San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California on September 8, 1886 · Page 5
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San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California · Page 5

San Francisco, California
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Wednesday, September 8, 1886
Page 5
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ttfg - flt - s 3bjSt Bixisca i03rKaa3 Member Sses J Pl - REEUBIMHC i Hr ontBeKekfitf SO WALK - OTEE FOR HIGGKS Tic Bosses XookiBfdr i Strong Popular Candidate for Mayor - The EepnbUcan Municipal Convention will Beet next Monday to nominate a full city and county ticket except the Judicial and legislative nominees who will be selected by a separate convention The chief question about the Municipal Con - vention la whether niggln controls a majority ol the votea in IV It he does hla slate will be named without further ado but if be does not there win he an tnter - esting contest fdr ef err place on the ticket from Mayor to Superintendent at Public Schools There are two opinions about Higgins power In the Municipal Convention That body win be composed of 164 delegates eighty - three of whom will constitute a majority The men who are not in the Boss ramp car positively that HIggtns will not t able to dictate to the nominees While Higgini himself says that the enemy will come about forty votes of controlling the eouventian The men who are not the Boss followers think the convention Is composed ef abont the following elements Sixty - five who will obey any and all commands of the boss sixty - five wBo are Independent who win not be whipped into line abont twenty who owe allegiance to Chute Conroy and McCord as their backers leaving about fourteen delegates unclassified It is said by the people who make this estimate that if Higgina begins to read a slate to the convention the slxly - five indedendenttwlllgo against lt They think that this is a free open fight to any one who wants a nomination H1GUIKS A5I G AN SOS On the other hand Colonel Gannon in one of his boastful moods taunted one of the enemy with the brag that he and Biggins had the convention by a clear majority of twelve He said that the enemy would not get a place on the ticket and that only the faithful were to be rewarded Colonel Gannon probably wss over - confidentconfident and too sanguine Higgins himself takes no rosy view of the situation He says that he and his friends together won the fight over the rival bosses and that he and they together control a majority of the delegates He does not claim that he can dictate to tbe entire combination that won the victory at the primaries To some of the delegates he can say come and they will come but he cannot issue orders to all in the combination in this peremptory way It Is probable that this is the true statement of the situation Higgina will have enough delegates in the convention that wiU be his obedient tools to give him great power but not enough to riae roujtn uua over suw leeiugs auu interests of any one else This state of affairs makes only one procedure possible to him Be must conciliate and compromise If he is to control the fat city offices which all political bosses so devoutly covet he must do something to put men who are not particularly known as his followers into the other places and of course such a course will break the slate He will have to fight hard to control the fat offices in the city government by nominating his candidates for them Even on this field he may not come off entirely tbe victor The convention therefore promises to be the scene of considerable independent action THE FIUST rLACE The first place on the ticket Is that of Mayor The tools of the boss do not often aplre to lead the ticket In the first place there is not so much money in the highest place and that is what professional politicians want There is considerable honor in leading the ticket and that is what the practical politician cares very little about There is therefore a treat deal of uncertainty about w ho shall be put up for Mayor Hemnst be a man who will - give moral character and popularity to the whole ticket or to use the expression in every Itractical politicians mouth the candidate or Mayor must be a man who can pnU the rest of the ticket - lrongta on the day of election M E Blake is much talked ot He ia said to be as good a runner before the people as there is in the party James B sUetson U also mentioned He is prominent in the financial circles of the city and it is thought he would add character and popularity to the ticket It was rumored yesterday on the street that W n Ditnond might be brought Into the fight bnt his best friends discredit this Of this scheme Higgins himself ssid It would be most unwise Ue said that Dimond while he did not get the nomination for Governor at Los Angeles at least came off second best Sow to run him for Mayor of the city would destroy his chances for future preferment especially li he should be defeated Again it is a maxim that practical politicians do not like to see violated that a man who is beaten for one office should sot come in at the last moment to smash the aspirations of a lot of candidates who have been fighting for another office To use the slang of the street that ia not smooth politics If a candidate is beaten for the office ha is after let him step aside and let the candidates who are figuring for tbe other offices have it out among themselves That is the rule of smooth politics It Is not believed therefore that Dlmcnds best advisers will permit his name to go before the convention There are other candidates who are mentioned for the office of Mayor Snper - visor Farwell ia urged in some quarters There is talk of putting tip some prominent merchant Uke L L Baker or WW Montague to head off a taxpayers movement which is almost certain to take place If tbe Republicans pot up a ticket of the old political hacks who have either held office or been office - seekers for the past twenty years TBI TXIASCHTSHIF The second place on the ticket Is that of Treasurer And about this office there will ftobably be an interesting struggle The ncumbent Baner at a critical junetnre in politics in this city deserted Biggins It was at the very inception of the revolt against that leader Conroy who was the chief deputy in the Recorders office aspired to the office of License Collector although the salary vas no better than the one he was receiving as Deputy Recorder Be asked Higgins to arrange that he should be Fogsrtys successor The Boss thought he was well enough off where he was as there was no difference in the salary and he thought it would be good politics to make new friends by taking np a new man Higgins selected Julius Green The part Bauer was to play in the proceedings was to vote for Green The other ten members of the Election Commission were Democrats and the Republican Board of Supervisors had to ratify the nomination Mayor Bartlett kept voting for Fogtrty who was then in the office and Strotber who was Buckleys man refused to go for Fogarty who had bolted Buckley organisation At this Juncture Conroy who was indignant that Higgina would cot direct Bauer to rota for him went over to Buckley and made a contract In that quarter to get 8trothert support but this would have been unavailing If Treasurer Bauer nao votea tiesatty lor Julius Green But Bauer deserted Hlg - rins at this moment and Joined the Conroy force that were then Just getting together Bauer and Strother voted for Conroy and he was confirmed by the Board of Supervi sors andtheofficeot License Collector has been divided since that time between the Conroy force and Buckleys lambs Jn the face of this little history Higgins does not feel friendly toTreasuer Bauer But still in the presence of these tacts Higgins does not work for spite and if he saw that it helped the ticket to put Bauer on It or if there ws a considerable portion of the convention that seemed to demand the nomination of Baser Higgins would not sacrifice anything to prevent it Bat Baner is not pn the slate and will have to make a vigorous independent fight to go into the convention with a strong following Higgins has a candidate but he is not known At present Bauer la th only prominent man in the field CISUC Attn TAX COLLECTOE The office of Coonty Clerk It one of the prises of city politics It is a center of wide political influence Jta deputies and clerks number from 79 to 100 and this is aboaatatprrmarieiorinetuba There Is a young man who is a candidate for this office who la said to be strong among the young men of the city It is not clear what the elements otitis popularity are but he seems to bar many ardent workers His nam is W J JAnddtck In the last municipal convention he ran against Wadham for Tax Collector and came very 1 near breaking the slate It was when ha was defeated that the big bolt In the convention happened The scceeders were afterward brought back to the ranks on the rfroond that their action Jeopardised the Interests of Blaine Buddick It now a candidate for County Clerk and while he has never been a Higgins man it is quite probable that Higgins will support him However there art other candidates Frank Cove and Louis NJsolu are both spoktn well of by their friends and others are mentioned The office ot Tax Collector la also one of the big places of power In the city government Cp to tha present time there are few prominent men who want to contest for tha nomination against tha Incumbent Wadham is a Higgins man and he has not proved himself - a - good officer and after tha election got the big head so bad that be has become Terr unpopular The office is too Important lot the bosses to lose to ft mora popular man will probably get It - - - Astissot cnxatrs - ara arnrroav The office of City and County Assessor will probably excite a bars fight to tha convention - The Conroy Chute and lie - Cord combination with their - money backers art eager to nominate John Daily a - milkman - John Biebe tha - liquor dealer ts also a candidate t school Director Falliu is ahw pkea ot as candidate There are