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San Francisco, California
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tpFW VssS ZM lVf I in ii I i iii wwv v7aTYaflKarai3BHiBiTOfcTOiTCTmii7FnBRWaVOT fiv agipa lri iiijj in ii ij jrib ujhj i i imfir important Steps AheadfOPESMTO Are Taken bBvtt Big Musical Enterprises iPrel pe imfnary Organization Perfectedfor Carrying Out of ernard Millers Scheme for a California School pf Opera and Progress Js Made in Plans for Making Use of Exposition Auditorium ii 1 1 i Br WALTER ANTHONY TWO musical enterprises seeking the support of th city or th Stst or both took whole step ahead last weak pn waa effected tn th perfecting en thej part of the proponent at a California School of Opera of a preliminary organisation the appointment ef committee and uch other preluding work as 1 necessary before a corporate body articulates It elf makes ltselffelt and appeals In th proper guts of authority totho whose energies It seeks to arouse and wtioea assistance It alms to je Vurvy VTh other vwa a municipal matter ti conserving the culture of this city and aiming to provide for residents of San Franoleco the opportunity to heart at a nominal admittance KbVSStSh the Greatest of world famed aololstsT1rbJ 1 thlB pssed i the onhour and a half rlod Is ridiculous I hoidno brief for tfonductor Hetti and am probably irlvlnc myself unnecessary pains to answerC iwhat seems a perfectly sincere complaint The capacity to onjoy Is an individual consideration Every person must answer it forftilmself The average concert Boer however Is what Conductor Herts is almlnc I think to please and In that he is unquestionably correct ln tlw assumption that too muchlstoo muchf How loo an ardert1 music lover can concentrate his nerves and focus his ettentlon iandl emotions pleas urably on a symphony proBramme will nlways depend on what the pro jranime consists ot and what tn individual capacity Of the listener to Ahe createst of world famed aololstt 1 orchestras bands and choral organ liatlons employlhc the Exposition Auditorium for that purpose end the thereat pipe organ therein as well rThe Auditorium committee of the Board of Supe rv Isors created a com XmUtse of twenty which will act In an advisory capacity with the city and municipal authorities In planning a schedule of musical affafra to be given In the Auditorium during the coming year The nret meeting of the committee waacaUed tor last Friday afternoon hiitlf lartanrt a little of full attends anca on account ofihe counter mui slcal attraction In the shape of the symphony programme at the Cort Theater Another meeting will be heldVlii the nearifutureiVand in the I meanwhile vthe members of the advisory committer have pledged their i heartiest and most enthusiastic sup Vport to the Board of Supervisors in tsi general and to the Auditorium Com mlttee of that body in particular Brandon Andrew Qallagher and IX Hynds constitute the members It of the Supervisor Board and they are agitating this very important 1 question of making use of tha Audi torum whose very existence la due to the theory that San Francisco needs a building Urge enough to seat a multitude when the prices are right and tha musical attraction Is worthy Wa have saysSupervlsor Oalla aher who particularly has fathered th present movement the building We have the audience It is up to some of ue to bring the two together under the besti musical auspices pos ibir The following persons have been Incited to serve on tho advisory com mlttee to the Board of Supervisors Jesse Ulientha llev Paul Smith Rev Charles Remm Redfern Mason viWalter Anthony Ernest HopklnsCur ranB Swimt Herman Heller Fred erlck SchlllerLuoy Qodde WhlteMrs Bonnie KBteue carpenter tuttle Mrs John McOaWi Mrs William Soroule Miss Sarah Collier Mrs Alice Hchmiedell Mrs Seward Me i Mean Kmlllo Laatretto and John A iJConneU i Cbricernlng Beroard Millers pains to organise a Slats wide movement In favor of a California sohool of opera It looks to this writer as though the marvelous dream would become a reality At the meeting In the Palace Hotel leet Thursday representatives from all over the State pledged support Signatures of