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1CM tiAK XRAXChiOOClWONWLE MON1JAY APBIlf 2Tl89fk BBIII AND STATE 4 f3 tip i i i i LlJJ lil I i A lecture Key Fatter Yorke BIG CROWD IN ATTENDANCE CUKLAJTOERS GATHER AT ST FBAXCU DE SALES Catholic Prfaeiales fa Matters Re latlax ta the Goveraaaeat Are Discussed nn1 Branch OCIce of the Chronicle fco Broadway comer XlaQt street OAKLAND April 26 At the Church Of Bt Francis de Sales corner of Grove and Hobart streets the Rev Torke of San Francisco lectured to night on the subject Church and State The church was filled with an attentive congregation Father Torke set forth at much church It Immortal a thin everlasting the center of ail our hopes past or present in short our an The state Is for our temporal welfare Its laws sacred and its doctrines our pride and boast but la the supreme moment when death snatches you and me from this life we do not turn to an act of the Legislature for consolation hut to Jesus Christ our Lord When I say I am superior to Governor Budd I compare the Importance of my very soul just the soul of a human being with the authority which he a an official can wield State and church cannot be mingled more than that Let not the catholic as a catn olic step for an instant from hU i eli sions spnere into me political spnere ox government and on the other hand let no men of state or Catholics of state life step from the governmental to the religious Each is a side of his nature which has a citadel and its functions They cannot be confounded But when we say we are superior to the state it is not in the light of national Issues or political conditions as has been persistently claimed I might be arrested this very night for some violation of an ordinance and while I might be mentally financially yes physically superior to the arresting officer he for the time Is my superior He might be Ignorant and humble and I a great man but still he would be my superior It is as a unit with life summed up as an entirety that we are superior to state mattes I care not what your creed may be if you believe in God Almighty you are superior to state matters to anything temporal I could stand before you here for time unlimited and cite to you historical facts which have proven the A COW IN OTEBIIG THE lift Oglesby to TaKe the Examinations HAS STUDIED LONG AND HARD AMBmOCS TO BECOME AS ORATOR Senator Blaekbara His Ideal Took His Kmowledte From Borrowed Books Oakland Branch OfEce of the Chronic Broadway corner Ninth itreeL OAKLAD April 2S Among the Oakland law students who will appear before the Supreme Court to morrow for admission to th bar is Washington Oglesby the only colored persono take the examination from Alameda county in many years Oglesby Is an energetic man of 34 years and has REV FATHER TORKE wmKwwp zBzzmmr wzi 1 mWJMT VMW prison by the United States authorities from San Francisco a year ago for send In obscene matter tnrourh the mails expected to be released to day as their terms of imprisonment had expired They found however that a 1500 fine stood against them and in default of payment they win have to serve an additional sixty days A Saleldal Xaala OAKLAND April 2S Frank Perry a cook at the Liberty bakery who resides at SH Webster street brought his wife Rosie to the County Jail this afternoon and requested that she be taken into custody a she had gone insane Perry alleges that his wife thinks of nothing but committing suicide Later in tbe day he succeeded in having the woman locked up and she win be examined in the Superior Court tomorrow morning Fabisla Officials Pleased OAKLAND April 2S The executive committee and officers of the Fablola floral fete made a trip of Inspection to tbe Oakland Trotting Park this after roon and spent several hours looking over the grounds and perfecting arrangements They returned highly elated with the condition of things at the park A Qaarrel Bads la Bloodsaed OAKLAND April 26 Ford of San Leandro was shot in the elbow this afternoon by Anton Santos alias Tony the Chicken Peddler The two men had been drinking together and quarreled Santos was arrested and brought to the County Jail Ford may lose his arm S0 CHURCH OF ST FRANCIS DE SALES OAKLAND WHERE REV TORKE DELIVERED A LECTURE TESTERDAT length the principles of the Roman Catholic church in questions where Issues of national