The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 29, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 29, 1949
Page 11
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BLVl'HEVim fARK.y OOURTEU Trend Is Toward Modern Houses New Designs Less Conventional; Plans Offer Wide Variety •CHICAGO. III.—A preview into the next decade of home design reveals a slrorig trend toward modern, contemporary architecture, with less emphasis on conventional. tW', two-.siory homes, according ^- Practical Builder magazine ol Chicago, in. Homer ue.viBnect oy leading architects fiom nil over the country show these important trends outlined for the "House of 1950-liO": Better orientation ol house to lot lo (irovide comfort, privacy and beauty. »ith all use made ot pre- val'tng winds nnrt sunlight. Built-in storage and furniture (u conserve floor space and give additional storage areas for household items. Low pitched rools appear to he gaining popularity. They have been used successfully (or years In stores, schools ami other structures. Kedroorns Smaller Sunie architects favor smaller bedrooms which serve mainly a.s sleeping miarters, giving the additional space to the "living" portion ->f llie house. Open-planning maKes rooms flou together ivith minimum 0(1 walls obtaining a deceptive expanse in a natively small floor area. The separate dining room appears to be a thing of the past, except In the expensive, luxury house. Living and dining space have been combined to achieve a greater flexibility of space Several of these designs are of architects' nomes not yet built. The wide choice of designs includes examples appealing to nearly every climate and living pattern. II was pointed out that new £rcnds are nearly always first evi- ^£,H In higher priced items, be It mttcs, clothing or a new house. Many ot Ihe homes qualify as large In siie and pretentious in decoration; but all contain numerous ideas which ciin be adapted by builders operating in lovver priced' fields. Old-Time Materials Used Practical Builde!-. back in 1915 was the first magazine to publicly debunk the "Postwar Miracle Home," pointing out that it was before its time. The current article however, spotlights trends most likely to characterize the homes of 1950-60. Old-time building materials arc being suggested in new combinations producing structural material* that require no further finish to five beauty and utility. Natural brick walls are often used on the inside wall where brick' also occurs on th- twin outside wall. Some of the designs are a compromise between conventional and contemporary designs. Varied roof lines hand-spill rustic appearing shingles, native stone and' ornamental Ironwork-signs of the contemporary house-are blended with tile modern" touch of brick and Flass, foreground planting boxes and smart designs. Glass walls an open porch or stone patio and other jjjchllectiiral attractions are used tT» integrate the house to the ground. Kitchens Still Important Kitchens still remain one of the most Important parts of the "house of the next decade." Richard B Pollman, of East Detroit. Mich is in favor of a kitchen-laundry, set up as the "work center" and focal point of the post-war home "Cabinets and walls are of natural wood - for minim'm upkeep," Pollman points out "The aii'o rnatic laundry has additional space for sewing and mending. Between the refrigerator and stove is a large t *l .. C 9 lll " cr wlth Pass-thro ugh to "An Island sink cabinet and snack bar has open shelves above for partial separation from the 'aclivi- ties room nearby. On each side of Real Estate Transfers (Chickasawba District) H. H. and Lucy Houchins to D C. and Monita 13. Palforri, Lot 