San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California on December 3, 1911 · Page [Blank]
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San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California · Page [Blank]

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 3, 1911
Page [Blank]
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2i r - n ryjn mniiyff - jfr vjf - tiif NyCurl1 x - aft - - - jiw iwb4i ju f sllrfW T t41 i 4 la TV - - TS T - - - n - p t - m Til Ti - tx - t - cir - - - - - - trMS I - 1 f I IL I TJA - T My ifflftMift 1 - 5ft X u r 1 - - a 5 lr i It - I K ar IB li I 1 mi I II I I II II I I I I II I mi mi III III h uT 3 Tf WIT J I n J - V V - - - - fji ixmmiEM - 4 af - aaTsr WV rtcMFwraiu i u M 14 I i I a A iVi M svi WHY NOT A BAG FQtR THE ShISXMA GIFT w a 1 1 C 31 Theilif b l MiJcc Thu armhi Bag wSjlfj jf MiwP 8 3 A ifl WAV which would ti pproprtt ratcMn th I na owt cunnc Mn u wo iittw tnmw was - r VMIiiwmffl f5v iWWMwly IKJlil i how tb jraonl touch A ouuin BCi5li M Vttap4 - - - TcWI JlMMr B USi Tbfa Crocheted Bag U Ekiy to Mk fflltSk L 1 - tfflMw jmmm Another Idea in Crochet r RXK oUnr about for gift which would t pproprlt nd on which clever llnxara cm make thua addlnf th peraonal touch whai greater opportunity 1 offered thwthal preeented by ban of all aorta and deecrlptloniT jMter deciding on a bag a a gift Ue tndWdual taete or fad of the recipient houjd be eoneldered Never make the aalatak of Mndlng an opera bag to one who does sot attend opera or a fancy - work bag to the gttl who carea nothing iorhodleworlc One Tery handeome epera bag itUI Uea In all lte prlettne glory amid tissue paper surroundings as It was the gift of a girl living In the city to her country cousin Now while riiheutountrr girt an authority on needlework she has not the opportunity to attend theaters The really Intimate personal feeling Is sxpressed In a gift which eaters to each nos particular fad or diversion i Among the bags pictured to - day one ought to be able to select lust the right sortand m tternalVbamad t home jwsspeclafiyatctlri The fancywork bag would be appro - elated by all needleworfters toholdtha choice bit of embroidery It It made of one - yard ribbon six and one - halt inches wide The ribbon Is flowered with pink shadow roses snd hae a background of soft yellow and a etrlp of apple green A cardboard base oblong In shape Hat of cardboard covered with silk yellow matching the base and a filet lao medallion These covered pleoea whfle adding to the beauty of the bag also serve aa needle - books for - pleces of buttonholed flannel are fastened to the Uulde They are tied with ribbon to the gtda of the bag and the entire bag Is drawn up with soft yellow ribbon Uve - eJghtha of an Inch in width ThU bag Is not only useful but wonderfully attractive For the matinee girt the theater bag of - mescaline would be especially alluring The soft delicate colors are moon more effective for this stylo of a bag than a more pronounced color would be and one pictured Is an ashes of rosea shade The bag Is made of a square llMxllH Inches and U lined with a flowered aUk having a grayish roe background The embroidery la dons with a shad of rose floss exactly matching - th color of the bag and Is carried out entirely in outline stitch excepting the dots and diamonds which are embroidered In satin stitch and surrounded with beads Th scrolls are outlined on either sid with gold and steel beads No t Beads are also dotted over the portion enclosed by the scrolls The casing is run H Inches from the top and la of an Inch wide Th sides Inches is covered with yellow silk ahd are pniy sewed as far as the casing to this foundation the ribbon is gath - frjklcb Is put In by means of an outline ered Fastened to the middle of the stitch matching th other embroidery bsse at either side are SHxt - thch pieces Mid this adds much more to the appear - r ance of the bag than a machine - stitched casing as It is th little things whleh show th personal touch Xn outline stitch JWhlchendi la a soroU la also embroidered sxoun4 the - top of the bag A tilt oord Unused forthe draw string andths bag Is further decorated with two gilt tasftls f aliened at each end of tb casing The new mousquetalre bag now so very much la vogue may also be fashioned by clever Angara In making this bag a paper pattern of the exact size and shape should first be made and when It Is perfect ley on the material and cut out One - third of a yard of upholstery goods Is sufficient to purchase as th material Is very wide and need not be made lengthwise of th goods After the bag Is cut th entire portion Is lined then folded into shape and the sides whipped closely together The bag Illustrated was UV Inches long before folding and 1M Inches long when finished It Is trimmed with narrow gilt braid sewed around the entire dge and the points are decorated with a braided rosette of soutach and tassels The cord ueed for a handle Is also mad of braided soutache doubled and tied into knots A narrow piece of cardboard should be sewed across the top of th flap so It will hold taut when carried and this should be done before the lining is put The little round ribbon and - lace bag Intended to hold the balls of crochet silk or bit of Irish lace for almost every one does some croobetlng nowadays ta very easily and quickly mad Th ribbon is blue