The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 20, 1943 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 20, 1943
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VOLUMK XI,—NO. 55. Blylhevllle Dally News Blythevllle Courier today's War Commentary Siberian Bases Allies Need, But May Not Gel Them By THOMAS J. UONOIIUE *t IfnlUd I',MS . The speech of the Witish Prime Minister be lore' tin, joint BOSSIOII of Ihe American'CongrL'ss veslmhV some interesting avenues for .siieculnlioii. ' One of the iulrigiiiiiff ruvolvus •iroinid l,k pressed desire'for » conference with I'remwr s . ,« «.i,i,i ties in neatly with two other recent (level™, u ,,i<• , )y scattered piirts of the K lol- <ltu '°l»ne"ls irom wide- The first was Japan's strange warning (o Soviet Kussla not lo let the United Slnte.'i Siberian air bases. The second was the arrival in Moscow ot the former American Ambassador, Joseph B Uavies, with a secret message from President Roosevelt for Stalin Running throughout Mr. Church- Ill.', speech yeslerday there was an undercurrent almost of annoyance because Slalln lias not yst seen fit to meet the heads of the two great English-speaking democracies. There also wa.s a veiled lint— nolhing more — that unless the Soviet premier agrees to a meeting of minds with Mr. church- ill and Mr. Koosevcll, Hie western allies might confine their European time to aerinl efforts lor some bombardment. Wants Ground Action Slalin is known to feel, that all, enough. He attack alone is not 'wants no less than a smashing ground attack—and one that will "stick—into Western Europe preferably France. Now, it Is entirely possible that Davies mission lo Moscow is closely connected with this whole situation. It is generally accepted Ihal Davies is bearing a formal invitation from Mr. Roosevelt to meet with him and Mr Churchill at sonic undisclosed place. The topic, of such a proposed conference is the "X" in thc equation. That brings up Ihc Tokyo radio warning to Russia yesterday Could It be that tho democracies actually arc asking Russia for Siberian air bases 'from which lo destroy Japan? It will be recalled that Churchill said the biggest Allied problem is not the creation of armies nor Ihe vast output of munitions and aircraft. These. .lie said, already are In full swing. Jtc staled the main problem as the ""application of.ithese .forces to the.cnemy" ;AH our efforts, ho'said, must-be dominated by the supreme object of coming' Ui. grips with the enemy.- Since distance .still is the biggest '**S'- or '!Ml!.?Wtig agnlijstia.smash- Ing' attack on Jaflarf,' the- riuestlon of Siberian bases looms forefront/ • ' .. Possession of those: bases bV American tilers would go far -toward bringing to fruition Church- ills announced objective of laying the cities and munitions centers of Japan in ashes., '-', It may be 'wide of the mark to speculate on this possibility, but . that Tokyo warning to Russia probably was more than a shot in tne dark. The Japs : arc' aware of what it would mean should Rus- sJn allow the United States to use those bases in Siberia which arc ivillim easy bomber range of Tok- Warning to Russia TIic Japanese announcer was careful to point out that relations between Japan .and Russia "at present'-note u, at phrasc H _ are on what he called "the basis of neutrality Then he followed that f rliUcl " cnl with Iho warning that If Russia