Honolulu Star-Bulletin from Honolulu, Hawaii on April 21, 2000 · 22
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Honolulu Star-Bulletin from Honolulu, Hawaii · 22

Honolulu, Hawaii
Issue Date:
Friday, April 21, 2000
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C-2 Friday, April 2 1 , 2000 Star-Bii.i.etin storbulletmxom Television Mi le 2) ist In er ch po Nar Rat Sur .h 3 ) HQ M P sc tb M 1 T Al Di w Ti n; T A Among the surfers who befriend Sydney are . from left, Mele (Meleana , . White), Kai ' ' (Kanoa Chung)and $ Gia, (Stacie M Hess). Disney Channel s v-!at I uh-uwumim Linwiiuniiu.u..nmmiiin immiiibiwm s:4;s: I- " Reality left out of Disney surf film E Rip Girls: At 7:30 and 9:05 p.m. tomorrow, 7 p.m. Monday and Wednesday, 8:30 p.m. April 28 and 1 p.m. April 30, Disney Channel By Tim Ryan Star-Bulletin IP Girls," Disney Channel's movie about surfing teen-agers, tells its tar geted young audience to have the pow-'er of their convictions and that family is more important than money, even though dad isn't right much of the time. Director Martha Coolidge's portrayal of teenage angst and how this young group interacts in Hawaii is mostly shibai. (The setting is supposed to be "a glorious Hawaiian island;" actually it's Queensland, Australia.) Sydney (Camilla Belle), a sheltered 13-year-old girl, returns to her native Hawaii for the first time since she was a small child to claim her inheritance, a historical house set on acres of pristine beachfront property. But she's faced with the difficult decision of selling the plantation to land developers the two real estate agents here are purely cliche or keeping the property and convincing her overprotective father, Ben, and stepmother, Elizabeth, to move from their Chicago home to the island. Dad played by Dwier Brown is stiff, wimpy, unsympathetic and without a clue as to how to relate to his kid. Hmmm ... maybe this is real life. One of the stipulations in the will is that Sydney must stay in the house for two weeks to get her inheritance. So here we go: In quick order, Sydney feels a spiritual connection to the house and land; meets and is readily accepted by the locals at the surfing beach on the property; takes up surfing using the board her biological mother, "an island native," was riding when she drowned. (One of her Sydney's new friends is former Makakilo resident Stacie Hess who co-stars as Gia. Hess, who wrote Rant & Rave columns for this paper, is now living in Los Angeles, has appeared in a national commercial for Guess Jeans and locals ads for Lt Gov. Mazie Hirono.) Enter Daddy Bea Fearing for his daughter's safety, he forbids her to go surfing without telling her that her mother had drowned. But you can go to the beach to watch, he says. Sydney is thrilled, then sneaks the surfboard to the beach anyway. Bad girl! Sydney decides she likes the land, the history, the locals and especially a haole skateboarder. Ah, now Sydney has second thoughts about selling anything. Then she learns that all these new friends were a setup even Gia. The group just doesn't want Sydney to sell the land and their beach. When they think she's selling anyway, they desert her. Poor Sydney is sooo confused. When it comes time to sign the contract, she just can't go through with it She wants to find Gia to tell her. Guess what? Gia's wiped out big time and Sydney sees her friend's arm above the surface. She grabs Gia's board, which has washed ashore, and grabs Gia just as she slips below the surface. As Gia comes around, Sydney tells her the news. She's not only not selling the land, Sydney and her family are staying in Hawaii. If only life really imitated art Wallace's drive for power caught in bio c George Wallace: Settin' the Woods on Fire: On "American