and public Importance arose and defined the attitude of the church toward the Government Father Yorke said Go vernment comes from God The fundamental principles of liberty and Americanism Are instilled into the student at the parochial schools and the young Catholic fs trained by the church to fear the laws of the land and obey those in power for the supreme reason that a violation if those laws an act of treason or failure to respond to the beck and call of the Government is an offense to God It has ever been the boast of Catholicism and is a pillar of her doctrines to day that the honor of a country and loyalty to the flag which is Its emblem are paramount to all other existing conditions and are sacred charges which tbe rising generation has both to guard and protect This early and continual instillation lhas been capable of but one effect and that is the extreme patriotism of the real Catholics patriotism to their country as well as devotion to their church There is no provision in the Consti tutlon of this country that cannot be reconciled to the conscience of any Catholic priest in this land We know it to be a fact that liberty of mind and happiness can alone satisfy an lntelll cent nation We educate our children to the belief in a God and thereby plant the twig which shall blossom forth and insure to them a Christian religion a hope of life to come and peace and liberty of mind At the same time do we educate them to temporal conditions and in self defense in love for posterity and In the progress of mankind we tpolnt out to them the prestige of government the worth of presidents and tthe need of loyalty Church and state have demands of thtr own to make and as they appeal to the two opposite natures of man one the spiritual and one the temporal we cannot blend them into one or even approach such a performance People bear with anarchy In civil life and we wonder at it Is It not more wonderful still that they will bear with anarchy In spiritual life Now we are asked why a religious combination is made and why a church Is permitted to gain any proportions at all especially to the extent of becoming great Organization la the first the only step toward civilization which segregated bodies can take Our splrit ruu natures created the church and our temporal natures the state Tou know full well that if this country was the trodmlng ground for countless unorganized bodies that we would be nobody at rail Dot even a country and it would inquire the entrance of a foreign organized force to restore order take charge of us and reign over us So much for the formation of the church It has been said that the Catholics have set up and smuggled into this country a Pope a being omnipotent ana iuat ie nas oeen set oown among the hills near Washington to rxrance upon the Presidential chair and usurp everything The cartoon is pre 1 jKteroas tne idea is absurd the charge Ja a cruel one and the implication of the speech It false vTWe do In one sense hold ourselves superior totthe stateJust you and do to Governor Budd We know the uselessnesa and een Impossibility of the endeavor to merge church and state While It remains a phyical lmpos slblllt we are safe but as we look at the ehurch with Its far reaching arm of Succor extended to us all and then to our Goernment which provides for the welfare of us all while on arth can an one fail to comprehend why the spiritual man is first In creation and the Government next We are superior to death and government reaches but to death If you will point out to me a Catholic who is not willing to die for this land of liberty I am vanquished but you cannot do It The Catholic loves the Stars and Stripes above everything on earth and that ev en Is not tbe love that is given up to the God who controls the destinies of souls A WIDOWS FORGIVENESS A HAJt WHOM SHE COVTICTED A Speech by Mrs Booth Tucker Caases Her to Be MerclfnI Oakland Branch OOce of the Chronicle Broadway corner Ninth street OAKLAND April 26 James Madl on alias De Witt who was recently found guilty of bunkoing a score of Oakland people and sentenced to a term of impriaonment in the County Jail was called upon to day by the leading complainant against him and treated to a splendid dinner Madisons specialty was beguiling susceptible widows Into making small advances of money to him