other candidate bnt the mentioned ar tha most prominent His said ttatthtTOisaeomromlse afoot to brta Higpiw and tha sugar men together on Tsstttlrt - etty Is that or Sheriff It has more PoUHcal richer thaa lis AffijMAr ar itrsiit It is worth tan mm - Tnsra ara a i siumecx oi candidates lor uiu place - a iiv many are aspiring wno nave no chance whatever to get even a respectable votet But the j are allured by the richness u sue leeav lice toe mow oy me ortgnaeaa of tha candle flames TJ - L Smiley the Chairman of tha Kennblican Countv Qim - niltee ts mentioned and so ia John Mar - si u a rort aruen Joan w Boaeser is also la the race Bat K is doubtful it any Of these are - nrobahl winnera William Patterson the present Superintendent of j esceeLarana james buterss one oi sue eu - perviaors and H H Pearson of the Baldwin Hotel are also spoken of - The atmosphere has not sufficiently cleared for - one to say who leads and it may be that some one Is still in the background who will finally get the nomination For Auditor David Stern at present one ef the Board ot Education Is tieleading mas In the race s For Recorder D U Cashln the Incumbent is another very unpopular officeholder who does not want to let go bat he is too stronz a boaa man tA stand an show of renominadon Old Colonel Jonathan D Stevenson ia alad nnt fnnrsrit hv hl - irienda - r rot Superintendent of Streets it is probable that Fitterson will get the nomlna - uon una can be twitched off tor his present desire to be made the nominee for Sheriff Dan Mcleod a deputy in the crecv nepsnmeni u also a canauate and Mc5abb of tbe teaming firm of Smith at McNabb is likewise spoken of For Superintendent of Public - Schools Dr C T Dean ia mentioned lie ia now a member ot the School Board and Is Chair - f man oi in voamaes on vtassincauou Professor Anderson Principal of the Spring Valley Grammar School ia likewise a candidate There are not many applicants for tbe office of Public Ad mtaLtrator - tf White formerly - ccuner of the Mint and ex - Sheriff of Sacramento ia in the field for that Donation THE SKAMENS 8T1UKE Two More Crews Join tbe Farce of Malcontents The crews of the brig Ida Schuantr and the schooner Jennie Xlckerson struck work yesterday The number of striking sailors now In this city it about 1000 A letter was received at the union headquarters yesterday from Kewport stating that the schooner Irm had arrived there with a scab - crew The - Captain and the mate were obliged to do most of the work during the voyage and they were disgusted with the prospect of having to return to this city with the green hands now on board The union men here claim that the shipowners are shipping Chinese Theyaay that six Chinese two white men and one Japanese sailed on the Dashing Wave which left port on Monday The crew of the ship Prussia taken aboard on Monday included six English apprentices A meeting of - union boarding - masters was held last evening at which delegates from the Coast Seamans Union were present A statement was made relative to the amounts which would accrue from the assessment which non - striking water - front unions had made on their members for assisting the srtlkers and satisfactory arrangements were entered tnto for maintaining the sailors while the tie - up - lasted A resolution was adopted expressive of determination to uphold the seamen In their trouble and to help them prolong the strike until matters were satisfactorily arranged The published reports as to con - nnon wilors being subjected to rough treatment by the coasting seamens night patrols were commented upon and emphatically denied Both union sailors and boarding masters aver that the boot Is on the other foot and that the myrmidons of the Shipowners Association have secured the services of uptown bullies and second - rate pugilist to assist them in their press - gang duties An Incident that occurred on the previous evening was cited when it is asserted that two of the shipowners runners taking advantagee the temporary absence of the seamans patrol from Sten - art street were rushing a deep - water sailor Into their chipping office try main force Tbe sailor shouted lustiry and a woman going to his assistance prevented him from being carried off until assistance arrived sod tbe runners decamped - This It was stated - happened about 8 oclock in the evening PACTAH BILLYS CASE - Peculiarities or e United States Indictment A Jury was secured in the United Stales Circuit Court yesterday to - try Kagama alias Pactah Billy and Mahawaha alias Ben for having on June 24th of last year murdered Iyouse alias Ike on the Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation in Humboldt county The case will go to trial at 10 oclock this monxln J D Redding was appointed counsel for the Indians the first named ot whom is the principal Mahawaha being an accessory Mr Redding though working without reward Is making a persistent fight for his redskin clients He took the case to Washington on the appeal spoken of in yesterdays Chromcxe and yesterday the securing of a Jury was closely contested The prisoners whose sojourn to prison seems to have done them good wore white trousers blue coats and white shirts with collars and - neckties bad their hair cut and appeared clean and well fed The indictment against them sets forth that the prisoners not having the fear of God before their eyes but being moved and seduced by the Instigation ot the devil Inflicted upon their victim by a knife held ih Kagames hand one mortal wound in the throat of the length of two inches and dfeptli of three inches of which be did then and there at once die and that moved seduced and instigated as above they in the same way inflicted one mortal wound upon the breast oi which Ike did then and there at once die Whether they killed Ike more than the two times specified the document does not state ORGANIZED CHAKITT Secret Meeting of a Number of Philanthropists By invitation of T Dooley Secretary of the Boys and Girls Aid Society a large number of ladies and gentlemen Interested la the cause oi charities gathered at the Societys Home on the corner of Grove and Baker streets yesterday afternoon For some reason or other the meeting was secret It is said however to have been held to form a local and Pacific coast conference to obtain and diffuse information respecting benevolent penal charitable and reformatory work respecting the care and cure of the insane the protection and reformation of children and prison management and reform the education of the blinoV - the deaf and darab and feebleminded the prevention and cure of pauperism the management and care of work and almshouses and for devising a means for ameliorating the condition ot the dependent and delinquent classes ef onr fellowfellow - beings Mrs A Flint of Lynn M daring a long discotnr - en the system of charities pursued in that ri stated that a central bureau oi chanties was established there one year ago which t vl already saved the city 10000 and suggested that the same method should be adopted here A committee was appointed to select a committee which will hold a conference in November and formulate a plan to attain the desired end A committee oi fifteen was appointed after which the meeting adjourned te die and the members nder the leadership of the Secretary inspected the dormitories lavatories recitation rooms and other portions of the building and heard the wards of the society recite and sing GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL Hiiarerg PKyiciT Jlnal AetlB the Grand XCgs in taa Matter The Grand Lodira Of ft aTnbrhta - of Pythias continued la session all day yes - terdari The renorfcof ttelfinanee Com - iiilsteeconsisanrofTeVJIiltoiiAt elevens andT J Lee on the defalcation of J H Harney the former Grand Keeper of the Seals and Records with the report tW a x Yea Eobbelen an expert ac - coantant on the tame matter were submitted for discussion The report shows thatliS e were unaccounted for in the books of Mr Harney TTse ahsjrtage dnT - ing each of the three years and aihaU ot his official work is as follows 18t S25S 80 lSSA - fti east - iw4ij 68115t 18S6 - 8T 122 2ft Since the re - 1 port was made out fedOof the shortage baa been made good leaving 776 Ctf still uw - cwuiiea ror xne report iso astxea that the records were found to be in an utter state of eontnsiosw After aosne con - Biddable discussion the report was understood rthaiMr - rTaniv made no denial of the facts and no defense be - Ltrad that of saying that most of the deficit iy la his bad management and clerical errors - - - - - 7 - The disposition of all the delegates was to fight the defaulting officer tinder the jaws oi the organisation and within its limlrjr hTt Tlrttr tn 1nrm ftvtmrvial srssssf ingi in the courts On motion he was given a certain time tn whichto par all the remainder ol the deficit A motion was aiSO - DasaMt InstTTltins - tb snSmntt - mit lodge of which he is a member to bring chargea against him which will practt - cauy ieaa to his expulsion from the Knights oi Pythias After finishing tome routine work the meeting adjourned tint die TOS FSasE XIltlsAKTs FtUlng rs the Shelves TTIth Em - bryotle Laws Themeetincof the Trustees of the Free library last evening witnessed simply the trancaction of the usual monthly routine work with one or two additional items Bills amounting to SlaGO 84 were aod - Ited and a statement was submitted showing the receipts to be 12770 75 disburse - mens 1457 10 balance 1113 59 The librarian reported cards issued to date 299W for August 286 Total num - Kerot oooaa in ue norary oso oi which 186 were added during Anjrtwt Total number of visitors during the month a500 A communlcatisn was read from the Librarian staling that CoDgressman Marrow had secured for the Library a complete file of all thn bills friirndncpd dnrfllff the last session of Congress amounting tu all to aoous ijuw separate uoeamenss lie also stated that the Interior Department at Washington had asked to be far - nishedwith such duplicates as can be spared from the librarys collection of Patent Office reports and Smithsonian reports A