prominent cltl sens from Pasadena and San Diego i and Los Angeles were amxea to tne preliminary articles of Incorporation 1 along with those of local enthusiasts and the names represented millions In money and more Influence I iMUlera speech was hot with en 1 thusiasm and he explained again that the Impulses which lead to this school ars those which seek to conserve Tfor CaHfrnland the West those forces which are veltheff neglected or lrhored cV which discouraged by iiaek of home opportunity go else twherelnJaearchV of that training Which were better secured nere in tne environment which birth and training I bet at the student to express In his subsequent iuui Until 4teople shall attend to itself jobody elsei wilt liWino Anna iron Meyerlhck was one 4rkth nakers at the meeting last rv She deiilored with all the Jfpree of her eager conviction the fact that aipupu nm jiikwih mispronounced tha nam of Beethoven ha itn rsynPthise with the speakers ln dlgnation but wnen one comes think of It who among our grammar school children will prdnounce properly1 tha name of Cesar Cul orCesar yranck or Camilla Salnt Saens or ijTschalkowsky The Hungarian names iiifi Mmnnuri would leave them pon erlng with embarrassed tongues and even so gqidiquu the Bohemian Dvorak woul cause them blushes of discomfort Is possible that grammar school nlldrenlnOernany might havedlft snetilty witlt SalDt Saens name that grammar school children lir France might pusxled over RlmskyKor tsakoff and Raschmanlnott and Tschalkowsky and that children in Russla might pronounce Beethoyen Wdlys i Th4 point of this Is Intended to be 1 ih4tair musl4i to Americans Is fori Kjfalgh it nrougni ironr aoroa shouid want neither flertaan music I orBohemlan nor Hungarian except as that Itauale comes toi us expressing ltaow racial and Individual Ideals Und ldeas And that ean never1 be 5ntHfwr hava a muslt of our own kullt upon tha 1lrm foundation of a Rational or y6lnl rf ltlot conoiopshessi for music And when that musls Is written It WlBoeffoudAJ think tobe melt lilttttat composition In Ywhlch there vwin run thr confluehtly harmonious istreamsof all these schools of Wl Teutn jandiav rousic Mllae tfttsV I And ltiiVto ibaevelopiouitiown rTaiwArIirfn ifaj fl int efODr Is dedicate ViV rit is tb greally regretted HVtttea TnusleairnthuslstrtvThel ChronleleSSaierar vaire inas 605 iiu iar Tlnrti of the an Frahdsco symphony Qrcfieiira haartrangethls urAlWnrisforillMTfiitaeasoniby stofJ Wteh ss nui sriat1 Itfitwei ts with material food 4 seme folks can stand more than others some prefer the stabilities of beef others the fancy dishes of epicurean Ingenuity and others dine daintily while still others are tiuttons Personally I Bnd that aconcerivof an hour and a half la all that Hear to listen sympbonlcally lit the white Jieat of enthuslnm A longer perioain tn presence of the masters of composition either tires me or Irritates me though I can listen to a spng recital for houra Some no dubtould stand symphony all day indeed know one frented enthusiast on music wno loves nothing better than to begin at chamber music Im mediately his breakfast Is over keep up tne music i mean tin lunch then again until supper and for evenings relaxation a little Brahms or a Beethoven quartet I cbnf ess envy that roan his capacity to enjoy but sometimes doubt the depth of tho pleasure isnt It likely to degenerate into the merest tltlllatlen wherein tha emotions are gently stirred but tha Intelligence Is unaronsedt I confess to a predisposition la favor of Poe theory concerning tha contradiction In terms In the phrase a long poem Sustained effort and attention may rarely be kept up for a period of more than halt an hour according to him MuelC to be truly so regarded Is valuable and merits Its title only through lbs power of this mm Symphony Programme GJven Friday Evening to Be Reneaterl i i ii sTh pregrsrame given by the San BVan xAi avmnhanvr orchestra last Friday will bo repeated today at tha Cort Theater and promises to be greeted by a large audience Under the direction of Alfred HerU tha works will have splendid exposition and tha Debussy novelty Iberia has attracted Interested attention The ether