San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California on September 10, 1886 · Page 3
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San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California · Page 3

San Francisco, California
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Friday, September 10, 1886
Page 3
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- i t 3s u SAN IHANCISCO CHRONICLE FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 10 1886 AMERICAN AFFAIRS Work to Be Poshed at the Nayy Yards BIG FEES STARTED BY BOYS Two Marine Disasters The May flower Again Leads the Galatea tng Information from teacher Then seems to be no one on the slope who ean iJveusfoTmstionutowherehehu gone BLOOD ATONEMENT Th Taterler Swlam yesterday no - ml decHiom la several California land cum Porter Asb - s Guenn cam la second In tbe Bride handicap race a SbwMtwsd bay yesterday Ta excursion avamer Km - plr SUM with 800 puwntn weal ashore oa Sandy Hook beach M Tulr bot ell od board wererescued Tb ecod rc of th Myuower - G slate ne ws not flnlebed yesterday o tar to a drs fog U wia be sailed eo Saturday F Wood Mil mile on a bicycle U SstS et Hartford Conn yea - terdavThe Repabucsn of Connecticut have nnmlnatfd P Cv Lewther for Goveroce Special Dispatches to the Cbboickxs1 A NARROW ESCAPE A Bemerkable Cottier - Affray 1b CUetfo Chicago September 8 Why dont you lean you trade Frank Totter a welter In a restaurant at 464 westMadison tree said to John Morris the Cook at he returned a piece of meat that did not satisfy a customer Morne maae an angry repiy and a wrangle followed that ended In Mor - Tia snatching a large knife with an eighteea - inch blade and plunging it clear through Fosters stomach Foster fell against a table and Morris fled Recovering himself Foster started In hot pursuit with the knife sticking through his bowels He drew It out as he ran and reach - ice Morris slashed him In the foot as he was Jumping np stairs cutting the heel entirely oft The tendons of the loot were cot and llorris fell bleeding profusely and unable to drag himself away Foster raised the knife to cut Morris throat when be staggered from wenknea and fell ncroa Morris - Both were arrested Foster cannot recover It was thought that Morris would bleed to death but the now of blood was stanched and be may recoTer though he will be a cripple for life Unsuccessful Attempt - to Wreck m Train New Yobk September 10 The THobbs says An attempt was made to wreck the Etaten bland rapid transit train eon netting at St George with the midnight boat from the city Two rocks about three feet long and two feet thick were wedged In between the rails and the planking of a bridge over a creek lust north of Stapleton A third and larger rock was placed across the rails The locomotive which wss going at full speed hurled one rock from the track and broke the other so that It passed orer them without being thrown from the track The train came within an ace of being thrown Into the water PACIFIC COAST TOPICS Case Decided by the Interior Department vTsshivotox September 9 In the case of Goodhue vs the Southern Paciflo Railway Acting Secretary Muldrow of the Interior Department to - day rendered a decision affirming that recently rendered by Commissioner Sparks which allows Good hue to make his timber - culture entry In the Los Angeles Land District thus rejecting the claim of the railway company to this land on the ground that it was one of the odd sections granted along the line ot its road A similar decision In like cases was rendered in the claim of Nlmmo vs the Southern Pacific and the Southern Pa cific vs the 8tate of California Fifteen decisions in favor of the Southern Pacific road were rendered on suite involving the same question upon which the suit of Reese vs the Southern Pacific road was decided a few weeks ago The Acting Secretary has refused the petition in the ease of Hill and lewis va C M Bywater the plaintiffs asking tot the revocation of an order withholding a patent to certain lands In the Olympia district YVasbicgton Territory described as a part of the Lydla Maynard donation claim until a suit involving the ownership of the land is decided by the United States Su preme Court A new postofficn has been established at Sequoia Tuolumne county CaL with Allen1 Crocker as Postmaster Daniel Rice hss been appointed a fourth - clss Postmaster at Arroya Grande San L lis Obispo county CaL lCINO AT THE EAST BOT ISCENDIABIES They Start Sereni Destructive Eire at St Louis St Lorn September 9 Within the past three months numerous Iseendlary fires have occurred In the packing district resulting In the lots ot several hundred thousands of dollars bot the slightest clue wss ever found of the Incendiary until to - day when Night Watchman Colby of Whttakera pork - packing house caught his son Jack a lad of 15 setting Are to the packinghouse The boy was arrested and under pressure confessed that he and his two playmates Al Hopkins and John Reed had started all the mysterious blazes half a dozen In all Both boys were arrested - Why did yon do Ur the Chief of Police asked him Just for f un the little raj cal nonchalantly replied m STEAMSHIP ACCIDENTS A Disastrous Collision - An Excursion Teasel Goes Asbore New York September 0 Captain Morrow of the tugboat Robert Robinson reports the collision of the steamer City of Alexandria with a steam dredge at the hook at 4 - 23 r k during a dense fog The City of Alexandria struck the dredge which Immediately sank The crew were picked np by the Robinson two of them slightly Injured The damage to the steamer It unknown It could not be ascertained whether the steamer pro ceeded on her course to Jiavana owing to the foe - The dredse Is In a very dangerous position for the large number oi steam and sailing crarts oouna in irom the yacht race Sandt Hook fS J V September 9 The excursion steamer Empire State with about 800 pasengers went ashore during a dense fog at 730 oclock this evening on Sandy Hook beach about half way between life - saving stations 1 and 2 The crews of the stations together with steamers and boats landed all the passengers on the beach in safety Assistance was at once sent for to convey the passengers to the city Many of them lire out of town The steamer lies In an easy position It is rumored here that another steamer is ashore ofTSeabright In all six guns have been heard this evening since 7 oclock which were taken for signals of distress but nothing definite can be heard A HALF - SAILED BACE presiding officer FhineasCLowtherwas nominated tor Governor on the first ballot After recess ThomuClark was nominated for Controller After the adoption et A platform the corrvention adjourned BrxtXTtn ail September 9 - Tbe Republican Territorial Convention unanimously nominated Fred Dubois ex - Terri - Ltorial Marshal Delegate to Congress A strong uu aionnon puitona wuaaopteu The Democratic Territorrial Convention now in session will nominate to - morrow New Toxx September The Republican managers are studying carefully the proceedings of the KaUonai Brewers Convention at Nicaragua and they aay that If the patty Is this State I tobepatonan antfbeer - aaloon basis the Influence of the brewer will be thrown against them The shrewder managers are of the opinion that the antJ - beeraloon issue does Terr well in the rural districts but will be pollcal ruin In the great cities The immense capital Invested in the business and the small army of workingmes engaged art factors which politicians must pay heed to The Retail Grocers Union held a picnic at M asbington Park yesterday Delegates were present from all over New York and New Jersey After adopting a constitution and by laws for the control of the association It was announced that A C Wfajrland of Thurber Wbyland Co well known grocers has assented to become the associations candidate for Mayor at the coming election MiLWAtrxES fniaV Seutember SL Sev enteen additional ballots were taken to - day by the Second Congressional District Democratic Convention which has been In a deadlock for eight days There was no change in the result from previous votes Sedgwick General Denial New Yoke September 9 A G Sedg wick special Envoy to Mexico has the louowlnx card In the Evelina Xtosf dated City of Mexico September 3d A wees ago I went to a tall and stayed to lb ana 1 went boms and to bed - arlrnit suoratnc mr friend Cauirand cams to call soon tn and wand me droning and we want oat aim ta orocera aua memoirs or tna jockvt havsslgn da tetter xoHriintt me from ail tniprofior betaa loratattTlUiMdar ngtbobatt 1 he rentl mA arhnanr m Nn rram tbo rall tava atfnad a card ibas ibar observed roUlandthat I weottoward my room I have t - olraod a statement in wnliag as la his vail la tb moraine bida tbe a atemeot of ha notel mai agrr that no scene or row twoa pia a at th - bowl also - thai i west to my room after the kaO oiht nowtromkeor say what the storiaaeireuiaiad In t ol ad Mates are becrttary Bayard baa trierashed ma that mr personal den a ot tue scandal ts do g i Make any us of this that you may thin proper Ki Paso September 9 Envoy Sedgwick has Just left Chihuahua and will be In Paso Del orte oa Friday morning FOREIGN EVENTS EeYiving the Scheme of Jkrrios OYATI05S TO ALEXANDER Catholic Bishops Indorse GladstoneWork ot Mexican Rebels California Horses f eaten at Sleeps - head Bay V ew Yoex September 9 Several Call fornia horses ran at Sheepshead Ba today Two came in second and one got third place In the first race three - fourths of a mile a mUerably unfair start was gi en after half an hour s delay with tbe hordes strong out in single file Roi d Or wss the first off Thriftless second Graciosa third rebellion fourth Freedom ran well in the mud and led to the end winning euil by four lengths the Fairfax stables Kypatla second a bead before Maggie Mitchell the favorite Maggie Mitchell got off badly and ran badly throughout T me 1 17 Tbe second race one and one - eighth miles Endurer won by a length Irish Pat second a neck before Treasurer Time 2 00 In the third race the Bridge handicap one and one - half miles Guenn tbe favor ite led by a length for five furlongs Solid bilvcr running second and Housantic third On the back stretch McLaughlin suddenly put the spurs to Guenn and began riding hard and she shot away from the gronp so fast that she was six