Experience," 8 p.m. Sunday, concluding 9 p.m. Monday, KHETPBS By Caryn James New York Times A deathbed conversion may save a person's soul, but it can't erase the actions of his life. How late-life changes affect the historical record is a muddier issue, as illustrated by the case of George C. Wallace, who had one of the most explosive careers and one of the most curious final acts in American politics. "George Wallace: Settin' the Woods on Fire" is a taut, fascinating film about a man who towered over Southern politics for three decades, and though it breaks no historical ground, it may be surprising to a public that remembers Wallace only as an inflammatory, racist demagogue. He was surely that for most of his career, declaring "segregation now, segregation tomorrow and segregation forever" at his first inauguration as governor of Alabama in 1963. But that's not where he began or where he ended. Wallace started as a progressive and became a bullying anti-integra-tionist Finally, after an assassination attempt left him paralyzed, he turned into a frail old man in a wheelchair asking for the forgiveness and the votes of the very people he had tried to keep down. The first 90-minute installment of "Settin the Woods on Fire" will be shown on Sunday and the second on Monday as part of PBS' "American Experience" series. It is so fluently paced and edited that it feels far shorter than three hours. Though Wallace died in 1998, he is a vivid presence in many news clips, with his down-home accent, oiled hair and a face that could turn in a flash from a good-old-boy smile to a rock-hard glare. The documentary traces his life, from his beginnings in a poor farm family, but is most concerned with his role in political history. That makes sense because, despite his having four children, Wallace's life's blood was politics. His daughter, Peggy Wallace Kennedy, remembers that at dinner one night he said that only two things mattered in life: "Money and power, and I don't care for money." His story becomes a morality tale about American politics in all its star-making and biases. He was a segregationist during his first campaign for governor, in 1958, yet lost to a blatant Klan-connected J racist From then on, an ugly, vocif erous appeal to racism would become his key to victory. He made what the film had earlier called his "devil's bargain to achieve power." Throughout, the filmmakers subtly and cleverly use images of Wallace that reflect the commentary, a technique put to its strongest use at this turning point A clip of Wallace walking down the street is frozen as he looks toward the camera, with an expression on his face that says the devil may be inside. Another telling freeze frame appears after the section that chronicles the bombing of a black church in Birmingham in 1963 in which four little girls were killed. Then governor, Wallace was blamed for fostering an atmosphere volatile enough to encourage such an action, and this time the frozen image is the face of a sur- Georgs vivor assessing Wallaca his next move. Wallace himself knew how to use the cameras. When he stood on the steps of the University of Alabama in 1963, defying a court order to allow black students to enroll, he stage-managed a confrontation with the U.S. attorney general, Robert F. Kennedy, that every television network carried. Wallace's racist remarks remain brutal to watch; so does the news film of the moment he is shot, at a rally in Maryland in 1972. The documentary refuses to milk Wallace's last years for sympathy, though, an admirably hardheaded choice. Perhaps because of that decision, and perhaps because his political influence waned after the shooting, the film pays little attention to his final phase. It's as if the film doesn't