2 of Block 2 of the Country Club Drive, $3,000. Mrs. Opal and Lewis naugher to Z. N. and Vera stints, S2 of the SK4 of Section 33-14N-9E, $27 000 H. V. and Gladys Smith to Wayne and Virginia Baker, one lot of Hie E2 of the NVV4 of the NE'4 of Section I7-15N-8E. $3,250. Claude L, and Terris Barnes to Wayne and Virginia Baker, one lol of E2 of the NW'4 of the NE4 of Section 17-I5N-8K, $50. Oscar and Delia Alexander (o Thelmn Cheatham, Lot H of Block "E" of the Barren and Lilly Addition, ?400. James A. and Imogene Hoinc to Cicorge and Pauline Shepard, Lot 17 of Block "H" of the Barron and Lilly Addition, $400. H. H, and Lucy Houchins to Willie C, and Clara Pauline Robertson Lot 10 of Block 7 of the Country Club Drive, $1.150. Wiley and Irene Smith to the Bill Reid Company of Arkansas Inc. Lot 2 and 3 of Block 6 and Lot 10 of Block 8 of the David Acres Subdivision, $3,1.50. Fred and Nettie Hamel to Bill Carpenter. Nw;j of the sw;i of the NK 4 of Section 30-15N-9E 51 575 Lulher and Dorothy O'Connor to G. n. and Rosie Hubble E '13 is fct-t of the West 50 feet of Lot 7 of Ihe SW;.| of the NE4 of Section 8-15N-8B, SI,500. T. B. and NO] a Phillips to G. w and LHlie D. Johnson. 40 acres of Section 36-15N-8E. S12000 Fred W. and Vera Cnldwell to Orlcy H. Akers. North 1:3 of Ihe W of Lot 3 of tho Miller and Grecnle'e Subdivision, S705, Howard and Julia Brooks to Arlln and Vn-f ic Lane, 40 acres in Section 30-1GN-8E, $10 and other consideration. H. S. and Laura E. Allen lo'Laura B. Allen. 150 by 200 foot lot In Section 17-15N-8E, $1 an d other consideration. Willie C. and Clara Paulhic Rob- erlson to Hubert A. and Bessie Burdine Taylor, Lot 5 of Block "P" of the Barron and Lilly Addition 56,150. Trennie Pinkeiton Dotson to Robert A. and Carmen E. Brown, one acre In Section 1-15N-11E. $300. Max and Annie Laurie Loqan and Harold B. and Marie D. Wright to Clyde W. and Audrey Simpson Hi 4 of Block "G" of the John B. Walker Second Subdivision. $800 E. B. and Rovcne C. 'David to Jnmes R. Deal and Kemp Wliiseiv hunt. Lots 1 and 2 in Block 9 ol the David Acres Subdivision, 51.500. Jasper and Luevenia Lunsford to Loll Lutlsfnrri. 100 feet off the West side ot Lot No. 8 of the Block 3 in the Matthews Second Addition of Leachville. $1 and other and over the hnmc freezer are storage cabinets for pots, pans, canned or drycd foods, etc. A handy planning desk and telephone center it provided." on K I'",' T <;K -°' S0li " b ™ k construction ,. the new Lome (above, of M, nnd M >ml e „,,,„ on Nor h Highway 6, In the Country club Addition. ,„ addition to tluce bedrooms, ,hi s ho, c ?,"' end tucllell- ta(h am , a hiilu|mmi in(f] . oi wa||s ^ of ^ wi ;r oa ' ,s < lot floonng ,n all rooms and the kitchen, bath ana half bath arc finished in tile Thcie Is a HrJ , n 1,0,0,1 off the llvin, room and a small pcrcl, adjoins the kitchen. The ^ " w^cn *o t c ^ has a utility uxm, m the rear. Tile house is Heated by gas floor furnaces. consideration. ton Lunsford to Marie Lunsford Potter. Joe Louis Lunsford. Ted and Jasper Lee Lunsford, 100 feet off (he U'cst side of Lot 8, Block 3 of the Matthews Second Addition to Leachville. SI and other consideration. Elbert R. and Manila u. Alley to Leonard Eugene Pierce. East 29 (eel of Lot 4 of Block 2 of the Davis Third Addition to Blytheville. $3.500. Joseph L. and Klsie Oradcll Pill"ham to i.ix/ic Hill. Lot 4 of mock 3 ol Ihe Fiilghanf Addition. $200. H. II. and Lucy Houchins to J. E. Stevenson, Jr.. Lots G. 7. and 0 'n Block 6 of the Countrv Club Drive S2.250. Maud G. Goodwin and Jewel Smith to Dennic A. and Mary Younger, Lot 13 of Block 6 of the David Acres Subdivision. SI.OOO. Maud o. and Jewel Smith to Loiinie E. and Dorothy Younger. Lot n of Block 6 of the David Acres Subdivision. 