resolution at thank was extended to Congressman Morrow for his pains and expense in behalf of the library and a motion carried Instructing the Librarian to furnish the Interior Department with the desired duplicates The Librarian was instructed to purchase a complete set of the Official Imperial Ger - man Military History of he Franco - German Wax of 1870 - 71 S3 TUB MECHANICS FA IB Attractions for Thlr Afternoon and Evening There was a good attendance at the Pavilion yesterday The floor was crowded daring the afternoon by 5000 children from the Franklin and Lincoln Grammar Schools and the Lincoln and Eighth - street primaries A supply of fresh - fruit was received for the Calaveras county exhibit yesterday It it ef fine quality espetially the grapes The third floral disolav will be made to day and in the evening theyoung ladies oi me uirir nign scnool ana ine commercial School will visit the fair Such a brilliant combination it expected to bring the larrat attendance of the season The floral uisplay will be made np of two classes set pieces oy nonsts ana tree ae - sign by amateurs and owners of private gardens The liberal cash prizes offered it is expected will call out s notable display The musical programme for this afternoon and evening is announced as follows PAST I Greeting to America Blal LaJolie ratlneo - jaaaa Overture the forest Km - Yon Mippe Wain Tbe reUs of Iorae vlli Metre bekctlon IlTrcvaiore by request - Ver 11 fcolafor tromcone executed DfMJsr lobin - rsBT i Grand Coronation March from tb tTopbet - - - Meyerbeer uvemire iYieoraes jud ee ltpniK ilea lev Scoica WtddinaMari tiaiop - si sievoiT - WBABF AITD WATE A Shoaling Channel Flahertnen Overboard The ihip Eennebec which sustained the loss of a rudder recently while in a heavy sea has sailed from Gibrilter where she put in for repairs The bark Eden arriving on Monday from Yokohama brought a large cargo of tea Tbe amount of lumber shipped from Pugetsotmd during Angustwas20S5eVM6 feet valued at 292112 The reason for the postponement of the tailing of the steamer Humboldt from Eureka to this port was that a river steamer ran Into her while she was on Humboldt bay breaking her rail and causing other damages ltivex captains report that thewaeriu the Stockton channel ia very shallow and that steamboats experience great difficulty in making the passage One day last week tbe Marv Garratt plying between Stockton and this city and having on board 300 tons of Sour shoaled on the mud in the channel bnt afterward swung off Into deeper water She again struck bottom however and was pulled off after considerable delay by means of cables The boats are now carrying only small quantities of freight in consequence of the shoals A fishing boat was capsized in San fabk bay yesterday and two fishermen were thrown into tbe water They clang to the boat and when picked up were cursing their lock for having lest twenty salmon which had floated away CKKMATION ASSOCIATION The Election of a New Board of Directors Th3 annual meeting of the San Francisco Cremation Association was held last even - evening at 539 California street E A Jjeclcke in the chair The Secretarys report for - he fiscal year ended September 7 1836 showed the original subscription to hare been 223 shares at 50 each The first assessment of 10 was levied in September 1SS5 and another of 20 In April last the total amount - received being 2St The expenses were 2830 10 leaving a balance of 19 90 Ia com citing npon the outlook for the venture the Secretary said that while the financial statement did not indicate a very generous interest is the matter a general canvass showed pUblic opinion to be generally In favor of the work and the crv was to Go ahead After a long discussion on mailers of Interest to the association the election of a Board of Directors was proceeded with and resulted In selecting the following Messrs Hoeuing v oeutev scnneneaiann W Banks L Diamant L Wehle and P M ttreenDtan s BBITISH BEXKTOLEXCE TiffiKiMs AiTailgiiig ip ilief iViil Camjgn THE CITIZEsSSv COXVE5TI02J The So - caJletl IndepcrifJenta IIii - able to Fiiifr Head for The Citizens Independent Party MuTsici - pal Nominating Convention held another noisy meeting in Pioneer Hall last night Three hours wer wasted In idle debate and angry discussions Ko work wss ac - eompllshed and one member predicted that the delegates would not place a ticket in the field Inside often years wDFsr - well declined the nomlastion as Mayor as he would not under any clrcmnstance Indorse the doUtrlimit plank In the platr lorm The executive committees ot the Kepubllcan and Democratic parties met yesterday to discuss the preliminary ar rangementa for the opening of the state campalgTi - citiiess comnariips Principal Swett Complaint of a IteflectioD on It John Swett Prindpalof the Girls High School has filed his annual report with Superintendent Moulder Very full and minute details are given ot the methods and results of the work In the institution The report gives - xpecial attention to the normal training to which those pupils who intend to become teachers are subjected and great stress is laid npon the practice in actual teaching which tney obtain dur ing uieir course Mr Swett indignantly comments on the fact that graduates of this school when they go Into another county are subjected to an examination before they are allowed to engage in the work of their profession He characterlred such action on the part of comity boards at an unwarranted refiection on the effeiener of the training whir the graduates of the High School receive and the strictness and vigor ol the examinlnation which they have to rpsas preliminary to graduation Thomas H TTIIIlama Estate The estate of the late Thomas IT wni - ams has been appraised and the report filed in the Probate Court Among the larger estimate are An undivided two - thirds interest of the firm of vTtffiama 4 Blxler engaged in the basineasof reclstm - Inr swamp and overflowed land tfLOOtt - 93 r 18640 acres of swamp land along the San Joaauin river 49923 real estate In Oakland near Lake MerrittlaOOO 110 acres of swamp land on Twttchelr Island 5700 1250 shares of the Vlgorit Powder Company 5623 cash 3806 The total valuation of the otaMU fixed at 11 80 - 707 i m - Am Fafntawat The engagement ba been anaownccd of Emanuel Meyer of PortlanaVOrtaMls Esther GoallBtky of thU dry They wiU be pleased to receive their friends on Friday and Sunday afternoon and evening the 10th and 12th lnsts at the residence ot Mra K GosUnsky I3CO Post streeV r A Barglar Coaivletesl Georr JobJssonwa convicted of bnrg - lary In the setwnd degree la JodgtToohyV Court yesterday - - On Jane 30th last he sriih a ronmanliui who case has been tontlnned broke Into a Chinese cigar store at 117 wasuagton street ana suu large nnmber of cigars - T - ajrqpTj wtrimg Ate lotos leaves and were happy Modern Americans smoke Dukes Cameo cigarettes and ar happier This Is owing to the parity and iiavor ot the tobacco and the teatenaiatled motrthplecaa Steps to Be Taken to Provide fer Winter Demands The monthly meeting of the British Benevolent Society was held last evening at 531 OOitornia street Dr Austin in the chair Eeports of too committees ere read and accepted t An appeal In the form of a circular signed by the President and Board of Directors will be - issued to the - British resident ot the State not yet members asking their co - operation in carrying out the objects contemplated by the founders twenty - one rears aeo By securing new members and additional revenue the Board of Directors will be enabled to meet the prosing demands of applicants daring the winter mouths It was decided to change the time oi meeting from 8 oclock to 4 r at OB the first Tuesday of each month s JOTTINGS ABOUT TOWS The Bio de Janeiro due front Hotfgkong VOSRUr BU H OfSSXB sen about SUV t4 whom city The rehearing In the ease of the collision between tij steams a or CUi - ora4a Jd U barkeattn foniaridluistseeaeomsiated and tat report ia expected ro a taw caja Mary Alexander was arrested by Officers Burgs ant rarronsa Partn sut yttv day oa a enargt r grand laromy oretemd by Jofla 1 acasoo who says the woaiaa stole lo from btm Detectives Huttom and Hrnley arrested Geone tswaa a negro a Vaabingtoaatnrt yestenay aiterasoo oa a charge ot mud iarcany prefrrrsd br Martha Usodenou a aegrna w bo says that bwaa tot ner welry andpawsautt i - w -A Claim Acalnst the SUrbwek lfrXt4CafiledaIIbelintheriat4 States District Court yesterday against the Paeiae Mall Steamship Companys steam - eraarbucklot rwaaamsgeav wan lav terest and eosta for damages by satt water to 600 - bales of Caieutta gunnies - which were shipped Iff May last from Calcutta by the steamer Tlasang and - transhipped at Hoagkengea board lb tartock It is alleged that the wetting t the bag waa thercsultof the arlesns - of t Captain and ow and the faulty condition of IbevetBeL - r r i - - j - n 1ST0XB8ID TBI PCIUC Tohewef UereslgtiatioaotIrPierceUa ConsTeamaa t devote htmsetf aotaly to hla laborsaa a rjfiyatctan M waa beoaase ks trn cmtltMKssswtrihs4tka4fnscMvry wbara TkwtU 04 Dr Pierces - Sotdaa Mtdtcal Discovery avbgcat aw of bis acieuilne kaewledg tn tketr bbal Coo t nsptsen bcenewtta eoogk heart tlasaia A Fruitless Search for a Bead for the Ticket The Citizens - Independent Party - Mu nicipal Nominating Convention met in Pioneer Hall last night and was presided over by Joseph 8 Spear Jr In the absence oi Chairman rK T Cole The calling of the roll by Secretary Tilcksrd showed that not one half of the delegates - were pres ent and It was very evident that those in attendance were beginning to lose Interest tn toe proceedings Communications were received from J M SewelL W - T Bsggetfc - Joseph Lezgett Judge T K rTlIam E vrV McGrsw Jndge W B Levi and T M Blakeman alio wine their names to go before the convention for nomination for Superior Judge J from W B Smith J P Page Albert Bruner and F C Moeebach for Justices of the Peace James E E Duffy J E Pickens E H kjugniana uj rescia tor supervisor fromWH Wiggins Jr Dr F F LordH T Hobbert - Edward Pettlbean and Fred Patek for School Directors from