San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California on April 3, 1912 · Page 7
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San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California · Page 7

San Francisco, California
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Wednesday, April 3, 1912
Page 7
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- T Vr A1 W Ml 1 1 V y - BAN FRANCISCO CITRONICLE WEPNESDAY ritTT 3 1013 J 0 I hamate T THfi pasting of oW cruionu If society feels the same pang of I rrnrmi thnt tt rhthn timW ences wAn fAe golden curls of her baby bog fall Aefore the shears of the barber Whtle the known that the channe markka steo In advance - Mment toward maturity and that htt mascuune price has demanded that the difference In his sexberec - ogntted in that particular Wag tt takes time for her to adjust her affection for her baby to the bog who has come to take his place She would not have it otherwise She would not even If she could deprive him of his chance to grow into his birthright of Jog and sorrow of struggle and success and failure of melancholy and exaltation of spirit get her effort to adjust herself to his new habits his changed looks his attitude of growing self - sufficiency Is not made without pain and regret Society regards the passing - of her old and long - established customs which this transition period of our historv compels her to accevt in the SSsame regretful vein vfffi Probably in no decade since Europe groped tts - way from the Dark if Ages to the light of the Renaissance have there been so many changes in societys methods of doing things as have taken place since the advent of the twentieth century It is scarcely ten years ago that a fashtonable wedding at the cathedral crowded Van Ness avenue for blocks with carriages Footmen and coachmen in the regalia of their ranks stamping horses glittering harness and rattling bridle chains gleaming lamps and the eracktng of whips were details of the picture which now have given way to the silently gliding limousine and the nerve - Jumping toot of an automobile horn Coincident with this change and because of the greater speed of the engine - driven vehicle it makes - impracticable the silk hat and has caused tt to become unfashionable The apartment with tts modern conveniences for housekeeping makes tt necessary for the mother to preface The Night Before Christmas with a description of the fireplace as it used to be in grandmas ola house if sne wanes her batty to enter into the spirit of the poem But the most obvious change brought about by the simplification of the household arrangements is the greater amount of leisure it affords to woman Her emancipation is evidenced in th growth of the Womans Club movement and kindred activities The cgolden locks of fireside domesticity have fallen beore the shears of progress The elimination of distance by the telegraph telephone and railroad will result eventually in the development of a set as representative of the whole country as the Senate in Washington is representative of the political United States When that change has come about there will be the same type of regret expressed for the passing of our democratic institutions I WHAT SOCIETY IS DOING j lanal built on the half - mllllon - acr - iletat of th hIrs ana In in town wtll wni plotur ht u4 WM t - mlMarT hawrted at headouarters ionor - oTn5IIhln - tr - BITnsaXr - Wt0i th Kappa Kappa Gamma or0rtTtZf 711 1 at Stanford Rupert AndYews s cloas - SAN FRANCISCO sooUty ha been regaled for th past weeks with reports from th Hawaiian islands containing graphlo aocounti of th festivities that have marked th coming of as of Mle Thlma Parker Th nathr feast took plao at Wal - ma and rada Ilk a fairy book tal Thar war 100 guaats at th banquet which wu aprsad on a flower - decked vanla will b a dcldd aoquleltlon to eoclety In town and at th Praildlo A number of attain har ban planned in conor or the brld and groom A v culmination of a romance that started at th freshman picnic during insir nrsi year in Stanford Mia Ag - ni Edith Bull of Ban Franclaeo waa yas - trday united In marriage to George R Bangl of Vallajo In 4 quiet but pretty wadding at th Swdnborglan Churoh Mis Bull wore a whit tailored ault with little Miss Parker Walmea la two days Journey from Honolulu and moat fl men ted br a 1 rge party that went down from San