The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 20, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 20, 1937
Page 5
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MONDAV, DECEMBER 20, 1!)3Y H. S. H. TO M mi BLYTHEVILLM (ARK.) COUK1EH NEWS Bayou Bengals Smarting Under Santa Clara DC- I AUK feal In 1937 Rals lost 10 men from Ihe 1930 trains. Althou«li lli ol Santa Clara's will rcttini lo the sugar I Bowl Jan. i only llircc were start' as lost year. Hochc Likely lo Star 'Ihc Broiics lost Nc.IIo Falaschl, hero of Die 1037 giimt 1 Unt, nil) retina wilh plill Duusihorly. center, fAl Wolff, tackle, and "Clinch" Pa- j vclfco. <|i)nilcrbiKk. The nciv (cum Jack Roche, one cf the fasl- esl bucks on Ihc pacilic Coasl au<l one of die best, pa.sscr.s. L.S. U,, although losing All- .erica o ml Clnyncll Tinslcy lo professional ranks, nnel bereft of , most, of Us WM line stalwarts. pigskin cliasln' (o the family (rout yard . . . Even n cadns plnnl wouldn't keep him out, MB Young KAYO —Kins Koug Malhcw's ring carm went, tlie way of Ilio I'aluokas Die otlicr night In Gotham . . . Tlic Tallulah (\A.I negro heavy l<\l with his chin with (he Inevitable icsull . . . Had: won .seven In a row, all by kayocs . '. . Sec by the papers where niy old friend. nobby Mangle), wlm onl the "touch" lo Jack Dcmpscy and paid II tack, is lo marry, Mis* Dorolliy Nolan, a junior at I,, s. U. Bobby borrowed 400 cart ami his |)ii'irf]|.r lo lion Kavsiiluugll New —who has yone Inr loward replac- in,! Tinsley—enabled Ihe 'riper "15" team lo crush Tnlanc in the conference finale after the "A" team had failed. .Moore called I, K U. back to I!V JOHN 1.. HAMl'TOX I'nitccl I'ross Stair L'orrrs[icnntrni NKW oni,BAN'S iW>) — I'-oiii 1 IcitMis actually play in flic fourth annual Sugar Howl gaino Vi-ar's when Hanla Clara and laa- i.-iiiiiin stale University iiicel In a u"'iin enuacciuenl, It will to Hie lirst, limn IhaL the lioucrful Bayou Heiigiils, twice fioutheaslcrn conference chain- i practice on Dec. ill. liions niul ihis year-humbled by | - V.'iJirloi'lJlH, inccl a leaui Unit also' alU'riiates squads niter each 1 iiuiirlt-r. i Santa Clara took tin- 1937 SUSHI' i Howl trophy wilh a 21-14 victory over Bcrtilc Moare's Tigers. R<~- Jiialching of the teams in thn Dixh football classic was not planned. Sanla Clara, unbeaten, and united ."•»"i on (he 1'acific coast, sonslit. another Slijiar Bowl contest with largely slopped aUcmpt.s IhroiiRh wheels from the Mauassa Mauler iis forward wall Ihls .season. Young I lo invest In oil ... Now he's on llussey, sophomore back, is one. of I easy street Knew him nl El the Kouthcastcrn loop's fastest men | Dorado when he was limiting out ' hamburgers . . . l/isl—i practice football field. When last seen was floatinss away. Finder return any leant picked by Ihc New Orleans Mid-Winter Sports Association, .sponsors. Meantime, the malc!i-inal:er.s ^enl invitations to I'iltsbiin;!]. Vil- lauiivu. and Fordham. Die unbenteii taslorn leaders. Pill players decided not to enter a post-season came; Villnnova liad n;reetl lo play in the Nc\v York Milk Fund ^ame, and I-'oniliam declined. Alabama field Out Invitations then were sent to Alabama, undefeated Southeastern champion of 1537. and L. S. U. The committee was lo lake Ihe firsl „ , „„- „„,„ . ,„,. acceptance of the latlcr invitation I coast special will leave Tuesday ami did so iclien L. S. U. quickly' agreed. Alabama was waitint; for (lie Rose Bowl call and sot it Although beaten by Vanderbilt 7-li, L.S.U., conference ruiiiiev-up. scored 234 iwinl.s to opponent.'