lengths in front in a twinkling This lead she in creased to eight lengths at the half mile post but on tbe lower turn she tired badly A and Jim Gray who bad begun a vigorous punuit nss catLhing her at every stride In the homestretch he passed her in the easiest possible manner and won pulling double by a length Guenn second a d en lengths before 0 Fallen who was a dzen lengths before Mollie McCarthy The others Including Molbe McCarthy s Laid and Housatrnic were strung out at Immense intervals Time 2 S9 - Tbe other races were won by Brown Duke Battledore and Edgefield IDIAIf AFFAIBS Pro - Tbe Mayflower Again Show Her If eels to The Galatea New YoK September 9 There are plenty of diss pointed yachtsmen in New York to - night for the second race of the international series has been postponed till Saturday After sailing in a fresh breese from the eastward for four hours the Mayflower and Galatea with an accompanying fleet of nearly one hundred vessels were enveloped in a thick fog ten miles east of Sandy - Hook lightship and were compelled to abandon the race When the Mayflower rounded the outer mark twenty miles east of Scotland light - ship at 4 - 26 22 the Galatea wss not in sight from that point The Mayflower had outsailed her on every tack from he start both carrying the same sail in a breese that was steady from about east with occasional rain saualla and a moderately heavy swell from that quarter The Mayflower could not have finished the race in the al lotted time of seven hours even u tne weather had remained clear General Paine called on Lieutenant Henn yesterdsy morning He proposed after the international races to keep the Mayflower in commission in Marblehead bav until there came us a gale of wind then in this gale he proposed to race the Galatea from Marblehead to Cape Cod L eutenant Uenn was somewhat taken back at this bold challenge ana asxea time to consider the matter The news of General Paine a challenge trot abroad yesterday and opinion was divided In yacht - club circle In the discussion of the nrosnects for to - day t race It was the general opinion that a race across Massachusetts bay in a gale of wind would be a much better test ol tbe weatneriy qualities oi me American and Enzlish chamDionsthana race around Bermuda One jachtsinan said The English papers have been saying that the Galatea Is not the fastest boat in England bat all admit that she is unrivaled among racing yachts for her weatneriy qualities I donh believe any one believes that even the boasted Irex could sail with her in a gale ow here is a chance of a race of tbe heroic kind worthy of two great maritime nations I hope Lieutenant Henn will accept the challenge LAND CASES TAliat Commissioner Atkins poses to Do l AsHiQTOft September 9 Commissioner of Indian Affair Atkins said to our correspondent to - day that he Intended if possible the present season to make an extended tour of the Indian reservations of the nest going as fares the Pacific - coast He is just now busy with the preparation of his annual report and its cvmpletiou is the only hindrance to his n - nin out He has an idea that the In disn race is rspidly dying out and by this he means to intimate that Indian agents are drawing rations for a larger number of the dusky wards than are really nnder the r charge He says that Agent McGiUi caddy drew rations tor more than 2000 Indiana who cannot be found It la possible that they have wandered away from the reservation and are liying apart from the rest of the tribe but the Commissioner thinks in some Instances the agents have been making a tat thing out of the business of drawing Government rations more than they really needed to supply tbe Indiana Tok partially test the matter he has Issued an order for a census of the Sioux which is to be mad on the 30th ol the present month A feast is tob giTen and each band is to be summoned to attend at its reervstion headquarter at a specified hi or on that day and all are to be counted Tim precaution of a simultaneous count is for the purpose of preventing repeating by the Indians going from one meeting place to another to enjoy the good things which are to be set before them This procedure msy afterward be extended to embrace all the Indian at the different agencies throughout the country THE NAX VABDS To Bo forked la the Interest of the Domoeratle Party v sw Yobk September 10 Th TrOwae Washington seeds el September 9th says It is understood that the next two months will be a nerlod of great activity in tne navy yards at Portsmouth Brooklyn Norfolk and Mare Island It ha been dis covered that repair are necessary to almost every ship within reach ot any ot the yard mentioned and that the interest of the Government require that the repairs shall be completed if practicable before th middle of November as the Congrossional elections In itmnMra New York Virginia and California will tax place on November 2d It to hoped that by working - the Navy Yard Tigorously and Judiciously the Democrat win be able to gain one Congressman In Maine two In New Hampshire on In Brooklyn one InYlr - rlriln an l two In California Thatth Administration U la earnest in this matter U ahown by tafet that within th last three dy requisitions for fundi to th amount of mot than 5000000 have been issued for the benefit of th font yard mentioned Th amount tent to the Brooklyn Nry Yard for th Bureau 01 Engineering atone wa f30000nd U is understood that this was for th month of September alone It is to be hoped that Secretary Whitney win not forget tbe provisions oi an act approved on June 30 1876 which prohibit the increase of th force at any nary yard within sixty day next - before any election to take place for President ot the United Bute or a member of Congress unless thsSecreUry of to Navy haU publish eerUficate that the need of the publla Service makes - an Increase necessary at that time - TTHEBX IS BEECHEB Th Ex - Colleetor tTanUd Thatll May Explain Hi Acconnta New Yokk September 10 - Th JTerWs Washington special says Th Treasury Department 1 aQemptlnxr to find the whereabout oi uaptaiu nenry r - seecnu tx - leor a Paget Sound Bis alleged at tha Treasury that ther Is a discrepancy in Seccher - account with th Government amounting to S530O Bsecher gav p th offic OB August ota There wa elxax ol opium at Port TOWPMad W T prtTlOus to thai time In which wat Involved 40200 Touchers hav been received at th department which account for 39000 only The Toucher tot th balanc havmot tees KcelTed and no ernjanatloa hat been obtained tram th CkiUectnt Th money howmr it at B l learned that th deputy whom Boeeher U Jn chart bag expended th auouu betd back for rnllifi - hic rrwav tfcosjh to kU KritM to atow tela boated 1 mtxn yooehwt m hn P tbo - - S S - T - 5Eir Two Important Decisions by the Interior Department WasHlsaTOv September 9 In the ease of the Northern Pacific Railroad Company versus Benjamin V Clark involving the right of said company to lands embraced within that part of the Crow Indian reservation released under an agreement of sale ratified by Congress April 11 1882 and decided by the Interior Department September 17 1884 acting Secretary Mul drow has overruled the motion for review filed therein by aaid company holding that at the time of the definite location of the road opposite those lands they were excepted from the grant by reason of the existing Indian reservation In th case of w D Jarred versus the Missouri Kansas and Texas Ksiiroaa - om tHvMni iH fn - - iri - - n 11 town e hip is south range 22 east Independence land district Kansas wnicn e iil - th tn mil limit rrsi - ted to laid com pany and also within ten mues oi tne located route of the Kansas and Neosho Valley Railroad aiong oeCTeiary mtuuivw ha fn - mari tha laion of the General Isnil nlw and daeidea that bT reason of tne priority oi tne grant hi uu uiuki company lis ngm uioa cucu uu nlte location to tbe exclusion of the claim now mad by th defendant company herein and as the grant to th Neosho alley road had been opened by act of Congress the land la accordingly awarded to tbe settlers A large tract of land In outh - eastern Aansaa win be affected by this de cision AX INTEBESTINO QUESTION Th liability f a Torelgn Tessel la Amreaa Waters Wajhjisto - 1 September 9 Acting AttorneyAttorney - General Jenks ha tnbmltted an opinion to th Treasury Department upon the question a to whether foreign vessels are liable to a fin for every passenger transported from one American port to an ether when passag is taken first to an tn - tennedial foreign port and thence toa do - mesucpnn a w a opinion was Ik ol the Canadian vessel which transverted passenger from Cleveland O - to indsor OnL where th roy - ag waa temporarily broken but resumed by th sera vel and th passengers carried to Chiearo Tha acting Attorney General holds that th vessel having asad substantially a eoatinaooa royag from flanl LBd to Chicara ia therefor subject loth penalty ol fel for each passenger transported AFTEB THE DISASTEB - Bellevlns tba Destitute Paopl af C - MtHMMB C - Laxustox 8eptembr P The city is - inlt tn - dav thotuh th dream of abaolut immunity bom - danger waa rudely dispelled by a cmatt but harmless shock ot earthquake between 1 and 2 oclock this morning Shelter has been pretty wefl nraenred for th homeless but It 11 x peeted the rain win cause much suffering Rations ar being furnished to all persons who are recommended by any reputabl citizen known to the Relief committee Charleston win also furnish rations to th ttrit i T rn at Snmmerrilla and Mount rlfaaam a necn an cumum sua the negroes will flock to town In hopes ot Mvfng in ldleae and thatth cotton fields and trmk farm will b deserted rnr1 i not likelr to last If It begins Great pain ax being takja tojsrjvent loafers taking advantag of th dutribu - ttonM tooa oytneiteues wi - i - ft HmH of Enrinser are at work They find that the parapet of th western Z - vnn of tha rtitor - - houM is seriously damaged and it repair will in voir con - sUerable xpense but th building U safe and has sustainea no anas u - ih - PostoSee It ertouzly damaged Sxw YoiKf - eptember - - MayorCourto nay of CharWto - JJteiejrraph to Dt Andrew Simonda Preawent of th Flrtt National Bank of Charleston who l Bow la this eityk - that In order to helter the nomelen people before thyeoM I weather set la frorni OOOto STOO OOOar 1 mediately required