Franclaeo for the occasion It waa xpotd that Mli Parker would return to San Francisoo In two month and prepare for a conventional ml debut In thla city where her mother Mr Fred Knight la one of the prominent matron But thla may not be a ssveral of her Intimate friend claim to have received communication from her to the effeot that he will announce her engagement Instead Going down on th atamr a few month ago o It la aald ah mt her fate la the person of a young man of a well - known Southern family who I looated In business In Honolulu The oourtihlp la laid to hav pro - greeeed during the arduoua day of preparation for the wonderful birthday party and that the lntereetlng bit of new will b told vry ehortly Society hr will await with lntereat the confirmation of th rumor Mre Sewan Dolllvsr waa hostess at a bridge party last evening at har home on Washlrfgton atreet Sh waa aaalated In receiving by her niece Mlai Katharine Booth Among those present war Mr and Mr Charl Coring Mr and Mra Paul Bancroft Mr and Mr George Toy Mr and Mra John Scott Wilaon Mr and Mr Chart Fee Mr and Mra Joeeph Manuel Maiten Mr and Mr Grunaky Mr and Mr J Wlndon Cary Mr and Mra Charle Warrn Dr and Mr Martin Regensburger Mr and Mra Sutton Captain and Mr Raymond Metcalfe Mr and Mra Robert Brown Mr Haven Mra Jordan Mra Huffman and eeveral others ySIr Henry and Lady Blosse of Ireland who arrived Monday and are at th Pllece for a ten days visit have been spending the winter In Southern Call - I xornia at cne various resorts They will be entertained here by a number or society people to whom they have mate and Kappa Alpha fraternity of the gueste from there were aug - J brother of th bridegroom attended aa oeat man Aftsr th ceremony th bridal party had a wadding breakfast at the Palace Hotel Mr and Mrs Bangle will reside la Vallajo Both th principal of th wedding were member of th preaent junior olass at Stanford Mra Wilson la the daughter of Franklin P Bull the San Franjlaoo attorney and th bridegroom la the son of George Edgar Bangle of Vallajo Mr Wallace Bertholf arrived on the Wllhelmtna yesterday from Honolulu where her husband Lieutenant Bertholf TJ S N la tatloned She will be th guest of hr parents Mr and Mra Marrlnr for th next few weeka e Th resldenoe at Menteclto being built by Mia Marguerite Doe la Hearing completion and she and her mother will soon move inte the new borne Mlaa Amy Bowie will go south In few weeka to be their ruit Ml fDo ha become very popular In Santa oarDara ana Monteclto society and recently was th gueet of honor at a luncheon given by Mlaa Nina Jones at the Potter Hotel brought letter air Henry - Blosse waa Knignrea Dy tne late King Edward for services to the royal family Among thoee sailing on the Tahiti today are Mn Jack Theobold and a party of friends who will visit th South Sea Islands and Australia stopping at Honolulu on the return trip They will be abaent two month Frank Stlmaoir li alas Teavtnr Today for th Interesting voyage to Tahiti Mr and Mr Alexander 8 Lllley have cloned their home on Vallejo atreet and gone to San Rarael for the summer Mr and Mrs Norman Wrlrht are Ihelnar nonrratultAH nn th hlrth nf - - frfsrenT - wfttch oeeflTrirfTw - g - weeBa ago at their home on - Jackson street Mra KWrlght was Miss Belle Lathrop her hiarrlag to Mr Wright being an rent of several years ago s Mr and Mra Thomas Bishop after a lleaeant visit at Panama hav reached Jew York where they are visiting uaiives sj Captain and Mrs George Goodrich rtvod last Saturday from Florida Crner southern places Where their eymoon waa apent Mrs Ooodrlch waa mis Judith Reynolds daugh - Mr William Pierce Johnaon of Oakland ha gone to Loa Angel where ahe I the gueat of her daughter Mre George Stark Towne who wa Miss Arllne Johnon Hr marriage to Mr Town took place two year ago Mra Lily Hitchcock Colt la spending a few daya In New Tork prior ot her departure for Europe Mr Jacob C Johnaon waa hoateea at bridge yeaterday afternoon and even - evening at her home In the Presidio In honor of Captain and Mr Oeorge M Apple - The former who ha been eta - tiorred with th Fifth Field Artillery i rori sin UKianoma is pasalnc INVOKES CURSE ON SPOUSB IN COURT You Lier Shouts Woman as Her Husband Testifies Other Diyorces Although ah did not tak the tand nor offer any wltnesaee In opposition to her husbanda ault far divorce which waa tried Veaterday In Extra Session No S of