numbers will Include Mendelssohn a overture Melusjns and theTsehafkowsky Pa thetloua symphony Todays Offering la Identical with that of Friday tha only difference being the price of admission which Is Just half of that for the Frldsy concerts and the fact that the Mrs Stanley Monetfcad will ting in programme this month at a Ttfotal to be given by Hwbtrt Riley and Kajetair AttL Mme Betty Djtfai Bwia concert at the Palace Hotel early jn December ana Miii IontPastori it a young California lopranovybo hat just returned ttom twoyeari hidy in New York i i I ir hi inVn i i i ft inajssi si i a aeitVaTaTaTaaw a Ke fc aiaiiiiii a i i aaaaaa rr fsaBBBaTaVA VifTati it SSX adHHafsTallllllima JtZ JrS afaliaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa IksEBisasBSBBfSa I SaejspjeraHBaTsapjsjSaaT i 1 bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbWX lafilaaaaaaaa LaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaV XK fc BaDalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalaH ASaaBaBaBaBaBaBaBaBaBaBaBaBaBaBaBaBaBaaPv siliHaBsBaBaBaBaBaBai tBsBaBaBaBaBaBaBaBaBaBaBaBaBaaaBIT9WlBsH ailataTlaaaW MSSaSAV LHH smx mmpmkH iwm aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaV aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaT oTT i MW jt tJOst eaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal ym TwMWMtrMM mmm aeaBsBaBaBaBaBaBaBaBaBaBaBaBaBaBaBaBaBaBaaaV AsaaBaBaaK wi fm iJ9Smi aHasBaBaaHasBaBar SJallllllW Waf lMKaSEaKBIIMlhMn BBBTaaBTeVtT jf aaaMsaaWkaMaffi iJbbVOv IkBTaaBTarlriV JVSVSi fi 7ICi BTeTeTeTeTeTeTeTaTa TLaaaTaf al IKL aaaaTaT5 iKf wWtiMfvl NJar Jl aaaBsBaBaBaBaf MlKklM KMmkVitiiAMhi aaaaaaaaaaV a WW MMPPXi HIIIIIV aaaaaB Al BTaaBTaTaTaTaT mS jdmr aTasB aBBaaaTaW faSlPyt iVvW1wai8sj iiASaa KKbZKM xIwBmWM JVlTSVl i9lalaKleBkBBBBBBBBBHaa SaW 1SH JV JbvS 1k iI pfeTT2 ilir Maamt JliiAyKFtwfJrm rz eHaftSSeSakt mMmVi TbbbKv rfWKXrWTTV rmSVf LBBBLBBBBasTeuKis bTJ4 is 7k wwl Irl BBBTaaX i i fc SSSBB9SL9bbB VJlr4EX i 4r Iff1 aBBBBBV LBBBTaBBTaBLyaBVaBTsV I 8 aaMrVa fiJvitv aBTaBTa bbssKsLbbbbbS nffojt bbbbbbbTbK 1 sBTafaBBB 1 llBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBfcTOrPl BBBBBBbK aBBBBBBBBnaKBr VBaBBBBBK I kW 4 bSbbbbbP I j4 Jjgjrtt a jWMp JWv iJwbF i i Bwfe tTSBL ly 4 lV a lltJ aBsWHaaB jflU FShHbbbbbbBbBsSAibHHsbbRbBbV i iw ja aw KISS lOHC PA6TOR1 THA6TSR TKoTo WtWi FOLK SONGS AND LECtUREHEAIDBy PACIFIC SOCIETY MSt STATttlJEV 47 i HJ3CriXUrtU tj emr44r appealing to the soul of elevating the Iprorramme befflna at Jo oclock sentiments and of etcJtlng the emo tions When tha appeal is too long a revulsion Is In the nature of a psychological necessity and whist success and the eecond will be given goes the composers Impulses And In tent in a period of relaxation which the soul will Uke as a seatlnet will sleep crt day when nature demands IL But aside from the adylsablllty i of briefer programmes from the hearers point of view there la the advisability tor briefer programmes artslng from the performers Such programmes aa Alfred HerU has mapped out a sample of which we had two weeksago andajln last Friday1 require the most concentrated and diligent application of the In atrvmentallsts to bring proper perfection Take the Herts Interoreta tlon of tha Bi ahma minor symphony at the first concert for instance There was naore than mere flehric In Us performance there wa more than mart accuracy on the part of th players There waa th enthusl asnvborn of the lenders Infectious spirit and IresplratlonJandthera was thctalartof men who had not been over trnlned nor over BtvalBed during tke period of tedluaprepara1ln Persenairr eueve thfMrHert theory in tavor of quality rahe thanr uantlty will appeal to the juajorlty nrhla hearers and tuitlfvlilm In his tmrniteiinnibriot CoritposUfontfl so The llrst of tha poo aymohony concerts which was air event of last Sunday afternoon met with complete next Sunday afternoon November II Conductor Herts has chosen most attractive numberf for the programme Tney win incmae iayan sym phony In t0 mJrivNo tii thrse Hugarlsn Danees by Brahms the entracte and ballet muate from Schuberts KosamundeV th orchestral arrangement MarPeger considered by HerU