James J Flynn for County Clerk from Edward PolHts forAssessor and from H W Severance for Public Administrator - Letters of declination were re4 from John Finlty Hermann Joost Max Popper Thoma Young Robert Hoy D It MeXeil D M Kewmann Dr A B vtefelsbonr IL G PhllUpa Henry Bell John Wlgnore x aiup A isoBcn ana smriu etern It was announced that John Biebe would accept the nomination for Assessor The name of G W Lemont waa withdrawn from the list of candidates for Sheriff A communication was next read from Dr Vincent P Buckley tendering hi resignation as a delegate to the convention taswkli carsrs rsDisXATiex A long communication from W B Far - well declining to allow thr use of his name a e - candidate for the mayoralty nomination was laid on the table as a copy of the letter had been published In two evening papers The delegates believed that Mr FatweU had treated them with discourtesy and they endeavored to soothe their wounded feelings by refusing to listen to his letter The principal reason advanced by Supervisor Farwell in declining the nomination was that he could not indorse the dollar - limit plank in the platform as It cannot meet the extraordinary necessities of the various municipal offices The following names were then added to tbe list of candidates seeking nomination for the various offices School Director Adler Cummings by J W Duncan Justices of the Peace John B WeHer by T M Qnackenbush James H Ryan by T M tJuackenlMMh II L Joachim - sen by F 0 Remington Superintendent of Streets John Kelly byXJ Drury Supervisor Twelfth ward E M Edwards by T M Qnackenbush John VT Wessenger by J WDuncan and T C Clifford by B Schweitzer Eecorder - f Charles D Woe by J S Spear Jr and John Foley by W F Barry Supervisor Tenth ward J7N Small by J v Duncan V F Murphy by Frank Malloy supervisor First ward Tv J Pindar by Frank Malloy Dr Sydney Worth j A Dttffy F Patek U T Hobbert C T Murphy and J J Page then appeared before the convention and after Indorsing the platform promised that if nominated and elected they would serve the dear people to the best of their abilities G Pulschen declined aH honors at the hands of the convention as lie could not approve the dollar - limit plank In the platform After the candidates had withdrawn the Finance Committee announced that D B Avery H F Morris and Joseph 8 Spear Jr were appointed an auditing committee so cakbhut fob katoe The committee appointed to secure some citixen Who would - charitably accept the mayoralty nomination through its chairman E B Bead announced that thns - far they had been unable to find the needed aspirant for political honors The dele - sates kindrr consented to allow the com mittee another weeks time In which to re sume the fruitless search for some citixen who will head the ticket in the coming campaigm Dr C A Clinton next moved to have the platform tent back to the Committee on Platform for revision at he said it contained many serious defects Delegate Phllbrook said that he was not in favor of the dollar - limit plank in the platform but he did not think it advisable to make any changes at present C W Willmot declared that there was somethinx - wronz and the convention was falling far short Tn its work from what it had promised He did not look upon it as being the height of consistency tf pass a resolution prohibiting the nominating of any known henchmen ot either of the bosses and then placing James J Flynn one of Buckleys gentlest lambs at a candidate for the nomination for County Clerk In conclusion he said that if tbe delegates Intended to follow such apian he thought it advisable for the convention to adjourn tine die before cutting a ridiculous figure before the public A motion was nade to lay the subject matter on the table but A B Donnelly succeeded In announcing that he was in favor - of the dollar limit because Buckley and hit lambs and Higgins and hit goats wercopposed to it W K Lou also objected to having the platform amended in any particular Why said he it has been telegraphed East and to Charleston - That - probably accounts for the earthquake - remarked one of the delegates and Lots dropping hit lineuf argument like a hot stove took his teat F C Beminxton also asserted that there was something wrong at the conven tion coma not secure a neaa tor ia ttcxet In conclusion he said I am satisfied that lleve that we should hare the moral cour age to say to and have it amended The motion to lay the subject matter on ins taniewas men put ana was earned Diraarnto DKLxaavrs D S Don moved that the eon - n - tion heuld ro into 4he nominalton nf judiciary eandidates and during the dis cussion wusiMi Wuuwcv ave vi sne delegate picked up their hats and left the hall The motion was then withdrawn In alt probability to prevent the remaining delegates from retiring to - th seclusion of their firesides Two others retired in short order while Delegate Eemington was making a moUon to have - a committee of five appointed to wait on E B Pond and endeavor to induce him to head the ticket Five other delegates then quietly slipped out of the hall while the motion waa put and lost and to save the convention from going to pieces a motion was made to adjourn until Friday night D 3 Small said that the sooner the convention adjourned it die the better as there were traitors who - were asking to delay the work evidently to give the bosses an opportunity to - place their tickets in the field first so a todenonnee the delegates of the convention as ore heads when they nominated their ticket TS Cunningham said that be thought that the corporsls guard In attendance were too suspicious of one another and he oesireu so nave uMaatnuiooa inai ne aid not wear any boss collar - The motion to adjourn until Friday night was lost at was also another to ad - joarn until Tuesday night and conatder - abl coafustea followed - - r Delegate Philbroot comforted the forlorn uelegates by Informing them that he believed that the v would have a candidate for the Mayoralty nomination by the next meeting-An unbetteTing Thomas tested la the back ot the haUehlrrnped out - Why wa went get ticket ready la tea years - A ngaxtx sxtstos TjebMrate Cuanioeham ToawtAthitnalnt of order that as there were bnt forty - Bine delegates present out of the 120 selected that no resolution or motion other than one for adjournment could be entertained a a majority was not present - iiown wiin your points ot oraercriea TV JL Darar - - - - - - - - i can down any man in the haQ who attempts to down me angrily retorted Cunningham and Dora quietly dropped tnto bis seat Xr lri --J FSmith said that he wouWpTedg hit word that when a candidate for the may eralty aominatloa waa secured that there would not be - any difficulty in filling the rest of the ticket He - said that it would be ridiculous - to - nominate tbe tail of tb ticket and than attempt U mala H wg the head - ---I F IX Riortan was ef the same opinion ocv notwimsianaiag ueaw opuuon sv aa attempt was made to have the order of thi prograiaine is ctfcf4 at tie next meeting the CitTsenst Independenr Party will soon find a resting plsceln the poll - ticat graveyard AaU - CaJar Es - agne Itemsw Secretary Hoffiaeyer state that there are 43000 members in good standing la the open and seeret Anti - Chinese leagues In this state exeiualve of suchas are en - roBexl tat tare left the locality of enroll ment Agreat marry Is the latter category are scattered over tha State at work in the harvest fields -Th nffirlst renort from - Eureka state that there are SOU less Chinese empkrrpd J mpteKtsgaopsssT mas vtcinuy tnu year thus last From Healdsburg - eomes the report that not a Chinese - hop - picker is employed there where tier - were 200 at work a year ago sir Hofneyer estimates that themem - bershin In the various orranlistions tn rvited to tend delegates to the Metropolitan nau uonvenuon em eraces nau toe veong popolation of the 8titv r The - Uquor 3Taw The - licensed - Taxpayers Union met yesterday afternoon at the Bella Cnion Theater President John Diemet in tha chair John 3 JeOtlU Secretary - Frederick Battman Charles Gongh Charles Schroeder J S LottriU and John Dlenier were appointed as a Committee of Conference with similar committees front the Retail liquor Dealers and Grocers Protect ve association Aceordina - to reoortr and speeches of many ot the members ifis safe to say that joint convention oi the three organizations will be held for the purpose ol placing ticket In the field opposed to high license ana proruoixton movements Democratic Executive Committees The executive body of the Democratic State Central Committee was in session at 103 Stockton street yesterday afternoon and the general routine work pertaining to the eampjtgn was transacted After suv aujouriiasciis sue eeciviarj is - formed the - reporters that the committee bad adopted a resolution which provided that none of the candidates shall be assessed They will however be invited to contribute to the campaign fund and an offers of barrels from those who are not seeking public office but desire to secure the success of the patty will be welcomed by the co Bepubllcan Csaajmtgn The Executive Committee of the Bepubllcan State Central Committee met yesterday afternoon at 419 California street to make preliminary arrangeaSnta far the opening of the campaign Xo persons were allowed into the committee - rooms except members and candidates and the proceedings were tcruputonaly withheld from the reporters It is understood that the plan for the campaign wai mapped oat and that the commit had under discussion the Interesting - subject of procuring the needed sinews of war The committee will meet dally In its head quarters Half - Tote Delegates The Committee on Credentials of the Republican County Committee met last night to hear and settle contested and tie elections to tbe Municipal Convention There were five precincts in which there were tie votes and the committee decided to issue credentials to each of the candidate whose votes were a trc giving a half - vote to each A great deal of testimony Vas taken in regard to - alleged fraudulent voting in various precincts but the