Th Mayor estimated th tctUdantagtoproirtybythaMarth - quake at from f30U0tW to jftOOaOOO At a meeting of Ui Charteston Relief Com - mlttee at the Chamber of Commerce to - day th Tent ComntittM reported that the ntlTi - 8 - rtarvj - f tha Aarr had Botineu them that thera ws a large amount of condemned csava on band In tbe department which would baat th disposal ol the eom - - itt - ML addirtonalsnhat - rlntk - naoiCti012 were reported mat Ing np th total amount tf737o TheftUid at Boston amounu to 4 - jqooq Loxnow Septas - bei 9 - At a - naeting of ir svianaan tn - dav Lnak read a cable gram from tne Mayor ot CharlestrHi la which tha latter aaid th carthqnak had left 6000 parsons la nead oi assurance From th slaastOB House Alderman Ltuk oa behalf ot th Lord Mayor Issued an appeal to th benevolent peopl for aid lor u vnarse - WHi wu - arszav The State Department Explains Vj - SHiXGTO - f September 9 The cases of Ward ant Gaskell imprisoned by the Mexican in Lower California have been before the State Department for some time and it is asserted that nothing has been left undone by th American Consul at La Pax acting under instructions from the Secretary of State to see that the prisoners receive the protection to which they are entitled They are accused by the Mexican authorities of having murdered a fellow American The Mexicans claim that the body of the murdered man wat - ouno ana uh an eviaence at nana pointed to Ward and Gaskell as the guilty parties If there has been un reasonable delay or irregularity of procedure as there seems to be claimed in the prisoner appeal to the Governor of Texas the fact has not yet been known at tha department California Fruit at Chicago Chicago September 9 A fruit train consisting of eight cars arrived here Tuesday from Sacramento Ail the fruit was in fine shape with the exception of Tokay eraDes Muscats arrived In fine condition and seemed to carry better than Totsys Muscat are selling at 2 sotg3 per torty - pound crate Tokays If choice and in good condition bring fl3 SO Poor lots are lower and bring for forty pound crates S2 Pears sell at S22 25 per box Prunes and plums can be bought for 1 per box Some few quinces have arrived but as yet they are meeting with no demand although later In the season they will probably sell better Tbe supply of home - grown fruit still continues large but no Immediate Improvement In prices Is expected The Active Ju - ormov Agent N ew Yobk September 9 James E Hart the Mormon Emigration Agent ha pro cured a new writ of habeas corpus in the case of the five Mormon bnmigrants whom the Emigration Commissioner say are Banners He sara if the commissioners in tended to send these persons back to Europe they were bound to send them back on the steamship Wyoming on which they came here and which sailed for Europe on Tuesday and that as they had taiiea to seua mem oacx at once on tne Wyoming the immigrants have a legal right to remain here particularly as he Is ready to give a bond to indemnify the people of the State of New York In case any of them become a public charge Close of tbe Brewer Convention Niagara Falls September 9 The clos - Ing session of the Brewers Association Convention was enthusiastic A committee of eleven was appolntea to take under consideration the labor question and to report measures for the protection of employers and employes Ofl - cers were elected as follows President n illiam A Mills Vice - Presidents Henry Clanssen Jr and Charles G Stifel Treasurer J Charles G Huppel and Secretary Richard katzenmaye The next annual meeting will be held In Baltimore on the second Wednesday In May American Horticulturists Clevklasd September 9 The Ameri can HartlcuKaral Society elected officers to - day as follows President Parker Earle Cobdennl Vice President E M Hud son New Orleans La Secretary W H i - wm ureenrastie ina Treasurer j u Evans Harlem Mo The Nominating Committee recommended that the time of the next meeting should be February 5 13bS and that some point in California the place It was decided to discuss the location at a future session The Orang Leader Nz w Yobk September 9 r - Iu the course of the next few days we are to hare among us the Rev Dr Kane of Belfast Grand V asfj - - nf thm Oranfieman of Ireland At present he Is at Montreal The object of hi visit I to spread light throughout Canada and the United State on the misunderstood position of Irish loyalists Or - agemen nere are to give mm a puoiic re ception They were negotiating yesterday for Cooper Institute Clevelands Deer Blunt SaiasaC Lake 8eitember 9 Late last night it wu decided that a deer hunt should take place to - day and by daylight half a doxen guides and as many dogs were in readiness for the chase The chase lasted until near noon and the hunters returned empty handed The President will probably remain In the wilderness at least a week longer The Bicycle Beord Broken H abttoed Gonn September 9 At the bicycle tournament here to - day tha one - mile handicap professional race was won by F Wood of England in 233 beating llenaee recora oi - - o ana oeauug ua best time ever mad In a race Baseball Game Cikcaoo September 9 Chicago 8 De troit 8 Kansas City Kansas Citys 4 fit - l - vnia - Tha rama was called at the end of the sixth Inning on account of rain Prince Alexander on bis war t hi old bom t Darmsudi was everywhere received with with miasm by th poplA meeting of Irish Catholio Bishops al May noothyaterdayadoptadrelntlonlaaorstng Gladatonahoae - ralpeneyTh Mexican rebels Un caprared a wagaa train ladea wUh dry goods Th Queen of - Spelt I seriously ULTh American schooner Pearl Kl - m ha bean astred at Arlcbat H B - and tnad lor vjolatlng th t ansillan custom law TBpedal Disnatcb to th CaBOsraa1 CENTBAL AMERICAN UNITY tVbnt ZsPrealdeut Sot Hope to Accomplish Kxw Yobk September 10 The Trio - m say In regard to the story published recently of a combination between Marco Aurellus Soto ex Pres ident of Honduras andx President Zat divar of Salvador to effect the uniBcation of the Central American republics a gen tleman well versed In Central American matters said It is undoubtedly true that Soto represent the Idea ot Central Americas unity and I the only man who can effect it He and Zaldlvar are now In San Jose the capital ot Costa Rica I know that the schema ot Central American unity has the support of Mexico and 1 believe that the statement that Secretary Bayard has signified his approval of the plan is also correct Delgados revolution Is making headway In Honduras and I do not believe that Bogran can long maintain his seat The people there wlil want Soto back for they remem ber what he did for the country He built railroad and established companies for derelopini the countrys great mineral resources Soto put into the head of Barrio the idea of Central American unifica lion THBEE YEARS IS TBE ARCTIC Adventure of the Crew f nn American Whaler New Yobk September 10 A Peterhead Scotland dispatch to the Htnid report the arrival there of the crew of the whaler Lizzie P Simmons three year out from New London Last November - the ship was frozen in th lee between Baffin bay and Greenland where they suffered much nntfl rescued at the close ot the summer by the bark Perseverance The Captain remained at Davit strait in charge of the saved stores and two - and - a - half years catch THE BULGARIAN CRISIS Prince Alexander on His Way to Bis Ancestral Home Lax Paiabxa September 9 Yester day when Prince Alexander arrived here on his way ont of Bulgaria the street were covered with triumphal arches Everything wu done to make the Prince feel that the people wished to look upon his departure as transient The President of the Assembly in bis fareweU address to the Prince said that the - Bulgarian would never forget that they owed to him every thing they had secured as a united nation and that they would continue to consider him a their ruler although he had departed and they hoped for his speedy return Tha Prince in his reply said that ne was nappy wnen Bulgaria was content He would be eyer ready to assist Bulgaria when the might be In need I hope to see you all soon again he said In conclusion The School children of Lam Palanka strewed his path through th city with flower TBI PEIKCB IS BOTJXASIA Trravn Szvkxih fRrmmanlaV Serjlember 9 Prince Alexander Stambouloff Ka - raveloff and nearly all th Bulgarian ministers arried here this morning in the yacht Roumanian The troops received the Prime at the landing and lined the route along wnicn ne passed to tne rail way station Alexander took leave of his minister and officers here The farewell was venr affectinr A Bulgarian aid - de camp win accompany Alexander from here He will leave Turnu Severin this afternoon and will - proceed direct to his parental home at Darmstadt TH rOBTS TO THE rOWEXS Constaktikoflk September 9 In a note to the Powers protesting against any foreign occupation of Bulgaria the Porte refers to the representative of M Ham bouloff and M Radoslavoff made to tbe Ottoman Commissioner at Sophia with the object of obtaining before Prince Alex ander left assurances from the Suzerian Court and the Powers that there would be no foreign occupation of Bulgaria nor any interference With the right of Bulgarian independence whose safe guarding was MKMAKyf VSaaMaa Tka Dm mrm it NEW YOBK TO SAN FRANCISCO Oa Hundred Day and 4000 Bflle on a Bicycle 8 G Spier the champion long - distance bicyclist of the world who started from New York City on June 1st at 1 r - on a bicycle en route for this city arrived her last evening at 9 oclock In excellent health and spirit and a sound a at start ing having covered tne distance in iwm days four and on half day ten than the best record la airing an account of his ng expedl tion Mr Spier say that he ha been Very leisure on his journey rarely starting In before 8 or 9 oclock In the morning for a days work and often ceasing a early a 3 and 4 oclock In tha afternoon Aside from perfect leisure he frequently traveled miles out of his way for the sake of giving exhibition of long and rapid riding and It wss in one exploit of this nstare that be mad sixty miles In four hours at another 110 mite In twelve hour He ha kept a dally Journal ot every passing vnt since starting and on Its pages has received tbe impress of th post ofhc stamp of each town through which HUblcycl wu th first that bu ever