.' 27 the past season. The Satt .lase. Tl.c iopc Buckcl J!y J. 1'. to Coaches Eil Levin or Ken cliishohn. Kins Island, Alaska ... No kid- din'! Believe it or not . , . The two Alaska e.rld teams who uro di-illlilH for Ilic North l>ole ekim- pioiishiii wcro forced indoors because their playing field Heated iiivay . That lake* the cast iron I'ARTV— U5 wijl cojii|w;.e the ol- fi-ial party cf the University of Alabama's Hose Bowl bound Tribe . . . There will bV 40 players, six coaches, a raft of newspaper men. and others connected with the team . . . And of course (lie three Bly- lhevill[. boys— Jimmy Tipton, Hersche! Moslcy and Gene Btackwcll— tooll) brush lor oddily . niiST-Uucliv Mcdwick, nal mitlicUlor. letl- no room for dispute ever his most valuable award . . . ]''ini.';hccl ahead in 9 dcparl- nienls, incliuliiig liiltlns title . . . Not bad! . . . Over in Texas they are still .settling the slate championship , . . Longvicw and Wichita Palls qualified for Ihc finals last week . . . They clash on Xmiis Day . . , Take it from Karlr Brown, former Little Hoc!: I'cb. King Carl Htibbcll ii: everything they say he is ... Got Iwo hits In first tjame against him . . . Bui were included in the list of players from then on lie. considered him. . . Other Arknnsans in thr "roiip: Kuywcotl "Sandy" fjanlord. cilrmi of Adona. whose kicking lo;: „,,.. D , was Ihe difference between l?ama- j . . , Who says there ain't no Santa Tulanc. and Bama-VaiHly; Hughes, (liiarterbac!.-. ami Bulch Kin;r, tackle, both nJ pine Bluff . , . Tlic self lucky lo get even a loud foul Vet couldp't say what Hub was . . . Ever.vlhing, we suspect d '•<» n ac M llu Cal.. unbciiten and untied players ran up IT>7 sioinls lo their oppo- nent.s* ft. Although (he West Coast Broncos uj.xsct such teams as Stanford and TMavmiclle. LR.U. possibly made the more impressive record wilh its victovics. iiiL-iuciitig that, over Rice. Southwestern conference (itlchcldcr. LB.U 1!) n 1.1 lit ti Banla Op])oiicnLs Kloridn Texas u Rice Mississippi U Vanderinll l/jyola IN. Orleans). Mississippi -stale ... Auburn loiiisiHna 31. Norni;i Tulanc rcl U. s. V 0 1'ortl.iiKl ............. 0 t.oycla (Los Aiiselcfil . . 0 Marquelle ............ 0 ftiii Jose State St. Mary's ............ 0 Gonzaga 157 I..S.I'. Disaiiiiointril in ]XK Ij.S.U. in I03(i had the team niany rxperts argued was Ihe strongest t'i Hi- nutimi. and was confident ol the Rose How! bid. But it <ikl no! come and the team's coining to Ihc Sugar Howl ama/cd backers when Santa Clara smashed the two-year Soulheaslcrn invinciblcs. The lircncos" lnrjkcd their way IhroUBli the IB37 season with l\vo squads, ami Ihe 0 opponents points attest equality of A antl 13 Uanis. Coach Buck Slinw developed two "rust" learns as Coach Mem'e has used in taking aparl coin]ietition for L.S.U, Workouts are scheduled for PI I'asfi WeJnr.sday, Tucson, Ariz., Thurday. and Pasadena Friday . . . • * * PROS—Count, your a^enl in ih;u list of rtones tavorini; the style of play of (he professionals Also put n cheek for me beside Ihc Chieaso Hear . . . Watla learn. Wiitta team! they were bunch . . . And lo think. whipped by another Despite Ihc fact that they put out just as they pleased against he All Star.