th 8uprlor Court Mra LauraRuseonl of - 664 Third avenue did becom to enraged at her apoua and hi corroborating wltneaa Jhat aha aroae in court and earneatly and loudly Invoked tha cure of the Almirhtv en both men Than eh leaned far ovar1 gar her husbands ear a aharp twist and sat calmly baok awaiting th rj - buke Of Judge Cosier which came promptly The plaintiff In th suit wai John B Rusconl owner of a aaloon at Sit Jack aonatreeU Th couple were married In U97 and hay a eon H yean old Ruaconl declared that hla wlfa waa habltuallv addicted tn tha use of atrpng liquor and bad deserted him a year ago after nearly wroklng hla home and hla buslneea through her personal habit and bad associations Peter Pendroclnl a friend who had boarded at th Ruaconl home corrob orated tha plaintiffs testimony aa to the wife habits and It waa during nla testimony that Mra Rusconl a anger got th better of her v Tou He Peter Pendroclnir aha houted may the curae ot God rest upon your Then quickly turning to her husband ahe repeated tha curse and emphasized It with a vlcloua jerk at nia ear Judge Conler sternly reprimanded the woman and assured her It waa only her sex which saved her from a Jail term for contempt of court In settling the cuatody of th boy John Ruaconl Jr Judge Can ley de clared the lad ahould choose for himself and directed htm to express his choice In writing This Is th note he handed tha Court I want to live with my father because he scolds m when I do wrong I do not want to live with my mother because she scolds me when I do not do wrong - The Court made Its ruling accordingly Mrs Rusconl was awarded lit a month alimony the divorce decree going to the husband Other divorces were granted yesterday ar follows - By Judge Graham Frances from Alexander Jakublelake desertion By judge Troutt H F against Llllle Doble cruelty G A fgalnat Rena E Harris desertion by judge Mogan Grace from Grover Mets - ger desertion by Judg Van Noa - trand Grace from John Skrln cruelty Th following divorce complaints were Iliad Olaf against Thora M Hansen desertion May against Fred Fuller desertion May against Claude Bre - gard cruelty NOTES OF THE ARMY V HE transport Buford will sail from this port about June 1st with the troops of the Thirtieth Infantry now t the Presidio for Alaska Headquarters band and four companlea will be stationed at Fort Seward two companlea at Fort Llscum two at Fort St Michael two at Fort Davis and two at Fort Gibbon VT jsT jF Colonel J L Chamberlain TJ S In fantry arrived at Army headquartera yesterday for duty 3W 3ST 3SJ Major William H Bertsch Third Infantry Is relieved from hla detail aa assistant to the Judge - Advocate and further oharge of the office of inspector of small arms practice 7T XT 3BP Captain George McD weeks com slstant in the office ot the chief com mlssary Lieutenant Ralph W Drury Sixteenth Infantry has been placed In command of Cempany C signal corps at Valdes Alaska during the abaenc of Lieutenant Walter E Proeser 3BT 38 30 Lieutenant Walter E Proaser signal corps Is granted a months leave ofl absence 38 38 3P Lieutenant Albert Tucker Philippine scouts was among the arrivals yeaterday en route to Manila 38 38 38 Lieutenant R M Andrews Eighth Cavalry aid Is here en route to his station at Honolulu ARMY AND NAYY ORDERS WHitess and Blacks Vie to Lead California Club uii lTSWnTVr ffai nrl fsBi7erle rrxr Ir i i fivsA - r Nominees Jot presidency of the California Club who will engage in an exciting contest for the honor of leading that prominent womans organization Women Showfactional Spirit by Nominating Rival Tickets A NTICIPATIONS of opposing fao - tlona were abundantly realised at the California lub yeaterday on the occasion of th nomination of officers for the coming club term with the presidency aa the storm center and Mra D J MacMaster jnd Mra A P Black as the candidates The expiration Of the second term of Mrs Lovell White putting Into operation the unwritten law against third terms th faction spirit broke out in the club and a pace for fremiod politics was set that It was remarked the coming national affair will not be able to keep because of Ita handicap In not being feminine The opposing factions represent those contingents of the club one ot which has partfclpated extensively In the White dynasty and Is regarded as a somewhat progressive element and the other of which has been conspicuously exclusive