pasted over the rough and broken country from Denver to Salt Lake by way ot Lead - vtlle and also th only wheel that ha ever turned oa the summit of Mosquito past at an deration of 14000 feet Th travel from Lead vtile to Salt Lake over the broad alklU deserts wu th most tedious of th trip necessitating many privations and a vast deal ot bard work Mr Spier declare enthusiastically that he U happily disappointed wtth hi venture and Is prepared to say that h ean met the same trip again la twenty days leas tlm OAKLAND ITEMS Karanteed by treaties Th Porte aays It a rAnantad to Alexandera deDartnre from Bulgaria and has Informed the Bul garian Government mat mere wui oe no intervention so long as its legality is maintained and Bulgaria fulfills her duty toward ber suzerain and suggests that the Powers favorably consider the step th Unitarian Government ha taken because it Is important to terminate tbe abnormal situation In Bulgaria and Eastern Eou - meua Moreover me rone auas nuasia hss declared that the had no Intention to intervene In Bulgaria If Prince Alexander left the country In conclusion the Porte aks the Powers to reply a promptly u nossible In order to enable Turkey to eire the Bulgarian Government the assurances required ALIXAKDIB tS TIIUSA VrvKKA Sentember 9 Prince Alexan der was greeted nere on behalf of his father by General Lune crowns oi people unea the principal streets both on bis arrival ana on nu departure ATT AXUTEBATIOrrs ABTTTl AID LoKBOff September 9 The Moscow Yirdnmotti says that Russia has still to deal with English intrigues and Battenbergism in Bulgaria roruLaa buthcsiasj Lovrxt September 9 - Alexander tri - nmnhant nrosrea U almost without a parallel At every village in Bulgaria through which he passed the peasants were awaiting hi coming and he wu everywhere greeted with enthusiasm Similar scene occurred at the Roumanian shore and In Austria After the Prince bad departed from Pesth a hostile demon stration was maae oeiore ua tsussiau consulate and the police had to be summoned to disperse th crowd At Presburyand other places large crowds were assembled to An honor to the Prince The Berlin corresponden of the Tines ssys the opinion gain ground that the Lxars action wa due mora ia personal than political motives that he only wasted to avenge himself on Alexander Surprise 1 expressed at St Petersburg at a statement In Prince Alexanders proclamation that tbe Czar bad promised to respect the Independence and liberty ot Bulgaria Such a promise it Is declared wu not made by the Czar the Standard prints - an Interview wtth the Russian Representative at Phillipopo - lia In which th latter stated that Prince Dolgoroukl would arrive Immediately at Sophia u the envoy ot the Czar that Russia would adTocata - amnesty and that th War Minister of Bulgaria would be a Russian A f Hit WD aOLDIXB BxBtrt September 9 The Minister f War has received from Prince Alexander a dispatch asking that he be allowed to resume the duties of a German soldier THE MEXICAN BEBELS wrranrncnt at tha confernc whan th resolutions wer adopted Catted Jreioad says tnat - ao power is 6rat Britain eu collect tha landlord tribute la Ireland la the face of an organised united and level - headed people t - Balsmra or av Schooner Halry - AX September 9 Adrspatrh from Ariehatof th 8th lust says that th Prince - town schooner Pearl Nelson wu seised there for - violating the customs law by communicating with the shore Deloreen - H tering at th customs The tact were reported to the Dominion Government by CoTUrtnr Rnivrt and tha Teasel wa subse quently released on the deposit of C400 J un August Z4UI jamesDampsonanauTe of Petite dsGrst near Arichat on of tha crew of the Pearl Nelson wu upset from his dory and - drowned No details have been received but it is possible the vessel put into Arichat to eonvjey the tad new to bis widow and failing to obey tbe law wu seized and finecU - Is This Another Outrage Lotdox September 9 A telegram from Tangier to th PdH Jfdfl Gazctt ssys An American citizen named Perdleari a red - dent here bu been lined and imprisoned by the American Consul Ha 1 charged with having - offered armed resistance to native officials and official from the American Consulate who wer endeavoring to enter his hous to arrest a Moor accused ot extortion by the Consulate The Queen of Spain HI Loxboir September 9 The Queen of Spain Is suffering from a pulmonary disease which ts making alarming progress The affection It similar to that which caused the death of King Alfonso THE CAPTUBED APACHES Coarse at the War Department A Tlain - Spoken Soldier Wasbustok September 9 General Drumm acttntt Secretary of War having been authorized by the President to use his discretion in the treatment of the captured Apaches Instructed General Miles to remov Geronimo and his band to some secure place ot confinement and while it is not yet known wnere they nave been taken it I surmised that the captive have been removed to FortBUss Texas or some neighboring point It wu not deemed prudent to allow the Indians to remain at Fort Bowie u la the event ot escape to the adjacent mountain it would be almost impossible t recapture them Despite tne announcement mad in me official telegrams that Geronimos surrender wu unconditional the belief It grow ing st the War Department based on the chief s well - earned reputation u a strategist that he bu made some conditions with his captors that win at least prevent his trial in Arizona la the absence of a more definite understanding on the subject at headquarters it Is tolerably certain that the Indians will be held at some Texu fort u prisoners of war until President Cleveland returns and expresses his wishes in the msner It is believed by officers competent to Judge that a civil trial of tbe captives would be a failure u no evidence ot legal weight could be adduced to bring th murder that have been committed home to any of those Indians Little better result would attend a trial by a military commission for the same reason and it Is felt that the only feasible solution of the question ot the treatment of Geronimo and hi band would be their removal to a reservation probably In Florida where from the surroundings escape would be impossible Atkins Commissioner of Indian Affairs is quoted by the Post u insisting that Geronimo must be put to death The President he says wUl probably ac - Suiejce In whatever proposition General tiles makes for disposing of the murderers His proposition will doubtless be a court - martial which wlU not fall to award the death sentence There Is ne doubt that the public sentiment of tbe country demands the death ot Geronimo El Paso September 9 Geronimo with thirty - two hostile Apaches in charge of Captain Lawton who wu mainly Instrumental In bringing about their surrender passed through EI Paso at 2 oclock this morning on their way cut to Fort Marion in Florida where they will probably be tnea oy coun - maruai Toxestoke September 9 Some Interesting facts regarding the part taken by Gen erai mues m securing me removal oi toe hostile Apaches from Arizona have come to tha knowledge of your correspondent rihen Chatto wu at Washington he wu netted and nraised hv the various deoart - ments ana it wu aeciaea mat ne anouia return to tne Ban carios reservation ana receive proper treatment The Secre tary decided to have him return and started him from Washington without even notifying Mites mat omcer very property considered this a discourteous proceeding on the part of the Government and at once wired a vigorous protest against tbe return of the marauder and ordered that he and his companions be meanwhile detained In Kansas until Endicott could be heard from The Secretary telegraphed to Miles that if good and sufficient reasons were not presented to him at once Chatto and his friends would be sent to the reservstion forthwith Miles el once notified Endicott that he would forward his reasons for not desiring the return of the Apaches to the reservation Here is a portion of the reply loo uk me why I desire the removal of the Apaches from tbe Territory I will tell you In u few words u possible I ask it in the name of the Telritorywhose prospects and progress have been blasted and retarded by the fiendish cruelties of these Indiana Iak It in the name and In the behalf of the widows and th fatherless children whose lives have been wrecked and future darkened by the murdering raids of thesejiends I uk it In the nam of thousands ot lives which have been offered Up a a sacrifice to th reservstion system Finally I uk It in the name of civilization which can never make an ad vance - In this Territory so long u the Indian are allowed to periodically terrorize the country THE PACIFIC SLOPE Arrest of a Persecuted Husbands BACES AT THE STATE PAIR Eailroad Washouts on the South ern Eonte A Cowardly Harder B V Hanks of Stockton bu bwa arraatad oa a charge Of bigamy Th race at th Stat Fair yesterday war won by - Aloasar B and Aunoutratcheo - Yesterdays east - bound train on tbs Boathern Pads wu compelled to tarn back by a vaaheot at En - aou A T David Ueffsnbach oommiitxl ut ddenear Toledo W T on Wednesday Gaorg Ertcksoo wu shot dead by aa unknown person at Mad RIvar Trinity county oa Tuesday i m Special Dispatches to th CHBOWicLavl A WOMAN SCOBNED The Nemesis Who Is Pursuing a Stockton Man Stocxtok September 9 Robert Vi Hanks a shlpearpenter resident in this city aged about 45 about nine years ago being then a widower married a second wife The union wu an unhappy one and finally the couple separated Mrs Hanks ii a talL spare woman about 40 years old with plain features After leav ing her husband atre made life a burden to him In many way A boy wu born to her some few months after the separation and she returned to compel her husband to aid In it support but could accomplish nothlns She commenced a suit for di vorce but on account of Inability to prosecute the same no decree wu rendered - She left here but mantged to keep ber husband reminded of her existence She several times sent him fictitious letters ot love arranging for meeting with a blushing damsel and when Hanks shower up at the appointed place he met his wife and had a nlcnlc She advertised for a position u housekeeper in a family about m sue oi Atooen s ana on one occasion he bit at the bait Two or three years ago she had a notice of her death