committee - csme to no conclusion in regard to the matter Tbe committee will hold another meeting next Friday evenin j to finallydecide these cases - Reform Labor Party The Reform Labor party held a meeting last evening and appointed temporary officers as follows Chairman W P Hem - men way Secretary c F - Thomas Ser - geant - at - Arms William Saunders The Chairman appointed the following Committee on Constitution and By - laws John Meereeby John Barry George Richardson Henry Harris and Joseph Mitchell Phoenix Club At a meeting of the Third Ward Phoenix Republican Club last night at MO Commercial street the following were elected officers President J A Doves Vice President T A Harvey J Secretary J A Ryan Serceant at Arms J ODonselL A Jor dan J ODonnell and James toiler were appointed an enrolling committee to increase the membership which now numbers seventy - two i lEf MMRTURE Anti - Chtnrse Legion A meeting of the Central Club of the Anti - Chinese Legion was held last night at 623 California street to elect two delegates to tbe Anti - Chinese Convention to be held on tbe 21st iu Metropolitan Hall Henry Welsraann and M Schwars - mann were chosen to represent the body on the occasion THE IS MIGRATION SOCIETY New Railroad Drawing Immigrant Northward The Immigration Association has post - pbned the starting of its party of settlers for Tulare conntyrantll Tuesday next The society hat received a lot of descriptive circulars devoted to Tehama county The tide of overland Immigrants is strong toward the southern portion of California bnt most of the immigrants who visit the bureau of late want to go to Mendocino and Lake counties the many newspaper articles on the prospective railroad facilities in that part of the Bute having directed attention thither Among the proposed roads referred to are - the Sacramento Valley Lake and Mendocino Railroad from Woodland through Lake and Mendocino counties to the headwaters of - the Moyo river in the latter county one from Rutherford through Berryessa valley in Napa county Into Lake county one from Maxwell Colusa county westward through Lake county into Mendocino and one to be built by the Southern Pacific Company through Mendocino county to the coast nd aa extension of the Donahue road northward from Ckrrerdale to build which anew company has been incorporated A large area of Government land some of It timber land of great valneand some excellent farming land will be opened up by these road KEANES ASSIGNMENT TejMijal Mrieatiqu for Yoiing ladies ITS ADYAmeES K OFE DpTajlopliisIsfjs oir the Eiual - Eights Woiniiiv in Tb Creditor Committee to - 3tet To - Day The condition of Keane Brothers affairs presented no new features yesterday and no action can he taken in the matter until tbe expert now at work on the boots completes bis abstract of affairs It la possible that this may be completed today in which event meeting of the committee representing the creditors including the assignees and twoothers will be held to consider the matter This committee representing half of the entire Indebtedness of the firm meets to confer with Keane Boland receive propositions from them and state the demands of the creditors No definite action can be taken in the matter however until the committee reports to the general body of creditors when It will be decided whether to accept a settlement or wind un the affairs of tha Iflmv s Jadieiarx Committee The Judiciary Committee of the Board of Supervisors met yesterday afternoon The petition ol Daniel Burke asking for 230 damagat for Injuries sustained by tn norse at in pontic dump waa reported adversely on the ground that the Board - had no power to award such damages The petition of John Fanell asking that the City and Councy Attorney should be inKrnetea to aisnuss a nut instituted lour - teen years ago against him the ground ot the petition being that th coatract under which tha suit was instituted had been declared invalid waa reported favorably m A Damage Conductor Hiram Kelly at one time a conductor on the Geary - street Railroad has commenced a damage suit against that company for 2500a Kelly claims that while acting at conductor on September 8 1884 as his car with one Hanson at gripman was In the act of crossing Larkin street the Inex perienced gTlpmaa gave the car such a saouea stars tnas ne was torown oacawara to the pavement thereby fracturing his SkuIL breaking two ribs and otherwise sustaining internal and permanent Injuries to hit damage la the sum before named koneOamTsdedthUthiiidlelalri Hon of the ticket could be nominated at tb next meeting Another dltcussloa was threatened when one ot the delegates with great presence of mind said that was lira logo tseaa II aecoedingiy nsovtd to adjeurn until Friday - Bight aad the saettoa was carried amid great confusion Itwa evident from the sentiments expressed after tha adJonrnmantUiat snlest Crelgbtaws Case The case of Robert Crelghton ex - bookkeeperbookkeeper of the Odd Fellows Bank who la charged with stealing f 1600 from that Institution was called in Jndge Sixs court Jesterday bnt the complaint could not be lund A new warrant was therefore sworn out and the complaint served on Creighton whose case will come op again this mornina - in the Police Court The de fendants attorney sued out a writ of habeas corpus before Judge Toony aad endeavored to have Creighton dismissed holding that the second warrant had been lllegslly drawn - The writ wa denied TCrieketv A match rame of cricket - between the Merions and the 8oas of St George wm b played at tbe Central park grounds on Saturdty next at230rM Messrs Burnett HilLGowey Gibson MUler BonnelL Miller J Theobald Keith Squire and Sewton will do doty for tbe Merions wbGotheSnnsof StGeorre will bererre - tented by Pardle A Meretoo Boyle Warren Grace KoavFiaher W BEieaard - son Cohen and Waterman assisted oy w Pamell the crack proieasion bowler irona tne county os aorrey rngfnn Pollee - i Protection Asked Tbtrontictwee3the Paeinejrafl Company whese mffls are - at th toot of Market street Oakland and the nailers re - eeaflytn their employ does not appear to be tistactonrjr adjusted and the cmn - paayare raid of aom tajury to their work Las nlgit the anaugenrara tent taCanfain of Police Thomas and asked for police protesUn adding that they would hold the city c Oakland responsibl la ease oftnjurvry violenc to their property The protection asked for waa given Paly 50 Ceatl to Port Yo It1b4s fftm can tend thi WaT Caaavrcig for bar months to any panel ih t Cnltad suits for M - twata Xstt your Eastern fritnas ncitdraeUfjMVcoat Tha opening meeting of the Lsnrel Ball Ed ncationat Association waa held last evening la Metropolitan Hall Ira G Qoltt in th chair The meeting was called for the purpose or forming a corporation to assume the financial and educational control of Laurel Hall Institute Eaa Mateo and when that Is obtained to adopt whatever tneasorea may be deemed best for the advancement of the interests of that Institution as a Seat of learning A subordinate but still very ssentlal feature tn - the programme ol the proceedings of the association will b th mutual cuiturecf the members by the discussion of educational subjects and the establishment of a lectors bureau for the coaalderatloB of topics of Intellectual Interest and - the adoption of a system of tech - i nlcal educational with a view to Its introduction in secondary school The Chairman said I have been honored by the ladies of the Lanrel Hall Asso - darlon to preside at this meeting It has often been my privDege and pleasure to promote the interests of education In a public and pri - le capacity and I accept the honor In diffidence yet with gratification I know the Institution In the Interest of which we hare met and knew It when It waa doing it noble work - Mr Holtt then proceeded to detail the objects of the Lanrel lTall Educational Association a above Indicated He continued The scope of the institution is wide enough to interest ill concerned in education There are 120 ladies graduates of that institution who have undertaken to advance its cause and when that it the case I am assured that they cannot fall of success for nothing can relst a body of intellectual refined and cultivated ladles i will not detain yon longer but proceed with the programme Miss Grace Patterson then tang in a very sreet contralto voice Th Lost Chord Mr Whiteby playing the accompaniment on the organ Being enthusiastically encored the responded by repeating a portion ol the tame song - raacncAt nrsTtitrcnojt Adler H Cummins spoke briefly In strong commenditioa of the objects of the association and then discussed education in its various aspects It wss once supposed said he that the human mind was like a narrow - necked jug or vase into which the pebbles of knowledge were to be dropped one by one In modern days It it accepted that it It more like a Japanese vase on which workman after workman expends his ingenuity la various designs after which they proceed to polish it sgain and again until the glory of the artistic beauty of the vase becomes apparent Such Is the polish which we wisn to give to those delicate vases oar daughters On tail western coast there Is no college for technical or practical education and ft it to tupply this wint that this association has been formed The members propose to cultivate the more practical form of education Tbe pupils will learn parliamentary rules a tbing that Is necessary nowadays even forIadles and listen to lectures Technical education may be necessary for even the wealthiest in these days of sadden reverses and In these hard times It is desirable that the ladies of the family should it necessary be able to contribute to its support This will bean ob - rject of the association to make ladies independent ana ante to mate their own way in life if necessary If it said that Stephen Colonna was once surrounded in battle by those who knew him not A voice oiled Who are your He replied I am Stephen Colonna a citizen of Rome Another voice said Colonna where ts thy fortress nowt Colonna striking his breast answered Here That it what we with the