during the past two terms and Is felt to represent the spirit of the standpatter The White followers nominated Mrs D J Mac - Master and the standpatters nominated Mra A P Black tho opposing factions thereby deriving the name of the Whites and the Blacks which terms of radical distinction while they do not describe a difference In the principles of the factions concerned are eald to be accurate though quite accidental presentations of the difference in sentiment CALLED FOR FUNNY STORT In an atmosphere rather tense with suppressed emotion Mrs White called the meeting to order and realising that the sensitive feminine temperament could never stand the strain of being plunged at once Into the storm center called for afi election of dele - rc - tun emron oi nre oiatei j Mr - m - 0 nflv tnr th mhh Federation which takes place In Paso Bnlp commttee and th faction were Jiwk muiiiu Altai uaiiflllK vfLiiii v nrAfntrt h th nnmln amusing before the deluge Jut at the moment they responded according to the anticipations ot the Whites and while laughing politely but unguardedly up Jumped a White and nominated Mrs D J MacMaster A close observer reported that the effect of a sudden nomination on unfinished laughter 1 highly suggestive ot strangulation but no casualties resulted and Mrs MacMaster remained the first nominee It Was Mrs Aylett R Cotton who presented Mrs MacMaster and did so in a speech replete with appreciation of her service to the club Mra Edward L Baldwin a leader of the 131acks and a former president of the club then nominated Mrs A P Black who Is now the president of the San Francisco district of tjie State federation but whose second term In that office will expire next fall BOTH CANDIDATES POPULAR The popularity of both candldatea cauaed equal applause at the mention of their reapectlv names and the preponderance of popularity that will place one In the presidential chair of the California Club will only be revealed at the election next month On th same ticket with Mrs D J MacMaster the choice of the Whites were Mrs James C Crawford for first vice - president and Mra F H Abbott and Mrs George Marsh for second vlce - presldent The choice of the Blacks for first vice - president was Miss Margaret Curry aa the choice of Independent members of the club having oo factional prejudice but a distinct personal preference for their respective nominees Madame Emllle Tojettl was nominated for first vice - president and Mra W L Leek for second vice - president Unanimity of sentiment appeared In thfl nfmln f r H r MarrU along with this matter until It nas completed the nominations tor president could no longer be delayed but a little time was gained by a bit of feminine strategy that IS probably not In vogue In any but womens club conventions There being some distinction In receiving the first nomination the White followers called for a funny story that the gathering might proceed in merry mood and quite Innocently the Blacks consented and the story was told Later developments caused the Blacks to surmise that It might have been tlon for directors of the following from which eight will be elected Mra Callrbel David Mrs E Bragg Mrs D C Farnham Mra L A HaywarJ Mrs Arthur Flood Mrs Arthur Cornwall Mrs North - Whltcomb Mra F W Croudace Mrs M O Austin Mra Thomas Hill Mrs E O Raiser Mra T Seeley Mra Charles W Moores Miss Tessie semple Mra C S Stanton Mrs H C TIbbltts Mrs J Peltier Mrs Timothy Guy Phelps Mra F W Tnompson Mrs Henry Hllp Mrs F Sponogle Mrs M Crothwell and Mrs M M Funston LOCAL BED CROSS CHAPTER RAISING FUNDS FOR CHINA Has Collected 1200 for Relief of Famine Sufferers The efforts ot the San Francisco CKapter of the American National Red Cross to raise funds for the relief of the famine sufferers In China Is meeting with generous response and nearly 11200 has now been collected for the purpose The following was the amount ot the subscriptions up to last night Previously reported re oanie Adulph Zerkl Monterey sad Jactnc Oror Bed CroM tddltional WASHINGTON April 2 Leave of absence for three months to tak effeot about June 20th Is granted First Lieutenant Robert M Danford Fifth field artillery Lieutenant - Colonel Henry J Goldman cavalry will proceed to his home preparatory to his retirement from active service Leave of abaence from April 2d to True 8udMd Mission Dos Clay and Including June tth Is granted Lieutenant - Colonel Henry