ever put her Siber"* viic (I Us [ I of United "Nothing To Conceal," Sheriff Says Answering Peonage Charge Sheriff Hale Jackson named defendant in a snjrjQo diltnil j, c Sllil riled by counsel for James nuchnn- an, escaped Negro trusty HOW In Chicago, today answered charges thai the Negro was held under conditions of peonage with an in- vilalion for an investigation by the I'BI or Uepiirtmcnt of .Justice. "There is nothing to conceal In me Buchanan case," Mr. Jackson told the Courier News last night after returning from Memphis, 'we were lenient with the Neuro around the jiiil and Mr. Hcinmiller gave him odd jobs Ihal he might earn some money. He skipped' out after \iwr. Relnmlller's death to avoid going buck lo jail pending his Inal on assault charges." Mr. Jackson branded as absurd thc statement of Buchanan's lawyer in Chicago that the Negro was forced to work for Mr. Rrinmillcr without pay or compensation He •'•aid the fact, that Mrs. Rclnmlllcr who gave him work in the kitchen at her restaurant, observed all Social Security regulations in con* SINGLE COPIKS FIVE CENTS Uh! Herald Mississippi Valley lx>n,)er Kansas Tornado Hits Army Camp «> **^^, * o *" ^ • '" • " -"" -""'•>• -^ • ^v\w •^•'r'j. 1 ^ 1 . ypwt.j* ^-y^x ,w ;. •'W*'—^.!T[ : \ v \1_^B ' "M in the (hc Japanese Army --.-deal Russia the heaviest blow she CTCI- has known. the "ah!"' C!lref ." Uy 1>oinlccl o"l between America and Briiam'lmd cited as an example the coiinuest of North Africa. , The inference was u, a t .,i mllar rest|Its couwl ™ Jib amed by direct conferences !h» J? • Brlllsl1 I'fimc minislcr, Lin"''''' 0 " 11 - ' )rcsid «'"' "'id the KUssian premier , There is litllc question that the western allies, .would pivc Sfilin ncctlon employment - dicated the NCKTO was treated just as any other' employee and that he was paid .regularly for his work and for, .odd jobs tfhich he occasionally did for Mr. hchunlller. . "I am heartily in. favor, of an investigation at once," ^Mr. Jackson said. "In fact,. I have. already suggested it to FBI officials." ,:. Deputy Prosecutor Graham Sud- b«ry and Deputy Sheriff Jess.Hom- er" were rleriied- the / iciistntiy 7 o Buchanan at a hcnrlng 'In chicag yesterday when they sought lo re turn him to Blythevlllc,' to fac charges of assault with a dcadl weapon as result of a .shotgun at tack Nov. 17 which' resulted in. th slight wounding of two, other Ne rocs here. . , Wighty New Flood Rolls On Arkansas Toward Fort Smith Slllilll HIX>!<. The Weather lint-win ;il Sniilti New York Stock* America base, in . land invasion of Western Europe, probably would', be or So the Stalin would demand _ an( probably get _ ia rctllr ,, [or * Siberian bases. But it is extremely unlikely that »» ,' 1 M ? P co " tcl <* arranged without a facc-lo-facc talk among he throe Allied war chiefs, church^ ill marie it clear thai the task of employing the vast Allied forces against Ihe best possible objectives Is complicated, especially hc eald, "when the interests of so many other countries have to be considered." The question of obtaining Slb- ""» ™se.s for our forces assumes additional importance jtist now ™ c " thc Japanese grip on the Aleutians Is being weakened by our troops. When we clean up both '""1 Allii, it would be a "y" 01 " to P° llr P Ia » es alld es from the Alaskan theater hn n,'S a mld lhcn f ul Ji> M" 1" rom u ° ?J a bu ^-saw assault irom two sides. It Is up to Stalin to decide. „,,,' well. AT&T Amcr Tobacco Anaconda Copper Beth Steel ihryslcr loca Cola Gen Electric : .. Cien Motors Montgomery Wartl N Y Central 'nl Harvester lorlh Am Aviation iepnblic Steel Radio Jocony Vacuum ... Stuctcbakcr StHndnrd of N J .. Texas Corp • Packard . ... U S Steel 152 350 128 1- G'l I- 75 1101 37 5-i 52 7-: 13 C5 i-: 12 3- II 5-J 13 12 5(i 5-8 3!) 