The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1943 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 10, 1943
Page 3
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BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS VOLUME 1—NO. 203. JiLYTllMVlhLK, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, Al'llll, 10, I'M;) SUBSCRIPTION HATES ON;REQUEST THE BI/miEVILLE ARMY A1K COUPS NEWS Published daily except Sundays lu the interest of tho personnel of (lie Army Air Forces Advanced, Two Engine Flying School of Blyllin-Ulc, by I he BlytlldVlllc Courier News. It contains the news of the Air Base. Morgan Decisions La Scalla To Win A AU Novice Title Corp. Roljurl ,J. AI organ of Uiu I'lythuvillu Army Air Field, is the newly crowned Arkansas AAU novice welterweight boxing chump by ;i decision over I'vl. Jou La Scalla, also of this station. Tlic I wo .soldiers (angled Thursday night at Little Hock and, after a battle that had spectators hoarse and breathless, the non-com was given the judges' How To Guide A Bomber—On The Ground y M;A si-rvii't! A liOMHBR STATION, Knulnud. April 10. — [Jecuuse nobody tun oulshoul Ihc four aooo-li. l). engines of a Hying Fortress, while Ihc big ships are being carefully nursed between field rnmvnys and the widely-removed dispersal points where they're imrkcci, coinbnt uiul ground crews of the USAAr' use a sign Inntiungc nil their own. Here Msl. Sgt. Clny Gnnes, :i Bi'ounct crew chief from Heaver. Pa., demonstrates the .signals for getting ills Fortress ready to-Join oilier bombers on ft trip over Ilit- Icrland. nod. Morgan's victory came after he « blasted his' way through Hire:? fights to the • finals. He fought twice Wednesday night, winning the first bout by decision and the second by n one round TKO. In Vi'Ls semi-final scrap Thursday night he took nn easy decision, although he strained a muscle in his right hand while doing it. He refused to withdraw from the finals bout, however, and ill spite of; the injury never hesitated to use his right on LA Scalla. 'This bout was the only one of the tournament in which two men from the same camp or town fought each other. And, ID give the contest a still more unusual flavor, La Scalla and Morgan are bosom buddies outside the ring. Once they don the gloves, however, 1 friendship is forgotten. La Scalla was careful to avoid causing further injury to his pal's right hand but otherwise there was no quarter on either side. The two hoys fought each other to a standstill with Morgan getting the decision because of his classy boxing. I Sergt. A. J. "Cherokee" Hcndricks lost a strong bid for the open middleweight title when he cirop- &ped a decision in Ihe finals to ^ Curly Mahon of Camp Robinson. This was one of the feature fights qf the tournament. Both men were strong, able and experienced flglit- ers and they put on a rip roaring exhibition. Pic. Fred Sacnger, novice light- heavy, dropped a decision and was eliminated in the semi finals, but riot until he had caused his opponent some uncomfortable moments. Saenger had fought only once before he entered the tournament, but he showed plenty of boxing skill and some clever fool- work. Best of all, though, he showed that he is as game as they 'come. Outclassed by his semi-final foe, lie nevertehlcss slugged it out until the final gong and was never a pushover. • Sergt. Don Brandon and Pvt. John Wood, both novice light- heavies, were eliminated in .