subUshed to relieve Hanks mind and lately be hu en joyed nis nara - earned salary ibe wife was not Idle however and today she appeared here when Hanks wu arrested on a warrant usuea oy juuge Lawler ot San Francisco on a chare of bigamy He gav bail of 1000 and main tains nis innocence ine complaint was made or stra vtiisaretiaenioi miscuv who Is a niece of Mrs Hanks The latter bu a copy of a certificate ot marriage which shows that on May 9th this year Rufua C Hanks of Tuolumne county aged 45 and Emliine Crane ot San Francisco In San Francisco in the presence of J F Me - Cready and N M Crane Mrs Robert V Hanks claims that the party named in the marriage certificate It her husband and claims to be able to nbitantfste IV He de nies that ha It msrried to Mrs R C Hanks and uys that the whole proceeding la a plot to blacken hi reputation He hu employed counsel to fight the case to the end About three week ago a woman arrived here and registered u Mrs RaC Hanks She wu interviewed by Mrs Wells and curtly described her husband his business etc and Mrs Meilawu under the belief that the woman had married her snnts husband She communicated her belief to Mrs Robert Hanks and the result wu the criminal proceeding THE STATE PAIR re POLITICAL NOTES roedlars af Wonaiaatfji Cob VTentlaa at - th East AtTHM fC4taLVJBptetBbet - - The rlepubtrean - stato - Cdvaaoa i ttlAAswarfag - rt tall attar The new Jewish synagoge wDl be dedicated oa th 2th Inst Rev Dr VMa - ver Rev Dr Levy and other clergymen will conduct the service A Mood - stained watch wu found oa tha spot when George siette wu aiuea oy in engine out nis msura sua wswau not bis The police hav th watch Little hope i entertained of the recovery At sirs rnnnaTnann who wu burned on Wednesday evening itnes uaxiana oy a cdl - oJ explosion bot her child It it thought wiil recover Pruk Jayne Bamaadad Th petition ol Frank Jaynesoa habeu corpus to be released from th custody of the Sheriff wu dismissed oy me supreme Cnnrt In bank resterdar and th petition er remanded to Jail Jayne wu eommlt - tsd for contempt in rtruAryiAiior iau - inr to produce certain telegram and Japers required u evidence ia th case ot ones vs Brandensteln et al la tha 8u - perior Court Ballroad Note An unusual quiet prevailed in railroad circles yesterday Bat cutting wu very lsmttAii anrt ona of th Bnnta nredicted tnat lswaa only a question of a week or two when It would b stopped altogether Travel is so light at present that it doe not W - That Is just what every cigarette without aheddefUafcrTtthubetnlnthemoutha mlnot Dukes Cameo wtth their en - praveai auiais ana UMa walkfe la la sty ta set show ia Hosts aaw av a MW CM tHtlfM They Capture a Wagoa Train Laden With Dry Good 8 1 Lot is September 9 The filooe - Dcsio - crufs special from MatamorasMexlcAssys Bad weather hu Intercepted telegraphic communications np the river but it Is reported that tbe revolutionist had a skirmish with tha Federal troop near Charco Escondldo and that Mauritlo Cruz with 140 men I near Renos Heavy forces of ravalrr tram thii eitv have been sent no the river - Yesterday a wagon train hauling goods from San Miguel th termlnn of the Matamoru and Monterey road - to Camargo wu attacked and captured by a revolutionary band and torn fl200 worth ot print and dry goods belonging to Camargo merchant were carried oft Jl revolutionary paper published in Brown - villa Tir by Marlines reports small risings st Cruimst San Carlo and otter points and says tbu within a month a determined moye will be made - i CANADIAN ENTEBPBISE Effort to Seeara tha Trad or tha - Paciflo Coast Toboxto Out September 9 A special from Winnipeg says Boo Mr Foster Minister of Marine nd Fisheries In speaking here of the trade of tbe Pacific coast said Its cours is mainly from Burrard Inlet down southwest through Juan de rue straits and down south along the coast In order to compot successfully with Americans he deemed it necessary to establish a station oa a point on th south side of Vancouver island oppodfe Cap Flattery where tha Strait of Juan d Foes commence B said this station would tars to b connected wita Victoria hv teleoanh and then all Teasel enterina - could b promptly reported and Canadian pilot and merchant could be ready to re ceive son vrsaria jit pracsi sun Asnrxi - ran set th ad vantare bv bavinr a station on Cap Flattery and reporting 11 vessel by wir u mey enter in strsus Ottawa September 9 Ill staled that tha Canadian Pacifle Rail war has decided not to complete th road from Port Moody to th terminus until legislation should bat been ecurea lor mat purpose Th Irish Loyal to GUdatoaJ Dssujt September 9 - A coraerenctot Catholic bishops at Maypooth adopted resolutions today declaring that th Irish peopl appreciated Gladstones effort ta bahaUcd Ireland and that they stffl ad hered to their demand for home rule and indignantly deny tbe Torry assertions that If tha Irish voopl were allowed to govern tbemselve In domestic affairs the Catholio majority would abus th power conferred oa th Irish Parliament and haras th Frotectaets Hoc further dtanrdaxlnbi ilTiii isin antU Iretmnd - e rachttnad tnlstsr atVWB law la iiiigaliil Welsh AzritansW wf JfekstBijSaVsng AJQBtSr - CP W - Slli btoswoMTwaavassd A Talk With Geaaral Howard It wu learned yesterday that uld from the press dispatches from th Apache country published yesterday morning there had been official dispatches received from the tame locality by General Howard that detailed much more minutely the movement of the officers having the Indian affairs in charge An application to General Howard revealed such to be a fact but while he wu not at liberty to disclose thalr nature he stated that lb substance they were not materially different from the press dispatches Tbe statements are true that the Apache prisoners Geronimo Natchez and the rest of the band u reported In the dispatch have been taken by General Miles en rout to Fort Marion Florida but the additional feature of Interest which the press dispatches did not recite is the tact mat the amnuvry proceedings ot General Miles is in direct violation ot the Presidents orders and msy prove of grave Import ance General Miles wu ordered by the President through the War Department and also by General Sheridan of the army that the Apaches and Warm Spring Indians should be aent to Fort Marion Florida but that Geronimo and his hostile band should be confined at the nearest fort presumably to await the more matured action ot to Government authorities The nearest fort wu Fort Howie where it wu understood that the Indians would be secure against all possible danger of escape or causing further trouble But fn violation oi this order General Mile sent not only the tribes u directed on their way to Fort Marion but placed Geronimo and hi associate braves In a box car and sent tnem sloog with the rest by way ol San Antonio i ex vrouerai uoward elves u the apparent reason for this peculiar conduct u fact that Is the confusion of reaching Fort Bowie an escan waa effected from Law ton command on th night previous to tne arrival ai me ton oi two men ana two women ana General Miles probably feared tin wu a forerunner el some mora des - Mimle artemnt neaect Geronimo Mcane I and he deeued it safer to send him along W IMS SUV a us 1 re amuu w mm mi v any risk of leaving him at Fort Bowie This General Howard thinks is the most plausible explanation of General Miles action It he hu received direct orders ot a different nature the General knows nothing about It The remainder of tbe Indiana will soon b on their way General Howard state that General Mile seem not to hav desired to send these peaceable Indian beyond the Mississippi and tried at different time to have toear stopped first at Fort Union and afterward at Fort Leavenworth or Fort A Large Attendance fiesult of the Baces SiCBAXKsro September 9 The - State Fair received a notable increase of attractions to visitors from all parts of th coast with the commencement of the racing season that wu opened to - day in a successful and auspicious manner The weather 1 undoubtedly warm but is mad pleasant by a light breeze that howeyerfgenerslly dies away u the afternoon progresses The race - track Is in excellent order and seemingly fut enough for the most enthusiastic turfmen a number of whom are now here studying the 8tate Fair In order to improve the methods of the various district association The grand stand wu falrlv natronized and taken altogether the racing offered a good days amusement itie first race wu th Occident Stakes for three - year - olds for which on account of the form shown st tbe Oakland Fair Mr Roses Alcazar wu first choice at J23 against 810 each for the two others the Palo Alto Rexford and Mr Toomeys Transit There wu not much scoring and when they were dispatched to an even start Alcazar almost Immediately wu off his feet so Rexford and Transit made the play at so lively a gait that when they were both weU together on the straight first Transit went off in a gallon then Rexford followed suit within a few yards of tbe distance but he wu quickly gathered to his gait and Alcazar with his acknowledged speed Just managed to get his head In front almost at the wire in 2 25H In tne second heat Rexford wuoff his feet before the first turn but th contest between the two others wu both close and exciting they passing the half mile post oa almost even terms and then Alcazar draw away and won In the excellent time of 224H - Aersuch an admirable showing It appealed u If Alcazar wu bound to carry off tbe honors and all the betting wss directed to the second race bnt In the third heat the son ot Kuitan inauigea inacoupieoi aiiops on me nrn turn ana on sue mia J Bell of Nye wa elected Temporary Chairman - Arte the election of Secre tary a Committee on Credentials consist ing oi one aeiegar rrom bca cxhukt wma appointed and a recess taken until 9 a x to - morrow Mnrdr - ta Trinity County Shasta September 9 News hu lust reached her of another cowardly assassination orer at Mad river In Trinity county Georgt Erickson a wealthy and Industrious Dane wu shot In the back and InstantiT killed whllev rldlnc asonxthfl trail within three miles of home on Tues day Ericksoa owns about ouo acres oi grazing land and about 7000 abeepand hu had trouble with his neighbors They hav had him arrested on different charges and only two weeks