J Goldman cavalry Colonel Henry O S Helstand Adju - Secret dootlon Hot Boss tant - Oeneral having arrived In this i1 elty March 2Jd I assigned to station grlTS1iSVBitl In Washington D C from that date M Armirb Um cto Malor P D Loehrtrt Thirteenth M NIHwn Hnplnd cavalry and Captain William R East - TJr uu - - uvu - sunnay ecnocii kt i is members of the examining board at Reer church woodland Fort Riley vice Major Godfrey H Mc - StPul e Epicop1 Cliorvn nd Donald Thirteenth cavalry and Lieu - mSTt Win tenant - Colonel William P Kendall wiuin E Mile medical corps hereby relieved Mnutcry ind PaHne GroT Red Leave of absence for four months Is Cr0i additional granted Captain Charle B Clark com - JKeterey and Pacific Or Red raiasary cron additional 15 00 SO 00 1 00 10 00 3 00 00 a oo 1 00 2 H1 r on 2 ro 13 oo i BO 6 CO 1 00 I 00 1 M 2 00 I7B0 M l1t I11 0lt VXH M V iTwitath infantry relieved ORANGES FOR ENGLAND Oranges were purchased last year by the United Kingdom to th value Of IIItOO000 and lemons to th valu of 12120000 e Gift for Easier Caster candle and a bewildering array of tha lateat Waaler boea and I novelties Geo Ilaaa A Sons Four lUfSf Governor Reynold or Psnnsyl - Candy Stores - rout to hi new station at Honolulu During their stay here till the sailing of the transport on April 8th Captain and Mra Apple are the house guests of Captain and Mrs Johnson Mr and Mrs S Marcus of Ross who have been abroad for th past year have Jastbesn henrdfrom at Nice In Franc They Intended to epend a couple of week between that place and Paris and return to England when the coal strike shall have been settled and conditions returned to normal when they will fesqme their tour through Great Britain before starting for home Firat Lieutenant Arthur T Dalton from Mr and Mrs A P Olannlnl and their family are rourlng Italy w her The will remain until June 1st after which they will go to France England and Germany and will return home In September treatment at hospital Hot Springs Ark will return to Jefferson Barracks and will stand relieved from duty at Jefferson Barracks to take effect upon his arrival at that post and then will proceed to Boston for temporary duty as assistant Leave of absence from the date of his relief trom 4uly aXColunibJaBartackrl jnio to May 1st is granted Captain Lincoln F Kllbourne Twenty - sixth In - Mcmbem of Stanford Cnlraltr 280 00 Miss Mrr Roberton 1 oo Mra W r Mcbola 2 DO DEATH ENDS LONG SERVICE OF SANTA CLARA FATHER Special Dlpetch to the Chronicle SANTA CLARA April 2 Brother Alexander McKenxle S J passed away Monday morning at the Jesuits novitiate In Los Gatos As the do oeased was 84 years of age his death waa not unexpected Brother Alexander was born In Antl - Bonlsh Nova Scotia October 20 1828 He entered the Society of Jeaua In the cia banta Clara Mission Church on De cember 18 18l To the older students of Santa Clara College where he spent in greater pari or hla life the de ceased was known aa Brother Joe The funeral waja held this afternoon irom me Loa uatoa Church 100 ONCE FAT WOMEN TO CLIMB PIKES PEAK Que hundred women formerly obese are to climb to the apex of Pikes Peak from Ute Iron bprlngs That is the programme mapped out among the novelties for Colorado the coming spring or summer This Idea orllnatari - Kith nAn ftlrl Miss Marjorle F Hamilton who telleves that physical regeneration should manifest Itself in the full exer - uia ui lob rniorn nrtwara Miss Hamilton Is known all over the1 continent land Indeed In pretty neariyt the entire world for her druglee tici4iiiii ui it reaucuon and is i 441 TO - IXW kiuh Biui - acy M - nou - ends of men arxl women have expert - Tolal to data 11132 au cel Its beneficent effects and many f them have fullen in love with the State from which thlp raHnntiAn w - v - V - AV 1 - - - - - - 114 1M All Jut - N rLAJNXAU run i lasued nt Ion ha a uur nr minv mAniha in CONVENTION IN 1913 gi07oSf th RSleptWrlrhI i and her present plan which promises tne rruit or ruiflilmenUJsmbwHer soma new - and Interesting features What I propose doing is this Miss Hamilton explained I Intend to induce 100 ladLH Whn hav hanm 1 - San der through the use of my drugles lvt wur1 ronucuon to com to Colorado durlna Jun nt rii w - trip which commences fromtehal go from lenver to Colorado Elaborate Arrangements Made for a Trip to Dallas Texas Elaborate plans are being made by tan try the Advertising