-their first, bouts Wednesday night. Brandon lost by a narrow margin after he had carried the fighting most of the way. Sturdy and a Jmrd puncher, he lacked the expc- i^vicncc of hi-s opponent and was . barely decisioncd. Wood lost his : light via the TKO route but he l stole the show by his gttmencss. . Completely outclassed, lie was ! floored three times and was battered to a pulp but when the ref- j erec stopped the fight the gallant Wood, groggy and weak, was going in for more. One spectator remarked after the bout, "He lost bill that's the finest exhibition of guts I've ever seen." The crowd thought so, loo. for when Wood left the ring they nearly look the roof off tho auditorium wilh a tremendous cheer. Laugh It Oif Private Leonard conlreas was ate for reville at Camp Pickctt, iij^inia, one morning last week. As a penalty he was ordered to dig two deep holes after retreat. The private, being a conscientious chap, .set lo \vork energetically. He dug two six-foot-deep holes. And not lieing a very big soldier, nch time lie had to call for help n order to climl) out. "Chocks clear." Sergeant Gancs' hands tell the pilot that ground crew has removed the blocks from front and rear of huge wheels, so it's okay to start taxi- '.ng toward runway. Military Personnel To See Special Film 'I'lie second in a series of War Depiirtment orientation Illms which have been produced for military personnel Is being .shown (Ills week ul the Idyllievilli 1 Army Air Field, The Him Is tilled: "The Niuls Strike," and traces the rise of the Nn/.l military niiichhie from Nuremberg • to the campaign which crushed Poland. . All members of Ilic millliiry personnel me directed to iittend n showing of Ihis Him which Is designed lo acquaint them with Iho background of the present wur. The Hist Him in Hie .series, shown here some weeks ago and brought back Oils week KO thut those who hud not seen It might have the opportunity to do so wns tilled: "Prelude to War." WJial! Ll. Adams Si nick Oul? Ami Will, Bases KulI? Veteran Who Followed Pershing Quils Army To Make'Munitions Lavkin, Hurwil/., Woolen, Curlli ;\ u cl Lawrence Wear Silver Bars Staff Sergeant Paul. Weber of the 1'anV: Corps was granted an cmcr-' icncy furlough when he announced :hat he had Ijccomc a father. And Before he left h; promised lo wire jack all tlie details. From Columbus, Ohio, Weuer sent t\vo telegrams. The first: "Baby daughter. Weight, six pounds, seven ounces." The second wire: "Caught mumps, won't, be back on time." "Come ahead," He directs the urge ship's pilot down the nar- ;o\v run from its dispersal point oward the fliglil strip. • Two .soldiers at For! Gicely, Alaska, established a confidcnlial letter writing service for tiieir buddies 'i'lio weren't quite so prolicient with the pen. ,And they worked up a jtlle poem lo attract business. It goes: "If your line is rough and words come .slow, -We'll write that letter, and she'll never know.' 1 Hales for the proxy correspondence vary. To an old love is 25 cents. To an unknown d~rcam girl, 73 cents. To a movie slar. one dollar. lint to the Fort Grecly sweetheart. Rose Teed, the letter will be written free of charge. The Athletic Dcpurlmcnl defeated Ihc 32(ilh team 7-5 in » soft bull \>nma ul the uthlelic nren Thursday afternoon. IDicner, pllch- er for the victors, had little trouble In disposing of enemy butlers and was considerably iiided by good fielding on the part of his unites. Zator, the 32(ith's moundsman, pitched a good ball ginms but received little support from his teammates so fur as hits were concerned. Scry. Muck McWhortcr of the Athletic Department team, hit 11 home run. Lieut. lilll Adams, post athletic, also banned a round tripper, but later caused members of his Iciim considerable anguish by striking out wilh the bases loaded. Said Lieut. Allen Hurley, jun- iior physical director: "IJciil. M. J. 