to be the standard Thoprogramme wiUtlose wlthNlco lals Menr Wlveal of Windsor over tureji 5 MUSICAX ROTES ThejsecQndof the Wlsmer Huthis vlolln elano recitals will take la a uesdayiniilit November Juat So rosis ttaiia Tne proaramine win con tain many bleBJlnr tumbera Includ ing works Kohumaim Chopin Max BrucbvBossVWeingsrtner gauret an4 Cartler Krelsler 4 The assl3tlnir artist WUt be Mrs Marie prtrlde rrleeloprinq The Saturdar Club Sacramento ipresentedrtheChsmbei Musi Society of SanFrancleco at a IKent eoncerti and Jast Thursday nigniw programme Wasgbyrioreiicobeth toy sraiura soprano Orchestra of Sixty to Assist MissDuncan rT Oscar Spireten Will Conduct at Three Performance Manager Will Greenbaum announce that an orchestra of sixty lnatrii mentallsts under the baton of the eminent Roumanian conductor Oscar gplrescu will assist Isadora Duncan at the three performances she Is to glys ort the jimple stage of the Va lencia aneater on Tuesday and Friday evenings November and December 1 and at the Saturday matinee December 2 At the Tuasday nifbt concert da danse Miss Duncan will offer Qlucks Iphlgenla In Aulls and Iphlgenla InTaurla Ut the Friday nlshf performance which will be repeated th following afternoon the programme will consist of Caesar Fiancks sjm phonic poem JTbe Kedemptlon which wilt be ntw to this city Tschalkowsky complete Symphonic Pathetlqile and Schuberts Ave Marla Edoto GiyeFifth Recital on Thursday i i Miu Eunice Oilnaa to Auiit on Oakland Programme Assisted by Mis Eunice Ollmanso prano Clarence Eddy will give hi flf th free organ recital pext Thursday nlghfc November IS at the First Presbyterian Church In Oakland The series of recitals la given for the benefit of the choir fund for which a voluntary silver offering Is taken on each occasion Eddy will be heard In a Bach fantasia and fugue JIdylle bPEvry Percy Fletcheri Fountain Iteverlf hew composi tion rLevyBruma Mlst by Harvey Gaut an organ arrangement of SI bellusJFInlandaT Bonnets Varla iions ae concert iBvoisong oy Easthope Martin Les Sylphs and rTralling lArbutua by Arthur Davia and an allegro by Augusts de Boeck Belgian composerti Mis Oilman wilt sing Victor Maasea Airldu RosslgnoMT and Un beli dV from Puccinis Madama Butterfly SeEMusical Club Thursti av MominkT Jiett Tnnrsday mornng th fcan FraiielseOjMuslcataubt will contrast Cesar Fr line Schubert and Bach In a BVearpamtMa aa a aal tir Franela Hotel atl15 MrsMthllde WoTlvOHettubihostess of the day and theelub members Miss Alberta Uvesnaah kna vnlolni TL MacKaye iit hae as assisting artsta inn inaisTiDr rainaiifi aiwifr nriaun Fraitolscok Fraack wilt be heard Intereiting Tacts Concerning Hij tory and Development of That Claii of Muiio Given hy Eedf era Maion a i 1 nil A list of songs Which seemed to exhaust most of th examples of folklore was that presented at the con cert of the Pacific Musical Society last Wednesday atternoon at the Palace Hotel The numbers accompanied the jecture by Redfern Mason who spoke on The Artistlo Slgnlil4 7 rh meeting was tha first held In cane of Folk Song and who told some very Interesting facta concerning tha history and development ot that class of music Th predoml I nance of minor key in primitive melody Is always noticeable and though It aenotes a simpiiciiy also include the expression of dramatic and tragic qualities according to the speaker He told his audience that the chromatic cI waa handed down from the Saracens and that it had come by way of plclly Southern Italy and Spain figuring prominently In the harmonies of barbaric people Many national tie and tribes were represented on tho programme the main part of which was sung by Miss Marguerite Raw a soprano sweer of voice and intonation and by1 Miss Louis Konstadt who was very pleas ing In her true contralto regleter Mrs Isaac Goodman sang two songs from the German arranged by Albert Klkus Wjlhnachts Lied and Zum Nanienstag Jesu with feeling and Intelligence Mrs John McQaw contributed the only instrumental num bers which were for piano and which Included Percy Oralngers famous Macules Kick based on an Irish march dance a number arousing In the hearers their humorous Instincts Vda WaJdrop played