mdaa to Matsoa Narl tmV ZLUABETK Olsen 48 bra from Bandoa 40 P M paaa and mdaa Ultl T tmr OTEEJl Tsrney T his from eattle VkI peae end mdaa te Pnciae Oe AILED F - raaa This Part Friday Jaly IS Bkta BXB10IA Arsaees for Paget sound BtmrsUAmATK Cnllea for San Pedro 10 43 OSBTBALIA Baaedltkoa harbor II lo fXmr wiaTTJEE Ixao for Port faa Lula mr 0 at CLABX Blgglss 106 P M foe Tacoms M array for for Be s atmr AWCIBA1 HUR Bmltk raarei e oe r aa mr aAoTIO Usdar far Pert Bragg 1 T It ear F01T BBAOO Keens foe Bsreks T 5 tmr DAISY rUZafAB Nllaaa far Aatorta T ew r m COAST PORT ASTORIA - Arrived Jely ltl P kl tag 8ea J I Argyll itlaa for a rfiop for Rai F A Hilhurn from Ator a nr Saa Fmnclaoe o I M atn r hathcrl e bonce U a Kallrl J I II 4 I M atmr F A Bllbnrn for Sa r - ra lacn CORDOVA Ka Id J ly 13 atmr Admiral Farragut Ir V attlo COM BAY Arrlred J y 1J 1 P hi atmr 11 FOBT BBAOO Ha la I Inly 13 rj 30 P M atmr t oitull It far r Kan Iranciaco PETEHSBTJEO r l July 13 atmr Horn bolut f r rlkagway PODtT REYE Paaard July II 1 ID P at atur Eiaalel fr I Itaudon for Baa Fran claco PORT OE70BD In port J ily IS nhlp tuw nt t ig Tatooah for II 10 nd way porta atn r lrrll nt from Boon tor Hau aul Pan 1 - a PORT WELLS - Sal ad July 13 atmr l O H or Id t w Kan rranclaco 6AM REDONDO Arr tad J ly 13 JAM Bruoawl k from Xan Tedro and aalled 10 A kl for Han Fra laco BAM PEDRO - trrlrrd Julr 13 A M atmr Willamette ha e II 1 I u atmr Necan mm from Eureka ati r Harraru from Kan 1 logo HAM lair Ir li kl rt rlrastf Julr 12 atmr Cad lo han I Hailed July I AM San blaso 3 I U atmr atn r Harvard ror Pan rranclaco SEATTLE Vrrlred July 13 e A M atmr Senator penis 0 ailed July 1J 11 A at atmr Praaldent for San Irnacleco 4 1 M atmr City of Seattle War for Seattle Br at TAOOktA - Arrlred July 13 Baron rrom Seattle Ka ad Julr 13 atur Ketehlk atmr Sado Mam for Saattia al Brlttanla Beach TATOOSK Paaaad la July 11 7 Ml p M atmr Baymoml hane g July 13 ft 30 A if atmr Admtral Peway hence 10 for Beettle 12 40 I M returning atmr Inlander from Seattle fir San Franclaco 2 10 P M atmr Vlllmlngtoe hence for Saattia barga Wll 1 am II Smith hence for Puaet eound porta lu tow of t g Bamaoo IW P II atmr Daren port kanco a for Seattle SOUTH BEKD Soiled Jnlr 11 1 p II Tahoa for Han Freucleco atmr than thrlatan am o 811 I M for San Franclaco atuir So - laao T 13 P M for San Frnnclaco BAM D1IOO Arrtred July II S A M tug Btandard Nn J wltb barge ll In tow haute 10 1 I M yacht Ixirllne from Honolulu atmr miamrfte 4PM from San 1 edro atmr hku honra II failed JsJy It P V trnKlaro I P M atml Frnarlaeo aAXDOa - Belled July II 10 F M atma rooklyn for ben rrsuciaco ETJBAEA Arrived July II II I - Ir a I Kan Frnnclaco 10 A M for Ban Freedom Ill AMI PORTS ROMOLITLV Arrltfd July II 10 atur Mason kence f 4 A M for ban Franclaco eell Major Robert H O Bmltkter Kelton la dra gnalad lektk Provlalonal Basl lUntMiiialoiua Jokn Ilaaood will nnrt to IMBI ntlaa eeeat defesaea Iiof laland enasd for aaalgemeet MIPIOAL OORFS ABD RXSERTE Captala Oaorge B Feeler Jr te Atlaata Oe te eetebllek department Ukorn ory I ersgrapk j Juoe 13 le 14 uleeaat I Hiel Edward I Mnaaoa in emesdal Tka iratrl therein dlreciad In iMceeary - 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j - I - al 1 I l Amamf I W i - T W 1 H vjtWmm I - - 1 aa - - vasV lll I I aV R n II J NCMFROUS I1n Of lodBftry In I I H B W M M M V if J aW aammmmmil BPIK Han Frftncfaco ntl th baj r 1 JMjBEjM I I rlon hara han dlrt - rtlv I j - mB - - - - - n - - - - mn I JL m 1 MARINE NEWS f VOTZCK TO MAKUTEsU Bran h Hy - lrographl Office Han Iraocfac July 13 