Association of Leave Of absence for nrteen days to Francisco for th success of Its On to I Jo Colorado Ourlr taUa nt nnn tha MMnlHnn nC hi I l t O IOraUO OU N tt j ii Dallas jeBIIJsaaVll Sjl KU ITU fl - LUIlU IjITU ixammation j grimiHi ncond Lieu - v Horlnn In i nofu trt tk - r nan Henry H AroW Twenty - nlnh I tMjcltyMy nth and arrive In the ng wlrVb aWm nfantry Tias city May 18th for tne Ad Mens th 0ardn of th 0o rJnuJ Navy orders Rr - Almlral R W omentlon The prevailing idea my purpose tojiaxn - a nankin nartg - Vi V J1 tltanlo 1 k htL Early next tenan I vy Nicholson TaTTTyT to China squadron tejnpo - AMERICAN COUNTESS IN COLLISION IN BERLIN rniri mad - otttc in or he Aa Men a convention for nowider Sn TCmnciaco In HI J morning W throughout the trip will be Ad ehll board the electrlo tumeroua stop ynn oe maae vy m i 1 - Olli - w to nU Pm Vh mou prTBi Join 1 7Jb r In the different cities thst will 000 feet above sea level and the sited for the entertainment of the of Pikes Peak alla - htlv - rzX 11 80 A badly damaged In a collision with a The club wlU hold Its ragular week - taxlcab last hlght Nona of its occu - ly luncheon tomorrow when further pants was Injured The passengers Is arrangement will be mad for visits th taxlcab were slightly Injured talons the route to Dallas spec made be California delegation The Itinerary I feet We shall start up the trail shArr and schedule of thla train la as follows JL rr 0 - 1f and I believe by lesv Ban rranelac lt4 P M May lltt crt eilmHc nidltU I2I f arrl Salt Las T A M May 11th lae islt SSiVi Vh - - dli LI 5 r 0rrt jl hii iHI ais - eason iry a K u M May lstk Daughter of Embassador Leishman Has a Narrow Escape BERLIN April Jt - A motor car b - IopgfSL John QA Leishman United - mV Vtr SmWSlltt 1 tf W imf trTdttrthr wiZ States Embassador to Germany In arrle Kanaa Olty 0 A M May 17th lea V tnni I see no rt which his daughter the Cduntesa Louis Kn Cltr R M May Mtm arri Dallas wf Jl nL l de Contauth - wron wa driving Lata I M Mar UtH arrle bave nsurett rbat thee wnmn avaras have lost 40 potinila welvbt That a a KV TO SEEK NO SLIGHTS IS BETTER PLAN THAN BEAUTY DOCTORING e ii Why Keep Your Antennae on the Search for Something to Hurt Your Feelings By HELEN DAREl rWO women stood on a corner a busy swarming brilliantly lighted downtown corner waiting while their man popped into one of our outdoor tobacco shops that are as characteristic a San Franciscan feature as are oar charming curbstone flower stands If you have good points theres jiothing likeputting them forward casually One of the women was round and pink and smiling a cozy rom - fortable well - fed well - groomed little body snugly hooked into a snug little frock The other was what a frank schoolboy hard put to describe his teacher called a tall flat lady with a droopy tout ensemble droopy hat droopy feathers droopy garments and despondlngly droopy tor - ners to her thin - lipped mouth a woman youd bet your last simoleoh would stand on her rights by the defensive glint in her eye She stood there tapping her foot on the sidewalk and batting her eyes at the back of the man who was making leisurely use of the cigar lighter and swapping persiflage with the man behind the counter Left4 Standing ojn a Public Street Well I for OSE wouldnt stand it to be slighted like this to be left standing on a public street corner to be jostled and ogled while HE takes his time to gossip and The round pink Utile woman smiled a Utile more could It have been at the perturbation of the tall flat lady over being ogled and purred soothingly But he doesnt mean to be slighting Its Jast his way You know how he enjoys his cigar after dinner and dont mind do you Hml emitted the tall flat lady explosively and disapprovingly And Just then the man with his cigar going Itke a steamboat stack cheerfully innocent of giving offense pushed his way between them cordially grasped an arm of each and said Sow that youve been so nice to me youve got to have a treat Lets go o The round Dink little womans arm gave his hand an appreciative little squeeze and Ive got to record it a it happened the sharp elbow of the tall flat lacfy responded to his friendly advance with a yes with a petulant jab She knew when she was slighted and shed been slighted whether the complaisant little wife had or not and she was not to be mollified at least not so easily She eant Not to Have a Good Time