fortress of onr daughters to be This system of education 1 may add haa succeeded admirably in Holland The speaker then proceeded to point out the distinction between the people of the Orient and those of the Occident speaking of the former at to Intensely introspective in their mode ot thought that it is impossible to translate the words constitutional liberty into any of the language of the OrinL He poke in high praise of the value cf object lessons as corrective of the pernicious tendency of the subjectivity into which the people of the Orient nave fallen The French soldiers who came here to help the people of the United States to gala their Independence got an object lesson of liberty during their stay In America and the - result was the fall of the Bastlle and the achievement of the liberty ot France They afterward very appropriately sent the key of tbe battle to belaid in the grave of Washington at Mount Vernon where it remains to this day a mute but eloquent object lesson of Ubertv The study of natural science Mr Cum mins said naa aeait a neavter ciow at sa - oerstitioa tbaa aav other Influence It was proposed to teach the young ladies at Laurel Hall telegraphy typewriting de signing etc in short to fit them for fight ing ue name oi nie zor inemseives it neea be He concluded by telling an anecdote of King Arthurs court and the knight that prepared himself for deeds of chivalry ia the kings kitchen We said the speaker tare preparing a kings kitchen for these young ladies Applause Miss Louise Humphrey read an ode to Knowledge written for the association by Jessie C Marble TICH5ICAL IPCCATIOS Arthur Rodger spoke in terms of high approval of the organization and its ob jects ue saia no lover ot numanity count refuse to accept the privilege oi being present on such an occasion as this I am 1 suppose he said expectedrto speak of the relation between the secondary school and the tmiversitv We have an excellent university in this State and one wnicn win laroraiy compare wun any similar institution ia the country and alt its graduates I am alad to tar are to - day good citizens not a drone among tnem Tne institution it moreover Tjermanent beinir richlv endowed and it Is free to all It is technical in its teachings - There it a significant fact in this that wherever there ts a technical school - there yon find wealth prosperity intelligence and progress I am glad to know that this association has reavnea tne nign - waier man oi tne nest educators I must however differ from the Isst speaker in regarding this tech nical education at an unpleasant necessity I consider It an essential and most valu able part of education All such physical training is at essential and really as much of the nature of mental training as reading tbe dreamt of the poets A trained hand and a trained tense have aa much mental effect aad vain s any study in literature ot the pursuit ol science This training can best be given at ue age at wnica tne young laaiet win ne eaucstea in tnis institution He concluded bv Insist nr on the necessity ol combining beauty with utility which ha said was the fundamental idea of the system ot education contemplated by this association and he Impressed an the audience the necessity of this system ot education for all not simply because it may be neededlin the future but because the pupils wm grow np better women for tne training worms wokx - Dr Edward B Taylor followed In a Ions - speech on woiaua practical wsrk mak - 1 lag especial reiereoce tne wora oone oy women In this dtv in the war of hospitals and orphanages He also spoke of the endowment of the kindergartens by women fSUUWItlJMlS sms SiMWIW cMtiif s s - ployment of women a teachers He went on o eaiarg woman t nguia ana insisted that her sphere was not bounded by any arbitrary lines He protested acalnst tbe dispersion ot energy in too many uirecuona maintaining tost tne man wno aid tne most menial work well is a better man than he who bangllDgly rules a State The speaker un - derstood that it was to be an object ot the institution contemplated try the association to cultivate idiosyncrasies and special aptitudes He expressed a wish that women were allowed s teat in oar achool board on the ground that their presence would imnart to it a mneh better tone than It now had He finally spoke in a dis cursive way oi tne noman tnipire ana tne cause of its fail the growth of civilisation la these latter day and treat results thereof the arosneetiva decadence of the ology and th survival of religion the os - EraeLsina oi air uaariea uuasana use aetu - t etude of the duellos He Droved satisfac torily uatue ultimate survival oi out civ - utzsuon uepenas entirety en tot way in which we may treat women A duet A Kla - ht In Venice waa then rendered by Mrs Lois Anderson soprano aad E D Crandall tenor ine cnsimnn - annoancea that sterlet tor August amounts la 9Cl 30 which la eludes a balance of fT07 from Joty - The qnaOcrly report for June July and August show T993 40 Inlaw library Uootn ad BnUdlag Fund Thedbburse - balance of f 1403 4 The Pavilion Fund waa fatbits 6J t aisnrsementa f IV7 34 leaving a balance of 2490 29 The Staking Fund amounted to 1093 74 disbursements 133 44 leering a balance otsMWlotk - Th report were accepted aad ail adjournment wu taken THE JlKTX - CLOBEIlaV Their Season v for Wot EaUIar - JatoIJi - A statement was reproduced in the CaaoKictx last week to the effect that a clique had been formed by a number of Kearny - street retail merchants against the early chmlng movtsnent It being nnder - stood that B Jewel was the head of this movement reporter called upon his and asked hi reason for nU falling Into line He replied Retail trade li moving toward Market street end my end of Kearny street 1 tlueateTjened with being a dark a the north end of Montgomery street The clerks are merely the cats - paw ot Market - street merchants who are anxious to foster this tendency ot trade and by putting the street ia darkness at an early hour trade ia driven away during the day People walk along a brilliantly lighted street like Market aad Bested a street like Kearny My clerk are better off are better paid than others and have more leisure daring the day as well aa their night off regularly - - G Jewel corroborated the ttements of hit brother and said that it waa only fear of the labor aniens that caused many to close They did not do it out ot any svmpaay for clerks whose work ia certain j not labo rious MrAbram whoe store was also own after 8 oclock and who basn a bir white - f xaoor sign ovetnis ooorsaKi uiatnis trao was a iransiterv on ana sneered mnen front this csrlv closinz Deen - wster sail - 1 on csniiu get cp into sown - to aotncir purchasing as early as 8 oclock and shut ting his store mean arivmirawsy mear trad to commissioned captains Mr 11 arts reason for not cinstflg differed somewhat from others He said My business aa a furnisher Suffers much because I tell things which are not neces sities A man - can generally pick out a necktie to suit himself if he knows the store closed from bit old stock The purcnase oi men goons at mine is to a great extent a matter of caprice - If a nan tees what he likes he wants to bur it on the spot and doesnt want to come back we nexsoay ny tru nassuacreamncat uj vuis wy vwstus uuscnrscpTPlupiiy for some time and as I went home found plenty of similar stores open and doing good business I refer to stores between my place and Market street AH tfreed that tha aoraemcat waa net generally observed and until it was they could not close Mr Hart claimed that even jf he did close with all others he woumi snii lose oy it s i A NEW FEDKBATION of lectures would be given hereafter by the association of which due notice would be given and the proceedings were eoa - ciuaea oy tne tinging ot - ama Lang Sytse by Mrs - Loia Anderson the aodience joining la the chorus XECTiAXICS 1NHTITLTK Trastees klesUag and th Beport - sf Oann Tbe TrnttcesefUieMechsiiles Institute held a monthly meeting - last evening at their rooms la the Pavilion President P B Cornwall in the chair Kothing came before the meeting except jcwe reports of Omcers - V Horace WUsoo the Llorarian tub - misted hit report for August The number of new books added to the library wss 198 with 107 pamphlets making a total of 300 The number ol new mem ben who Joined irnng tha month waa 342 - The receipts - araontedtofl83J40whichwithajBly bincofktsatattlefri4984a Treasurer Bsjiei report of library fund or August abows xi 82 laeladlng a July hsJaac of 9231 19 The eMsburse - nents anvownted - ta f380S 63 leaving a balance of 249ti 29 The atnklnj road Tta Cooka and tTalter and th Bakers stla Hand The - Journeymens 5atiotuU Esirrr Cnion Xo 24 held a very Important meeting la Druids Hall on Batter street yester day afternoon Charles Bantel occupied the Chair A communication from the Whit Cook and Waiters Union on the subject ot a federation between the two unionswas dis cussed For some - weeks past the members of the two leaguea recognizing the close connection of their labors and their com mon interests have informally considered toe means oy wuicn tney CODM act uniteaiy - ana togetner in case ot any future troubles taat may arise with their reSTtectiveemnlovera Neither asanrialinn desired any arbitrary agreement - bnt both were agreea upon tne aovuaouiiy oi tome common plan of action for their common protection Committees were finally ap - pomiea last wees ana a eonsutuuon and by - laws of The Federated Hotel and Restaurant Employes were drawn up The governing body is made upof an executive committee from each union which Is bound bv - instructions of their refmectfv uwt The Bakers Cnion adopted the agree - sueus ycsierua j aiusrnoon tne - cooas aaa waiters having passed npon it several days ago The representatives - in the Joint council are P B Buckmeister JL J Kaiser F Darmont and A Carlson - oi the cook and waiters and C BanteLF Kern A C Kaumstehoft VU Weber and W Bodermund of the Bakers Union It Is understood they will meet in a few - daya and perfect their organization by the election of officers - s TIIET SCORN PLIES Using Thousand of