after he had won his way into their acquaintanceship and related his high sounding yarns of former wealth good family etc He finally got so many widows on his list that complications arose followed by detection arrest trial and conviction A Mrs McManus was the chief witness against him and to day she called at the Jail armed with a basket of dainties for the swindler Mrs McManus has been a victim of conscience and came to the conclusion that the prosecution of a criminal was not the ChrisUan llke way to reward an evil deed A carriage drew up at the Jail entrance this afternoon and Mrs McManus heavily veiled entered and asked to see Madison She was shown to his cell and presented him with the dinner Madison was nonplussed but fen to eating with a trill while Mrs McManus sat by discussing with him his crimes The jail officials state that Mrs McManus was touched by the account of Mrs Booth Tuckers speech to the San Quentln prisoners yesterday and resolved to cheer Madison Gillespie Elliotts Death OAKLAND Anril 28 Gillespie El liott aged 6 years died at the County Infirmary this morning Elliott was a man with a history and well known throughout the State la the early mining days every corfldnce In his ability to pass the examinations He conducted an employment agency in West Oakland fo many years and in the cours of time became a politician among the Afro American voters StlL later he joned the Populist party and the following year ran with Fred erick Cllft and Hiram Luttrell for the office of Justice of the Peace Ogleby was defeated but he resolved to become an able speaker and at once began the study of law He closed up a good business and has been studying for over a year out of books borrowed from lawyers who felt an interest in him Six weeks ago he placed himself in charge of Attorney Philip Walsh and has worked hard ever since Oglesby will go before the board with Cooiey Blackstone at his tongue end and well versed in torts and probate law He said to a Chronicle reporter today I take Senator Blackburn as my ideal I want to be somebody and be a man among men I will be married If I pass the examination and settle down to my life work right here 1 do not see why I should not get ahead MRS BOOTH TUCKERS ADDRESS She Makes a Strong Plea to Aadl eaees la Oakland OAKLAND April Consul Emma Booth Tucker drew a large audience at Mills Tabernacle this afternoon anoTto nlght She spoke upon the work of the Salvation Army in this and foreign countries The consul described her efforts in London and the manner in which the work was conduced in different foreign countries She then exhorted those assembled In an enthusiastic manner to embrace the cause of Christianity and said There are testimonials to be heard here each in itself a pathetic illustration of some man or woman sinful career the awakening to tbe light of hope and religion the faith in a life beyond the grave and reform I can ask you as American citizens if our work has improved the standard I of communities and you will say yes I can appeal to you to lend your aid I and you will commend our work and encourage us with your words of praise but you yourself the prize for which we are really strivinsr hold aloof and are not saved The very aspect of this country to day Is a mute appeal for a desperate work of reform and while we have fixed the entering wedge and begun the unequal fight It Is not so much your approval we seek it Is your heart of hearts and all to the glory of Almighty God Our women are knocked down dally by rough men in still rougher places but where we meet with the agents of Satan we redouble our forces and persist until by the grace of God success crowns our efforts Mrs Booth Tucker did not allude to Balllngton Booth except In this subsequent remark Of 20000 uniformed officers of tbe army In this country only 460 contemplated secession and all but a handful of these are restored to us already Tkelr Seateaees Exteaded OAKLAND April 28 Isador Woods and Solomon Levin who were sent to SATURDAY NO CRITERION HERWTf SATS HIS TEAM MTST DIG A Dlsttna nished Canadian Professor to Leetare oa Philosophy Aa aaal Editors Aaxloaa BERKELEY April 26 The Berkeley athletes are feeling greatlv disconcerted over the showing made by them In the field day with Stanford The result of the debate has detracted In some degree