Therefore by all her outward bearing she indicated that she meant not to have a good time Thats what corner folks from havlna your antennae too alertly on the qui vive for affronts thats the result of seeking slights Theres a man I know a dear kind generous devoted self - sacrificingsacrificing fellow of exceptional intelliectual capacity and ravenously hungry for companionship but a little down on his luck not having fully achieved his ambitions while the friends all around htm have been arriving who is so supersensitive so everlastingly on the lookout for slights that when he walks Market street he looks ahead tn the crowd for faces he knows and then averts his glance for fear he will not be greeted Queer chap that say his acquaintances Never speaks to you when he meets youl And he suffers agonies at the slights he meets when by weeding out some of this superfluous self - consciousness he might be one of the happiest of men Why assume that the world means to be unkind to you and turn to you a cold shoulder To Live Without Fear As a matter of fact If you are without suspicion and bring it a smile it will give a smile in return and a genuine one Become even as little children Little children you may discover are not seekers after slights are not afraid of being unwelcomed They go forth confidently smiling up into the faces of friends and strangers and of dangers sure that the world will have no grudge against them because they have no grudge against such an enchanting world and they get away with it Even the sourest - visaged relax and crinkle into unaccustomed smiles of response because for very shame they cant do otherwise Instead of reaching out with your antennae for possible hurts cultivate the secure repose of Admiral Togo whose serene attitude was the most impressive thing about that big little man He is over 60 and as smooth and unlined as a man of iO because he - sees no sHg - hh - tnpels no insults ts receptive uf the good Ohlf pleasant In everything It is the Samurai characteristic to be unafraid And its a fine thing to keep away wrinkles POMONA GIRL FACES DEATH IN FIGHT WITH WILDCAT MRS L M ESKRTDGE WAS NOT ARRESTED IN PORTLAND Pretty Trapper Almost Caught by Sprin of EnraTed Animal LOS ANGELES April 2 Miss TJS Young a pretty se enteen - year - old Pomona girl has turned trapper for sport and excitement and 1 getting plenty of both For ten das she and her mother nave Deen in tne moun - jtion wun the arrest of O W l - elrhton Use of Womans Name as the Alias of W H Howard Not Jnstiiei According to R J Giles who state that he is the representative of Mrs L M Eskrldge of this city an Injustice ai done Mrs Eskrldge by the us of the name L M Eskrldge in connec - talna near San Antonio canyon and Miss Toung has captured six wildcats and ten foxes all In steel traps Yeaterday when she went to Inspect her most distant trap a mile from camp she found 11 gone She was making a search near a tree when an Immense wildcat sprang at her animal was caught by only one end probably would have killed MUs Young but for the fact that the chain of the rap caught on a root The cat barely reached her but Inflicted deep wounds with Its claws Mlse Younir shot the animal as soon aa ahe could get the rifle to her ahoulder and W H Howard In Portland for al leged participation - In operatlona with bogua deeds to a supposed home tract In Sonoma county Giles says that Mrs Eskrldge owns the tract from which the lots have been sold that it ha been Matted In The the County Recorders office In Santa paw R0 nd that the deeds are In correct and legal form Giles also stated that Mrs L M Eskrldge was still In San Francisco and had not been arrested HiMJCERSinTH SOS Ixpcrt Diamond Dealers W caa aav y 3 per cent Wbltnj bids 133 Geary at matter of two Tens loa for th ona hundred lriiM Anm wll b rlrfL othaca MitMM H w hall tike oil time top it th half way hoaa tor ceffoe and luunco and continue to - tae I te t I fa Spring FtoWer Show Our Easter Display consisting of Flowering Plants and Cut Flowers nf Niimetous Varieties surpasses - anythii heretofore attempted Peft Quality Valors W - tlceme f 1 a icano txossi The Flower Palace 123 Kearny Sired Prices Moderate Co Service t Kr our Auto rjIlvrv and Rn Ice Insures the handling of and Special Messenger Serv Inst of Easter ordr wllM dispatch Our add Say euntles r

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