for the alnger Bauer Plays Works Ot Old Composers Harold Bauer recently gave a cltal In New York compood entirely of works by seventeenth an early eighteenth sniury composers He called hi programme Famous Com noser of By OoneV Times tvBauerrqwai exposition waa so de llghtful as to create great Enthusiasm As a writer irom new xors says Who but music students present ha4 heard of Froberger Freacooaidi Kuhnau UatuIo KltteU JIuffat Mart cello ana ocnooerir aiosv oi inese pre classtcal composers sent people scurrying to various authorities to learn of Identities and eras Th qualntvslmpicltyof th music written for the harpsichord waa given charm too through Bauers faithful reproduction oc expression ana inu mate interpretatloaT a i jil ammc By ItalianSqciety XconcrtiJlnhlclLldramatJalfea ures will be included is an nounoed for tnnlghl by the Italian Dramatie and Oueratl Society of San Fran cloo Theti programme wilt held ln BaaM4flahnlfa Al11trtiltJattYt ha PROGRAiWIE TODAY IB JL Concert Will Be Given This Afternoon at the Auditdrium John McCormaok wilt give his first concert of the present season the KxposltlonAudltorlum thli afternoon Th programme wilt begin promptly at ll clock and bids fair to be offered to one of the largest audiences before which tbla sweet singer of Athlon ha yt ppeafed Even Ade Una Pattl in the height ef her world wide popularity did not attract the throng which gather to hear hi wonderfurVffea JW la wlthoiat questionquestion thA most fteloved of vocalists and Manager Oreenbaunv assert that the Auditorium promises to be none too large to hold the crowd toda There will be another concert at the same place a week from today These two appearances will be all that Mo Cormack wilt make this year In this community Following is the programme for today Sleep Wby rmtf Time Leeve Me aM a rtendet Tell Fair Ireo Handel JoliD MoCmmacs frto a Marcellrtailmon Vlvsce MsfifUo Selmus Poeald HcBeeta lsrer reMcuitloa aw aehnmaas Mr Nlsbt a BrahRie twben Klabt BeDlBfliiTnlaut Aatama Bletchmann Jobs IcCormirk To a WHS Soaa MerDoa Spaolab Dane I GrasaUua trlah felk mis Noma Stale ArretrM hr Puli A Ballynor Ballad Arrassed Hnslm Kstblees OH a Arranged hr llasnra Psatlieea rioen MIUIaa Hx lohs MrTDrmarll rAbellls CTse BeeK Schubert WllhelmJ Masnrka i Alealewaki Donald MrBeMn Tlie Bllters aa ef Lofe Jaraei Dunn The IMS Refrain Krtta Krelalet Yonr Rree MCdwln IVhrieiflcr BeCure iou Came 4 Lane Ullaon joss sietormscs New Debussy Work lo at Heard luesday Tina lerner to Play En Blano et Ifoir for rirtt Time The second concert of the Shavltch De Orasal Bem Trio will contain much of interest with Its programme of the Brahms Trio Op 40 and th Schu mann Trio Op besides a De bussy number for two pianos The latter will be played by Tina Lerner assisting artist with her husband Vladimir Shavltch at the second piano The work En Blano et Noir on this occasion will have Its premiere In America and as a novelty It is one of Debussys most impressive creations in which he has used for subject matter Incidents of the European war the second movement being dedicated to the memory of an officer fallen on the tattlefleld Its second presentation will be given In New York a week later when QeOrg Copeland th Boston pianist who Is a Debussy devote will Play It The programme will be given Twes day night of this week November 14 In the Italian ora of he St Francis Hotel aAjchbishop Speaks pr Catholic manhpoi Catholio Alumnae Sold Meeting at St Francii Hotel Archbishop Hanha spoke on The Ideals of Catholio Womanhood before the California chapter of the In lematlontl Federation of Catholio alumnae last night at the St Francis Hotel Vybrics of Frorii TWtilfth to Twentieth Centuries on Programme i i I The following Is thepcogramme to be givribf JAth1aTd Mrti Fleken i acherJNovtrar itO when Jn th form of a contrastiag list of composers end works It will offer some vry Interesting1 musical facts aa to de velopment from the twelfth the twent centuries Folk aongsi French Twelfth century rQunt de RoMlgnoI from Count do Cdacyf fourteenth century Dhlnallalaili fraia lilim Jail Jrlle 1 lewfth Two old traditional tmelo Rusalan Two folk merbilles English