Fish Hook a a Single Line 2c York TUaaL They fish with fish lines llr miles long in Winnebago lake Wisconsin and use 0000 hooks on every line laid a resident of this place who had been out there and If they dont haul up S000 fish every time they call it indifferent luck Betides that every fish will weigh from twenty to seventy pounds They are sturgeons and the catching of them is a great business at Winnebago lake one of the lines they fish withwill reach halt way across the lake It it a rope aa Inch in diameter It is carried out In the lake with boats larse buovt beinir at I tacbed to It at Intervals to keep It on the OU W 1MV VVW MIWU ISIIW 1US pieces of meat or fish are lowered to the bottom ot the lake by snoods of the proper length which are fastened to the mainline It take twenty boats with two men In each to look after this big fish line Each boat haa 1000 hook ia it charge The hooks are placed eighteen inches apart and to bait all of them at once requires 1000 pounds of meat It takes forty men and twenty boat ten court to set the line for the first time After that the fishermen tn constantly employed in going to and from the line hauling In the sturgeon that have been caught and re - baiting the hooks where ltts necessary To haul in a seventy - pound sturgeon from the bottom of the take Is an exciting piece of work bnt reouirea more strength than skill a tbe fish always haa the book several inches down his throat havimr sucked tte bait aad all down without ten gru so consequences - snere is noaanger of losing tbe fish unless the hook or snood breaks When the fish ia hauled to the turf ace a gaff like - a meat hook it thrust into the side of its head and the sturgeon it drawn Into the boat and knocked In the head with a heavy mallet The book it then cut out of the fishs throat retailed and thrown back into the lake The average cateh of sturgeon is one to every ten nooxs - w nen a ooat ia loaned with all the sturgeon It will carry it is rowed ashore where the fish are taken ih charge by helpers of the fishermen and disposed of The fishermen know - the nartieular sections ot the line on which they work by the arrangement ot the buoys These are Placed ten feet apart and everv on hundred and fiftieth one la painted red me space Between tne rea nuoyi contains 1000 hooks The sections are notabcred and each boat has its number correspond ing to me section asnet - wnuetneav - erase catch is one to everv ten hookslt ia no uncommon thing - for th fishermen to find but one or two on an entire section of hook The next section may nave 300 or auu sturgeon nooseo inn is tn capricious wsv the fish move in schools The Lake Winnebago sturgeon fat highly prized among the lumbermen and otters lu the res - ton Its flesh I finer and ot better flavor than tbe tilt - water star - nr Alsur hsrsf ths Himuui rirp fish sells for 6 cents a round at retail i xresn - Larva RnnDnn are aaiusa ana smoked lor use in the lumber camps a Penalty of Beta a Ball MaiXfard Cburan To be a belle with afl it Implies U really arduous labor It mean devotion to everybody and everything except onea self with no quiet moments it means to live in the glare of public life to have every action noticed and criticised Ne wonder the term professional beauty came np ia London I It la a most difficult profession to follow to be always at ones best never to obtrude private griefs or joys to be always unruffled How few who arareallr beautiful are canable of be ing so - professionally in other words of reauy raaxtng a basinet ot it Aad then the constant dread ol eclipse newer wnd younger beauties are coming apon the scene every day and the heyday ot aa attractive woman is as short as the life ot a butterfly A ataa Tfltkout a State JCss tor MaUmtt Ezpm Ex - Mayor Gould ot Buffalo in conversation with a JTaii eawf Kxoreu reporter to - day at the Murray Hill Hotel saia that President Cleveland waa no - longer a citixen of that city adilng We - hear that he - hat ordered his property taken off the assestaieut list and given notification that he is a non - resident He has very little propertya vacant - lot valued - at 1300 What bothers hit friends it where he will hail from when he goes before the convention in 1833 H cant claim that he is 1 from the District ol Columbia that would deprive aim ot a vote inea tnmx ot Daniel Lockwood rislnc before a national convention and with his stirring etoeuence presenting a candidate Trom a small dis trict lnsuaa oi a great empire state in eaecs wouia oe louicrous Spider Silk TUetrital Bnlim Tbe femae ipMerli fiercer and larger tbaa the rl in one tribe ot spiders the femai Is 1300 times larger tbaa the mala Th spiders thread is composed - of In - numershle small threads or fibers One of these small threads hat been estimated to be one twc - ntinioath ot th thickness of a hair A seientifie erperlaventerooce drew out frost th body of a tingle spider 34S0 yards of thread or spider silk length ft lixtW alrt - of three stiles Slik maybe woven ot spiders - thread and It la mora glossy aad brtlltant than that ol the silkworm being of a golden color - An enthusiastic entotnosogtst secured enough of It forth weaving of a suit of dothes tor LoaiiXIT i - A TTaralag - Xssufos TVirfa From California cornea th rumor that the im mmm tlsBwitirasv LOTE L1TS IKJWir THE EAW aobtbnity of a Ishrelj iiae llmlUiis Trom tlie ArV ranerilv Thedecisloa reached on Monday by the Board et Election Commissioners In - regard to the appointment of an expert and fifteen clerical assistants for the scrutiny sf th register of voters is likely to be productive of complication Itwaswainpertdla the City Hall yesterday that when the appointee - of the Kepubllcan majority ot the Board should present themselves at the Registrar office togotowoTkontieroluLhewonldreiaa them atoisiion On being asked hi fn - tentioaln the premise Kcgistrar Walsh said that he did not feel ia the least inclined to admit men Into hla office unlets they were trader hi entire control He Toiild sot nnder any circniBStaneo allow men to have access to his boot who he - had reason toiclieve would be - sent as a ooard of Inquisition en hla work - A prominent Democratic official re marked ia tha presence of a CnaostCLE reporUt that he understood that Registrar Walsh would only admit the expert clarts on the condition that they should do x acuythtklndof work which he should assign them and that work he was fully resolved would be the most menial and unpleasant about the office xsa axrcniiCAa - vrxw The WpoTteTthea Interviewed Attorney and Counselor - Love onthe subject and asked htm what Je thought ol th threat ened exclusion front the Registrars office Ot the expert and his corps of clerks Mr Love replied He cannot do such a thing for tereral reasoci First he conducts a public office which is open to the inspection of any cttlien whether aathortsed by the iSoard of Electloa Commissioners or not second the whole subject matter of elections and rerbrtratlon is under th absolute control nl the eomtalsson third he win hardly dtre to refuse to have the roll scrntiBixed beeaas tbe people would sorely think that some fraud was being perpetrated Nobody - makes any chargea a jamst Eegistrar Walsh unless it is people oi aa en party toe rrecmct democracy When regTstratlon on the two days before Bucklers - primaries lumped from 100 a day to 1010 the Democrats charged that a iraua wa ceing comnutteo ace only object in appointing these clerks is to ascertain if that be trne Tbe Registrar himself with two clerks wqrkfng four days hat already7 tent citation to 100 men to show cause why their namea should not be stricken oiT the register At this rate we are liable to find at least G00O name ow in 1930 the board at the Instigation of the Democratic State Central Committee appointed thirty clerk nnder Kaplan ex - Kefi - iatruv and at the urns time Tbarn the then Beglstnr had twenty Democrat oni oi liny appointments in nis office To - day there it only one Republican In Mr Walshs office II It be tree at charged by the Democrats themselves that this roll hss been stuffed it is so with Democratic votes which will be used on election day to their benefit The authority to appoint these clerks does not necessarily entail any great ex - pensf for nnles they immediately develop that these alleged frauds havebeen committed they will be Immediately discharged - PEXOCBAtic raxcxnxsT There Is all the precedent one can ask for this aonolntment The action of the Democratic board in 1830 the decision of J jtriiw uuve ii - Awans sustaintnjr tsu action aad the expenditure of 10000 br tne uemncraae ssoara oi annerviaora in 1876 in trying to prove that Xilden was 1 eiectea alter tne election was over ana under the present law no one disputes the fact that the Election Commissioners have all the power formerly located In the hands of the Board of Supervisors Two yesrs ago a similar resolution was adopted unanimously by a full Democratic board aad of the clerks appointed nnder that resolution Mayor Bartlett himself appointed three The judges Inspectors and clerk ef election appointed at that time were notoriously Inefficient as was shown by the recount had in relation to the Sheriff offiee hi the ease of Patterson vs Hopkins in which it wss decided by the Court that mistakes running from ten - to fifty - nine votes were found la different precinct the average total vote ot which waonlr30a --I may addthat JohnPTunnthepret - era vnairoiter was Auditor in lowsuu ovJHcd the bills tor the thirty clerks and fa - 1884 when the tame kind of clerks were appointed their bills ware audited by William MEdgar Atthe present Urn Registrar Walsh has not enough elerks tor the work of his office and toward the end of th month he will probably want more - Democratic clerks - and of course be will get there from the board he himself making the selection TS2 BXAt STATUS The real state Ot the esse seems to be that Mayor Bartlett and Auditor Strother have no very burning anxiety to have the recora scruunixea in tesren oi tpunooi Democratic votes That Is really what is the matter with those gentlemea aad that Is the