ago h wu honorably acquitted th Jury being out only five minute - The nrosecution ha been con sidered groundless and malicious and It Is supposed that the failure to eonvlet him ted to this cowardly murder Ericksoa leave an estate oi aooui ruw uo a widow and two small children It his assassin is found there will bo a trial and necktie party at which Judge Lynch win be master of ceremonies A Serious accident Sax Ratakl September 9 Mr James Tuhstead wife of - ex - Sheriff Tusstesd of this county met with a serious accident last evenlne She wu driving along the Boss valley road and when near San An - selmo station her horse refused to crou the railroad track She applied the whip and succeeded in getting over the track bnt had not proceeded np the road snore than 100 feet befor the horse suddenly turned and cramped the buggy throwing Mrs Tunstead out bead foremost to the ground Conductor Webster and Engineer fetocker who were close by Immediately went to her assistance and found ber Un - consclous A wagon waa procured and she wu taken to her home and a physician iummonedwho pronounced ber Injuries very serious but not necessarily fatal - A Hotel Burned Sab Beexabdiko September 9 This morning between 1 and 2 oclock the Babel Springs Hotel about four miles from this city took fire and burned i to the ground The house and part of the furniture belonged to th Babel estate The balance of the furniture books pictures clothing etc belonged to Dr Rose lAmontetb lessee of the premises Miss Lamontas property wu Insured In the Firemen s Fund Company Tbe house and Babel property wer insured In the Home Mutual Insurasc Company of Oakland to th amount ot 2300 The loss wu total and win probably amount to from 3500 to 4000 Two Men Found Dead Fobtlako Or September 9 David Deffenbach a batchelor aged50 wu found dead In hit nouse scar Toledo w Tyeiterdaywlth a bullet hoi through his head It wu an evident case of suicide Two hundred dollars were found in his pockot He wu probably insane He wua veteran of the Rebellion and left considerable property and money He had no relatives on the coast ufar u known George Ross a Welshman aged 60 wu found dead in a cabin near Alblna It is supposed that he died of heart disease He is thought to have relations in Bsn Francisco Salt Lake Items Salt Lake September 9 John Waters a cohabltatlonist arrested in Provo Wu ex amlned before United States Commissioner McKay to - day Hi two Wive admitted him to be their husband but claimed that he lived with only one of them Th Com - mlsaloner held htm In SI 000 balL Another phase of tbe great raining litigation between th Eureka Hill and Bullion seek mining companies came up to - day on tbe filing ol a superaedeu bond on appeal to the United State Susreme Court Ob jection wu mad to the sureties but they Justified In 8160000 tbe amount required by the Court and th bond wu accepted A Fatal Shooting Affray Salt Lake September 9 TE Fitzgerald and Frank Race quarreled last evening in Dan Clay saloon at Bingham twenty - five miles south of here Fitzgerald drew a pistol and fired two shots st Race on of which pused through his abdomen and the other higher up Two bystanders wer slso wounded by th shots one In the shoulder and the other In tbe thigh Both men are well knows In Bingham The opinion is that Fitzgerald acted in self - defense Race died from the effect of his wounds at about 4 o clock this afternoon PACTAH BILLY FfiEED Sudden End of the Trial for Hnrder1 KO FEDEEAL JUBISDICTIOX How tbe Indians Settle Their Troubles Among Themselves Th Amador Prohibitionist jACisot September 9 The Prohibition County Convention which met here today made the following nominations ooenn u a uregg uiera jasper jonn - son Treasurer R w Kethem Assembly T J Schoononon Assessor J W Slbole School Superintendent Mrs Mary Stewart Coroner Donald Smith After Ortb ff Stela Saw Joe September 9 - City Marshal T B Hall of El Paso Texas reached this be tried for forgery l him Orth H Stein to PEBSONAL NOTES itiier The General doe not charg Gen eral Mliea wita wiiuui vioucuon oi oruera ouch would not becom hist u an officer But he uys If General Mile la guilty of disobedience be I personally responsible and liable to penalty - Ttwueneral hu forwarded a statement of the exact stature of aflairs to the head - nnsrttfi Al Wasnlnfton and aakad fox tne re establishment ofu old plan of issuing order A now arranged omcer ander General Howards jurisdiction receive oraer from three different authorities each perhaps ignorant ot th others which hut - e result ol placing him into embarrassing predicament of not knowing tbe movements ot his own division He believe mat order from headquarter of Whatever nature to interior officer should be issued tnroagn tne ai visum command ct CHB1STIAM ASSOCIATION Bcwort Mad a tha Uonthly He tin The monthly business meeting of th Yoonz Mens Christian Association wu held In the parlor et th Christian buHd - Ing last evening Th usual number of working committee zuaa ueir report from which the loltowing fact ar takes Total number of members Joined since th last Tfg US number of altua - tions secured lor young men through to employment department 48 number of Tiau mau to sick young men la hospitals hotels private room etc BO whol number of visitors to tha building for tha past two month 1V7G7 Th boy branch wu reorgsaixed last Tuesday evening with 75 boys between the age of 10 and 18 Ta German and deal saut brancaes ar doin a most efficient work ia their resnee - ura rtsnartmant The German branch ex pects to greatly enlarge It work dur ing us sau ana wsuscc in vuuvs - tionel department of th sssoctstsun win open on November lit Tha lxth annual State Convention of th asso - ritissst thai strata will ba bald In th - city of Los Angeles October 21st toJUth inrioalva - A resolution wu unanimously adopted urging G W Gibb to continue In the office of President which ha has so efficiently sued lor me past urea years AS CTMTALa atECOBaV juieocks Porous Plaswrs hav la th last swantr - av rears nerved thsmurvstt best satest and most eScsual rmaadr for ptnl CMiplaiat lucpteut coneum tteualarraea ptaorlsy laoi esuma braacbtta piMpay lnubastlair rsisi iimgvoysoiaHo to vajetorV ssAratyclsIastof yrlionaealisSlaviloBjMmlllsri e - allooaon backstrevcb that In a measure revived the hopes of the fielder Transit and Rexford then had a pretty set - to on their own account th former appearing to hare a alight advantage at the half mUe pott and nnauy ne won oy wree leugcas in it ny with s1itt third Now it wu still 30 to S12 on th son of Sultan but Transit wu sent to maintain his position asmpoieaaaue lea jtexiora oy a leneth at th naif mile while Alcazar on rnovlni nn In the strairhtlast his rsitand Rexford gaining u esery stride ne beat IransitoutlnSSCK Alcazar wu still the favorite and Justified the good opinion ot his backers try taking th final heat In grand style winning in a Jog in 226 tbe contest for second money being very close but Transit finally succeeded fn capturing the spoils Rexford having to content himself with third money This bard fjugot battle - amongthoe three fleet three - year - olds thus establishes tbe supremacy of tne sunny - slope representative tutu th adage goes racing Is mighty uncertain and even though defeated to - day the other two horses will yet find backers when the three again come together The second race wu for a purse of 81000 for th 2 - 24 class for whlen Dswns undoubted superiority In speed made him In great demand at 20 to S10 forth field in which were La Grange and B B The horses were started on even terms but on th lint turn Dawn made one of his bad break and repeating on tha third turn left th Issue to B B who passed the hlf mtie two length In front of La Grange and after a hard finish th latter wu outfooted byB Bbys mere seek in 2 - 214 Dawn coming up to a good third position at the wire It wu 50 to ib on Dawns chances but unfortunately for his backers the favorite wu ofl his feet at almost th same spot u In the precedlnrhest and on entering tbe homestretch BB drew away from La Grange and the former scored a second victory is 2282 Dawn being driven In simclv to save his distance There wu now a turn In the betting the field brinzinx saw to s tor iiawn Again B B wuoff In bis telling gait thai la not ol me strict irotang order ana n naa OTienad nn a rood san at tha Quarter owlnx to Dswn being more tenderly handled so u to gals th backatretcs witnoui a oreax and there the latter showed forth first time in th day a burst of his old tlm speed moving up to th leader is good Kyle but on rounding the track about th nve turiong post ne leu sway again ana B B increasing his speed came away and won u he liked - in 4 - 21 La Grange neinr niaeea secona ana Aawn uuro ana is th purse wu divided Tne tnira even was a pacing parse ot 000 for the 234 class tor which speculation wu brisk at 100 each for Almost Patchea and Peacock 30 for Mink and 35 for th field in which were Yolo Peruvian Bitter Pattt and Tony Lee Almont - Patcben showed a great amount ot speed and stamina for so young horse u he and fairly best them all out taking th first third and fourth heats and making a dead heat on the second mile with Mink who wu also an excellent second oa the third trial of speed Peacock took third mosey while the other four wer distanced Time 2 - 24H - 2 223 - 2 Xo - 2 To - morrows programme offer four racing areata commencing with a duh of three quarters for all ages in which there m twelve starters a mile - and - a - ouarter duh between Edelweiss and Moonlight a mil and five eighths with four Marten and heats of a mile with ten starters The pooling nu been oi a nucruaung caaracvex and with th number of good horse eu - gsged som flue racing la expected C 3 CBannon of San Jose Is visiting the City A M Fratlnger arrived from the East yesterdsy H C Walkenshaw of the United States steamer Alert Is on shore G K Wilder of Honolulu H I arrived on the steamer yesterday Mr and Mrs William Sumner Wyse of New York ar at the Palace Court Commissioner L 8 Belcher ar rived from MArysTUie yesterday J B Watson a prominent railroad mas of Sacramento Is af the Baldwin Caputs WB Cobb Of the steamer Bio ae Janeiro is a guest at me raiace - John W Batten a noted barrister ot Lon don arrived at the Palace yesterday Captain Henry Webber of the steamship Australia is registerea as sue