know what to make of a repentant, nonsegregationist Wallace. There is no way to know whether Wallace was truly trying to redeem his soul, but this otherwise astute film could have done more to address how the cagey politician, weakened though he was, tried to redeem his historical legacy to the end. L ' A I Prime Time Tonight I g 6 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 T 9-30 I 10:00 I 10:30 I 11:00 I 11:30 I 12-00 I 12:30 I H-ltl Isf.l-fc jWJip.ljl.U I iiwili wWminwif .mi ui jiLh .iwiii ilmii miiniJiii wi.u -juiljiw uim,imim milium u,w)pi.mu. uj.jj-YiJiAitua.t-...... ...... .. lr. , r 1 nti hi mi !! ir -innMiimi T I Mil HIIHIiIIMIIBIIIMI U3CUL2J World's Wildest Police Videos 1547 Greed: The Series A (CC) 'G' 9605 Friends 14' 1570 Friends PG' 75247 Hes292142l 1(10:35) Edition 1(11:05) Jeopardy! 1(11:35) Jerry Springer 14' 4208624 (1235) Paid Prog. KH0Nl (343:4 Boy-World 5044 iHuqhleys A 266 Sabrina-Wilch 4792 Making-Band 3529 1 2020 (CC) 4537 News 54266 Seinfeld A 30666 Nightline 3288228 QUI) Politically 1(12:03) Battle Dome 31174 W BCSl?: Jamie Foxx PG' Jamie Foxx 'PG' MOVIE "Alien Fury: Countdown to Invasion" (2000) Chyna. 'PG' (CC) 40599 Newsradlo 7640? Extra (CC) 85)50 Word of Life 99470" Paid Prog. 96976 PaldProg. 70990 Paid Prog. 67984 KFVE m ffl 1?J Kids Say 6605 Cosby A 2131 Now and Again "611516 A 93605 iNash Bridges A (CC) 7364) New (CC) 73063 I Late Show A 'PG' (CO 7853565 Real TV 'PG' 32792 (12:02) Paid 23006 Enquirer 22700 KGMB SaCD IT (6:30) News-Lehrer Wall St Week 4599 Wash. Week 3191 McLaughlin 6228 " Great American Speeches 85727 Right Hew, Right Now 'G' (CC) 35204 Great American Speeches 'PG' 55)3) I Wash. 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It's a Miracle fR) A 'G'fCO 5542)1? Touched by an Angel (R) 'G' 555860 Diagnosis Murder (R) A 'PG' 557)624 1(10:05) Miracle (10:35) Treasures (11:05) Paid Prog. Paid Prog. 1790024 Cafe 3365803 KeepFaith 9467667 W OBaaFNC Your World R) Hannity 4 Colmes (R) Edge (R) 0'Reilly Factor (R YowWorld(R) ImShR) "1"M"Mli 71 ' TfH7 QgaCNN Newsstand (R) 905957 Sports 836353 iMoneyline 815860 Larry King Live (R) 99484) Showbli 809173 INewsroom 504781 Intematl ?783)5 Sports 882792 Internatl 801984 Travel Now ?68735 "cwT QS B CNBC Fishing 63)3) Diving 96957 Sports 89179 jAt 68686 Local Kine 42624 Tlny TV 5)957 jamm 44179 Back Door 20599 Sports 14841 Paid Prog. 355)8 Guthy 236822 Paid Prog. 596716 CNBC (ED m UFE Intimate Portrait 'Mia Farrow" 906711 Unsolved Mysteries A 982131 MOVIE "Eye of the Stalker A Moment of Truth Movie" (1995) '14' 992518 Once and Again A (CO )63)79 golden 529358 Golden 813209 UrT QS a US JAG 'High Grouncf A (CC) 923353 Walker, Texas Ranger A '14' 909773 MOVIE "Top Dog" (1995) Chuck Norria A (CC) 902860 MOVIE "Air America" (1990) Mel Gibson. 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A 'R' (CC) 2935605 PVn g3 (6:30) MOVIE "THE BEST MAN" (1999) (CC) 6086995 MOVIE "THE BESTMAN (1999) Taye Diqqs, A 'R' (CC) 3617624 jMOVIE THE BEST MAN (1999) Tave Dioas. A 'R' (CC) 2053570 (0HAir) PW3 I?4J PV74 MOVIE "DOUBLE JEOPARDY" (1999) Tommy Lee Jones. 'R' (CC) 6039605 IMOVIE "DOUBLE JEOPARDY" (1999) Tommy Lee Jones. 'R' (CC) 9859131 MOVIE "DOUBLE JEOPARDY" (1999) Tommy Lee Jones. R' (CC) 5023624 " Wi 7S) PV75 (6:30) "STIG MOVIE "STIGMATA" (1999) Patricia Arquerle A 'R' (CC) 53763)5 MOVIE "STIGMATA" (1999) Patricia Arniieng. A 'R' (CC) 7400353 (Off Air) pyTT PV76 (6:00) MOVIE "STIGMATA" R' 9855315 MOVIE t "STIGMATT (1999) Patricia Arquette. A 'R'(CC) 9850860 MOVIE "STIGMATA" (1999) Patricia Arquerle. A 'R' (CC) 4963792 MOVIE "STIGMATA" 'R' (CC) 9701551 rm ra ;339. PV77 MOVIE "Duplicate Prints" (2000) Taylor Hayes. (CC) 5183792 MOVIE "Cashmere" (1999) Kylie Ireland. 