117 A waterfotjamt nontoon acow 11 bv 30 fet deck awaah baa ben reported 01 e tullt by I B mag i tntn Taquloa 1 gotbouae InCormatlm haa bea recel 1 that the red pll beacon carrying a rM fliil electric light need to nark the aha How water off Hhoal point Victoria harbor baa been deatroved A red platform buoy with a fixed ret U lantern will be placed on fbla poaltlon without undue de i til f rther adrlaed fay to mark thla ahoal J BLEMtTT Lieut t S N In charg Off re of Inspector Befcnteenth district Port r1 Or July 11 lt17 following affect the alda to aarigatloa aul iuctou ft a - thlng ton Hoand Ran Juan han rl Iceterg Totnt IJght hereto for re iri - 1 it gulel mi relighted July 0 Ian ft177 KMO Halt 1 lit PaclAe Coast 1017 page W No 4M lluoy Llat Heeeateenth dla r t 1B1A pagea 4 an 1 47 By order of tbe Bureau of Llghthou Kuril niUHAik wgntiaoti laapector DEOPPINO OF TIME BALL Branch llydrographlc Order U 8 N Mar cbanta Kxcbauge SaB rranclaco July IS la lima Hail oo tea reirmoot itotel waa dropped today aasctly at boob PaclBe SteBd ard rime limita ateriaissi or et an ureea wlch mean time J 0 BURNETT Lieutenant U t rl la charge SUIT MOON ADD TIDE Tlu e and keteute of klgh nnd low waters nt Fort Point entrancn te Ben Ffknclaee key By efBclal authority of aeperlstsBdest ef u 8 Coaat anl Geodetic Survey lae tide at nllaeien ntreat wkarr la iweety Ive minutea later tkan et Fort Point Tks height of tldaa le the aeme at both plaeee J I LA 14 TO 1 in e oej 4 i oj IS Pi 10 4 7 I 10 4VM tOlOU 4SI0A till - 0 1 11 IS SOIBS B IB 01 II II I 1 4 41 g SI 0 011 4 I If I 28 i il T 4si as It lu s llllt 8 5 I 7 IV OS B4 I 10 44 I I Sill II 81 4 17 I Bus Seta Surrer Chart Souadiage Tbe numbere elwnya nddillvn te the ekert depths anleee preceded ky tke mloaa s gs or dsek wkes tke Bumbere are eabtracuvs fraai deptaa glvea ea tbe chart NOTE la tke above fabnlatlena et tldee tke dally tldee era glvee la tke order ef tkelr eccarreece commeselBg with tbe eerly merB leg lids Is ths Inft bsnd column asd tks sae eeedlsg tldee se tkey occur Oe aome daye hat tkree tldee eecar tke feurtb tide eccamag sa tks fellewlsg eaorelag H AVAL WHELESS TBtTRSDAT JULY II I F M Stnvr ADMIRAL nVOOPaiCat - 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proof of tncrssslng prosperity In Ban Francisco and vicinity Bank Claerlsg 111 HIT 1 HI 111 III gl M US 111 flSBMMT II 121171 Total lea moo l 41 111 41 f I US Ml N Total met 144471111 fllMTIM Total fesr men 147 MTAII il Ml Ml TssBBg Depertsrss Tata ala aae I 411 114 I TIB IIS Toaaegs Arrivals Total sra mee I 401 MS I 40 717 Th poatal receipta total Is for tha five - month period only and end with May Th export figures end with May whll th Import figures are compiled to the end of April 9 Th Bulllvan Machinery Company hae moved to the Hobart building A new building to cost over 1100 400 Is to be erected bark of the Total ala Postal Receipts STATE BOARD IS MAKING RULES FOR AUTO LINES Railroad Commission to Ask Track and Jitney Operators for Information A genera Investigation Into the rales rules and res ilatlona of the Jitney and auto truck lines which are under th Commission s Jurisdiction will he held by the Railroad Commls alon July it at I - oe Angeles and August t nt San Franclaco The Commission announced yeeter dav that Its purpose Is to secure In formation and sigprestlons from auto bua men and all Intereated partlea upon which the ommlsslon may for mulata rulea to Roiern these csrrlere The rules will over quality of aer vice time schedules filing of bond and other matters The Commission has j irlsdlctlon over