from the sting of what they term Virtually a defeat but still think only tieing Stanford was unpardonable Conequently every man on the team has decided to make things lively In the field day next Saturday and will endeavor to knock over a few records The athletes were banqueted after the field day and expressed their determination to retrieve themselves at the next opportunity Koch will leave the sprints and enter the middle distance runs which means five points more for California almost anywhere Captain Merwin says regarding his men What was done against the Cardinals is no criterion for the abilities of the California men on track and field Tney have been resting on their oars too long and will have to get in and dig from now on On May 2d you will see the blue and gold forge ahead where It was outstripped Saturday STAFFORD IS jrBILAXT Collegians Elated Over the Coatest tltk Berkeley STANFORD UNIVERSITY April 28 News of Stanford practical victory on the track was received with great rejoicing last night A tie was as much as the students could ask for and they were fully satisfied with the performances of their men Brunton feati were especially commended and all of the athletes received unstinted praise from their admirers This practically ends the track season at the university The leading men on the team will contlrue their training to be In good form for tha meet next Saturday Dole Reynolds Brunton Toombs Frasler Wilbur and Brown will probably enter the conteit A Canadian Professor to Leetare BERKELEY April 28 Philosophers WOMAN IMEY Hiss Frankie Lanes Final Examination POLITICIAN AND ORATOR WILL SOOJC SWIXG OCT HER SHHGLE Her Voice Has Always Beea Raised for Popallstie Doctrines OaHaM Branch Ofiw of the Chronic ISO Broad way eorser Klnth street OAKLAND April 26 Miss Frankle Lane will to morrow take the final examination before the Supreme Court and be prepared thereafter to swing her shingle to the breese as a full fledged lawyer Miss Lane first began her studies In the law in this State afterward taking a course in the State Law School In Minneapolis where she finished with honor Afterward she came to her home In Oakland and for the past three years has applied herself closely She has already become a prominent figure in Oakland legal and political circles and her voice has frequently been heard in Popullstlc meetings She is a ready fluent and at times an eloquent speaker has a fine presence and is altogetber a good looking young woman of 21 years Miss Lane is one of the young legal women of this city who tried In vain to aad overtook him at the cornet of Santa Clara avenue and Park street After a tort altercation he seized the cow by the horns and throwing off the rope with which Joseph was leading her started thcanimal toward home Joseph reported the matter to the police Hebard was promptly arrested oa the charge of obstructing an officer Is the discharge of his duty HebanT defease to the charge is that he did cot know Joseph was an officer but thought he was taking the cow without authority After leaving the police station sepa procured his official badge and west out on the street again Almost the first person he met was young Hebard who walked up to him and turned back his coat so as to see the star This exasperated Joseph to such an extent that he pulled out his pistol and shook it under Hebards nose Some of the bystanders fearing serious trouble separated the pair and then Hebard had Joseph arrested for assault with a deadly weapon Joseph denies that he had any Intention of shooting Hebard and declares that the gun was so tightly caught In Its leather case that he could not have shot him if he wasted to Chafek Services ALAMEDA April 26 At the Baptist Church this morning Rev Jordan spoke on behalf of the Armenian sufferers and this evening preached on Love the Proof of Pardon At the First Presbyterian Church the service this evening were accompanied with special music by the choir Rev Maar preached at both morning and evening services at the Congregational Church At the Unitarian Church Rev A Haskell of San Jose occupied the pulpit In the morning and Rev Eliot of San Francisco in the evening the exchange of pulpits being the first step In the series of Forward Movement sermons The First Arrest ALAMEDA April 26 The first arrest under the new city