'Angclf junior physical director, and myself both played with our customary skill. We arc, however, seriously disappointed by Lieutenant Adams' performance. We j think he hasn't been drinking Ills nilk lately." Lineups were: Athletic Department Angcll '2nd Five [lying Instructors of the lilylhevllle Army Air Field have been promoted from second to first lieutenant. It wns announced loduy by Col. liuit M, Landou, command- hiK officer of Ihc field. They me: Lieut. John J. Uirklu, son ol Kil- wjml L. -I.arklu, superintendent, of mills at Jersey City, N. J., Is u IfMl griuhmlc of KoKllnim. Lieut. Noima Ihu'wit/,, n tonuei Clinton, N. c., optometrist, Lieut. Kdwnrd 1>. Woolen, son of II. 1). Woolen, Memphis ruilwii) engineer, n IlKIO israduiUe of Clreon- wunil, Miss,, llljih School and formerly a student at Mississippi Slat College. Lieut. Klrluird II. Curlh, n 1SMO liiiidiiute of St. Jotm'.s University Ni'w York, formerly of lilchmoiu IIHI. N. Y. Lieut. Alvln c. Lawrence, u 1039 graduate of Halllmore Polytechnic Institute, und formerly a .sliulen' »l Johns Hopkins University. All of them received their wings nml commission Sept. C. When n mini Is crowding 50 and hero's us much gray as brown In ils Imtr. mul bis lcj;s arc n lit I If III! when lie stands up from a hair, lii> cun'l luko It like he could a (HliirU'r-ccntlliy m;o. Now i;i't Ilils .slralghl. That, Isn'l he reason Waller M. Casey will n 1 "mister" Instead (if "corporal" from nmv on. and will wear clv- ,'li's Instead nl Hie O.I). He's not .00 old lo Ilittil, Not Casey. And le meant It when he swore nine nonlhs it'iu. as In: signed up us n buck prh'nli', that he wouldn't conic back until Hitler Imd paid for his I'llmc.s against God und huinanily. Hut I lien 1 iiiv reasons, rcasmis thai, arc his business and which are iicccpliible lo Ihe Army. Ho the Army Is li-lllni; Cawy mil as "over IIRC". not Irreplaceable In Ihc military service-, and Important lo 11 iritaln essential job In win- Industry. He's going buck to Chicago In work In a new munitions plant. And the buys al Ihc Hase Hospital, where C'liwy presided nl the uneventful "quiet, please" life al Ilin hospital. U wlxht be that lie would have stuck U out If lie had n Job slioollng Jnps or Clerimms. Anyway, he says (here's n spot walling where he will do more ttood than ho has had u chance lo do In Ihe Army. Corporal Casey's blouse bad two •Ijjht bits of colored ribbon, one for soldiering with Oncinl "lilnuk eoiutesy, tact und clllflcncy, know (hut Cu- wy will be a.s good n soldier llnht- Ini; 'lor Victory In the lliunllloils Religious Bulletin Catholic Services: SUNDAY— Musses at C:M and fi n. in. (Confession? Hiiim-rlay. -Hi \\ in,, and prior to masses on Hmu'lay.) WE1JNI!SOAYS— Masses as announced ul Sundiiy plant us he always lias been In the Army. Pcrhitiis Casey's llghlii wasn't <|iillc reconcilable Jack" ixuilcr Persliliiij on the Mexican In IIMU; one (or follmvlni; K lo I'Vance with the A. B, !