with pink rosea and the draw strings are of pink The casing Is formed with Val Insertion through which the pink ribbon Is drawn and the top Is edged with Val lace The ribbon fM Inches wide Is gathered to a circular cardboard base covered with blue silk Th combination of thla bag pink and blue ribbons and Val lace gives It quite a FTenchy air - J A collection of bags would not be complete without a lace one among ltsmem - bers The little one of tenerlff wheels is t by 7 inches and pink messallne lined with atlk forms the inner bag which la mad on straight lines The feature of this bag Is the double trill of messallne around the top When the bag Is drawn up through small bone rings attached to the top of the bag the effect Is a soft messalln rose now seen so much The teneriffe wheels aewed together to form the lace bag which Is slipped over the on of silk and tacked In place with invisible stitches offer suggestions as how other lace may be need Cluny or filet lao squares tacked together In diamond shape and medallions and rings of Irish crochet could be used In this manner with splendid effect A calling bag which win look well with almost any kind of a gown Is made of gray silk ornamented with velvet flowers and leaves outlined with cut stee beads No T while the stems are outlined with No S steel beads Th bag Is sewed to a clasp and has a lining of silk The material ueed for the shopping bag Is gray linen The bag Is decorated with hand embroidery In square design and the linen la raveled st the bottom of the bag and knotted In a simple manner The drawstring la a gray cord knotted at the ends The popular cross - stitch was chosen for decorating th pockets of the practical little beg with the hoop handles Blue silk forms the bag and the lower part whleh forms the pockets Is of scrim embroidered in two shader of blue silk floss and lined with blue silk The handles ar small embroidery hoops covered with silk but ribbon matching the silk ueed for the bag will do Just as well for this purpose This is a bag which may serve for a variety of needs It would be an excellent receptacle for the lace frame of filet or do duty as a mending bag th pockets holding an the Implements of iy mending and these same pockets could hold the handkerchief and purse If the bag is carried to a matinee The collar bag la made of an eighteen inch circle of cretonne lined with white linen Battenburg lace rings twenty - four In number hold the draw string of linen tape Th rings ar fastened to the edge of th big This bsg 1 very easily and also very quickly made and Is one which the girl who wears the conventional turnover and stock will appreciate The cut leather bag Is really especially attractive and la simple In construction as It Is an eighteen Inch clrcl of gray velvet panne lined with silk The casing for the draw string of gray ribbon Is at the extreme edge of the circle no allowance being made for a beading The most difficult thing in constructing this bag and that which lends It beauty Is the pohuettla design In cut leather Any other circular design In stencil form will do In plsce of the polnsettla pattern The design Is first traced on the leather and then gone orT with India Ink er It will become obliterated when working with the leather Th design is then cut In the same manner a stencil would be with a sharp knife or clesora and must be a sharp clear cut as a ragged edge will entirely spoil the effect After the leather Is cut It Is pasted to the center of the velvet and allowed to dry between weights It Is best to paste th leather to th velvet before the sOk lining la pot In for the paste may soak through UM velvet soiling th lining Leather tassels whioh prevent th bsg from opening beyond a enrtala distance add much to th dlstauOr finish of this bandsom bag Th first requisite In any hand - mad article Is car and neatness then to make It really a thing of beauty the colors and mststlals should be amy considered A collection bags such aa Is here given ought to be rich In suggestions for the use of different materials ad combinations 4 Embroidered Bagi Kama Pongee embroidered ta Oriental colors snd Bned with a shad of silk matching the floss used In working will be very effective tor an opera er evening bag This kind of a bag may be mada ta any shape but th nor shnpl forms ar best as the bright embroidery will make the bag decorative enough A cord with tassels matching the em broidery silks will be newer to drawstrings and also mar tn keeping with this style of a baa Powder Bag Boss L The very useful little powder bag which may be carried with on al - most anywhere as It Is so tiny when drawn up 1 made of a small Unen circle It is scalloped and embroidered with dota or flowers In delicate colors and Is drawn up by means of eyelets worked a little below the scallops This little bag may bar an Inner lining of chamois Am delighted that you are so well pleased with the design given and use so many of them S m jL i v Sfgife h wTw It 3 vv III I - nm Mi T - f - vte It rim J EEEEEEEEE fill t 41m - 11 - WKwm HI i fm mm tor Mhi - mr IlitiA E W - it - J 1 Tho Vi - - V ZizBf Fancy Work Bag Would Be Appreciated fhw KiotStUch 1 A Satin Calling Bag v - vti - v stt1 i fc aJ - Jt iit i f t J ii - I I i - MX mml wmifmmmiM wAm 4 H - A w - zy V AA - Jt B - 1 1 tr r 1 igiimAiA imm

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