automobiles Jltne busses auto truckB atases or auto atasea used In trsnennrtstion of persona or pr Kierty ns a common carrier for couinenaafton over nny public highway In tl la State between ated termini or over s regular route end not 00 - erntlng exclualvely within tbe limits of en locortx rated city or town or or a city aaa War Period Nets United States 6595000000 Trade Balance OFFICIAL reports show that the trade balance in favc - f of the United States from the time the European war began to June 1 1017 was 6695000000 Exports in May were valued at 1601000000 a gam of nearly 21000 000 over April The imports of the United States for May 1917 were valued at 281000000 the greatest total for any one month in the history of Americas commerce a i nly tv prcllmlnarv at pi rat n f r authority te n e a mortnaae and deed of truet te aeevre aue uf 110 OHO MM face value ef bonde was fl ed ly the Houtheni California Bdleon Com yeateruar wltn tne Kailroad lommieaioa company haa sot yet edvlaad the Cutamlo alon na to tha purpoaea for wblcb the pro - pueed bonda are to be leaned or the price st waits tney are to no aoia US 000 of bond and 111 500 of atock to pey for ronetrurtlon alraedy Dieted oo Ite new rellroad In mngo county The company alee wante authority to laaue 1170 000 of bonda and IB1 600 of etock te com I lete the railroad Pines completed tbe rood will be tweBty one mllea loog nnd will run fron Corcoran Klnga county Into the farming eectoo aroi nd Tilare lake About half of the Hoe haa beea completed and la la operation It leeere Ita eq Ipn e t fron tbe Saeta Pe company Tba total oat of the project le eatlmaled at 1414 IM Ita revenue will he derived from haul ng alfa fa auger beeta bay end grata A ft rl fl mortgage eed deed ef of llAOnoOuO face of bonda wee naked of tho Ballroed Commlaalon yeeterdey by the Southern Cell fornls BdlsoB CompaBy Tha Commteeloa asld yeeterdar that although tbe company haa Bet praaeBteu m n loriuai wiweme mm w i ead tbe price et whl h the bonds are te old that tha company haa glvaa each la atloa Informally are 83 S Orartoo 8 83 4iW IBS gift A II Kolbourn et el by eommlaaloeer la Mutual Savlnga Bk E hfaeonlc 178 8 B Pie rick N 2U B 118 7 SW 11 7V SB IS SVT B S W 111 IVa KlOa I fjpmen end wf te I Bunder K Plfth eve B0 N Klrkham N Mil M 110 a C Sunder Bad Wf to A SwBBtOB W Byde 80 8 Seeremeote B BOiW II 8 t0 W Asber Jr to B Percy and wf E 3Sth aae 180 B Ansa B SSlB 130 I0 anna is n e uvav a an n HiW 81 1 T achieve et el by Sh r abater M K Hermi 1100 W wlleoa ta et al by truoteee te P Taws W Montgomery 109 I H N Salter N 84 4Valw eju sea xour bibov piecea aevvuv P B Towaa ead wf te 0 B Bridge et si m du iav a w ai - 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Brsdford Company 0 A new whelesaJ furrier shop has pBd at T4S Market atreet J I Powll l th proprietor Th new bulldlns blns erected In the rear of th Mill butldlns la to hcuss th varloua departmenta et th Atna Insurance Company w w w Pster Breeeman hat mannfacturer haa moved to TH Mission street 0 W Th E Cemens Hort Company 1 to move from their prnt location 110 Pin atreet to the new building belns erected on Pin street near Saneom atreet W 0 W Th Dome Motor Company die Fourth tret manufacturers ef the only low bodied motor truck because of Increasing business la to put up a new building at Third and Pern atreeta 0 0 0 0 The an Leak Manufacturing Com pany maker of broom and bruehes at mi Harrison street ar enlarg ing their factory 0 0 0 0 The Paul Clopatock Company Im portera and exportera have Just opened offices In th Insurance Ex change building