-;. Saturday, il was inlcicsliiiL' lo walch the big byys move aroumi . . . Especially (Jeorsc Mu.' I'M iioundcr from Millikin . . . Lester McDonald, 0 feet plus, who learned his cml plav Claus? . . . lias Angeles has proof . . . His name is Richard Artcti . . . His offer to put up S5.1WO saved the L. A. open just, when it was about lo faw down and ;:o boom . . , Ktnory Glover, manager of the Marlanna Shamrocks, lias booked a game with the Porkers In Paycttevillc, Jan, 20 ... They recently split two with Hie llotllcrs of Mfs Dick Tiplon's imic; was amon.s the JiazorbackR iiiclure in yesterday's Commercial . , Tliny arc k> meet Ole Miss Wednesday, in Memphis . . . Leslie Uuci- son was among Ihe Fresh to gel awards a I Ole Miss. PAGE FWB ».Y 1M II It V Spurts Editor, NliA Si'rvicr CLKVKLANl). Dro. 20. — Allcr liroc yciir.s, .lolinny Itisko grew Ircrt of slllim; around. Hginiiig was tin- only tiling lie I'licw, MI lie ii'ttnnc'cl to 11, luslM- HB Unit lie "amid lick nll.llio bums who :iro iiromul now." And, n!tlionr;li -cwls must l>a\v .lolin Henry dclmildy rcm- I'inced HL^ko that he couldu't. the ft-ycar-olti Rubber Man "•us lo carry on. Thai's too Ixjtl. lu'i'aUM- lolinny Hisko has loci uood a rec- ii'il lo have II, and himself inarml ,11 the .-ere and yellow ol Ins car- lie :Jx-rouii<l inasiacrcj, in l'hilade(- lihia, Olci Joe h.rl :< pennunent re.siu rash Wliilc it is in». tl m i Hlsko nevri lactjerl u liilu-r who could In- nnn- to Blvc I linn receive. It's (runic to M\> toiitli lulluws rrjfk up. Ad Wolgiist iiiul Untiling Nelson, [ lor rxiiMHlc. iui;| Joe Clrliiiin. In tail Mmin', iiKltllltiK the. tnlc or liis MunbliiiR ;il lo cents a copy. Johnny Hi.sko. who Is well oil, ,'l»>ul<l Id well «imi|;lt ;i|one, IVi'il Ill Years - iwrnl ttiili niiirr Kiu uiul linns.; MANSJ'IKU), O. ilJI'j-Jolin I). It ;iisn is a fad ilnit In- rc'lclcmi-' ' rv;il '' '•"• II »<1 ' Ihat then- wen cuinstanrc;, (hi- lln-ii limifiy and wile. Iturrlctl, or dropin'il. mid ,•*''• wll ° have celebrated (heir 70lh i:xi-nualiii|- ch- woddintl uniitvrrwiry, are in ex- nH;hl Hchmchim ' "'Hent hcallh and have mil been iitlrmlcil by n dccior for inon- I 1 !. 1 '" '".' . v . l ' ais ' ' rlu ' vcmplc reared "' own and 'Marcus to Meet iMalonr Again Jn Mat Tesi Tonight A "'ii,m malrJi lonifhl bclwpcn fiid Muicuh initl Krtriif Malonc Is (o atlmct, n Inrec crowd f>l mill IMK wlio uaw (he Iwo !>«•- foimci.n put on one til UitMiiofil closely coiileilcd bouts In iccrnl wlirii they mcl al Ihc I Ijlon urciiii ltui( wrfk. In their lusl clnsh Mulone liarely dallied Hie ilecldlnj; lull allor :i nip mid twk iiuitlc with "tlic flying .few". Murciis Uic IrMiinaii Wnlglit and even the score. Aiicllier inlcrcallns conttsl is pi'Omlscd when Koy Wclcli, tlic Ca)i4ill«ji Wildcat, climbs throiish the ropes lo lake on tile HtUc strong mail, Najccb Rabban, In Ihc feature inaicli. Welch will pit, his long cxiwrlcncc and knowlcrifc «g»lnst, the £U|xs1or sUvcnglli of Die Kurdish wrcitkr. who Ixwkfcv; hclng iinusuiilly rilrone, Is plenty mat-wise, Fifteen 1 years ago motorisls tisrd. honey, sail uml sugar mixed with Ihc water hi Uic nullntor lo prc- rail frecv.his u|> In cold weather. Tills mixture is'evDhtrd Jrccung with everything bill ih rlnc pii-ts. yet (he lldlicmian's! only rtiY.