ordinance which forbids bicycle riders to ride faster than seven miles an hour on Webster or Park streets was made this afternoon when Officer KamD arrested Rosenheim rof Oakland for racing on Park street AHCSEMEXn A VCtcafc fwr vaija i i asnai mBar 3 talab TTBST GRAXD COXCKBT TO X1GHT AT 8 IS iBtrodBdaf here for too Brat tlaas RJVAKDE KIVARDE Ths Great oniaa VtoUabt assrsTssBV ILarSfE LACHACMrUa Flam UR VTILLlAX KEITH Barkeaa Grand Orebra at Fertr Selected KulrJasa J1K ST WART Omdoctor PRirVS oOc Tic SI aad 1 ft Nora At lb Toar4ar erenias concert roqs MR DOXALD UEaHaM w3 lb roeat aoiotat ALHAYM CO8 THEATEaa AT TM I vnvn APBTLxTrK LAST WaXJC Baldwin RICHARD MANSFIELD And bit few Tort Garrtek Theater Stock Oa TO MOHT Tned Bd Batorfay Kat rarlM a Romance Wedsnoaj nt Tba Star of KoCloo tne odent Thanaar erc Bats Pronnoetl PiMay rr only Umu TaeScia le Iewer tnmnar oyrrneMt nt JrkrlaodMr Hrde iiooiar Kar 4th TtJ htranc Alnoiim of iltf brown with Eddts 1 ey and a rrrat case lzM MISS FRANKIE LAXE WHO EXPECTS TO BE LAWYER AFTER TO DAY A FtTLL FLEDOED get into the law association formed by the young men There was considerable talk over the matter at the time and It is believed that the determined young lady has not yet given over the idea of making her voice heard in the young men gatherings She made herself beard In the Populist conentlon which met yesterday and she read her Populistic brethren a sharp lesson for offerirg at the eleventh here are making great preparations for the coming of Professor John Watson of Queen College Canada on Friday of this week Professor Watson is the sec ond of the eminent philosophers who hour to put the names of some of the have been Inited to Berkeley by the sisters in as alternates to the delegates Philosophical Societyi of the University chosen to attend the State Convention of California and ltl is the intention of Sacramento Among others the haurru0 crr the practce of shbs ssm haing noted scholars lecture before bn already filled with men them annually Professor George I Somebody suggested that some of the Howlson of the University of Callfor delegates resign to give place to the nla is president of the society and has ladies Another person suggested that maae watson doojc on Kant and His I the alternates be withdrawn from the Englsh Critics the principal work of the organisation for the past year Before giving his public address on May 12th in Harmon Gymnasium Professor Watson will deTOte four evenings to answering the criticisms of his work made by the members of the union Two of these lectures will be given In Stiles Hall and the remaining two in the Presbyterian Church Professor Howlson says that Watson Is one of the most remarkable men in tleket and the ladles be given a chance In this way This brought Miss Lane to her feet She did not say much but what she said was pointed As for myself she said I do not care whether I go to Sacramento but I want to see some women go For the sake of the men women This ordinance which has been in force since last Tuesday was parsed as the result of a serious accident which occurred about ten days ago MUSIC A0DScliARMT0 ART XAXT VISITORS AT THE HOFKIX9 IXSTITITE Sabserlpllona Coming ia for the Society of Local Patrons The directors of the Hopkins Art In stltute decided to admit visitors to the spring exhibition on Sundays Th hours have been set from 9AM to 5 From 2 until 4 clock an organ re cital adds a delightful charm Yesterday Emlllo Cruells played many beautiful selections during the atternoon Over 200 people availed themselves of the opportunity of en rays Wise men change their minds but fools never Miss Lane did not have her way but the world When he applied for the she left an impression on the minds of Glasgow professorship made vacant by Kants accepting tb mastership of Balliol College Oxford be received the indorsement of every foremost American and foreign scholar HU keen insight and intimate acquaintance with modern philosophy has placed him in the leading rank of writers who have sought to develop the Kantian doctrines When the time for his public address comes Harmon Gymnasium will be decorated with eschscholtxiaa and blue and gold Since the custom of bringing lecturers to California has been Inaugurated by the Philosophical Union its membership has come to include such well known