51.000. E. B. and Hovcnc C. David to Maud G. Goodwin and Jewel Smith Lois 2, 3. 4, 5, and 6 in Block 5. Lots 3 and 14 of Block 6, and Lots 1. 2. and 3 of Block 8 of the David Acres Subdivision, ilO and exchange of property. Susan Moore to Roosevelt and Alberta Millrr. Lot 9 of Block 7 of the W. W. Holliueter Second Addition, S200. Susan Moore to Jessie and Vclnni Wilson. Lot 10 of Block 7 of the W. \V. Ilollipcter Second Addition $200. Eddie and Eddie Mac Taylor to C. L. Lucius. Lot 12 of Block 3 of the Bran-ley Addition. $300. Earnest and Earnestine Fowler lo Harvey and Louise Fowler, 80 acres in Section 22-15N-SE, SICi.OOO O. J. Hucter and zillah Huetci to R. W. and Peggy Blshoff. Lol •/ of Block "C" of the O. J. Hucter Plans, Materials For Home Need Careful Selection A young couple planning to build a new home should make plans with an eye toward future a.s well ^as present needs, home planning specialists advise. For persons with ample bank ac- counl.s thai, should be a simple mailer. For others it presents a problem, the solution lo which lies principally in flexibility of the house plans and choice of qualitv materials. The layout of the home should be such that it will accommodate iLself lo Ihe changing needs of the family through Ihe years. Changes In the family group and Its activitie.s dictate varying arrangement.'! within the home. Ideally, certain rooms should bo adaptable to multiple uses. In a well planned home. lor example, "teen" agers can entertain in one area of the house without disturbing ihe rest of the family. Selection of quality materials for First Addition to Leachville In Section 17-I5N-8E, $1 and other consideration. Cbatles O'Neal Smith and Elsie C. Smith lo Chester Lewis Smith ! 3 interest In \v 2 of the SE 4 ol Section 23-16N-10E. $1 and olhcr consideration. Tiny House Is Place To learn But Not Live A family looking lor a new place lo live might, not think much of a 12- by 12-foot hou.sf—built indoors at that. Bui a house of that kind at Hclhesda. Md . is serving a vllal purpose in keeping the home building industry at peak productive cariucliy. American Builder magazine says the miniature home is belux constructed in a classroom by students of the npptentice training school ol Ihe Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Washington. TO leach .students a variety of skills different materials arc used fur each wall of the building Read Courier News Want Ads ardwood. Properly maintained, haidwcod Moors last ihe life ot H house and enhance IU interior attractiveness. They are recognized as a mar Nine Permits For Buildings Placed on File Applications for permission to erect an estimated total of $51.010 in residential and business build- Ings were placed on file In Hie office of city Knglnerr Joe Carney during the past week. Of this total, nearly «:i7.000 was listed as estimated costs ol two business projects. There was one other business building listed, five residence.! and one gai-nge. A brick cniiinrerlng building for the Arkansas-Missouri Power Co at Railroad and Cherry Streets was hsled. The building already has been completed, it is used as'hend- mmtcrs for the company's diMrlct engineer, line and service crews and lice - IrlinmiiiK crews. Estimated cost was listed as SUO.UOO. T'lie other large business project listed In this week's tiling or permit !i|i|ilic:Uions was Ihe remodeling ol Graljer's slorc. This, too, already bus been c-imipleled. Cost was listed as SIG.:t70, , liolh the Ark-Mo and Grabcr projects were handled by Hen White and Sons, conliactoi's. Other applications were filed by the following: L. D. Wade, concrete block auto sah-.ific building. North Highway el, Mrs, H. A. Alley, sheet metal i>,l- vnte ganige, Jlowcll Addition $1,01)0. E. N. Webb, five niul oiie-hair room frame residence, Pecan Ave $0.000. Charles McKennle. four and one- linlf frame residence. 