-iraiion is a .slinlilly canh-' Howe red icit car. ' ; Tile Sjwilcr, irac denied cnc'k al the heavywriKlit Kisl.o lind Sense Knorlin. P .lo which lie was lulu Hi llrml rnlitlcd, but easily earned uti- j l.)e;pitc all Inn battcrmr; -ami oilier title. He was Ilic wcatcsl | Kiski. U:i% been in Ihe niirk m alchcr in Ihe history of Hie rlii'^. j thlnp-, sinee liiai-Uiere isn't Ihc ww that's nil In- can do. sli;:hie:;l iiulicaticni Ihti! ilir , nu . will be out to trim but corroded Ihe cooling syslcm. Me never was much of a hand lor ininiiili. and lie no loiiKcr lilt'li with any ^tiine ri-ly.pnly ) ; ,,|:er boy i-, inscr can | bi.s hrcl.v ll ( -',. vm.Hy mure intflli- of cried- lien) niiiiiy (Han he'was ;it i| U ' (idmm Jlulch lioni.l r,i, iielni; Joe Grimm was (lie olil-iimeis' (lea of n grand backstop, but lie always looked like Harry Thomas did in Ihc eighth round ar.aliisl Max Sclniieliiis:. Within a period of sxi days in 1S03. Grimm outset. II'' :M'l'r:n.i to He the one Huhlcr "ho lui.t :,en:,; Knocked Into his iii-ad iiillin- Lhuj out. ,,| ||. '1'lie lielliyerenl:, of more recent. yoaiTi b;nc in«tche<l the- oliHinieni whom \vo wo In (he IliilU'ilni; liRhl of dlstain-e, in at icusl one I0])0(l -CiltclllllK. l':uiliii[) lit .Vcbnitka Ijcattic rvathcrs. erstwhile Tennessee star (it \vas our first, minder). Sinn Francis. Ray BuvW. ct al , -;. j Any of them coillrl «o tor niv'iwo bits . . . And don't lot. any one letl you that this Bill Lee doesn't kno;v hi.s way around a football- field . . . Dillo fnr DDII Ilut.'ion, Iluslcr Pcole . . . The wide cpcn came was stiectacu- Uir . . . Passinjr from anywhere bnck of Ihc line, often in the middle of it kept us in a stew a.s lo where Ihe ball' \voultl tiKiuvilelv wind up . . . The. collilch same is Rival. . . • Pro game is greater (opinion) . . . RIVAL— Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester (Pop to youi Mosley have a rival Mrs. rtenn Little Dock has four sous and they arc all fool- Keiser Teams Defeat Leachville Cagcrs KliIS[':ii. Ark.. Dee. 20. — Tin Keiscr lioy.s and uu'l:; were l)olh i'ious over Lem'lH'illc at. Keiser Friday night, tlic plrls nilins n|i n .scoro of U(J lo H, while the boy.s iron 2R to II. In the uirls {ifnnc' the (uiardiiH: section, consisting of Moore. Nlcli- olr .'iiirt Oaiit. w;<s otitstiindliic. Anchlin. Crews and Johnson, forwards, ran i\ clc.-.e nm for lilRh .scoriiiR honors. For Lcnclivlllc. Edgin made the most tnllles. In the boys' uainp. Niebols made most of the (joals for K'ei- scr. Both trains played a lasl game the first half, with Keiser out-guarding the visitors. Keiscr'.s next game is with Shawnce al Keiser, January <1. football loinilv Rlleu Yomur of Nordi hallers in Bill. ?:!. after all- '31. went to Alabama and lettered in "M and 35 . lie did uol participate in the '1M Hose Bowl wilh the Crimson Tide . . . Enrouto |« Ihe Tournament of Hoses, lie was stricken witli appendicitis . . . Operation was necessary at Del Rio, Texas , -. . He is now first slrinz tackle wilh the Washington Redskins (the learn that beat Ihc Ucar.s for the pro litlci . . . There's B'jb. 18 ... He played tackle for Coach Bob Cewan Ihc pasl .season . . . Don. 13, only 135 pounds sopping wet. is a ccnlcr on Ihc Fourth Jr. ijijjh . . . Jim, 10. at- Both the uroncs and Ihc Ben- tends Clcmlinin. and confines his Locomotive Boiler Made By Fusion With No Rivets ALBANY, N. V. (UP>—A locomotive with a fusion-welded boiler— the lirst of its kind ever conslruc.l.