asuiviB Dr J T Kltchlngt of Panama and W i Forsyth of Guatemala came up os the steamer yesterday C P Huntington Vice - President of the Southern Pacific Company ia expected to arrive by the overland train to - day from New York Lord Kesteven of London Eng who is g a tour - ot the world arrived from BAILBOAD WASHOUTS East - Beuad Train Delayed ia Arlsoaa Lot Asgeus September 9 Whan the east - bound Southern Paciflo express arrived at Benson AT this morning it wu discovered that there were imp liable waaboats beyond sad the train changed end and cam back It win arrlv her to - morrow morning The train over in California Southern from Saratow last night did sot get any connection from tne cut and to - night th through train will be sine hour or mora late The Cans ts supposed to b washout but no Information ean b obtained Alt mails forth East ar being sent north TBI NEVADA DavkCOCBACT All earpMMf - ar ra4Ustyey rtTf its country J 1 from Lcs Jlrrilit st ttii jrTTTrv i a - - i etmsas a viBtiia wy c waa on ass ts bothlrwathd Bd Ore Brii i Waaafina7BMr0staN2aj - J LiMatttttmu Ud wmk imar twis imttmuM l - XNtlif of the IUU CoaveBtloa at TlrstBla Viaotxu Nev September A hun dred delerttes and u many more candi dates and politic1 workers mired at midulxkt last alght for th purpose of rlttuHnf the Democratic State Conven tion There wu a general sersmbi tor beds an tte rooms si the ope hotel of the tows havlag bees engaged days ahead Private famine rendered assistance scores of Tutors busked is tae grind Jury rooms at tha courthouse whil other walked the Streets all sight The buzzing aUdaywu very lively but good nature preTailed J HV Adams present incumbent R Ssdler N H A Mason Theodore Winters and Colonel G H Hardin ar the candidates for Governor Aoasaslssald to hav mora rotes than ail th others combined hut eh candidate thinks sis rataffu Ate good Gearae W caaatayiroa soreta ana J ajseztiuan matin Yokohama yesterdsy and Is rezistbred at the Palace JohnW Mackay and a large party of friends will start for New York lo - dav bv the way of Fuget sound and the Canadian racinc ztaiiway Consul R E Withers of Honrkonr ar rived in this eitv a few dav aco en roale to St Louis to attend the Triennial En eampnvent of tbe Knights Templar of wnicn society ne is a prominent omcer Mr Withers Is Quite ill and Is domiciled at th residence of hit cousin Marsden Man - son the Chief Engineer of the Board of Harbor Commissioners m JOTTINGS ABOUT TOWN The engine which sank in a ferry slip st Benlcla having been removed yesterday anaUualowu not diayd by U The Mint Laud Office and most ot the Federal aeiartmenu wer clco - d yesterdsy eioept tha i astern - boose PosioSIc and Buo - Trrasory Nobaalotaa ot interest waa traoa acted la th courts except the Pactah Billy trial A Scarcity of Wafer During the hottest part ot th day yesterdsy the supply ot water wu very small In some portions of the city The - resident on Telegraph hill and thou living In the Ttcinlty of First and Howard street complain that for two hours during the afternoon no water wu obtainable and many had to walk a number of blocks to procure some from their more fortunate neighbors Not at tha Cliff House It appears that Charles Ellis who wu arrested for grand larceny And Patrick Quins at whose instance the charge wu preferred were not playing cards at the Cliff House when EHIs alleged theft of 30 wu committed The nlace where the trouble occurred wu at a ssloos on the Ocean House roadV m Length of Girl Arm AzVPoW eiote That exDlalns a theory of mine said a middle - aged man u b directed attention to a matron and her little four - year - old daughter who hand is hnd were com ing down waoasna street sne macron wa uus eunn ana joanu some difficulty In achin down to hold me hsrid of the Uttl - toddler Th matron wu enaenu in a nurry ana sne waixea along tbe street at aa ordinary rate of peed Her little daughter found it impossible to keep np with the procession and at regular intervals tripped and fall over or uleast would hav fallen but for th intervention of the mother She had th child by th hand and at every trip ah tightened her grip and by main strength Jerked the child on her feet The child s left arm wu being elongated SUifV S1WSJI SWWVI IW1WSIKH speaker thatawoman s left arm la longer than her right mat her left shoulder Is hlrher than ber richt and hav been try - Ing to solv the problem or t least ex plain u in om way seeing iaa wonuui ararvinr that little eirl bv ber left arm ex - ilafna ft alL Mother usuailr start ont holding their children left hand Why not boy th sam way 1 I U explain that Boys ean usually run as fast ua woman can walk even when they are little fellows and so dont hare to be dragged Little girl inp ana tne dragging process betln - t Dimension of Heavn XctsK rami Stadn Attv An vast nrova the anrroxmte c - enraey of the compulation for himself by performing the teveraloperation caXJod for Thn East of tha calculation 1 taken from the sixteenth Terse ot tne iwcnry - ztrst j chapter of Revelation As h ttaaaurad tis etty wtth a rswd 1XU00 fnrlonca lbseUiaad U breads and th heigh l of It ar aqua Twelve thousand furlongs equal 7920 - 000 feet which being cubed is 446793 Ci83000000OOOOoOeubtcfet Reserving one half of this space for the throne and court of heaven and half the balance for streets we have the remainder 124198 272000000000000 cubic feet Divid this by 4000 th cubic feet Is s room tix - teen feet urn ar sd there will be 808 - JV 8437oo000 000 rooms Now suppose th world alwsTS did asd always will hold 990000000 Inhabitants and that a generation last thirty - three and one - third year makins - la all 2070000000000 inhabit ant every century and that th word will When the United States Circuit Court wu opened yesterdsy the Klamath murder case wu taken op where it stood at Wednesdays adjournment Factah Billy wore an Indian smile ef moderate dimensions asd Ben looked complacently on u J D Tread veil the Examiner of Public Land Surrey wu again placed on tbe stand by the defense Messrs Redding and Knight were In the best of good humor and it wu evident that they had evidence to hand that they expected to be conclusive A larg blackboard wu placed on the witness - stand jmd Mr Tread weU occupied s few moment Is sketching a map of the country about the Junction of the Trinity and Klamath river H then marked off th lis of the reservation according to th surveyor marks upon the ground What surrey wu thatr asked the Dis trict Attorney stupldoasly TheBissel surrey ot 1875 answered MrTredwell Doe that line correspond with the field note of that survey u handed In to the Surveyor General office P uked Mr Dibble No sir It doe notwu the reply But th legal surrey is the survey marked upon the ground The Interior Department hu so protection against the falsification of Held notes except the resort of th examiner who is sent out to investigate the actual survey 1 investigated th survey o tie Hoops Valley - reservation The line wu not run acoording to the field notes According to the plat from those note the alleged UneUcorth of the actual line The latter strikes th Trinity river south ot th Tillage of Pactah It is consequently outsld the reservation Cross - examination failed to abate this testimony and District - Attorney Dibble muttered That settles our case Jadge Sawyer consulted for a few moment with Judge Sable and then announced that there were such strong doubt on the question ot Jurisdiction that he should instruct the Jury to bring Is a verdict of not gnllty Ptctech Bill vend Ben were consequently released and left the courtroom amid the congratulations of their attorneys and friends The District Attorneys office had nothing to uy at this apparent failure of Justice except that Judge Sawyer1 action wu correct A Chbokicle reporter uw Sheriff T V Brows of Humboldt county after ths trial and uked him if any further proceedings would be taken None at all be said We never think of trying an Indian for a crime committed on an Indian It would bankrupt th county if we tried to settle their quarrels I have been Sheriff ot Humboldt countv for the put sis years and Sheriff of Klamath county seventeen year before that and I sever arrested an Indian for a crime committed upon another Indian Ail we require of them is thst they shall leave the whites alone They hare their own laws and customs and If w tried to settle a difficulty for them they would have to go through it again after we got through and settle it In their own way They are Just like the Chinese about that Crimes among Indians are settled by a money payment Each crime from murder aown i rstea u so mucn Becoming to the importance of the victim and the extent of the injury If a murder is paid tor at the agreed oric there is no more trouble If not there laa murder In return This is kept np tin both sides ar tired They dont count a murder on each aids as a stand - on but there must be a bis financial settlement to dose tha trouble Every memneroz sue onnosins sides ia orousne out and the line face each other Tbe first man state hi damage and the other aide nanus over to monev Tne srst one on the other side is then paid for fats injuries ana so it goes aown me un nes mi is concluded the money mey be on th ride it started irom out ail injuries are wiped out This man Billy Is on of the best In dians in th upper country He i sober industrious snd law - abiding He is a man of considerable property I have not hesi taiea to trust rum wren urge sums oi money and never lost a cent He hu been of great assistance in our troubles with th Indian and in enabling us to et bold ot Indian malefactors He is coked upon among hi people u my deputy Ike on the other hand wu a auarrelsoma treacherous fellow who had already killed several men I dontdoubt but what Billy had to kill him or gat killed Ike wu a regular blackmailer and hu been in constant trouble Billy had paid him for the land three or tour times and when the trouble came up over the sqnawa it seeded only a word to bring on When th Indians left the courtroom tney were utea ii mey wanted tne Government to take them home No said BUlr Independently me get home all right He will return to Humboldt county u soon u possiele A Useful Clerk LouUrOU Jtesf In all the departments there are era ploye who hold their position not on the strength ot their political Influence but upon the