scholars as Professor Josiah Royee of Harvard President Schurman of Cornell and Ellen Mitchell of Denver Annan Editors oa the Anxlons Seat BERKELEY April 2 The 97 Blue and Gold will appear on Wednesday April 29th the day of the large military field day given by the University regiment The University grounds will be thronged by visitors on that day and the managers expect a great demand for their annual Since the date of its appearance has been settled upon the editors are Just a little bit nervous over the reception the book will receive from the faculty Personalities hare not been debarred and the specter of last years fracas has loomed up formidably before them While not attempting to exercise an absolute press censorship the faculty advised Case the editoreditor in chief when he took his position regarding personalities and It is generally understood that Case has been guided by his own discretion in the matter Just how dangerous this discretion will prove Is what Is puxxling the editors as one or two of the Profs have been personally mentioned is rather a spicy fashion Hew Schedale for Board Heetlags BERKELEY April 21 The Board of Education will not meet to morrow eight as heretofore In conformity with the new arrangement the Board of Education will in future meet regularly on the first aad third Mondays and the Board of Trustees on the second and fourth Mondays of each month The srw Chroalelr ReverstbU Man Tba Catted States aad tat world up to date for eeau aad as coupon Tea etrtataiy want aas en roar wau should be allowed to go 8hakespeare Joying art and music amid such pictur esque environment Around the prize pictures groups lingered studying the comparative merits of three so different conceptions of the same thing Without any especial effort having seen made to personally solicit subscriptions for this years Society of Local Art Patrons the fund has already grown to nearly SSOO This association is fash ioned after the celebrated one In Paris which was organised to enable the members to secure good pictures and at the same time to encourage art Five dollars is the minimum subscription for members of the association and 10 lorouisiaers inese amounts represent sac ccance iciures ar purchased from the artists to the amount subscribed and tome young lady is picked from the audience on the last evening of the exhibition to do the drawing This plan has been very satisfactorily followed In Europe and was equally so here last year Any one wishing to become a member may do so on application at the ansuxuie her hearers that will last for some time Miss Lane will settle down for practice In Oakland Saddea Death of William Slaalaer OAKLAND April 28 William Mttbl ner father of Louis Muhlner who was convicted of murdering Jennie Lewis in September last died suddenly from heart disease to day in San Francisco Muhlner was at the County Jail on Saturday to see his son FROM A BIBLE STANDPOINT RET MORGA OX RIGHTS WOMAXS Aa Alameda Preacher Thlaks Eqaal Saffraa Compatible With Scrlptarc ALAMEDA April 21 Rev Henry Morgan pastor of the First Christian Church preached this evening on Womans Right From a Bible 8tand ffcolnt In the beginning said the speaker God made woman and placed her beside man ss his helpmate Without her man is and always will be incomplete I believe with the opponents of woman suffrage that the highest privilege of woman is to be a mother But I believe It Is the mother instinct that la leading our women of to day to ask the men to allow them to protect their boys and girls by giving them the ballot Go to the suffrage meetings and you will see It is not the long haired men and short haired women who are clamoring for suffrage hut the mothers and listen who are anxious for the welfare of their boys Woman has the right to ask man for a chance to be his helpmate in every department of life and man If he is wise will not refuse the argument Tho Paaadnaaster la Traahle ALAMEDA April 21 VIctorlne Joseph the poundmaster impounded a cow belonging to Hebard which was tied on the street near the tidal canal this afternoon Charles Hebard son of the owner followed Joseph who waa taking the animal to the pound Bellafaates Farewell Coaeert By special request Slgnortna Estrela oeuniante Italys blind operaUc contralto has consented to give two more concerts In this city