5372599 iMOVIESecret Love" (2000) Taylor St. Clair (CC) 8935082 MOVIE "Pick Up Lines 37: Sail t Pepper" (CC) 6367773 PCT (79 PV78 1(6:00) "Very Knky" MOVIE "My Baby Got Back: The Video Party" NR' 5385063 (MOVIE "Sex In the Dunes" (2000) NR' (CC) 4940841 IMOVIE "Make My Wife Pleasel 9" (2000) 'NR' (CC) 9107082 "House on Chasey Lain" 'NR 5344716 PVT? FOR THOSE WITHOUT CABLE: How to convert the above channels Cable 3 broadcast 26 4-5 57910 118 1311 149 20-58 264 32 Dear Abby By Abigail Van Buren AAA Auto ads send wrong message DEAR ABBY: I have noticed that the majority of automobile com- mercials on TV today . show speeding cars. One in particular shows two ladies in sport utility vehicles racing over curbs and bumps to win a race to a parking place. This is portrayed as something good and fun you can do when you drive a brand-new SUV. Another commercial portrays someone leaving his workplace and racing down a twisting road to ' unwind. These commercials, and many others like them, imply that the better car is the "faster" car, and that it's cool and enjoyable to drive in this manner. Abby, what is this teaching new drivers? Don't these commercials promote reckless driving? VALERIE S. RIVARD, MANCELONA, MICH. DEAR VALERIE: Mature drivers (of any age) realize that obeying the speed limit is the best way to promote wreck-less driving. While it s obvious the advertisers are implying that speed is desirable and thrilling, I agree that an unintended subliminal message is that reckless driving is acceptable. That's dangerous and irresponsible. DEAR ABBY: On June 1, 1999, my son died of an overdose. We went to visit relatives over Memorial Day weekend. He found a box of outdated pre- ; scription drugs while we were there. He was only 18 years old. I hope you will share my letter with the public. My son had made three suicide attempts prior. People told me it was all for attention. Parents, take your sad teenager seriously oryou'll end up like me ... A BROKENHEARTED MOTHER IN S.F, DEAR BROKENHEARTED MOTHER: Please accept my condolences for the loss of your son. If there is one lesson to be " learned from your letter, it's that a suicide attempt is NOT a bid for attention it's a cry for help. And that means professional help. In most communities it's as near as the telephone, in the form of a suicide or crisis hotline. Write to Dear Abby, P.O. Box 69440, Los Angeles, Calif. 90069 Bulletin Board AAA Bulletin Board is an entertainment-oriented column that runs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Send items two weeks in advance to: Bulletin Board, Honolulu Star Bulletin, P.O. Box 3080, Honolulu, 96802 or fax 523-8509. c l:l:MVg! "BUNNYCARES WORKSHOP" Borders Ward Centre, 375-2950 Noon-2 p.m. Free nail trims, handling demonstrations and massages for bunnies. "JAMMIN' HAWAHANS" Waikiki Shell, 526-4400 A p.m. 3-Plus, Sly Dog, Ho'onua, Harold Kama, Jr., Ten Feet, Big Every Time, THC and more. Tickets available at Blaisdell Box Office, Ticket Plus Outlets, or by phone, $10-$20. "LEEWARD DANCE FESTIVAL" Leeward Community College Theatre, 455-0385 8 p.m. LCC Dance Ensemble, Honolulu Dance Theatre, UH Manoa Dance Program, Seabury Dance Ensemble, Mid-Pacific School of the Arts, Radford High School African Dance And Culture Class and Kenny Endo's Taiko Center for the Pacific. Tickets: $9-$1 1. "A TRIBUTE TO HENRY MANCMI" Neal Blaisdell Concert Hall, 792-2000 7:30 p.m. Monica Mancinl sings her father's music. Tickets: $15-$50. c 3-Hii;itny KAWAIAHA'O CHURCH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION 522-1333 4 p.m. Marco Rapettl on piano. Donations. GORDON FREITAS ft LOCAL FOLK Honolulu Zoo, 971-7171 4:30-5.30 p.m. Free. "UH BANDS ALOHA CONCERT" Neal Blaisdell Concert Hall 7 pm. Tickets: $4-$8.

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