strength of their peculiar abilities Among these Is Patrick Byrne of th division of loan In th Treasury Department For a dozen years not an Interest check hu left the department that hu not pused through his hand Tbe Interest on the bonds is psld quarterly and to Insure absolute certainty that none of me cnecas go astray u soaoiuteiy necessary that they should al be sealed by one individual Aa the holders of bonds are represented in number by many thou sands It wouldftake three ordinary clerks to do the work but Byrne does the mall - lug single - handed The checks are brought down from the loan division and piled on hu desk In stacks like cordwood Each one must get In Its right envelope which hu been previously addressed then Byrnes begins 1th no mechanical assistant except a wettpongeh starts In to do the sealing Those who hav seen Blitz or Herrmann Improve os both by dating Us letter frors Sunay - CUff - on - me - Pafisadea Pretty soos w hall hear of Newbnrf - on - ths Biver - lelVhand - aide - going - down A HUBDEB WACTOBY Th Grin Beord sf the - SeaseT - at stoat Carlos Xar lor IrsSsss The sevenTT - alxth tutctdaof the vtresenl season at Monte Carlo is announced Thi af course ahowa that U bnrdn nf ths place hu been nourishing Peopl do no cwnmii eascia aster a - amoung a a rule nsleu they have lost all they possessed ot perhaps squandered funds belonging tc othen Seventy - six suicide In one season therefore Indicate that the management au made a particularly good thing ont ol the players this year The frequenter ot Monurtrlo are roTnopoli tana it drains as extensive financial water - shed so to speak Being one of the few remaining public and protected gaming places It attracts all tha habitual gamblers who hav been accustomed to frequent the Continental hells now closed and the result Is a great access of nroflt for tha bank and a concentration of an the ugliest feature of th business as atonxe uario mncn cam is caaen v rrevent ruined ramesterscommitfinsr sui cide on th spot The management is always ready to give such persona railroad ticket and even a little money totide them over the first few days of despair If they choose to km themselves when they have leftthe place nobody Is concerned The only effort made is to prevent scandal 1b th gambling precinct themselves Monte Carlo 1 aa alluring place and there can ba no doubt that It pays exceedingly weU cut mere i no puce in curop now w men eonalderin it size nrodnee so lane an aggregate of erlL Of cours the seventy - six suiciaes ox sne present season ae no represent more wan a time oi menus caused by the tables Of ten people bank - rnpted in this way bin probably haw courage to Uve on Bnt the ntne live lives of misery and sufferirur It Is mlser - r and suffering for which they are mainly responsible but the principalltie and Powers that make their living out of human weaxne ana tic ar cuany bos less s culpable than thou who In all great cities subsist noon the mean of dissioatlon and debauchery Moat Carlo Is a scandal ivery unco debauchery Moat which 1 becoming more flagrant ev year In fact and it can hardly exist mi lons - er without eomneUirur eves tha lax sentiment et Continental Europe to de - mana its suppression m ft th Telephone Ados The Tror Telr - crroas finds that the tele phone hu a tendency to make people deaf none ear We recall a case in point HI there William M Everts What about the silver question f - rieyi What do Ton think Of the silver ones - Uonr Heyr Psuse Tend thst dinner to - night William - Yon bet Wherefore he must have turned the other ear The Trie - frost Is undoubtedly right Another rase in point Hello Grover Cleveland 1 What do you think of Garland r Sir the last mas who applied for a pension Nose o thst now What about Angus tus Gerund t HmlHeyt Psuse The boys are going s - flihing Come sn Join em AU right Yon furnish the bait He must have turned the other car too ii Kewi From tire Pacific Send your Eastern friends a reminder of the PadSe coast Only 60 cant tor th Weekly Chbomcxe for four months XOTKL A3D ttXEClST J TjjgB - baekad dining chairs upholstered la emboSMd Jeatht are amonc th mot styl an plaoss Of fumltar at lb hoot of th California a urn liars Co 320 to 226 Bush st Foes Fxecels Soap mclent and am able Avoid cheap Imitations Price BOc MISCELLANEOUS mmwrn Absolutely Pure THIS PlWDEB NEVER VARIES A marvel of bttrltr atrensth and wfaols somaoeaL - Mora ecooomfa - mi than the nrda nary Binds ana casual b ola In competition with tne moMMd or lew test short weight alum or DboaDhale sowdara Isold onlv La HOT A I HARlKU POWUKH CO Francisco trrorcs yT0MEN irom Hamttosdt aranzuastasara agat fwCongr AtSPsvC4ti3tetsxmr saannskBrilairiim the cosvxVBjJr artsraad eswreli noose worlds equal to this in tbe number ot th inhabitant ana aeration oi years Bussing s total ef 2979000000000000 person and there would be more than 100 room sixteen feet square tot each person in i a i rOLtriUIr KfHTOK F CH1851CL1T Deai sts Wkywta yssfJt lames Heal eg sVssnuEea amui tssetBT af ln aa mm swmBBaavBzaMf iM r saw a wonder - stricken audience might have some idea of the way that Byrnes riffles the checks into tbe envelopes Fifty a minute 1 How ha doe it no on knows It Is a sleight ot hand but so rapidly performed that the eye cannot follow the movement Thumb thnmo thumn all daylong and at the close of th depart - i mental aay ne nu niiea tore store oozes with sealed envelopes Doe he ever make a mistake f well no Tbe check vary from f 50 to 145000 and a single mis - lake on bis part might cost him a year salary - It It safe to uy that be never makes one OIthe thousands of people who quarterly receive these interest checks few know of the wizard through whose hands they have passed Aa Unfortuant Aeronaut London Standard Another unsuccessful attempt at aerial navigation wu made a few days ago at nereaw by a Russian aeronut named Mllosch According to the particulars received the balloon nrovtded with an ea lirely new steering snparatuswu launched si ii qcwci ana taxing an easterly direction soon disappeared from sight It rose rspidly nd quite Independently ot the aeronaut a will to a height of 3000 meter and then began to descend apparently out of mere caprice at least ML Milcech wu in no wsy responsini tor ita movements nd proceeded to throw out ballast Tbe balloon rose a little axaintaklna - aa east erly direction and wu blown over a sne loresr Bucn indifferent accommodation u wu available In the topmost branches did not attempt M Mllosch so he threw oat more ballast causing the balloon to ascend Thinking that au nis enoets to direct its cours were vain he mad up hi mind to lower his Craft and seek an anchorage n bile floating over another pin forest the wicker ear got damaged and M Mllosch wu unfortunate enougn to break his arm Presently he reached open ground studded here and there with ire stamps ana coming in collision wiut these the car became a total wrack M Mllosch was however loath to loosen hi hold ea what remained ol it not wlshrna - to abandon th balloon itself to th winds but tu strength began to tail arm and at last he fell from an uncomfortable though not dangerous height completely ex haunted on to the tori below the trip having lasted two hours The balloon immediately rcae nd bu not bees heard of since i iii Worthies Stadent Walter JlctciOaxtat About the sickest thine In the world la the student waiter fn 999 cases out of 1000 the aforesaid students have not half brains enough to compete with tbe most stupid asxzy was ever aonnea tne whit apron Tbev are usually farmers sons who hare read trp In dim literature ottbemany men of mark who obtained their tut la Hi try worktsc their bajrsaBe sawing wood splitting rails driving male keeping a district school er attending a fancy horse daring jaea - tion A bright idea gets trader their kail that by going in u a waiter they might get a tew tips som good meals and hav a good time at th expense of some body and o tney tart m u wairera a notel mss inauige in iwcn waiters muss oe a curiosity W had an extended experience of one dlauerersd that wu enough Ann waiter waa atwsiu iw tuv miuiwty - and when uked for a Bra an bottle of claret searly had a fit ana snauy uxea u spring water woman s an rass as weu aa ue was opposed to tasting or handling tbe danger mi stneT That Isrirbt follow CnaT now b among the heathen and thats the best I place for him and all Uk him but it it j V1J msin v m m Th Logic of Kathensatlea WoAitVon PoaV It Is - sow alleged asd understood thst Miss Rose Elizabeth Cleveland hu secured Mrs Laura CHollowsy u her associate is edh ing LUerarj lift a monthly maruine Which the ITstW recently reprinted entire on two of It page Now if It take two talented women a month to ed it two newspaper pages it must take one talented woman s mouth to edit one newspaper page most of it written by other people And if it takes one talented woman a mouth to dU oar of the roTutinostof It written by others how many men roust U ISSS uu suu uui pstsw uis Rnw susi most ot it written by themselves Thirty day Is a month 800 pages ol th Worid Lets sea If It takes one oerson on month to edit one page It would take 300 persons to edit 300 page But it would take them at least twice u song to collect the news asd write it themselves uerstore ssr Pulitzer must hart - tKX talented tees on ha editorial start j - m i i Modus MuwasUtwr DB LEiniGK WONDERFUL Genua lavlgerator Tha Greatest Rsmatlr to tb cor ef Ztervous an rnyneai tHKomy visa Exhaustion weeks Lowes Manhood and ail tha results ef abased na - tartc azoaaae ca T1m Garmaa Treatmani present parmanenlly ail Bonaterai losses rrom tne wwa BIG 8 LNVIUORAIOK No S tha onl posmv eur tor r - nwtAiorrnsa roc ot either Invurorstor n - esu of tx bouiav 1DBL1EBI0AXX for th past saveatee years hv made a extioatv special y oi blssasrs f Man lnsraia hwiiit Induced spiedl ytnoroushlr and permanently eoradi rcnt cane ta a raw days tnvatarat cases skillfully treated charx raodarata Nervous pfnetraUo nrasatur eoiuty zneJaucboluu waa new eradvaodog years and all retaaed lumU or nbaaated aoadlr lions ol th vital fore spectaliv treated and radically cored BU or addrva DR LIEBIG A to A0 Geary auwtraFranrisco Privet entrance SOS Mason street four block op Geary atree Irom Kearny ai oat pewarnu aarexne iseita ire w puwnu u - 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