7-8 '1 7-8 55 1-2 , h| 8'>.IOw close 1345 1943 1037 1M5 ^., 47 1936 1936 1030 MO 1039 95 1M3 ^ • ' 1058 July Sep. Chicago Rye open high low close prcl. 8814 88T, 88 « WV , &,! fMW !W',i 90 HO'/, 00!I Explosion Of Gas Kills Crew, of -[2 Aboard Army Bomber CHICAGO; 'Miiy:''20 (u.r>.)—A i>i B "m}'bomber plunged into an II, J flamed a,?d the flames ' Air . Icday, bursting. lno' killing ail occupants. Eye wltnewes say leaped 3aO' feet into the nlr' Fort Worth, Texas, Army JPIcId officials say llie bomber mann - ''' l er as manned -by a cre«''' l of 12-officers and enlisted men. ' '! t ' ' A gas company' lirrman, Charles Anderson, says the plane ploughed " -,.,^ r ii V j, /,. ^ o' l => l.tllR. and fell inside. , Then, he sfiys/wlth a great flash, he tank, which ' contained about 18,000.003 cubic feet of gas, exploded. .- ' Another eye witness, Frank h.rantn, says (he plane was flying only about 50 feet from the ground and seemed :to be in;.; trouble. Slaying Suspect Attempts Suicide NASHVILLE May 30 (UP)— A euro cafe/operator attempted lo commit suicide today as police were arresting him for the minder of n Camp Forrest Army officer's wife. The Negro Is George Johnson and the victim was Mrs. Nonna •aye Scogin formerly of De Molncs lown. Johnson shot nnd wounded himself as he was ap- irchendcd by officers in a Nash- E. U Pi-ersoii of Ihc U. a .,.,„,- iicers reimi-ls thai II. C iiii conservn- llvcly be snld "This Hood I'omlni;- down (ho Aikinisns now probably ,«•(» be n't least as bad as the one now moving out i,^ u lu (ow( , r river." He fays it Bcemn almost cerlaln that (hc river will be higher from Momlton do\vii. and Ihat piescnt ligures Klion- n higher mark lit I.illlc Rock. Meanwhile, many river velerans walchlnn the flood piutuio u.v il shapes up over Ihe cnntitry, .hiive sairl that a retjnii of: the, disastrous Inundation of 1027 is n i.-ij- from remote iipsslblliLy. •illc bus station. Mrs. Scogin was shot through f 2 HI kW g /° Und Co1 - ^orf" B- Hillsinger pf E l r fiso , Tex., tho first one-legged flyer in tho "• o. air force. Now woarine 1 iimb ' hc " *™" plane in England. he chest and her skull crushed, lei body was found buried wider i pile of brush about 10 miles from ler home near Camp Forrest Her husband Lieut. George Sco- m was on military duty at the imc of the crime. Delegations Agree At Food Conference HOT 'SPRINGS. Va.. May 2(1. UP)—The four major delegations o Ihe international food coiifcr- nce appear lo be in as'comem on ic major aims of the meeting 'Hie United siatrk Great Bri- iln, Russia aiid China have held frequent, consultations and no points of conflict have developed Although much work remains to he done, It appears that Ihe conference is heading toward a K cn- eral plan for handling m>sl-wir food problems. ' Thc general alms appear to he- Creation of a world agricnllure caintnlsslon; reduction of tariffs- continued posl-Vni- agriculture C x- HancJA tt «l_i ii.i . "«•!. \,A- --,-, — r--—•'.. ••. >i«uii iin\i rt'Llirifdcl *u