Fifteenth century Sir Fglamore nliteenth century ri Saw a adjr Passing ByT Irlsli Flfteenth renturyTho Nxt Market Day If Knowr Where 1m Ooln Ballynur Ballad Harpsichord solos Tempo dt Ballo Scsrlattll Pastorale Scar lattls La Rappel dea Olseaa Cla sales Non Posso dl SperaODl ucca Ce seats de Purxsrml Hcarlattl So Florlndo Fedel7 Scarlsltl Music of the twentieth century Cerman Days ot Memory Th Day of the whit Chrysanthemum1 At the Dance Hans Hermann French al Trop Pleur Roseau Adolf Borchard Russian WlegeBlied ilelmat Gretschaninow Italian 1 Sera Per Lo Fresco CUlege Nere Alberto Blmbonl Core ngrato Cardlllo English Where Jo the Boats Horrors Realm The Wind Flck enscher Th French songs written by a young pUnlst compoaor Borchard were given their German premier by Mr Flckenscher In Berlin During their stay abroad the Flckenschers were In touch With composers of all nationalities and during a celebration ot the seventieth blrthdav Bruch Mr Flckenscher sang Ave Marla from hia Croaa oj Fire at i oiwnicnurucniert his seat In the audience went upon th stage and embraced her The coming concert will take place at the Palace Hotel beginning at I oclock i JJl HFHyilt ianistHere From South America Uiii Era Liminana Kow San Fran ciico Tiiitor Recently there has come our community a young pianist from south America a native of Argentina and previous to her development by European masters a child prodigy She Is Miss Eva Liminana who With her mother Mm Majie Liminana will be a visitor In San Francisco for some time Having come from the tutelage of Buaonl and Anton Krause Miss Liminana has a repertoire which flt her for concert and orchestral appearance and It may be that she wlllbe heard here before long Her accomplishments Include that of the linguist Miss Liminana speaking nuenuy a number of languaaen Ccptlng Engllah At a private hear Ins a few days ago at the borne of Miss May Sins helmer at which several musicians wer present Miss Liminana played a mong other numbers th Beethoven minor sonata and a Choplri group Including etudes nocturnes and waltse ii1 Programme Today of Concert at Oakland The programme to bei offered at the second of the TiOp concert aerie by Paul Stelndoi if at the Oakland Schedule Matfe bsWe iby Seitting Capacity of jAudrtoriuni For tn flritlrnoXtWltiMmvi Schqmann Heintwlj ulnitilit froptilar priceswfamdjposlbl hy th KxpoeltleB Audltorlam Wherf th eWpcpacltjrl great enough to 1 Justify echedjile of priceawhlch wiil flMilwvyVelft ii everybody iJ Thnrstoftheconcerta wilt 1 given for charltyk Mm Schnmann Helnk will dedicate one half of her entire ahi iK nrn ka hA CTina othe rellfof tdowj et crpnans oriwers victim Jn her own natlva land and the bene half to th children of the poor In thl city gardless ef crted or color or nation allty Try to make both concerts Vio cess the singer instructed ber man aaeribut above all do your utmost In favor of the first for I am mo ahxious that a subiUntlal sunt be raised for distressed children her and abroad So the concert Sunday afternoona November 2 at the Auditorium Will be devoted to a procramffl of superb offerings which wflV include four sceneafrom Wagners miielO dramas i old Ootterdammerung Tristan and Isolde and rTannhau er Part two will be devoted i tr thr eight exquisite gems of song to which Schumann Helnk abovo all singers brings the spirit the understanding and th art Schumann song cycle Womans Love and Llfer Tho third partof th programme will consist of songs in English and will Include composition by Weatherly La Forgcj Arditl Rogers and Mnoyi Thf accompanist will be Eula Howard Nunarr a local pianist whose merit have not been nly appreciated because perhspe of the fact that a prophet Is not without honor save Ift his or her own country Beside presiding over the accompanl ni in pianisi win oe neara group of solo numbers LarcivesRrsti RedtNovemberiai ii 3l te eral favored musicians whose an jiearances are always welcome Miss Mary Bernhofer soprano and Eugene Blanchard pianist will be the soloists and the number will be aa follow Coronation March from Mayer beer Prophet Adaglo from Besthovans Second Symphony Polac from ThomaV Mlgnon Miss Bernhofer Valse