R A Mcl - ean li manager tt tt William et McDanlel a new grain nrm has opened offlcea In the Mer chanta Exchange building 0 0 0 0 Martlnei Oallardo Salvador ha opened an Import and export commit alon office at oOl Market street 0 0 0 0 The Phoenix Sidewalk Light Com pany haa moved Into their new factory building at 117 Harriet etreet 0 0 0 0 Th Trenton Potterlee Company haa opened a wholeaala department at St Bluxoma street 0 0 0 0 has The Monogram Oil Company moved to II Minnesota atreet 0 0 0 0 The fitone Cigar Manufacturing Company haa recently moved to 111 I ront atreet 0 0 0 0 The Milwaukee Lace Paper Com pany haa opened an office in the Phe Ian building with Stanley 8 Smith aa repreaentatlve 0 0 0 0 The Mandowol Company haa been formed for the manufacture of oil colore for photographa and la located at 5550 California street The 0 0 0 0 Bacon Veneer Comnany 311 North Ann street Chicago are In the market for redwood burl 0 0 0 0 Thomas Muchlelsan J070 Stat atreet San Diego 1 In th market to buy poultry auppllea 0 0 0 0 Hugh T Plaher Central National Bank building Topeka 1 aaeklng a market for a fluerepar dapoalt In Colorado Thla ore la suitable for making steel 0 0 0 0 C W Wataon Til Paelfle Plactrlo Ming Loa Angeles wlehee to get in touch with rlie mills In this State 0 0 0 0 Charles A Rowley Oila Bsnd Arls la aaeklng a market for several car loada of honey 0 0 0 0 E Bergland MSrshflald Or Is seeking a market for white cedar Port Orford telephone and telegraph polea 0 0 0 0 Boddtngton Howie Chemical Com pany BIS North Broadway Los An - galea desires to get In touch with wholesale dealers In cream of tartar tartarlo acid arrowroot rice flour corn etarch caaeln and bicarbonate of aoda 0 0 0 0 C 1C Masuya box 14 Calexlco lal Is In the market to dlepoee of ten or twelve carloada of watermelons Chilean 0 0 0 0 McCullough Lumber Cempany 111 Market atreet San Francisco desire to gat In communication with pro paotlve buyere of boats 0 0 0 0 A new San Franclaco menufactur Ing firm la the Western Screw and Lock Nut Company which manufactures a lock nut which freases to th belt and doe not Jam The factory la at Tenth and Folaora atreeta 0 0 0 0 The Bias Steel Construction Company and th Knox Preassd and Welded Steel Company have coneolldated and the concern now la known a the Bias Knox Company 0 0 10 Engaged In modern off shore whaling at four atatlona along the Call fornla coaat I the California Sea Product Company a million dollar corporation with head offlcea In the Insurance Exchange building thla city Its board of directors la com posed of C N Beal Klrkham Wright Captain F K Dedrlck E J Prlngle Ia R Sherman Captain Frits Olsen Captain Elnar Hill of Bergen Nor way Henry Walking and C F Lang le f 0 O H Flaher prealdent of the Union On Engine Company of San Francisco waa elected president of the National aaa Engine Association at Its recent convention In Chicago 0 0 i On Julj 10 reduced class ratea from Ban Franclaco In all points north aa far aa the California Oregon State line went Into effect The reduction waa ordered bl the California Com mlaslon in ita decision of November 4 11 and were held up b court proceedlnga brought b the Poutn ern Pacific Company W 0 0 0 Laat week the Japanese steamer Sukl Maru brought In 75 040 bags of Phlllnnlna auaar consigned to the Robert Dollar Company 0 0 0 - Coast lumber ratbs are in strong condition The steamer Prentlse waa taken at 15 per thousand to load at Albion for San Pedro dla charge while the South Coaat re celvea H from Eureka for San Fran claco bay discharge 0 0 0 0 At the