their lowland homes - from . rort amlth lo Little liotk-are/'bciny evacuated again lodiiy- as 'stale and military . agencies move .to cli the way for (ho cxpctUed flood The While.niver, rlsinr: wilii u now .crest,, , is expected "to rcarh 31 feet .tomorrow at Calico Rock 34 feet at DiitCKvlIki' Saturday, and 32 feet nl Newport Sunday, Former Blythevillc Man Dies At Portland, Ore. Mrs. ?. H. Cutler of this city received word I his mornliig of the dcalh or her brother, Dave l.and- oislcr of Portland. Ore., a former resident of Blylhcville, who died at his home yesterday afternoon following a brief illiii:ss of pneumonia. Mr. fiimdeailcr. fin, formerly made his home here whcrp he wa.s nssnclaled wllh his biolhcr-in-law Ihc laic j. ir. Fisher, in tho operation of tho JJIythevillc llakery. He hart marie his home in I'nrt- land for many years, and burial will be made In Ihal city. In addition to his rlslcr line Mr. Uinrlcasler Is survived by another .sister, Mrs. J. jj. Wiioilfm, of Union Cily, Tcnn., nnd a half- brother. IJyinun of Nashville, . . i River Threatens Levees ».v tlnKpil I'ress The Mississippi Hive,- r ,,,| ( '"rlsin' 00 ' 10 ' 1 - mlll - w ''- stci 'n strcnins, 'in.'iilciis al/ 1"™-'"''between "«[' mils anil Cnpr Olrartlmii. Hoods In « so m jj (! ,„.,,„• , •S'cr.s fei'illnu Uic Mississippi, al- >• mld-iveslerii siiili's """ C "^n " imiii, llllimls, Missouri,'okliiiwiiK, Kimsns and Arbunsns. Al least in ' S'n " V ° ' )C011 <lrownwl nll(1 unde," walir.''" " f '""" lB ' n " WB So-ldlm from nctnby m-my <!am : » "ive lumen C [v|| lm)s svlln ,/„ ...„ windban burriors a«ulnst lh(t suiiiiiic waters. Tlwy | IIIV( , , ls . c'l their seu-KohiB jec]« lo rescue niiiniinicd pcrsiins. 11'iBliiK sti-ciinis hiivii washed out illrowds and hliihii'iiys. In smew >f coinnninlllcs. War plums i mvc Dccn clased and 51) load and /Inc nliio.s In Kansas, Missouri nnd Ar- kunsns have bec.s floodeil Japs Making Last Stand For Attu-Backs To Sea Close In 'tanifippEi-' Tireless Fliers Kcq 'Hitler It.v Unllnl 1'iyn Ci.liinl Allied pliincti'nrii MUIUUIIK toiisliinlly acio-M; llui.lace of Km«Pi' lo lip iisiindcr Paris, lIHIcr's rum- -Irciit limnutlims «[ shielded 'by protccihii: , fishier , (Hn olinitiicl (winy I" ninllnue' llii' Job ol bl«.tiliii: out lor the aimlcs ot Inviwioii. 1 1 for ,|u.v Imveii'l rovciileU Hut In the past 'J4 horns, Ihote Allied uhmcti have lom nt I!i!flln fur lhi> fourth limn n 11 ww,l; mul simishrd m. n, Hst 7t) A.vl.s pliincs lit Hiinltnln and Hldly Mirnpc'hii.s been rocked from oiiu •mi lo tho olhcr. Knynolo of (ho great new of- iMisive was souiuli'il by Anthony iMk'n lodiiy. wlien he sttld: "Homblnu by dny and night wisely mid 'contlnuouhly, num i}' hmif. until thn war U won— "lit Is the pi-DRi-nm we have prc- wreil for (Ictrnmny." And In Washington, Sccrnlury of War .Stlmson nntil snvonil now U. S. Army Ah- Korcc unlis- have Jolnc Hie iilliivks on' (lehiiidry Ho revi'iilcfl Hint fl,,, America itlr'Offensive agnlnst Kuioix; Is Ix hiB slfpjicd up not only In (| fremu'ncy of iittiicka • bin m so ! (hi! ixiwcr of liidlvlilmit raids. win-,, running mul . HAP NJosiiiilU - ,•, Allll> not a plane w.