prior to her departure for her native land Th first will be held ia Beethoven Hall on Saturday evening when the blind singer will be supported by Mouenbauer and th ht oint 4 able In the limited time at the disposal of jrei uMUKcer iju Hcona wm oe given in Bersagllerl Hall In the Latin quarter In order that those of her compatriots who have expressed their desire to hear her marvelous voice may be afforded a better Byiwnumy pi aoing so ASHTSEVKim HACDONOUGH THEATEROaklU cant i top ltartlna price to SI ths Ttar RACING RACENQ RACING CAUTORiriA JOCXXT CXCSL wiAim MXKTura BsaiKKrxo tbcbs AT UECXMBElt JtTH BAT DISTRICT TRACK adag Monday Tuesday Wadasday Thars day Friday aad Satarday Rata or solas yiv or mora races each day Races start at Jt sharp MaSlrlatat aad Ooanr sC oars pass the sata TUOUAS 8 WUXXASta jfrTftmldaat MXLBOX Stcrttary CAUFORHIA For Coscraaa Tata ft Fmt WooIIct For rmldeat rats for os more ROLAND REED In the Terr larrm ascceaa THE POLITICIAN OR THF WOMANS PLUHL Laat we of Holand Reed a General JosUa TJ oer Last wtes of to ureal tanreniioa ecass Last week of Uadorc Bub as tba 20th Cesar ffT 1 MTU PRIMBOSK AJ1 WmTsKiXSTBrU THL ATIDITOaiUM Fnadlaader GotUoe Co Loueea asd Kacacsa 1CAVXL 5 a TO SIOHT Reserved Seats 15c 2k 5k PROP BRISTOLS EQUKSXTRRICCLCX Tba Flaaat Seboot of E4oeaLd Hones la rid Thrva vmioa Two Hundred aod Mxtr Tbooaaaf Paopie Ban Witomed With satbfao Uoa The Exhibition WltMa tte Pat Tea Years A Hlgh Oass Uolqae Detlxtitfn EatenaiameaL At tka Matin Child it Are Gtrra a Poor Bide About tha Macs At da aUaes Calldren 10 Cenu MOBSSCOS GBUD OPcIMQSL WaXTXa Vososoa Mia Lauae aad Haaarei THIS EVTJTEfO AT 8 LAWKZSCZ MARSTTHTb SE5SATI05 LAOY IJL A TtrtHlnj Story of Austria Taa Cisccs Tax Hpass Boaavorr Thx STocttut Bcrsra It ti a treat pJaj Sew Tork Herald rvtalaj Prleaa Gallery aad Fasallr rele 35 sadBOessts 10 centa TIVOuI OPERA riO Jsri Kialanrrm Kainxs proof aad Xaoacw LAST NIGHTS Of OM BrUUaat veectArolar xtrTacBxa BLUE Bfc A RD Tta Pretty Pa at The orel Ppertalrle The Coaler rose Mrdier I Tn Medley of Sepo Alra LAST TOTES orTufBlBCTnPn I The GoTxeoGS Electrical lupar I The woo roas Bars at I USUI Dances THXTBSBAV rVEt VG Grand Complimentary Testimonial Tesdarsite the iaroiile Comediso THOllA LKARY A Hmi of Volsntearv lodadlax Jos CxoYxsKi aad kbdik uarasrr is friend tet to Next Opers THIjikS or JCCWlf AXDT POPCLAB PKICE JSaadMCeIS GROVER 8 ALCAZAB TO NIGHT Leonard Orotert Ores Sweets JfT BOS KtLAW HBS AUZERAIS HOTTE LEONARD GROER SB LEONARD GROVE JR BEREWaRO H0TT6 MAI yOBLE KBa TOUXO And All too rsrorllea BEST EATS SOt SSc 5Sc lie Me Mstlaeea Wetneadar Satarday and Saadsy 24c lie sod 10c ORPHELM OTsrren street between Stockton sad PowsIL LAST WFFE or TBt Tnio nm HOPKJKS TRASS OCEAMC COMPACT 10 BIG ACT 10 23 ARTISTS 25 Poaltlrely the Laat Week of THE ROSSOW BROTHERS Mtntatcrt Sandowtand LUIIdoUab Partita Reserved Seata 25c Btlcoov lKOpe aUalrs sod BOX eat 50c SaTSocora teata a day in advance HtsdrtCS taraadaway nichtly GRAND ROSE SHOW STATE PLOBAL SOCIETY PALACE HOTEL Otspls asd startle BsQs APRIL 30T8 MAT 1st ax SB Admlttten day Eeentns Mnslet BUTRO BATHS Bemriaber tha MOXSTEB MAT DAY FESTIVAl IwrrarsTiso raooaAKVx all Day A Beantimi Qoeeo Xafniaceat Floral Pecoralleos One Thousand Children la Graad If are and Fancy Danes Admission 10c Children tc H1RK H0PI1MS IMSTITIiTE QF JLBT Corner California and Mason Streets Tbe aonnal surtax exhibition ledodtaslhs James UFoelaa prize plctares and 340 exam ptei In oil and water color or reidatsrUsts alao 15 eiampes In plastic art Is oeea dairy lncladiBsaandaratrosiS All to if organ recitals Bandar afternoons troni Sue Aa mission 85 casta concerto every Thursday areata Adnussea E0 coats SHOOT THE CHUTES AJTEBXX AJID EVESIStO BIO DAYS Friday aatardar an 2 Admission 20c Calldren admlaeloa td 1S Merrr co roand Se Children Cnotea AC Ladle tiatet ek csf aflernaotti be DR 6UJHTS rxrxovxD LIVER PILLS tc nil rtf Am a asaaaaasaaSSar AmT bsaha Thsro pCla aspaly what tha trsVa Jaao to maka it raanlarTTnejanre Headmen trltcf tha Eras aad dasrtheCoarpteitoa keaerthsa eoanetiav TheraattBerrrlpaaocstecaa To uiinoavawa ntO Basil eeanple tree fell box for SSo SeJd eearr iswsKJoAIOiiAACUwraaadaiBftiara Acinar A aMMMj rfc owyj A af jtsj fceafca jarJBSfca MJa itgfeaa.

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