Alameda plant of th Lnlon Iron Worka there will be conatructed In the next eight montha thtrtr tl steamer of 13 000 ton groaa for th Lnlted States Shipping Board J 0 0 0 Of Interest to shipping mn I th fact that tha barge F B Sutton that made many voyagea between New York and San Franclaco for tha old Sutton Beebe clipper line and which ha been In rvlce on th Atlantic coaat for the laat fifteen yeara will be rerigged and put In tha oft hor trade again 0 0 0 0 For the elx monthe ended June tke total receipt of coal at thla port from all sources were tit 441 tona For the corresponding period of lilt 111705 tona arrived a 0 - J 0 0 With a cargo of till tona of coal loaded at Nanalmo B C for the sstern Fuel Company the ship Northern Light arrived here laat week Thla esssl lay Idle since 1114 and waa taken by the Government upon the declaration of war 0 0 0 0 Tl a following ceuntrlea have adopted Ihe daylight aavlng plan as a war meaeure Great Britain Italy France Austria Germany Holland Denmark Norwa7 Sweden Portugal Australia and Iceland 0 0 0 0 Among the producte of the Philip pines brought here this week by the Grace liner Coluaa wer OCO bales of Manila hemp consigned to a local cordage plant 0 0 a The steamer Ventura of the Oceanic Steamship Company which arrived here last week brought among other producte 341 aaclte of Auatrallan malse loaded at Sydney consigned to the Albera Brothers Milling Company 5611 case of frosen egg pulp and 1353 sacks of gray peas 0 0 0 0 he motor ship La Merced of the Standard Oil Company Captain 1 C Dart will leave San Francisco shortly on her maiden voyage 0 0 0 0 Materiala for the ships to be eon atructed by the Rolph Shipbuilding Company at Eureka are being brought from Columbia river In bargaa which are towed down The Charlea B Kenney arrived at the plant July 4 and the laaao Reed left the same day tew or in tug uneonta Three steamer and thro barkentlnea ar to be built for th owner HE foreign Trade Department the local Chamber or om rre I prepared to furnlali full Information on th following subjecte Shanghai China commission agnt would Ilk to communlcat with porter of California canned fruits dried and fresh fruits and butter who might deslr repreeentatlon In China Liverpool Nora Scotia firm would like to oommunlcate with exporters of lumber Oregon pine or Douglas fir suitable for ahlp construction San rranclaco organisation on be half of clients would Ilka to com munlcate with exportera of coffee rice peaa and bean London Fngland party would ilk to communlcat with manufacturers of steel bar platea eheets angl barbed wire wire wire nalla and other wire product Stockholm Sweden party would like to communlcat with exporter of dried fruit particularly dried apples who might wish represent tlon In Sweden Noumea New Caledonia firm would like te oommunlcate with x portera of California wines whit and rsd Guayaquil Ecuador eomthlaaien agent would ilk te eommunleaU with exportera of canned fruit rl general provisions nut and ell clothing and paper who might d - ire representation In Guayaquil Odeeea Russia commlaalon agent would ilk to communicate with American manufacturers who might desire representation In Ruaala Marseilles Franc commlaalon firm would Ilka te communicate with exportere of lard and salt provision California dried and canned fruits canned fish condensed or eternised milk cleansing preducta blacking chemical produot for bleaching eul phur color and varnlah who might desire repreeentatlon In France or Paris only The Australian Government ha taken the whole wheat crop under control That