« on Ihls-llii! nntli, rnld of 11* w» on Iho wilt, of Nitolsm , 'Whim, Ihc Moanilloi were Aplli nit tier explosive on llei'lhi, „ | )c Allied plane; imiil ovr-r Fi „ „ At the sumo linn., ,,ii l(? i'. „ pliini'H WPI-U chopplim at Bin-miii' UIBCXl .southern rim. Amrrlciin sfiumlnnis pntd roturi mnitciiniiils over Hlclly , m( | «,„• dlnla, blowing I" splhitm.s 14 imrk ed onc'iny pinncs u m i shoollm; a nut of thu nlr. The rmliTssi's ran into umisunl V heavy opposition and lour wer »st, lull Hi,, island jttpplnt! stone u> Mii-ont! were ijlvcn « llmroui! HoltiB over. b I Late Hulletinfi NKW Y01IK May 20 (||p|^. :,<.cri«an (Mioats » r « r« P ,,rlnl ,;to IK iflvhic up opcr.ilioiis in V < llc Mwlllcrriiii'iiiin- Srii.' Post Office Windows To Close Saturday Noon The Blyllievlllc Post Office will observe now hours of service bn- jinnlni; falnrdny, May 1'i. This new order, Issued from Iho office of I'cslmnslcr Oncrjil, all Hist iilass olliccs. fn a cd ' l;y UhlU'it l*n J ^.•n.v.* I I I,.,,, ^ (| nc ^ > "rk rrnorts Admiral Xiichllr. has u-llliitrawii must of !ils siihmarlnrs In use thri'n acahui AU^fe 1 "" 1 ""^ '^ '", '"" TKIIHAN I'trsln [yiay 2H (111') —Maxim III viniiv ftiissian A,n- bassiulnr lo (be Dnilcil Slalrv is i-n routp, to Mn.-sniw. i-'nUow- i"K <bc palh nrrnrmcr V. S. AmlKi.vKidnr. In Kumla .fiwcpli I.. l);ivirs Ulvhinv arrivril In Tehran 'rimrsiliiy. 10NJXWV, M:,y 21). (t/l'|-,An I'licoiillrmcd (Jrrliiiin rojimt says a fieri nf n Allied warships Is cimmili„(<.,] „( (;||, M1 |( ar '1'tic Ccrnniii news ;i(;riii:y IINU 'lUiilrs Spanish ri-ports 2S «f.tln; ships iniliiclli! C bl); war- slilp.s and ik-slniycrs arrlvi'il Iliis ninriiliiR-. MOSCOW, May 20. (Ill')-Tbe muni,.,) ,,,1 r rimi . mnktcr Ittissfan iirrss reference tr ( «:in,r,-biir s cxprrsscil t,n,,r tm .-< incclintf lidMcri, (be trailers ,>f Ifi« low teacliui; tliilli'd Nnti,, m . I lie iicirspapcr dild only ,,t Cblirrliilr.s n-m;irlis lirfnrr Ilic Amci-irnn Ciin K ,,-ss I-IMICCI iiin? <hc I'iirllH' war, lln- Tunisian ramiMlfti :m ,l ||,e Itii.vsfan friinl. Stale Labor Group Endorses Ilk Term .... ' ITn -rc HOCK May 20 <Uf>>~ 'nc Arkansas Hlalc Federation of Of 7000 Today •Follows Strike Of 4000 Qiryslei- Employes npr'HOIT. May W. (UDl-^Hcvni (.hniiMiiul wnrkm nl tho nodgu Motor Cur Ooiiipiii'iy's main plant hnvo been callinl out on .Mi-Ike; i The w'alkmit ,thl s nit<!Ji,,)on fnl- Imvnd by only n' few him™ a Urlkc hy -t.WJfl Chlyijler Coriwratlon cin- ploycr.s.i'-nodsp ,cpui|)ntiy olf sny 'the 'strike r was; called by CIO Unllcd Automahllc, y/Drkcrii. i'lic company bun appealed to 1111- IQII ; oniclnU 1» hall the uti-lkc, -V Tl>c; first., walk-ouls wcro , pro(.s-, W(ir'd;nhor' FJmntl falhirif > >,ncw comimtiy-milon ' to approve contraol prrivlslni^. ' n Isn't clear whellicr tho -nrnt walk-outs wcro inilhorl/.ed byMho union. A miimiRcinenl. sjiokcsimin says V(«lKc workers wcro called out on Iho grounds/ Unit Ihp. company wnn not Hvlifi; up'lo a rule nlionl. (rritisfcirliiB workers. And he (ulds: /'he compntiy dcnlr.H 'Uii K ein- nhnlliinlly mul looks ' walkout us philii Lightning Strikes Is Where Little Fleet jLtipliu'cd Oriiii By Sheer Nerve ; LONDON, Miiy ao <U1'I- Ifd'u'i q "lory, "f what ll uk,.,, to m,iki wnr heroos-lliii .story lu'htnd llu puslhtimoiis nwiini ,,t the viclorli Cross tu fjiijit. l-'i-ederlek T fetun ul thi! llrlllsii Nnvy The story Is tnlil by I.<-o «. nish er, United |>n«« coiTcspmident. Hi Sloil with I'elers on the brldira o lie nervy Illtlc culler Walneywni'i t sU)i-mod -omn durhi,, llle A "I. lied •Iiiiidln f ;s I,, Nortli Africa lust November 8. •I "We -had only another r or mcr AW.Orloan co,-,fit HUnvdi uulliir, The HnrtlHiul, nnd twii,'liiutoV'rujuiclics,' siiyr). "Aualiist us wen; llm Jorllflcil luirk '-• wanlji I'icsldeiit a fouitli term. iiciivscvclt -L^-- •'•- ' 1 lt,J i>*ll(l -!