•'. In 11)17. Ills World Wnr caiupiilxn budge had Mnce Jilar.s: the Dntlle of Ihc Sommc, (he liiiflle ol the Ariumm,, Ihe Campaljsii of SI. Mlhlel Cii!,i!y wns a .sergeant of Infan- liy:, 131st licglmcnl, Cnmpiiny A Tluil WHS 25 years ano. Cn.sey wns a MrtplliiB, then, und u llvsl clu.s- llghthiK man, Not, meaning, you uiuk'i.slund, (hut he Isn't as guixl u man loduy us he ever wns! It's O.K,, Casey. You know that you don't have to explain to the old timers who. like you, wear Ihe Isold chevrons for oversells servlct In 1017 und Will, understand It Is. Clood luck, Casey. Ami liie will know (hut Iheie'll be » betlei Job done at thill munllltjii.s planl In Chicago than would be ll» Ihe cusi: U Casey wiisn'l there, "Swing her." Left hand signals 'or foot brakes on right side so eft wing will swing and pivot fortress to desired position. C Five Enlisted Men Awarded First Stripe 5 Enlisted Men—H ARMY Promotion to private first class has been ordered for five enlisted men of the Blythcvi Ic Army Air Field who left last .week to take course in radio mechanics and operation at Scott Field, 111. 'Ihcy are: Robert A. Young, 2(ith Squadron; Billy B. Harrison, 702nd Squadron- Janics E. Presley, 70-1 th Squadron; Charles L. Erwin, 25lh Flying Training Group and James A. Batten, 26th Flying Training Group. Upon completion of the course at Scott Field, the men \vil return lo duty at Blytheville. West 3rd Adams e McWhortcr 1st I'ubbs ss Dleuer p Morrison H Stabler cf Knmen sf Hurley rf •320th Upsky c Zalor P Schrciber 1st MeNec.s 2nd Eubanks ss Hittley 3rd Wmshnwsky sf Biirncs rf Helse of O'llalloran If Mowery rf SUNDAY Clenernl n vices: all Protestant 10 n. in. Prolestiint service (for deiiomlnnltnis) ut Negro service ut 0 p. in. Evening service for eadet.s i>iul others who nre iimiblc lo altei.d morning service, ul 7:30 p. m. TUESDAV— Devotloiuil service for colored troops at 7 p. in. WEDNESDAY— Former Pint-Sized Halfback Proves Mettle As Combat Pilol hy llnltnl Press Once In; played high school fool- bull iit Grass Valley, Calif., mid bc- liiU only a pint-shed halfback he hud lo make up In spirit what he lacked in stac ml brwn. Tudiiy Iliose i|iiiilltles iiru nllll wllh Sergt. Jiimes Duller, helplnu him score victories us nit ace combat pilot. Sergeant milter Is stationed nl nu American fighter base In Tunisia and h e really Is (jiving enemy pilot.s something lo think about. I Jimmy Is line of two [lylnu scr j , genius In his Spitfire squndron. And already he bus four victories lo hl.s credit, while Hie top man In Ills outfit has five. The other sergeant "Hold everything." Fortress h?j now worked its nose out o£ its dispersal site and is poised for insiant taxiing onto rumvay. Nelson To Attend Quartermaster OCS Staff Serst Arthur H. Nelson, slock clerk wilh the 007th Company at the Blytheville Army Air Field, has been selected to attend the next session of Quartermaster Officer Training School and wll report to Camp Lee, Va., April . Sergeant Nelson wns included Oct. 15, 1941. He had been cm- iloyed five years as an accounlnnt I Chase National Dank, New York. He is the son of Mr. und Mrs. John A. Nelson, 1M-15 Linden Blvd., Queens, N. Y. Upon successful completion of the thrcs months course at Camp Lee. he will be commissioned a second lieutenant. at 7 p. jeu-lsli Services: Friday evening nl 7 o'clock, con- dueled by rcnbbl Jerome Kosun. General Announcements: A chaplain Is on duty eneh evening. Soldiers are welcome to their counsel and help. The elinpcl Is always open for private prayers mid devotions. N. 1). Cagciv; Set Urr.ord SOUTH BEND, Iml. (U.IO — Notre Dame's 19<12 M basketball team, which won 18 of its '20 games, established an all-time normal season scoring record wilh a total of 1,071 points. Only previous lolai lo beat Ihe mark was the aggregate marie by the 1008-09 team, i isricklemeyer. wliich, however, played -10 games. ' . '!!!