416 East Rose $5,000. Robert M. Jamison, [our-room frame residence. Pecan Avc., $1,000. James Nebbul, tour-room frame residence, nth and Pecan. $2.000 W. I). Henson, five-room frame lesidcnce. East Highway 18. S3.000. Flat-Rim Bowl Helps Make Bathroom Vanity With a flat-rim lavatory bowl, making a combination vanity- lavatory Is easy. At either side of the lavatory and flush with the rlrn. * plastic- lopped, water-resistant board i.-s attached firmly to the wall, and joints around the howl and »t the wall are scaled with plastic cement' Extra storage space can be provided by building a plastic-topped floor cabinet around the flat- rimmed sink. Plastic colors are available to harmonlrc with the bathroom fixtures, walls ami floors. Bain ro~f«n XT'. > MOtTGAGt (ETHEMCNT MSUtAIKX pratecti their Mvm in It . L. E. OLD. Jr., Special Agent rliohe 31183 — Blylheville nffNitoonuiiKuuNacoapAMTOfaBoa Kp? COVER THE EARTH Comnlele Paint Service ( On llie Finest Line Available Sherwin Williams BUILDERS SUPPLY CO., Inc. W. II. "Hill .1. \Vilson Henry Highway 61 South LOANS VETERANS Only 10% Down For Non-Veterans l" k ' '?'„* *"'*" " rnr " l - m "»^ rtcposil jo,, m,, nnw one of these new moiltrn two bc.l room |, nm , s no* - ~"- Call or See MISSISSIPPI COUNTY LUMBER COMPANY or Holfy Development Corp WATER is your Cheapest Commodity ••• Use il FREELY! Blytheville Water Co. Blytheville, Ark. Flames May Burst Frozen Water Pipes In thawing frozen water pipes a steady flame like that of a blowtorch In one spot Is likely to burst Ine pipe. Burlap wrapped around Ihe pipe and repeatedly soaked with boiling water will thaw the Ice without danger. If a pipe has already burst, the water supply should be shut oil, all faucets opened and a plumber called. Read Courier News Want Ads Search for Missing Plane Is Called Oft FORT SMITH, Ark,, N'OV, 29— (fl —The u. S. Air Force has called oft Its search tor a light civilian Plane mluslng over a month. The search for the plane lut seen when It left Tulsa, Okla., Oc», 21, en route to Houston. Tex, vu suspended Saturday after eight Air force ships had fl'oivn three timei over a i,(ico square mile area. Pilot of tne musing plane x-u Oi'Lille Swclucr 1 ol Tulsa. His pasi- onscr was u. II. Harrington of Houston. THE BUDGET PLAN WAY Why wall lo enjoy i\tc convenience and comfort of a tniim, new Crnnc b;itliroom — * modern Crime sink, or nn cDicIcnt Crane hcating system for lliat matter. Lei in licJp you nidiicrnij-e now, ihc easy way —the bmljjei piun way. ask US., about the convenient Crane Budget j Plan today I "PETE" The Plumber 109 North 1st The NEW FRIGIDAIRE Electric Range •-—^~,-. O kav^ii "^^"^^^' # A£o^~~~~~~~ *"=»«£>T — - , . »•<=»» yl C °° MU-M'«^ f««^:^^""° rt I 1 ""'" •en»a«< ll| -'"V ".••:"<?,•:•»•• i ^^S^ H^SH »»*""•";£-«*•"":"; Rana'-" 1 ,«oW«< W . 'S^SS^ ofr""'"" »••• "'- •*£5£gr Model RM-45 Down Cash I'rifc 27a.75 LOOK at all these features! • Lifetime Porcelain Iniidg and out • Acid-Rsilillna Por<elain Cooking Top • Triple-Duly Thermli«r with AcceuorUi and Thrifto-Malic Switch • Twin-Unit Ev«n-H«at Oven • High-Speed, Smokelait- lypo Broiler • Full-Width Slorag« Draw*f • Cook-Mailer Ovtn Clock Conlrol. » Automatic Tims-Signal « Fluoreictnl Cooking-Top Lamp Adams Appliance Co. Jnc. J. W. ADAMS, Manager 206-208 W. Main phone 2071 THE GRAVES COMPANY Real E^tdto - NloHaaoo loans- Ji&ciotA BMIHIMII 'one 521 Phone 307S

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