{/ Ill a resolution which went through "Mi™ to wllhoiit n word ,,f flooY'dtoSn nt (he Hot Springs convention. The lightning struck- somewhere in. (hc city at I0:;to o'clock IMi, >iioriil»B durliig u heavy rnlniilorm nnd somebody turned In n lira alarm, mretnen dashed to thp fuldrcss given, !ii(! ..Madison, .but there wns no /Ire or other dmmigc iiccordlng to I'lrc Chief )joy Haul'. Cceupanls of the house wore-surprised lo see thc lire truck roll up n was entered on the records as false alarm: C. A. Elfrank Dies Friends In nlyllicvllle have be . ; ' •" i»jii>t;viiic nave oern Inolrmed of ih c dealh yesleduv "><;"'I"K In HI. Umls, of C. A Wfrank, former resldcnl of ibis Mr. Elfrank was formerly in thc WIRC business In Illylhevlllc, bc- ago. ' ' S " )0 " 1 slx Siirvlvlnjf him arc' hLs wife, Mrs Irani;, a daughter, Mar- ^'-r." %"''™"!?™' P0« »l»lcr. yea ci/'Siri^^'ca^-T ilows at thc post olllrc will b-inv , b of !l Braduatcd land E « rs^"=:!£'-?»£Si= as lii Ihe past. FSA Will Complete Subdivision, Sale ' * '"•«( "Jinii n;,-) uitc SKtrr I " " "— Mis. 0. T. sluimllii, Jr.', 0 | si; I.ITI'LK HOCK, May ao. (Ul>)- flre Iwtlerles; our cutters lin'd - l>i'o eiln!i ; ;each. .:..,; . , -shlled • towHrd' Oran : foter was confident. He,, said lie woulu not only lake !hu harbor Imtnlla- tlons but tlie fort on the Hill abovj the lown, And he added: "j'licti I'll sr.uil mi iilllmulmii to lii.o [own ti inn-render.'" Dlshcr says t'nters launched his ultack two, hours before, the >;i;ra hour set for the African Invasion '' 'Kvcry French, yiin opened on lis he says. "Miich.iiu Biui liullcls pierced our thin hulls bill we kept advancing. , • ^ "Two other • officers i on the bridge, Mctil.-Col. acorue Marshall of Jacksonville, j-'Ja.,; nnd Ueul John Olc of l,cxtnf>toii, ky were killed, captain Peters was hit In Iho shoulder iindHlicn blown off Ihu -brlilue by u shell burst. ".lusl before: the battle of Oran film-ted, T'olcrs told me, 'I only Iwgln lo -live when t smell the smoke ot battle.' He gui plenty of smoke, nil ilijhl, We all did," • lUshcr says he and Capl, t>elcrs wrrp Ihe only survivors of 17 men on the Walncy's brldfe. "I'elcrs never lived to receive lirllaln's hlsticsl buttle dcccn-a- llon" Dlslier stiys, "He was bllntl- ed In one eye Hint night nml though hc lived Ihroiijih the battle of Oran was killed later In a plane crash." All but Vi or the Wnlncy's 208 lien were killed. American Ground Troop? Injected To Wipe Out Lns>t Resistance J «y u«i.,_ .,,„, Aine>ic«ii'shock (i ; oopg ...„ Iho, last iJockct of on Allu The ond olMhe hiittle is imminent. ,*/ - f The Niwy nunoMiUcd atiot I, Iv til In noon loilay thai our Lioops IIUVP uiplmwl SiiutiiJ? i'nn tlic litbt b.uiici to Die ,'liiilinnof )unbor iitea \vhcte 10 .Jnimiicbc aio piiiiicd with (ion Imckb lo thc ., Ixunbds arn hammeiln? ni' J«ps In (I,,. chlcHVfgof liarbof «tm ns our tioowi clow In on linn with pnvmtul imal Mipj.oil' On lie ,lns, the Navy reveal', our inviil unlK moved (m cloqii nnti ln-llcd Hie Ju,v, out ol n $"$ nnniUIni! nolt/ Uny lmit Mam . '<- Hiw on Ihe Miulh Iho e in ' "oln Holt/ J Sn) " ","" "'"" forc " '»<» Mton of the umway • lli-r, ^cficliny ,,f war Htlm- i itunlul llinj, 0111 tiiwi «"i' licin ulnlivcly || 8 hl I Hull hhnip lluhtlnu niij bo fibuid bofoio all reslstnnw ijwis- Ho slid our Iroop,., )/„(,(, ... * laint, ,]iuintl|ie<; of ^un"Ic* Mins mid _ ammunition ',,,'d ic uslnj, n complete Jin null 'L'"?' 