«' Coaches Al I're-FIight IOWA CITY, la. (U.P.)- -Several outstanding college coaches arc tutoring the 12 spring cadet football _ teams al (he U. S. Navy pro-flight j school here. Working under Lt. Col. JBcrnie Birrman. director of aihiui- ics, the coaches include Lt. Dennis Meyers, Us. ij.g.) Clyde Carpenter, Ben Douglas, Han Antil, Dwight Ilcover, Fre<| Faurol, Jr., Dick Fisher, Jim Langlmrst and Frank Johnson and Ensigns Forest Evashevski, John Michekcsen and E C. Devotional service for wliltc troops Is linlhr's buddy, Robert Confer of ' llollldaysburg, Pennsylvania In his firs! combat, Duller was flying In a squadron on a .surprise raid against n German airfield. The squadron commando 1 scored on one enemy fighter but lost slghl ol a second allcr firing a lew shots Jimmy promptly pounced on the second flghler and saw It reel lo- ward Ihc earth In flames. The next time oul, miller's ion attacked a group of Junkcrs- Hlghly-Iilghl.s which were bombing American ground positions. 'Hie tquadton got five of (he enemy ships. Jimmy picked nut one, got In n full length burst und watched 11 crush. Ton days lalcr Ihc squadron met 20'Slukns over American lines and Jimmy nailed two or Ihe 13 lhal Hold Everything were shot down. "The llrst plane," Jimmy relalec : 'ran Into my slghl. The second, eaii|;lil .sklmmlni) Ihe ground an nave It 11 burst. It hit Ihc groiuu ;lld several cartwheels and wa.s doi Vnlrc Diiesn'l Tell CillKlCNCASTLF,, Hid. (UP) - 1'rofs. I'aul .1. I'uy und Wiirren C Mlddlclon of Ui! 1'uuw Unlvcrsll: allcr years and years of oxpt'i-i mcnlullon have dlscimucd u Ihcoi which will rock Ihe scientific, thinking world asunder. They linv In fact, rciiched a conclusion —• something few ihlnktng men ever do. in brief: Leadership qualities can not be Jiulllfol reliably, by illiu transmitted voice. Jition Lists Six Hits, Plus Old Favorite "Roll Out The Barrel". OI'UL/AR SONCiS-M .. ..AHMY The Army's six hi), songs.of Iho louth? llcro they nro:. iSliirelilii^ (Moiij; Together I've Heard dial Sonc; Hclore C'oinln' In On n Wing anil » 'rayer • Tlieie's a Slar bpanglcd ISmmci avhiK Kuiticvvlierv This Time I .lust Kissed Your I'idnre Good- iltllit, . • And there's u seventh hit mmi, .dded for good . measure. It's tho ild reliable, cvci"popular "Holl Out he Diiircl." The songs lire In the Anrl edl- lon of the Army Hit Kit, of pojitl- ai' songs selected by u committee of mtlomilly noted musicians and dis- rlbuled throuuh the Siwclul Serv- «! Office. The sonus arc being distributed to itltiadroiiH, deluchmenls mid unite n two forms: lyrics only and words vllh music, > IlmublB bee queeils go Into Iho fields along wilh other members of Hie colony to gather food. PRESCRIPTIONS Krcshcsl Slock Guaranteed Hcst 1'rices Kirby Drug Stores Just 4 Miles To The Tavelli Assigned As Weather Officer FUNNY BUSINESS Have you been going around in circles?"