secret of their excess of zeal la the cans of economy The Republican majority of Che board were determined to set on foot this inquiry and ascertain whether frauds have been committed or not even if they doat de tect ever sw rrauauient voters I may add that It is alleged and on apparently good grounds that alarxe number of mea who have recently eome to the city aaa - uave not lesiaea acre sumcienuy long to oualtfv have been crowded into the reg ister by Certain Democratic manipulators who are well known to be capable otre - sortlnv to sack measures to secure snecess at thenolla This amonz other similar frauds will I venture to predict be enforced bv this investigation - The true inwardness of the economical principles by which Messrs Bartlett and Strother profess to be actuated Is seen in the fact that they were willing to appoint as many clerk aa we pleased provided only they had the appointment ot half of them - In fact W D English the Chairman ol the Democratic State Central Committee came to me en - Sunday weetcand asked me to live the Democratic Tartv the t appointment ot hall the men - Evidently ne aia not at taat nine tee any - ras - note to the treasury ia the adoption of the eonrie we are advocating on being - stung 9 touasi by a viper WMcsserved to riBsys m stsa rt - paattely far several daa 7 tato - raaaln Water - This animal eventaallr recovarexC 1 A sporting dor wa ram over by a carriage nM inree weexsia winter remained v - lyiugfaabretwuttaredwejuk toK ThIs aafnal l9ffvsmd A trr4S - J hart hit right eyev It reaaained under a counter avowing isght tAvd heat aithoogh tt habltaally f kept dose to the fire It aiopted a general treatment rest and abstinence from food - The local treatment consisted In licking the upper surface of th past which It applied to the wouadssl eye train licking tW paw when H be - eame dry Animals suffering from traumatio - fever treat themselves by th contJuued application of cold water whichv M Delsosxy considers to be more certain than any el the otter methods Ih view of these luterertin facts we are ha thinks I - forced to admit that hygiene and ther apemics as proancea oy anintsii may la the interest ot psychology be studied with advantage r Many physicians have been keen observers Of animal - their disease and tb methods adopted by them la their Instinct to care theanclve aad have availed of th knowledge to brought under their observation In their practice AX ILLINOIS POLITICIAN H Does at Elk t Pay Cam - palgw Expea tJXntpo tn tTaiess we are miihtUr mistaken HI JLV Rtcker the Democratic nomine for giala Treasurer Is going to contribute mora suuuaeaaeat than money to the - iir - lg - The - Quiacy papers are naturally and properly tlow to give Currency to tha stories that are told of his rtlnlinr - pru - deace at home hut the Quincy people talk very ireeiy on me saojeet Those people we meaa waa visit Chicago and leal tent - porarily freed from the responsibiUttea et local nr tie Tha drift of all tha talk ia thaxi slncrhis nomination for State Treasurer he has done little else thairto - kick aad to whine about the expenditure he haa oeea caaea apoa ia ataae - uts otu as saa Ltlaad Hotel ia Springfleid daring the liemocratie Convenrioa aeasoa was about 050 and poor Kickers heart waa almost orocew wnca ne was cauea npon to pay tbe blU T When the Gainer Democrats heard thai their fellow - townsman - had been noml - aated theT were mortallv Dleased and aa the enthusiasm of the moment ii was de termined to give Mr Bicker a rouslmr wel come upon hit return from Springfield Accordingly a procession wasorgamxedto meet aim at tne railway station ana to - escort him to the Tremont House and thence to hi t residence A number ot young men resolved themselves Into Kicker Plant - bean Clatv aad with flaming torches beaded the procession At the railway station however there was very ions - wait the train bearing Bicker being over an hour late It 1 said that next day when the eld gentleman tarn to figure - oa the expense ef the reception h took Harry Swimmer his emanTiaira manager severe1 v to task for letting the flambeau Club bora their torches daring thtthour and half - ot waicng M waa wmrog to pay tor legitimate expenses bathe hated to give op bis good money for what he deemed a wicked waste ol coal oil and lamp wicks During the Presidential campaign la - 1884 the Democratic committee la UuLntrv determined to provide a campaign lund far the purpose ot giving Cleveland parades ratifications etc One ef the first call they made was npon Mr Bicker in hit bank Oh ves certalnlr said - that old gentteman I am always glad to eoa tnouie so puoue aaa pcixjceaterpriae - Tberenponhe stepped behind the counier an - handed tte committee a neacrIspona - doUarbilL V Several davs before the State convention last week Mr Bicker wa sitting in the Office Of the Quincy Whig - rToa wtU be nominated next Thursday will you not r asked somebody Jh yea answered Kicker There it DO doubt of it 1 con - aider that I have already accepted the nominaaon cut - saia anotaer gentleman it will coat you a rood deal of monevto - ret elected Touli havetanav - out from 500 to 10000 lor a campaign iwutt - no a woas - repiiea tueser - lm wininr to live a few dollar fsr cigars but Im not going to spend muclr money at Ieat - not as much money aa The Quincy people say It Is doubtful whether Kicker can carry the Detaocratie vote in his own district Republican re gard his TJOminaKon as a huge joke and ine AJemocrauv wun - tne excepuon oi small personal following regard It at tha most unfortunate one that could have been made OaV SO Cents to Let Jsor Oil Priend llestf rraai Yon fs Ton can for 60 eau seal the WaxtlT tHsosicU for four monibtto any pert of law tnneaattes cena tai moasy in A - cens stamps or cola - F L X L ako guaranteed satisfaction dont agrc consult MntltrlSO MostCy it Elixra Arcadian glngtl lit s lUSCELLASEOUS MfjwM TRIAL BOTTLE FREE WEST POINT TAKXS lish estate aad makina - bit horn la country How far he may be lafinenced tn this Intention - by the piuspect ot showering rnrther hosplftlities apotv royal cneatt It it impoaslbUi to tay There are taoaa In this land who could Inform him that it 1 no extxaordlnary occorreacs to discover with respect to Ttyil favor that - there are no ntras in last years nest - A Story Whirl We Flrat Stolen by Aristophanes - Km Tor lima Ss II Isat often thst a good story eome from West Point there is the land of tbe chestnut Incomparable there stories that Channcey MDepew coined seasons ago tiekllna tales that Horace Porter told ia tut nrst aner - airrner rpcecn to toe boyhood of Koah eo tbe round fresh tnetdmen of tbe Cuteaes of this latter day and the man who - has a yarn to spia neves need imitate to nanaie it ior rear its nurrs may prick him There is only one knows lo - ttance on etord where any protest against ancient history wa heard on West Point ground That - waa daring this last Com - mescemeai season wneu uenerat King General Francis T Kicbols General Horace Porter and two or three of their newt - naner friends were met torether to kill a half hour that intervened betweea a eooale - o - f events ot interest General Porter of course followed tbe instJncUof hi nature and began to tell a story It wa a good story Horace Porter never told a story that wasnt good and th recrtaUr was bailed with applaase Only at Its end one of tbe New York newspaper men said with diabolical calmness - Ckneral It seem to me that aomebody stole that story from vou when 1 waa a bor tor Im tare I came across It then In a book that waswriOcu by a person named Marryatt An - my friend quota Horace Porter In prick reply and all unabashed youre all ria - ht so far a voa eo bat the f act la that the man who stole that story first waa Anstopnanes van ooiaiy put u into one or rut crecc cotaeoies Ton tea mat l suffered before Marrvatfs dv - y One of West Points worthies Is of the - name of Watstaff a brave and daring ngnser a gsarioa oosrraae a man of sea etvas oatare and wtt Inimitable West Points rocks will crumble ere WagsteS stories are forgotten but here Is a sonnet that hit nama It attached to which I have never heard Quoted off tne zround un the Hudson where w make our soldiers and Im pretty tare that hitherto it has sever gotten into the print that it deserve Sol - dier - Wagstaff naked aa Colonel la war timesv bnt for - gallant and meritorious eondnct he iu breveted Brlzadier Gen eral One day aa acrualntence met the brave man on tbe street and asked whether It was his rank a Colonel or hit brevet a Brigadier General that regulated his sal ary a merry iwnuue came men into ue Warstaff eye and he replied s Whea Hamleta father cried ttt Ohv my offense is rank and smeDs to heaven f k dldnft mean brevet rank for there Isnt a sceatiait - i m rOUH - EOOTED POCTOBa Bow Aalmals Treat Tbeautelvet Wbea Suffering JUn Orfraa IcayiBsf Animals get rid of their jssrasttes by osiilg dust mud clay et Those suffering from - fever restrict their diet keep unlet aeekv dark airy place drink water and aometlm ptnng into It Whea dog has tost its appetite It eata that species ol grass known as dogs grass which acts as en emetie and purgative Cats also est grass eneep ana cow wnen hi tees out certain herbav - Aa animal tuffertni from ehroaie rbeumitlsm alwaya keep Jar a uossihla in tha sun The warrior ants have regularly argaulxed amlmlanees sAtreine cut in antenna oi tne ant ana other ants came and covered the wounded part with a transparent fluid secreted la taalraMuthalt a ebimranxea la woanded It stops the bleeding by placing its head aa the wound or dressing it with leaves ana grass nnenananimainatawounaea leg or arm hanging on It completes th ampotation try mean of Its teeth A dog pnslUvt eur for Preatatorrhea ITic ot ithsr lavUtorasor 03 csa f six Uxlles UB UEBIO AtXl t tb past rratcw yean bar made aa excluatv spedat y t blsaaae of Men Drseas however Induced speealy thoroughly and Brs3aneUy condt rrsmt eaw to a Hrm uay lantvrat easet altl - 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ts Wsahlngton str t FREDERICKSBURG

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