1 l\ M <*y "' Lorl/og .V e ilnlnit Ihc cnuny hlliuson also revealed that Illtio inoniy re-islnnc,; ««, m ™ „" ^ ill!"?? /" Ulc ^M'-on, "I- wil lljat the uqlnj (jol toi^U- 15 , °j r , lron V s moved Inland linil to .fight their way thin !•• iniichluc elin nesUv on ll )0 ii Praise* (i\'n*try SUiiison paid tribute to the urale h«vixl llro wliloli c,L lra MM nnrler Col Frwik t en In . . to win control of lira (folte nny mea Tho whole operation U <ne U M°""T"" 1 ° f Mni ° CI1 Eii- c 'lokjo indlo oclny thai Ihe Japanese' Allu Ii, being cxterm 1 »mio Japinesc ' nvc sulferid loo poi cciit vn'lhl!'! 0 ? ll , l , u l' Io( ' l1 nlorc i""" TO thirds of their nBhUiigstrenglli flic enemy claims to ha^ I,'- <-tcil hinvy cnsiMltlct, on ( n c merkaiii-a, Uftiin rfcnled by llmson-and lo have touched off , '5!! v ?..?>." l ? 8 . lo » "^m nn Am- It communique «|. 0 cilert a raid by B i x Jllplln( , 1(! o nlwii on American positions oil jinl «m| || 1C Blls „ j f but said there are no re- 1 of damage or casualties '-'• '- OEliUIIIIll, Jl 1 Qf O. *n i i tin HV^OJA. f I o.iis. and several lialf-broihcrs ami:' 1 '' ; " 1 " ScemHy l, s '>«"-*Mcrs. Cll> nmi nil! (hn Mibdlvlslon „„, I-iinetiil services will be held In 2:i Arkansas. I.»iilsl«im nnd Mi«ls !-'ilcsvlllc^^lo.,j. 0 , 11()r]OWn , (cr|)()OJ| Chicago Wheat open hlfih low close pr.rl Jnly . H2\ l« uw m mi \ " '-•--«• in lt^74 I4ij S<1 D- . !«!', H3X I42M 143 Dealh Cheats Luxoia Flier Of His Chanc^ l>ut Buddies Drop Bombs On Japs For Him world *° iwnsicn, establishment of wide nutrition., goals, ond c i ,,. nulJon of food rationing after tile British and * American delc K ate^ «re behind thtee objectives far, no objections ' Hew Orleans Cotton Mch. May Ocl. Dec. I960 I960 2023 2029 IMifl I!)IW , 28 =002 LOXORA, Ark., May 20 —A re- lulem of falling bomb.s, splitllng the clean air In silent flight, before they exploded on Japanese targets was the last tribute paid Went Jamr.'i Herman Lynch of Luxora by his flying buddies somewhere • in the Pacific. It was an airman's tribute to a fallen warblrd . . the only kind Jimmy Lynch would have wanted, because his own plane crashed Feb. 5 nnA took his life just a few day.s before he would have gotten his first chance to deal a blow at the enemy. "We dcdlcnlcrt 36,000 pounds of bombs to him and dropped them all successfully O n Jap targets before we came home." This was what one of .Lieutenant . jynch's buddies wrote Mrs Wallfr Lynch after the clotUh of ta- son. H was n personal Idler Irom , filer known as "Slicp". but II was so expressive and Interesting that Mrs.Lynch agreed to it.! publication. Ii foll ows: Dear Mrs. Lynch: Lleuluiant Johnson allowed me Ine privilege of reading your lellcr nnd. because I'm one of Ihesc three damn Yankees" thai our hoy Jimcs Herman to you—"Pinky" lo us—lived wllh and flew wltli in Hawaii, r talkfd htm Into Idling me write to you. "Pinky"—because of lliose glowing checks—nnd i went all through "ying school together, as he has no doubt told you, and wound up with the 31st, oa Hawaii. Iff. lucky nil Uic lime, managed to duck mcsi uf Ihe Icdlous office work Ihal they piled upcm inc. nml therefore m " ch ' He