-., "Cut No. 2 engine." From lelt to right, looking oat pilot's window, engines arc numbered 1, 2, 3, 4. Sergeant Gancs can halt any of them by indicating num. ber with left liancl fingers and by drawing right hand in cutting motion across his throat. • Second Ucnt, Joseph A. Tavilli has been transferred from Atlantic City, N. J.. to Use Blytheville Army Air Field and has been assiyticd to duly as weather officer, icplncinu S-coml Lieut. Frederick slmcklcy, who wa.s transferred to another station. Lieutenant Tavelli enlisted Feb. -I. 1042, and from March to November was an aviation cadet in meteorology at U. C. L,. A.. Los Angeles. He is a ID'll graduate of the University of California. Before bciny assigned to Atlantic City, lie had been weather officer at the 'Long Beach Army Air Field. "Cut everything." .Plane is right where she should be parked for the night, her long tail burrowing back into dispersal site, nose heading out. * Jnnco birds, when flying, Hash the letter "V" continually with their while outside tall feathers. Denver, Colo., was named for General James w. Denver, a former governor of Kansas. Complete Stock Steel and Elastic TRUSSES Save 50% STEWART'S Drn| SUr« Main & Lake Phone 2822 Any Shoe Can Be REPAIRED I Tf Ihc uppers arc still Roml. Ilring (hem lo us for quality work. HALTER'S Quality Shoe Shop 1Z1 W. Main Ph. 213Z "Hey, Mike—send up a pack of cijjorets. wilj yn?" 24-HOUR SERVICE Expert Ri'imir Work on General Mutora Cars. LANGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY B'i)H»T A Walnnl Ph. 553 Try our "Own Made" Ice Cream Die Hickory Inn Acrwn from High Hchool State Line Service Station S,\Vi: on I'MIHns (juality Gasoline ,V Oil. I'riimpl, Coiirtffins Service. <>|ii!raleil by Mrs. 11. L. Iteyiinlils. OPERATING HOURS I'V A-li-C C<nilH)n Holders SUNDAYS: !) A.M. to :. ..,,,,. 1M«,.-,.'. ;•'. i ALL-WKKK DAYS !l A.M. lo 12 NiMin 1 P.M. to 8 I'.M. . FLOW K R S Say it Host At Easier It wimldn'l lie Dastcr willimil Flowers. Place your MnsU-r orders early '.a- rorsuRcs of Orchids, Itosf.s, (;:irdrni:is, Spring I'lowcrs ami Plants. We arc prepared lo serve j»a in Klyllicvillc or distant cities —ive Iflcgraph i ; lowcrs auy- wlicrc. BEATON'S GREENHOUSES AND FLOWER SHOP 200 Davis Are. SPECIAL Complete Motor Tune-up $3.35 Includes cleaning and spacing of spark plugs, adjusting and cleaning of carburetor, distributor, and fuel pump. COMPLETE STOCK OF CHAMPION SPARK PLUGS PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY 5th & Walnut I'honc 453 FITTED'JIY Doctors J. L and J. GUARD OI'TOMETKISTS IN IHA'THKVIU.E SINC'i I 1PTICDL STORE 209 W. Main SI. Phone 291 Headquarters For WASHING and POLISHING Clean Your Car Up For Spring! LOT EKH ni The Modern IIT Hnx COOUHIATOU I'nr Economy mill Service. Tom Little Hwde. Co. Phone BIS SMALL LOANS On Anjtblar •< ValM. S4< Main Loan Co. I. M»ln — Phone 2M* Easier Flowers! Place Tclej{r!ipli Orders Now. Corsacrci of every description. THE FLOWER SHOP DEUVKIlt ANVWIIERE GI.ENCOR HOTEL BI.FJO. I'honc 491 — Nltc I'hone 2610 C. S. Webb Cities Service Station (liny, lil :\i Cotton Belt , Trucks) Phone 921 ' We Fix Finis — Washing & firca.sliiR Our Siicelaltjr WE FILL AU, DOCTOB8 1 PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVE YOU MONII STEWART'S Drag Store ' Main ft I.akc Phono 2822 FIRESTONE Still Makes (he BEST TIRES! llrinj; Us Your Certificates— HI:CAI» JOKS Seul III To Memphis Factory. I'romril Scrricc. THE FIRESTONE STORE HUDSON CLEANERS Special care taken in cleaning uniforms. Buttons carefully handled—Pleats and creases hand finished— 2 day service. Garrison Caps — Accessories — Insignia SOUTHEAST AIR CORl'S INSIGNIA ROBINSON'S "THE RELIABLE DRUG STORE" There's no wider selection of shaving, needs, cosmetics, novelties, etc., In Blylhcville than at Robinson's. Latest Magazines—Fountain service—sandwlchesl • "> , Service Men! Meet Your Friend* at RobioMn't!

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