country baa 4 100 00 tona In excess of home need and this will be shipped to England aa soon a th transportation problem la solved c 0 0 0 A complete photostat haa been In - Latalled by the Standard Photoprint service Ruaa building The photostat Is a recently perfected machine for producing photographic coplea of ur veys maps blueprint drawings and documents of every description The method has been successfully used In the engineering department of the city government by the Southern Pa clflc Company and by other large ror poratlona The new firm la rendeilni service to engineers architects and othera who have realised tie adtan tage of the new process 0 0 0 0 A circular has been Issued b the National Industrial Traffic league ex plaining to shippers the necessity of furnishing complete and legible ship ping tickets and bills of lading rallure to do thla haa caused trouble and expense Greater efficiency In this line Is sought not only by the National Industrial Trafllo League but by the Interstate Commeroe Commls alon and the Association of American Railway Accounting Officers 0 0 0 0 Morgan A Gunst has been elected a director of the Chamber of Commerce to fill the vaoancy caused by th resignation of Frank I Turner 0 0 0 0 The following Inquiries have been received by the Industrial department of the San Francisco Chamber ef Commerce J H Rose Mason Valley Mines Company Thompson Nev Is in the market for Jute ore aacks St Paul Junk Company 111 Third avenue South Great Falls Mont Is seeking a market for old hooka and newspapers Mrs J H Plerson 4IS Glenn ave nue Fresno ha a quantity ef tin and lead foil for aale O H Barbour R D I Long Beach la seeking a market for tule grass aultable for covering for bottles Ben Padllla A Co 1105 First Na tlonal Bank building here la aaeklng a market for a large agricultural property in Mexico Miss F P Cutler Amherst Maaa la In the market for redwood burl novelties wholesale Mrs A C Rosemond Buena Vista r - onoma county la seeking a market for new potatoes Max Rosensteln 407 South El Paao street El Paao la In the market for leather noveltlea silk goods postal card folders and post card wholesale A Kaufman 1344 Walnut street Pittsburg deelrea to Intereat San Franclaco flour mill In th manufac tur of patented corn rice oat and barley flours William A Sussmllch Wilbur Or I In the market for gum label that will adhere to glaaa i D C Farnest box I Dallas de sires to get In touch with local paint manufacturers R Henney Dome Arls communlcat with a reliable aayer Stevsna Metcalf Arts la In the market for machinery to equip a small bottling plant Cohen 181 Seventh atreet N W Washington deelre te get In touch wltn large noteia ana ravfes with a view to leasing coat - room prlvlleg Harrisburg cnemicai and Paint Company BIT Hemlock street Harrisburg Pa wish to commualoat with dealers In Iron and stL ALL SORTS OF WORK IN THE METAL TRADES CAN BE DONE IN WESTERN SHOPS DONT SEND YOUR JOBS EdST WESTERN METAL TRADES INDUSTRIES wishes tj bl as - w WevJwoetl Stores and Ruriresj For Oaa Ceal vreeel Coast 0otteuAl Parle Always Obtainable Jss Qrsksgn Kfj C Hart - Wood Lumber CoTl Baseezasvaroew aaa smsuvrs ia tTU ead Bpswee lasa AereaUae Season ead Skip aVeuAbag CaagneM Cwt le Orel BaTTAIL TABD JKSiS - r - Iniree eleeeeete aaesaaaleel pleats awry UTareat frB the atglleaee tkat Srt rfgeea for demeotla saaAe tSevyras BseJla BrittaaWe Vet 18 One ansa Is Tkeawassls V te Seta XKW fbocbss lausDiir saa KiauTM tmssiot GARDEN CITY HOMES SAN FRANCISCO wlU be ON SALE SOON t

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