- ctl—has been placed in .service by the Delaware & Hudson Railroad. A fusion-welded boiler is mtidc without. Hie use of rivel.v In join the sections together, instead, the pieces are welded. The new loco-1 moivc lias 27 by 32-inch cylinders and 63-inch wheels, and carries 225 pounds ol steam pressure. Square mile population in the United Stales is densest al Washington, D. C., which lia.s more (him 7000 persons to the square mile. OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople AWK'S- A GALA WITH LILLIPUTIAN SAMTAS 1 ? tSPuT-7-Tr ' MA3OP;/ AAAVBE NICK'S WILL BE FOPULAR IW PINT S)ZES THIS CHRISTMAS R)L)R TUMBL MINKVS LITTLE WHAT EXPECTED WRESTLI MOiN'DAV NK.'HT, ,s O'CLOCK Najeeb Rabban vs. Hoy Wcicl? Sl'KCIAI, ItK'I'UHN MATCH 4 Sid Marcus vs, Eddie 'Malonc Our Entire Stock of Fall and Winter Timely and Merit SUITS TOPCOATS AMERICAN LEGION and His OrcJit'slivi AN AM, STAK ATTIUCTION WKDNKSDAY jNKJHT. I)K(', L« (! ,| ALflR SUFPK awl " is HLHIl U§6£.8.18 Orrlicsini THUKSDAV, »KC. 2:{ Til!K)U(;it SUi\. JAN. ^ Floor Show Christmas and New Years HOT !'IT HAHIiKCUK-KUOCTUIC (.'O(HCKI) ST1CAKS—KRIKJ) CIUCKKN IIK;H\VAV HOLLAND, UK).. 17 Better Used Cars with Our Money VS 'I'lKlni 1 , A i;nnil c;ir fin iinly . . . . Sliii.lll) '.'!.'! C.Il!^'. CiMcIt, K'ccotulilidf.ed, runs fiiu- .. KilUHl "11 l-'OUl) VS Tudor, Ck'iin and IU-;itly In Co IK.!)!! '.'ir> Cilh'V. Co.-tcli, Jvvecllcnt Conililiiin 27:iMI ".'>'> PLYMOUTH Cti;tdi. Almvc Av. C'ondHinn 2!ir>.WI '.'ili I-'OIM) VS Tiidnr, A-1 A|i|K-.'iratK-e ':!(i CHICV. Coiirh, Tnnili, A '37 FOR!) V,S Tudor. Looks < ISO Oiiys Oiiiiriinluc l I.tiw Down I'iivnicni, (Your Old Car Accepl- ed for- I';irl or A!) of Dmvii Piiymi'iil) .nul Smiill Weekly or Monthly Installments IV Halanr;-. HKMKMJJHR THIS FACT: The rasonalilc (JilTfr- t-ncc you |);iy between your car ;iml 'nir- ,-if imr 1,'ile Model (Juaranlccd Ciirs i.s Al-iMOST ALWAYS I,KSS than our !,a(o Model I'scd ('in- will s:iv c von in optralinjr fosls—gasoline nil, repairs ,clc. We Have a Car to Suit Your Heeds an?! Your Pocketbook PHILLIPS mn at Off the regular price Men, here's an exceptionally fine lot of Timely and Merit Suits and Qi- jnakcr and Merit lupcoats that arc January-priced in a great prc-Clirist- inas .selling event . . . you save exactly one-third on these new Fall and Winter suits in choice woolens, single and double brcaslcds, plain and sport bark:-,, new solid colors, plaids and stri|>cs . . . Topcoats in fleecy woolens in a wide selection of styles and colors . . . Don't delay if you want lo save a third on your new Suit or Topcoat. Timely and Merit Suits $22M Suili; $15.00 ,. #?.9.75 Suits $20M $24.75 Suits 16.50 $31.50 Suits 25.00 $27.50 Suits I860.... $45.00 Suits 30.00 Ctimo feer and Merit Topcoats $22.50 Topcoats ..$15.00 $25.00 Topcoats' .. 16.75- $27.50 Topcoats ..$1830 $'10.00 Topcoats .. 26.75 Leather Coats Reduced $ 8.75 Coals #/.7£ $10.00 Coals 7.75 i'h(Mie SI I Open al XinfiL Ton 5 Cwds $8.75 $12.95 Coats 9.75 OI'KN NIGHTS "UNTIL CHRISTMAS HUGHES & co.

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