was a darned E oo(] pilot, too, n ? P ! cst ln ktlow "' T c»ilcr i) it, a!rpla " (! '"iralng her along, thinking way ahead of It all the time, knowing precisely what to expect from all circumstances Just good that's nil. Btcausc he Was one of the yoiinff- est pllols we had, and because he «'«s the most likeable cuss that ever lived he had nothing bdl , ii M V 1 " S 1 |lartrol > a»d "lit of A „" lomi hlm 11kc " brother and all of (lie. enlisted men would have gone through hell for him. When Caplftln Coleman - you probably known him as Moore- slopped some Jnp anger, Pinky was the most grlef-slrlckcn man I've going to wind and sale of Us slppl projccl.s by Junn 31) If possible. Regional Director A. n. stcw- ni t says that (hc Job wa.s besiin iiboul a year ago nnd It's bcliij, hmiicd along now. Thc Idesi Is lo give each purchaser a deed am lake a mortgage on his property In favor of the government for ;,cciirl|.y for any unpaid balance on his land. •Seme land, of course, won't be .snll.ilJle for dividing up Into one family farms, 'tills type will br- (ransferrcd lo the National Forest Service or will be sold on Uic block. Thirteen of the projects are In Arkansas. Five are In Mississippi and five more arc In LDUislana The land is occupied by about 2.0CO families. F3A wns one of (he earliest Now Donl projects. Slayer Sentenced FAYETTEVILLE, Ark., May 20 (UP)—Tuck Dlshoi) has been scn- lencctl to life Imprisonment for the klllini! of one of four men at "prlngdfllo. Proscclithij; Attorney Jcfl Duly says Bishop will lie brought to trial n a few days for thc murder of he men. He admitted hc was the man vim pulled thc li-lgRcr on lh" Bun that felled Iho four men In ronl of a Sprlngdalo restaurant. In Aerial Battles By IJnllrd I'rovi 'Ihc nlr ffghllng in the wcslcrn utensils has reached nn :acuto official Russian nwpaph ports that German air forces are hammering Soviet positions in the Kiilinn area wllh', as many as 1600 sorlfcs dally. '';.-'• : - . "lit the (ll.?tw(cn-5ays the Soviet fiRlilcrs mnlntaln sujicrlorlty In both numbers and quality. And Ihcy arc averaging 30 to 40 German planes downed cash: day. :'' Mcmillinc, Moscow report'; that Soviet artillerymen destroyed 23 ' " •—'"-- few miles uorth- ,,,„..,?••", -""• ""•" - 1 >" "«" 1 <" « opraigdaic re.slau «.oiitlnu«l on Pine 2) Thc ( ,erense claimed Insnnlty. Ocrmn . cast of Novorossisk. of Rastov, Russian gun's blasted fourteen Nazi pillboxes WrC , C wn ^\ cnemy SU "PI"J tri » ills and killed nboul 200 enemy And Ukranlan guerillas raided tfis dly of suiino In the southwest ' corner of the UoneU Batin. German inllllnry "Wkshops -were blasted in esplosllons which continued for two days; -••••-. Federal Inspection For Guard Postponed Flood conditions through Arkansas have foiccd U S Army oft!-' cers to postpone a. proposed insnec-* lion tour Ihls week to cities hit Iho state vhrrc there are Stele Ouard units 5. < Capt, Oliver w Coppedge com--- nianriing officer of Company ijcrc, loday rccehed a te" from Mnj c-vrl I Hosack, and training officer of the ,,.„„„. '«s Guard iuformiiig htm thut v the inspection tour had been no&.{ ^ pciicd until R later dat« Pwp«W' ratlins'had been made for thef' iwl federal Inspecllon of the trt-v lon.M Guard -\rmory on South s«i' ond, street, equipment arid * icl of the locil compsnj ,««A«-,row night T™ r$ s,

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