Lente and Plxxlcato Polka by Dellbas Weber Concertstueck for piano Blanchard three dances from Edward German Nell Gwyn PROFESSIONAL nSSlnrSlliySJLLi branch wa formed by the gradaatea of the parochial high schools for girls The remainder of th programm consisted of tha following An address by Michael William on the Catholic Press violin aolo by Miss Frances Keating an address on Catholic Social Work bir Rev Father CvrlL VLt remarks by the governor of th state chapter Mis Mary Malloyl solo by Miss Margaret Kingston and a tribute tot the sisterhoods by Rev Sullivan Knights bt Ainericalo Give Daiice Tuesday iTr Tine Musical Prog ramme to Be i reatnr of the Eyeninjf The Knights of America San Fran Cisco Lodge No 1 will give a social and dance Tuesday evening at Foresters Hall 172 Golden Gate avenue A musical programme has been ar ranged by the social committee consisting of Emll Stein Robert Boehm and Max Wolmar As a result of the last memberrhlp compalgn anappreclation banqust waa given October 11 by the lodge to the fifty member who succeeded In bringing In the prescribed number of new members Order of Sciols to Give Minstrel Show The third annual minstrel show of San Francisco Pyramid No 1 An cient Egyptian Ordr ot Sclots will be HeWThursday evening at the Scot tstvfut auditorium euppiameniing th minstrel feature will be a vaudeville programme Saturday evening the local ovramld will welcome a dele gation KfromSacramin to and en Sunday will entertain ih vleltors with automobile tour or in ciiy ana a flab dinner at Moss Beach lamom Organiit tp Play fin Maionic Temple For the first time since the building wes erected the Commandety Hall In th Maaonlc Temple at Van Ness and Market street will be opened to the public Wednesday nlghU November 31 when Kd win Lemare world famous organist will give a reeltat on the beautiful pip organ Installed In tho commodious ft halt Tha proceed of the concert fur there will be three altogether will be devoted to the endowment fund of the Masons and for the benefit ef Its two institutions where orphaned children and Aged members of Masonry are cared for Tha second concert will be given on Friday night November 14 and the third will be given Wednesday night November Announcement of the programme will mad later Already there reported Wide fin terestin these recitals which will be th means of relntroduclng to 9hn Francisco music lovers thei artlt whose success at Feitlval Hall scored the biggest achievement of the nu slcal department of the Exposition Riley Attl Concert rogrammellHumDers Atoncert announced for Thursday night November iirthat jto be given hr Herbert Riley cellist and Kajetan Attl harplstwlth Mrs Etta Morsehead soprano and Mis Carrl Jones plartlst as assisting artists The programme which I tobpr sented ln the Stv Francis Hotel ballroom will Include the following The Beethoven Sonata In mlnoiv for cello and piano Cesar Culs Orl entale Beckers Chanson Amour and Gerals Gypsy Dance for cello alone Attl will give hi harp ar rangement of Smetanas symphonic poem iVVltava besides other numbers and Mr Morsehead will be eard In i group of aong om of which wilt have th accompaniment of th three Instrunients FinaWne of Series Of Recitals Today Tha last of th series of violin and organ rteltal given by Alexander Stewart and William Carruth at Tha Abbey1 In Oakland will take place tbl af Wrnoon at oclock A special feature ot the programme wilt be a Handel Sonata1 fororran and two violins The player will bi assisted by well known vocalists i rrinniwiTaj i i i OAnaaiaT ChvaTU aimaaa Member ef th Sonet Club werei the ruests Mondayieveelnr of Mis irstiinitAiidityturiv7ffl bbbI mmimw i fref Pedeassaa renasrly eondootor And Uatraator af the Beyat XUllsa stssdalla looiaty ef Syisayi AaitrtHa Taltlea ea tte suaAaUa sua dels Bvasdelia saaia aaltsr aad the akalalei srsetloU and solesUAs metaeea terras Wad ante Stadia XeMec a Ohaae sldg I OTarrn st pAese Xaaray tM Wadset day asd Baterdar MR AND MRS GEO KBVGKR Konlar CaYe ilSI Kearsy MM Bar 168 8aCta MR AND MRS IllGO MANFKLDT aaa Cle ret Tt Paetat 3I MARY OARRICK Wole 18B aTwlTts rtwoe Weat 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